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Lake County Independent and Waukegan Weekly Sun from Libertyville, Illinois • 3

Libertyville, Illinois
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''S lsv'' vyr J' i 1 -r- v4- INDEPENDENT FRIDAY' FEBR tJARY 14 1913 vi WACKEGiNJOBAYEC 'NEW 1 BUSINESS BLOCK Doings and Sayingsof Grayslake with their plana $1' aprjng Goldjptnith hlmaelf a 'contractor' will reel the building tha eatlmatad coat of -which la between 118000 and f2ffr ooo Lloyd Bep Well and TonF a-y took In the aotombtule show in Chfeago laet TOX-LAKB MreJ Brown entertained the Pox Lake LadWCardoub at brrreeidanoe NipperalnkA ve Tbnredav' Feb Oth c-'C'Tbs prixewtonera Were 0 follow Fitel prixe Sira Win NAgle aMowi priiaMr J'G Browa'third prixe-RrJame 'r JMJruce Editor and the mattering of broken Jen merer direction neoaliy bring to their aeeieb-aooe a gentleman with a pike pole who bauletlwm toieafetr amid bowl derielon and loud gnflawt of daughter on the partof the aiieuibled onlooker after which tiie retire ui tlie bunkbouee to dry their clothe and draw- full pa daring the proceee For thd benefit of -tbbMewbo are nnfairiiillar with tlw me thode'etn ployed in gathering the new of the Foit Lake virend Mre'Johii Berg of the North i -Bide icare a dinner toll raoHMre Oeo Kueth Thursday Ll tV--rh twA Wturthc 6t the Pox Lake echbor uetua i N-Mlowt 8'iegred and Astra LOnd dang i vi tera of Mr" and re Jena Luodvuter- -tinea the Kli to Young Amviug Circle Honda afternoor Feb 10 Ur and MraT'EL GHo ward' and daughters Kathrene and Cora Ipft fora brief trip' to Cub -ftoppteg Jn Florida While enroute aud returning by way of Sew York' Mrand Ur and lira Hart In Olsen 'Mr: 'and Mr Leonard i ffeboeben known aavdhortyV mayor of Ov ---Grate Lake- Barrr Jtepoer and John s-' Jackson visited It and Mr ilea Koeth Sundadriving from Ora Lake by "buio the fee MESSRS JACOB GOLDSMITH AND VJERRY HUSSEY PLAN MPROVEMENTvSOONS y- 'v ''Jaeqb Goldsmith and Jerry Hussey today 'admitted that they have plana! undervpray fo the erection of a two to start York this faltv" xTha lot in owned by MroIdeiaJth and -Hnaney in purchasttig ah' interest in It the papers belhg under way'hnw The lot la go located that the base-' meat will be deeper than the- other buildings-to the south and the' disposition inf the lower room a- is what is now holding up the plans the projectors being Uncertain Jukt what to arrang them for TbJuildlng will stanon a tot (5 by 100 feet And will contain (wo stores faring-the bridge Report first had It that there wouldbe four stores but this la not Jhs cae Announcement that the atructure would go np- this spring causes some surprise In ftCe of the plans' fof erecting -Pew bridge It had generally been expected that no more building In the ravine would be seen until the bridge wa in place but according to Messrs' Hustey and Goldsmith they are practically decided to go Jr- Mr John Sph-xak and daughter Aik 'attended the Fullerton dtar Athletic Ann dance la Chicago Wydnee-day evening rSk Oeo Koeth Jr to enjojlnjf a week's vacation In Chicago an the gpenf oCAlr Herbert Lorber add will attharL the remont club dance Saturday evening The following 'peraon who left Fox Lake for'varioue point to epend tbe s- winter bare returned for their winter vacation: From Chicago Mi Florence Bpfexak Mine Mai Daily from Fittaburg Kd Tweed Tweed: