Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on June 4, 1973 · Page 6
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 6

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, June 4, 1973
Page 6
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Golesbur June 4, 1973 i By RICK DU BROW HOLLYWOOD but (UPI) - It's the television only June, networks are woffylng about television In Review 'hether their usual grandiose Hans to Start the new fall ason with a bang are going to e possible. JTher writers' programming tlie air. And _ t: The effect of the strike. Some future getting a new >{ideo season off to a carefully Strike planned start, full of strategic razzmatazz promotion (which requires certainty in the program scheduling), is important to the networks in stirring viewer interest for the season ahead. At the moment* NBC-TV is planning to postpone the start of its 1973-74 season, which was scheduled to And begin Sept. 10. television blue- although prints can change as rapidly as Chicago Weaither, the network is saying it figures, fts of now, that autumn i . Every Tuesday qhr Is 4 LADIES NIGHT Price delayed several weeks or so. Half Start There has been talk in the Video trade of tjhe possibility of starting the new seaison with some series that would be ready for airing, and then Mowing later with others that aire behind schedule. For example, some shows ane produced by independent ilm$ that agreed to team with the writers, Ih addition, there are series With stockpiled scripts, which means they can work ahead—until the scripts run out. Oveir at ABC-TV, there is a unique situation involving the network's highly popular Monday night pro football games, which are scheduled to begin Sept. 10. The word thus far is that this lineup of ga<mes is not going to be changed—which means that no matter how ABC*TV decides to handle the start of the remainder of its series, this one will piroceed as planned. Result: ABC-TV may be happy on the one hand that it has no production problems with a series dike this, which takes up a sizeable chunk of its prime time each week. But on the other hand, if the network has to start some of iibs other series later on a staggered basis, the initial, over-all, new-season lineup impact will be diminished by having a hot entry like the football garnets -beginning some­ what independently* even with other shows ready for some airing. Want To Sell And then there 5s the situation noted by the business show "Daily Variety/ 1 executive newspaper which reported an as saying many sponsors want to sell their products early in the fall. As for more immediate upcoming programming, ABC? TV and NRC/TV will put on a number of mew vacation-time series, and there are always various summer specials, and sometimes unexpected live video happenings like the Senate Watergate hearings (whose television tenure is indefinite). But, unlike ABC-TV and NBC-TV, CBS-TV says that, at this point, it does not expect to have new summer series because of the writers' strike* It seems curious that CBS-TV maintains it is not able, at least thus fair, to come up with new summer series at the same time that NBC-TV artd ABC-TV are announcing air dates for their various weekly vaeation- time entries. One is tempted to contemplate hew CBS-TV's financial etftert might benefit from this lack of summer scries production outlay. In ths past, one might consider, CBS-TV imported such notable summer miniseries as "The Six Wives of Henry VIII" and "The Life of Leonardo da Vinci." At any rate, the network does have at least several excellent summer ideas involving series: -It plans to move the weekly affairs wmartm "60 public minute*" from program early Sunday evenings to pfime time Fridays for 11 broadcasts starting June beginning July 8, it offer a 12-week series, News also 20. -And will "CBS News Retrospective," composed of well-known documentaries- presented by the network in the 1050s and 60s. These programs will be Been in the Sunday evening time slot being temporarily vacated by "60 minutes." An executive at the network says, <( We hope the Retrospective*) series will become a regular Look in the section in which and find ('CBS News part of ming." • • * summ program- Ladies Cocktails P.M Auth i lue Knight'Feuding With NBC Dance To The Sounds of Ron Carroll & THE INN CROWD By DICK KLEINER HOLLYWOOD, Calif.-Meet I unhappy author — Joseph ambaugh, the Los Angeles who wrote "The New Sheraton Motor Inn cop Centurions" and "The Blue ." and created next sea- NBC series, Police WEEKDAY SPECIALS TUESDAY Veal Parmesian BUY GET FREE Veal Spaghetti Salad Garlic Bread WEDNESDAY MEAT SAUCE - SALAD - GARLIC BREAD son's Story. Wambaugh is unhappy over what NBC has done to his second novel, "The Blue Knight." They bought it and Arts have turned it into a four- parter for next season starring William Holden. Wambaugh thinks the casting is bad^-his hero was a man and Holden isn't and the scripts are bad, too. At the NBC dinner for their affiliates here, he went up to J ulian EVERY accosted by It A . 