The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 4, 1949 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 4, 1949
Page 15
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(FRIDAY, MARCH 4,1949 fUT OUR WAY Bv J. R. Williams BI/rTHEVILUi (ARK.) COURIKR NEWS Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople Ll_ BLOOM AM' DLUST OUT UMNER IT WHILE I HOL LIS LIFT SLOMEBODX HE HAS TO BE CAREFUL- -TH' BOLL O' TH' WOODS TOLD HIM MOT TO'MOVE THINGS, BECAUSE HE CAN'T FIND TH1NX3S AFTER HIS DESK. IS TIDIED NO, NO--THAT'S SELF DEFENSE- HE KEEPS THAT STUFF OM THERE TO KEEP SITTERS AMP LOUNGERS EeA.O/T'WieeSr' DBW THAI •S^WMTOR/ MARTHA: s evs tt SOR6 TO LIGHT OKI 7MIS VEST—-AMD NO TsesvRe TO MEASURE _ PROMO CATlOS SHE (JE6DS TO DEAL DOT 6KOOM SWATS.' VOU WAKJT V T FOR YOUR ROOM. ? ,hlO,' I'D PREPER A OPERATBO BY A SMALL DOMK6Y eUSlME.'-K'r'l... TEU Voo HOVJTO GET < RiD OF IT, POT IT Ot-i AsJO SO JUMP IkJ TU6 , KIDDIN&, 1WIG6S 2 COLD STORAGE Political [Announcements Subject to Municipal Election Amil 5, 1949 For Mayot DOYLE HENDERSON E. R. JACKSON For Alderman F'usl Ward RALEIGH SVLVESTER J1MAHE SANDERS Second Warrt WALTfiR C. CATE3 J. W. ADAMS Third Ward JENNINGS BAILEY LOUIS G. NASH Fourth iVarri (Two to be Elected) J. WILSON HENRY LESLIE .4OORE Leads Higher Life | BOSTON. <UP> —Joe Da Virgillo, has enmect his living lor "K ••ars as a stilt-walking sandwich Ian in downtown Boston. At DREIFUS AMERICA'S GREATEST BULOVA '"«» [Dpcn An Account n H E i F i s *BR) DfBJfiis . . . Wear Diamonds illittl.M \l\l\ !,l raKJ W HMMIK, KtTMIIHUi Ml ITH SCOTT ALLEY SIGN & NEON SERVICE • i5e((er Signs • Heller Service SOS North Franklin I'ltonc 32(13 SI,T"con^™r Y ' v ,^ 1 " """* '•* A.,Bl'l«"'t?, r ['" r ",K'""f""^U!"".'.';i <»«« I. «oruvVd hr r* T r J.irJ.n. nil* lo « ••rKrrvnllan mliujt" „„<) their ttiB,,,,. |» ,. Ilr «i, cd „,,,„ ,, i» movril. 1'fci. »iirrk<T« rt,, n ., i " <•'»*" ,nr.» n . t |. „ „„_ tr.""'.^ 1 . '""I" "'•'«•'• A-Kll. tntn .Johnny'* porkM hp- fcr dl-d rnnrfc n nrrhrolnul.l. v,!,,, , „,„ fcp . RohottoB, XVIII C1N rtung herself across the bed. She was still panting with fright. And exertion. Their clothes were scattered haphazardly around the bedroom. The two big suitcases yawned toothless on the bed. Sin had locked herself in the cottage and was obeying Sagmon Robottom's warning as quickly as possible. She gathered up an armful of lingerie and hurled it into the emptier suitcase. When she picked up her husband's brown dress shoes, her lip commenced to tremble. Where wns John Henry? It wasn't like him to dash off like that without a word unless — Sin's heart thudded faster than ever— unless he had learned something about the murder. Why did he insist on getting mixed up in things that were none o/ his business? Sin wrapped the shoes in (issue paper she had saved from the unpacking the night before. Surely nothing could have happened to him in a crowded resort like Azure. Yet he was so dumb sometimes about the most obvious things. i The shoe wrappings rustled as she laid the package on her stack of slips. She caught herself watching the redwood desk in the outer room— the desk that held the me- School Windows on Snul BOSTON. I UP) Hoodlums will break more than $60,000 worth of windows in Boston Rchoolhouscs 4% HOME LOANS Elbcrt S. Johnson The Equitable Life Assurance Society Ptionc 6228 Kv<Tlloj;s" Handle Your Health With Care \Vhcn Sickness Strikes, See Your Doctor - - And Remember Rothroek's For Prescriptions Phone 4451 COTTON FARMERS ' Chemically itelinlcd cotton seed scrminatt quicker plant and plow (he umc ireek. Kcrtucc clioppinj «pcn.U a«d prmiucc more cotton per acre. STATK CKKT1F1EH VAKUiTIES AVAILABLE i'^rit^.