Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on June 4, 1973 · Page 16
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 16

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, June 4, 1973
Page 16
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™ T. 1. •i. .P McCarthy Inquisition By RALPH NOVAK NEW YORK (NBA)—If it is true that within Cedric Belfrage there litfks no bitterness tow&M the McCarthy era, as he insists now in the calm of his 69th year, then he has mellowed. For in 1955, when he was deported from the United States for refusing to answer questions before Sen. Joseph McCarthy's Senate committee investigating Communist "subversion," Belfrage left behind an acrid trail of words. HE WAS BEING harrassod by Attorney General Herbert. Brownell Jr., Belfrage said as he left, for "exposing the Salem-stinkbomb-stool pigeon justice administered by his •wretched tribe of sadistic bigots." ' Now Belfrage, a British citizen who lived most of his adult life in the United States until 1955, has been allowed back by American authorities for 30 days this spring because a group of politicians, educators and publishers interceded on his behalf. And he is talking of how relatively appealing this country seems to him today, searching for the proper perspective from which to view the McCarthy days. Belfrage, who now lives in Mexico and supports himself by writing, never denied that he associated with and usually agreed with Communists. He did, however, deny he was a Communist. And he refused to talk about his associations when he was summoned to testify by McCarthy. "I HAD CONVICTIONS that years. But U.S. Immigration Commissioner Joseph M. Swing said Belfrage had "political beliefs that are allied to a conspiracy to destroy the free world and make him a threat to the national security." The courts agreed and Belfrage left the country in August 1955. \ "I think a lot of people who were here then are ashamed of how they behaved," he says. "But I think, too, that it should be known there were som e peop] e who behaved extremely well during that period and paid a high price for it." The price varied for those who defied McCarthy and his Communist-sniffing colleagues. Belfrage was deported. Many film personalities were blacklisted because of an exhaustive series of hearings in Hollywood. Government officials, notably the State Department 's Alger Hiss, lost their jobs and/or were jailed. Ethel and Julius Rosenberg, convicted of espionage in a controversial trial, were executed. The time was hysterically out of joint, of course. WALT DISNEY WAS telling investigators that attempts had been made to inject Communist propaganda into Mickey Mouse cartoons. Monogram Studios in Hollywood decided to shelve a movie on Hiawatha, the Indian peacemaker; the studio was worried lest the film be "regarded as a message for peace and therefore helpful to present Communist designs," the I would have liked to state New Yo **k Times reported. but I couldn't," he says. "You couldn't say anything because if you said 'yes 1 you were a Communist, you had to name everybody you knew who was one. If you said 'no,' they had an informer waiting to say he had seen you in a room somewhere at a party meeting. "It was demeaning to take the Fifth Amendment in some respects but we were grateful that it existed." When Belfrage refused to testify in 1953, two witnesses said he had been a Communist in Hollywood, where he worked as a film critic before World War II. (He says they were professional informers ordered to frame him.) BELFRAGE FOUGHT the McCarthy himself made a speech in Madison, Wis., in which he said the Democratic party was composed of "men and women who wear the political label stitched with the idiocy of a Truman, rotted by the deceit of an Acheson, corrupted by the Red slime of a White." (Harry Dexter White, a Truman associate, was one Police Searching For Three Ohio Drowning Victims SHAWNEETOWN, 111. (UPI) Gallatin County sheriff's police today planned to resume Life imuranca for every member of ihe family — lhe eailesi and cheapeif way io pay inevitable ilnal lxpemei. their search for three persons deportation order for two missing and presumed drowned in the Ohio River. The three were among eight persons aboard a 16-foot flat- bottomed boat which capsized in high waves and strong winds, j The missing were identified as Bill Martin, 47, Harrisburg, his wife, Carolyn, and their son! Frank, 9. I Two of the other occupants; of the boat managed to swim to shore and called for help. The remaining three of the boat's occupants held on to the capsized boat until help arrived. A lie me about low cost —ortgage Insurance irom Lutheran Brotherhood. BEN JOHNSON P.O. Box 33 — Ph. 937-5805 LUTHERAN BROTHERHOOD CAMBRIDGE, ILL. Life and Health Insurance "V* SOMETHING NEW HAS BEEN ADDED TO GALESBURG'S RED CROSS BLOOD PROGRAM. 'V* Monday thru Friday a.m. to 4 p.m Donors Drop Donate Blood ~r ~r Wr WB V *r . Convenience donor there Waiting ., . You Thru! Right Everyone Is Welcome Galesburg Regional Center of McCarthy's favorite tar- • So many of the blacklisted gsts.) people from the entertainment field have returned to work. The screenplay for the movie ,, M*A*S*tt fM for instance, was written by Ring Lardner Jr., who when pressed to answer questions about his associations before the Un-American Activities Committee in 1M7 said, "I could answer but I would hate myself in the morning.*' (That stood as the definitive reort until McCarthy's hearings on subversive influences in the Army in 1954, when Boston attorney Joseph Welch responded to McCarthy's badgering by saying, very slowly and very sacllly, "At long last, sir, have you no sense of decency?") SO, DALTON TRUMBO, an- Look magazine ran a story entitled, "Could Reds Seize Detroit?" THAT THAT PECULIAR kind of Cold War paranoia has been outgrown is nobly attested to by the re c e n t warming of American-Chinese relations engineered by President Richard Nixon, one of the most tirelessly stern stalkers of the Red menace in the late 1940s and early '50s, So Belfrage is allowed to return and publicize a book he has written on the McCarthy era, "The American Inquisition, 1945-1960/* which is something like the history of fox hunting written from the point of view of a fox. other blackliste&screenwriter, has also cofne out of profes* isional exile, where ho had won an Academy Award het couldn't claim in 1957 because he wrote the film under a pseudonym. He now writes openly under his own name and Harper & Row has published "The Time of the Toad/' three emotional Trumbo essays on the investigation that put,him on the blacklist. ^ And so, ultimate irony, defenders of the Nixon administration have decried the Mc- Carthyist" tactics of critics of the Watergate affair. 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