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The Index-Journal from Greenwood, South Carolina • Page 20

The Index-Journal from Greenwood, South Carolina • Page 20

The Index-Journali
Greenwood, South Carolina
Issue Date:

fg Tha Index-JoumaL Greenwood. S.C. Sunday, July 26, 1998 basketball SCOREBOARD National Sports team KenCelaL MEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS Signed a NEW ORLEANS SAINTS Released WR AMn Harper. Signed TE Josh WSoox. WR Chad Askew, OE Rob Lurtaama to ofW-yovW oonmctt. Nswrwd Aswon Mitor point for shootout win and aero points far km Shootout (SOW aatxM of Sasmday'sOiin Cnicago at Mew York-New Jersey (n) Colorado at Tampa Bay DaSas at Columbus (n) DC.atLosAngtlas(n) Kansas City at San Joes (n) Today's Oeree Miami at New England. 3 pjn. earns gold medal at Goodwill Games Ptiasdlklhla020 010 001 0026 pa tarings) Okaa. Manas) (7), Altonaaca (10) and Redmond, Zaun (11); Beech, Bottallco (6), Y.Perez (9). M.Lerter (10). Gomes (12) and Parent. Gomes 9-3. AJfonaaca, 2-4. INI riMedekirae, Rolen 09). FRIDAY'S tUNESCORES 1 AMERICAN ULAOUI Oakland 000 000 000 0 "Temps Bay 201 300 00m 14 0 rOqusjt, Comets (4). T.J.MMi (7) and Mactarlane, Hinctt (7); Saunders, Met (7) and DIFsios.W Gaundera 2-9. jrOquiat 6-7. Tampa Bay, Tiammal (4). Detroit 000 000 MO 001 Cleveland 000 100 000 01 0 0 (11 trntnga) J.Triompson, M.Anosrson (B), Runyen Cm Broca (10). Bocnrler (11) and Bako; Betba. Rwl (10) and Borders. Sfteed 10 Bochtlet 0-1. HRa OAKLANO RAIDERS Signed Gennaro Diracoi and Danny Vae. TENNESSEE OILERS Agreed to farms wftfi WR Ksvfn Dyson on a five-year oontracL Agreed to terms wfch C8 Samarl Roaa. Arena Faatbafl Laafjua GRANO RAPIDS RAMPAGE Placed WH-OB 8pssncw Wray on Injurad fMsaVvs. ACatvsMkid OL-OC Jsjfofnn Brown. SAN JOSE 8ABERCATS Pfaoad OL- DL Al Noga on Inkired reserve. TAMPA BAY STORM Signed OL-OL Robert Goff. raOCKEV Florida Oil 000 010 1116 17 1 PhaadlkihlaOOl 000 002 1127 9 0 02 Moos) rVLarkin, F.Heredie (10), Edrnondaon (10), Darensbourg (12) and Redmond; Loawar, Welch (6). Spradkn (8). Y.Perez (9), Gomes (10). M.Leaer (12) and Parent al.Leaar. 4-2. Oarenabourg, 0-7. IWs fTortda. Counsel (4)- Phaadakihia. M.Lewis (8). Amaro (1). DWroil, (14). Cleveland, flyman (21). BALTIMORE ORIOLES Signed OF Marnon Tucker and assignsd him to the Orioles of the Guff Coast League and OF Roberto Bero, OF Sebastian Da Loa Santos, RHP Leonardo Medina. RHP Jose Rarranu, RHP Manual Ronton, SS-38 Boavar VUqusz. BOSTON RED SOX Caaad up LHP David Waal from Pawtucket of tha International League. Sent RHP Jm Ho Cho to Trsreon of Sis Eastern League OAKLAND ATHLETICS Recalled RHP Steve Connely from Edmonton of the PCL. Optioned OF Brian Leafier to EdmontDft. orontoMO (20 00010 13 6 0 kotton 000 000 321 7 2 FLORIDA PANTHERS Signed Marcus NNson, PHOENIX COYOTES Signed RW Dallas Drake and Daron Quint to 3 2 Guzman. Rislay (7), Paraon (9). Smokz and J-topen Peters. Desaens I Jasas Dag to a Buantritl (9) and K.L.Brown; Avary, Caress (4), Eckeralay (5), Weet (6). ftfasdsi (7). WsfceAeM (8) and Hertebero. Ki-Guzman 5-12. Avary 7-3. Sy (7). Pincon (9) and Kendal. Smoltz 9-2 Peters 4-6. HR Atlanta. Galarraga (33). ST. LOWS BLUES Sioned Marty rens (2). HRs Toronto. Ptesips (1). 