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The Waukegan Weekly Gazette from Waukegan, Illinois • 2

Waukegan, Illinois
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tff -htt- -7 -wragWEteafa i i' 1 r'-i VV'' --'5S 'f -is Ti 1 Is a i "u'aarwdi i-f-v- -'V f- -i I 'i fN rN- i ir- -r Sew Advertisementl CITY MILLS! Dovt forget that Tildsn wad hand-in THE CAMPAIGN fVv riutlirgnn (SaMfJ Highland Hall Open Sepi 20 1876 no I- -r'll I1 op the connndrnm if asked whether Jeans Christ was crucified 1 on Calvary shot at Baslcerhill that party with the smoko of burning towns and the blood of thousands of brave men upon its garments talking of moral purity Tbe affiiirs of the country bad never been so frugally administered ai fog the past' eight jeers under Grant! Under Washington: the lnes on national receipt and disbursements was $222 for every $1006 under Pierce it was under Great it was 34 1 Of Sam Tilden there' was very much to say He was born with a Demo6rer tie in one band and a Railroad charter in the other and when 12 years old was incorporated since which he had been like -other corporations without a aouL He was tbe connsdlcr of Credit Mobilier When Oakes Ames is asked on the witness stand who counselled that fraud he replied Samuel Tilden Tilden was a'railroad physician Other physicians thrive by their success in saving life Tilden hi prospered by the skeletons of railroads scattered through the eountry toads that he bad rnined The record book showed that Samuel J' Tilden never gave one cent of to help on the benevolent societies madenaoe-saiy by tbe war It was not because of his family expenses for he wss never married -and what was worse 'nertr seemed to want to marry i His reoord ih war times yu bad but could not be i nprovedjby patching it np now I Ibe Democratic cense lost in the field expects to at the ballot' boi Will the citizens of Lake count bse their vtnees and their votes to keep the grand old Republican party at the head of the nation? 4 ti i- fi i'v- i i bj I i'-: 1 i ti fi i i if SATURDAY SE BER REPUBLICAN NOMINATIONS1 1 FoT'fivetdeet RUTHERFORDS lAYES of Ohio Fot Virfl FteiMent WM A WHEELER of MH York ILLINOIS ELECTORS Xt Lw-PKTEB HTHUTOKRi rf Oool £lUXAKUtaf Maedupln Find lilatrlrt-J BORG lARMOPB i Knmi4 Iihtnrt-B Iilll 1 Third Dlrtrlrt-LoriS fiwnl l)WHetUIIN ri LIKBy riff BAILKY Hlith PMrifl JOHN Herrnth VKAJUtlJnS VOBWIN-KiEhlK lhririr-J KT'" -Kinlh FBI Trk ALKX MljTHL Thirteenth IMOitteincjIAELIlOliAHOl 'Famrteenth HI CBEA Fifteenth Phtrict-fl BOW DCH AFFEE Witonlh IHrtrfiAJIH MWITT IhrHitfmtk'UiirtiWTrRl A HAPPY' -Eighteenth WJWIK WML a Nineteenth UtMrlct-JtWKPH CASTLE rE -cIhfic: For Oovfrmir -JL CVUifJM uf 8 FICERS: SHELBY For Lfeutciihn Governor ANDREW BIIjPMAN of Cook For kMWttf of BUto GEORG 1L HARDOW Of TmowoII For Mate kuditor I THOMAS NEEULKB of WaehlagRi 1 For State TieaiMier 1 EDWARD BCTI of Bt Oair ss raCAttomfy Oeaeral' JAMES DULU alfM tRcinUicsB District Coapptioo The Repobllcaa eaten of the-Cooatio af McHenry and Lake are fequaitta aead Del--eaatea to the Repdbllean Senatorial and Repro- oen Ultra JNatrlet Coamtioa to be balden at Mr Henry im laUrday the Mb da of aepteea Immt neat at one nL to put la nomiao-: Uua oua l'aiuitdate to I represent us In the yea 'ate and two ln tlia h4m of lteptesoiiUlleea i The tuilo of Ib'prrsiMUthHt will be ono Prto- Ekte to every tJp votes leant for tbe RepubUeau lTealdenllut Electon Ui ItTa sS foUowi McHenry Coouty eaht OM eotce end' teen- titled fo St Drlrgitni Lake County eaotSMt i votes and is entitled II Delegate I L-V Thohas i A Bait no i Trina Stkakhs I Bautholos HI Republican County Convention i The Republicans legal voters of the several 1 fowaa ln Lake -County are rr united to send IdnlrgntM ton County I'ouventloo to be held nt UIertyviIle at ime o'dock on Snturdny Hcptember 8 IKI for flic purpose 'of placing In nomination Canillilatee tor -Attorney Circuit Clerk Klirriff and foroorr Also for the clrrtion of J7 delegates to tiie Dnalmtal Coer vcvttlon to be held at MpffenryHrptHuberiatb -and for the arleetkm if urh number pi Dele-jgstea to tbe Coaipvnililnnl Couveiitloo (yet to bo railed)' ail may bo iloMgnated by the proper romailttee also' for pin tmusaetlon aueb ether buHliMM aa may irome beforeSheCaaven-'tioa Tbe Several fowpe Will be entitled to eefid Delegatcf aa IuHum i' Beni on UbertjrvlUe Fmamit WaueoudaJ a t'lKNIe vlgaJ Ela Veiwm 1S Deerfleld Sewport' ftMdin it I -r it Avon a arren Waukegan Shield 1 The Republican voten of fho eeveial towns Tof (he eoputy vare recpnuneiidkd to bold their 'eaneussra to ehouee Urlegateo aa atxtre at the usual place -M holding aueh'imeetliigg In their reepectiw mni on FsidaV