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Lake County Independent and Waukegan Weekly Sun from Libertyville, Illinois • 5

Libertyville, Illinois
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EN6UND BEADS OFWOJIEtbl liBEETTVlLLEB BIEPB usmessHome "Cofcttam WTJ- LOCAL vAND PER80NA1MENTIQN FORTHEWEEKI wW TtSe Preabyterian Aid witl meet SlbaSantoaColfaafldiSatEllaworth'f w-' imwNf Chicago yialtort Wadaaadayr JA Woodman bf Aa'pra pur city on bnilpaaa MqpdayC'S Cau tody and let you onthe depouts keep ydtir money safely and-render JJ -(is I-p I MnkWUliam Whigam'' fwxTeed tba fQlhjiwing frojnanepfiew MrFhuikA MaflnjSQf BtiUjOra wboia atMbb preaen I tlnuttouringtha Brltieh lalea Tba flatter i wba5aled atCbraall wewKakenrrcint'acr Ehgiiah aalfasptanatory eery cleverly'wjtjten and yon don't amilaj bora jron baf- digNted tba entiracon tent wa have our1 pinlohof your bumorooi tempefmant: ERE WOMEN VOTE Family AsmnqIXpiiBY a HChbaxu STRIVE TO MAKE-A EtolME WE eOpBAl QVDtoieh uvrssTBE bases for Us and MakesMaiiy a Home Run yDu every ppttibleaccomin rjtTnkiJn the eountrjcanyender hitvr V- will take-'ave ofyouT valuabld papers and give you our assutance in aqy business trans- -A 1 Action free of charge We invite you to make our bank your'buiiness Hom? n'h that the 'N -s LTST- jn with MrCvP Wrfgbt onrtyAfterhooh radar AngT LdJ Tburaday Mrai'WUaoif haiaolaablg bdTgdtaa ladie and eummer gbod door aonth of DirlaloaXNt Milwaukee arenua hH- Moddar areniug the Oddelluwa entertalnM thgBebeccMand' frlandaat a aoeiail dance lea KraanP apd cake wak aemr Mlaaea Haiwl and' GracaButterfiald pent Wedneaday and Thursday with Mri and Mr A Bea wick aud Maude Whitney at Delevan Wi i A Sbeidon and family have returned frddi an extended tour of 'Europe': Mr Sbeidon baa bean back for the ptwt three week while Mra- Sheldon arrived 'the fura'paitaf thleweek Mr aad MfkFrank Jut Master Ward andflitte MlaaMary 'enjoyed an auto trip t6 ChicagoTueeday Wlun asked wby h- didayt go LaBarre (aid bia lather bad to leave him at idme to run afiatra at the garage 'vS-vi with OUR i 1 CfcMM JaBy SaW Wtoh- and drain sob crisp whit lettuce and lay on a very cold dish Hake some balls of eveam cheese mined- with a little cream and salt and -make a depression like i minuturi well on top of each into thisput any rich red jelly Oar la Due or a little currant (am put French dressing bn the lettuce ingcneroub quantities and on' top arrange tlieliUle cream balls Bank LIBCRTYVILLC ILL Capital'Suiplus and Undivided Profits $9500000 sJ ELI TRIGGS NNoEf Fyom Out Own Qorrw pqndent) V4w York Monday Tba Women of lUinoblij who yesterday xercisad fottbe flrat time tBe' rlgbt to vote granted td'thgm by thaStateLegt latiire bavs promptlyitarted a muvs-mant Wa? tba ol 'polling booths rN Tba-dcdara bat" It Ja dkftaatera to their aex tcT be forced to eat their votes in bar shop publichdusea and other premlssa notorious for tbelr o( rafinamant'Tha auggration of the woman voters la that instead ol thaaa place schoolroom should be heed as polling booths and that wham fbese'sre not available florists bopa'con(ec-tioDCft'sbop or aatablisbmctita would ba "acce'ptabL to both eexva" The agitation' thus (tarted by the woman ba given Ties to much searching of heart among tba men voters who emphasise tlia danger that confront a bachelor when voting at or shop ana urge that should he- meet tbnra any -Womau! of bln x- "I WE SOUGH A SHARE 01-YOUR PATRONAGE wr-r 7 't 1 -7 -iy7 Our ytrj- -NX '-I 4I a -i viv kiv-ir A-J- i X- i 1 -'1 'T- v' "-'f The Work' of painting and tliH interior of1 8t thurcb ha' Juet iiet-n iitplrted adci edilhsr mtW' presents anappcaraiicei rCO0(I to liona in tiiila victuiiyl Th work whir cost oyerSltMH) was iKutbs situated-in drapers' shop -v- -blr-Ciiicagoi workmn and tfouk over XAt Liberty viiUi nbl fur Jrom -Chicugo six wiwkl to oimphitetheebntriieC ayiw -Uulby justitted the anti v1: by-doing th faniffy -v-The picniujof tfie Ib-ubytctiaii -church an -Sunday eibool -will be held on Wedaesday Aug flth at'North L'fiicago in alieatitiftil park-on tiieUuff of' Lake Michigtrii Tie Sunday w-hnol hiMreu lntieFtyilHe 'dA the elw-tric-car Oflicers and teaclieritof tlie Sunday ri hool will have personal Vhariie of the children so that parents mav 1 assured tliey will be properjy'cairid for ui Bible school Missionary acquaratauce he would be guilty of hnjiery (f be foyited her 10 have a rose fir alftnlfua and ol rudnessy if by did iiyVlfUftfieiW pertJslt Is aigUedsipk Jnfo lueigbiabf beside the dilemma yf married uien' trhoSeould be forced to aA-ompatiyj their Wives (iiiito tolling ltlu I AlSriHSa! llkVkaSAla LfcK w-- 3 yr -j Vis: 'vN PONT use it sounds nice statement of a but because it is a fact The $tore Ihat receives' payment every time a sale is made'is on a sure foundation and fof-that alr- tronjt En5lisk'Stjf(e -7 mmm mm mmmm mam SUNSHINE' BISCUITS x- a- -7 7" j-'r'- :7 that caption because 35c per garment 50c 1 20c Get foo Hgt '-V is Dry THEY ARE RIGHT reason can-sell76r prices thatreally are 1 bargain prices compared to those necessarily asked by the 'merchant who extends credit We are furnishing high grade clothing al'x less cost to a good many people why not to -7 you? 'Below just a few of our prices that mean a saying the year round Home Lumber Company of Libertyville To Insure ubli cation (nthalndepan (nt ebpiiWat ha In thHiitueiMtappf achw particular rto tied to thi effect taka Max-o-jn GafoakEil worth's John Austin traoMcted'buahieaa In WaiokagM lfgmda7 Miaa Clara 8mlth left for LpnrtarlDd toxkithargrnndpnniuta Friday' TX llr'Md Mrc John JtjHrlea of Wanka gan vial ted at tbe'home ofJ Bond and family Sunday Ur Myron Phillipaand Httladaughtar A mberaW 7 WU: ara tiaitlng bar brother Bobd and family Mr( and kk Uillar and daughter Pearl of CblcVgtvapent-Sunday 'with Mratid Mn' Hi EJtwand family Mra Balter Tlsited'afew day I with Bond' and famlly'jGrace returning home with her for a law dayi and Mri Meredith and lamiljr returned Monday from a threa week' buainbaajmd pleaaum trip toCoateeville p- vt-V-" Mr and Mra ff Dymoud and Dr and Mra ad anto trip to Milwaukee Bbturday returning Sunday Tnwadar DrE V- Smith purchad otjih fetin' piwjnger Ford UHtIttwundertuud cobUfnjpIttVkilJlugai tkfwcar' f'JliiwV -Y' -A Mr nud MY rtfSnn I lingo Cnlj' Tvited at be boniedt fct iincUraiid uout Mhli J7Ei vtU( Slid family Thursday abd Friday' -The Lddi'' Aid MM-iety bf: tlib M' church will meet at tbe-home til Mra UuorgK Eaton on Tbeedaj afternoon' Aug v-fLtalict' jUcae come early ait there l-woflfc- Uarry Putnainl thia Wcek-at Strcatbr ill with a atHCgiiilibrecH participatihg In tke race-nfceiat tbatilwa- So far Harry baa had very gouif luck cupturirig apollaat Aurora two weeks ago and gt Ottawa III latit week lie bae an elbeptiotipllv flne etrifig thia year and we expect him to get in oh aoiue ol the big money" GIIILS WANTED forputtingupFould Macaroni and Spaghetti