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Waukegan, Illinois
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PARTBIDGEE BROS I What Shall tha Haiyast Be 7 tWntua for Iks OAcrrrv The farmer ponders this question as ha scatters bis seedwhicb in God's orin mysterious way is to prodnee his harvest -r Tha cfergymap asks his soul tha same wealth and fashion and of poverty and yica hit understanding of God's message which also in God's own1 myster- -ions way shall produce fruit teacher weary and well nigh fainting drith hef daily almost hourly endeavors to scatter impressive seeds question as be gives to tha people of WAUKEGAN LAKE COUNTY ILLUTOIS SATURDAY MECH'18 5 WHOLE' NO 1641 B9EMIZ3 nr utmav the interest of the' tax pavers of the whersby the people can be pnblicly fbCmed aa to tne coedition of their fa: inlands intrusted to these local officers The proper construction of the law as to what such statement shall con tala is apparent upon a momenta reflection Tha statemant should contain a complete showing mt the seeouat la detail folly as explicit as the entries armor ought: to hem the books wherein tha aeoonnta ara kept The law intends that whan a Ux-peyar has raid this published statement he Lis ass tead this published ststeiasnl he has A Free Pram latennow Soataiaed and Its Hokrea Revealed I 1 (Detroit Free Fresa) Allow nontht ago anintgrview with aong and langhtec ona but I a prominoat and well known physician 1 1 -1 I gntarLmidtiillof Detroit but now npom wkloh daa mrer eeam YoA appeared in tho columns of this paper Tha atatemeata mads hr tho doctor aud tho facts ho divulged wero of bo unugnal a nataro as to egUBonb little eommotioii among those who read them and many 'in I quities wore nuged as fo iho igcnnina-neggof tho interview and jtLo'j validity of the atatoments containod Tha name of the physician was at that time I gnpprcBscd at big own request The aeal of secrecy koworer can now bo ro moved aa tha important And interesting letterN Which appear: below willl however kro axrocn onaales i I i low aud oy the otbur needs deeds 1 1 1 purpose which daa from pain 1 toe other bears with patlenei aad with pray- I II furoa of! loveaad asug laughter with their gladsome her phalanx ateru the eouBiet leap heart thlsstmaga array In life's early day Duty drear alt loss IKSURARCE OOMEAXIEK abnndanUr show In order however I and tha harvest Held shall the nar- knowledge I the earthy bed Truth points ettherseelFUaBddiBbniMnMnteaadaouil- the leeeipte anddishnieamante and aad bis harvest field shall be tho naf- I Desire sad Duty Within ana klagdam I One would bars I But eenstaatnnremaBented I Oua would have I And strength of I Oua would he free The craeltrt woe MB I Dealra haada her I Aad Joy and throng: I Acd Duty nrgea oa I Whiee boaoess far Within tha hnman Wage deadly warfare I -TUI sad Desire and la desolate klagdam Marsh atb flat' I FARMER? Condensed Report If the Dtangs ef the I 1 -v -mi 1 Delegates to tha jUliaoft OonvpMon i 5 1 "ii Several week aiaoe a report of ths Second Annual Convention of tha Stefa Association of Farmers Mntual Xnanx anee Co panies helaat Bloomingtoniih NITIC will sell At place in Deerfield To fnY old customers sad tho somoni pnhlic Crockery Patent Medicine Hats jsnd Capd Notions and Fancy Goode also a largo Block of HittensGloroe j- Woolen Tarns'' UadwtrearWali Pap- or de 4a 4e 4a Between Feb 7 and March IS' 1882 Horo is a chanoo to ears Monoy Gail oarly baforo the meat is broken JOHN KNEOHT -PEERFIELD ILLINOIS I I After ad exchange of courtesies aad a few reminiscences about tho war in which the doctor was a prominent sarin tha reporter remarked npon the appearance npon which be said: THAT RICH EXPERIENCE' 1 that Uha rea nay undenfond Siletteiya few extracts axe hen with given from the interview in question have improved ini health staee OnsthinsLhowerer have sorceeded in doing ana it it one of tha hardest tilings for any one and especially a doctor to do and that I have 'overcome my prejudices You kno withers-are home people who prefer to remain fat the: wrong rather than ao-knowledge tbormhnifest right Such prejudice feeds to bigotry of tho wont order Now I am a physician aad of the "old schoof order too but I have after yean pf experience and observation Come to tho coaclnsioa that truth in the highest of all things and that if prqjadiooor bigotry standln the way of truth so much tho worse for them they are certain to boorushed sooner or later Whjrwhen 1 knew you iu Detroit I would no sooner have thought of violating the code of ethics laid down by the profusion or ot prescribing anything out of tho regnlar erder than I would of amputating my hand Now er I prescribe and advise those which I believe to be adapted to care and i which my experience hai proven to be sueh" How- did you come to get inch heretical ideas as these doctor?" -Oh they are the result of my experience and observation I obtained my first ideas! upon tho subject though from baying been tried after all my dare and the skill of my professional brethren had failed to relieve me Why 1 was as badly off as matjy of my