010 0001 3 1 flies finer, Derek Baker, Tyson Naah, Jason Widmer, Ladtslav Nagy, Andrei Podkonlcky and Tyler 1 1 arson. Canseco (28), Spragua (17). Boaton. 003 000 NEW YORK METS Activated RHP Armando Reynoso from the 60-day disabled Hat. Optioned RHP Jeff Tarn to pjmrningat4). 0 1 000 301 0004 9 0 York 200 102 00a 2 Telemaco. Choumard (8) and Miller; Park, Shaw (9) and CJooneon. Park 9-5. Telemaco 3-4. Sv Shaw (29). HR Arizona. Beneez (7). Snyder. B.Ward (6), Fouka (7) and Machado. Kreular (6): Pettitte. BIRMINGHAM BULLS Re-signed Mite Zruns, associate coach. PEE DEE PRIDE Re-signed Rod Aktoft. United Hockey League MOHAWK VALLEY PROWLERS Named Tammy O'Connor customer service office manager, Scott Woods director of business operaSons. and Steve Mendoza (8). Rivera (9) and Qlrardl. I Pettitte 13- B.Ward 0-1. Sv 010 001 000-2 7 0 600 000 1001 6 0 Schourek, JePowei (8). Magnanta (9) PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES Signed 1B-3B Pat Burrs and assigned him to CIssrwater of the Florida State League. SAN DIEGO PADRES Activated Greg Myers from the 15-day disabled 1st Sent INF Archi Osnfrocco to Las Vegas oflhsPCL. SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS Optioned INF Rwnon Martinez to Fresno of the PCL. Designated LHP Dean Hartgravas and OF Chrla Jonas for aaaigrrment. stalled Doug MirabeW from Fresno. Transferred RHP Osvaldo Fernandez from tha 15-day to the 60-day disabled 24. STOLEN BASES Womack. Pittsburgh, 39; EcYoung, Los Angeles. 33; Rentana, Florida, 31; Brgoa. Houston. 31; Floyd. Florida. 24; OVeraa, San Diego. 19; Clayton. St Louis. 19. PITCHING (12 Decisions) KBrown, San Diego, 12-3, .600. 2.57; Glavine, Atlanta. 14-4, .778. 2.70; GMaddux. Atlanta, 13-4, .765, 1.68; Gomea, PtttadelpMe. 9-3. .750. 3.60: Ashby, San Diego. 14-5. .737, 2.49; ALelter. New York. 10-4. .714, 1.97; Reynolds, Houston, 12-6, .706.3.54. STRIKEOUTS ScraMng, PNarMphia. 198; Wood, Chicago, 167; KBrown, San Diego, 149: StotHamyre. St. Louis, 147; GMaddux. Atlanta. 131; Nomo, New York, 122; Reynolds, Houston, 1 17. SAVES Hoffman. San Diego, 32; Back, Chicago, 29, Shaw. Los Angeles. 29; Nan, San Francisco, 27; Urbina. Montreal, 23; BWegner, Houston, 22; MLeaer, JFranco, New York, 20. BAT11r4GRodnguaznwas. TWalker, Minnesota. Staira. Oakland, MVaughn. Boston, Sagui. Seattle. Morris. Kansas City, 328; DJeter, New York, .320. RUNS Griffey Jr. SeetUs. 68; Durham. Chicago, 79; Thome, Cleveland, 76; DJeter, New York, 75; ARodriguez, Seetlle. 75; Grieve, Oakland, 72; Knoblauch. New York. 72. RBI JuGonzakn, Texas. 114; Griffey Jr. Seattle. 91; Belle, Chicago, 90: RPaJmeiro, Baltimore, 67; ARodriguez, Seattle, 64; Thome, Cleveland. 60; MRarraraz. Clavaland, 79. HITS Erstad, Anaheim, 132; ARodriguez, Seattle. 131; Higglnson. Detroit. 126; IRodriguez, Texaa. 125: O'NeW. New York, 124; Griffey. SoetSe. 