package! pin-e wgrk flaying lrom 7oU to 10 per week Only American girt emjiloyed Will 50 per week 'until more ia ehrned light airy work rooms pleasant boarding boUee within few minqtea walking diatance from factory Room and board peY vweek Factory located at Libertyville ill Addreea The Fui'Lii Slrtuxo'-CoMPASY' Libertyville III giving bueinem and peraotaal raferencea c-45-5 Among the important real ieetata deala laatraek waa thaaala of Mu? Albrecht place at Half pay at about to Riiqera Rockenbach of Prairie View It la understood thaMiegotlatlone for a long term- learn with an' option to purchase are being aought by Chicago partiea for road houaa purpoaea with a garage conneet in the rear Tbla place contain three acre with an aaat front and -plenty-of-ahada-treeawhichwlli maka a vary attractive place if tke right kind of people get poaeeaeion At a epecial meeting of tba tillage board Friday night of laat week the contract for th erection of tba naw village hall waa awarded to Henry Engel berry There ware bat two bid for the work Mr totalling 9839263 baini tha lowaiit tm waa eontraet Thla figure Include 1 plumbing pfpbg electric wiring grading and in fact everything azoapt painting aad tba fixtures 'H village pfficiala ora codgratulating- themselves upon bring able to awardtha contract ntro low a figure They expected to ba com palled to pay at least 9900000 for tba work -specified In tbe-coatraet-Aa It to the coat ovar all Including tba furniture fixtures etc will not now exceed 9900000 -I- 1 LIFE INSURANCE Appreadung death aray ghre yoe arany vawymArh-xkkh'trvU fws Ufa policy but no chaace to gat ooo SEEFBUSY anJDorn District Manage Old Colony LMb InannuKO Compnny ONIca In SchawA Btacfc KKrridwtirkrtir wifPbrpuithBstKf iriTTtir "DaT expeoee will be very aniall AH diemlx-rs of thd church and Sunday 'school atid Rieir friends are invited attend 1 The new Methodist Episcopal church of Liberty viljejs-being' hurried oh tp completion makingready for the dedication aet for: August' 2ith Bishop McDowell Will lie present and preach in the morniug-Many other apeakeriiiaye Dean engaged and the program: for the week promises to ba aYnpft interesting one The new pipe- organ baa arrived and ia Vflpg placed In the building It was built by the Moller organ company ol Hagerstown Maryland Ode of the oldest and best firms in tba Unitedtates The organ will contain eight hundred and thirty-four pipes and have thirteen speaking slops making a very complete' organ-upon which very excellent music can be Weil handled' liaslor Rev Toi stock tieen dollars with law The px I irse? Regular 50c Work Shirts- 65c Overalls and Jackets 25c Wunderhose 25c Garters Epw firth League --Freliing by tlie Rev hipph Subject V'-'X-r St Lauranca Episcopal Church Euwakd ri hite Pastor Holy Eommuuion 8:13 a -Morning Frayer a -Sunday achoot llifiO a Visitors are always welcome WhouiuMa-y Cosixiix: 4 Notice is beKby given that the capital of the Meredith Flower A Vegetable Company an Illinois corporation baa inrmwsd from thlrty-ttvetbonsand (35000) to one hundred thousand -dollars (6100 0001 and that tbs' certificate of aucu increase haa'been fliad the Secretary -of State and with the Recorder of Lake County as provided by Meredith Flower A Veoetable Co E' Meredith Pree StofT Sec Aug 1-8-13 First Novelty Store JOHN LESTER Prip With Hi niany attractive department of NovekinairiSandlOcCooibiwwoffcri Mi prinmr thc oppoitunity to icairc HifiGradcMusic