The Norman Transcript from Norman, Oklahoma on April 28, 1947 · 5
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The Norman Transcript from Norman, Oklahoma · 5

Norman, Oklahoma
Issue Date:
Monday, April 28, 1947
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SCRIPTURE MOTHER'S DAT CARDS 1100 Stationery for 95c: Last Bup-ter Lea book ends: pictures: mottoes Bibles: Concordances Streams In the Desert Olad Tidings Book Room first rtylrwey Mat of Woolworth'e 17 Hardware and guppllei KETS from locks: duplicate keys for esle: lock door closers hrdre ehrara: lawn-move ra Oeorvc Oronbaun - 139 Eaat Main phone 191 Fred Thompson Electric U Hay Grain and reed HYBRID' rank's O-TI I MlT varietleg oapcelally Kirk tad Boa tort grown l’R Wi 13 oi for ALL kinds of field seeds and fpedt Noble Mill Noble Oklahoma NFW crop a'lfalfa Vsy'Tor sale j E Barbour Bkynuro Farms 31 miles West of Normpq 9 BmweMil Pisodt for piite RRAFEB- Ben-Moat laiaouo Paper drapes la assorted ratterns oolv toe pair t-awdeaw FBrnNaro UVtNdroom''siriteriS3: ta'bte top range- g3g: gas heater os Can be Wet at-7n S-n anertment Ml after S P Hi PROPANE gas start cubic- foot electric Frtsidslrv Mrs J B Bsrbour Bky-picre Forms 3i mites vest of Norman OOOb quelity4-drew'er-cheat7 venitr-end uplu-litered bench rood condition rheao 300 East Onmanthe whln TTVTJ' 1 WANTED-AU kinds of axed ooda Norman Furniture Kxchansc Ill South Peters Phone 114 WB BUT all kinds of u-rd" fimut’iye and hardware Fhom 923 S D Moriaa 309 West Mala HIOHENT Mh Prices paid for uwl farm-tare and appliance! Remolds Furniture and Hardware Ml Eaat Main WE'LL buy your uied' furniture and home appliances at tnp firteaa l-andasw Fur-ulture Exchange phone IT? I' and Hleel clotNts line poet 7V nd S10 per fwlr Morrison Repair Bbop 1X7 liPt Tonfeavi TWENTT iilB hot' vater heolerr with fttiltiMst ilto inartmHnt at kifrhnt caMnM with bu11tla alnk Fred Clwi K iniV MFton HJ"hwtr f north Udo SUMP piinip (elertrle- relftr puapi Im Wwt HimMifier 4 p in MANS b teyeim tab 00 l!SlWfvrd chk-ken wire fonco 1330 Monnetl phono F0&V N for Rl ZCK in 1004k npiril' Ml" Aap iptrC mm a IM Sredi and Fhnti BR)ITNO plRnta: SnaprfrHvonBchrTMii themomr vtncoi 313 Kid Keith ptwwo 1211 IM Wanted — ft Bar WAdTTlX—A Mulrftl A Hrnnftnf 1H2 North Frtrr p'tone !Wf US " WuhlBff Mactiflncp For SaI -OMR tond HHFd olert rte wahlnf vR' rhiim Korma Fumiiuro Korhoiife 113 Friers V BED oohm norhineii Rin and oPr or oluirlrmn Moocb epiMrd Hn mediate delirrrr: i!b Pirtig km (or tor Nnyth MATT AO ohfn"puMhi?iedovMenhih pood mndtidR reuonaMe prtro 31C Rnulh FSn d RKW ABC Paher Ifh’pt'ifrpTKed-1 timet Olio 711 Vmi Rookft RENTALS fM JAwmrtmmriK firuhlFd ONR roMm fnrriphitd oortnent:' mePino romn 1IA4 Norm ph— r ei7w 11 KWlihif Imwnibo jifri M ond K toi FRONT Wdrfnfn7”'oo filo 'wiRo'tof :de Ctl 'jrrfoT m opr hpm vwk dy 3:e k'Hi