from Fag is River Vie Mr aod Mre Jansen Brbadkurb Fla Andrew Hettinger It'oMilgBtb of Interest to opto that M' Hettinger returned frqm Florida dp arcane the cxceMlee beat and the activity of the mosquitos while Mr and 'Mm'ianeva and Mr Braadkorb mtprncd from the wild of northern VFleartnein to eecapf the eerert eold "Wearier rt at tHiildar ab aianSe fhlo anU18ltbr a Tinrtff 'Adamet mansgrr ior'obe Jif I be Uarltaugh Innilier yard ha resigned i Jr1 Thor Charles Tbotnpaoa of Spring Grove a yieftor at George Ben this 'week BBiison ha' returned fromhie trip through the emitbern ntaf -1 1 John Convene of Montana le her toy a short time on bueineee Lenxen Bros wiffreeli their entiry threshings and corn bneking outfit besides forty bead of cattfo' atveral horses andmnlee and a great deal of grain at their anction eale Feb 2 XThe many friendi of Holland Townerad M'Butberiand Iowa1 formerly of this Kwill belntntvetrd to know that itle eonHarold won first prixe-Jn tb health oonteet fur babies at the InxtitBt at that place There wat large attendance at the Aidodety at Jra laet Thursday afternoon and everybody sport a fine time meeting are very enjoyable affair gentle men aud ladbw both attend This men viit and the Indies eew and visit also Then was a lunch nerved for which tbn gentlemen pay 10 cent each The next meeting will be at the homfof Mr and MresC br-Thbmeon on Thursday afternoon March 6th Everybody invited trained pane from Chicago ie taking care of Mrs John Amann whose cond tion still lyyery aerfoue Glenn Longmii in quite'xick with qnfoqf Mrni Wait epent Wed aped ay in Chicago -IV TV' A GIRL AT Mental and PhysJcsf Developrfient Ar-reeted for Eighteen Paxeed For Gliri 'JS-! Mlnnkapolla year of age woman now39 year oUL'has a a little gfrf in jlin-ndapollk forWjrelk TOoVngusinfoV men attorney -aoqjal eervioe- workers and even courts From the time yhe was 14 until sbe'waa 28 she wu cm-1 ployed at work pucb I usually done by children of 15 or '16 'By changlng places eyiy -yegr or two she kept her ploy era'v and aasoclxtei from noticing heir failure to grow older Prof Milter of the University oLM Inn eeotahsa pronounced er case "the most Interesting psychological rtudy of which be hxaerer beard" fV 666 For Rheumatism and Gout Lake's big weekly INDEPENDENT 201bs StJGAR 4 1bB'GINGERSNAPSV 3lh? a v- jt $100 mlKht hcjvellto tatCj th ewelfoiu announuufieul of social fnnetione and future feetivitiee can be mailed to box HI oF telephoned to 503 or left pereunaJly with JobuA Bolt Halpie Bldg Fox Lake III VILLAk iliee Pearl Mobano vieited brriietws Mre Bert (ialighcr Batnrda and Sun-daj n- Mr: and Urn Leo Rarpetable are rejoicing orr the arriral of a- non bom Sunday morning Mre McNeal ot Lake died laet Bnnday morning BhaVrae nn old re-eldent them and wae well adranevd in yearn twing eomewhem nearhinety Oscar Sorenson 'spent Saturday pinht and Monday at Coruere Bert Galigbsr attended tbaaale at Tbon Tueeday Mre Any Hook was accidently acaidcd tqoite badly laet Monday- The Farmer'ifnetltn teat Lake yilla bad a good attendance MILLBIRN Hr Bonner and- eon Lelie at tended the Farmer klnstif nte at Bound Lake Batorday and also AUred Spafford Mre A 8afford And damfhter Helen are vfitjig Mm Ralph' Wheaton of Wheaton Illinois V- Tbe FnfnierV (petit ut at Mlllbarn was well ptUnded at all of the eeeeiofle WmMcGflimTpnt Saturday Wifh friwda yral day