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Lake County Independent and Waukegan Weekly Sun from Libertyville, Illinois • 12

Libertyville, Illinois
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Goa Subject ofMuclklfttepesttoTieF armer on again New MenOuton Bair Injunction NewYork Deci' 22-Bf Tirtua of dh iQjiiBctloa leaned by Jmtiea Ford Z7 of thegupreme gourtthfi mafiakient of the Pirktheater resumea ihi hlbltlon DfwinoUoe plctureafif The Inside of ths WhIta81ave TfeOift" Five employ e(- of 'ttyi theater wko peMl''-'-' rorcK for Robert-SearigUt foLWaq' whocame to UhTcago pnbett noten wag'ntqrted by the police: ie' requeatM-Searlght's brother (bjKtkiuld BisiriJ riealwve hi njHarry- jTl Huirey'qF cityarJghils 3f yeahMjld- -laWiZjlarry- bandoiied by inhuman-mothers Jn Lakeountjr iflake oneLtMidctthaihe rldJstfljMeyi rigfttor there are sdiahywBiMintheuptwhereWtle oneiMspwd for and brine happinesasinstea Oi CgOvJqUi will mature in from 75 to 90 daysana -lie onC'othe earliest or the cow pea made lnltarieties and la the moat eaefiyandv tll0r' rrUtlV led by-roacfiihery -''-V value at feMjto the avenge fanner v-- X- x- kmrthe advisahtlitv of growing them The--Jroh variety la-rapldly coming andwe lake this method ot answering Info prominenchand is large and vig-ulrle -and aawell gi vinga PrP0 growing- variety of rafoer laU formation to those wh(i might -maturity It rieropeclaHy reslafqnt be interested "lq the feature And" dlseas6 ienerall) -The There airoti the preaeht time aboul'fnce1 la' hard adreiqlqa its vitality ilftyZvarietiea pf'wow'peas generally better thanlnosf '-varieties lafact Wedding Above aU the invltatloBcards aud announcements elegant dig' nlfled-apd aceortjlng' la the accepted ConvenUpnal tylWwhlch'" any first class tatloner'wlir be glad tohew- tn Picture Was Thanged pq7wobVfaue fo yon Wfiea yoa are sxalnt the pdlmmtor werq arrested were held by dptatonm $5M bail -on the charge of vlblaUM'ofshe seetjon ofthk code rmUpg UNodeceat oxMbltiooa code renttyg tdSqdecent oxubltioos Ai aglstratsAplelta gave notice that unless onacena of tbe motlbe rrwho see fit to abandOntheiiolispringStilitv theye's a reason for itrhuteTeason haiddetehni matten -Wblto orcam pe'pefwlth black UbeLvli scene '-Shows apdliUctanv end -foedet using their lnflieuce wT City wasTajpoaet whence Cleqd of 30B0 ffOrt strefrtCliicag'obydge Uhjlr an prison- tfibCourt of'-Domeatle xtolalloni msglatrata rr dlschargpdi engraving ia always la i good tasta Tha''eiactj)roportlona yary but'yoa decldo that from the Yatloua mui offered to you Plain script or bloch tottertagto used if any crest or Inltiala of tbabrde CUT PRICE BACKED BY COURT Jewelar Buys Watchea Chea beiddAd the top jt Is emboesed ifr- Undaraalla Makers theskare 'extensively cuiuvi yarietirodlffer'in such characihrtyUce as habit alxa'-andearllneia and es -jtycltlly in thcolor otthe seed whtehare either ptiUjely-write red buff backIue or varimfdvjriotched orspeckled Iqvinee Is vhry marked pelnjr caused uy the time of it bout September 1st The quality of Tk wv-lPjanring the nature of the'keqwn and ythe hajproduced la excellentand lta Kh TH locality wherq grown Early nutritiveqlue ia about half greater or ltlr planttaor a wet seaGon easily reyiltthan that ofover haysWhereV In a lar growth of vines mny (growth for feedlngla desired broad- have used- theYarietli such as castihg-bi probably aiwell as drilling Black Eye for table use but Qifly In but on tnepther hand lrfcgeed crop a few localities is thispractice ex- is preferfed 'drilling la recommndf ln'btaking' thecow pea nded: hayTihi can plea gnd teniivelylol lowed Fbrfwage purH in making the cow pea hay IhsJ the will Judge Personsljy hissjtand in toe matwr ox allowing commission totheCShicago attorneys wnoreprsgeiited the refinery families showed that heiS'Btantly guarding the interests of those who need prote families who coins into his cohrand who are iporanfrof court procedure If some attorneys-were left to fix their percents ges on sch cases the families wOuldn have