Septe liber ath It ia uImo mpeelully -titged that a RegMibltcaa Central Coniialttee be appointed in ebch town- iiCoiiimlt- ulttee I i i 1 does lot settle aiqrthing -bat is generally offered by a xnhn Who is Laid up for argument had been nomiaated I 1 1 Ir 'Bristow would have voted for bim said' a other day 'Well Bristow iSneakn AfthetjmowJ-vebw 'war nominated in the highest possible praise Bsaa iuro tint Tildea was one of those Who' declared the war a failure that he was one of die committee' tht reported the infamous resolutlbaH to the National Democratic Conventioo in 18SS ir vote for the Copperhead i -i a-- Maxit a note of i( that although nearly every other prominent Democrat ia 'New York gave money and service to benevolent eances in connection with the war Gov Tildea gare not! one dollar- vote for -the stingy man with his of money' i Foe yice President Win Ai Wheeler Said a prominen Dlinoisian recently: I know Mr Wheeler personally and I would rather see him President than any other man I The geotlo man in question will doubtless see Mr Wheeler elected Vice President 1 Probably no more honorable no broatler-miade statesman nO pdrsr patriot lives than Rather ford Hayes Tfrice a congrereman a Wildier through the Way threg times: Governor- pf Oliio and 'no man! can' find a dark spot oh bis record No Democrat evenpre-(ends thatHayegisnot pure lllaine iiadbeen nominated I wOnld have mupported him but this Jhyos knjw about voting for" said an' admirer of tbe Maine gentle-L-man not Ibng since Mr Blaine recom- i msnds Mr Hayes jand congratulates the country Jm the character of the Repub-licanleader l1 -ft 1 4 Verront holds its State election bn Tuesday nexLl The Democrats'- only h6ge for carry ing the state centers on the large number of public speakers they bavq sent there! lt is thought that fall these orators stay' and vote the Democratic ticket it would materially decrease the Republican majority CoicixTiiiit Tie are generally very freely nseil in? political bet for tuadntternled falsehoods we commend the Demecrntic professions of parity and In glittering 'generalities Demo- cracjr favors reform! bnl few si ogle specific items of fmsiness done by any Democratic ontbocity can be pointed opt as possessing particle of reform Jart Ikr Fun -T Seventy-si lmttpu gloves tea nmif the feshion they are fitstenod together behind the small of the back' and it takes two to put theiu ou yi son ie all veiy weRT estd rb-mlo mn bul tbe moon la worth two of it for the moon afford ns light when wetcant wfaeiea the sun ia with ns In the day time time when wo have wa oceattomfor itf mo at have lived here a long time iOj mil a tntv 1 ng Englishman to an Oregon pioneer sir I have Do see that mountain! Well when-I caiuo here that mountain was hole in tbs ground 4 At the French Assembly' 7:15 M- i t- SDCA Another time invito tBfi nggel Irish emigrant eras arguing steonglyin favor of an equal division property in thellemd land of hu adoption shppaee such a division were to take -bow much do to your share I know exactly replied Teague I should suppose something like two thousand dollars more'or 1 what would you do with your portion when "'you got asked the i i -i1 the man ns wdqld spend it would I TiotU rejoined tho Irishman whji that was gone what wonld ydu lo nextr demanded the other' i woahl I do retixrned the equalizing philosopher whst shonhi I do my jewel bntbe after hsv-ing'another £riuoir l-r: Mark-Twain soys that-ha went to Mob moadom with the tloi of exterminating polygamy Im alh "my heart was wiser than my hesiL- It warmed toward the poor nbgainly and pathetically turned to hide the generous meiatnre in Bay -ejWj I ashb the men hat merries one ef them has done an act or cliritisB eharitr' which entitles him to the applause ofManxiiid not thrir Itandi censure and th man that aurries sixty of them hosdooea deed of nurriee sixty or them uas uooea aeea oi open-liamlxl generosity that is indeed sub-liusr j- Ladies Attention 1 i i- f) i it" ye A rcix um or HOOF- SKIRTS SJ AXD BUSTLES r1 AX A i Aleo Madam Thomson's Celebtatcd CO ETS 1 Just Received at i I MJ -n Opposite Post Office 1 -I School URS 1L REILLY'S A i' Opp Post Office tr Attention On Mmday Eveaingii ii-- i-'i it mm l4 is Hon 4 1 -r 1 lj' A-? SHELBY RH 'v i i 1 Vm A5 I Vv i Ml i i a-V -L Hon' Will jAddrms the XSttieiM ot take v-h County at v- ft 1 re ti VV aukegan i rb-5' TUB -Tit WHS2LBR -y j- ijy ii zwmty s-1 f-' rifttn -y te Utf i lUj it i a tit tf -hu lyiiv pt iy List evwy Patriot turn- out find give the riSpsterati rdusiBg uelidome Oontnctkri' Ne Inflation Tl Kditart your papSrti tbe champion' of the right of aU classes of people to be beard -on sill matters of