Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on June 4, 1973 · Page 10
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 10

Galesburg, Illinois
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Monday, June 4, 1973
Page 10
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1^ Mpl ^bMQ $$Q \$tef-MQi],. Golesburg. Monday, June 4, 1973 Senate Eyes Legislation Equalizing Gas Shortage WASHINGTON (UPl) Senate is expected to legisfliaition this week intended to assure that the burden caused by gasoline shortages is shared by all sections of the nation- hot chiefly the Midwest. A vote on flhe measure, expected Tuesday, comes on the heels of charges by Sen. James Abourezk, D-S.D., that the big oil firms have "artificially contrived" the oil and g'as shortage by deliberately; - The withholding crude oil supplies .business and to get a price adopt fran Midwest independent)increase," he said refineries. Abourezk, in President Nixon day, caJIIed for immediate investigation by the Justice Department for antitrust violations. "I am convinced that the present shortage of fuel supply for the Midwest is artificially contrived to force the independent sector of the industry out of Soviet Moon Robot Ends 23-Mile Lunar Surface Trek MOSCOW (UPI) - The Soviet Union announced today its Lunokhod 2 moon robot has ended an exploration of the Sea of Serenity ..after trundling 23 miles during 4% months on the lunar surface. "The scientific-technical research program carried out by means of the Soviet self- propelled vehicle Lunokhod 2 has been completed," the official news agency Tass said The eight-wheeled robot covered times the distance logged by Lunokhod 1, which prowled *he Sea of Rains for 10 months in 1970 and 1971. Lunokhod 2 discovered, Tass said, that the moon is shrouded in a strata of dust particles strongly dispersing the visible solar light and the reflected light of the earth. It also determined, Tass said, that the magnetic field on the moon's surface is heterogeneous-that is, it is not uniform in structure or composition. Lunokhod 1 froze solid during a frigid lunar night when its solar heating batteries gave out. Tass did not say what, if END DENTURE MISERY WITS IOTHES IUUIIPUUT Miracle plastic DENTURITE refits loose dentures in live minutes. This "Cushion of Comfort" eases sore gums. You eat anything. Laugh, talk, even sneeze without embarrassment. No more food particles under plates. DENTURITE lasts for months. Ends daily bother of powder, paste or cushions. Just remove when refit is needed. Tasteless. Odorless. Money back guarantee. At all drug counters. anything, befell Lunokhod 2. During five lunar days, Lunokhod 2 roamed over rugger terrain that included the Lemonier Crater. It transmitted 86 panoramic pictures and 80,000 television pictures of *he moon's surface back to earth. Lunokhod 2 was delivered to the moon Jan. 16 by the Luna 21 mothership. There was no indication the Soviet Union planned to try to return the robot to earth. Lunokhod 1 remained on the moon as what Tass termed "a monument unto itself." Dixon Man Is Killed on Bike DIXON, 111. (UPI) - Charles D. Tuttle of Dixon was killed Sunday night when the bicycle he was riding was struck by a car on Illinois 2 west of here, authorities said. Tuttle, who was in his 60s, was pronounced dead at the scene. Authorities said Tuttle's bicycle hlad no lights or reflectors The driver of the car, Ger aid B. Quinn, 44, Dixon, said he did not see Tuttle until it Was too late. No charges were filed against Quinn. Tavern Murder Suspect Sought EAGLE PARK, 111. (UPI)-A suspect was being sought today in the fatal shooting of the manager of the Wagonwheel tavern Saturday night. Maurice Jones, 23, was shot in the doorway of the tavern following an argument, a spokesman for the Madison County sheriff's office said. The Senate bill would estab- a letter to j lish a mandatory system of released Sun-, gasoline allocation to assure an equitable distribution of any fuels in short supply and would prohibit major refiners, from charging independent sellers more than thiey aharge their own outlets. So far, 1,020 independent gasoline stations have been forced out of business because of the gasoline scarcity. In other congressional action this week: —A Democratic bill to hike the iminimum wage by 60 cents an hour and to extend its coverage to six million low paid workers comes to a vote this week in the House. The measure has strong union backing. —Debate will beigin in the Senate on a major farm bill. The legislation would revise the way subsidies are paid. The mimimum wage bill before the House is similar to one that passed the Senate last year but perished in the House. It would raise the wage that must be paid to workers covered from the presenit $1.60 an hour to $2.20 within a year and would extend coverage to six million jobs now uncovered, including maids and Other ctomest&c workers. The administration, with business backing, will push its own substitute which would not broaden the laws coverage and would raise the wage to $2.10 over a two-year period. AFL- CIO President George Meany (has urged each House member to support the Democratic bill. The farm measure would guarantee that when marketplace prices are poor, farmers who comply with federal planting controls would receive government payments equal to ihe difference between market prices and "target hrices" — amounts Congress figures farmers "ought to" receive for their crops. MIA Pleas Continue The National League of Families held a rally at the Lincoln Memorial