Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on January 10, 1947 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
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Friday, January 10, 1947
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TEMPERATURE BEFOB1 Miilnltrht ................... 10 3 a. m ...................... 08 0 ,-i. m ..................... 0!) n. m 10 33 A Progressive Newspaper For a Progressive Community" THE WEATHER All New Kn^I.-ind Partly cloudy nnd continued cold tonight. Saturday Increasing cloudiness and becoming warmer. Eastport to Block Inland—Diminishing northwest winds, becoming gentle to moderate lonig-hl and Saturday. Vol. LXXI, No. 8 ESTABLISHED 1885 FRIDAY, JANUARY 10, 1947 Leased tVire Service of the United Press Price Four Cent* Three Dollar Grand List Increase Expected Truman Submits 371-2 Billion Balanced Budget LATE Crew Of Navy Plane Missing In Antartica (lly linitwl Pn-MN) MONTGOMKKV RKCTilVKl) London—Radio Moscow says Premier Stalin received Marshal Montgomery today. The bro.-ul- gave no details. oOi - KIUI-: su'Kurs STATION (,'liurleston. S. C.—l-'lr<; iif un- ilFterniliH-d iirli,-li> .swept through thr lurKi' I "ion rnllrouil Mt:itlml hi (.'hiirlrxtnn tixl;iy. Th« hl:t/,i> mnrtcd just before noon and In 1.) niiniiti's tin- hngi! .striKiltin- wiw » muss nf flume*. oOo ASKS *'OK ISLAM)[t has been au- liioritntivcly learned that Russia, in HM-I. askod Norway for oiiti'iK'IU cession of Bciij- island midway bet%\-ce.n northei'n Norway nnrl Spitsbergen. It also usk'.'Cl for abrogation of a tre«ty prohibiting c;'>nflti notion of rtavai bases in .Si/itznoi'gi.Ti. oOu -- I.MJOK IUI.I. Wiiiliinc'ixi—Senator Joseph Bull of MiniK',snt;i plans to lll- IrnillH'i- later today n bill blin- /lififf inihf.stf*,v-yvi(lr iiollcctlvi! bar- giiinini,' kry.stoni' policy of tlir CIO. The Mil. <lc.Hiff|]i-(l tit |in.M vent \vlmt lir rails "liiONopolls-. tic. CKMeeiiti-ation* of lahor hnr- MnioiiN in hill-gaining with rrn- 1 (ilnyi-rn to nrr:is l(ll) mile* In c.\- ti-nt. Thr iiH'iisiirr seems wrtnin ti> touch off strung labor oppusl- tliin. Here are thr crew mrinliers of tlu> Nuitplnnc. atfcicli eel to the Xiivy Autarkic KxpRdltioit, willed took off from tin: si-apliiiii- tender V. S. S. Pine Island on a n exploratory flight on December SO, and arc still, reported inisHiiiff. They arc (front'row, left to right) : Dickons, otherwise unidentified; William G.- H. \Vii:-r. Heading, l'a. : Jiimes M. Rohblns, San Diego, Ciiliforniu. In buck row are (left to right): Owen M«'.f,':irl.v, .Soniuna, Ciillf.: U. William H. Kftirns, Jr., Boston, Miis.s.; Lt. Ralph I*. .LcBliitic. St. Mar-, I'livillc, I,;..; KnsiK.l M:ixivc.]| A. r.o|)c/.. Newport, R, I.,; and Wundcll K. Henderson, I'drtsmouth, Vu. Alno almard the missing craft is Fred W. Williams, Hun tin K ton, Tcnn., who replaced Dickens on the trip. Official U. .S. Navy Rndioiihoto. (International I'KKVIKW OK I'OSITION Moscow--The Soviet "•Vow Times' 1 says that Russia regiirrt.s full dona/dficntlon »nd demilitarisation of Germany as a [iirrcqiiisitf nf economic find lnjlltical unity rif the Reich. The statenioru a;>po:irs to be u preview nf thi; Soviet position (it the forthcoming .Moscow eonfuroncc. oOo- -- I,nmli>ii—Tin- ISrltlsh government IIHM di-rldi'il to use tin- arniiMl forrcs In mnvr food »llp- |I||CH helm; lifkl 'up l>y the four- iliiy-iild striki- of SDIIK; 3I1.IMK) l.niiilini truck drlvrrs. WANTS AKMV CAKKKK Fninkfcrt l.iouluuant Colonel Thondoi-o hlillio. .'i-., indi(!Ht.r.s that IIP Is nnt interested In following n political nnrcer. Quos- ti"nccl about the possihillty that In; might bf available* for his fa- 'hpr'.i <:<inlf>«li.'f! scut In thn Scn- fiti', young I'.ilhn pointml out lh«l lie HVI;I ;i gr.-idu/itc of \Vcxt 1'iiiu ;i,nil figured the ai-my was his ran-nr. - oOo - - K\H.JU)M) UNIONS Chli'ii^o — (j |, |,. „ K n nl |lroad ""inn rc|irfsi<iitntlrfs liuvi- culli'd '"> tin- nalioiuil bciid.-i nf 21 unions in (In- industry to gi't-to- K'lhcr on an all-out niillnniil unl- fli-il riillroiul wngr iirni) rulen |>ro- -oOo ••— 1'OKTAI. KKQIIKST l^ttDit Tho N'.