with fiie eon Panf and Ur gud Url WU UcGoire t- ey 'it Tfie IlesAid eOciety- haeptpiiiied their reguier monthly meeting- nhtij March i t- Mrn A Martiaetraneacted hqyimae jn thiamiilie naet week' pMT lUt Bedell will fie tlw entertainer a the eburpb Satnrday evening Feb 15 The many frkeida of C- Mints will be pleaerd'tu bra that be feVmndi better ''Earnest Bidinger transacted buelnem in the burg Thursday Mr and Sire Barrett of Half Uay rici-nity attended tha Instil nte ben Mr Hliiahnth Towet paed hef 87 tb mlleetone Friday HIC3CORY MrandMra Lon Hill "and daughter Ennk of Pieeeaut Prairie spent Tuesday at the home u( 0 Holicobeck The Hicknify eemeirfy eocietywill bold their monthly 'meeting at the 'church Feb-StL-TheJadicn wecvingare-JMra Grimm and Mr Savage Ladire art re-quested to bripgneedlee and thimble fuie Vogt the purchaser of the Ben Amen epeat a lew day of hst week attending sales He 'expects to take possession the let of March Rev: Pitman 'Will give an illustrated lecture on the Passion Play eoon MU Lois Smith attended tjie teacher' meeting at Lake Bluff Saturday i Ur and Mrs A Savage and daughter Irene spent Sunday with tha Hollenbeck family The Ladles Aid society meeting at Urn Webh'n we well attended All the oew officers officiated Mre Henry Griffin sDendlog a few dayn in KenoebtL Aineeol Chicago andpChaeet Mufluireof Antiochepent Snndny at 0 Hollenbeck' Arthur' Pederson and Elmer Bonette njMntBnhday withfiiende in Lake ViUa Mr and Unit Ctftiet -Paul eon Repent 8tiuditt nlilj UrVaoilMts EfueHlUelle er hie Maieh Jvt Jacob Lanem jr whol working -Fort M-yert Ha la- reguliug Jbifi Fox PILUBURYFIX)URbbl- BRANioiLMEAl SHOOTS MIDDLINGS CORN AND OATS RED DOG FLOUR fi r-vr i 0 475 a ATTHE BIG STORE-WESTOfRL TRACK BARNSTABLEi Gurnee niinois Lake frlHod altb A-errim of pic torn poet cards depiciiug eceuee in that hwality A Meyers has placed an auto sled in commiwkin on Nippereink letke President PaedWoup of the Fox Lake Lake f'ommendal Aw'd will issue a call shortly after the lee cduiog eeaaoo for a meeting of' the aMOciatkin The 'call rill eompnvhead the eWctiwa of officer the consideration ol' way and -means and tbn mapfng ont of a campaign for the coming neaeon K' C' Howard le planning 'to ept a canal froia hie hobdi ieion to the tracks of the A 8t Should he succeed this will' afford aceees fur launches to within a short distance of main street 'The village board met in regular arseion-Thpraday Fb Utb ChurchW-of GrayelAkeT ttaa-in towa recently rcircHiting Fied of Waukegan: Mrs Landry is on a vlilt tb tha home of ber father W' Qlnnan poatmaeter of Washington Heights 111 Geo Hichardeo of Round Lake wan a business caller Monday The Fox-Lake' Business Hen's will give a ball atrtlie Edelweiss annex Saturday dtening Feb 82 'C Phone Advertising Ratus On Application J- DF Couleon spent Saturday aod Bun dpy Jn Chicago at a bbepitgl atElgip Wednesday- Feb 3 afur a Jong Dlnrem'aMb age of forty Kvenyear UUe-PfanDentill formerly lived at McHcary abd Fremont where She leaves an agej father ad(Lmotber Mr Bn John Pfamehatill ofGraya-lake two laiatere' iaeLizzie Pfenuen etill of'GreyRlake and Mrs Mary Horcberof Antioch and two brothers Joseph of Libertyrllle'ohd John from McHeitry besides many Other relatives aod 'frieodaJ Interment took 'place fit Fremont Basket Ball Tha Gniyalak basket ball team easily defeated tb Waukegan high