much fiftand why it is fortunate to have toefficial who lookslnto such details and acts according to hjshestjudg-ent-r'SiW DO NOT OPEN UNTIL XMAS DAY whltaLXFbta Is really unnecessary Monograms aqd Ptber devicee In colora metalejire nbivcorrect Whenyuu order yonrweddlng Mm tlonry aftrf 'cbooalng the atyla yen finfftbat one invitation 'hoi two euvelopevWun' Httle larger thdntbe other The emeller one is not seeled: ffeuYorkj Dec 20-The United Melee circuit court of appeal" that' the Walthamr Watch cculd not force' 'Cherlea Af Keene' New York Jeweler to atop eelllng their watches at cat pricee 7 Keene bought the company's watehei aboard At a price lower -than 'that charged by Jobbers here and-Sold'''-them forIpfS than Jhe price eet by the DiBiwrfsctDrer for the domestic re-' -tell trade 'A- Appoint New Chlnasa MInlstar '3foking4)ec Shah Kai-FBKwhn Wee Cbinreconsul New Tork from 1994 fo 1908 wkasppolnted Chinese minister et Washington (0 succeed Chang Yin Tng ihostf'whJtfh grow tosrge slxe holddor' to keep the leaves from falling thalr leavea well and produce anffv The plant should have ihadevlta aburognne of pods The most Impor 4 growth and have at' least the first brat-of varietlor for (hla purpose pda rlpo when the mowing ia done are descriniwdas follower- 1 Uniformity ia maturing- is essential In Whip This variety is wetting thq best results- Tire hsy generally conaldeibda standard of all should not her handle when tha leavSs field peaa It la suitable either for are dry and jbrittle A good test to grain orhay both -It use -in ascertaining-wethep hay ia makes a vigoroua growthSk fajthly-ireiidy for slacking or not Is to twist drect and still -produces Ostarge Jia stems la (he hands and If homols-apiount of vine It' can readilyve lure- cab be-Nerung out they are handled by fawynery which ia hrln(Kadi Aitaia- djffeif Irom thia ln-ing It -more and moro lnto prominfence aa it ahonld be drier when The seed ta' Biottjed chocolat-oe jpnt It Is better not to -take buff or reddish brown color -Another chances'lnr putting In hay either In stack barn -too wet': as many as theNew Era And Is the araallest barns have- liben lost lropgh spon-seed of tbe cow peas that have found combustion dhe entirely to a wide use The seed Is bluish in mowing hay jn too'gcenn -state ee produces a heavy crop and peclally alfalfa hay ppSea tbe'most valuable arietleqaroerop require? or- from fallinx in an address delivered m-JShlloli 'faferaacle Zion City Vollvqi ilfhcmw--jd mojeugehlo phase of the majriage lUeatlmNitnoiho length He stavtad mf with saying am persuaded Iik ny own mind tllatwe hayo to aofye many problems WS'-wlll liave to la uore strict in our teachings and more itrict in our living Some people say Yon marry a Zion girl toa nan who is not of No I won't And you marry a Zion man to woman that la not of -1 tell von no! 1'ni going quit marrying ia pfeople who call themselves nj 1 --V- VollVa w-fent cm a youg woman whose wort brought into Zion She vna born Jn ZlonZHere's a young man whose --parent aare brought into lion and he was bora hi ZloiuThey rome up and want to be marriedX ihan-dotyou read -yohr Bible? V- 'No I do not -read I haven't ManyPersons Cannot Wait to THE COUNTRY 4 i System in United States Owes Its Origin Ip Workers' Agitatjon FRIENDSHIP is SHOWN i Two Mill Tdi Restoration in MR0'S Due to Assistance of Open Their: Giftsr But Oth- ers Do It 'V IS AN OLD tlME CUSTOM Fail KHis WaalthMan V-' -Pipttonej Mlriov 1 Dccjl-Fraser Macay? pged seventy two president of the Mhckay Realty company BDd a lorat capItalisL 'dledk tha ripeatone hospital- froai Injuries for pplved when he fell from scaffolding on targe' atone busiueaa block kelag erected by him State federation I "Not to be openeuntil Hamlet was never In deeper quandary than la the recipient of a Christ' -mas package markedJirlOi the abbve warning and Bluebeard's wife' was never to greater temptation that he Should he open it and eaUfy his curiosity as to the contents? he argues "it ia mine and Ought to Ue able to do what