public interest I take the liberty to give iny views as farmer as to some of the qualifications of one of the prospective candidates for Congress: First tbe formers of Lake county in convention at Liberiyvlle on September 9th should demand a candidate who is a thorough protective tariff man Wld labor 'earnestly for' a tariff on all foreign articles that compete with flax straw' that the raising of flax straw may- become a paying Industry Also for aa increase of the tariff on ie 'w A -I A It-: -fi- The 4 formers maanfisetnrere and mechanics- of Lake should by resolution dsdari that of the bard money men ana capitalist over the dead resumption' act is no fonerel ot That We have no sympathy the financial question with the men who havb done their bbst to destroy the repntation ot the national currencv ''These resumptionists have fbeen prolifio in financial theories which tbey claims 'sronld' prosperity and good times aa Shakespeare's slnt whibU rixteen blind paps at litter! There were loh tff them bat tfiey were elf Sb with Jttieir efforts end thaariee they were wone thou blind ty have created mistriist a witoV ofndenoq counseled the cap ilalist to lock np hW money hoping that wheathe eraeh shenld borne he cottld Inky tip property for a tong! teiwhldi mortgages had byan forecloted Wo have ne objection to silverbut we wans a dollar in coin put oat for evtey-dbQar in greenbacks withdrawn Upcle Bate is rich lmt he wifi not be able re-sume at that ratoiml879 at meuraed the repeal Of the resumption act buifc it was evident that lie had very -few sympathisers bis audience 'j iv '1 After tbe digest one battle of phickaA mauga gold went np and greenbacks went down The army-at Chattanooga was in a starring Condition' Wa were fighting for the' lion at thirteen dollars a month taking pay in Greenbacks worth 40 cents oni a dollar and Gen White tried lo make' the farmers dissatisfied becanse- a greenback is-worth only 90a qn a dolltr Did we ask Con-i grass to legislate on the matter? to resume specie payment? to make a greenback dollar worthj as much as a 'gold dollar by leghdatumj? No Sir we believed that the labor the fortitude and bratery of two mdlloift of Federal soldiers backed by twenty-five millions of loyal people a jusjt CRnin anid the approval ot an overruling Frovidenre would bring- success peace and prosperity! ud then the greenbacks would approximate to the value ofthe gold dollar- A very large majority of the people of Lake believe that the greenbacks were necessary to -cariy ns through the war and they also believe they are necessary to carry im throngh these hard times and we want Con-gressman that -will defend the greenback the best currency the people of this country- ever had A FarxebI York House Cprners Ang- 23 1876! School Report The following is the school report of scipml in district Ho 5l The names foilowxng are thoe that stand above 90 in attendance and scholarship in the examination -t the end of the term which closed AngJ 16: -i Attend-8c holar- jaiice shipi Fannie Wood: 96i 99' Cynthia Convene 99 98 Eva Wood i-' 96 98 Amy Morse 90 i 98 Sarah' 96 1 97 Ela Coevkbse Teacher euniod of ihs 8th Cavafay and jlOfith Infontry The annual reunion of the 8th Illinois Qavalry Jn conneteion with the 105th Infantry will be held at Geneva Lake on Tnasday the 12 th of September All members of the above named! regiments and their friends are eordially invited to go out and spend a day in the '7 beantifol lake' We always have figood time at thaae reunions Gov Beveridge F-' Farnsworth Gen David Dustip and'tothenr will be threp: Ar- rangementa have teen mads wRh the CAN- fmr a reduction of fare forthe round trip i i i- i if i v1 Jim Nichols lias just jther best line of stqves in Lake county andean beat tbe lowest prims offered in Waukegan- TtiOtTEWB WSiwa WUiiim bwtdif -mi th Cvutr of Laka Sum of UllBoia by kla eaHom vaAt maSeoiv uratcS ackMwMrm bbS oata OetoW a isn ui nmiM laib Imiito'i UBa or Iaai Ctoaair twu: Sah Ion aaa kaoSn A aoe 4farti-Ao (loj ao4 bni of Um aMivMoo of lot-ooo kiaOu'iM fon' Sooth Hlshload addltioo to Hichtaod Fuk add oddlthm boioc a MthdlviaMooryarta of Scetioa twaatr Ao (SB) nd thTtr-ex sa Vrm- hip fort ikna (d) aanh naniroa 01)wtf third Ptatdim wMju uTof port tMlu mrcew tt Towrahlp (orW4him(4m pane raasa thhtom Ihldp mid aO lot ooaudnd hMtvSa (1S haieg a Ifontpi of eo dedeeeAveoee eoe lhaweewet US 1 iho-paymt of of twt oo Sou Aaaoto aa principal promlatory onto ftwth thoa-aad Oullaio eoaeoled hy-Wwla aadpafahla lo th orto lnnnit toartog aim dwjrtth aald et dwd and doe thM yen Bob data wuh ioMorat at iho mo of tmiurcmt hho parahla I anoally which iatcrcat ia niduoUr altounlt aotac for flit