WrMut Fnrf PN-I RIFTIKO men trie”prr near roopa mem ar!r 4(41 a te drtd a a on Vf Kew 21 4 a 4 K-FTTlvfi r-vc 2 h k r-to n 4t4 Tv turn 0LMTO MriL’ Ltr looa" IT prd '-q i-de rsr 4f2 Of IFT-r-) MR p a ' Dw i " jyw rate ar p -f— h--e r- ra- ? to t -17 1— fwMOw ’ By Al Vermeer O RENTALS IMrflMUlPHk Ipm DOWNTOWN Uriw upstairi office newly I deoorsted Caip Muslq CO UN ' Mala phono 191 IZ4 'Wanted— Ta Kent EDUCATIONAL representative tor nation wide inatltutloa dplra furnished I I room house for summer Wpit 309 I South Breudwuy Hsrlngton Run I WAN7TI — Apartment I to 4 rooou fur-nlshed or unfurnished Write Bos P-40 care el Transcript COUPLE wants ta rant famished apart- I meat or small heuaa by September 1 1 no children permanent write Clay j Moore Bex 11 Wilson Center COUPLE with small child desperately I need unfurnished 1-bcdroem heuaa or I duplex willing to pay pood Pries end I 9 months rent la advance 323 North I Findlay REAL ESTATE 188 Bnefarpa Property For Bald FILLING doing Texaco Station- station and tango for sate lOCfttlOB Nobis Oklahoma TWO good restaurants well tented making good money Dunham Berry Bryan phone 173 137 Farma and Land For Bala AN IDEAL 30-den tom bela no scree New fully modern 7-room real- I denre barn 30x33 with 10-fort ehed I 11 mllee from paving Consider deelr-1 able residence In desirable location as I pari namenl Beo Clement Company I 110 North Fetera 125 Hoasea For' Bait BIX room modern house 4 lot eutbulld-lnsi aard-n planted posseasloa on cloa- I Ing dMl 413 Eaat Apache FIVE room frame 3 yean old Venetian Minds newly redecorated furnished unfurnished (all furniture new) ' dlato noe session 919 Iowa NICE four room house for sate See owner I 711 Fast Hnrhbert or pliono 1231 1 EXTRA pica fu rniulted- B-toom house hi I University aeetioa garage paid paving BRICK reaver dualrx furnished apart-1 mant in hack FOUR (pace la attic mo'erve "rice highway 77 FOUR roam houaa furniture included I tow price northwest pan of town AST an Htehway 9 within a (Hr mllei of Norman aaw 9-room hardwood floors 33 sens wider 3 -strand I hart win 10 sent etear ground pro- I pane gas electric water pump FOUR roam modem boom SOxlM fat 3 blocks east ef hlahway 77 awdemtely priced SOUTHWEST REALTY CO 113 North Frien Whnn-a Office 721 heme 3032 -J FOUR I alxht mm hiMiae brick-triplex: alxo duplex p-wly decoruted good la eome W E Cox phone 499 ONE 9-room lncloM“poh' noV“vicilU: I on paid oaf p cement I blocks south of Mote 94(00 Dunham Berry Bryan phone172: MUST sell at once — Furnished (-room house small equity plus FHA AC4 Iowa FIVE room modern house with fnar'inuT puniv lanced Oeorge Jonas Aoarhe sxceiwnt condltlsn 1 1 for two more roan of Main' cast FIVC roonTliouFe 7 Mdro—ia arreened4n I hark pmrh $1000 wlU handle tot Raat Rufatla lot WEST COM N CH BPl r-ron wTf r me I Fleniy of ground (4900 Claude