122; MVaughn. Boston, 121; JuGonzalez, Texas, 121. DOUBLES Erstad. Anaheim, 32; JnValantin, Boston, 32; CDelgado, Toronto, 30; Thome, Cleveland, 30; IRodriguez, Texas, 30; JuGonzalez, Texas, 30: Martinez. Seattle, 30. TRIPLES Overman, Kansas CHy, 10: Garciaparra, Boston, Damon, Kansas City, DJeter, New York, Durham, Chicago, GAnderson, Anaheim, 5 are tied with 5. HOME RUNS Griffey Jr, Seattle, 40; RPalmelro, Baltimore, 33; ARodriguez, Seattle, 31; JuGonzalez, Texas, 30; Base, Chicago, 30; Thome, Cleveland, 28; Canseco, Toronto, 28. STOLEN BASES Henderson, Oakland, 41 Stewart, Toronto, 30, Lofton, Cleveland, 30; TGoodwin, Texaa, 28; ARodriguez, Seattle, 26; Durham, Chicago, 24; BLHunter, Detroit. 24; Offerman, Kansas Cky, 24. PITCHING (12 Decisions) OWells, New York, 11-2, .846, 3.69; Cone, New York, 14-3, .824. 3.44; PMarttnei Boston. 13-3. .812, 2.71; Rogers, Oakland. 10-3, .769, 2 80; Irabu. New York. 9-3, .750. 2.86; Helling, Texas. 13-5, .722, 4.50; WWrlltams, Toronto. 94. .692. 4.02. STRIKEOUTS RJohnson, Seattle. 201; PMartinaz, Boaton, 159; CFimey, Anaheim, 145; Clemens, Toronto, 144; Cone, New York, 128; Erlckson, Baltimore, 127; Sale, Texas, 1 1B. SAVES Percival, Anaheim, 29: Gordon, Boston, 27; Wetteland, Texas, 27; MRrvera. New York. 26; RaMyers. Toronto, 25: JMontgomsry, Kansas Cky, 24; MJackson, Clavaland, 24. It. Rivera (26) New York. O'Neill (14), BtrawMrry2(1S). iaH 200 010 0104 7 0 and Ausmus; Hitchcock, Wal (7), Miceli (9) and C.Hemendaz Schourek 64. Hitchcock 4-4. Sv Magnanta (2). HR San Dtogo. R. Rivers (4). tttmore 021 020 20a 7 14 0 Swift, Spoliaric (S). Slocumb (7). McCarthy (8) and Mariano; Muaaina, 000 020 000 2 9 1 prosco (8). A.Beraz (9) and Hoase. tussma 8 5 Swift 9-6. Sv ABenaez Ml. HRa Seattle J.Cora (5). Marzano WeettxsethVjckeyLeegue BAKERSFIELD CONDORS Announced the residtrsilon of Jay Brazeau, general manager. Named Matthew Rley general manager. Wessstn Pnfeeetoiialrtockey Laagua EL PASO BUZZARDS Signed BUI Trew. SOCCER Itafor Lmquv Sooomt LOS ANGELES GALAXY Sold the contract of MF Wellington Sanchez to Club Morelle of tha Mexican Soccer fe) Baltimore, Palmeiro 2 (33), Backer ROCHESTER RED WINGS Promoted OF Lyra Mouton to tha BslfmxeOriolee. Jknahelm 100 002 000 1 Kanaaa City 100 300 OOa4 6 1 u.t-iniey, Hasegawa (4), ueLucla (7) BIRMINGHAM BARONS Announced the resignation of Bill Hardekopf, nd Walbeck; Plchardo, Whieenant (7), rxesioent effective Aug. 1. MIAMI FUSION Named Ivo Montgomery (9) and Mi. Sweeney, 'ichardo 5 7. C.Finley 8 5 Sv Montgomery (24). HR Anaheim, ieldar(16). 000 Oil 1003 11 1 NEW YORK (AP) In just five days, the U.S. basketball team at the Goodwill Games went from outclassed to pure gold. The team of 12 college players capped a wild week at Madison Square Garden by standing with gold medals draped around their necks, hands over their hearts and the national anthem resounding in their ears. "It's great for the team because we were doubted by a lot of people," forward Wally Szczerbiak of Miami of Ohio said after the 93-85 overtime win over Australia in Friday night's championship game. "To come out and play like this and do something that hasn't been done since 1986 is just great." It had been 12 years since a team of amateurs