dollar aaeWof avea data lth ult dMl wriocod potablo mpccttnlr to it li iff irhnel7 a vs tdcdiaaad hy said inut Sard that to ofdo nit ia the pavnaat at too aald proninory note or oar po-hwof acoMdiar to mnacc and affm off fltilfo imtaA hftl bolder ofnMf aotcor aithar ufthcailbr iha Wtlilan rJtlnhoBza wt cad dUp-M of ihonldpmaieeaaadellihe riabL ilila qMdmHUaa of aald ilfliua Mnpo at poouc ohmmo on Liar ai iw warka ta aop mrmpweAO Una paMtahad la the aald coamr ol Lahaaod to aactoia aod dehwer to the dadion tho iwnmM mm Maalohu of Mid traatca aitoiway fan aod other ezpeocee-of nwLihmtopnrtho prioeipal ofanMnotaa whathar dm by the feme ttaraol or not pad tatarcst nhaUawofiacraidMla Aodw IlMNOlifilfi farther provided to oaid nat deed that ia of dofinltln ur of old mmj lauraat aaaordlno to iho tel principal cShctoi or ootaa ar WUr of dm oihmo IB that ooo lha whota of qqldHljrpai nan iharahy naeaiod Ihotitooot aaiosu otioom at laflml hoidw towibMinM tha raid irtaao aoM In tta too idhtomg thoaaU ladrbtadau tarod And whaaaaa dodult haa fcM tha pay rat of tha drat -of tha aald tomcat notaa doaln ala uoatoa after dttoAod lartaapoo Lauo- at Vomm who is ttcbrs! hoidaroi all of Mid atoi haadcclaiod ton aakt priocipal adto dec and payahle aai tafemt to data of mo aod ho haa u'niiBl hllf" anch troataa to aaB aod alapo of aald prruuaa aaoor tha poirar aald troat-dad aoo for tha ptpara ihararo atatad Maw ttnrhtr pah la aoucojatearh flvaa toot la patamaa- of raid troat daad and by vfrtaa of lit powar and aathariiz- io au fattadiA-iM -k eat an 1- vtttoo af tho atanua af the I la mid irmtdaad and all tho riflht UUo- toast and oqaltr ef redetopHoe At tha aald Fill au Hagan hi bairn or aaalgaa haratoac pahlla anttlcw Sir lha hlpha taad baat prtea thaaama wIM hrtoghiCaah loot Aaz Slat lara r- WiTuau KIMBAtL Xcua A Foaaa Allomava lac Troataa gloVn with Tikreed for jreaivi )d deserted Boss1' when the atar pf latter was sinking twt of tight Don' for the corruptionist i iinly thh vote ouscandidate Lcannol lie' Horatio Seynyonr eight yhars ago to the National GonTention and tkeii he accepted the nomination Ifr 8ey-inoar said the same to the New York Democratic conVentjon and they immediately nominated him forOoTernor They seem to the old gentleman in York Statu At hut accounts however he was more firm in hisYefos-al and it seems probable that ai new man would hare to be named 1 At 1 So Loire as Hamburg -massacres only provoke ridicule from tbe columns of Democratic newspapersjttxi Democratic orators pass by tbe murder of a dozen unoffending blacks with only the casual remark that these little affairs are necessary to tfeach niggers their place so long as the deliberate murder of colored men ia as a rule unpunished and the landed as a hero Id long will there be a necessity for the Republican party and humanity will cry out against a national yictory on the part of the Democrats Tbs 'great 'coal monopoly of Pennsylvania' has coDspsed" On Monday last the great aoction sale of coal came off in New York Hundreds of thousands of tons of eoal changed hands at figures ranging from 92D0 to $3L90 per tog What the effect of this will pe on the western market la not quite certain The pwgnlar dealers are said to sup plied but largo' quantities 1 of that recently Bold may be shipped west aiid if so the price will necessarily be Iftwer Chicago dealers say that it will probably be from 50 cents to a dollar a ton cheaper than heretofore I 1 Sunnis that Tildian was the an thorof the Credit As a counselor he advised andplannedj that famous measure which has been denounced without stint by desoocrats inotf its exposure vote for nselar oi inch a measure Keep i Um people that Tilden Swore that his income lor 1862 was less than $13000 and that he swore in 187 tint lie received 1862 $10000 in fees at one time and $10000 in fees anoth er time from one railroad company Either $201000 is less than $14U00 or Tilden did not make bn of those oaths or he swore falsely No one pretends' that he did not make the oaths in' question $20000 is not less tham $14000 Therefore well logic is stern and the conclusion inevitable)! Tildeh ywore falsely Don't vote for the perjurer' Business men will do well lo ask themselves the question: What would be the effect upon were Tilden and Hendricks to be! A vote that would secure the lection of these two men wonl also ele gesnlt in the election of a Deniolcratic House and probably of a Demclcratic Senate Speedily would come up the question already agitated by the Democratic press of a setting aside of the constitutional -amendments and upon Congress would be )hrown a myriad inf claims against the Government and we can hardly doubt