Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on March 10, 1935 · Page 6
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 6

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 10, 1935
Page 6
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1O-A B OAKLAND TRIBUNE, SUNDAY, MARCH 10, 1935 DEADLINE TUESDAY FOR BASKETBALL ENTRIES STRONG FIELD CHAMPS MEET CHAMPS AS OLD-TIMERS ROW ON ESTUARY ASSURED FOR By PHIL KAY j More than a score of basketball ; managers are bustling about town [ these days, collecting the signatures ; of their players preparatory to on- j tering the second annual Tribune- ; Maxwell East bay Championship I Elimination Tournament, w h i c h , starts March 18. The reason fur the ! frenzied activity is that Tuesday at j 6 p. m. is the deadline for entries. | Applications for entry must he in j the hands of The Tribune sports i department before that time. No | entry blanks are necessary; merely [ state that your team desires to en- tor, list the signatures of the players. with their numbers, nnri ihr> address and telephone number "f the team manager. There is no entry fee. HIGH CLASS HEM) Among the teams that have already entered or have -ignified thei 1 ' intention of doing so. arc Oakland Presbyterians, who took runner-up honors last year; Muffat Packers. who won the title under the banner of the Shopping News; Miller Packers, MacMarrs, Uarco. Golden State. Paraf fines, Merritt Business School. Martinez LaselPs. Shell Oil of Oakland, Western Electric, Marline/. Druids, Athens Athletic Club, Prank J. Youell. St. Joseph's Sodality, St. Joseph's Boys' Club, Clarence Cooper, Montgomery Ward, Polytechnic College, J. F. Jlink, California Dairies, Havonscourt Pharmacy, Athens Natives. Richmond Produce. Eastbay Municipal Ulili- lies District, American Creamery and Moller Barbers. What an array! The entry, list already assures high-class competition, with the finest league and independent teams in this area in action and there are certain to be many thrilling, close find hard- f ought games such as marked the tournament last year. Inquiries have been received Concerning the signing of new players. No "ringers" will be. allowed fo play, for the rules specifically slate that players must have competed with a team in six games prior to March 4. The purpose of the tournament is to crown Ihe team champion of the Easlbay — not tr> hnnd laurels to on all-star quintet, I. A. A. TEAMS STRONG The entry of several Industrial Athletic Association looms, which are considered superior In last, year's group, heralds improved compel i- tion. An especially strong hid is cx- pectcil from the Athens Athletic Club, which was eliminated rather early last year. Commissioner Steve Corgiat has a powerful quintet that has already taken MacMarrs, Golden Slatr, Mortal Packers ami the Santa Clara Broncos. Bui (lie clubmen will have plenty of opposition, and. rr- memhrr— a team must win all its games to capture (he championship and thn handsome trophies that (jo with it. The winning team and the runner-up will receive trophies, while members of those quintets will be awarded medals. Another beautiful trophy will be awarded the high scorer of the tournament. It was won last season by George Strom- grcn, who is