-itional AM.snci- "'ion of .Manufacturnra bus *lop|>rd inlft the tinntrovorsy over poi-tnl-ici-poi-tul pay with a rc- Mi^st that th« courts deny nil ••well claims. H wvirn.s that If the flood of suits in n ot cheeked, tho w hnlr national economy mny bp Leavenworth Rated Favorite Tonight In Contest With Greyhounds At Armory •• •• "-• •- *" • • •• w »nM '•" K I''INAI, SKKVICKS 1 services of thn sct'ios in inci- of Universal Week of »t the Hillside Congrcga- church will bo conducted by ' v - Paul VV, Peterson, pas- H,v TOM KGA.N Coach Ray Folcy will leycl his Nmigutnck Hiirh School hn.skelball team iig.-iinst the slightly favored Tifreo- of Iji»ivc.T.vorth High School i tonight ciL the Wntortnn-y rii-rnoi-y i in H game which has attracted :\ griMler amount of intcrost hero and in V/aterhury than any othur contest so f;n- this season. Tlip I,cnvnnwoi'th l.nam. which is fiXir-hod by Bil! TKICV. will he. risking its unbeaten i-r;cni-d and leadership of th.> Xaugatuok Valley iuagtic; Indiorttlnns arc t.hat ,-is many as 5,000 want. Lo see L'no oonLost for which the lO.'l) srats avait.ihlu arc fill sold out. Sevoivil Waterburian.': pa me down to thn hnn-iiigl) List night in tm effort ; i ohtriin tickets j'ind sornc offered ri.s high as S5 for ].-iny kind of ycal':. I^ucky ticket i Holders, however, i-c.fii.sed to scil, , [jpavenworth's ilofcat of Ansor.ia on 'he .'-.ittf-r's home co'.n-t is crccl- itetl hy many as I ho reason for the unusual demand for tickets. This defeat i;: also the reason why most ohscrvnrs give thi Tigers a siliSh* i e'jKi'. Other nvisons arc that the. ] r^i.-LVDnworth team, although smal- j Inr, i;: faster than the Greyhounds, j .incl that Xaug.ituck shooting has \"fn highly erratic nf late. Present indications are th.-it tho (inn of ./. He.ily .-inrl Jones, skilled .-•et-up specialists, will not ho dis. .•vilwvl. rjiminrs !o lh«t cl : !'f.-t't ivorn cire.ulal'.'d line i use of a brief ex- .-pcrirnent whir-h Co:'C-h ririy Folc-y i tried a! fn-wrtleiir M inclay aft.or- i noon, tlowever, Coac;:i Fole.v ycs: lerci.'iy, indicated cxtroinc r'lluct- |ance to ta.-npei with his regular j ilineup for a gmii.- of s'.ich import- janee as the one t'inight. ' Nut only wciuld a win for tho ''.'.rpyhoiinds upset the dope, hut— this is more important. it would move them intj first plac'; in Val, ley league slaruiip.g. | Consoo,i:e n t]y. Cnach Folcy wili , u-ly on his retriil/ir starting lineup iof V. H'jaly and Sfiuffer, Big Chct lAifikipwio:, a; Centei-, anrl thn Waterbury, Local Firemen Respond To Bristol Terrace Fire Alarm The: Naugiittick rind W-aterbury (Ire departments wore both summoned this mornii'.r; to extinguish a fire, in an automobile en f jVIills i oad ;n the Brislol Tcrraco • section. I The; in^iclc- of the car. soclan owned by .Edgar L. Cheshiro. was badly damaged cording tn Fire Chief John was afire and continued on to notify the local department. The Watorbury firemen went to | tho scone in answer to a ring at a, m. from alarm box 'IS nn Winthrop stroot, according tn firemen of that city. a .1930! Bristol Terrace lies in S'.illson. I Nviugatuck and partly in Water- Platls| 7 . r ,V, ac- J. Sheridan. Cause of the Are is not wn. The NaujjvUuck Fire Department was tokl of the firo at 7:!)3 a. m. by a Bristol Terrace resident who had hocn passing by at the time the car bury. At the present time residents nf the secf.ion in Witerbury havr> a petition planned to leave the juris- die.tinn of Waterbury <ind ner.ome a part, of Naunaturk. The fire today was in the Naugatuck section, according tn Fire Chief Sheridan School Board Minutes Show $300 Salary Voted Karaban As Coach Urges Congress Not To Reduce Taxes; No Veterans Bonus Is Contemplated In First B a 1 an c e d Budget Since 1930 (By United Press) For the first time since the depression began in 1930, a balanced federali budget has been submitted to Congress. President Truman laid the balanced budget before a joint scs- j sion of both Houses early this afternoon. He accompanied it with n warning that federal spending now has been cut as drastically as he believes safe, and an appeal that l taxes not be reduced. However, Republican leaders gave every indication of planning to trim the budget still more—and of going