won a major international basketball competition for the United States. That would have been the inaugural Goodwill Games, which also were the World Championships that year. Since then, Dream Teams have won gold in the Olympics and World Championships, while the college guys managed only silver and bronze in the 1990 and 1994 Goodwill Games. Things started rough for the latest group of collegians wearing the red, white and blue. They blew a 19-point second-half lead to Puerto Rico in the opening-game loss. Then came a tougher-than-expected outing against China in which the U.S. team pulled away with a late run. That was followed by impressive outings against Brazil in the final preliminary game to clinch a spot in the medal round and another in the semifinals against Lithuania. It was all capped off by the win over Australia. "When we first got here it was really difficult to adapt to Coach Haskins' system," Utah guard Andre Miller said. "There was a lot of and guys weren't playing team ball. The loss to Puerto Rico was just inexperience. We weren't prepared and ready when they came back. That loss kind of helped us. Now we're sitting here with gold medals and all we can do is smile." Miller, who led the Utes to the Final Four in March, took over the game at the end of regulation. He scored the United States' last six points in regulation, including' the tying basket with 1:08 left He gave the U.S. team the lead for good at 81-79 with the first basket of overtime. He finished with 18 points, 10 in the final four minutes of regulation and the first 2 minutes of overtime. "All I coutd think of was that gold medal," Miller said. "I picked up my defense, they made some turnovers and missed some 3s and we were able to capitalize on it." Australia was led by its veteran backcourt of Shane Heal, who had 38 points, and Andrew Gaze, who had 25. Their 3-point shooting kept Australia in front most of the way, but neither hit from beyond the arc in the final 6Vi minutes of regulation and overtime. Heal, who played with the Minnesota Timberwolves, finished 8-of-16 from 3-point range, while Gaze, who led Seton Hall to the 1989 NCAA championship game, was 3-of-13. "You can't shoot from 26 feet at an 80 percent for a whole game, that's basketball," said Heal, who had all but two of his points in the opening 33 minutes. "For us to win Andrew and I had to step up and make big shots. I started out warm. It felt good to play well but to lose is hard and pretty disappointing." Szczerbiak and Elton Brand of Duke each had 15 points for the United States, while James Posey of Xavier added 13. Szczerbiak finished as the team's leading scorer in the five games with a 17.2 average, just ahead of Brand's 17.0. Miller was the pnly other player to average in double figures at 10.8. "This was special," said Brand, who led the team with 7.6 rebounds per game. "Everyone knows we won the gold." SAN JOSE GIANTS Transferred INF Joel Fuentea to Bakerafield. Activated RHP Luis Estrelle from the disabled list. Placed LHP Jeff Andre on the disabled kat, retroecove to June 24th. Mtnneaota 