that very -many of these would be Allowed Thisl done and valneo would ho wiootHod MpiUl ists would grow auspicious of onrbonda uncertainty and doubt would succeed and-a long atop backward would be the? certain result Viewed in this light every business man must be interested in securing the election Hayea and Wheeler and tbe dosing of all doors against those claims certain to be presented aadwe fear to be paid if the Democratic party is succemfol Wi hear much about the economy inaugurated by the Democratic House of Representatives but sensible people will disoern a difference' betweem reduced approuiation and increased economy and if only one-half enough has been appropriated to' warm end light the capital next winter or jto carry the br to keep up anyif the departments of the Government it does not argue economy add the next kessitm' will only have to increase the deficiency bilL Tbe people demand rigid eeouamy bat they will discriminate between the true and the false jiad they readily that the amount and the amount expended do not always'? exactly 1 correspond They understand too that It is all very fine to talk economy' in! Republican Illinois and appropriate only $400GO for the Illinois river when $300000 is voted to improve 1 the Kanawha jcgver along whose valley the citizens are mostly Democrats! The people understand also that it is not always true economy to refhie money to complete needed buildings half erected or to allow shipping to be stranded upon shifting sand-bars at the mouths much-treed harbors becanse there is no money wherewitli 'to employ th neeer sary dredges and workmen So for as frns economy is attempted our people will heartily 'approve it- but looking oyer the two parties they will judge for themselves as to which will ba judicious ip their expenditures and which preach economy 'iand practice gality Can men who favored the freeing oi' the negroes at the South and the con forcing npon them their long withheld rights of -manhood and citizenship vte for the candidates of thejDemo-11 by Onamm a cratid party and thereby pfotform which says we things not because we believe the black skinned hieing a man' not because we belieye these' eonstitntioual amendments just and legal and righ because we been beaten la it safe to trust them while yet their newspapers and their orators are asserting that these amendments 1 were not legally passed dnd predicting that a Democratic Supreme Court- ifr 0 ever secured wifi set them aside and ire the language jof a former Democratic National platform declare them unconstitutional and Would jit not be a long step backward for men who have struggled through long political campaigns and who have fought in the tanks of our armies to achieve these very objects to nw mildly say ere these Uyngst- Every 'principle of manhood and honor would prompt the old time Republicans to kejeet with soern the vary idea of in any sneh way the fruits of those kmg yearcof fs They' gkwy in the results 1 point 'with the woik aocomriwhed and thank God that in the ittojRlr they were on the a humanity- of justice and "of -s- i-y-ir I-- V' v-r- GEORGE ir- tha lwat igoalUy r-iicj-- -'I Minnesota heal Flaiirr TrX NEW PROCESS FLOUR Graham FIpur Conr Meal Etc: Block a Ml ii l'i Pam at ifi GROCERIES! -i i -i -4 't 1 CBOCXERT Glauvare- L1IPS Etq --v Whk-h wo aa wUtafl ot huttoa pufead 1 1 i i'ii i -4 ji i tr 19 CALuL nxi cl tarr SEiE 4776 Centennial 1 876 S'- Hardware Stoves Tinware Far mi her Tooltip Blackmlfhti Irony lCalls AiilatiEyaPiilfy BuildinffPaper Jkc LOG CHAINS WELL CHAINS Pomp Chain Cattle Tie Halter ChainS Dodge St WatTOUS notes GARDEN HARKS HAY Rake Scftkes Smalka Oriadatanee at tie ekeapeet prim! 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an' outdoor meeting and made the street parade anything but a pleasant a flair for the torch-bearers However the changed programme was carried oat except that the march was considerably shortened The ball wa8 densely -packed and scores of people were nnable to gain admission Homer Cook Erq called tbe meeting to order and nominated the Hon CLW Upton as chairman After marie by the band and an excellent song foom the Glee Club the1 Hon Emory: A Storfs was introduced and for an bonr Snd a half jn ai logical address fall of stern' facts and truthful fignres spiced with apt illustrations and cutting sarcasms held the large audience -Wo 'regret that ws cannot reproduce the entire speech but sonst content ourselves with the following brief synopsis: Tho 'speaker stated that he was Nell aware that it was customary with political speakers to declare' each to Lb the most Important campaign ever known' or that probably erer would be He had