patients with a complication of troubles including dyspepsia and consequently imperfect kidneys aud liver auLi feared I should have to give up my practice For months I Buffeted untold' agonies Dull indefinite' pairs in various parts of the body a lack of interest in everything me loss of uppetito headaches aU them disagreeable symptoms were added to pains which wre both acuta and constant Sick as I was however 1 became restored to health in a most surprising manner and in an incredibly short space of time and it was this that proved a revelation to me That was tho starting point and my prejudices faded rapidly after that I Can assure yon 1 west to reading extensively and analysing extensively I I acted as Secretary and 8tewartofJ Lake County and Roberts of Macon County as Assistant Secretaries Committees on Credentials on Programme on Nominations on Resuln- tions And on Finance were' appointed and set at work Itl was found that nearly forty Illinois companies wero represented Tho MiUbnrn Oompi ot this county was represented by Mr Goo Stawert JThs reportsof thq Soeretarv and Treasnrer and tiia dis enasion of the time tor holding the next meeting oecupied the forenoon ssion At tho afternoon session it was voted to hold the next gnnnal meeting at Springfield on tho fourth Tuesday in Jan nary 1883 Homo modifications of the by-laws were made and a resolution instructing tho Secretary to cense a report of thq to be published and copies sent to the Secre tsriea of the companies represented it was found that the Treasurer had $14-52 unexpended and an' assessment pf one dollar on each Company was ordered The receipts for the part year were 1116 'I 1 1 The following new ofncenl were elected 1 President Ll IStewarti MiDburn Lake County 1 Vite-President Lott Scofield Lisbon Kendall ponnfr Sec rotary and Troararef It' Warronsbnrg Mamin Coanty The following resolution was offered bv Mill: Alter aaverai yew work 1 tbDady CawlaM I f1' 1'at of tbo severe 1 i i shop 1 1 ordeal tb rough which'-onr sister asso- I deafeo ta gay to the paopto of Waukegan Lake County that I hsva la atoek a full llqe of jiiBsail Genti Biii WUhlamseniBg at prices pleasing to tha An aak la a chance to show my geods y'prioea pabUelAnlasklaai and make known myl "-r vGElye Me DRAIN TILE AB sizes from SH to a Inch Wholeonle and ReUU at Factory Car Lots Free on Hoards Any Information cheerfully fnrulsbed Mmb to Laka County Below nil Oompo4 1 i tition DRADWA CO Sm-81) i Oak Ole Cook Co Ill' rOBLUBEBM AND FBOrBIMOBA Waukegan Illinois BUBBCSIPTIOlf RATES i i nf er thruf BUSINESS CARDS tkijbst iahoiai mi OT WAUKEGAN I' TO Dnlti itmi WLkBD GssMac WAXJEEQA1T HOUSE- IMIkM I VUBRiri YiiiuiuM Estate anl Loaiiiencj IrilbliM 1SCS 8 LINCOLN gim iml attmtlqn to ths aliljBy aM ram fropnir FATKXXT Of TASKS Ksrej mu OtUm mt Baik WntHH i MASONIC mult if tbs MH it Minn II IB ll hllw) 1 WilM lABOB1fOil A AKM IS IiM III third Wadi bo a ir Ciarcii No 41 BA Ntoad and fourth Friday 1 WAVIMAI OOMKIIDBir tbs mcnsd sad fourth days sf pack trendy I A FREEMAN' The tort nf work nlfnlt 468 West EandoIph St CUICAQQ ERSKINE BROS CO BEAL ESTATE AND REBTIHG AGEXTS 11 Wuhtnctoa Street Boon SI CIltCAUO i I ILLINOIS Kml total Managed Tixh raid BeataOol-InM iBHurauer Collections Matin Loess da Ural totals Will pay particular atteotlou Luka Couiuy Fstroiuuce- Ifh AkJOXH i CT BACKUS JONES BACKUS i ATTOBNBYS AT LAW WAQKtGAI OOce oua door trot of drug atom Will lira prowfyw and careful attention to eol-Inef ion enuvryanelnx examining titles rail Mil mitten Inwreuea aettlement a( crtata ata Monay toloaa i JUL 2 SJIUGAJRT Sontlat Extract! teeth without pain artiaelal aaea ara inserted by him A' amlna the aew chance whan A'kllaad CELLULOID BASE far toeth before colic elcewhere1 Offtre 1 Hsekman Building east aide of Geneses Street Waukegan lUlnuiV us I VAN HOE GRINDING Tiesiajs TIiDndajs aM Satirfiajt i jr building ready for business I am in my new and shaft ha happy teirect old and aew friends Very Respeetfull I i CHARLES BECKWITH rn-itif 31 EHSKINE Raal HSataea da WAUKEGAN ILL i all desirable classes of risks atratm as law as experience wUllnstlfy Aar rl'BLML- Deada and Conrevr acknowledged Muaey ta mal sstata sacarUy an desiraMa Fresh Bread Crackers? Twists Rusb Bans Cues and -Pies at Bakery -i EVERYTHING NEAT RELIABLE AND CHEAP Waukegan House it VERY1 BOARDING 1 I if- 1 and Sale Stables Martha Chanty and Msdlsrefite -ILLINOIS WAUKEGAN I January last was promised the readers i able to Present it until now The Con-1 hvention was called to crder'atlO I a Jan 24th 7 the FresidhL I Foltcn of Henry Coanty A Gsston ciationsof Michigan have pasted wo do most earnestly rreommend tint all of our constitutional branches remember them by material aid at aa early dar I Resolution adopted i'The following questions were pro- posed for the consultation and discus-1 aiou following 1 Should an agent visit the property to1 be insnn-d examine its quality and whether it is adequately protected against fire and estimate its value? Yes I 2 How great a proportion' should the maximum risk be to the value of tha property? Two thirds A