yesterday in Washington' to focus attention on American servicemen still missing in action. Here, Mrs. Herman Knapp, whose husband is a missing Air Force colonel, addresses the gathering. Beside her are her children, Cindy and Rob, who is holding a picture of his father. UNIFAX N. Y.Dcinoci'iils Pick Replacement For Vimhity NEW YORK (VPi) - City Democrats deckle today on a candidate for mayor to replace John V. Lindsay. The candidates seeking nomination — Albert Blumenthal, Mario Blaggl, Abraham Beame and Herman Badillo—appeared Sunday in televised debates. Beame Is considered the frontrunner, having the support of all five of the borough organizations. Biaggi has the Conservative party endorsement. Blumenthal is also seeking the nomination by the Liberal party in a primary race against J. Stanley Shaw. The Republican candidate in the November election will be state Sen. John Marchi. He is unopposed. Accident Fatal POSEY, 111. (UPI)-Seibert B. Tucker, 49, Cehtralia, was killed and eight others injured Sunday in a two-car crash on Illinois 161 about two miles west of this Clinton County community. sraelis, Arabs Swap Prisoners of War TEL AVIV (UPI) - Israeli Dies in Crash EDWARDSVILLE, 111. (UPI) — Richard G. Schwehr, 25, Edwardsville, died Sunday night when his car ran off Interstate 270 near Illinois 111 in Madison County and turned over, state police said. READ THE WANT ADS! authorities said today they want to follow up the Middle East's biggest POW exchange since the 1967 war with a swap of ail other prisoners. In the exchange Sunday, Israel handed over 46 Syrian and 10 Lebanese prisoners of war in exchange "for three captured Israeli pilots. "Of course," a foreign ministry official said- in Jerusalem, "we are now going' to try to liberate the 10 Israeli prisoners in Egypt." Those prisoners and 56 Egyptian POWs are the only remaining captives of the Middle East conflict. The deal with Lebanon and Syria, the official said, followed long negotiations through the international Red Cross and the] dropping of Israeli insistence that the Egyptian POWs be part of the exchange agreement. "I hope this will make it a little easier," said Defense Minister Moshe Dayan, Who waibched the arrival of the three Israeli prisoners at a crossing point near Kuneitra on the occupied Golan Heights. "That doesn't mean that I really anticipate within a short time that we shall see any] exchange of prisoners with was beaten with bamboo shoots all over his body, including the soles of his feet, and suffered electric shock treatment. Capt Pinhas Nahmarai, 30, said that beatings he ted received left him with a total hearing loss in one ear. Capt! Gideon Magen, 36, said he lost 40 pounds while in captivity. "They told us outright," Nahmani said, '"the Geneva Convention (dealing with treatment of' war prisoners) is not for you, there is such a treaty but not for you—you are Jews.'" ported they were well treated. As part of the deal, Israel pardoned and freed a Druze leader from the Golan Heights who was sentenced to 23 years in prison on espionage charges. The man, Kamal Kanj, publicly thanked Israeli officials for freeing him. The 46 Syrians, including a brigadier general, returned across the Golan ceasefire line in a convoy of jeeps bearing the emblem of the Red Cross. They and the Lebanese were captured during Israeli raids into the two countries in June and Yablomki Murder Trial Begins Jury Selection ™ sprague also said the money was provided by former UMW President W. A .i "Tony" Boyle and strained through a District The Lebanese prisoners re-| September, 1972. Rain, Tornadoes, Flooding Plague Texas Over Weekend By United Press International | Three homes were destroyed by a tornado in Groesbeck, ERIE; Pa. (UPI) - Albert Pass, 54, a former United Mine Workers official, goes to trial today an Erie County Court on three counts of murder in the slaying of Joseph "Jock" Yablonski, who once ran for the UMW presidency, and his wife and daughter. Selection of a jury from a panel of 250 candidates was expected to take at least a week. Pass, of Middllesboro, Ky., is the seventh and last defendant to be prosecuted in the case. Five of the defendants are expected to testify against Pass. William convicted Egypt taking plaice," he said, "but I think thait in one way or another, it will help." Severe thunderstorms raked Texas today and Sunday, touching off at least 16 tornadoes . and dousing several areas with heavy rains which produced localized flash flooding. Property damage caused by the Texas twisters was extensive, but only four persons were injured, none seriously. Powerful storms, highwinds, tornadoes and heavy rains were widespread throughout the nation's midsection Sunday, but Tex., Sunday but there were no injuries. Prater, 53, was last March in the Dec. 31, 1969 slayings. He made a statement to the FBI following his conviction which reportedly named Pass as the money man in the conspiracy. Special prosecutor Richard A. Sprague has claimed that Pass and Prater, both former UMW More than three inches of District 19 officials from the The returning Israeli prison-;Texas was hardest hit. ers appeared pale and thin, but in good spirits. They said they were beaten, tortured and denied medical treatment while in captivity. Lt. Boaz Eitan, 24, said he All four injuries occurred Sunday when a pair of funnel clouds swooped down on the East Texas town of Palestine, destroying eight house trailers and damaging scores of houses. To The Area Graduates From GAtESBURG'S FAMILY FLORIST. rain doused Kandall and Comal