iefijmed to restrain the enthusiasm pardonable in youth a and look at these matters from the standpoint of mature judgments 1 Looking at the present campaign'withan eyetotJiepast and the futurp he regarded this as one of the of our history 1 He was often asked: you never to stop abasing Demo-era is He replied that he nevir abased Democrats When -asked: Will you never cease criticising the Democratic never stop talking about the record made by it? never let bygones be he replied: he would stop talking of the record made by the Democratic party when the Democratic party ceased to He did not blame Democrats that they did not want their record spoken of If the record of the Republican party was like that of the Democracy be would not wish to hear it mentioned He would join in the cry bygones be but as the Republican record was so glorious so thoroughly identified with freedom nand honor he always felt happy to-bold the records np'to the light of day r-y After dwelling npon the record of tbe two parties in war and in peace for the past 20 yearu he reviewed the platform adopted at St Louis He said the opening sentence was rjcb cheeky and insolent: the delegates of the Democratic party of the United States in National Convention assem bled do hereby declare the administration of the Federal Government to be in urgent need of Well what of said the speaker they the delegates of the Democratic party in National Convention assembled propose to rpform it? Why they reform themselves He did not blame them that they wanted to reform the Republican party first It it so much earner to reform Republicans than it is Democrats: He had searched in vgin the history of that party for evidqpce that the had ever reformed anything Quoting again from the- platform he -j--' For the Demdcracv of the whole country 'we do hereby reaffirm onr faith in the permanence of the Federal Union onr devotion to the Constitution of the United States with its amendments universally accepted aa a final settlement of the controversies that engendered civil wf" 'Attention was called to the wording reaffirm onr faith in the permanence of the Federal which further along they speak of aa years 'ago---happily rescued from the danger ot a secession of said the speaker was happily rescued -from the danger of secession and they the delegates of the Democratic: jartf Convention aemhled ought thank the Republican party for that danger averted Who were three delegatee -wbo reaffirmed their' faith' in thq 'permanence of the Federal Union? i Nineteen "oat of every twenty of the delegates from the Southern Spates were men who from I860 four' years fought to overthrow that Union and their Northern allies weraf-mainly the same men who in 1864 declared the war for the preser vation of the Union a failure 'l 5 They ureqffirm their devqtion to constitution with its amendments' etc Every one knows that 1 thtee amendments were fought by every Democrat opposed at 'every step by them and row tbey their dc votkm to them The Republican party is a grand evangelizing power It had converted the Democratic 1 party so nearly that it Was defoted to the constitution and its amendments had 'faith in'1 the Federal Union'and was opposed to Tier had actually declared against 'stealing Think of it tbe same old Democratic party the i stole so much in time op-posed -tolaroenyl The Republican I arty only needs to keep on and tie Democracy wiU come -unt in favor the whole decalogne 1 1 The Democracy oppose what they call centralism The speaker- favored what ho understood by centralism and what' be believed they meant by fhe term It means the power of onr Government5 that protects the humblest citizen though be be ten thousand miles away just the same as at home It means the power that having freed and made ai citizen of the negro now protects hiih ia his righted The Democracy cried out for' a sound currency What do mean? 'Is not 'onr 'currency' sound? In eight years the country bad seen gold decline from $1j60 and if Republicans should still rule' although no steps should be taken towards resumption one of thesemornings the nation would wake np to find gold at 100 and greenbacks at 200 specie payments resumed and nobody hurt The Democracy had sought! hy war and since by attempted repudiation derirOy the --national credit And now they -talk i about nn-sound currency' 'The ptdicy of the Democracy in finahcre was like their war polfoyf They were in fkvor of a vigopue prosecution ofthe 1 war bu opposed to eonecription in favor uf br-ganizing an army but opposed to paying a dollar's ton to arm equip or pay that army in favor of doing-something if it toaH be dont by doing nothing' TheDeteoyUlk'of'm'oral