Should the polity contain a clause limiting the company's liabilities for loss or damage to injured buildings to two-thirds Ihe cash value ot --the property destroyed or damage done? let 4 Ought risks to 'be taken on build' ings iu which stove pass through partitions or floors? Yet If they past throngh roofs? Na i- i 5 What security la such cAsea ought tobe required? A thimble which keeps the pipe one and oge-half acheq from wood Ought risks to bo takenjin villages and cities? Na Oa school nonses and cuurches? No i 1 7 8bonld there 'be a difference in rates or premiums because of the difference in exposure fo danger? i No 8 Is it bast to keep a fund to pay expenses and small losses? NA i 1 9 Should there bg any limitations in tho policy on tha ate of kerosene? No Btewart pf Lake Countyoffered the following wfeieh waa adopted: AwlmL lhat a eommitlae of three be appointed to prepare questions for disenasion at our next annual meeting and have tha same ipublisked with the call also to prepare a program for next meeting Tho Chair appointed as said committee Geo Wrightman Ei Roberts and Randle The following resolutions were offered by tho gentlemen named which elicited yr I of the association aad reoerved the I wing answers: I 1 A BACON 3F DHI ST SIOI iA- 35T I -X -7 OSeaand rasldaaea on Claytan atraat two oasa wart anGaaaaaa straat Waahagaa IB i i Winter Stock I JUST RECEIVED At Wauconda I hara the laryest atoek of Fall aadWMar Gooda ever broualit to Waneonda which I win sell at lower prices than ever before Raaay Made Clothlao mar numerooafhaa aver and at prices suited tor arery purse-MAIMAN the place to ro lor Cloaks JUid Dolmans a full line and prices to ault all also a full lines of Ovareoats at all prices Furnishing Goods Ham Caps Boots Sd 0bOMftC I have a large variety of Flees floodaof tho latest styles sod patterns whiee I will make up to order at reasonable prices Gieseler hasjnrt Mil-elty rim Hals and Baunets trimmed la tee latest sty lea and at reasonable prices Dreaamaklug dans promptly and satisfaction guaranteed iB FOB SALE AT MY WAREHOUSE i IN WADSWORTH I Hungarian Seed a Timothy Seed Large Clover Seed Small Clover Seed Choice Flax Seed Good Grades of Flour il want to SELL the above artiolesand I always want to buy JAMES POLLOCK Wadsworth HL March 6 1880 EBENIiZER MEADt FLODE FEED ijt CORN HEAL BRAN Aua Tv Family Groceries STORE GAZETTE BUILDING nliuois vi- FASS18E TICEEH FISSOZD Ms at every town ut depot In Trelaad and Englandi mao from Denmark Sweden Norway and tha Continent Tleketi lamed from any putt of the Western Katas all pnmlaantjSelntsla Narepo Apply liIL mUKIHX AfwLWsslupis 1 'f 5 3 1 I gSfLd'ESiJr 2 We writ guarantee our CKAtmoM nt- war MB MILL equal to any Brrt-stamadll sad superior ta many respects aid wbM If-rsKUlatlnit Every mill warranted tor twe lanHpreperiy cared far We refer to the iwtag pmtieeualao ear MIU la Lake Oki Wns anriseBPr is- i1-' Xshltnk IMlPgstlF 4 VOL-XXXII--NO EdWlUPHAM i-1 v' 'J1 a-' i oehess9b strut I- LEADER OF POPULAR PRICER I TOE BlfYE WHO WISHES al ity fiU lw I wax rurD k- 'rt HEADQUARTERS wife t-- ''fv umauTHiruts UP Leader of Popular Prices WAYNE LOW oxnxhazj Commission Merchants AND FIODVOE B1AUIS 115 So liter St QDUBS EL and erlwa aelleHed fsp and Mill flllM telMid IffllOMttlb Oe Ee WHITCOMB A CO SBNXIAL FBODUCI TV Commission Merchants 4' Bottom EgfA OhaeaB Fenhm finan ul DziadFraitAEtn! 2218ob Wator Street i chioagol si ail Cmd lean ill bo kept complete and til poina will be taken to maka it for tha interest of tho Kblie to deal with aa Goods delivered Cl Htaotf Co 4 BEFORE Y011 ORDER MAR BI wobk i CITTATO nt LATESIYIEMD PL1M 'i --I I i 4 GB MOODY'S GFeriese StiTHraukegaih AUCTIONEERS rates?" Addrem ac call at Ullnels promptly at call at Lake id at reason able Zorieh Lake Oo i swim a jVINDORSKD BTr PHYSICIANS CLERQYMEN AND THE AfrUCTEP EVESYWHESE THE i GREATEST EDICAL TRIUMPH OF THE AGE SYMPTOMS OF A TORPID LIVER bowtlieottlYig iStiwiigpiia nmivuniMiunmDn llOUWSEA8aWUOOdKrEYnOPEB jsrsfflgraswgwsss KT 1 I 1 revointion My gkin got better color Mr liver resumed its function! I no longer bad to arouse the bowels with eutharties My headaches diaap-Ipeand with my dyspepsia but still I was not convinced did it" I reasoned Bat determined to push tbs investigation to tho extreme while 1 was in active 1 work I trigd the effect of tha remedy on iny patients afflicted with kidney liver and nrinaiy diastase watching every development carefully and st odiously Then 1 was completely disarmed for tho remedy stood every test impend Under such eonvmeing circumstances the matter of eonteaang my euro became a qaestioa of eonscieace and of duty to humanity' is a remedy" I said "tha has dona for me what the medical skill of the country could accomplish" and ns an honorable man I will not suppress the facts I therefore write you and moat unhesitatingly assert that for all diseases of tha kidnays liver stomach or urinary organs which are' amendable Jto treat- BaBt Warner's Safe Kidney and liver Care suraasns ear remedy! have ever known or used aud since physicians bare ao much illsaeeeasin the