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The Hastings Daily Tribune from Hastings, Nebraska • Page 17

The Hastings Daily Tribune from Hastings, Nebraska • Page 17

Hastings, Nebraska
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THE HASTINGS DAILY TRIBUNE PARADE OF YOUTH Pip 3 Boy9s Ideas Bring Father Greater Profits 3 -Year-Old Life on an Australian Ranch Likes Store Yet He Won Be Merchant Foils Hefty Store Bandit JVamarts World famous for Its sheep Australia supplies one-fourth of the entire crop of wooL Tot It first turned i wool-railing because no other agricultural venture wu profitable In its great dry areas! Careful breeding has almost doubled its yield per sheep New South Wales Shirley's home is the center of most profitable Industry supplies half the wooL A 12-year-old boy watches a line of men in a store Tha men are buying hunting license cm which the store makei no profit The boy notices a pile of leather eases cm a nearby counter An idea flashes through hla business-wise minds stations far 52 miles distant "Thirty-si men ere employed to iftear class end bale tha wool for market Tha shorn sheep look nice and clean and white Years ago most of tha work wu done by camels which cannot bo surpassed In hot droughty weather We use horses however and also five cars In which Unde does tha inspecting An Outdoor GlrL 1 receive my education from tha Correspondence School Sydney and my leseona travel 500 miles before I receive them every week "As I am an outdoor girl my favorite putime is riding Sometimes I try to run kangaroos down on horseback but this is difficult tha am very swift It seems funny that white I am writing thia the temperature should bo 100 degrees In the shade white you am having winter In the United States" Want a picture of life on a sheep ranch in faraway Australia? Then listen to 14-year-old Shirley Jean Sabey Parade wrote her in care of Corona Station via Torrowangi Broken Hill New South Wales Australia to learn some facta regarding her pet lamb "Pop-gya" "Pop-Eye" successfully raised from babyhood since has been turned out on the range Lacking distinguishing markings Shirley reports one of SiOOO other sheep To find him would bo like looking for the proverbial needle In the haystack Like a fiemll VUIagw "Our grazing area" Shirley says "consists of 179000 acres so then Is plenty of room for om to get loat It Is sheep country with a carrying capacity of on sheep to 25 acres The nearest eattle station la only 00 miles northwest "Broken Hill our nearest town lies 52 miles southeast A mining town It la a very dirty and dusty pot "This homestead could easily he mistaken for a small village with its numerous buildings Jutted about "Shearing which takes plaea in September is the busiest time of the year It is then all the sheep ere Into tha station by tha muatemr Some come from out- 1 Courage in large gobs is a 2rief description of 13-year-Old Violet Zivkovich of Detroit Mich She was alone In her moth Sr's candy atom at DM East Davl-aon avenue when a 185-pound col-oacd mu entered It wu night The man mumbled as if intoxicated left then returned again Meantime Violet suspicious slipped her brother's knife in her belt And when the would-be robber Jumped Violet ZMtavUk toward the ceah register and grabbed some bills Violet also went Into action "1 caught him when be got to Am door" she writes Parade "and hung on until we both slipped on the ice outside That gava ma a ghance to get my knife I then Chased him and stabbed him Ha got away up an alley but the knife had blood on it I was asked later if wu frightened but I had no timo to ho Newsboy Finds Wallet Receives $20 Reward Collects 300 Bars Of Soap Plans to Go Into Business YOUR PORTRAIT Makes A Perfect Day Gift Elmo Israel has a hobby which he plans to turn into a business It is the collection SKmi of sample and miniature ban of soap Now 18 and a sophomore at the University Alabama Elmo has mom than 300 bam of aoap He intends to put these on exhibition i when through school go into tha soap bual- Gats Urn "Why not combine the two make a profit?" Alon hecarriesout the Result: a booming sal a smacking profit to tho atom Thus Shaol Porn demonstrates hia selling acumen Small his father owner of the has completely reorganized business along lines suggested Shaol! and lde again uncanny wonder stor hia by Par sweetheart mother or friend photograph win be Just right The thought hack of a Valentine la what rnante makr yearn a personal om thk year I Jim Talmage uw tha bulging pocketbook on the street He hopped oS his bike slung his hag of pa pen to om aide picked It up At home Ml Kenwood avenue Dayton Ohio AM 14-year-old eyea popped fa tha wallet