000 022 10x 13 0 Loaiza, Bailes (6), Crabtree (7) and Rodriguez; Seratinl, Trombley (7), Wortmam coach. A eeoiie STATEN ISLAND VIPERS Signed Peter Zaratm COLLEGE COLONIAL ATHLETIC CONFERENCE Named East Carolina president Richard R. Eakin chairman of tha council of presidents. East Carolina athletic director Maa) Hamrick prasidsnl, and Nichola Manning assistant crjrrmraslonsr for cfismpionshlps. ALFRED Named Brende'Shockey Guardado (8). Aguilera (9) and Steinbach. fv Seratinl 4-3. Loaiza 0-1. Sv AguUera (23). HR Texas, Simma (10). NEWBURGH BLACK DIAMONDS Traded LHP Carlos Pulido to the SOMERSET' PATRIOTS for future orxvjideratjon. Miiillieeel League ADIRONDACK LUMBERJACKS Released INF Brian Mazurek. ALBANY-COLONIE DIAMOND DOGS Pieced OF Gary Gordon on 1. NATIONAL LEAGUE FlretGame Hew York 121 000 010-6 13 0 acago 000 000 0000 6 1 Reynoso, Cook (9) and Pratt: AUGSBORG-rNamed Rickey Foggie. oay Riactrva sst ELMIRA PIONEERS Signed RHP Tom srxt Dan fVxl aesalart frxxtal e.Gonzalez, Stevens (4), Fossae (6). fldn.Myers (7). Adams (9) and Serve. fl Reynoso, 1-0. Je.Gonzalez, 7-7. Steve Wrkereon. MASSACHUSETTS MAD DOGS CAL STATE NORTHRIDOE Named Activated RHP Jose Guerrero. Jamie Nelscri assrstant basebe coach. San Francleco 2 0 1 6 0 0 Ola 12 16 1 Winchester, Krivda (4), Sullivan (5), Hudak (7), Graves (8) and Garcia; Gardner, Mesa (9) and Mayne. Gardner 6-4. Winchester 3-6. San Francisco, J.Kent 2 (1 1). Hayes (7). St Louis 020 010 000 3 7 1 Colorado 335 010 00 12 16 0 StotfJemyre. Petkovaek (3), C.King (5), Gaerrl (8) and Pagnozzl; Kile, Leskanic (7), OiPoto (8) and J.Reed. KM 7-12. Stottlemyre 9-9. HRs St. Louis, McGee (2). Colorado. Burks (18), Castilta 2(33). MAJOR LEAGUE LEADERS NATIONAL LEAGUE BATTING Bichette, Colorado, LWalker, Colorado, Kendall, Pittsburgh, BJordan, St. Louis, 429; DeBell. Houston, MaGrace. Chicago, MorantMnl, Chicago, Olerud, New York. .325. RUNS ChJonss, Atlanta, 86; GVaughn, San Diego, McGwire, St. Louis, 80; Biggk), Houston, 79; Granville. Philadelphia. 76; Bagwell. Houston. 75; Sosa, Chicago, 74; Galarraga, Atlanta, 74. RBI McGwire, St. Louis, 97; CastiHa, Colorado, 94; Sosa. Chicago, 94; GVaughn, San Diego, 88; Akxi, Houston, 85; Bichette, Colorado, 85; Galarraga, Atlanta. 85. HITS Bichette, Colorado. 146; Glanville. Philadelphia. 134; DeBell, Houston, 133; Castilla. Colorado. 132; VGuerrero, Montreal, 129; Bigglo, Houston. 128; ChJones, Atlanta, 126. DOUBLES OYourtg, Cincinnati, 35; Fullmer. Montreal. 34; LWalker, Colorado. 33; Bichette, Colorado, 33; Bigglo, Houaton, 32; BBoona, Cincinnati, 30; Bonds, San Francisco, 30. TRIPLES AJones, Atlanta. DeShields, St. Louis, BLarkln, Cincinnati, Delluccl. Arizona, Glanville, Philadelphia, Vina. Milwaukee. 7 are tied with 5. HOME RUNS-McGwIra, St Louis, 43; Sosa, Chicago, 37; GVaughn, San Diego, 36; Castilla, Colorado. 