ahead with tax reduction plans. The budget for the fiscal year 1948, which begins July 1. calls f|r the outlay of $37,528,000.000. Roughly half of the total is earmarked for national defense and veterans benefits- The Army arid Navy together would get $11,000,000000. That's $2,500,000,000 less than they asked for—and almost $4,030.000,000 less than they got last year. President Truman told Congress that any further cuts in national defense appropriations would be unsafe with the world as it-is. In his estimation, the president said, the huge portion of the budget devoted to national defense "icpresonts a proper balance between security and economy." The president told Congress that no further big programs of veterans benefits are contemplated. In other words, no bonus- But he said it will cost more than $7,000,000,000 next year to pay for lad veterans programs already under way. The third big-great item in the budget — interest on 'the national debt—will' cost'-- $5,00.0,000,030, And of course, that figure cannot be reduced, except by reducing the debt which now stands at S260,000,000,COO. The President asked congress to raise the surplus toward the two billion dollar figure, by continuing the wartime excise taxes on such things as furs, jewelry, entertainment and liquor. Mr. Truman also Synthetic Plant Equipment To Be Assessed For More Than Two Million Dollars Injured advocated an increase in postal rates for second class mail—tnat is, magazines and newspapers, in order to make the post offlc.c department a paying proposition. But most important of all in this Held, the President urged that no HERBERT K. BROWN X-rays taken yesterday iit the Waterbury hospital to determine extent of Injuries to Herbert E. Brown, YMCA general secretary, discloKfd "nothing serious" 1 uu- thoritles at the local Y reported today. Secretary Brown sustained Injuries to the hcnd as the result of a fall during a voTlcy hall game at the Y Tuesday night. Francis 1, Clark Dies At 31 After Lengthy Illness Francis ClJirlc, 31, his home died this in West tax reductions time. be made at this Hospitalized night at 8 o'clock. itwusnesM as the Basis ot Hti- rtelntionshins" will bo the ^t of the sermon, NAUGATUCK NEWS BROADCAST Today — 5:45 P. M. Monday Through Friday from the Editorial Rooms °f The Naugatuck News Station WATR 1320 ON YOUR DIAL \Voi-r| from I,r.:ivonworth High Schoo! this morning Indicali-d th-.t Cuich Hill Tmcy would .itnrt .lonn- ny Mcysiip ;md ,Um Piprsall <U .'or- w.-irds. Al Postaler .it. i-cnter nnd I Ray Koi-hiisieski .n.nd -ithcr Bornie I.Shcrwill or Faach Dnmelio at i guards. I Plenty of tickets .ire available ! for the Nnugftturrk-Sii.vmour game i |at the Y Saturday night, it was! , learned this morning. i j There H-ill be no salo of tickets at the N'augatuck - Le'.ivenworth .gamn tonight tit tii'.- VVntoi-btiry ; ai'mory. ' Total scats available, were • of which IMO bleacher Cre- The school board appftrcntly wrote "llnis' 'to the question of sal- ,iry for High School Football Coach Bill Karaban last night in n conference with members of the 1 press .il'tcr the rngular monthly meeting was adjourned. One member of the press asked whether $300 or $500 was the correct a.-nount. Chairman Samuel B. Lyons suggested that the host method of settling the 'mjitter was to .refer to minutes nr.the September meeting at of salary UYXS John Ash read the pertinent section of the minutes which stated jthat the i!alf|j'y of William Kara- I ban as coach of football was $300. Another member of the press pointed out thnt representatives of jfour different newspapers had been present at the October meeting" jivhen the September minutes were read and that each one of their papers subsequently reported • the imount of salary in question as which the question decided. Secretary Labor Lobbyists Registering In Genera] Assembly Hartford, Jan. 10—(U P)—Uihor lobbyists nrc getting in on the groun'J floor in the 19-17 General Assembly session, which opened only two days ago. Although comparatively few lobbyists have as yet registered with the secretary of state, represents lives of labor arc prominent among them. And there will be ethers added to