Eartoa Reolior over O O A I SIX rooms can'heiiced'aa o’upSi hath I douhio gariM chicken houao parden I 4-ronma furnimre po— impw Hi Kart I Frank FOIH room ti— to tarart arevir I hlorkv oC erhool pared atreet 331V Knrihvid lfh Ofeiifeoffii Ciir priced le art I Bo Mr MrKenaie al Bract tea Irienee 003 Pnth Flood Norman SIX fom hri'V hmitorumUhed’or-— fumAhrd 31t North ATTRNTIOff t Rare two plea hrtrk homea poor Nnl-wjy: one la l-rtnrf with 4 bedroom on la one ato rj viife 3 bed room Either la deairabie and PMaemton — Juno I OEOKOI TARTCR Apnir National Vank Roildinf TNRXX d-rooma north of Mam: three"!’- rooira aoum f Mam Dunbam Ktrrj Nran phone 173 it lali anl VlNllffXiifRlleN" CTT-nTNo"NoaT ddoodt o dadd— a! vtlitrH FNA feaaaa aod tvwpraaeo mv-lee mmm Waal Raallar 339 Waad Mam Pbooo Id ti AND ao traitto anyth tT NnrhliaaF on Wwrf Aerab cpor 134 Wert Rich p hrm list 115 For N1q or Kemfl fP-roy‘ aatii-bori artl or aohi He or tf mmm mN a leap or real ootom Nnrima bo am lo am a Wo bam —mil— b1Mnr — i ti m—itai rum antfemil Cam pare III Krtfe hwi fea— 3f73-J Elderly Woman Gets Model of Freedom OKLAHOMA CUT Air'i — i "JF — Mrs J(qrT BrUw Nortri 1 i— today war th ’ M-I c-f F-fMrTn i T' rov-ia wvs prn4 v c1! 74-rrsv-o!'i wnvrnn tv Cwn i rw-n B'lircrihf hro I C'HT'r i'W or-d T-'r"1! A”raw nwr- j ft i1) Oq’sVwTia Smfm r" r-wr-rti ti he- dunnq tb-w-vltwrhf T F'-?i c'vl'tn fvmnr ’1“ ’"1 U- N-' '“''Tl J-r h- rt in - f raj gnd mvtew! v-TT''’- tn A— wr'can w-w- --rv — J--m- -f -— p Ft c - a p-x vr fvH tecfsr iSr wtt th way fere I Four Injured When Truck 'Runs Away' OKLAHOMA CITY Atfll 28— I tUPi— Pour pt-iAiiiui nursed minor inluiird tMlnv nfu-r bring lilt by a uiiawjv oil field truck The henvlly lontlcd vehicle broke Iimm from lie moarliiKA Pundnv whlln opera I Inn a wincli at Uiu ttluiidurd Well Ser rataeTsrsrsrrsaeat3rwwic”rtc7triewpsoeat-jeaeawrir!virt- ILASSIFIEH Ail) PUOFESSf OA’AJ O O O Rapid Guide to Dependable Services — What and Where to Buy COL DOYLE POPE AUCTIONEER Farm and Dairy Bales Phones: Norman 274 Noble 8 AUTO SERVICE D & D Tire Shop Npw and Rccapppd Urea Vulcanising— Recapping PICKlt AND DELIVERY 815 8ouUi Porter Phone 563 Body aad Fender Wart Front Bad Al Isa meat— Wbvel Bslanefag Flvtew Orlndlag Bearlaa Bs-Elslas Dram Tara teg — Sleek Beberlae ORB KERSEY GARAGE Oaaaral Asia Bepalrlag 11B N Crawford FAN BELTS For Cora and All Tipet Motors B F GOODRICH STORE 118 Eaat Main Phone 1515 — 7 TAILOR-MADE SEAT COVERS Convertible Tops Upholstering AUGUST MILLER B1 Bast Comanche Phono 3340 MASTERS' TEXACO 404 N Porter Phone 151 Firestone Tirea Tehee a Batteries a Washing a Greasing Tire Repair Battery Benrtee Road Berried P & P SALVAGE ' New and Used Parts Complete Mechanical Service 103 Weot Gray Phone 736 FORD TRACTORS Sompleto repair aervlce far aU tractors and autoa Wheel bal-tnctng and allEnment McCLURE'S