-JiKf.l'.E:^ »«•« Stoncvillc 'i B. I'cr &0 I.h. Bn« 1 °' CI0 Stoncvitlc 2 C. I'cr SO I.h. Bag] I0 ' 0(| Kowdcn 11-11. Frr SO l,h. Bag! "all A Half (Hiljrcrtl. Per SO I,b. Ba'i".'") n'w. Per SO I.h. R.IK...!!.."|. " lr tn ^n ( t place vour tirrter nr trl vnnr j BLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORP." *'' M'onr S56 BlytKevillr. Ark. P , 10 -. ... "ranches: f.earhville. Ark., llornrrsvllle Mo ' and Senalh, Mo. clianienl pencil and the cipher There was always tin- police. Sin turned her back deCuinlly on the telephone. If she started the (mlicc looking for John Henrv and he was perfectly all rifihl, he'd he angry about all the fuss. Nevertheless . . . Sin was still pondering (he question pciTiirhcdly when she hc;ird a door close softly in the nc.\l cottage. Slic got lip ofT her knees from atop (he suitense, letting the straps slip tree. That was Miss Jordan's ootlage next door and if she had come back then John Henry . . . Eagerly, she peeked Ihrough the slats of the window blind. • • • JT was not John Henry who had pulled the blue door to gently behind him and paused on the porch of CnltaRo 15. 11 was Gny"or. his cadaverous face peering catiliously up „„(( down the line of silent cottages. Then he stepped off the porch and started walking quickly doivn Ihe flagstone path back to Ihe hotel. Sin opened the front dnor to her own collate and sleppcd outside Gayner had already vanished around a i llrn . Without reason. Sin bepan to run, anxious not to lose sight of him. Gaynor was a tangible link between her and Ihc tangled web that might have enmeshed her husband again. The assistant manager certainly was privileged to inspect the cottages whenever be chose—but something furtive in Gayncr's manner warned her that (bis had been no official visit. Gayncr was just going through Ihc glass doors into the Dunns lobby when Sin readied the sunken pnlio. She slowed her pace as she crossed through the- gay umbrellas and lolling guests. Somebody called her name he- hind her. Sin turned quickly, a hopeful smile beginning on her generous mouth. The smile aborted. H w;ls Sagmon rioboltom, his bron/.e face stprn, Raiinlcrinc toward her Irom the pool. Sin wliirlcd nn<l fled. "Mrs. Connvrri" liobnttom called agnin. She ivshcxt up Hip stops and into the lofahy. Cnjiicr had gone past his rcsistrntion desk without pans- ing and was now jjoing down tho front steps and crossinc (he drive- wn.v. His walk was brisk and pur- po.scful. 