rity! that party bonsyeom bed alLi throngh with sim vthoeo mCmbets bul4 give -ill a "1 73 lA'- This floe establishment becomes beneeforth flevoted eclitl velr to the work of llinn fw which It is adnurahly I' t- hM A I-H-4 WESTON highland hark III If 7 Strayed or Stolen -j i i i 1 11 Hoppaaid to ksvw barn takm fra ay UI Oo or about iAugmt lltb Light Bay Hare awttali WttB oo wklto apotef fhla Mack lit or 10001 largo toll oboot 1 Load high hmif bead carried kljg oo her left aide near Saak UMBO white halra on her jr AKD tor WiH FEBRY Lake Forest 111 jfl furritwo wtiMlpufla or awalUaga- lake Count fSJIm vvo i'-- ipr -f rjrifi The Monthly Junior A- I -s I -j 1 a ff ti vr WHITNEYvyrv 1 4 eX i ILLINOIS 1 KJ BRUCE Uc i WAUKEGAN 1 It ia raaial4a aandror Jootaal aod an a evarj Laha Ouat DV will ha tetmaUd lo a iSend 50 cts for a Snb'sptn arSeaat la a aaula mafj 1 Aa mio aad arrita mar and Fuat Mm aihlrm pUUtf Thru Bruce Vkliatf Bez 100 WAUKEGAN ILL dwiSte i1 ft' -L 2 1 A I- mtuntti -j 1 AMD DBA LEA Df Mt- -im 'll l-L jf A- fiptw Fancy Goods' Notions Fnrulahing Gooda Pnttenm Zephyra Worsteds Gleveo wen as Moot Bmka' StnUoeery Cray- jf Mias desires' once more to -v -V 4 thank the Ladies of Lake County for past patronage and assures them that her stock will be kept full and com plete her goods the1 beat in the market nd her prices reasonable Gall at the I oldtesndDn'J' -1 'Vi I a mt'H sh i i iK' G-enesee Street i' i 1 aa V1! WaA i -A 4 ti if Three doors south of (Madison -j -1-4 i Highland Hall ICfi'i- to Ba 4 ILL A 'CDnii 'Hi mjmtoinf'iSiiool "i Fall Settiom of ttotniy' teeehi be-' gino September 20 187C! 1 1 1 a -M 1 ft WHS OAduple Board of Fmieiiiawisnd Traeh-' rwet-uuj aamriated -in tlw waiiagnarwt of Ferry Hall -i-- mhw ratlrr Oawrarwltti itkw In tha Drparueeoto of llaalc special fi Art and Modem Lurtufn -Full iulunuaUue given on appUeatioa totbe Fnoideut or to GEORGE 'LL WRENN IWlZto A KKW DEP1RTUUE I 4 UPHAM CRABTREE Proprietors Oeneeee St Just North of Waukegan Honan We have employed a FIRST-CLASS HORSE SHOES and shall hereafter be prepered to do work In thie line -j Wa are aim prepared to de SIGN WHITING Hftvlnt li mply om ot IIm MAiMfta thta Muutryj i CHfAfeCfi THAN EVER l-L Wagooa Bagrtra mad Carrtagaa at prlam lower than ever Flrat elam workmen employed FIBST CLAMS MATERIAL VSEU Vimaally Low Fftres riven i Xew Work made a rr phinng date la either wood worker iiaewU Oive TTg a Call i UHAM A CRABTREE fflBITSTErS SAIXi-Wbamaa lha Hlghfaat Pa JL Aulldiag Oipiny a aacponclan ahartarud 1 A Balldlag Oampaep earooraaloa ahartarud hv tha latWOMi ml tha SOUa af IIHoaHood Mac heulnuau in thaaaoMraf Utauf Plata of Ulinala hylte Prrulduol ul Macrahuy mfi o- daad a iimymm Gantt flalad Nap Aik USAh ana pwinrlaunry mata af arid Ulflhlaad Pock Bu Ck rid ini pgfl papahla taflhaardaraf tAariaaEcuttaBiraamaiat SSgMPaod papalda hloatpdapafraan data with loturaut at than jpar aaafaai par aoaomoad tp mM tnut drad a aald Oaroutt tha aoaiidlipmMtmridradeaavuiud la prvmluaa kurriaultar dauarttad In I dcAolt lo Um payauat of tha ola and iolaraNar any part fhatmf lingtotoaiooMr aad fta efSprueamury af too hfil hulCur of UbrnMQir riflht UtlajMou BiflhlaadFatk hafiaaraadfloath duaraf lha Qaaatp Btata af 1 ilMtafl daiM Clarhli riba la mMaaoatpaf Illiaota Is too htabaat Mddur ar euiura or cam flrat fllviafl Mica af lha Umo aad pfaeaaf uoch ariahy pmirhlafl aach notiaalaaao af tha aawapapaaa at that Mma pahguhad la tha mid aaoatp aflaEa' tbirtp dapa Mm odd aria aka asaeala aad Arilrarta tha Tir i Meam aafl omvar totoa atahauur arpon aad mflafcat daad arJSa VWWleSipwibaailCufkhAipa- aMflaad that it ahoaM mot ha Madia aaM daad that It ahoaM hot to fii stasjssi-srsBsrjsvstaua wa SM fcr raaard la tha iaearflab iIBn af gyjMwh- Map ITlh Hid aad wuurdud 5 OI af Martfliflmm paa ML Aad whamaa and all afthatatnuut aj 1 ipU I at tha pawar la aaM Uwa daad nalalaiy im naUmNeHaa ttatao i tha tad dap afOo- uhar umat taa a oloek In tha wdSSTSthCik Ulflhlaad Park a-iu--r LL aJah Ouaaty UTjU MriThSrfM aqarij af wliaillu af ab fliaSLu aoaitp af ndamatlaoaf The -speaker closed -with beautiful tribute to the memory of our fallen heroes and appealed to bis hearipre by tbe blood of the fallen tbe team of the wounded and the honor of the brave boys in' bine to stand by tbe cause of truths and freedom by working for tie success of Republican principles Notes from Hayes and Wheeler are the mot we are going to vote for at the coming election' '1' Farmers are busy threshing Gats are a pretty light crop around here some of them: weighing but 20 fos- to the bnsbel end yielding from 20 to 50 bushels to the acre Flax is a fair crop yielding from 10 to 15 bushels