TRACTOR & IMPLEMENT CO 103 N Porter Ph 1740 Kerseys' Have It! o REPLACEMENT PARTS BACCESSOKIE8 WHOP EQXUPMENT bSHOP SUPPUES a AUTO LACQUERS ENAMELS AND PAINT SUPPLIES KERSEY AUTO SUPPLY -Toar SAP A Mb 114 N Crawford Phonq 928 O BEAUTY SERVICE Cindaralla Beauty Shop Bhwmpnra end Wevee 11 Permanents 4 to 850 JONES Beawty ttefff tia a INEZ FOX £2 N4 If IK JP T ' lid n - f A V r 4 rn ira rrn 7 itl bfrtartHi Frr- mmmmmrn dbamw tiff - v m m mmme l ap KeaMf d4 SKIN? p ap i r trt a raigipR fee vice rumpiuiy II run drivrilnta for leu taiil-i nnd enulu'd into to nmkcj trucks Mrs J O Clblis 12211 Southwest lliin uk luken tj s ho-jiitul for liiMliiii-iii of tutu ami brui-4-x AUo rtvi-lvlu: enterufiu y treatment roi minor ItiluiU-e were Mm Mtr' Yuimv (Sjii MuctrUmr ulvdi iu-r daughter Ulimr 11 unj II j lfa foid i2iill Kouthwust 43rd) BUILDING MATERIALS Ada Limes teas Bosk— Bed Oravei— keady Laam Dirt— Bart aad Band— COaartte Blaeka W00DR6W BRYANT iMlh Jrnklag B aad — Fkeao 90M-F-4 L C CADDELL & SONS Designers and Builders 544 6I1AWNEE ST Erstylhteg from blaepriat slags ta earn slated hoawa fBA aad GI Leans Bpactelltaa Pmintiag and Fa per ha aging RraaoaaMq Prica B W FULLER PaiatlBf Cwalraeter Ail work guaiwnteed Phono 9398 H C MILES Paint Contractor Professional Spray Painting W7 N porter Ph 1467 painting nnd paoerhonging tree actimatea j b koch phono 'S0a 811 or 3506 FLOOR LEVELING rboadstisa wort esrweatrg and ro-prir work Cabteet warn ml fur alts rv lepaiviac J C HOUCK PHONE 833 -J 615 E Acrea -GRAVEL- TOP Soil— Fill Sand Grading Excavating— Hauling Henry Watts Company Texaco Station 1343 N Porter Phone 180-R C 0 WILLIAMS Painting Pcpcrhanging Free Estimates Phono 298 urt N Peter PAINTING -PAPERHANGING KEMT0NING 4 Combine the best materials end the finest workmanship end you have our decorating service to you Free rstimetee — Lowest east JAMES E WYNN Insured Ph 2836-J CLEAN OUT SALE or WALL PAPER A0 (SSI lOMUMOJOSNC C COMPART lUllliaa MAKRIAia ef AU Rteof 122 S Peters Phone 44 W Hava tha Following: Dry White Pine LUMBER 1x6 1b10 1b12 FIR PLYWOOD SHEETS waterproofed Jb4'bB' IViV Prefinthed OAK FIOOR'NG E-Z Up I w p-red GARAGE DOOR UNITS l--:- rtt renitert I"u : - m r-d - -A lun b-r FVid fence a ad poLrv v-e Norman Navy to 'Can1 2020 Planes WASHINGTON Of 28 — (UR— Tim Navy hu announced that It will atnrt "ctimilnn" 2020 currli-r and trainer plum In June with a view to iirpM-rvliiK them In flying condition for bp luug bn five yen re Thu pitmen with wiiikn folded arriCifrW3t'rij-uriWr'rrtrir--rv7-r--iri CARPENTRY REPAIRS Point Contracting btlmate cheerfully (Nil :nr my type of oiUKide or inekit eiunug Reference given IT re-fiM4kted Phone 263 hew u4 tMd FhMira H L JONES FLOOR SANDING CO Handing and finishing ftunra Cleuned and Waxed Animate Free - Phone 141 Attention! 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