treatment of diseases of these organs I am prepared to accept all the consequences when I say that they are if conscientious in bon ad to use this pure vegetable compound in their practice Yours very truly 1 Smith Dt Statements so outspoken as the above aad coming from rack a reliable source valuable beyond question They conclusively show not only the power of the remedy which has beoomo so well known aud popular but tha great importance of attention in time to the first indications ot declining health Whan professional men Of sueh high standing sink their prejudice and willingly declare their belief in that which they know to be valuable tha public may confidently follow their example The Ceuaty Hsusbl So much has been published in eer-1 tain Waukegan papers regarding the condition of tho insane and pauper chargee of the county and also in rale-' turn to tha condition of the County I Poor House and Insane Asylum that bur curiosity and a sense of dnty prompted us to visit that institution oa Tuesday last for the purpose of aseer-1 taming tha troth or falsity of tho harrowing tales that have been told regarding tho suforiags of tho unfortunate inmates as we felt inclined to assist in tha humane act of alleviating their torture if any was inflicted through tha negligence of our -super-1 visor i by advocating some method of reform that would tend to make their sad tot bearable We found after a thorough examine-1 tion of -the premises that the tales of woe and suffering and indecent commingling of mala and female patietffe were greatly exaggerated if not entirely without troth The pan pen-are kept in a comfortable condition ns far as cleanliness warmth food and freedom are concerned and era happy and contented with the treatment theyraeeive from the keeper Mr Appley and also with his assistants' The insane are in a like condition as regards comfort cleanliness and warmth but opon their own astions depend the question of much freedom they shall be allowed to er-joy They are well taken care of the keepers and a pauper appointed tb guard them fn bis abtence and ara not allowed to sfiffer from cold or exposnrs The of a at is news-piper of or-r-aeere all tha to the of po- ra hie one 1882 la ot 1 i-i 5 'f a i 7 1 7 in 1 17:1 TIV If I -if iM i- 1 inf fi i -h I Iff i i I 1 i it if I- li cultivation feels! that it is easy to sow bat that long and wearisome is tha napiog I-' What shall Nature yieldTo tha atudgtat who despises her lawsby abus-ing his 1 brain and body in poring' tfaroughont tho night over the pbilo cophy and soienMof ednoation? Verily atreng1h'y oath's glory shll 'depart this one and deceit points to his Vroad harvest 1 fields of popnlantr wharainhis brine is his glory self fcnl-tore as his pride and tho extreme delicacy at bis constitution accompanying immenwly brilliant iatcllact is bis ramitf --i Conntless millions of plans or a gara haryast are overthrown by unreleating Future which 00 mss steadily forward regardlesa of humanity and the world will not lean-to aayrilit baThy wUl" Tho mouov-makor walks smilingly to office turning over in his mind the vanonrheary accounts of his creditors and gloating over his sura harvest Tho selfish schemer aslcs of his bar- vast as ha plots for the downfall of ban- dreds of helpless victims whose offer 1 resource is only! to torn and curse the name that they had previously honored1 thinks not of the harvest which the jailor gathers thereby possibly la'eheek bis freedom Imtofhis prtaeat transient profit gained throngh his de- The pitiable wretch wbonr we call murderer before ho strikes the fatal blow pauses to fell his gain aad reckon his cost yetstrikes iu tho very 'face tho gibbet as its horrors ohai cheating tha hangyni striking -ia his wild ha pauses an instant in awa over his dead glances in his mind at tha murderer's lawful death than flees from town to city thence to country and vUlsge fearful ef 'man and trusting only beast finding his fruitful harvest to be wretched restleasnaas v- Ay what of tho harvest? Go tha" autand bee that were created with but oue end' and foj garner iu their hai vests that jwill ht fiwerra from their work'to partake of pleasure bat include that in their labor that faith- fully culti veto I tho one toleat which i was given them and in the end reap i their full -harvest of! "Well dons good and faithful soryants" Go to tho lion! aud tba tiger tbe cow aud the horse the cat aud the dumb brutes that cannot know what it to ponder over their harvests but that know perfectly thsotject for which they were and learn of them how earnoctlv they devote their lives to the attainment of tins ol jset If can condescend to learn of beasts Iff your first object bo to find your life's mission and your second object it's eu tire performance Well -will greet you from tho Reaper aa you enter your harvest fieldand hut done -what thou could'st" will corns from your Maker when yon enter jour diy rest Tho flowers hre wondrous ini their glnry and splendor yet mankind wav- ug high his ignorance find vanity tread upon and crush these cresticns of God's handiwork that are so far