again expected to play lor the Oakland Presbyterian team. r.ONG BEACH. March 0. — OJ.R) — Leroy Kirkpafric of Monlezuma High School, at Los Gatos, became serious contender for the 193fl Olympic learn Indfiy by running the 120-yard high hurdles in M." sec- nuls on a heavy track. Kirkpalric, in winning the open high hurdles event at Ihe 17th annual Southern Pacific A. A. U. championship today, was prevented by the heavy track from equalling his v/ifi'ld';: intorsrholaslic mark ol H.fi. DL\spit(! the handicap, hu tied the .Southern Pacific A. A. U. mark of Phil Cope of U. S. C'., made ill H>:M. The meet, postponed from last Saturday because, of rain, found better weather today, but hnl way through the events a cold winj swept Ihe field and sent most spectators home. One minor accident occurred. Fred Belts, Lone Beach physical ethical tun instructor, was struck on the head by a thrown discus and stunned. Cornelius Johnson, Compton Junior College, national high jump champion, won the Class A high jump at (! feel. (i : !'i inches. Dunn. N. C. A. A. discus champion, threw the plallcr HI1 feet, I! 1 ,-; inches, and Levey, also of Sinn ford, was second at 157 Tecl, inches. Levey revealed that he rode the rods of a freight train tu get to Hie relays, his first collegiate competition. Too Many Rookies Worry Casel Stengel OR LAND. Fin.. March !).—(U.F>)— Manager Casey Slcngol of Ihe. Dodi;crs has an idea now how Hie ild woman in flic shoe felt. Tolay's workoul brought three down ,)all players to '['inker Field, and ;hal is about a dozen more than Stengel can use or giveiniHvidhal ntlent inn. Kouline worknuls will be held until Saturday when Ihe squad will be divided for praclicc games. FROSH LOSE TO J.C. BY 2-3 POINT CALIENTE NnUiiiMvMr NYn-, S.-rvur. In FOIt Sl'MIA V rilEST KAU; — 2-ycnr-nM in cblmini;. S-10U. half mile: Wise Act; 103iE(ln:i It Lucky Gforce ...It" Dicky !!,,y ... Wl thorn sen HI;' .lolnin.vS Prlcl Quick Itnlly inn Miri:ioM»mi . Cottlnfihnm inn; n.-idm IVnm . SECOND H ATI:-:t-yi-:n-olds fit: claiming. S40U, MX- fnrlnni!'.: taxi Canter 11)1-Kimiu I MI .. Mnnnrn K'il T.-ilicur Mi' Lctitin n;:i J'nily i: Bowcroft m Adiu-r Yoc.nno KiJi CiTu:liK KIi.ui Gcnovirve M. ...IKUJnr.vn IJjitil; TII1K1I KACi:— :i-.vp.ir-t»lt!r, $V> Jurloncs (chuto: Glosbit; lin Ji.i..MI Fadini: Llnht lui 1 , M:mmil.i:, ... I^a M.iscotn W. Tun- um-t: .. Simosoo ii.. \VIT n:iii.i .. Susie Price Ifid. FOURTH it.\n: v:i.-'(•.-:-. ;: •.-,-: Purdue Figures in 3-Way Basket Tie EVANKTON. III.. March !>.—(U.R1- rnrdiic earned a share of the Wrslrrn ConfnrrniK! Basketball ChanijiiMiiship l:tni.L;hl by defoalin« Nortliu'fKtpL'n Ufl In 1M in MIL- season's finale. The Itnilrrmaker virlory Icfl Iho | it If: divided Ihroc ways \vith \Vi:x-(niKin and Illinois h'harinj: Ihe hnnor. By CULVKIl LEWIS A clean sweep in the broad jump, last event of the meet, gave the San Maleo Junior College trnckstcrs two-thirds of a point margin over the California Freshmen at Edwards Field yesterday, the final tally being fil 1-.1 lo California's CO 2-3. The freshmen made a groat attempt for victory in the relay, with Dan Carter, frosh star, coming from j behind in the final lap. to win by I inches. A third place in Ihe broad j jump would have given the frosh j