school team at the village ball Saturday night -day The boyrfrom showed plenty of elans ae well a gamenees ev Jn in the overwhelming defeat of 54 to 13 bnt tha six and weight of the team combined with the accurate biwlret throwing pnd Captain Burge proved too large a handicap for the boy from the county eat The visitors were crippled by the ab sence of Carlson Drjedale and Isaapaon but nevertneleea jtlayed hard ophill game against great odds The first half wa faster and harder fought than tb lat and ended Ir 'a core of 28 to'-" In the second half ae Orayalakehad Vnn np an enormous ecora Burge- called' time allowed 8 banks 1 to take his plates- Braudetetter played the whole game at right forward add mad a good showing despite the fact that he met hard lock backet shooting-Mann playgd a-good gatne at guard and helped to keep tha eroro dqpaided The nigimLH-playe Sllet'f The line hp gad iwMAkoln pRiidMlMMiMiM()itMMiAf ud Bwartx Field ba- Hookv 12- Burge-0: Braudetetter 8 ShankJ 2 Maun Brad-bury SMaleolm Olaon" Bvrartxi? Free throws: Hook 3 Notice -Taxes are now due l-will be at Round Lake Tuesday Lake -Villa Thursday Grayalake Wednesdaya and Saturdays until March L- Jom Mahox: Tax Collector e-20-4 ROSECRANS John Chops and wile visited at Tom Edwarda ou Thursday 4 Mr Tom Frailer was in Waukefikui Tuesday' aud brottgbt Mre James Webb home with for a short visit Jamea Welch has sold hiiT farm to John 8trabafi rr -ae Blanche Oliver spent Sunday with Urn 8pencer Crawford 8evcral from bam attended the man qnerade atRuaeell on Monday Hlee Hattie Zaudere spent 8nuday at home- Mre Chaney Nellie in visiting a Hies KatoGeUen Will at honw -from Chicago tor a few days James Tucker is confined to' the-houve with lagrippe- Company iff- Liberty yille lllinola January 801918- Public notice fa hereby given that a rial meeting of the Stockholders of Corporation First National Safa aw vuBiuitivit g'lfti i tlBMUUW DQ1I Deporit -Company of Liberty willq Iff will be held at office of tbs' Company in TJbertyvmntlTb5 1 1 thdayfiT MarrhlDlSat the bour'ofthrae HIT HUHi Uf lUllV JUCfi of aaid cpyfioratfon v-r JbitT Taylox ttKELKY GhIDLKV Bgiuiutx M'iluk Carroll GninLEY Directors' Jail 81-Fel! 7-14 A Bailed riisriftge at the' LpuBEn Go Liberty vllfo 20 PER CENT 20 DISCOUNT We are giving you 20 per -t cent Discount on all STOCK FOODS This includes INTERNATIONAL HESS LIES and PRUSSIAN Now is the time to fob advantage of thia big (ale end buy year stock food Grayglake Round Lake DR Li COULSON VETERINARIAfi Office at Gardinier Hotel VV Phone 53R 7 GRAYSLAKE ILLINOIS Orders Taken forjanWork Isaatifotnrday nfoi Ur ud' Mnl Benehaa were tba victim of a surprise partyv tbedotrkdcgT4heiiAetMth anniversary their friend thought it a suitable time to walk in on them' Tbet wara large' number vf cneat present tlierleft: who Judging by the Sine they? teftneft morning quit joyed Umpieelve Mias Blanche Houghtdnof Chicago spent 'Sunday with ber mother Mrs Jn iirfelt fee cream at tbo-JLrxaill Drug Drude Drug Co Mist Margaret Geddee of Chicago was a guest of Hie Cora Lobdell last Saturday and Sunday A brand new mull earri-e arrived at he home of Hr and Mrs Harry Geary at Monday morning a nine pound boy Mr and Mre Longabough ao-pompanied their aon Jean and family on an auto ride to Lake Bluff Gus Schulta baa been under the doctor1 care the past week Albert Sendee and wife of