I want to with it" And if he yields temptation and cute thestringg he defends himself on these grounds However aftpr hla curiosity la sat larger one iTlhe outer tana on hkb Tpustal addrebl Iqwrittan Cardatnununclnir the tthngirdute of the bridqjand bridegroom nnothqty new address artkordcred and fnelosed with the inrltatlonhH1 The 'accepted fonri of -qu Invitation la "quite alrapta'U to AmbRcd this: '-t--- Ni Mr-aM tyia John flail requMt tiie hpnitw ot gaur'prMeheaat thq msrrlsAa of their Ssughter 7 V-xVir- Rlrhard Devil on kfoniley-evenlnti October the fifth eight o'clock Ti 8L Catherlne'e Cburch r7 lerk Another form haa a fine on which la to lie wrftten by hand- the name of tbeyiuceiL fiometlmro when a church wedfing Is in danger of haying uninvited atraa-gera filling the fwwa to the 'exclusion of the guests a card of admission ia In-loaed with tho invitation It ia a -white elip and has on it present thle- cerd at BL Cath-erlne'e church' "Monday October the fifth Jf the bride IIvm in the country tho city guests are the trains etcw by small cards eofevgted: Train leaves Qrand Cent Roeelyn at Returbips train loaves Roeelyn at 10 pi-m Very rarely 11 8 qi a wedding card' These ietiers atari for the words of i French phrase that meenq if you please" They Indicate that an acceptance or depllna-tloa to requested- Thero letters are never added to in invitation ttf a church ceremony only- They areuaed when provision' tnnst be made for guhnta and tho number to he euter talnpd must bsYknown In order to In-urs comfort to all Those brides elect that do no wtoh to gb to the 'expense of wedding stationary especially if the ceremony is to bo a simple one and wltnsssOdby very few ere noqr ufriting penohal in Polifife Today Arrested Several Youngsters on Charges of Minor Thefts: a 'Svaukegan December 2f Felix Drub and idlchael Mix two boys who confessed to the police they broke into and robbed the Toulouse grocery store on West Washlngton street and attempted to rob other places were given a heap-lug before County Judge Persons today' Upon recommendation 0 fthe state's attorney Drnba the older boy was found ta be delinquent and was ordered sent to the St Charles school for boys at St Charles 111 Mix was released the custody of hla parents Parents relatives and friends of the Ded 23 1913-W Tiffany" and wife to 4 Feller undivided one-half jot 34 County subdivision Antioch: $100 Parker aiyl wife to 'H: Jacobs lot lO -block 39- Highland Park 8 Ender and wife to John Klemp and wife lota 29 to 33 block 2 Deer field $1 Anna' Hayhs and sband et at toW SmlthKpart lot 7Highwood 1 December -2( 1913 Grimth to Spencer Banks lota 9 and 10 Block 4 Oakland Sub Waukegan $1 Ben Jensen to Alice A At a Trade and Labor smoker In Joliet it wae announced that the magnificent educational system in the Unite State owes iU origin to the support of too laboring men more than seventy-five ago Now Pomes Francis Blair state superintendent of public Instruction Vith the announcement that the min- era of Illinois were the Hrat to give ateam to the movement to secure the idled he feels ashamed of himself two-mill tax They in turn were no matter how much bravado he may followed by the Illinois State Federa- assume" when telling others about hla tlon of Imbor which at a critical -bravado' in defying one of the oldest 'Williford Illlnl Captain -Champaign ILL Dec Edward AWllliford of East 8L Louis wm-iwv-elected iiaptaln of the Itllnoty basket' ball five bf the 1914 team succeeding Robert Hoffman who did- tot re-' turn to the nnlveraity WUllford is 14-junor lie has played-one year thevaralty Baker's Deson cualom oa the pert of baken allowtagll to the doseq dates backo medlevalNtlmea when bakers were carefully wuemd The trade wee sur rounded by makyjawe-sad tbe niest -severe penalties wwqtoipoaed for say abortage ln walght idqrdef ta avoid tho possibility of falling vbelow the standard measure It became cue- tomary for bakers aa" load with every dozen Christmas that of leaving tho opening of gifts until Christ- time