Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on June 4, 1973 · Page 14
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 14

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, June 4, 1973
Page 14
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Monday, June 4, 1973 Aborted Trial Was Chance To Decide Legal Question By GEORGE J. MARDER WASHINGTON (UPI) To gome, Dr. Daniel Etlsberg is a hero for distributing the Pentagon Papers with their secret history of how the United States got into the war in Vietnam. To others, lie's a villain for turning over classified government documents to unauthor-j ized persons. Washington Window But to many in the legal profession, Dr. Ellsberg is unimportant. What is: important!^"^ way ^rgar ^volved'in [who makes it public without aufihodzation guilty of a crime? The heart of the government case against Ellsberg was simply "yes" to all those questions. It charged that by taking upon hiirnseilf the authority to distribute classified documents, Ellsberg was endangering national security. The heart of the Ellsberg defense was that the government classification was a sham; that the government merely was keeping the information secret in order to cover is a lost opportunity; to decide a ' d condUoted m war that jlenged? legal question which was at' issue at his trial. 'national security by publicizing the documents. The trial ended because of gross misconduct, including burglary, by those acting in the name of the United States government. . Opportunity Wasted The opportunity may never come again, although a version of the same issue has cropped up in the Watergate case. Simply stated, this is the issue: Is the United States We'll Never Know No matter what the verdict, guilty or innocent, that issue was certain to go to the higher courts, and possilby the Supreme Court if it would hear the case. The government arguments could be summed up this way: No one, except those in well, known, They go this way: The mere fact that the government says something would endanger the national security doesn't make it so. Governments too often keep informiation secret because it would be embarrassing to officials rather than to the national security. Whdt if the government tried to cover up a crime on the ground that word of the crime would undermine confidence in government during a crisis and therefore endanger national security? Should such secrecy go unchal- Challenging the substance of government secret classification is a proper defense. Another Question Well never know how that issue ivviould have been resolved by thie Ellsbarg trial. But the President now has raised the issue of national security in connection with some of the ramifications of Watergate. Does that mean they also are "untouchable" under the doctrine that only the government lovernment the arbiter of what IT^iJf ^ll'fii ^has all the knowledge neces , , .. . ,, . ... end the secrecy of government information should be kept class4fled documents because from the American people, come what may? Once a document is labeled secret by someone in government, must it be kept secret and is anyone no one, except those authorized in government, has all the knowledge required for that task. Otherwise the system collapses. Foreign governments would have no assurance that what flhey told the United States in confidence could be keptt secret. Secret information which might look innocent to an outsider could be extremely hiammful to national security to those in the know. The broad lines of the Ellsberg legal defense also were WESTERN ILLINOIS UNIVERSITY CONTINUING EDUCATION COURSES SUMMER QUARTER 1973 GALESBURG: Held at Carl Sandburg College Coun. Educ. 533C—Special Problems In Counselor Education: Career Guidance in the Elementary School, 3 q.h. graduate credit, Room 5, June 18-29, 1:00-4:45 PM, Monday through Friday. Educ. Adm. 629—Organization and Administration of an Instructional Materials Center, 3 q.h. graduate credit. Learning Resource Center, June 25 - July 20, 8:00 - 11:00 A.M., Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays. Eletn. Educ. 533E—Special Problems in Elementary and Junior High Education: Science Education — E.S.S.. 3 a.h. graduate credit, Room 23. July 16-27, 1:00-4:45 P.M., MTWThF. Soc. 417 (G)—The Family, 4 q.h. graduate or undergraduate credit, Room 26, June 25 - August 1, 6:30 P.M., Mondays and Wednesdays. WILLIAMSFIELD: Art 422(G)—Studio Problems in Crafts, 4 q.h. graduate or undergraduate credit, Williamsfield Grade School, Modular Bldg., June 11-22, 8:30'-11:30 AM & 12:30- 3:30 P.M., MTWThF. NOTE: Regional Superintendents, City Superintendents and Prin- ciplas have descriptive brochures OR: Write the Office of Continuing Education, Western Illinois University, Macomb, Illinois 61425 for more information. NOTE: Students are encouraged to register in advance to avoid paying a $10 late registration fee and to avoid having the course being cancelled, by contacting the Office of Continuing Education for materials. sary to make such a decision? Or will the Ellsberg doctrine prevail and a formal challenge be made to the President's declaration? Democrat Group Selects Officers John Weese was elected president.of the John F. Kennedy Chapter of the Knox County Young Democrats at the chapter's organizational meeting Friday at the Galesburg Elks Club. Others elected were William Finer an, vice president; David Hawkinson, secretary, and Jan Sabatka, treasurer. All of the officers' reside in Galesburg. Deputy Spots Marijuana Pots MILL VALLEY, Calif. (UPI) — An .eagle-eyed Marin County sheriff's deputy saw a light blink on in a house early Sunday, silhouetting in the window what he was sure was a marijuana plant. Deputy Ronald S p u r n e 11 called for reinforcements and a search of the home turned up a large collection of pot plants, some three feet high. Six residents were arrested and accused of cultivation and possession of marijuana for use apd sale. Four visitors were jailed on charges of being, in a place where the weed is used. 34 /36A, 34/408.34/42C Res * 7 00/ea New only 15.99 34/440 Reg 18.00 /ei No. only loft * •AVE 11.01 FB£ l£?i l i T T,I" lc 2 T BHAS ,0f loda *« nalu '» l 'ooK Slyle 180 -soit cup 32/36*. 3Z/40B. 32/40C Reg 15 00 Now only f 3 99 c y * !2l"~',' b ? rt ' 11 32/38C Reg .600 Nowonly (499 Style 182 -lully ptdded 32/39A, 32/388 Reg IS 00 Now only 14 99 •AVE 1 101 c?f e 5oL r LTa am . c t l lV'? hu ""^'- B »' ,ecl <° r •ummef fashions f '2551 6 '*' XS. S. M. L. XL' (2883) Reg 17 00 Now only * 5 99 f " * !?S5J -i' 10 '"«- XS ' S ' M L.XL- Reg »8 00 NoVonJy 16% •x£~l\QQmQt™ 9 8 " ' 1 " XL ' Re 9 «»00 Now only 17.99 SAIE EMOS JUNE 30,1973 . iif ^t >/^t. .jf-fci t *»n« ¥ tW WU i FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE Open Mon. & Fri, Nights Till 9 • UltlfM C*«i<t<lt» III ll.'iaw •-!.•»<<• Ij>l| UtlCMM UMllI U «,».. l?.i CW'i, |MU*C.» Colli" C«nt,l <.(.,•,, IKII USjCtfl,. • * „ ( l/lli *W* M * ki« IUI. !tu. Itu Ml - Sati *»<• «,:c. it ,.Ui >.u«. I ,vtl.w r«,, brZ >,„.",« BG 5-0 179-5 J SUPER UALU Knoxville, fll # # Illinois warn MINGSOH Bernm FOODSA FAMILY PAK PORK CHOPS. I I,, ,|t V ..IVIM • Hn.ind • Squ KRAFT Macaroni & Cheese DINNER Variety Pak Lunch Meat Osc ,ir Mjiypr • All • All Rppl Wieners H*th Link Sausage Cedar Farm Vac Pak Bacon Rath Canned Ham \, n, $ 1 1 9 . PL<C) 1 ih 99 8 0, CQ< i ii. QQ« carton */ w 4 ib $^99 RIB ROAST USDA Choice (Bone-In) Rib Steak Hi LAND 0' LAKES COTTAGE CHEESE 2-Lb. Carton "JUNE IS DAIRY MONTH!" 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