super-ior to us iu the performance of their duty and also in their harvests Surely fnau who is complicated is' vile and unprofitable to God while that which ia simple yields to his dues which are glory and power' pad omniscient wiadonw- Go to these creations aud learn that your righteous-' liakagn your plans tha tatters jaud that your harvests comprise but leaves' School Reports- Report at school District Nol 4 Ben-for tho term endiag March ttb 11882: -T KAMK-i Curt Mtekity TMMtf Bakrr BBlIasN loon Bertoe Hickok JoU Cole Louie Butina 1 Willie Bair Arthur Himpeoa A ilia Wsrocr -fa Gearge Hlekok John Baker 4 wNlIrtVDlIC itiia ceq occc jRkyflRrkRtsh qo so rto so sene OiCRf HRRBI coosoeoeo os Sarah Bslrd 7 Cheir Biuchsn' isills trsg a Is Cola ssiMser wiesiTe MWieo's SWMMTe asjieoisi MiftOST -rriuow esi sere wiuOc 1 swrsiMTa wiw-ce MHISNM uwiasMi Chsri Link Leslls Cole Nellie Cole 4 i Nellie Ball Frank Bull Mj Willie Honks Boy Ullt -4- ite Cor sops ty dt cosoo qo as if Albert Hohllug Willie IlorkerN Asgw HUopaou 1iuyWnier I Fslnirr Report ot theGraya Lake iscbod commencing Feb GLh and ending Feb 24th: 1 e'S 111 MAXEfi! -d a1 7 lartl Wlilifi Hiinifil until i psi ooe Nfe Fmeott Clark sms Slorisv Cleveland I'ha Cleveland D-xterllevelsnd 1 Willie Cleveland Harley parity Jennie DmnhaU Kntms Fredericks Rmlly tiullide Bsrilljwvey mDHR ssllfYE Jt te ARR Jhfe ppgffl iii INfe lfiiplfi mm sW a dm oelse Mfflftlffl fWIfiTi1 vj ascot filWIw ejlUcKf sf Aweo rnokhitNr m) m1 ClM BfiMlfit oo mm wsasse I 1 Ilesry htrrsi Kdli 1 a a ei is so -A I 1 1 IS eu is 1 Helen BliMsrr Jennie Whitney Mattie Whitney FIs Whitney LydlsWhllney Kama Whlteliead Bllea tilt-head S2 Don BnAiFAi-D Tenet or Name of wb wsr 9() end oyer in examination Feb 188 of Ik Highland Perk Public School: jf Bltlo Yunle w-Taifie'Hierfy Mare Dooley Moine Mnrru SI folks rhUiips--m JaHsMaTsCrey Hattie Floyd ss Chsrlea Ererttasi Bertke Mom 7 Fannie Krased) NetUeTsrtie Aubrey Morrt Mnhsl Finney re Lain McFmtanewn Inn Morgan- SI rater (nnuuii sS'Hsrry Cl am pill rM Jlds R1 SOGertlo Edwards ohn Btnsrt wlAthleew Prsll ss O'WKtl PrincipeL dition ot the ftfhds aa ha weald have derived from tha books of origination tries eoaoerplng tha seme The treasury of the township school fundjealao Included withla the raquiiee maata of this law to make aad publish statements Lego Adrimer 'Three pounds at Japan The (worth 50c a pound) tor $100 Three large boxes of matches for $1 lOJtf pounds oftilaadard A Sugar $1 Three pounds of Adams Btaapard Todaooo for 91 20 pounds of good hard soapt 1 pound bar for $1 Three pounds of 8ilvsr Glo(Lil Glass or Ban Gloss) Starch ia pound package for 25c -i Carbon Oil 124e a gallon No 1 Brooms 20e each -i Thraa pound eans Tomatoasb 120b Splendid Maple 8yrnp 80c a gallon Minnesota Amber Cana Syrup 70c a gallon Now Orleans 'll Molaasaa pure 70c gallon Pino Table Syrup sugar goods GOc a gallon 'a 1 13 varieties in Gbflba a31 bargains' Wool and Hemp Carpets stock hanA Washington Carpot Warp 23e pound styles in Ginghams now on hand' ess 8ti Some splendid Drees Styles at l2)fa Tnmmiag Silks aad Sating all colon Rare bargains in Battens all kinds For safe bv Gnonoa Aibihox IJbertrvilfe Psb 291882 3w99 The regnlar examination of applicants for teachers certificates will occur as follows: Wauoonda Thursday March 16th Libertyville Friday March 17th WankWnn Saturday March 18th Beginning prom fitly at 9 o'clock Applicant! will please coma prepared write with pen and ink 2wl60 Pxrxn Fisbxb Gentlemen will find it to their advantage to call at Bi dinger's clothing tore opposite the -post office before making their -Fall purchases Anew line of ready mad goods aad foil lino of cloths for custom work just emved Bimxsxn 15-tf Evmr lady needing a cloak or dolman woolen or calico suit house wrapper or working sack- aprons and children clothing at prices lower than Chicago will do well to call at -the Basaar opposite tho Express office" also paper patterns for sale 6ml618 Kalla I NaQsIl -10 penny 65 per keg Building paper 2V cents per pound Windowh doors and blinds ekaapL See ns before baying 10wl637 Dodos 4 Warners Plow Repamap Diet meyer Boiler ara 'prepared to do all kinds of Plate Repairing either In iron or wood work Shop on Gent street opposite Yeager's livery 4wl640 Maud Year Rubber Beets Get yoit rubber boots mendsd at Geo BecktenwaMls ahem Caaaad ay building Washington Sc Waukegan fimlSSO 'per "year ean be easily made at homa working for Rideout Co 10 Barclay street Sand for their catalogue and full particaiani Iy-1820 Now in stock aad ready to ba shown Oat of the finest lisas of wall papers ever bronght to this city tf-1639 GbolSLlWi Call ia and see onr new stock ot boots shora aad slippem They ara finer and cheaper than aver before 4wl638 LB Lyon A Bow Winter goods regardless of cost to maka room for my recast pfethasa ia Naw York Hwluy 12w1639 have a -splendid stock ef new aad Ulaasware Call and LYON fo SON SwlfiSS A lot of Utica fine' shore for women and missre Just racoivod by a fins assortment 4wl637 Continent" Judge TSurgea's naw illustrated paper oa -sal 1 ever week at tf-1639 All