to the acre Corn looks well Our energetic cider man' Wilcox is on hand again this Fall with better arrangements lor- making cider lhan ever Mr ltin lias built an addition to his already large- and commodious barn- 1 We understand that Messrs: Mason John Murphy and wife with George Vovrier and wife-start this week Tuesday for-lhe Centennial They-have onr best wishes for a good time a Trom Ela Our quiet community was somewhat startled on last week' Wednesday by a fire The bam (filled with bay) and 11 grain stacks of William Knigge living about a half mile nprtb of Lake Zurich took fire about noon and burned to the ground Mr Knigge being in Chicago at the time' No one can tell bow the fire originated Itis known however that there was quite a quantity of millet that jhad lately been pat into the bam that was rerymuch heated Thera was an insurance on the building oi $600 in thelEla Insurance Col we understand This is bat the second lore which this company has had in about 20 years Tbe other was that of John Remlinger Even with this insurance it is a heavy loss The fruits of hard jto of toil was gone in a few 1 Our formers are hard at work improving the dry weather: Tbe threshing machines are in full blast and we hear those penoni who have threshed say that oats are much lighter and less yield than last year Flax does not yield eo well and wheat in'- Ela is a minus quantitybut there are plenty of ehinch hags Corn is pretty fair and nmrly ripe A slight frost was noticed bn lor ground one tneraing last week but it did no damage- Some of onr people are improving the picnic-Reason There was one at Lake Zurich on the 19tb SomeWan-conda peode picnickyd at the resident of Elibn Hubbard oa-last Wednesday and on -'this week i Saturday the Ger mam Zuri ans hold their harvest pienie at Lake rich Tbe GaSette is doing some good campaign work for Hayes and Wheeler My opinion is that no ex-soldier of i the late-war can afford to vote for 'Tilden August 28th 1876: 1 i Wanconda Hswr Sij' Editor a Gazette: Haring seen nothing in yonr paper from your Wincon-da correspondent of late conclude that he has retired and therefore tend you a few items --r 1 Mr JL Wells with his wife daughter and niece Miss Hattie Green started for the Centennial on Wednesday of last week the 23d rate intending to visit a number of the East cities among others Mr native home in the State' of New York '-Wei wish them a fiaasant time and a safe return i -T: Onr Fall form of school will open Monday Sept llth and as we are to have onr well known and estimable teachers Mr CL Allen and wife with ns again we expect a-- fall attendance "Onr new1' saloon keeper is not doing a Very fionrinbing business and rumor says nbt yet found a sufficient number of petitioners to get a license and it ia hoped by many oi iouir citi-zena that he never will The' (1 Ti Lodge recently organized by1 Mr: John Siboaki elected tbe following officers: Ti-Wm Tidmarsh VT-rGrace Wells-' S-j-E Barker: W- A WF8 Herman Duers Treas Ella I BnmtL na -i if Pratt 'VY CL -Vedder BloCum Caddie Seymour 4 f-W GRobL Moneghan fW H' Fsufiie Bnng NelKe' nigs 'j'CT The itafo 1 line rtutnlng between VWanoondA: and Barciagton affords' ti good opportunity fete people wishing to travel on that route fo rider free of charge 7: Bbvuti Th Central Committee for the 3d -1' jCbngressaonal District met hi tbe office L-' s' of the Chairman! CoL Payne in Chicago on Thursday last and issued its call for a Convention to nominate a condidate for Congress and a candidate Member of the State Board of Equal ns tian The Convention will be held 1 at -I Turner HallChicago on Thursday Sept 28th at 2 Lake! county will bc entitled to: thirteen delegates 7'-! DsMocRAxe should not blame publican party because Tilden is bad man and an' unworthy and bn nnpopu- candidate It was got the Eepnb-lican oonventiou that' nominated him Neither Democrats or RepabKcans are responsible forTilden's crimes bat the former party are hn fortunate in their a '-selection 'of a candidate Had' they known their man as well before homi-' if nating him as tbey now do some other j'l Democrat would have led -the -party L1 They take hint off the tracks now and they will do well to foil into line for Hayes and Wheeler this iime and look out for a better nan hereafter! ihr M4J the i A'ui'jJ Wauled Ckoicw BcTTKaat ti BOTtroUO Jat pallfl aad Jaw sodsissfy eB ttti -I'! Wasted! to all tlawa ri teat at right 'llivn'l 1il Ciil I "-onr yonri: O7nov: ieu BIB rooms No 49 Gentere stres 4- 4 M-'' --t v- Buy- your of Baell At his tommoaoaoapiopamphmhaaQ f- --j '4-4 i I 'i-'- 'Lu i TMh-- 1 --N jj--- 1 itflvi rit la A 1'.

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