victory. | Kennutl: Cunningham and Harold llroadbenf, J. C, milcrs, staged a great battle in their event, far outdistancing the rest of Ihe field, Cunningham forged ahead in the stretch lo win in the good time of. 4 minutes 34 4-10 seconds. Archie Williams, San Matco sprinter, turned in a double win in the H20 and -MO, covering the furlong in 22.3 nnd thn 440 in S0.fi. Hampton Poole, freshman all-around star, was high point man of Ihe meet, taking a firs! in the 10H and discus, and placing third in 220 and .shot-put, for a total of J2 points. Mile run— Won by CumiitiKlinm (S.M.): ni-(i;i<|l)cnt (S.Rl.t. Price tC.i. Time. 4:3-1.2. IfHI-.v.-ird tlfisti — Won by Punk' (C.); Dnwdnkin (C.i. Culver (S.RU. Time. :1H.:i. 440-.v;inl flush—Won iTy^ViUJams lS.M.1; UfilM.li (S.M.). IVitlcr (CM. Tinip. rliD.fi. KSl-y.-m! Mull htirdlcK - Won by Gal hr.iith i.S.M.i; Hunt (C.). AliicKcnxli! (.S.M.I. Time. : 1(1.5. Shnlpiit— Won J).v Kilts IC.t; Llpm.in (S.M.I. Ponlc lO.J. nistiim-r, 4.1 feet, R 3 .\ inches. ISCO-y.-inl Min— Wnu hy C;irter (C.I: Webb (C.I. Umndliciil (S.M.). Time. i!:(M. .Invcltn- Won by Kinimcl fS.M.U Liss rS.M.I. I'.otl.irj (C.). nislniicc. 17S reel. Hl'.j inchi-3. 220-yard flash— Won by Williams (Si. M.I; Dowrlncln (C.l. Pnidi; 1C.). Tim.-. :22.:i. 220 yard low hiirtllrp Won by Weaver (CM: r.iilbrailli (S.M.>. Tlmnins (C.). Hlith'"jVimp— Tie for firpl bclwpen \Vlu-rliM- rf,' ) nnd Wi'iiifi- iR.RI ): Thnina:; (CJ. llardim: (U.t and CInod (S.M.I tied for tlrnl. HciKlit. R fed. Poll- vault— Won by Whrclrr (CM: Wrr- IS.RI.I. Kiiniic (S.M.i. Distance, i:! I'n nimnc (K.M.i Concord Crew Wins Navy Rowing Title SAN I'KDRO. March !).—(U.R>—A l^-inan whnleboat crew from the cruisor S. S. Concord won the United States Fleet rowing championship and the Hatenburj,' Cup to- ^ * B y >rt Page,) Olcl-timr. nar pullets were in llirir glory yestertlay ns California held its annual Crow Day on the Onklnncl Estuary. I lie crews crossinc- the finish line "came back" yesterday after each winning Olympic chnm- pionslnps for California. The 1928 crew (foreground) was edged out by a quarter of a length by the 1932 crew. Lower photo \vns liiken after the dead heal rowed by the sophomore and junior crews in ihe second hoal mtcrclass race. I he two viclonous coxswains being tossed into the briny, according to custom, arc Eugene Luke (foreground), nnd Rush Clark. — 'f nhnnc. photos. •WANS HURLHMUSATI Tin- Corintlii.in Y.irhl Club's lnii|! day by rnwlnc the half mile course ! rcil , n a! . rlmmpinns in Ilic Perpetual " ' ™ repair ship Vestal was second, cruiser Salt Lake City third. The Marine crew race was won by the battleship Maryland. The scr Northampton won the race for first enlistment men. Knees •wed in the outer harbor with regulation onrs and whaleboals. nd , Challenge Kace will be ehalleniied FinncRnn II! ll"n!i Ti:::r ... Srerot P.iss no l-wdi-n l.:.uv . line Tcipin II! S.-;.n>hn- Kn:i: Jnbioso 1!'1 Tlnilli.-.M-i' Lnreina in: AM.;,' Short.-ice li'. ;<u. r-jjt-i.i — FIFTH UACi: — :i-vi-.,: -.,'.1 . .,1. clnimlnc. Sid", cur in in- ;n.<i •<• ynrds: Twisted TiniMdi-.li:. !.!••:.- .\.-i-..-.1.1 Utlrinr rtm-k ....I!.. DI-...... Try Fnir ]!.. '•• •'..' r...:,- .. Jcsbo !'"• :••"•.' :»> . . Lucky J.ick 1!:: A!.-- .:• M;irvina 11-i l,.i..