kindrdf rubber good repaired on short notice at 23tf Children's Bidinger's Oysters hv tbs can qnlrt or gallon at 21-tf Baby ca at and children's wagons tf-1639 Before yon bay your onBidiagey Fell suite eel 15 tf 1 All kinds of boots and shore made to order at Mitchs'a 2Stf Underclothing for youth and gentlemen at BidirigerV 15-tf Greater bargain! than at Hig 2wl639 Box the best find cheapest in et tf-1639 town New Tranks and Vattsea at fletTend cap at Bidinger'a 15-tf On Thirty TrieL Wt will send Dr Dye Celebrated Efrctre YiHtsle Beln end other Doerie AiplluN trl'd for thirty dev to otuig men sod Mei senon who er sfllieted wit Nei ouflebllit Lost Vitality etc gaaraateeine peedy reim and eoispivte rentorettoo of vigor and mom-hood- AMo for KhenmotlSM Krurelgio Fsre- lysis Liver ss Ktdaey diAieiiitlesluptaia and hmui) wbordiMsaes lilustreted nssiphll -lit free Addro Voltsle Balt Co Msfahsll Michigan ly-MM Mothan 1 Mothers I Mother I Are yen dtaturb-d st night and broken a( your mt by a siek child auS-riug and crylnc with tho exeraelBlInK sale of eattlne t-eth 1 If to go st nn sad mat bottle of MreWlolow Houlhloc Hjrrup ft will relieve tho poor IttUe suKeier Intiue d-pead epos It 1 thefe Is no BMaharalmwt It Thera is sot smother os earth whs has ever msd it who will sat tell Eat one that IS wilt rasvlate tho bowehssd 1 rret to tho swtber sad reMef ssd health is ehll opermliBR like marie Itlsprrfeciiy to am In all eases aad pleMcnl to the sad is tha areaeriptloo of ooe of the and beet Ismsle phylelsa sad saw lo tho UaUad Btataa Holdevary where seats bowls Iv-ISW j1 A GoncV 8on Thnat -I Itlqa- MrowsV Brooch loT Trohbes do not die order the rtooMeh like eemrh syrepe sad belays hut set directly ee the laflamed parte sllsvuig IfrltsUee give relief In AthmaBron-Jae OstMThaad (he ThraatTraah anh- I eintu CowghwUsmivk sirt 'rtef brmtYr whkingmssfry UeHjheiw I hmlm reestmaemtoTphyS! I lr slwsys girea aerteet here at teiaod wsU-srerMod reek ssMagtes tew rnmatm I Swqniken? field st tteeowTbox to his his He up of all 1 I I have stattod a' Faint Shop la the bulMIng oast of Lhc Maany Faetucy I draira to an-noiuioc to the public generally that I ain ready-to do all kludaot earriagn aud toll painting on short notice and at rate tha hat wlll-be sathdac-tory -Call and see aae wbea in need of any I wark lu ur line" I Edwin Kapple Over Cider Mill WAUKEGAN ILL ly-tcr BAIR8TOW FBOFRI1TOKS OF MARBLEI WORKS i And dcakra task Mads mt mono Marble aad 1 Oraaits tor hnlldlni tod ecssclrr New nagitoand Qnlaey Granites fdralshsd to I 1 very tea sonsbla rates Yard and Mea Wiaksos As atCalrnut Innetqy new Ckiescs Siala omcc eoraarOark and Kinzla stmeta a rout man I rsm Polmeieer i Peter 1 -J i Hava larssad a naitacnhip Md era prepared tis -Vi I I to: 1 tta beak ssanwar poasIMa at their Shop on 'll I Woshlagt Street mJ 1 I '-t I OPPOSITE COURT HOUSE ell I The Snstoas of ms who pay cash- for their work Is solicited (jm-jaM) THE BEST REMEDY 1 Dlxeuei flftlc Tlioatiii Laiti 4 a i' LT I JWPVs XadlseasMeftheimti niAgD unonary enans a sate mad lellaMi remedy is iaraluaUc Aril's Cunanv PncrauAb la each a remedy aud no ether aoeminraUy aw Its the confidence mt the public It la a Ml-entlAe combination of the medicinal principles and curative virtues el the ascot drugs chemically unitad of aoefa power aa to iaaura the pcqteat poertMe cStetency end nniform-ity of results Itatrikaa mffi tha fffllullTifin Of til pnlmowary diacaiav agCrdingpramptrsIM end rapid cures and la adapted to petlenta of any age or either sex Being very palatable tho youngest children take it Tcadilr la ordinary Coughs Colds' Sore Throat Uronrhltls iAmbis Sore Throat Aathnaa CMwp aud Ca tarrh tho tbett of Arn'j Chxbht Pao vomai are magical and mnUitedoo are as nually preserved from acrioua illncas by its timely and faithful use It should bo kept at baadi in every household for the pn-tcetlou it afforda ia sudden attacks In Vhocpiug -cough and Consumption them Is no other remedy ao ottcacknts soothing and helpful low prices am laducementato try some of tho many mixtures or arrups made of cheap and iaaffeetive Ingredient now offend Which a they contain no curative qualities can afford only temporary relief and an aura ta deceive and disappoint tho patiept IMaeaaea of the threat and lungs demand activeaud effective treatment and It is daw geroua experimenting withanknowu and cheap medieiBaa from tho great liability that those disssne may-while so trilled with become deeply anted or iueumbio Uao Avan's Cvtuv Fncronaa aad yen may confidently expect the beet results It is a standard medical preparation of known and acknowledged curative- power aad ia ns cheap aa us careful preparation aad fins iugiedicuta will allow Kmiaaot physicians knovriagAt composition prescribe it in tbeir practice "The teat of naif a century has proven Ms absolute certainty to curs all wk mausiy complaints wot already beyond tho teach of human aid- Prtparodby Dr Ayr ft (- awfi analytical I j-l -i Lewefi Mass( -ar au eacaaisTS avmuasas sas av iu whirs BTsarensaa uu Miwwwn I ur in uurrei wild rwo Diavr im ceiw audeinoe tat tuna I