The Decatur Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on November 12, 1919 · Page 5
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The Decatur Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 5

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 12, 1919
Page 5
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Wednesday Evening, November 12, 1919. T H E D E C A T U R R E V I E W PACE FTVE STALEY TEAM CLAIMS STATE CHAMPIONSHIP Defeats Taylorville Before Big Crowd 21 to 7 in a Fast Game F!i*. that Goddess of Liberty uhose ho adons the upper side of the d o l l a r and therefore, m a n y a I Guiitless changed headquarters trom j r a \ k i r v i l l e to Decatur Puesdaj when the fast independent football team :f T a y l o r v i l l e v\ent do\\ n before The =tale\ team Jl to 7 Ii was the first ime -in independent t im from here e-ver humbled Coach , l o o \ e r = squid and Taylor\i!le f a n s \\ ho did not thltitv it possible n e r e b e t t i n g oclils un t h e i r f a \ o n t e s The report of the same from a T a \ l o r \ i ] l e man C o l - ' owi In substance Rheumatic Pains Quickly Eased By Penetrating Hamlln's Wizard Oil A safe and ha-mless preparation c elieve the pains of Rheumatism. tica. Lame Back and Lumbago i« n hn's \\jzard Oil It penefates t}i ^ ly, drives out soreness and hm be^s ip stiff aching joints and muscles | You w i l l find almost daily uses for it m cases of sudden mishaps or acc dents such as sprains, bruises cut?, lurns bites and stings Just as re liable, too, :or earache, toothache, croup and col c Get :t from druggists for 30 cents If not satisfied return the bottle and gu your money back r -ver constipated or h a \ e sick head- l i n e ? Just try Wizard Liver \\hips, peasant little pink pills, 30 cents. guaranteed. CHAMPS Sialejs defeated Taylorville here Tucsdaj 21 to 7 btaleys had the best of the a r g u m e n t from the start and scored by s t r a i g h t football in the (nit f i \ e minute', or play The\ rep l a t e d before the first quarter » as up M I n t o r c f p t i n e - i f o r w a r d pas', ind c i r \ i n e the b i l l from t h e i r own 35- \irtl line for a serond t o u c h d o w n The t h i r d score ms made Just he- fore t i m e was r i l l e d In the last q u a r ter Proven o i i r i e d the ball across hv -i q n r t p r l - u k run on a d e l a \ e d SCORES T a j l o r x i l l e mf. u n i b l e to score until t h e nst ( l u a r t e r u h e n b\ a series of l i n e plunsres M u l l e n H I S forced ncro-*. t n d Simpson k i c k e d goal Stiles s p ! i \ p d a d e f p n s n P Kime in the serond ind t h i r d q iirters, oontent- i n K t h e m s f h t s w i t h K i c k i n g the bill \ \ h p n p \ e r Ti\ lrr\ il'e t h r e a t e n e d t h e i r iroil M i ] e \ s p H e d faster and re- I t itedh got t h e r u n n e r from b e - h i n d a f t e r hp hvl cleired the scrim- mif-'e l i n e F o n \ i r r l pisses were not succ-t^fi 1 for either side and cost T i \ l o r \ i l l e o n e t o u c h d o w n The \ l s i t o r s occupied a special re- [ spnerl A c t i o n w h i c h hid been b u i l t | for t l u m T w o sections of this ct\ e j \v i\ clunnr the ^rirno but no one w i s i s r r m is]\ i n i u r p c l Thp largest crowd \ r i t f i dmfr i f o o t b a l l gamo in t h i s c i t \ w is present there b e l n s more t h i n 1 0(10 people The Rime w i s roucrh a (rrpiter part of the w i v ind T i \ l o r \ HP w is repeitedlv penal- 17 d for n f s i d e p i " \ l n c and holding in the l i r e HO« "CORED M i l o s f i r s t count came t h r o u g h s u r - c e s s i u l and repeited l i n e plunges "We're claiming the Stata Independent