counties in Texas during a one- hour period Sunday, touching off flash flooding. No injuries were reported. Rain-swollen rivers crested near flood stage in many areas of Texas today and the National Weather Service warned that widespread flooding was expected. Flash flooding was reported early today along the Brazos River above Waco, Tex., and residents of the Brazos Valley were warned of possible flooding. Severe storms also buffeted Ohio, Indiana and Michigan Sunday night. • A flash flood warning was in effect today for areas north and east of Akron, Ohio. Flash flood watches were posted today for portions of Arkansas and Missouri. To r n a d i c winds slashed through the Kent-Ravenna area of Ohio Sunday night, uprooting trees, damaging roofs on houses and downing power lines. No injuries were reported. Funnel clouds dipped down on at least five locations in Michigan's Upper Peninsula Sunday, leaving trails of damaged property but no injuries. High winds find heavy rain were widespread through Michigan and Indiana. A tornado caused minor damage at Terre Haute, Ind., Sunday and other funnel clouds were sighted at Indianapolis, ! Ind., and near Fort Wayne, ind., but apparently never touched down. Strong thunderstorms gripped most of Indiana, power lines were Kentucky-Tennessee coal fields, set up a fund to pay for the killings. Body Believed Work of Mass Murder Suspect high winds at Muncie, Ind., and some minor wind damage was reported at Camby, Ind., near Indianapolis. There were no injuries. Thunderstorms rumbled from eastern Colorado across the central Plains and the middle Mississippi Valley into the Great Lakes and the Ohio Valley today, and some storms lingered in Texas. A few thundcrshowers dampened southern Florida and the middle Atlantic Coast but fair skies were the rule in the; southwest and in New England. I McCONNEL I, S B U R G, Pa. (UPI) — The body of a young man believed killed by one of four suspects changed in the mass murder of a Georgia farm family was found Sunday near the Pennsylvania-Maryland border. Maryland State Police found the body of Richard Miller, 19, off a road ©bout 10 miles from Flintstone, Md. The victim was returned to his home here where he was positively identified by Pennsylvania authorities. Miller was last seen alive May 10, when he chased four men who stole a neighbor's pickup truck. In a confession to the FBI, Wayne Coleman, 26, said ho shot and killed Miller after he and his three companions commandeered the victim's car near here. He said he dumped the body near a sign which read, "Welcome to Maryland." Miller's car later was found abandoned near Donalsonville, C!a., where six members of the Ned Alday family were slain on their farm May il Coleman, his half brothers, Carl Isaacs, 19, and William Isaacs, 15, all of Parkville, Md., and George Dungee, 35, of B a 11 i m o r e, face murder charges in Donalsonville. They were captured May 17 and 18 Trees '^a Welch, W.Va. downed by j 19 organizing comirnittee. Boyle testified alt Prater's trial that the money was intended for organizing purposes. Boyle defeated Yablonski for the UMW presidency three weeks before the slayings. That contest was later overturned and Boyle was ousted in a court-ordered election run last December. Nun Graduate Is Outstanding MILWAUKEE (UPI) - The provincial directress of tlie Francisoal Sisters of Wheaton,, 111., has been named the recipient of the first award in recognition of an outetanding graduate of the graduate program hi; nursing at Marquette Universir! ty. • .* Sister M. .Thomas Kolba,,; O.S.F, was director of nursing- service and personnel at St. 1 Joseph's Hospital, Milwaukee, a faculty member of the college < of nursing and the college's dean until her retirement in; 1970. • Bodies Found On Interstate CHICAGO (UPI) - Police today were attempting to identify a man and woman found shot to death along Interstate 57 near southwest suburban Country Club Hills Sunday night. Police said the victims had been shot with a shotgun. The bodies were found lying on the shoulder of the road Sunday night by a passing motorist, state police ait Blue Island said. State police were seeking three men in connection with the shootings. The three were last seen riding in a blue, 1964 Chevrolet neiar Manteno, authorities said. Now You Know .. . By United Press International One-point-four per cent of the law officers in the United States are women. Wolf sies Inc. Galesburg's Only Authorized WHITE & EUVA SEWING MACHINE Dealer for SALES & SERVICE Words cannot express our deep appreciation and thanks to all who In anywuy aided us In the times of Illness and passing of our loved one. A very big and special thanks to all the nurses, aides and other employees and roommates at the Americana Nursing Center, for making "Mom's" last weeks comfortable, A special thanks to Dr. Borum, the Macomb Clinic, all the Mc])onough District nurses, allies and other employees for all MOIII'H good care (luring her many Btays both pre and post surf.cry. A deep appreciation to the MarUn-liolHs Funeral Home, Hcv. Vancl), Hcv. Weiss, our soloist, the organist, the many relatives, neighbors and friends for Iheir floral, food and memorial eon 11 ihullojiH. A special thanks to Mildred Ussery for lialiy sitting and to everyone who helped with lunch and afterwards, to Ihe grandsons fur their liylng courage as pal) bearcK- and Ui ull Hie families' employers and coworkers for all (heir special favors. (iod Mess you all. Th» Family of Ved« O. Krtpi s

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