have discovered and corridor are neat aad clean and 1 many things of real vajue to humanity I tha antira nlaaa iilant rmh ahni Why only a few days BgqJ" advised a lady -who was suffering from a serious female difficulty aad displacement to dm the same remedy which cared me I saw her this morning and she is nearly well the pain and inflammation ara all gnno and aba- is around as usual Wo have no right in the medical fraternity to sit back 'and declare there ia ho such thing' as improvement or advancement ar that we have a monopoly of the remedies which nature has given to mankind There ara great changes going on' in every dejmrtment of life and' there are great developments ia medicine as well Thousands of people die every year from supposed typhoid fever rheumatism or other complaints when in' reality it is from 1 trichina caused by eating poorly cooked and diseased pork Thousands of children ara dying ovary year from dropsy as the apparent sequel to scarlatina when in reality if is from diseased kidneys which have become weakened by the fever they have just bad" 1 "Well doctor you have got some new truths here certainly but they sound vefy reason able to me" "Well whether they ara reasonable or not I have demoastaated to my own satisfaction that they ara true aud I propose to 1 stead by them no nutter how much opposition I may raise by doing i so Any man be hC politician preacher or physician who is so considerate of hispocketbook or of his own personal end fas to stultify himself by suppressing the manifest trnthis unworthy the name of man and nn worthy the confidence of -the public whom he ires" i a The above are some of the principal points in the interview referred ia Now for thesequeL The following outspoken letter from tho doctor himself which has just been received is published in full: jr Editor Detroit Free Peers 8ome time 'age a reporter of your paper had an interview with- me which he uid he would like to publish I non-sented on condition that yon would not mention my name until I save you permission I have now aeeorapluhed the purpose I hadjn mind aud wish to say to you (which Joi ean publish or not aa you see fit) that I bad debated for a long time whether 1 -would shake off soma of the pkefeesional fetters which bound me with others for vours aad tell the truth or not Wbea I looked back aud thought ot- the tortures like thos described by Dante in his trip to the infernal region which I endured from dyspepsia1 and recalled how much I would have given at that time for the relief which! have since obtained I determined that would take the step so long meditated and thereby discharge a dnty to my fellow 'men1' If 1 could tnefeby save one poor mortal one night ot the terrible suffering 1 endured I would be fully aattisfied be 'the other consequences what -they might i My dyspeptic condition Was ofodurad by a torpid liver which didjuot as a consequence rambVe the bile from the blood This produced derangement of the stomach inflammation of its coats dyspepsia constipation headache depression of spirits yellow complexion fat-covered mybr enill and fever in Short- wss muerabfe to the last degree 1 appealed in vain to my hooka to my drill and to my follow Dbysicians Tho mystery of my ill-health grew deeper I traveled' every where exhausted all authorized but to ao 5 i When in this frame of mind deeper ately in- needof help bnt -expecting none one 'of my Unprofessional friend called my attention ta soma nananal cures wrought by a prominent remedy and urged me to trv it i emphatically declined But secretin and with tha firm determination thait I would never let anybody know whatt I had done I began its nsa- VIt waa kmly an experiment yon kndr but for that matter all medical treatment is experimental Wall to maka a long and surprising story abort I sxpsriencfid a son of pfay- a spirited discussion Remolded That buildings occupied by then the owner should not considered as first-class risk end be liable to increased premium By Thrimbb: JUrolted That this association recommend that ia insuring the eonteuts barns and other lout buildings that articles within the building ought be enumerated (rat the! amount of risk taken should eovef any or ell the articles enumerated By Hammond: Rerolved That it is the sense of the members of this (meeting that live should be insured against less by lightning while running let large on premises of the 'assured Retoleed Tbst losses sustained by power' shall be paid by the com -j Owing to the BTegt diversity 0 occasioned by jour dlfforeUt rCuedings and the seominglv different of Ifcthliwi they woie tabled and tie A Vegetable Product used In Aoca iConn has proven ttvrif a never-foiling and rapid for every form o' Malarial Disorder Fever and Agac or Chills and Fever No Iqjury follow: It use and effects are It -rouses system to a conditloa pf vigorous health cleanses the blooa Of material 1 potsouj aud Impart a foeliug ot coin-' and necurity most desirable la: Ague districts It Is an excellent tonic i preveutntirc a well aa cure of complaints peculiar to malarioua msnhy and miaametic legions