33; Galarraga, Atlanta, 33; ChJones. Atlanta, 26; HRodriguez, Chicago, 24; AJou, Houston, IOWA Named Klmberly Bodey assistanl track ooaoti. JUNIATA-rTsdKsNBurlujlootbal York Second Game 000 002 0237 11 1 100 000 2003 7 0 B.J.Jones. Cook (7), Rojas (8), UcMichael (9) and Piazza; Wengert, UurhoUand (6). T.Adams (8). Stevens (9), WAUSAU WOODCHUCKS Resigned RHP Oave Gassnsr. Released INF Brad Tapper. Tombs I otilskaiis League LUBBOCK CRICKETS Traded OF Tito Landrum to Greenville for LHP AMn Cantu. BASKETBALL Women's NatkmaJ Baeketbel ossas (9) and Houston. Cook 6-3. Adams 7-6. Chicago. G.Hw (t). 100 310 110 7 16 1 laaankae 012 043 Ota 10 11 1 Bennett (S) and Wkjger. Mubbard (7); Juden. Weathers (5) and Htghes. Weathers 3-4. Hermanson 7-9. HRs Montreal, LOYOLA MARYMOUNT Named Brian Irvin, Jim San-Martin, and Matt MermeN men's sseistant ffnfer i a net Ists MISSISSIPPI STATE Named Jim Tompkins assistant head foorbat coach. NEW HAVEN Named Mark Lucas men's soccer coach. PRESBYTERIAN Named Lisa Bugay vofkrybal and softbal coach. SOUTH CAROLINA-SPARTANBURG Prornotad trainer Mark Perdue to assistant sthietlc director tor sports mediclns. STONY BROOK Named Larry Napolftano assistant director of athletic media relations and Glenn 8tordeur graduate assistant In athletic madia rearbons. TENNESSEE STATE Named Ed Adas sports Infontiation director. UCLA NAmed Lisa Shattuck woman's VIRGINIA COMMONWEALTH Named Kail Lemon assistant director of baskelbaloperatioha. rudzielanek (8), Guerrero (22), Andrews (15). Milwaukee, Nllsson MLS STANDINGS Ewtswn Conftfwiov SOW Pts OF OA D.C. 17 5 5 41 53 33 NY-NJ 10 9 1 28 35 32 Columbus 9 9 0 27 33 27 Tampa Bay 6 15 0 18 24 36 New England 8 14 1 16 34 43 Miami 8 11 5 14 21 40 Western Conference SOW Pts QFGA Los Angeles 16 4 1 46 60 31 Chicago 13 7 1 37 41 25 Colorado 9 10 2 23 37 40 Kansas City 9 10 2 23 24 28 Dallas 9 11 4 19 27 44 San Jose 6 13 1 16 29 42 NOTE: Three points for victory, one r(3), JsValenon (15). Second Game I 024 100 40011 13 0 SACRAMENTO MONARCHS Waived Rehema Stephana. FOOTBALL National Football League ARIZONA CARDINALS Released TE El Workman. ATLANTA FALCOMS-rVtnounoad DT Nathan Davis has qui the team. INDIANAPOLIS COLTS Waived OL Eric MalHum. Signed LB Anthony Jordan. Placed DE Emil Ektyor on tha physically unable to play list. Placed DE Donnls Embra was placed on the reserved, did not report list. 1 MIAMI DOLPHINS Claimed FB Jamie Reader. Waived FB Larry Jonas and OG iwaukee 000 100 100 2 6 1 Thurman. Kkna (7), Telford (8), Urbina jrend Henley; P.Wagner and Matheny. -yThurman 1-0. P. Wagner 1-S. IS Montreal. V.Guerrero (23), OeMay (ibi, Moraecai 111. I (ACE: Ward Burton on pole for Pennsylvania 500 at Pocono Raceway III iiiEiio' continued from Page IB hp no problems with confidence. is secure in the knowledge that victory a year later at Rockingham, N.C. There were four top-five finishes spread over those first two seasons, but there have been none since. "I won at everything I did," he ch week he has one of the cars to lat. NEWS TALK 24 the Chevy of Joe Nemechek. The second row is comprised Of Husty Wallace's Ford and Bobby Labonte's Pontiac. Defending race champion Dale Jarrett, who trails Gordon by 98 points, will start Uth. Jeremy Mayfield, who got his first career victory last month at Pocono, will start 29th. give me awesome cars," said in recalling said, alluding to