in the campaign passed resolutions and appointed a committee to boost the act through tho legislature miB of 4 do you "'Well no I don't' 'Do you love Cod's house? when-1-oughtio stay home Sunday and Bleep' you Leaves of Healing? once' in a while' you pay your tithes? I afford it "Do -you1" think I would marry a' Qung man- like that? I would just ta aoon marry the devil What's the ise of marrying a man like that and itarting another hell that is only a curse to God Almlglityi earth You can rest aasuyed that If you marry them there'll be no family altar -in that house There will be no family worship in that house and when the jhildren are born they are incarnate 1 evils and they are started on the road to hell before they are in the state of Wisconsin they hrive a eugenic law: Before a couple -an get married they must have a lector's certificate Those Infernal kifctora" continued Voliva aa he took Cyap at-the medical profession mi 'strike They set forth in a meet lug the other day- that the only way bey could give a certificate that was worth anything waa to take out some of the brains ofthe young if they could find any! And that they would have to cut up all hla joints and bke put his liver and examine jt md there was a whole lot of rig-a-ma-rulo of stuff they argued -upon In conference that they would have to dO Wore they could give certificate that was of any account important thing to find jut In Ek-critlcal examination tin "Are 'mu saved young manT 'Are-you a child God? 'Are -you fit to ptart ihomer- 1 people expect -to solve tell yon solving these prob ms- Is no 'easy matter If you get ljriau and 'woman converted tben-yoU foro everything Kotyed-" 1 rV Hockenberg-er 114 acre lot at Wlnthrop Harbor White end wife' to M-White tract-of land ln tSeca 25 and 38 East Antioch and In- Sec 30 Newport Twp -l- II Kuehker'and wife to Ada Kuebker lot 13 village of Iven-hoe and 7 acres adj $100 W-G Dicklnaoti and wife to Schoppers lot 5 Sub of Iota 51 and 52 Lake Forest $10 took place -at the state meyt at Decatur The resolutions which follow were -presented by the miners: i The education of our chlldrea la ot the first Importance and the children of the laborer should have equal sChool privlleges eajoyed by- the moat' favored communities and' The education or the children should be a state problem in part at least instead ot leaving its support almost entirely 'to the local community and "Whereas Theicoal tnlnlng gom-' munlties- and man? other cotnmnni- ties are viable to -have even an eight months-' term Slid provide the prperNChristmag packages equipment with regular one and ouehalf her cent for educational puA poses therefore beit' Vat frotn time been the custom' to until the morning of before opening them years ago It was packages before and have taken It almost do It- People began from -this tradition atop (his senders who to the see the recipient tjdf of the pleasnrp of what the ened until Christmas" There la new A fair for printed warning rds are sold to the there is any virtuouq man remarked tho head of the sender the warning immemorial it haa leave--presents the feBtive day Until a' few unthought of to open the sender would as an inault-to to creep away however and to did not wish robbed of arising from Anticipation gift might be demand in sea-n and little Christmas trade aln-in opening the supposedly la upon who put -on unto the man by a PUBLIC DRAINAGE LETTINtL i formal notes Invitihg tbcir fripndR to tfotfce Is hereby given- that 'the- I- bare the happiness by being present Announcements can be ordered and 'sent to nil friend and relatJte hla plWn pimpUflcs matteriand (a growing In IftJror with who feel that the wedMg day must be shined only VI th the few deereet ones two boys crowded the court room and corridor of the court -house today and there war loud walllhg -whep it waa announced one 0 fthe boys waa to be sent to SL Charles From the evidence in the case it appeared the Drnba boy waa thoroughly delinquent and that the Mix boy had aim-ply followed