the list next week, when the introduction of bills begin;-. So far there, has been no defined legislative program from any ot the ' labor organizations in the state; Springfield. Mass., after a long illness. Born in Brooklyn. N. Y.. son of Francis A. and Frances (Lohmann) Clark, bo. graduated from New Britain, Conn., High school and Bates College, Lcwiston. Me. Mr. Recommend Oil Furnaces For Schools Board Of Education Committee To Inspect Heating Plants Of All Building's An inspection of all beating plants n borough schools will be made by the Committee on Buildings and Equipment, it was voted by the Board of Education at the regular mo'nthly meeting held laet night at -he oflice of Supt. of Schools Harold E. Chittcnden. Previous to the vote, Supt. Chit- lendcn had pointed out the desirability of oil hea-ting in schools which now use coal. One of the "nain masons why oil heating is to be preferred, Supt. Chittcnden said. is that it requires much less work 1.0 operate. Supt. Chittendcn pointed out that rates for labor have increased substantially ' in recent years, hence the longer work day necessitated by operation of coal- burning equipment is notably less Desirable. He said tha* some school heating equipment now in use utilizes water cooled grates which must be replaced every six to eight years -it considerable expense. The last lime they v.-cre. replaced was some years ago, and there arc no new ones available should need arise now, the Supt. said. The Supt. also reported that several windows were broken in the ] high school "from the outside" and i the cost of replacement wa.s "rapidly approaching S'10," Asked by Secretary Ash if there were any vandalism involved, the Supt. replied, "undoubtedly." The police were notified, he said. The board accepted the rcsignn- Over $60,000 New Tax Revenue Anticipated; Tax Rate May Be Cut, Or Local Services Expanded; Foresee $27,000,000 List was assistant chief engineer for United Parcel Service in New York City and Hamburg, Pa- Surviving- him arc his wife,'Catherine (Ross) and his »on. Richard L. of West Springfield, Mass.. his father and mother, Mr. and Mrs- Francis A. Clark, a sister-, Mrs. Helen S. Fitzgerald, and her two daughters, Susan and Diane, a brother, John B. Clark of Naugntuck, Conn., and his grandmother. Mrs. Nellie S- Clark of Mcridcn. Conn. Funornl services will be conducted at a time to bo announced at funeral home in West Springfield, 'ind Reynolds Funeral Home in Mcridcn, Conn., with Rev. Richard Elting olllciating. Burial will be f, . lion of Mrs. Mary Smith Dolan, inv - lalh sirucior at Oak St. school. Mrs. El- at Walnut Grove cemetery at convenience of the family the In his inaugural ernor McConntighy message, devoted Gov- somt !lme to labor legislation. Specifically, he recommended an r>xpnnsiop of the state's mediation procran' and an extension of the workmen's compensation act to make thp coverage more inclusive and to speed up benefit payments. Of principal interest in the legis ature at the moment is the mako up ot the numerous standing committees. These committees will h,> announced when the « e s s i o .^ resumes next Tuesday. The main committees this so, 0 - Ray FrioU. 1 Now street, NaiiR-a- ttich Chemical Company offlclul, is roportod In "fine" condition by Watcrhtiry hospital iiuMiort- tic.s ivhero hn Is n siir#leul patient. SEOO, He asked why the newspapers ! sion wi " bo appropriations and ft- md not been notified of the error it the time. Chairman Lyons replied nance—in view of the governor's jwarnlnf: that tne state must under- that it KO stl '' ct economics or raise more was not the responsibility of mom-! than 13 million dollars, in now tax- bors of the Board of Education to; tS ' "road the newspapers." WOMAN MISSING i Police, are scnrchirig for a Plain- lOfiO) villo woman who has been missing from her home since Wednesday, .