crew chief Ray ernham and the group known as Re Rainbow warriors, mat jkes my job a lot easier. "Without the car handling right 4 his seven-year rise to the top level of NASCAR racing. "But we've struggled the last couple of years, and that's something I had never been through as a race car driver. "But I've jd everybody working together, it iesn't happen. Right now, it's ppening." It has been throughout the 26-ar-old Gordon's meteoric rise to A Voice Information Service vl top of his profession. On 166.716. .18. (43) John Andrew, Indianapolis. Pontiac. 166.636. 20. (41) Stove Grtssom, Gadssen, ChevroleL 166.549. 21. (23) Jimmy Spencer, Berwick, Ford, 166.522. 22. (5) Terry Labonte, Corpus Chrlsti, Texas, Chevrolet, 166.503. 23. (97) Chad Utile, Spokane, Ford, 166.420. 24. (50) Ricky Craven. Newburgh, Maine. Chevrolet, 166.408. 25. (71) Oave Marck), Waussu. Chevrolet, 166.325. 26. (90) Dick Trickle. Wisconsin Rxds, Ford. 166.548. 27. (1) Danes Waftrip, Owensboro, Chavfoka, 166.322. 28. (31) Mtka Skinner, Suaanvas, Chevrolet, 166.266. 29. (12) Jeremy MayMd, Owensboro, Ford, 166226. 30. (75) Rick Mast, PdckDridge Baths, Ford, 166.199. 31. (40) Starling Merlin, Columbia, Chevrolet, 166.168. 32. (96) Hut Strlcklln, Calera. Chevrolet, 166.134. 33. (94) Bill Elliott, Dawsonvllle, Ford, 166.027. 34. (9) Jerry Nadeau, Danbury, Ford, 165.963. 35. (44) Kyle Petty, Randleman, N.C., Pontiac, 165.789. 36. (26) Johnny Benson, Grand Raplda, Ford, 165.712 37. (4) Bobby Hamilton. Nashville, Chevrolet, rjrovtstonsi. 38. (11) Brett Bodine, Chemung, N.Y., Ford, provisional. 39. (77) Robert Pressley. Asheboro, N.C., Ford, provisional. 40. (7) Geoff Bodine, Chemung, N.Y., Ford, provisional. 41. (30) Derrike Cope, Spanaway, Pontiac. fjrovfsionel. 42. (13) WaHy Oaflenbach, Basalt. Ford, provisional. 43. (98) Rich Blckls. Edgsrton, Ford, provisional. WARD BURTON LONG POND, Pa. (AP) The starting lineup for Sunday's Pennsyfvania 500 NASCAR Winston Cup stock car race at Pocono tnterroatonal Raceway, wfth car number parentheses, driver, hometown, mske of car and speed mph: 1. (22) Ward Burton, South Boston, Pontiac, 168.805. 2. (24) Jeff Gordon, Plttsboro, Chevrolet, 168249 3. (2) Rusty Wallace. St. Louis. Ford, 167.936. 4. (16) Bobby Labonte, Corpus Chrlsti. Texas, Pontiac, 167.638. 5. (42) Jos Nemechek, Lakeland. Chevrolet. 167.785. 6. (6) Mark Martin, BatesvHIe, Ford, 167.698. 7. (91) Morgan Shepherd, COnover, N.C, Chevrolet, 167.579. 8. (61 Kenny Wallace, St. Louis, Ford, 1 67.401 9. (3) Dale Earnhardt, Kannapoks, N.C, Chevrolet, 167.317. 10. (21) Michael Waftrip, Owensboro, Ford, 167.243. 11. (88) Dale Jarrett. Hickory, N.C, Ford, 167.237. 12. (16) Ted Musgrave. Franklin. Ford, 167.097. 13. (10) Ricky Rudd, Chesapeake, Va Ford, 167.078. 14. (28) Kenny Irwin. Indisnspoks, Ford, 166.883. 15. (46) Jeff Green. Owensboro, Chevrolet, 166.877. 18. (36) Ernie Irvan, Salinas, Pontiac, 166848. 