> T,,-,,, •, Shift lil J.-ii'.i:v .-i..,w SIXTH KACi: -- :•.-: ,;i'-'.:.]. :,..- lloniiano t'-T i'.->;.< !i !:• v ... Sppclrlc in '.'-.-" i;:,...«fi .. Donald Ill : .:.., r.ill Tn Arm-, ..11 : I.::, n!.- K. . .. Early St;.r li-- Ii.vi }:,,-. . .. M:vr.vjn KA< i:--::-.--.<i .,:.; .,<•. C.','rnl' llil!s" . !..'.H.-."ii'.' .'.!.•'.[•!' .".'!.'.' Boy Cin/.y l'i;: 1;-' > J>3nlion>ct Ill Tin- V.l.ii lAmmisiro HI rifillTH ElACI. — .I--, ..:-•.].:- .,-!• Silva .'.'.'.'.'.'.''.'.'.l\'. Si'.-- }.:!••".'.'.'. Little Urchin ....114 K»ir.-. Twin I'enks 1H itcd r,, : ,,,, .... M.iryfic'!!".!"!!!iwi NINTH KACi:—.•f-Jt-.n-nl'!- :•.:.•', ii|j. Succd ll;m*lit-ftp, | -*-' 1 n:t.'nr: • Premeditate Jd't Hi;:;. c-i!-n- ... La Honda : :: li...-i /.!•.:.!.. ... Ho'Uiano I'M Il.ii.- 'I.' • D.irk Tynuil !'.•:; H.-i:,,.iir. •'..,-.• . jlcd"no"!!!!."!ii':i.:-n\fr r, n '»\ '..'.' TrN'TII KACI. — ;;-\,-;.i--.!d'. ai.'f clninifr.;:, £ld'i, nm- - .il,-: Cr.lb'rte llf; I.:ifii;ini:o Our Billy llll.tjuir!: S.,!i- .... Vrn- FrciH-li ....II.I (.'ou.-.n iJ.--s ... Ulf';.'in!'- 111! }>nr\< Till-: I.i .. J!; l-xlr-in ....'..'. l'(il' Iti-n Vi ••:'.... I>-tn;p iTi Kin-. X KclliR linr.il 101 N» No . Hohrhhurn US'Jtc Junahymn 115,1'cncc •' „:. ' ::n],!i;, i; [11 I'ihi,- l.lylit II I ;;;,,:; j;;>iii'--|;-i;i 111 nitxi n^ _ 11-1 sr.cnMi it ». n:— *\n,i; .-i.-iinihit;; :: - j •"h:- I'. ••". l'i l'i: :i iV Tiin'l..'r' ' '.':• , ' i- - 1 . =: • i !:• wu. nu .!•>•. I I.Hi.- Ii KM l«:i !'. in I)..,;.,- M :: '!•• | f - :•(!-• . i I;:-! t- I'l '.'.i,,l\ I'.MI ln:i i • ..M :.•• ! l" \ ..,,m-- 111 1 i M". > MM !"'.' 1- , . -i, It K)ii;;li! 1 1 I THlltn it irr.-M-i: - buniim; 1- ! ins season by Dick Matlikuhn's Mauluce with "Babe" Stevens as skipper. The selection was made a! n meeting of the Aeolian club skippers, who voted lo send a formal challenge to the Corinthians in the near future. The Corinthian club has been con- \Vil<l l,:iii!,-l H'l' Ulitld I'll.-.;- ID" I'.isrti: nl<- I I I ,<ii|.,.|-,t 1 |^ Sv.-.-: il.il M'l 1 l.-iini; .l"lni 1M S..h-i- ln:m;ii.-ii n»:i ! ill..- •' r,. r Irt7-ti<iillil:niili:<-lli> 1»1 i'i-:i-. •• !•!-<:-. 111 \v i i;i\n- nt '•..r,!,. :; r.lrn In:. S!:ilnli:'..M- H'fl AII--I. Jhl". TH:I Mnlf HM I- :,--T M.-. Is in, 1 . i-'ii-Tii ii.xci-; . ; li'ii. i-ininiitm. i- .n -• 1.I-. :ITI,I up. 1 mil. 1 : S'-.i :!•.-! :i S|,v IN? Kitu, Tmliiv IH7 r'l.iii-ii.ii in- ir;'.i,,iu i;:uni>l>T l"L' ^•ii'lv 1": ,1-i.h-.. l'rl..,!i 1"T, Al-i:,iii p.; 1 n..|,,ii.. Much 1"7 inl since 11)22. when the Rascal won it from the Fiancesca of Ihe San Frani'Lhco Yaeht Club. Competition in the event .started in IBflD. HIALEAH PARK Rcsnlli (II.* >nfInniiiiti- \i-\>.i SrrvitT. Inr.) I-'IHS'I' II ICF, - - S.-v.Mi-.-iulUlis lli.lj-- '.M.T JI!'. 1 ;! 1 , 57.1(1. j-l.M'. Sl;:vl.:i. $ I !"\ jn.fii'. Sis..wi-n. ?l.7n. Tinif. 1.1*1.1. AIM. rnn--i:»i>il I'h.-rr. l'...--s Tp. M..:in,- i;.-:il:i. <'atlmp. S,-:-.-it.-!i.-it Hij;h,'sl To i n t, M y- pi.-nsliip' \\~is,' I'like, fJ.Vli, f^.-.i 1 , .-ill |i,'ii1,.-r:i!,.i- tL'..',M, t-nl. MriulU l.:nly. mil. Turn : -I.-'. .\l»n ran i;i,.r-y Uivfih.i'l;. l.rtui>iil. Transit l,:nly. S,-r;iti-lii'il - ,l;tinc:-i Cily. 'I'lMKI) II VCi: - S,-vt'ii-riuIi1tiK mil,-, ::-\.Mi--i'Ms and up. fljilminn. My riir,'li;is,'. ?7.H«. #:t.Ti». fZ.