•served) .spats and -inn gallery. Nau-j rhe m issing woman is Mrs. Ruth igaUick's quota of 12f,0 sous (800 shnrp-who is 12 years' old. Her husband says that she was in habit of taking long hikes in woods—and consequently he wasn't .bleacher and -IfiO gallery) wore put on sale yesterday and sold within an hour and n half. Lcnvonworth's quota of 700 tick- lets went on sale nt the hish .school i this morning. The Tech school hos an enrollment of 1100: consequently, it is not surprising that no tickets remained nftcr the sale. the, the' All members of the board were present with the exception of Dr. Edwin R. Curran, who is ill! Newspapermen pointed out that the salaries were not discussed 01- voted at a regular meeting, but rather were .settled at a "star chamber" session of h newspapermen the proceedings. the board, barred from FIREMEN CALLED Firemen were called to the home of James Heavens, 14 Dunn avenue, The personnel of all committees, • capacity, of course, will be strongly Republl- i - During Salem Brotherhood To Hear Address On Russian Life Tho monthjy '-mcetir.g of the Brotherhood of the Salem Lutheran church will be held Frid-iy evening, Jan. 37, at the church, with tho newly elected officer.? headed by Conrad S. Rohs in charge. The program committ.ce for 194" consisting of Eidon Rohs. chairman; I. W. Olson and Hilding Olson has announced that George Hall will speak at the meetig. Mr. Hall will speak at the meeting. Mr. sia During the War." Mr. Hal! spent one year In Russia supervising the installation of technical equipment in a. new rubber mill. He is at present connected with the Bristol Co. In an engineering •en B. Quirke will replace Mrs, Dolan at Oak St. school, while Mrs, Marguerite Fitzmauricc will replace Mrs. Quirke at 7th Grade, Central Ave. school. Xe\v BUN The oi-tlcr, made hy the board previously, that :i.!l bus drivers transporting school children have a public Bcrvice certificate from the Public UUlitici Commission, has been complied with, the superintendent said. All drivers of school buses in the borough have the certificate, in addition to their regular drivers' permit and certificate relative to their physical condition. A list hns been filed with the Stale Board of Education. .Supt. Chillcriden said, showing the age. si?.e, make, and capacity of school buses usrd in the borough. He said the list was requested by the Btatc board. He added that Lionel Lcclair local bus franchise holder, who transports the majority of the borough's pupils, is expecting' delivery of a "new, large bus." can Inasmuch as the Republican.-! out-number the Democrats almost six to one—senate and linuse combined. the VERY GOOD • Principal Edward L. Kehoe of the local high school, who is ill at his home, is "doing very good," Dr. Vincent P. Duffy attending physician, announced this morning:. business meeting. for the year will bo named and many important business matters will come up for discussion. The executive committee will be ••.ost for the meeting. Bridgeport Plant Forced To Close Due To Portal Suit A portal-to-portnl pay suit has forced the Allison company n.t Bridgeport to close for an indefinite period The company says the \mion placed an attachment against $15X),- 000 of ils funds which makes it impossible to meet, payrolls or other 1947 Brunei list will be inci-ca-sod between two and three million dollars over the 1946 list, Assessor Louis Comiskey revealed today. The major increase will result fi-orn the addition, for Ihc first tim-i, of fixed equipment and machinery of the Synthetic Rubber Plant ope: aled bv the U- S. Rubber Co., to the grand list. In psusl years the eouipment and machinery has been listed as gov- ernment-owncd and non-taxable. Mr. Comiskey said the assets mentioned arc now listed as leased by the government to the U. S. Rubber Co. A ruling by Attorney William T_. Haddcn of Connecticut holds that under such conditions the property is subject to local taxation. Lost 3'car's grand list was $21.576,900- The increase rcpdesontcd in t.he Synthetic plant, plus additions resulting from local construction in the pnsl year. will bring the total to at $27,000,000. Increase in tax returns on the Synthetic Plant property alone will amount to between $50,000 and $60.000 a year to the borough, based on a 70 per cent evaluation. The general i Release may reach $75,000. Assessors Comiskey and Broadrick have held several conferences with officials of the U. S. Rubber Co.. nn>\ with government officials, in