Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on September 5, 1963 · Page 21
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 21

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 5, 1963
Page 21
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Teachers Get Mighty Tired Of Public By HAL BOYLE NEW YORK (AP) - Remarks that schoolteachers get tired of hearing: "In addition to your teaching duties, Miss Elmo, we expect you to act as chaperon at school dances, put on three plays a year and serve as career counselor. We sure would appreciate it, too, if you could help take tickets at the football games this fall." "Well, yes, you have the experience all right, hut speaking frankly, we'd hoped to get a younger teacher with a more advanced degree. After all, the job pays $3,650 a year." "We realize you have to make both ends meet, Mr, Johnson, but I'm afraid we can't countenance moonlighting. It just doesn't look right for a high school civics teacher to hold a job on the side as a night watchman." "I think you'll find us a pretty liberal school board, Miss Elmo. We haven't burned a library book in three — no, I think it's four years." "My teacher used to hit my palm with a ruler if I couldn't spell a word. You won't do that to my little Oswald, will you?" "This is by no means a hidebound community, Miss Elmo, but I think you'd make a bigger hit with the parents if you—uh— wore a little less makeup and— uh—didn't use a cigarette holder in public." "Yes, Mr. Johnson looks harmless enough now, but my cousin knew him in college and says he was always circulating petitions for something or other—I forget what." "Ain't you the new schoolmarm, ma'am? Whatcha got on for tonight? I'm free as a bird." "Johnson, what's this nonsense you've been giving my wife about my boy being socially shy? I've told that kid a dozen times I'd areak every bone in his head if he didn't speak up in class when it was his turn." "I admit we're paying you less than the town dog catcher, Mr. Johnson — but he's the mayor's, brother-in-law, and besides, he has to work all summer." "My child never acts that way at home. If he didn't learn it here at school, where did he learn it?" "We're proud to have you, Miss Elmo, but I guess nobody' will ever take the place of Miss Greene in our hearts. She served in our school system for 45 years —until she retired this summer and entered an old ladies' home with the money she'd saved." News Items Of Dahinda DAHINDA—Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Lumberry and family, Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Lumberry and Mrs. Ethel Howard spent the holidays at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Lumberry of Hopkinsville, Ky. Mrs. Mae Lee traveled by plane to New York Sunday for a visit' at the home of her son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Kelly, who are the parents of a daughter. • Mrs. Doris Powell was taken to a hospital Sunday. Billie Pitts has returned home after serving four years in the Navy. Barely a tenth of the earth's surface is suitable for growing crops. IMPROVE SCORES WITH A PERSONAL BOWLING BALL AS LOW AS '19.95 157* N. H«nd»r*on it. MCOIY ON South Upsets Clever Plot By OSWALD JACOBY Newspaper Enterprise Assn. In ordinary competition, East would win the club opening with the ace and lead back the queen. From that point, declarer would go about making his four-spade contract. NORTH f *A94 •/ J87 • KQ63S • 104 WEST KAST-CD) 62 4K7* V 9 64 ft VK108I • J108S •» «K70* «AQJ*f 4QJU0S6I VAQ • A7 4 493 Both vulnerable EMt South West le> 2* Pass Pass Pass Pass Opening lead—4 2 North 44 This was not ordinary competition and expert East played the jack of clubs at trick one. When it held, East was ready to perform a neat trick. He led his singleton diamond. His plan was to take his king of trumps at the first opportunity and put his partner in with the king of clubs whereupon a diamond ruff would send South to the showers. Unfortunately for East's well laid plan, Dick Walsh of Los Angeles who sat South, saw what East was up to and took steps to counteract his nasty plot. Dick had to keep West out of the lead and he worked things out nicely. He won the diamond in dummy and took the heart finesse. Then he cashed his ace of hearts, returned to dummy with the ace of trumps and led the jack of hearts. East played the king whereupon Dick discarded his remaining club. This play of discarding a loser x on a loser left East in the lead with no means to get to his partner's hand. East led another club. Dick ruffed, gave East his king of trumps and racked up the rubber. Guests From East Leave Bishop Hill BISHOP HILL —Mr. and Mrs. Evan Melton and Debbie, accompanied by her sister, Miss Sandy Caldwell, all of Magnolia, Del,, have returned to their home following a week's visit with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Melton and Joyce. Mr. and Mrs? Phil Clark, Kevin and Cindy of True, Iowa, have returned home following a 3-day visit in the home of an uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Dale Oberg and family of Bishop Hill. Mr. and Mrs. Roger- Dennison and family visited recently with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Berry Dennison at Memphis, Mo. Stephen Dennison, who had spent the past two weeks with his grandparents, returned home with his parents. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Pardick, Connie and Davis of Peoria, and Mr. and Mrs. John Anderson, Laurie and Jill of Molihe were recent supper guests in the home of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Julian Anderson. The Pardick and Anderson girls remained overnight with their grandparents, the Julian Andersons. Officers of the Bishop Hill Community Club met Friday in the home of the president Kyle Doss to name committees for the year- Officers serving this year are: vice president, Roland Krause; secretary, Mrs. Floyd Hamlin and treasurer, Mrs. Rias Spets. Aug. 26 was the first day of school in Bishop Hill but the Community Club will not meet until Oct. 4 for its first meeting with the officers in charge of refreshments. Named for the program committee for this meeting are Mr. and Mrs. Harold Selman, Mr. and Mrs. Duane Else and Mr. and Mrs. Dale Hepner. The Community Club is open for all interested in the Bishop Hill School, especially parents, including kindergarten parents. Ever serve plain yogurt instead of whipped cream with strawberries? Yogurt is delicious with both the fresh and frozen berries. News Notes Of Shanghai SHANGHAI - Miss DiAntW Oil- more, who is attending school in the tri-cities, spent th« weekend with her parents, Mr. and MM. Ralph Gilmore. Mrs. Phil Moberg, who is recuperating from surgery in her home, visited Aug. » with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Line in Alexis. Mrs. Line celebrated her birthday. Mr. and Mrs. Orner Mumey and family of Greenview spent the weekend in the Martin Johnson home. Mrs. Elias Colwell of Galesburg helped last week in the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Swank. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Peterson accompanied, Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Pheiffer to the Lake of the Ozarks for the weekend, returning home Monday. Gary Moberg is vacationing with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Phil Moberg before returning to his school work at the University of Illinois. READ THE VV NT ADS! They'll Do It Every Time Golesburg Register-Moil, Galesburg, HI, Thursday, Sept. 5, 1963 __TJL By Jimmy Hatlo TME GAIAUAVES WERE SO HAW . VVHEN TH£y HAD A SECOND CHILD- A COMfWNtON FOR DARLING JUNIOR - A SPARRING PARTNER IS MOPE LIKE fT-ANO MOM ISN'T ONLV A MOM-SHE'S ALSO HEAD REFEREE' Cucumbers aid oranges, plus greens, make a surprisingly good salad combination. Pare the cu­ cumbers and oranges and slice into thin rounds; arrange over the greens in a salad bowl; cover tightly and refrigerate. At serving time, toss with a creamy Roquefort cheese dressing. Serviceman From Maqiton Joins Unit MAQUON - Airman 2.C. Clyde Sherman left Sunday for the Goodfellow Air Base in Texas. He had spent the past week at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sherman. Sherman was graduated Aug. 23 from the University of Indiana, Bloomington, Ind. His parents and sisters, Betty and Dianne, attended the graduation banquet at Bloomington Aug. 23. Maquon Briefs Mr. and Mrs. T. F. Gooding nnrl Mrs. S. W. Gooding accompanied Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Duncan of Monmouth Sunday lo Douglas, where the annual Kentucky picnic was held at the Community Building. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Faucon of Roanoke spent Labor Day at the rural home of Mr. and Mrs. Bert Faucon and Alberta. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Moats and son Roy' of Springfield and their son -in -law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs, Kenneth Pallock and children of Newport News, Va., spent the weekend at the horn (A tfteff parents, and grandparents, ft*v. and Mrs. Ira Moats. Alan ifarler of Elmwood #i« • dinner guest Saturday at (he ftofftt of Mr. and Mrs. Donald Swearffl- gen and son Alan Harler, former* neighbor of the Swearingeos, went to Geneseo Sunday to teach music in the Geneseo school. James Wilmot of Springfield spent the week with his mother, Mrs. Laura Wilmot. and family. Mr. and Mrs. Laverne Deulan of Galesburg spent Sunday with Miss Addie ffalsey and famHy. Mr. and Mrs. Evan Howell of Aurora and Mrs. Jessie Reed of Williamsfield were Sunday callers at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Donald Swearingen and Alan, and Mrs. .Susie Sim kins, LOSE WEIGHT " NOT YOUR PEP! Completely «*(t. medically com* pounded ai an aid In weight control and curbing In* appetite. TH1MUDEX with VITALON (Improved) can b« obtained without preacrtpilon. II you hay* a weight problem THIMUDEX with VITA- LOW (Improved) can help you loee> weight comfortably. THIMUDEX with VITALOW (Improved) la an eaey io take tablet, fortified wit* Vitamin*. Sold lot S3.00. Guaranteed, if not eatUtled, return unu**4 portion to drugglaf for refund. So 14 by: West Drug Co., 124 Caat Main. Better corn, better timing, better price! MODERN CROP DRYING SOLVES A WEATHER PROBLEM -and electricity makes it possible! An electric fan operates the crop dryer that enables this farmer to harvest grain weeks early. Result: He avoids loss of mature grain by weather, birds, rodents, mold, fungi. His com is ready for market in 24 hours—to take advantage of pre-season prices. Or, it can be held for sale at a later date, Electricity serves the farmer well, And it is our constant aim to provide the best possible electric service to the 100,000 customers Illinois Power Company serves in rural areas*. This is more than twice the number served in the same areas by taxpayer-subsidized rural electric co-ops. Service to rural customers is an important goal at Illinois Power, ILLINOIS POWER COMPANY

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