championship of 1111- noii football teams this morning,' said Morgan O'Brien of the Stales Football club Wednesday, follow ing Taylor-lilies defeat Tuesday afternoon "Taylorville has held the tltl- for several years. The Rock Island team 1 suppose Is also claiming it but we can t get a game with 'hem Outside of that, I don t suppo« my other team will contest oui flaim Spring Valley Is out of it because Kewanee beat them recently and next Sunday Taylorville plays Kewanee and It Is almost a ^inch that Taylorvitle will win I he paid admissions at Taylorville Tuesday amounted to a little ovei 4 0 0 " by \eech, Lanum and Thrift, aided by a 15-ard end run b Dressen, Lanum finally plowing- his w a y through and irross the line The second touchdown came when Veech intercepted a forward pass and . c u t 60 yardb, crossing the line In the last q u a r t e r Charley Dressen scored t h e third touchdown on a trick play M i n t u n kicked goal after each t o u c h d o w n The lineup and sum- n i r v follow s Stileys--Baile\ le Moffett, It Haltorman, Ig M i n t u n , c Moran anc Chase rg, Koehler, rt, Wasem Cooper, \ agner, re Dressen, qb Linum rhb Thrift, fb Veech, Casey Pnzczinskl Ihb Ti\ lor\ ille--P Simpson le Dick Simpson It Neser, Ig, Anderson Peel, c Wacaser, re Ostercamp, rt, P Tones re Banpert C Jones, qb, A' Dot rhb \c-nman fb Mullen, Ihb Umpire--Chynon eth ! L I i t_i --L i t h n TToad linesmin--Mintun Time of quarters--Fifteen mlnqtes Harry R. Shlaudeman, Decatur. ENDS Albert W. P. Mohr, Unlveralty high school, Chicago. Richard W, Retehte, Lincoln high ·chool, Reaton III RuMell W Slocum, Carl Shurz high school, Chicago QUARTERBACKS. Ernest Lovejoy, Morgan Park high school, Chicago Hoy M. Beinap Evanaton, Fred W. Aleyer Wheaton Harold Sadler Grove City. Walter P Bregman, Wendell Phillips ligh school, Chicago FULLBACK. William K. Kopp, Englewood high school, Chicago TROOP 16DEFEATS TROOP 10, 26 TO 0 Troop 16 of the Boy Scouts from ·5t Patrick s church, defeated Troop 10 of the Baptist church In footba.l Tuesday afternoon, 26 to 0 Although mtweighed, the Troop 16 aggregation 'ould not be stopped, especially Mor in, who scored all the points on fou« touchdowns and two goal kicks The time of quarters was eight minutes TWENTY CENTS TO ROLL IN CHICAGO Chicago, Nov. 12 --Proprietors of Chicago bowl ng alleys Increased their price five cents a game, and a man now may roll the balls for 20 cents a game or two for 35 cents The nlckle was added because of 'Increased overhead," the bowling alley owners said o - II5TIITE It's A Silk Finish --Silk finish hats are very popular. They've a high lustre to the nap that good dressers like. We're sho\uncr these silk finish Hats now m the stylish shades, at $7. --Also the "Mallory Special" at $5. --And the famous Stetson hats at $7 and up. wiiniOTii'n 'ffirn mrcrawra i nwjw ii Harry Shlaudeman of Decatur in Line. Tne state of Illinois grows footbatl plaers is "well as corn The Univer- ' sit., of Illinois ele\en is an Illinois team in fact as \\ell as name When the famous Michigan ele'ten Invades the campus at Champaign-Urbana on Nov 15 it w i l l bring men who live In many d i f f e r e n t states But the boys *. ho will oppose them for Illinois will c d e f e n d i n g t h e i r n a t u e soil Tor e \ e r y mothers son that Zuppke *, likely to call upon is a resident o* lie state Out of a squad of twenty- e \ e n h \ e l y youths, no more thnrt i t h i r d come from the city of Chiw go ind its en\ irons The -pst of them arc don n state lads ** of rh m I from places -which though mere specks on the map, breed husky \ o u n g men ILLIM KOSTER. Here a the roster of the eleven men who I I u i l l be hurled against the power of Mlch- = I u'in !