the example set by the older boy 'f I --Police Arrest -Assistant of Police -Uhornas Tyrrell today arrested half a doxen mall boys whom hq had found nun maglng about in a 1 Junk pile ware suspected of having stolon 1 several articles They were given a good "sweating1? and after hieing warned that they' were taught la a simlta-offense they would be in Jail store given thelrllherly' For the last-several (Taya thqpollee have beqit keeping a rioso watch on a -number -pf small boys and at least a deren efthem have been taken into the police station 'different-times Ator being given a lecture and warning they were dismissed" The ponce aTa willing to give the youngsters a chance before causing their 'arrest an' dproseoution They realise that the boys'may not- be thoroughly bad and that if -they can be corrected in time that it will be better than sending thev awajle a reform school "Ilesolvod: That ft unjust for the offense enmeth ho quot ohe Mmmunlty to be compel led to jed flippantly' Hq was carrying home -pay a higher tate of taxation for edit ian express package addressed to hla catlonal purposes '1tPaeiiring what small boy hhn to ad-mjttqd'he is ought to be a rnlfilmum -of advan-' tages That the' twdjfailf' tax' for-dhp -trlbutloh should hr restored l)cf0 -oh no" he answered "It- ls Hianr -additional appropriations aro for higher Education fbrtha-- favored fpw attending them I -v rXVrff-v MTh'a'f i-theviahovs'-' distriblluiile vfnsd should lie used -largely to hell) v- weaker and that the State Board of Education he given power to suppose you are going to let open tliat: aa soon ag yeu get homt with it?" hid waa asked- good'-tessort for Job nny to lcurn curb hla curios lijr And yet he openedhls- packages Many pejiMtia A'Ul -hot bpeu it kge that is marked not to he opened I Y- auwlnal iilvMtan wlihnnt Valulnr WUh tpe ajq ot tue iaimiv gucaa tho contcrttir 4 educational advantage without retying ROAD LAW MAY TIE UP ALL THE FUfiDS jr McLean County Resident Seclc ing Court Ordcr'tO' Prevent Operation ot IIIJ Act the local rate hodynflahoren shall give our support to no executive or legislative candidate udlesa he rep- resents justice in throe demands" fi Thq above coupled with the friend-' ly spirit shodn in "flhpport of legists- 1 tion for free text hooka has been gen erally discussed in labor circles with-r ln ihelaat few week! An effort may be again made to secure the assist-ance of the hoard of education Nelth- the dty or township boards havq taken the matter up officially and the labor leaders announufi that it may be necessary to get into school' politics here JOE TINKER IS INVALUABLE Franlj haifed1 Says 150000 Would HavqBaan Vyjap' Price to Pay Cewyork Dec 22MFrank Chance tdiTinfi Jgprpummar'that Tinker's rq-leake wAvld be cbity at 50000: If qrq ifopK-get ijuiiicldPrraldfniFarrel ol the New -York Americans "Chance said that Tinker aa a player and a field lieutenant 'wpa "In-' valuable to any club declared lhat-Tlnkc fa baseball had helped -the Cuba to1 win two world's rhamplonahipa and that if our club could get hlpi We would be atrengthened at least thirty per cent If It -had beenposslblq for me to bid for Tinker's release I would five higher thah't any other club MILITANTS CAUSE DEATHS 1 Signal Men in Semaphore Lose Llvaa In Blg Dock Yard "Fire I Portsmouth JMc It was learned that two -signal men remained in the naval dock-yariT here durlnii4hd fire and they are believed to havtyit their liven Thr are -missing snd llt-lie hope la thathey eacaped The damage caused by the blase la esli-mated at $1000000 to $2500000 VThO people bf this place generally belleva that the fire was the work of suffragettes In their1 camjpfyfn ofar on aa revenge for Iho rearreat of Ain Pankhiirat there The Day at Home Moot wpmeff wjioiie circle of friendia ia at aa large -finff if more convenient a well ae pleasanter for in parties concerned to bare wbat Is called day" One afternoon each week or more rarely one afternoon fortnight Is set aside for tbe express purpose df receiving