The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 8, 1954 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 8, 1954
Page 3
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THURSDAY APRIL 8, 1954 BLYTHEVULE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGI INDO-CHINA-The World's Oldest War By Walter Parkes and Ralph Lane CHINA 1-BURUA 2-PHIUPPIHE IS. 5-TKAILAND 4-MALATA S-IKOONESU C-CH1NA The Chinese Communists — and, of course, behind them, the Russians—are after tndo-China. Just what is Indo-China and why is its fate important to the remaining free countries? Indo- China, half again as large as France, ho? been o French colony since early in the 19th Century. It is important to the free nations because it is the key to all southeast Asia. _______ If Indo-China falls to the Reds, Malaya, Burma, Indonesia and perhaps the Philippines will be a soft touch. The Japs did it in '41, using Indo-China as a springboard. Southeast Asia is a prime source of rice (world's No. 1 crop) rubber, tin and other critical materials. I The Communist grip on Indo-China followed a familiar pattern. The Reds simply infiltrated a native nationalistic movement, gradually took it over and warped its aims from simple independence I to becoming another Kremlin stooge country. Until f recently, row terrorism was the chief weapon. HOLLAND NEWS By Mrs. Voris Workman X-Ray, Polio Group Meet The committee chairmen of the x - ray mobile unit and polio vaccination groups met Wednesday afternoon to receive more detailed information concerning the chest x-ray and polio vaccination clinics which will soon take place. W- K. 'Grubbs, Walter L. Lalor, of the State Health Department, Dr. S. B. Beecher of the County Health Office, ,and Mrs. H. P. Thweat, of Caruthersville, county polio chairman, were present. As all of the literature and information had not arrived from the state department, another meeting has been set for tommorrow. Help With Eye Tests Several Holland women have helped in testing students' eyes with the telebinocular unit. Those in the grade school were Mrs. A. H. Webb, Mrs. Oda B. Smith, Mrs. Andrew Jenkins, Mrs. Clarence Jones, Mrs. Troy Burlison, Mrs- Lois Richardson, Mrs. Edison Lindsey, Mrs. J. B. Holly, Mrs. Chas. Cohoon, Mrs. Jimmy Biggs.Mrs. W- L. Pritchard, Mrs. E. A. Moore, Mrs. V. M. Jones and Mrs. A- F. Krech. Schools Visited Carlton B*. Fulbright, state supervisor of public schools for Southeast Missouri, was a visitor in the Holland schools last week. He was accompanied by Floyd Hamlet, county school superintendent. Play Equipment Added A new piece of playground equipment, a Jungle gym, has been added to the schoolyard. This, along •with swings , seesaws, slide, ocean- wave, merry-go-round, handwal- kers, basketball goals and lighted ball diamond, makes this one of the best equipped playgrounds in the county. A tennis court is being planned for the near future. Enter FFA Contest The FFA Parliamentary Team composed of Tony Little, Freddie Swindle, Cletis Childers, Junior Bridges, Wayne Rains and Charles Channell were in Cape Girardeau Saturday for the contest in parliamentary procedure. This group won second place with Clifton Walker's team from Sikeston winning first- Men's Club Meets The Holland Men's Club met Thursday night in the agriculture building, with Donald Long, president presiding. The "Hot Notes" entertained the group by playing several musical numbers. The Parliamentary team of the FFA demonstrated correct parliamentary procedure during a regular meeting. During the business session, the Club voted to provide a tennis court for the school. Extension Club on TV Stanford Extension Club members were guests on television station WMCT Monday in Memphis. Mrs. Hugh Samford, culb president, Mrs. Hugh Samford, club president, Mrs. Otto Childers, Mrs. Marvin Childers and Mrs. Harold Little were