| Left end--Chirles R Carney, E\anaton = l e f t tackie--Burton A Ingwerscn, Ful- I ton i Left ffuard--Flchanl A Llfvendahl, Senn B hlcth school Chicago I Center--John C Dcplcr L«wlaton I night guard--Clarence 0 Applegran = LTkcview high school Chicago Tl ght tackle--Laurence O Petty, Law- renreii 1" l e f t en 1--Stu^e*ant Smith E\nnston Quarterback--Robert H Fletcher Morris Left Jnlf back--Edward C Eternaman Springfield 111 , or Riiph E Tletche- Morris Right halfback--Laurence W. Walqulst Pockford Fullbark--Walter F Cringle, Onarga Thit ^ould be unique--to h a \ a the first e l e v e n ni n n all boni-flda residents of the stile but here a the rest of the squad LINE MEN Veil M Leltch, Champaign Clarence En a ^t Joseph Milton M Oltnder Rockford. Elliott A Pritchard Aurora C AMELS are as delightful to your taste as they are new. And, so satisfying that they meet every cigarette desire you ever have had. Camels are unusual; in fact they're unlike any cigarette you ever smoked. That's because they're an expert blend of choice Turkish and choice Domestic tobacco, producing a quality that meets your taste as no other cigarette ever did. Camels'expert blend gives that mellow- mild-body and frees the cigarettes from any unpleasant cigaretty aftertaste or any unpleasant cigaretty odor. You can smoke Camels as liberally as you like without tiring your taste. You have only to get personally acquainted with the expert Camel blend to know that you prefer it to either kind of tobacco smoked straight! Foryour own satisfaction compare Camels with any cigarette in the world at any price! It J. REYNOLDS TOBACCO CO, WiBiln-Ues, N. C C«me;« are told ararjrirhcr* m teltntMcmlty fftled pacfrafaa of 20 ci£«rotte9, or ten pmck ·4ea 2i*0 ctilarett»») in a 4/«aainej)4j»r eefi 9r9t carton Wo atronflr reeommvnrf thl» tmrton Ibr th* horn* or office tuppty or whtn you trml Moweaqua, Nov 12 --The Moweaqua Independents defeated the Illiop- olia Independents on Moweaoua field 6 to 0 Tuesday afternoon The only touchdown of the game was made In the first quarter when half back Simpson w e n t through on an off- tackle play for a ten ard gain and a touchdou n A forward pass on the previous down made the touchdown possible Moweaqua failed to kick goal The remainder of the game was aside from forward passes, a punting duel between Walsh of Mo weaqua and Delavey of Illlopolis A large crowd saw the game The referee was Ziese of Moweaqua; umpire, Connollj, Assumption and head" linesman, Delaney of Illiopolls BILLS FOR PIATT ELECTION $1,803.19 Montlcello Nov 12 --A speclil meeting of the boirr! of supervisors \\aa held Tuea diy and claims for the recent election can\ i«sed The total amount of election bills allowed wit *1 803 19 The amount of ponnty claims JV-1 f i for the Platt County Tuberculosis Association n ore paid Mrs Kate Poundstone received for (are of Mrs C E B r n u n J^ fiO. to the Springfield colony for ser\ ices rendered Mary Martin $1V. 75 to Chlcnpro Fresh Air Colony fnr ser% Sees rcnd^rpd Francis Crabbe and Nonh Hnmmon SJtfi **0 TUBERCULOSIS BOARD The chairman of the board of supervisors has appointed a board of directors to be known as Platt County Tuber- culo°ls Board The county clerk was authorized to draw county warrants on the treasurer upon authentlcited vouchers be- nff filed i\ith him and signed by the chairman and secretary of said board PERSOVALS Tuesday night the Methodist Guild mat it the home of Airs. COMJ. McCoiltster This wan a "peace' party and an aviation echool was one of the features of the pvenlnir The next meeting will be held Vov 25 at the home