17. (33) Ken Schrader, Fenton, Mo Chevrolet, inday, as he tries to protect his 5 -point lead over Mark Martin, )rdon will be seeking his 34th reer victory. The 36-year-old Burton would idly settle for his second. He is nfident he will get it, if not 3 nday then in the near future. "The team is improving," he id. "But it's not where I want it be. "But at least I can see the light a the end of the tunnel. For a lile, I couldn't say that." learned that in racing, as in any other profession in life, everything is not always going to be peachy keen. But we're moving forward, and I know that when I put down that helmet I've given it 100 percent." That's exactly what the others will do to overtake him, but especially as they try to catch Gordon. Foremost among them will be Martin, whose Ford will go from the outside of the third row, astride Accessible 24 Hours A Day Information At Your Fingertips I Easy And Simple To Use Find out almiil your favorite restaurant's daily specials, the newest arrivals on the used car lot, that great house that'll just gone on the market, or the special sale that's in progress. Call and learn what's heing planned by your church, club or civic group. Learn morn about financial matters, school happenings, entertainment and much more. It's all al your fingertips when you call The Talking Newspaper. CALL 229-NEWS FROM TOUCH TONE PHONE (6397) FOOD STORES Piggly Wiggly DeliDaily Menu 9175 (Burton won a pole in his rookie season and collected his tirst 033333333333 njured player refuses look back with bitterness IS. HEMPSTEAD, N.Y. (AP) Ccnnis Byrd refuses' to look back with bitterness. The football-paying phase of his life ended njarly six years ago with a freak injury. He says he had little trouble LCTS DO LUHCH Lunch Menu Only NEWSPAPER Greenwood Area News State News Headline News Greenwood Area Meetings Greenwood Area Area Sports Sports News Scores Weather How To Subscribe. How To Place A Classified How To Place A Display Ad ext. 9427i ext. 9429 ext. 9431 ext. 9435 ext. 9437 ext. 9439 9103 9443 ext. 9425 9423! 9421 letting it go. is galvanized every time I vpit someone who is in a less unfortunate situation than me," Bird said Friday as he visited the Mew York Jets' training camp $4.29 ere he hugged several players spoke with others who are conference. He now walks with no aids, although he has a slight limp. Although he can't jog, he fishes and hunts and, oh yes, plays with his two daughters. He had a catch with them just the other day. "Overcoming the emotional heartbreak of it was the hardest," he said. "The physical part is tough, but that also becomes very mental. You push the body to do things it won't do, can't do or doesn't want to do. I had to go through great periods of frustration myself, but you don't allow things to take an emotional toll. I just get through it." There was much to get through, of course. When he first was hurt, few doctors would speculate on his ever getting on his feet again. There were fears he would be like former Detroit Lions tackle Mike Utley, who can't walk after an on-field spinal injury. Byrd often communicates with Utley and another former Lions. iliar with his inspirational story. Byrd played just under four sons for the Jets. 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