\v. S t.-i'. Tun,': 'l':"!.. 1 * Ab ; " rur NUM. K!i»:iit nf liold. S.-ratehod— S.-i.li-li "I,'!.). rid H'l'H H\cr: — Scvon-oi^htlis mil,', .-:-v,>;ii--i.lds tip, riamluMp. K'ini; • >ws! flMll'. ''Mi'i'! rlvll \V:n, "nt. Tin . llnu Au:iin. S-Ti I-I'H HACK i^n.' mill-, 4-yr :iml up, jKiii'Ii.^p. Miocr:M_ i ' iii'.hil'M'K-'i-l;']!. ?4.i;n/'Ti i:.-r..-i' v.'ii, Siir.-iiini bas . l!l:i.-K Mel'Ti. Ji 1 ..!'! i M \TII It Mil *..i,H ,-'.,, i-.'in- 4- I M:inl:ii;!i.i. Ji l.f.u, *;..."'!'. li.niiiin SnI- >.- :•!:, :u:i| up f. fm !..,«..• " <li, r. ?;:.i:n. Tim.-: l:.M. Also rnn - i:i- 'h. r Hi«i 1 n '. •:,.,. ' m« In .IIIIHMI. Ti;tt i.-m in. SI. M-M'itx. i-.| H:inhv;ii.-, Sun K;i i.'plvij, Mlo-Ml .M.,[-|,tn.'k. S,'i;ih-linl — HliU'li n-liT, Sc.iip. T.-:Lr<ml. si;\ I:\TII H \ci-:--T\\u mil,-.«. 4- v,. : n--,,l.ts up. .•liihiittn.'. AlUiii-il. siv.-u. ft 7". .*i. HI-.I.--S M..nl.".i. S 1 :.!", *" i,". l-'iiir .Miili'. $ii. I". Ti Captain .Icrry and Prlnco I'omi'cy, HAMBURG. Germany, 'Maieh 0.— . Rlcvo Ilnmns of New Jersey Max Sclimeliiitr nf Gnrmany, (U.R) nnd former world'. 1 ; hoavywoiyht champion, completed training today fur tomorrow's contest. llamas topped .Srhrmlmj* by one pound when they were weighed after today's workouts. Hamas was 190 and Schincling 180. Sclimelin/t continued lo rule n lop-heavy favorite. ,loe Jacobs, Iii? iiiaii;iK(?r. said thai "Max will win. probnhly by a knockout in the eighth round." Joe was disconsolate br- caiiFe lie couldn't get any bet." in Hamburg. SKCD.M) II Ifl-; "n-- mil-, t-y.-.i: .•?;: MI. Kniiins; \vii.-i-N. '-VSM.' .M. 1 - 11 . (*:in K1-- H'l '-""I- Tim.- --1:11.:. Als-- inn-.ll].lil>-n Cold. M""H i:-" ! «-. ^l.fl- .-*.•.!. l.ndy i;i:if. 1'i.ily C-". 'riltllM IIACI-: --Tin 1 , -i^-li'ii! !li mil'-. ' ' '" . .•|i :l lir-r i^Mif.M., $::.M. Tun,— I:H. \lp,. ran— Ccrii.-. l-"'t.» Air.-. Would P. -i re. riKTII HACI' — t>ni- nml i>in'-^U- .. .. . .. 1. AN. i r:in-- Snnd Hat.y. I'ni Whippier tVarkiM-. K-U-.inU.' * - • S I \ T!l HACK — . \lsi r;in . i.hr'lit'. T!.P.» i-'iu'ln. N M \ I-: N Til HACK •- ?.-yrnr-i.lrls :uxl up. I n, ,u- nicii. ji'-.i^ 1 . >:I-K'. Inn Mil' 1 . Athot, i-'nlr r.illy," 'in-lc nnd .Major hnripliU'i- KIT atrocious start, the high timber further proved h i s Hy by trailing Fish- •c yards in the 23.S io\v hurdle race. Dons' lone firs', place of the :ame after a neck-nnd-neck. iree-wny battle in the final 10D iirds of the 4-10-yard race with Les stumbling across the line inches ahead of the two .Bears, jnn Helmcr and Everett Leek, in 't!).2 .seconds. Helmer, a made-over sprinter, showed marked improve- in en t in edging out a victory over Leek. l«KvarirSi--Won by AnHrrMin if 1 ')'. Pullnrk (C.i. VallPjo (C.i. Time. :()!>.;>. Mill- run—\\'nn hy Hcavcv (CM: Hlck- crson (C.i, Wall (U.S.PM. Timt-. 4:K.7. 4-HJ-y;ii(| dash -Wnn In- U'islcr III Si F »: Hrlinrr (C i. I^-rk (C.i. 'rim.-, --in L' no-y.irtl liiitli hnrdlrs—Won hv Mt.oro (CM: W»i(. ( l (C.i. CVin (C.i. Time, :!4.f.. Ttt-o-milp run— Wtui liy R:iymontl (C i; Vonrhocs (C.i. Baldwin (C.I. Time. Ifl-fH 7. BBO-y.n:d rim—tt'nn by liracc tC.l; l,.in- dnn (CM. Johnson rcM. Time. l:flH.4. :'20-.v;inl il.iMi-\Von by Aiulcrsnn (U.>; I-'prraii (U.SF.i. Pollnrk (C i. Time -M .Shotnut Won by Mnckry (C.i; Andrr- MIH 'C.'