of Miss Adella E\atis and is to be a " k i d ' party W. E Kesler went to Springfield Monday to see his daughter, Mrs F. I* Hassinger, who on Nov 4 underwent an operation She Is Impro^lnR and expects to be ble to return home nc'U ^eek Mrs S A Crc"np of Champa gn spent TuestlTi here w i t h her sister, Mrs George Marquiss Miss Mabel Smith spent Sundav and Monday in St Joe with Chirles Huston and family Mrs J M Branch of White Heath was Matinee 2:45 Tonight 8:15 Last Two Times Today ON THE With Billy Doss and Salina Gay A Smooth Sailing Southern Serenade BURKHARDT AND ROBERTS The Cop and the Wise Guy PAT AND PEGGY HOULTON A Slimmer Flirtation PAUL AND WALTER LA VERRE The Artistic Pair LA PETITE CABARET A Manikin Musical Comedy SIXTH EPISOJE "SMASHING BARRIERS" THURSDAY--"WICKED" Comedy With Music ALHAMBRA Water Packard St. TODAY JUNE ELVIDGE IN "HIS FATHER'S WIFE" An exceptional good feature. First ·howing in the city Also Kinograms, Best News Picture Out m the city Tuesday afternoon. _ Dr C. O Cline and wife, Mrs. J. M. Render and Mrs Ed William* were la White Heath Tuesday afternoon attend- Mng the funeral of F M PeeP. Mlsa Anna and Kathryn Heath spent Sunday and Monda\ in Danville v,Kh their neice Mrs W W Wea\er. Mrs Flo J Miller was in Dement Tuea- dar afternoon and ga\e a peace talk to the Woman's club at the home of Mrs. Thomas Lamb The next film of the high school pictures ta 'Quo-Vadls' to be at the Globe Thursday night. Clinton, Nov 12 -- Crang-Bennett Post i the American Legion staged one of the iggest dames Tuesday evening e\er held in the Knights of Pythias hall It was In celebration of Armistice Day and the hall had been especially decorated La Verm- i\ay s orchestra from the Lnl\erslty of I l l i n o i s furnished the music The cltv of Clinton through Its mayor ind commissioners passed resolutions Monday night In commendation of those who ser\ ed their country and the celebration Tuesday evening \\-is u fitting climax to the observance of the clay Many residences and nearly every business house, [he court house and post of flee had flags hrown to the hree?e throushout the day WILL RETURN 1 TO CUM OX Word has been received from Mr and Mrs A O Campbell of Montpelier O , ihat they will return to Clinton the first f December to make their homo Mr fampOLu has rent PC] his Ohio farm KENT ROSS Miss Martha Kent, of this city and Talmidffe Ross oC Bloomineton were unitod in marriage in St Louis Monday ifternoon Aftei u short wedding trip the couple will go to Bloomlngton where they n l l l make their home Mrs. Ross \e the eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs P Kent, 511 N o r t h Grant avenue and for se\ er? i months Ins been bookkeeper at the Notional Telephone and Electric Com- j j a r j B o f f i c e w h i c h position the recently resigned She is a member of the Lcs Fidel Amies club, the M E Sunday school ind a number of church societies Mr Ross comes from a well known family In Bloomlngton RURAL SCHOOLS Prairie Vale Supper. The Parent-Teachers' club of the Prairie Vale school will give a supper at the school Friday evening Nov 14 The Invitations have been issued in the following form "Hot chili' hot chili Wieners and baked beans, Come every body, hoo-ee r Lots to eat for fats and leans Ice cream and cake Pickles, salads and pies, Come all and partake, Of Prairie Vale'a aupplles" The proceeds will be used to purchase a victrola for the school I Music Lovers I of Decatur and vicinity = are invited to attend a = Complimentary = | Musical Treat | = To be given in the Mil- i 5 likin Auditorium, Isovem- i | her 17, at 8:15 o'clock. ' = riiiiiiiiiiiiiimiiiiimiiimiiiimiiiiiiiiiK: C. H. Stewart at Meeting in Chicago. "Prohibition? A lovely thing, lovely," beamed Charles H Stenait of Decatur at the meeting of the lc» cream manufacturers at Chicago Tuesday, according to the Chicapo Dally News. The Decatur man mamger of the Decatur Ice Cream Co, w a s utend- ing the state meeting of the gooily markers which was held at the Hotel Sherman Tuesday EXPECT BIG DEMAND That Ice cream nil! be even l i l g h f i next year than it h i s beei and that the demand will be esen greater «ab the oplni n of the member 1 ' of I l l nois Association of lev Crearr M a n u - factures who met to tilk o\er th» situation "Employes in all lines ol Indus try' 1 said Mr S t e w a r t In his talk before the meeting," are w o r k i n g better on an Ice cream diet t h a n theN did on bourbon "And now the kids are taking part in parties that did used to enjov selfishly REAL STIMULANT ' "Ice cieam--it has done the trick A wonderful food th] ice cream Ye and a ctirnulant, too A man finds !aj_sh ; a chocolate nut sundae a red kick-- i.nd it dosen t wear off or depress him, e i t h e r ' . Ice cream makers at the meeting said that they were f i f t y per cent b~rt in sugar supply and they b«- lieve that the housewives are hoard- Ing They advocate the resumption by the government of the rationing system of sugar dtstrlbnt'on while the shortage is so acute TONIGHT, 8:15 SHARP 'RIOR TO PRESENTATION IN CHICAGO AT THE STUDEBAKER THEATER. Messrs. Lee and~J. J. Shulcrt Present THE GREATEST MISICAL COMEDY SLCCHSS IN YEARS (Gets the Root of Superfluous Hair) A Cosmetic 4 Wear the «heerest sleeveless frocks of and comfort Drplls r u n a t t h t l y odious hat neck and face No Import anc* f C h i f f o n s and the a«hlon w l i h grac* II\PB In-tantlv (In of the underarm m i l t i n g no rough ness no chafing, Just a d e l i g h t f u l t f t f r feeling that IB astonishing The halt roots grow amaztnglv less nfier each application of Depilis For sale by druggiita everywhere With Marjorie Gateson Sure Relief 6 BELL-ANS Hot water Sure Relief FOR INDIGESTION "THE DOCTOR IN CANm TORM" Only antiseptic mint candy laxathe Best for young and old. At your druggist. 25c, 50c and $1.00 APIECE AVON ORCHESTRA-8 ALL DECATUR MUSICIANS , REGULAR PRICES Matinee. 2:00 and 3:45. EVENING, 7:00 and 8:45. HER HUSBAND CAME BACK ROSE OF THE WEST MADLAINE TRAVERSE FROM THE GRAVE A GREAT ROMANCE OF THE NORTHERN WILDS MUTT JEFF COMEDY--FOX NEWS THE ORIGINAL CAST OF 75 AND A NEW | YORK WINTER GARDEN BEAUTY CHORUS. | § Augmented Orchestra. ^ PRICES-- 50c, 75c, $1.00, $1.50, $2.00 iiiiiiiiiitiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniinii? IACLUSIVE PARAMOUNT AND ARTCRMT THEATER IN DECATLR ESjou Concert Orchestra ··"'ADOLPH ZUKOR '"' MARGUERITE "\ ALSO--BRIGGS ( OMEDY "IN THE DAYS OF REAL SPORT," AND "ON WITH THE DANCE." SOMETHING NEW. _ JREGULAR PRICES ENID BEKTT'lN U "STEPpiNG OUT" I FRIDAY-CASE --IN-"The Hidden Truth" 'ihis is Anna Case week at the Haines Essick store. Hear her latest Edison records on the Edison machine, then see her at the THE AVON i)R: FRANK LRUSSftL 14 DENTIST ' , DR. MARKS First Door South of Po»t'i Jewelry Store P I L E S I will guarantee In nriting to treat any tune of Piles free of charge if the disease ever returns after my treatments ha\e been completed. No pain; no chloroform; no loss of time; no danger. TREE CONSULTATION AND EXAMINATION Please Notice Office Hours: 9 to 12 ». m. ind 2 to 5 p. m. Evenings of Wednesday and Saturday, 7 to 8:30. Sundajs. 9 to 12 only. 156 MERCHANT STREET DECATUR, ILL, 29-430 Bowers Building SHED 13 Y Phone Main 801 'SFAFLRI NEWSPAPER!

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