The great superiority or Awn's Aocn Cunn over any other compound i that it contains no Quinine' Arsenic or mineral: consequently i it produces no quinism or iujuriotis effects whatever npon the eonstitatlon Those cured it ara Mt aa healthy as iffthey had ever had the dleeree a f' Hie direct ectioa of ires Cirau npon the -Liver and Digestive Organa makes It a superior remedy Liver Complaint prodeelng many remarkable cure Where Other nudh have foiled :1 -j'' I For sale hr aU druggtoUv 1 1 1 WanUfi-HQU IkH Twenty tons at ones Highret pries Drawn A Wipwn 10wl637 more or to quarrel with each other rails and corridor ara neat aad clean and tho entire place fresh and whole sutne by frequent applications of whitewash to the walls and ceiling In faet many hard working -farmers in this coanty are in a far worse condition than either tha pan per or -in van a charges domiciled within the walls of the county house Wc have -visited many poor houses and insane asylums baft in none have we seen snch happy faces and comfortable appartments exist aa a rale as in onr own county institution no bettor food is furnished anywhere nor more ears taken of tho sick aad feeble than what the inmates hen receive Tha necessity for a "gorgeous and costly monument to tho enterprise and thrift of the formen of Laka eouaty' I is not particularly urgent at present and only those who ara on-freeholders I and eonsequentlyuon-taxpavars would erection of snch a advocate meat" were it not that there was an axe to grind for someone The eonaty is doing well enough at present by her charges aad tho improvements absolutely necessary should be advocated for through the State Legislature aa there if anywhere liee the cause for fault-ending Onr committee oa poor and poor have been greatly maligned by correspondents and publishers but we ara happy to be able to place the whole matter baton tho puMie in its proper jAbertyvillr Timer Public funda! have received many enquiries during the- past month as to tha provisions of tho law passed at the last semion of the legislature of this Slat requiring publie officers to make and publish a-etatement of tho fnada under their charge received aud Mid out and asked to state ia Tha Advil Aaeiter organization are required to make as publish statements aforesaid and what time Tba law requires that each and a very publje officer elected or appointed each aad every county and township who shall by virtue of offioe have the custody of publie tundv shall at the expiration of eaetrfiseal year prepare statement of the amount of publie funds received aad expended daring the fiscal year just closed showieg toe amount of fonas if any oa band tha commencement of tba fiscal yer tho amount received and from what sources and the amount expended and for what- purposes which statement required to be pubtiithed in some in the county for one week -In township under township organ nation tbo officers having custody cnblio funds are the supervisor highway treasurer and overscan of highers in read districts The snp-rvior bmn thr easterly' pf the gennl towu'fomU ami pays out ihe- siu cu the e-r'ifics oruer aijpied by the ic lwk Thu highway inotiw ihe cuModv of rho bigliway fund jof the town The of UghW-tys have the custody ot the funds arising from ihe deli- qncul rosd tsx sen -sged in their The fals in' the ltxnds of the jitter iu vh sgrsKstc in msny tnynihM is quite a large amount Tbs fiesl jreer for the sfoieMul olBoens except oVenert of highwsvii eluses'tliis year March iTlh heiion ihe day b-fureth meeting of town snliora The fiscal year for overwears of highwaTi dears on the dsy before the second Tncailay preceding town meeting being March Slit In towns where the property tax is sowed ander Bre ot the road law whole road fox of the town not warksd oat is paid by the -highway treasurer the district overseers who dir bursa same 'Ia such inataaceathe statement oversee 1 becomes important flndaed mors important than that' of the highway treasurers J- 1 i The object of the- law being to Inform I tki Mopte ss toths true condition of tbeir tunas no Officer Is exempt Amply bareaae of the supposed non -importance mt bis i'iou IfherreeivM enddiabniare public fends ifi any township he fa included wifoin the prqnirementa of the lew making end publish leg stele mente reedpts and expenditurre P1 Dw is -Firet-elaas Li' OdUfBttrt 1174 very hnbmrt A MERRILL "Prepnatofc BREAD CAKES CRACKERS -i- I- jf end ta fart everything treat Pdnghnae Lad I Plneer and aweddis Cahe or any-thl nr tbatlauaatad la tha Hating or Coalce- tioaery lisa HiDUU -Z 1-4 OQ i quite By other should of the to be of tock tha Steam puny opin-a r-qairemhuts til Only cars it the fort and all by 1 for clue paid nr hert'Iren fui best -Iran Flttumaanhaad an madOi aU hlada have the sale Celehratad allow welli Iran Ftps am A full Uaead kinds and grieaa MtaaOy eahaad at do Job work of both la Den sad Weed POWELL DOUGLASES Weakagaa KtatA um 4 Mixer Acrimu and dkaleb in tWlLDUfQ MATEJtlALi 0aMaa4SalaXaamtt WuhlhgtaaSt Waukegan ilunou fi' 1 'V --N'i i- --A-.

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