.). r,r;inville (C.i. Distance. -IS feet. 5 nil-lie?. ,1,-uelin — Won by Fink (C.»; Mickey fP.l. Lulr, (C. i. niM/intf, 19H feet. 7'L- in chop. 22n-.vnrd low hurdles--Won by Firhh.ick (C.*: Mnorr- (C.i. Woorl tr.l. Time. -'J:i n tliuii jump artiup (C.K Tlinmnpon (C i .-mil Ri'icl (C.i tiu-1 for first nt H feet, II'- inches. Pole v.inlt -\Von by MniifTRr (C.i; Il.irri son (1I.SK.I .,ml noi.n (C.i lied for second. Hpisht. 13 fret. Brnntl jiinip—U'on by Cotiprr {C.I: Uttb- (U.SF.l. Lewis (US F I. Disl;inrp. :'2 feet. Ili.scns throw—R;in(l;i11 fC.'': Schmidt (U.S.F.I. Hackcy (CM. Di.Mnncc. 1-17 fcrt. Milr Telny-Won by r.ilifnrni.i t«\im of Hnrneo. Stout, Helmcr nnd J.rek. Time. TROPICAL PARK (Ilj \iitlininlilr \rvn; Srrvii-r. Inr.) l-'Ult IIOMIA V FIHST HACK- • jTf'n rn:i irl.-n 2- >,-;iP-i.lit 1'illics I fm-li.iiKs: I'.irsisli IIn.Ti-li ll'.'-.M. Tn-j-inid 11:: il.-illnj.intr 1 f. 1 •'. Wliiik.-i i'ici 11" M:iri:i-( M. 11^ Prini-f^x A!i,-.. 1 ]" I-'lnpvi,- 1 IL' .Inlly |.'.,yr 1 1 " Kv.-niiu: Unnr 111' ;Slnrl.i>r.'.ii£-.li ! 1 •• TNiiliri,- 1 1" Itnn S.-.-i.nrv | i" Mnitli." Calri 1 i: 1 Ilti.-Tir l.:--si,- 1 1 " Kill-- I'MTIIILI 111' l.,M,i,:ilmut I I" l'iMi-:i 11- Kih-i 11: •M Ki.-lil .iti.l K. I.. •:• rry. • .M. DEL MONTE, March 9.—(U.P)— Mary Morse, 14-year-old Monterey "girl wonder," was eliminated in the sumi-finals of the Pebble Beach Rolf championship today by Elizabeth Abbott nf Los Annclcs, 3 lo 1. Jittery pulling cost Miss Morse the match. Miss Ahholl will face Miss Dorothy Trauny, San Fianciseo, last year's tournament winner, in the final ma'.ch tomorrow. Thn two con- lostants are considered amonfi the best women liolfers in the Nation. The Abbott-Morse match was H classic, the Monterey school £M putting up a fifiht that was not lost until a perfect pin shot from the apron won Ihe seventeenth hole for Miss Abbott. Mrs. Say ward Wilson, Victoria, B. C., jjave Miys Traunc; a difficult time in their semi-final mnfch, but lost 3 and 1. Tomorrow's final will be over 3(i holes. Hearing: on Bass Special henrinr: by the fish and Came committee of which Assemblyman Charles \V. Fisher of Oakland is chairman, is scheduled nf Sacramento Tuesday ni^ht. nn the Fishrr-Cronin bill which would prevent the sale of striped bays, and lake uff the market the tfamu fish which sportsmen wish conserved. Experts already Vi:;ve presented (heir arguments in Kncramctiin he- Tore members of both hou.-es of the Legislature and Associated Sportsmen of California and nearly every fiphiniT clul) has endorsed the bill and worked for its passage. It. is pointed out by those who favor takinc, striped bass off ihe market that (iO.OOO am;U>rs spend ?:i.()n(l.nOO annually in pursuit of Ihe stripor and that they MKV<? an in- vcstcmcnt of 5G.flOO.000 in facklcamt other equipment. It i.s further argued thai continued commercial bass fishing will deplete the supply of (lie fish in the bay and that should the number decrease nnicli further that thousands of fishermen would bo unable to make the more expensive journey.-' fo the mountains or fo cea?1al rivers for the sport. msoxs TKIM u»:«o?f BUFFALO. X. Y.. March 0.