interviewed. Mrs. Mollie Booker took part in a contest. Others appearing on the program were Mrs. C. P. Jenkins, Mrs. J. I. Samford, Mrs. Will Ellis, Mrs. J. E. Samford, Mrs. Robert Temple, Mrs. Frank Stewart and Mrs. P. K. Harris. The Culbertson Club met Thursday for a covered-dish lunchen with Mrs. Guy Norrid. The day was spent in working on copper-tooled articles. Mrs. Utley Hostess The Town and Country Club met Wednesday night with Mrs. Virgil Utley at her new home in Steele. One guest, Mrs. Alta Cameron, was present. Bridge was played throughout the evening with Mrs. Clarance Ut- f DC Proposal Clears Four Of 6 Hurdles LUXEMBORG (/P) — The European army plan has cleared four out of six parliamentary hurdles but the highest still looms ahead, and probably far ahead. Tiny Luxembourg became the fourth nation to approve the European Defense Community Treaty last night when the grand duchy's one-house Assembly ratified it 46-4. The Parliament's four Communist deputies cast the only votes against it. Others approving the six-nation pact so far are Belgium, the Netherlands and West Germany. Italy and Prance have yet to act. The measure was introduced In the Italian Chamber of Deputies Tuesday, but no vote is expected until the fall, after Parliament's long summer vacation. A date has not even been set for debate in the French Chamber of Deputies, where opposition is ttrong from both right and left. ley winning high srore, Mrs. O. B. Samford, second, .id Mrs. Lewis Hester, bridge- Refreshments were served by Mrs. Utley. Personals Mrs. W. R. Samford is in WalLs Hospital this week to undergo an operation. A/3c Kenneth Weaver, here on several days leave, has gone to Houston, Texas, taking with him his wife, the former Miss Jennie Sue Pritchard, who has been here with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Pritchard, for a while- Mr, and Mrs. L. Kinder were in Cape Girardeau last week end to attend the funeral services for John Luehring, an uncle of Mrs. Kinder. A quartette, Jimmy Little, Ralph Simmons, Bruce Martin 'and Sam Workman, won third place in an amateur contest at WardeU, Friday night, with Jimmy playing a cornet, Ralph tuba, Bruce saxophone, and Sammy trombone. Mrs. Nannie Porter is seriously ill at the Hayti hospital. A number of ladies from Holland attended the shower at Steele Friday night for Mrs- Sammy Lester at the V.F.W. Hut and given by Mrs. Buck Ballentine and Mrs. Evans Wilson. Mr. and Mrs. Voris Workman and son, Sam, and Mrs- Workman's aunt, Mrs. Allie Hughes of Caruthersville, drove to St. Louis Saturday to visit Mr. and Mrs. Randall Workman and daughter, Lynne Anne, and Mr. and Mrs. Roy Hortzell. Mr. and Mrs- Clarence Utley, Mrs. Gertie Ladd, and Mrs, Felix Carney were in Memphis Sunday to attend funeral services for Frank Sandefur, formerly of Holland, which were held at National Fud- eral Home. Gaines Allen, son of Mr. and Mrs. Oda B. Smith, escaped with slight injuries Friday When he fell under a tractor-trailer wagon and one of the rear wheels passed over his chest. X -rays showed a broken rib and bruises. He \\as able to return to school Monday. Mr. and Mrs. L. Berry returned Friday from spending several weeks at their home in Fort Myers, Fla. PO//O Vaccine Endorsed By Pulaski Doctors LITTLE ROCK (/P)—A new anti- polio vaccine, which will be administered to children in Arkansas' five most populous counties, received yesterday the "earnest endorsement" of the Pulaski County Medical Society. "The intensive research which has gone into the development of the trial vaccine and the thoroughness with which it is being tested for safety attend to the caution that guides the administration of this program," said the society in a statement. Apparently the statement was in reply to recent reports that the serum, developed by Dr. Jonas Salk of the University of Pitsburgh, is unsafe. Dr. J. T. Herron, state