if r-'and'gt fkherc -r i Tha McKinlny Edhiaa af Tda Cant Marie Specialty LIBERTYVILLE ILLINOIS Summer Needs' -vWith the durable every-day things the- youngster need fpr vacation wear- you11: find us well stockML' 1 a1 Rompers made of good blue chambray neatly trimmed with Turkey red each 0 25c 0 veralls se veral styles and colors at 25-4050c7 -x Hosiery blacks tans eta several weights and grades "all chosen for their wearing qualities at 15c and 220 perjpair At our North Store we carry a fine line of Children's 1 i-n 1 Shoes and Sandals al Children's Straw Hats' Groceries L'Fro YgctAWe fresh every day af the South Store Morse I EVERYTH IN TOR-HEN -X TELEPHONE 14 LIBERTYVILLE ILL Any Time Yoiit 1 1 111 1 wwTGmrn 2-8tores7z NORTH STORE PHONE 29 SOUTH STORE PHONE 81 4 'a 1 -JusEStopndThinlrof N6r47 Order-Your HOLD PLEASANT REUNION (Contributed! Wedneeday a reunion of old friend was bald at the home of A Bought on First street Thoa present ware: Mr and Mrs Georgs Carfleld of Otis Colorado Mra Rachel Brlggi of Sutherland Iowa and Mrs A Townawd of Bound Laka 0 Huaon of Folo and lir and Mra Cbarlep Rfcught And Mrs Cbarjty'Banght otBaokagaa All enjoyed tba rennlon talking over the war- in chnrch ana Ufapday achool NU The blennln Kin grandparents pleasing featnrs of the reunion ia they eohld ealo-brata thla day with their old Sabbath school teacher of thirtj-fi va 'and forty yaara ago Those pisrentai remambarad tha law of old to taach their children tba law of God Thna it haa baan taught -chlldrehr They parted faaling they aJl may havar meat again' Frosbyterian Senrioes 1080 anu morninglferrice 11-45 Bible SchooL 0:45 Christian Endeavor rrdw evehiuirorihiir Visitors always welcome Allbvrt Paator Shoamaking and Repairing undersigned will ba in Mr Trigga hoe atora to do all kinds ol ahoe work promptly and aatlafactory General patronage aolldtad EG Smith' (additional uber1 BERTri(LiPAQI'6) ITexMeredith Vegetable Co storted three yeara ago with one smoll house today they are operating with a good income with plants under While it Down by iha Old Depot Phona 47 Baan Hara SO Year 83000 square feet of glass ahnoattwo acres: besides eight acres of outside plants This institution has paid to its shareholders 22 per cent in three years and the institution is growing more valuable all the time This is the biggest year they have ever had and a new addition is very necessary for that reason a block of new stock is put on the nmrket -This-stock' is going welL It sells at $1000 per share "Bfis dend of payable June 1st dach year This stock is open for sale to the publia You better get some right away and realige-n-gooiiLincomft on yourmoney ChlldrenjmiiolsharM MLwelLaa WHEN YOU WASH JHE BEST BUY Blue Ribbon Butter -i7 4 I -Mm i i For Fire and Life Insurance SEE Agent For new hampshirEtire insurance company Michigan Mutual Life Insurance Company LIBERTYVILLE ILLINOIS: lfaV Bitter is the Eaest aid rMost- Delkiois Made- Packed expressly for CORLETT FREDERICKS 1 1 V-phono 30 1 i LIBERTY ILLE ILL grown-ups A good plan to teach the child to invest as well as to save his money I No person can hold over $100000 worth of stock so no one can get controlling interest and squeeze out the small investor Act right away and take advantage of this Bate well paying investment i 1 V' I- 1 1 -Vl i ry i 1 i i i ij i- 0 1 rv' j- 'I- 'v' 7- 7 '7' ''to---' -W 1 V- I i I -x x- i -'-x -v I'-Vi-.

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