viaitprvTbli la done by juvlng engraved- caillog' card-in tiw lowqr-AWrdtrectI? appoelfe1 the addresm the werdVAloadayit" or whatever the ehopen day they be This of course aigniflee to pll on onirs vlsltlng Hat that this le tbe day of tho week qet'eelda for i-T The woman who- has a flay ahonld always mentiouf it when inviting new friends to call She aayn am always at home on Wednesday' after-noons when I sball'be dellghfed to see you or aomethlng to tba ssiha effect When a day haa oncabeen Macted and announced to one's friends in tbe manner indicated It must-be adhered to rigidly It ta most dlacourteone to be font" on an fot home" day A boat- MS should let nothing short of Illness the death of a relative or important bngtaesa keep' her from being In raedt-neae to greet -ell eemen- On all other days callers can without offense be turned eweyrom the door with a simple "Not et home" but on the day ehe haa herself set for receiving them i good and perfectly legitimate excuse must if ehe ia absent The maid- who Attends the door on an home" day should wear a black dreea that la rkther aimple in stylet white turnover collar 'and cuffs and very small white cep end while apron with a tiny bib She opens tbe street- door as soon as'poMlbla after the bail has rimgand offers a email tray for the card and directs bet drainage commissioners of DraJnagV District Number One In' -Waufondn'-Townshlp Lake County Illinois will receive sealed bids until the hour of -opening the seme for the furnishing of material and doing of work as fob lows to-witr A 1 1 To furnish 'H Wanconda Illl-noto No 2 quality vitrified ealt glased bell afid eockdt bower plpe tn 2 or 1r foot lenrths or No 1 vitrified drain' tile of llkf lengths or No -1 hafd-bqrned'shele dfala tilepr other 'tile equally: as good iff the following amounts And vV- 1-1' pf 24L -tacdq- -7 sifceiofIgjnebtlle Jiv fpUqfitlndi Bidden are requested to submit samples or detailed description of pipe orAilt whlch they propose to furhiih a Separate bldjriklH ela he received for nil work fojbe dqnluMioectlon with the toying offeald tlle back fill- Ink eta'' wllliilso he received for the digging of nppnmlmalely 1936 lineal feet of open ditch requiring the 're-movel of approxlnletely 400' cubto yards Of rarth Flans and for aU ol -the above can be seen and procured from Arthur Powers et Wanconda Illinois and from Afertln Decker At- North Chicago Illinois -r All hldamuatbe accompanied? certified Sheck or cash equal to -19 per cent of amount oif bid aa' guaran-fee of good faith of bidders -The' commissioners reserve the' Fight to reject any or III bids Said bide will Be opened and publiq- ly declared at a meeting of the com-'-1 mlsstoneri of said district to be held on the 15th day of 'January A Dj 1914 at the hour or three o'clock mt at thTbpm9Ftyher baraln paid district' Dated thla 24th day of Decern her -A P- -j- 1 HKNRY AI- DAVISr: 'toWARD DALEY" RQBERTJDOWELL I Cttinmlsslonera ARTHUR POWEltd -T- Clerk MARTIN DECKER -Attorney for District' WVIy Dec 26-Jan 2 I Think it over and seeTf-fof ohe year to'the 'wlsiiei of your friends and curb your' curiosity as you are making llltle Johnny curb hie 1 NO TRACE OF PARENT? IN IN HIGHLAND PK CASE 1 No trace naa been found-today of the mother who left the Christinas baby on 'tho doorstep of the home of Mrs- llenry-Atwiger in Highland Park She is assured of financial aid In rearing the child If she -will make herself known All Highland Park la interested in the baby which Is now being cared for at the home of Mrs Ward Knapp who lives next-door to Mrs Atwater The women prominent in nodal qnd club circles have donated clothing for the little waif and have promised to aid the mother financially A co-operative plan for the cere of the foultrillng has boon devised by Mrs Atwater who is the president of the Hahnemann Matomitf 'circle plan Is not tn adopt the baity' said Mrs Atwater today ratjior to bring about the return of the mother We believe her desertion of tho boy waa brought about through poverty or other