Waukegan were gneeta of relatives hern Sunday' Uiee Clara Keyes returned to her home at Waukegan Sunday after pending several day With Heury Knehker and family' 'i Wm Peckerand family of Waukegan vIhImkI relatiree hem Sunday The next number of the entertainment coiinw will be held Saturday nvenlpg at the Congregational ebnreh There wllfhe a Iwtnrt oa India by- a native at the church Friauy even- ing: -v- Odn Marble of Uk VBInfwae a calk er here Monday -11 rand Mr Lofte of HUmot iiindayi 1 'V w- w- i IMD brother William anf family i- rT A tael and you want Uggitte at the Bcxall Drug Store BrandetetterJrahdEarl Thomsou transacted bneinee In Wauke gan Monday Grandpa Loftna baa been laid np vrich rhenmatism the past week 'w'e ileedamea White Schaffer Frnlon jongabough and MIm 'Daley- Doolittle will entertain at a dancing party tonight Friday evening at the opera b0Ue Judge Fitch bae been quite ill the past week GAGES LAKE i I- Mr and Mrs LeMor and danghter Uiee Gladye of Evanston epent the past week with Ifr and Mrs Tom Hogg Mr and Mrs Grieebaum were caller at the Keller home Sunday Clarene WedgertT Millburi has been awing woodln this virinltyi Little Warm Chard has been on the vfek list Mr and Mira )B Kellr spent- Mon ay at tbs Bilaev Wright -bom at Jbertyville Harold Cleveland of Graysiaks -was calling on friends hers8nnday lr A Cleveland shipped a earload of atock Tuesday night -What is tbs matter with our Ladies' Aid society? Oh we onet Oeorne Cleveland was Chicago visitor Wednesday Mr an (L Mrs R-NLitwiIer spent Monday- paihnte -at Liberty vllle Mr and Mrs George Cleveland entertained a number of Irirad with ea)rde on 'huraday evening Light YhfrMhmenie wefe nerved and a good time enjoyed alLXv M' and Uri Cbae Thayer' epent 'll ii 'w a 'v tjemt' Runday with Wil OINefiaqd 'faJledon-hU many fruiiirfa lilv' ROUND-LAKE Druce ha engaged a' druggist from Chfeago to take charge of her etora at Round Lake which ha been under th proficient charge of Mr and Mrs VimwtetUr-who-wilL leateliie spring for tbeir new home in-Texas LIBERTYVILLE CABINETWORKS We make all kinds of FURNITURE LIBRARY TABLES 28x44 $170 REPAIRING OF ALL KINDS -v Upholstering Picture Frames Made Chair Caned Mirrfri Rasilvsrad "All Work Promptly Exacutad1 LIBERTYVILLE CABINETWORKS Harry Hicks Prop" Phone I76 UBEKTYVILLE ILL Curedat Horned Xo graaay ointment or suppository nothlitgDupleaeaut at all An iabeoiutely' harnIaea nedyX free from all opiates of auy kiud Pile Globules ie a emi iaetic Capenie to be taken three or fouv timee a' day It touebev the epoiraud you relief quick and- certafaItchlng bleeding blind or pertrtidipg iptal will yield to this treatment XSs 8snd today for a BOe box of Globules containing pUa treatmen Your money refunded if not perfectly satisfied I BRADLEY Mfg PMicirt'-CHICAGO HEIGHT8 'At 25 130 JCj -Tr y-- -i' i 1 rf cases any AREY0U Tor Poison Blood Pnrifies the BIood Qetnscs the Liver jCHesra the Slria Strenfithtna the' Nerves Incresget dw eppetite For Catarrh Serofats Serofuloua Hnmora Ulcera Pfnplea on die Face Conidpatioa Headache Bsck" aod all Blood diaeasea front any Geo Hobart onr versatile "wildler of --fortune" is now aci fog aw head In room 5 at Morris fee hotu in nddi tion to hi duties at Faedcloupe buffet "The ivgular winter bathing season in how in full blaat at Morris' beuufapwhere lnvqlqnury bate" arcjtakeh jalmoet daily