health officer, said today that the state has no intention of dropping its plan to co-operate with the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis in testing the vaccine. Tests are to begin in Pulaski, Jefferson, Craighead, Sebastian and Mississippi counties as soon as the serum arrives, probably within a few weeks. Fourth grade pupils in the counties will be inoculated with the vaccine if their parents consent. Dr. Salk previously tested the vaccine in Pittsburgh. China kept the secret of making silk from the rest of the world for 3000 years. DO CRAMPS give you that monthly look? Why lit till-Uli ralstiy, "niiw" stio* In your §ytt? Docs your mirror show an older-looking, worn-out, nervous face during your "bad days?" Why let men see that you are suffering from monthly cramps? Try a little Cardui each day as thousands of women do. Let it help build strength and resistance so sou have less and less misery each month. Some go through periods without feeling any discomforts at all. Also helps relax jittery nerves—sleep better. Look, feel, act younger, more normal all month. Ask for Cardui. (Say: "ca.rd-yov.-cyr") . MONTHLY CRAMPS CHANGE OF LIFE f Watch Repair on ALL MAKES! * Factory Methods * Manufacturers' Parts * Fast Service * Lowest Prices Why accept less than the best quality and workmanship. Just Say "Charge It." BDIOVA ELGIN GR'JEN HAMILTON BENRUS WALTHAM HELBROS LONGINES and ALL omits DREIF Meet Dreifus LAUNDRY & DRY CLEANING COLD STORAGE FOR FURS> WOOLENS AND BLANKETS 4474 PHONES 4475 NU-WA LAUNDRY CLEANER We Give Eagle Stamps Traffic Lights Panic Mexicans NOG ALES. Mexico (£*} — Traffic light installed in this Mexican border town yesterday, and the result was worse than anything on bullfight days. Brakes . screeched and traffic piled up as confused motorists plunged through red lights and others skidded to a stop in fright. At one time cars headed across the border were stacked up for two blocks. Critical Driver Beaten For Shouting at Another TEMPE, Ariz. (#>)-—Jerrell Brooks shouted at a car which had made an illegal turn in front of him. The car turned around. Four youths inside forced Brooks, an Arizona State College student, off the highway and beat him. up- Then they drove into his car, causing $85 in damages. 7o/ner Revival Ends JOINER—A 16-day revival at the Joiner Baptist Church ended Sunday with addition of 17 members to the church. The Rev. Leonard Kaffka. pastor, conducted the revival and R. M. Chambers of Hot Springs was the song leader. The Rev. Mr. Ktiffka is in North Little Rock this week to conduct a revival at. Amboy Baptist Church. In his absence, a member of the faculty of Southern Baptist College at Walnut Ridge will fill the pulpit Sunday. 406 W. Main Phoiu 4591 This Relieved Him: He discovered tmin-soothinic, pile-shrinking TM (Thornton £ Minor! Ointment formula, developed by doctors at America's leadii^r rcctHl-specinlist honpital! So fast, Boothing. safe these doctors use TM Ointment for relief of patients who com* to thorn fnr surgicnl treatment. Works wonders for simple cases. Ask drupcint for TM (Thornton & Minor) Rectal Ointment and Suppositories—$1,00 tube or package. KeI ley's Style Leaders For EASTER • Navy Blue with White Trim « Pine & White AAAA-AAA-AA-B 95 your fashion-wise summer-long favorites , jpectators Valentine the prettj shoes that feel to good Brown & White Spectators $^95 Use Our Convenient Lay-Away Plan YOU* FIMINDir $MOI STOM Full Sizt Chenille Spread 2.99 Wards' Regular 4.95 quality specially purchased for this sale. Full size cotton chenille spread in beautiful colors. Buy 2 now and save. Reg. 69c Mens Shorts Men's cotton broadcloth shorts in assorted fancy patterns. Both boxer and yoke styles. Sizes 30-44. Reg. 1.00 Neckties tor Beautiful styles and patterns just In time for Easter. 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