—'U.W --The Buffnln Risnns .scored two «nnls in the ttii'-d period tonight to defeat London 3 lo 2 in nn International Hockey League same. The victory advanced nuffiilo to thifd place in the Ir;u;ue fta ! By DON BLESSING i Featured by one of ihe most thrill: ins races ever staged on the Oakland E?ni&ry, thft Junior class, with : a crow stroked by Eugene Berken> kamp. former Sacramento Junior i College oarsman, who, by the way, ! Sivc-3 promise of following in the 'foui?ieps of a predecessor from the C'apiiiil city, Ed Salisbury, won by *\VD lengths from a fighting sophomore cighi. whicii wa? doped for lait place. TJie sophs no£t-d out an • ujuk-natc-d freshman crew by a . Irn.tMh in a fast finish, with the •seniors trailing the field, j Tlu; time was 6:25, which was considered rather slow due to a sti'on;: fol!d\viii!; wind nnd virtually a "dead" lido. 1000 SHE RACER More \\M\\\ inno spcclntors wit- nc.'H-d onco f ihe most sut-cppsful Crow Days ovt-r : ta.Jjod on the Estuary. Alumni from as far back as if/07 h;id crrws nn llic water and altogether more than 50 former Bear (Kir^incn worked out during the afternoon's festivities. California's alumni rrc\v nf 1914 turned the tables on the Stanford Keilshirts, wiiuiiii/; hy more than a length. The Indians won last year \vlirn Stove Malatesta, Call- fomia stroke, broke an oar. The Bear alumni were more particular this year anil took care that Mala* tesfa did not row. As a result, Stanford lost its first race to the Blue mid Gold. In another feature race, the 1932 Olympic chnmpions, who returned with the identical lineup that rowed nfiiunst Italy that year, defeated the 1928 champs by a quarter length, due fo poor stroke calling by the coxswain. The rnro w.ns nlsn a thriller, but the absence of mighty Pefe Donlan, who was undoubtedly the nt'catc?! stroke ever turned out hy thf Boars, was krmiy felt. Although Tommy Bock set a nice pace, the old timers did not have it in the sprint and when Hub Caldwell, the snvnn man. caught a crab, they called it a day. At the request of the '28 cox, no time was announced. DEAD HEAT ROWED Probably the most thrilling race of the clay was staged between the prows of the various classes. The race finished in a dead brat, with (he Juniors and freshmen ahead of the pack by two full lengths. Rowing lower almost the entire body of thn race, the freshmen led until the last quarter mile, but when Dick Burnley, junior stroke who paced the lie;irs to a victory at Pnughkrepsie last year, went into his .sprint iho Juniors caught the tiring froth and crossed thu finish line neck and neck. The I!K!2 lineup found Salts- bury at his old position at stroke wilii ,Iim Illair :il 7, Dune Grefic 6, Dave Dun lap 5, Bert Jastrom 4, ClKirlcy Chandler :i, Dnc Tower 2 and Winslow Hall how. In the Jibficnre of Xorrls Graham, Ken Schiilrr coxed the boat. The IH20 shell found Tommy lieck, ylroki*. Hub Caldwell 7. Oil! Thompson fi. Ward Von Til low 5. Moco .Iacob?on 2, witii Terry O'Sullivan, Das-lfi 4. Harry Miller 3. Jake bow. STANFORD VETERANS Among the veterans in the Stanford crew were Husky Gucrna, former coach and coxswain, who held the tiller ropes, Cash Davis, who set the pace. Dr. Carl Scboup, John Fiiiinii. Les Rnrtcrs, Fred Worth, Roy King and Hicks Hauer. The California crew included such ves- rrans as.Dr. Fred Cordos. Harry Bolton, Brooks Walker, Dan McMillan, Paul Kin.tr and Ed Sloll. Following are the lineups of thft info relays crews: JI'XIOC 1 ;— FdCHOMOBES— 'I Hlltli It \ri-: T!i: . ,-• |..ijrtl- viil-- ' " ' '' riFTll HACK Tl::-.