824 N. Hende NO CARRYOUTS ANGELO'S ITALiAN RESTAURANT Hours 11 A.M. - 1 A.M. Place To Go For Family 3n St. Ph. 343-021 every Tuesday William Holden the network brass Goodman and Den Durgin and expressed himself in no uncertain terms. Later at the same dinner Wambaugh was Adaim-12's Kent McCord. He objected to some remarks Wambaugh had made about) Adam-12. "I know as much about police work as you do," Mc Cord said. Wambaugh just laughed — he's been a working cop for 13 years. At the party to introduce Lyle Waggoner the new magazine, Playgirl, I met the actor who does the Winchester little cigar commercials. His name is Michael Haynes and he says doing those TV ads hasn't helped his acting career. It haa given him financial freedom. The new Playgirl magazine is the one with the nude centerfold of Carol Burnett's announcer Lyle Waggoner. I asked Mary Ann MoUey, the Bible Belt-raised beauty, what she thought of that and she turned up her pretty nose and said, "I can't get used to George C. Scott nude men in magazines. (They're OK, other places?)* Word from Florida, where George C. Scott is shooting "Day of the Dolphins," is that he .has antagonized (something new?) the company by showing up with a huge entourage. He brought along his own make-up man, hair dresser, bodyguard, agent, etc, etc., and his gang eats together and they don't' fraternize with the rest of the company. What's more, according to reports from Florida, he and his wife, Trish Van Devere, had actual fights almost every day. One or both of them were forever • missing from- the set because of bruises. It's being kept quiet but Jimmy Durante has had another stroke and is now paralyzed. His friends are praying for him. Mitzi Gay no r auditioned dancers for her new Las Vegas act and found that there just aren't many good ones. Mitzi says she wanted 14 for the new act. Out of the first 60 she auditioned, she says 'there were only four who were qualified. She says most of them don't even know basic steps. It may or may not be a sign of culture coming to California but we're going to have us a Courreges bouidque. What's more, the famed Parisian couturier has never had a U,S. branch, not even in New York City, but gave Louise Danelian the franchise to open a place here in the fall. It will carry all of Courreges' clothing and accessories . ;i 'f y WWJMW;,;;,,,,; EVERY TUESDAY Boy i r Boy No 1 By VERNON SCOTT HOLLYWOOD (UPI) - It's way from Hannibal, Entertainment World Mo., 100 years ago wood, Calif., today, Holly- gap as Sawyer." Whitaker has bridged the star*of "Tom As a star in motion pictures and television it would appear that Johnny is as far removed young I as one can imagine from the s NORTHLAND ADVENTURE A GREAT CRUISE TOUR INTO CANADA'S WILDERNESS Join these cruise-tours • * ring Someone You Love F Bring Everyone Yov Love Only YOU GET juicy, tender, rib eye steak or sizzling hot chopped steak, with delicious baked potato, crispy green salad, and buttery texas toast. That's original famous Coney Dog is only 15c every Tuesday. It's a wiener, golden bun, chili, and chopped onion Coney Dog combination. What a way to the Dog! on Over 2,30 one from GALESBURG Departures: July 14, Aug. 11, Sept. 8 Travel via Continental Trailways Tours SILVER EAGLE coach to'Winnipeg, Kenora, Duluth. Cruise 5 days on Lake Winnipeg in luxury and comfort aboard MS LORD SELKIRK. Tour includes motorcoach, hotels, boat fare, meals on boat. fares per person $415.00 for complete details CONTINENTAL TRAILWAYS 190 South Kellogg Galcsburg, 111. 342-6715 over-ailed, barefoot boy fishing in the Mississippi. But no, says Johnny, who just- turned 13; a boy's a boy no matter what century he lives in. "It must have baen.nice to grow up without any smog or traffic jams and overcrowding. I would love to have run around without shoes all summer." • Johnny's voice is in the process of change. His freckles, ha!o of red curly hair and mischievous eyes make him a boy for all seasons. , He lives in the San Fernando Valley with his Mormon parents and seven brothers and sisters. One of his jobs is cleaning the \ NOW Open 7:15 Show 7:30-9:05 Hurry . . Ends Wed.! Adults Only. ID's Required You name it . . . they're ready luxury Tom Sawyer never enjoyed. "He had a lot of other things," had a said good "Kids Johnny, more freedom -then. I •t thought about that when we were back in Arrow Rock (Missouri) on location. They could roam around and do all kinds of things. "But it was nice to have an air conditioned dressing room to rest in." Johnny, who is in the eighth grade in a public junior high school, read Mark Twain's classic several years ago. He i3 careful to draw a distinction between reality and make- believe. Tom Sawyer was a