greatly" to-the-eonetemation of 7' the Ephidermee of The kerplunk of their bodies agitating the AqnaPura in coTtibeetionwith a volley trf dilated expletive feuing Iron the ravenous 'depths their ihtemal regiuiueiniingled witb hoaive Ji)! for For Chills Fever Of alLscientifia ChilL Mtldris and Aiue 'J Mures MCHILLAX" great f-ti eit 7 Absolutely sure' safe and hardiless 'help puuctuated by ebutteriug teeth 'together with the clawing hffeeeakea I-1 ICnow Us germ- ioni in mmi urnro- me pvV" -t AMildFtmilr Lissthre laSgTIfe Nqw Distoveryi Far RHEUMATISM ad GOUT deep- seated and apparently hopeless ll We in InbuifneM right here where you Uve You are na acquaintance neighbor or a friend of ouri This money-back If-oot-aUafied offer should prove the sincerity of our claims When we eey we believe ve nave the beet luaUvs end berk up out etetement with our unaualiffedtoram -lee to -return without queetfoa' or of sick heedaehe htUouenw bd i foriiality thelaoney pud os for it braeth nenrcusneM and other file if it doee not peeve eetiiviy iftsrtive factory to you ve believe we era eo- Make ProveThb Hamora sod Pains iii ths me mu aria Don't waste Jatmutmat uuBfjrn at dr boadition Used by Specialists in every quarter of tha Globe Pleasant to taka 1 (fane win ooapotmda euro-alls andliauncoU- Cure Your Kidneys For Kidney Bladder and Unninry Disrates which il neglected often leads to Bright's': Diattst KIDNEY FLUSH is a safe speedy end satisfactory remedy for long standing trouble possessing a wonderful antiseptic power We went you to come to onr atom and get package of Rdkall Order- lies rU a few or uaep the entire box Then if you are not entirely satisfied come hack and tell us and we will promptly return the money you paid us for them -Ton promise you rign nothing you obligato yourself to us in no way whatever We aeeepl your mere word Don't you now believe' that RexelT Orderlies are worthy of a triaif Could any offer be more fair? Try Them at Our Risk 1 a Wei and for daiieata people KezaU Orderlies eocoa in vest pocket tin boxes 13 tablets 10e tafatsta 25e 80 tablets 60s Venal does out tablet i for I i A r- depend upon your la us We know wo must secure and hold were not poaitiveiy certain that we saa prove our Hanna foe Our experience with them and the -many report wo have received hum thoee who have need them prove that they ero nelly tha most pmaing and aatiafactoiy bowel remMy wo know of RexHl OnJeriim Usto Uko eawjy They ere soothing end eaay in eetion They eeuae piping nausea purging or eTcearivs looeeneei ae do 1 -the uauel phyrio or laxative Raxeil Oidniiae seem to aet ea a tooio-1 etrengt baser upon tbs nerves end musoiasof the bowels Theypeompt Cmpang Utrt Smith 3b: nifeWlk chiuux focuhMMi riw toil ito (mhtoaraWlHIUMATISM RBME0YI KroNft UH iuwy NdMOf DiMMM) UM -v TaulvalM IMU Im me rAw SMI eMh i CBM rnew Marne we ate CAUTION i Plaaae bear in mlad that Baxall Orderlies are not sold by drug giate You ean buy Rexall Orderlies only at Tha Baull Stores -i You can buy Baxall Ordariiee la this community only at our etora: Am aasMamviM ie a ovT jms eoy and mao to AMnm A 'DECKER axott (IbiM LIBERTYVILLE i ILLINOIS il u-u- Tlw Roxnll Store am AnMcn'g Qreateet Drug Stores et "A- VS tV- A i -w- sru W- M- jv 1 -V -rt-v iii '7 it r- i 1 s' I i 11 4 ev -v- -W 1 r'H tf r-yJ' if ''--uXa'-: 'A i.

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