-.'-f ..... :)< :;::'•' ' ' ' ' C. Dodse Tleiis'.trtn Bui ni an Fi-.-Liiklui Frnr.minB Clnrk SFNIORS— .Martin Morns Klvin Andrcsen StJIKt- radlev's Mare ace roi IfCM J7i'i', f'.:int!i!i ..],!.«. i iinlf: M:rU:ir- -M;in 11"1-':i ; f i'. r.mirji^r ji.;. .\r;il;ny l,:i«lv 1«iiira 1»- Utr.l Knvitn 1"-"' .lack I'lu-vimiy 1 1;: •:.-ldfiii !"•'> rn-'TH IIAfK— ?2:>i^\ Th«> M.in- t:ii:ii;i, ."-ymr-'ildr ;nnl up. 1 ir.iiv; • ;r.!d,"!i i;..,-lv in> Kinc Sn\.»ii !L l " (.ato I>;IM Irti; Vrtlin Maiil I'' 1 n.--:uvr limn :>". ri-tfiic i"7 SI\TU UACI-: — *7"l\ ;ill..« .nir. *. P.-.-ci Su-iiV I.'H IIIDI. ; :uif: l.f;ip 1'''"- [•'i.r.-ii:i; l.-ifly !"'- 1-':i1;- I""- <;.i1,!-i: S.iint' i in p.ifiiuiii.- 1" - r.isr sn-i'rit' i""- \v,i ;t ii " : i^' • •ivil War I l" ''iii'-." M".i' n- ^ 1 H) r'.i;iT, I-)..'.;. 1 in H. ,\l:i.-T;n i'!i 1 1" SI'.X i:\TII II \CI-:— >Ti«tl. i '.linmu;. ::-y,-.U--..Mls ;u:d up 1 I - 1 1' i:iil.->: i-ji'l-.-.-hiii 11"- S..MI <! M. •:.'•>• I''*. ]:ii: K,-,l I 1" Kl.n-1, \V;ilcli 1 !« .-'.in,-. -•/.- itnl in'. ]-'i:i::-...-li 1 I 11 i;.-l;dl\ ii'.' I 1" M;i Mr 1 1 "' >'.-.»'. -Ii S.-lil-.-r 1<"i M:i-l '•:>!•- . r ! 1 .". ...... Hockey Results . .. i:tn- -M' 1 !-.' rriiif.-. . I'.la.'l;. o,;r -M:«". S<T: t *.-!i.-.i --K'.-::- M.vril HAIT:— 1 mil.. ::-v. :!r -..M: up- II-.I all. I i;:ni. -*l :.-". •-"-. ; "-. - ; ''-!". • • " HiAl.I-'AH PARK. Fla.. March S. HradlcyV. Black Helen 1hr oichfh running of thr; :'ddi'(i Flovida Derby before nf ^."i.OOD here today. Mncmrro Farm'? Mantacna witii Klwood Sachi-cn- Rnman Snldicr third in ad- i)f Mi>-. W. R. Flrmminn's :inr and ?b: other Ihree-year- uldi-. The (irni.^htrr of Rkick Toncy. v.hich wn? not n:i:v.ed for the Ken- f.'d'.y Derby, was- coupled with idt and the winning entry paid SO.Slfl in (h<; $2 straight mu- tut-!?. T!ie winr.inj: enlry paid S4 to pince nnd :"2.I)fl to ?how. Mnntagna paid Sll.fiO place and 55.50 show. «.:'. I.n. JTy l-:ii..' f:. -- 1 ''.' 1 . l".:i'r':i'.-:.-. Sin. TIIIM—1:IT. A!-.- mi. -I N y,-:i:' iIi-.Hul \'.'iv • '!•-. Mii.i 1 SIMI. I 1 . 1 :-.'•• K l-'.-.iI. T. Miji],- I i.,:i.-, i-. '-.-I';.!-... I IT. I'.n i iVli. A. i i.i! Ti i,:i-|..-:. i:HiHTII H.\ri-:— '•:,.- <i-.ilr MM-;- f:m:il Si-v-liMi I::H-I \-\..\i ..I..- I.M. TOnONTO--nns(O!i 7, Tnrontn 4, MOMTRKAl^—Detroit S, Canndient 3. |[. ps.yV I!i:iu. Al-n- i'-u; r. ,-lm in.'in. Sci-at.-li.,l—P.lin.l I'IINS. I'ai •ia (V. I'rin* 1 *' Tlnhi, f,ul;,- C.i mini or, Cordon r>lcu. Salute Is Texas Race Victor HOt.'STOX. Tcxnr. March O.-dl.Pt nid:a:-d X. Ve.-la]'.« Itniian Sahilc !u<rd in ;bi> «tn-tch of the Coronado I;ind:i-j!i. inile ::nd a sixteenth foa- ;:urc at Kp?om Downs iodny. to win hv liic proverbial whisker from the fraiujuiiily Fann' ; ; Ruri; X. II. C Runi;i!ii i 's Oi:r Count was third in l:-l"t 2-T) ovrr a fast track, paid slTl^fl in the S'J straiiihi writer inn MOKAiJA WOIA'KS J.OSK WATSOXVILLK. Maix'h O.-Wnl- :--.;n\'i)lc's r.'ilcons trouncrd the Mo- ia.i;a V.'olvcs, an independent ba?- ketball ler.m oC Si. Mary's College students, here last nifcht, -12 lo 13.

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