ha counted 1102 In bill and found papers identifying the owner "I telephoned the owner who Uvea fa small town some miles from Dayton" Jim writes Parade "and ha arrived the same evening Ha laid he thought ha would never ace that money again He gave me a $20 bill a reward" Send a Photograph Valentine NEBRASKA PHOTO CO a SEGER 7X2 No Lincoln An "Mf father owns two auto supply and sporting goods stoma and wu selling licenses at cost" Shaol tells Pared Tha customers bought many license but I noticed they felt they were imposing on "Tho leather eases wem made for auto license but weru not selling fast So white my father and tha clerks were busy I painted a sign on the door Hunting licenses with Caa Regular price of tho cast wu 15 cents each and State hunting fee was $1 hung similar signs la the star" White No Fooling! "I think started collect- brnaL Ing when I was little he tells Panda from 4X0 Caplewood Terrac Tuscaloosa Ala "because the miniature cakes of soap looked so cut Vkwa New York to Texas "Mr collection his recently been Increased by persons as Far West Texas and as far East New York and New Jersey who have sent mo soap I keep my bam In cigar boxe stacked in neat pile Of course I never use any of the little bars of soap nor do I allow anyone else to molest Another claim to fame is that Elmo was born on Armistice Day November 11 1815 "I was born on tha eleventh hour of the eteverth day of Ihe eleventh ho add "and 1 weighed exactly 11 pound 1 wear a Urn 11 shoe and Insist that 11 la my lucky NWac4 The ancient Gauls wpm first to discover tallow and ashes made soap Tha Homans soon adopted it finding it much better than fuller's earth a fclay Ilka cleansing aubatano which they had previously used for cleansing Soap sold at a penny a pound in London in the Sixteenth century Bark Rescue TTnated Adviser Before Mr Pozei learned what Shaol had done customers wem clamoring for hia "combination ape-clale" fa two days 100 of them Wem soldi Such ideas have made Shaol hla trusted adviser He thinke of them although in tho stoma only few week each yefrv P- cause the climate relieves ms asthm Shoal lives in Tula Okie with an aunt at 1324 8L Birmingham Most of hla vacations am pent in hia dad's atoms In Tbpek Kan "I love to straighten up stocl paint signs -and wait on customer -fhe etqOainir'Whlle af AiSirButiea" ha got tha ideas for (ho n-organlra-tion of tho store-All of Shaofr ideas have worked It la sate to say he la a bom businessman but thafa not his Idea of a life earner "I want to be a stale-tural he lnsistsi Youngsters as well as oldster know their business organization have proved It by founding operating 800 real corporations from New England to tha Junior Achievement Companies Boys and girl 18 to 21 am solo members of these companie except for grown-up advisers They sell stock rent office workshop mike their own merchandise which ranges from Mid houses and novelties to furniture clothing Jewelry companies am proaperou many pay dividends on stock Some ISfOOffi girls and boys run them Elgin Nigh Fnp3t Gut Pausitwtiis (Is WhHibnmri ram Mr Paal Ear Eight heroic St Bema3 dogahavo nothing on frocklt a rainier snantaL Walking with David Brown 18 tha dog found an elderly woman lying Injured and helpless In bar front yard Barking and running hack and forth Freckles led David to Ait woman Trecklea really belongs to neighbor practically lives at my house 408 East Chestnut street Santa An Calif" David aaye "We pamed the home of Mr Hanna Maryatt another neighbor on om of our regular nightly walk" Mr Maryatt had fallen broken her hip David and a friend carried her Into her bouse and summoned doctor When is a blackboard not a black-1 Mr first message read: This i Jfawaa tfa Blackboards at hoard? When a whiteboard! white blackboard la dedicated to the made of slate a hard tough roek "And how it peps up a school-' preservation of the eyesight of school I which splits Into thin plates of uni-room" writes Marilyn Clark student 1 students and to the creation of a form thickness The slate then la cut and trimmed for size and pol- at the Elgin 11L High School "As more cheerful atmosphere in the The new board la of roughglaia and compressed carbon Instead of om senior puts it what a re-' lief from the dismal funeral-like appearance of moat schoolrooms' The whiteboard la the Invention of Paul Born mechanical engineer and head of the Elgin school board IshJd smooth with pumice atone Largest slate quarries la the world am In Wale fa this chalk is used to write A specially I country Vermont la the largest pro-processed eraser mtnovea the char- Iducer but slate Is common else-coaL I where.

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