connection with the usKcsKmont procedure. It has been reported that they arc within reach or agreement on a fair imKessm.cnt figure- Sale Krc.oniincndrd The property Is owned by the Reconstruction Finance Corporation of the United States Government. At least two other synthetic rubber plants in the country have been sold to the companies operating them, and recommendation has been made that the local plant also be sold. There have been no indications of recent date, however, that the local plant would he sold in (ho immediate futun. Tn J!H-l the plant wa.s listed at n. value of J7,07<5,000, and since that (ime snvcml new buildings h:ivo been added and additional equipment installed. No local taxes can be imposed on movable equipment at the plant. Buildings are nlrcady on the local tax lists for a value of jr.00,000. Lower TBV Hate Increased revenue ;rom the greater grand list might result in JL lower tax rate, 01- expansion of services if the present mic of 21 1-1 mills in the outside district and 20 .1-4 mills in the inside district is retained at the Freemen's meeting in May. The 1!M7 grand list will be the KTC.-itcst in the luslorv or Naugatuck. Assessor Comlnltey said that Hi* .issessmont hooks for the year | closed Novambcr 1. The addition of I the Synthetic plant assessment will be nvide by the Bonrd of Tax Re- j view, he said, on recommendation of the assessors. expenses. « Company President Hugh V. Al- CAMKRA CLUB Members of the Naugatuck High particularly alarmed at first when! yesterday afternoon. Fire Chief ; School Camera Club worked on j John J. Sheridan reported leakage | : projection printing at a meeting j of fumes -from a defective chlm- last night under the direction of i ney, but otherwise there was no Leon Sarin, faculty supervisor, i damage. The property is owned by j Plans were discussed for a field she failed to come home. —All NuiiEiiliirk In tnlklnc nhnul «h» in IT Slndi-liiikcr. thr molt htnutltnl rnr In Itn fii>ld. Set* U nt XUUKIUU unlttiry A Aulu Srrvlut.—Ailr. I1KLD RESPONSror.K "~ A coroner has held an Old ji-cenwich resident criminally responsible for the death of a Hart- jford youth, The finding Is against Ernest Eschert—a student at the University of Connecticut. Eschcrt was driving the automobile In which another student—James J. McGillicuddy. Jr.—was riding when he was killed when the car was in- 1 Michael Klukis of Cherry street, trip to be held in the near future, volved in a. three-way collision. lison wired U. S. Senator Raymond E. Baldwin, urging that curbs he placed on such suits. Meanwhile, at Seymour, the Seymour Manufacturing company has mot its payroll by borrowing money. The firm's bank balance was frozen by a $466,000 portal-to-portal pay attachment. i DISSATISFIED [ New Haven, Conn., Jnn. 10—(UP) i —New Haven firemen aren't sntis-I crnns of Foreign Wars. fjed with their now work schedule, which puts them on a 7(5 3-2 hour week, Thoir union business agent, Harold V- Feinmark, says that demands will bn pressed for a Crusader Post Urges Fund Be Transferred To Veterans Council Ctiisiidcr Post, Veterans of Foreign Wnrs. ha« adopted n resolution in favor of having funds now Held by the Welcome Homo committee, a residue from the fund collected for the celebration here last year, turned over to the Veterans Council. Commanrinr Harold C, Lewis an-- nounccd -that the resolution was adopted after lenglhly diflcUBiiqn. The Vclerang. Council would hold the funds for UBC in connection with -funerals and other ceremonies. The Council represents all local posts. Memhor* of Crusader Post. Vet- will meet work week 67 hours. of slightly more than — <\ rood Ihlnr (o do with .vmir Xm»» mmir.v—<irt * pulr of IIICKt* quality and rrmrmbrr yniir irlvrr all jrrar . Hlcki, 14? Bank 81., W'(b> at post quarters on Rubber avcmic tonight nt 8:30 o'clock. It was announced . by Commander Harold Lewis. Plans for a forthcoming baza^r and a vl«lt to Rocky Hill Veterans' hospital next W«dn«ad»y will" be discussed. —For nualllT I.taiwrn, Wlitm, He.. SHOP FIRBr at Iha dlv pat*. an Slorr. M MrMct ntnwt. PrwnM llvrr.v, an,vwam (• (•««. Ttol. i^tl

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