misfortune ana we illl aid her" Evidently Somewhat Annoyed dispatch from Paterson J-re-fora to a marriage by the southern ceremony tf jumping over a broomstick" There- neve jtyaa any such southern marriage-ce re nibny rat- Worley Carr baseball actyool at that eiion should confine ijeraelf to 'r On Jan 1 Tuthill will- join tba a' anbject with which she West Point Cadets Make gouslftg Demonstration foe Football Coach Went Point- 'X YrUec iaTTbe West Point ftdeta gave Harry Tut- the traiaerof the army foottall team for the past 'three avasofia a rousing aendpff when Tuthill ed for bis home In Detroit -The pop- ular trainer liad dinner 'with the cs deta in the mess ball at noon It was the first r- chance the cadets had to appreciation for Tuthllfo -irreat work with the army football team this year since -the navy game the trainer entered the hcspltal bpre thq day after the game to go very- serious operations and he just been discharged Jle Is now and will go south to San adIouIo take up bis work with MARRIAGE LICENSER 4ii taiige Chlapetta Highwood 22 Carolina Covelli same 22 Jno IiauHcb Grak vllie Wia 25 Emma Grady Milwaukee 21 Herbert Boetter OBhkosh 21 Jeannette Itcrsenhcrk( same :19 lS) A Elckhoff Peru 25 Mary Tcrnqnken Milwaukee 30 Gna Cramer Split Itock Wia 23 Clara Mahling Oconomowoc s21 Hjalmar Olson Phlillpa tyls LZ2 Jiatol Slowey same 19 OUo Grosse Mllwaukeo 25 May Steiner aAme 18 Henry Knoll Milwaukee 21 Flora Snckow same tt Arthur Herbert Milwaukee Urf30 Selma llocder same 19 Bergman Spencer Ia 38 Elix Pbarson llesd City Mich Clifford Stous Chicago 2fi Edna Hollister Bairtagton '22 Ernest llinx Milwaukee 21 Caroline Kllburtes same 19 Frang Miller lennaha 27 Ella Nelson same 24 Arthur Hewitt city 23 Myrtle Chriktlapson city 19 Joseph llertabdrgor Kenosha s27 Anna Dahl same 25 Springfield III Dec ttack upon the'1 validity of the hard roads law enacted 'by the forty-eighth general assembly was made this afternoon when Jacob Martens of Anchor Mcljcan countv filed a petition in the circuit court here for an Injunction to rcstralil James state auditor or William Ryan state treasurer from issuing warrants or paying out funds appropriated for the use of the highway commission Mr Martens seeks to have the ant revising the fanner law In relation to roads and bridges doctored unconstr-tiitlonnl1 More than $1000000 waa appropriated by the tost general assembly for the construction of hard 'roads in Illinois The sum of $400000 -gras appropriated for the use of thh stab! highway commission from Jiily I 1912 to June 30 1914 and A similar sum from July 1 1914' to June 30 1915 -Another bill passed the house whrch rallod for an appropriation of $300-0110 to he used In Improving the roads between July 1 1914 and June 30 1915 7 Mr Martens attacks aa unconstitutional the provisions ot the law giving the highway commission power to create the: offices of road engineer at a alary of $2500 a -year bridge -en- H-' depart-- WOMEN HELP BEAT BOND' ISSUE Jacksonville I1U Dec Notwithstanding a drizzling rain that kept up throughout-the day 1200 women went the polls today and registered their opinion' on- tho 1 issuance of $50000 ponds for the Improvement of the munlcipaLelectrlc light improvement of the municipal oloctrJc light plant Three hundred and fifteen women voted for the Ixmds and 885 against The men vote brae 791 and 1211 Total 'vote for 1108 against Itohds' 2098 under-- -tiweU-ifiihn 'V Engagement 'if-this to to be done at card party writ the name of the lady on each queen of hearts card and the gentleman's name on each king of hearts card These are1 hen -shuffled the peek end dealt oqt In the iienel Way 1 1 be discovered In the II ret hand Hard Laaaon A Judlcloua rsticenco la ltyrd to glnee'r at $2 400 and third aseiatant en-1 learn but it ia one of the gnat lea sons glnner at $2000 1 of life Chesterfield 4 -Tgers wbra they go south fur familiar -Plorldd Tlmea-Unlrv -Sng 4 Z'- 7 li- 1 I -I -V 'M- I j': 1 1 4 -V 1 lty.

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