role to play, nothing more. "Tom was a 19th Century kid," Johnny explained. "There's not too much difference between me and him, kid who likes to skip school I'm a and lie his ADULTS ONLY Drive-in restaurants LINCOLN ST. A&W 1135 LINCOLN ORPHEUM and live JHfcAffcHS BUSINESSMEN'S LUNCH ows Wed COCKTAIL HOUR n 'resh Popcorn, Salted Nuts DINNER MEN HOT OGS SPECIAL TUE. & WED JUNE CONEY OGS SANDWICH MEN idnight midnight NORTHGATE LOUNGE Route North s° way out of trouble, We have to make do with what "Maybe kids in the country have more fun than city kids. Weh ave to make do with what W3 have, I'm luckier than most kids because 1 get to act in movies a part of the lftth Century. Playing Tom was the best part 1 ever had because I just played myself,' 1 But Tommy would not turn back the clock to relive Tom's days on a full-time basis. Johnny starred for six years in "Family Affair" and has five motion pictures to his credit. He can't emmt the number of television shows and commercials he's done. His youngest sister, Dora, fJ, has done some commercials, too. "I really like being an actor. And I'd like to stay on when I grow up. P Hi Open Shows at Dusk 210Q MAIN 343*1009 SALES Endi Wednesday! Garage, Patio, Driveway, Basement, front Room, Private Household Sales and all other sales of this type must be in our office by noon the day before ad is to be published. GALESBURG REGISTER-MAIL STAY HOME! COLOR |H]«2L2i> PLUS 1 -t DISPLAY ADV Phone 343-7181 Now Playing thru Weds. Concert For Bangladesh Bob Dylan Billy Preston Kijigo Starr & Many More A HISTOniC HOCK CONCERT Onv Hhow Each Nk /hi ui 7 :30 CHILDHZH 60c ADULTS $1.00 help, youf birthday comes What your outlook is, aeedtding to the stars, FOR TUESDAY, JUNE 6,1973 March 21 to April 20 (Aries)Soma good news or friendly cooperation should aid yOU lit perfecting Jong-range plans, Study new trends, developments. April 21 to May 21 (TaurUs)- Day should be generally satisfactory but, without personal initiative, you will fall behind. Nothing will bo GIVEN to you. May 22 to June 21 (Gemini)— Some strain and tension possible now, so do not overtax yourself to the point of fatigue. Do your best where duties are concerned, of course, but don't assume unnecessary burdens. June 22 to July 23 (Cancer) Where the obvious means to success are skimpy, you can now figure out preferable, more feasible ones. But have patience, be vigilant, precise. Watch trends. July 24 to Aug. 23 (Leo) — You may face some complex situations, some unexpected obstacles, so anticipate them — but with composure and preparedness, not anxiety. Aug. 24 to Sept. 23 (Virgo) — Here is a spot for you to outpoint those who are careless or do not reckon with contingencies. A great day to display your innate ingenuity! Sept. 1 24 to Oct. 23 (Libra)Not too much planetary but the alert, active person can always manipulate an "off" day into one of sound usefulness, even if in an unexpected manner. Oct. 24 to Nov. 22 (Scorpio.) — You may overreach, your mark now'through overanxiety or miscalculation. Recall how .you waded through complex days before, and be guided by experience. Nov. 23 to Dec. 21 (Sagittarius) — Jupiter's beneficent * aspect favors research, scientific interests, organizational matters, finances. You may get some good ideas from others, ec, 22 to Jan. 20 (Capricorn) A day which calls for strong crimination.. Don^t, wa s to ie ;bn ^liohessentiajs ^whlie . you neglect vital matters.' • 1 Jan. 21 to Feb. 19 (Aquarius) — Avoid tendencies toward restlessness, indecision. Protect yourself and others against dubious schemes, deceiving appearances and lack of restraint. Feb. 20 to March 20 (Pisces) A mixed sort of day. You are in the middle of changing situations, some controversy, some very interesting opportunities. Work matters out with your usual foresight. YOU BORN TODAY are highly ingenious, adaptable, gregarious by nature and creative in your leanings. You have a wealth of talents but may be too impulsive at times, or so restless that you drop projects without civincr them time to giving themselves. Your prove imagination is vivid and you put a touch of originality and, finesse to whatever you clo. While you arc just as creatively inclined as other Geminians and could make as enviable a succss in the worlds of literature, music, the theater or decorating, you, unlike many, have an unusually good business head and are something of a wizard at finances. "While you arc a good planner, many of your greatest successes are the remit of "brainstorms," which can be truly brilliant. The world expects much of the Gominian — and he expects much of himself. Birthdate of: Adam Smith, economist. THE POWERFUL AND TRUE STORY OP SHERIFF BUFORO PUSSER WHO COULDN'T BE BOUGHT... COULDN'T BE KILLED WALKING In Cotoi NEXT TO AHLANS • f4 HENPEHSQM ST QALE8BUHQ r542 6224 + i

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