3U look like you're in n hurry," Thclma Loomis «iiid in her semitnnsciiline voice, ns Hie two women dodged around each other at the front entrance. "Thanks," Sin sairl ;mton>alio,illj. and kept going, Mr, ']- r j m w;is just getting out of the elevator He lifted his straw hat hish as if to beckon Sin closer. She gave him a tight smile and .didn'l slacken pace. Vernon laboriously forced Ihe glass door open for her. Cayner's brown-suited back was still in sishl throueh the driveway border of palms and tamarisks. He wiis about 50 yards in the lead. This had been cut lo 25 by the time the assistant manager reached Cp.icliclla Slrcct. Sin loitered behind the concealing bole of a palm while Gayner looked up and clown the peaceful street. Then he (iarlctl across nnd went hurriedly down the hill toward Die center of town. Near the corner tif Cahuilla Street, a block away from the Las Dunns, Gayner sidestepped suddenly and disappeared from sifjlit. Sin's pulse quickened but she made herself amble along in a lourist gait. If Gayner had realized he was beini; followed, she didn't want to appear suspicious. She could just keep going downtown. However. Gnyner wns apparently oblivious of his trnclter. When she reached the spot where he'd faded from view, Sin found he'd merely angled sharply into a narrow alley. As she walked past, Gayner was 20 or SO ycrrts up the alley, opening the back door of one of the buildings. The place looked familiar anti It came to Sin why it should. Homer Anglin had died there. G.iyner was letting himself quietly into the Ship of the Desert. (To IV Continued) tiiis year if they continue at their present rate. The window repair bill for the first six months of 1M8 wns $31,411. BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS MAIN OFFICE NORTH TENTH Phone 3151 THE GRAMS COMPANY nj \i_Tor\s Real Estate - Mortiarie loan-- Insuranc TUDEBAKER. m Cars & Trucks For Your Selection lf>!7 Ford Super Dcl.uxc, perfecl in every way . . . radio, hcafcr, new sc t tif low pressure (ires liW Chevrolet 2-door, radio and heater. " C ,o. IJymouIh 2-door, a good low-priced cur. O J-'38 Chevrolet, a gnod cheap car. ' m J9-1B Sluilebnkei- '/ 2 Ton Truck, good hodv and me- W chaiitciilly perfect. ' C. 1939 Kurd I'/j Ton Cab and Chassis, priced lo move _ fast. ^ Chamblin Sales Co. "Your Friendly Studebaker Dealer" I'hone 21 a5 'S TUDEBAKER" PACK TfllHTEOT PRECKLEg A Hlg FRIENDS By MERRILL BLOSSER : R SCHOOL. I ciipeai ueojiv^i k. aurCK! - WWNOCR WHOM I SHooioeer TO V ME TO THF TR»Ck: SATURDAY' "Imagine a t«»cher asking u« i< we'd rather hav« or brains! Do you tuppoae he tliinki all we've good looks?" By AL VEKMEER LOOK AT THAT.' YOUR NICE DRESS ON THE FLOOR ASAIKJ." /OH, PmsciU.A. WHY MUST I KEEP •SCONCING YOU ABOUT THESE THINGS? YOU KNOW, EVERY TIME A GIRL IS HAUGHTY HER MOTHER GETS ANOTHER GRAY f IS THAT (HOW GRANDMA \ GOT SO \ GRAY/" The Opened Lock Ry MICHAEL O'MALILEY and RALPH LANE Oour days out of Cherbourg and Jau F^;jHt*>re f't nj.ll ,-.-..I,,*** ' 1 SEE YOU LEAVE tHS N/SURI.' AS PADLOCK ON 1HIHASPJIOKOA5 I'm IN OUT510E, UNUXKED.y HIRE NOTHING CAN HAPPEN .' HAPPEN, (H? WC'll SUA90U1 THAT — /Aw YOU IN WITH THE DRESSES 7 THI *CA HASN'T AWO* YOU SICK, DOTTY, •KMT HUNGRY/i\V WASH TUBBS CABLEGRAM By LESLIE TURNER ' MESSIIACE.KUH? \lBETlECRCf\PITTO open n, siioeiy... JVOU.GIG...YOIJ HAD T M K1NPN WOOZY. / TOO BIG A LAST NIGHT! HOLD IT. SHOR1V... 'HIS STEWED PRUNE By FfiED HARMAN . IT'S N!CE OF VOU Y IF HE DON'T \ — _. „__ TO TAKE CICERO'S THAT KID'S GONNA QUIT WOVlN' AROUND ~^v p 5T"J<E./( THERE Now, Princess? ^^1' A A'LL"'Ri6HT * U *^ °'°. 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