Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on January 9, 1947 · Page 4
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 4

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 9, 1947
Page 4
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4—NAUGATUCIC NKWS (CONN.). THURSDAY, .IAN. !». IU47 Cfte Publlih»d JCvsry Evenltij (Xxcept Sunday) by THK NAUOATUCK NEWS CORPORATION _ WJQATUCK. CONN. HtTDOLPK M. HBNNTICK, PrMident *n£ T«l«phnnm HM and ««»—All llooartnient. i£nt*r«d M ncond cla»s matter at tbe poit ofrto* in ' _ N»u«»tuck, Conn, _ MUBHCRIPT10N RATK8 Payable In AdV«nc» I month ... ---- ,tl.OO 1 T««r ............ $13.00 Uvtnbci: Tb» Publlnhern N. K. Daily Nnwipaper Pub. An'o r?onn. New*pap«r Publihar* AJ«'B THURSDAY, JANUARY !>, 1M1 Bristol Terrace 'Residents ol' a section of Bristol Terrace, Waterhury, have petitioned the horoun'h fathers for approval oi' a plan whereby their laud and homes would be annexed to Xauyaluck. Tlie question is one that requires action by the General Assembly, and that body naturally would bt- influenced by the attitude of of fit-in I spokesmen for Waterbury and N'uuga- tucU. Piirt of 'Bristol Terrace is 111 ready #ov- erned by N'angatiick, and the services provided by the borouyh seem more attractive to residents on the Watorbnry side than those offered by their present governing municipality. Should the plan be adopted, t\vo streets, now graced by ten houses with as iiiiiny t'aniilics, would be taken from thu Wnterbury map and transplanted, on paper, to N'aiiii'atnck, They would pay tuxes here, bo eli&ihle to send their children to Niuiji-atuck schools, enjoy Naugatuck police and fire protection, and other services such as street plowing and sanding, most of which they claim Waterbury refuses to grant them. Bristol Terrace 1 is a pleasant little sec- lion. Its people are industrious, cornmti- nity-miii'ied people who, through no fault of tluiir own, find themselves without privileges and services that add to (•(immunity attractiveness. Initiative is not the least of the qualities possessed by residents of the section, for their current endeavor smacks of ability to strike out for what seems a more desirable circumstance. Together with other considerations represented in their petition. Natigii- tuck's lower tax rate undoubtedly is very inviting to the Waterburians. N'ati- gatuck's rate is 21 1-4 mills in the outside district, in which category the Terrace would be. while Waterbnry's is 2D.75 mills. And the recent revaluation in "\Viiterbnry stands forth as another reason why these people consider the time opportune to secede—but with legal approval, if any. On the surface, it appears that the problem of the fringe residents is one that deserves sympathetic consideration. To the naked eye there seems Httle reason why, in view of the natural affinity of the area, to our borough, the proposal should not lie approved locally—provided U'aterburv officials are willing. Same Sad Story The situation still prevails; the Board of Warden and Burgesses again has met and adjourned without filling vacancies in the police and fire departments, Tt is a disgraceful condition when petty polities continue to disrupt the morale and. service potentialities of public agencies to which our people look for protection. Whatever excuses are offered for the failure to act they all lose sight of the fact that by and large tbe public cares not a whit for the politics of the candidates for the vacancies; their only concern is that men of able body and mind be assigned. Continued delay is all the more reprehensible in the light of tbe availability of aide candidates for the positions—some of them war veterans. AV'e wonder how and where the current funibliu.u's will be brought to an end. Strike Overtones Striken, likt- moaslos. »rf, not only bml in themsolvofi, luit in tlieir at'tor-ct't'cuts. Tlion^rh tlic coal minors luive .ijonc hack In tho pits, tliuir work .stoppage will ho rcl'loctccl woll into 1947. Tt lius 1)oun dis- roviTfil tluit after a major strike, production is -not vcsitiinod immediatuly at Mil.- pro-striko riito. It takes throe or four tiiiH-s the duration of the strike to -ro- gain normal produetion volume. Not only capital, hut labor, has he- roiiH! Mware of thi.s fact. This is one of tlit 1 rcnsonss why.unions are not going to rush into strikes' quite so readily as in Do You Remember? One Year Ago Francis A. Clark was elected chairman of the NaugatucK District,' Mattatuck Council, Boy Scouts of America. Earl White and Albert Mai, Sr., were elected trustees of the Mlllvlllc Library association for a term of three years. 20 Years Ago Attorney Thomas D. Kcnncy returned to New York after vlaiting n:* inoihor, Mrs, John Kcnney of Cherry street. Miwa Adeline Anderson, daughter of Mr. arid Mrs. E. A. Anderson of Fairview avenue had returned to her studies at the Connecticut College ,tor Women. 30 Years Ago The Clover Leaf quartette, composed of Al Happy, William Gubbir.s, George Benz, and Mi- chncl Cullen entertained at St. Francis' smoker, John Crcan of New ErUain visited relatives here. Around The Clock Former Congressman Joseph E. Talbot was in Hartford Tuesday on business ... in New Haven that day was theater owner Kalph S. Pasbo. . . . Hazel Krnlis while visiting in Troy, X. V., during the weekend purchased her little Scottie "Susie'' a new sweater'. , . and in keeping with the home town spirit it is garnet and gray, the hi^h school colors. Patrolman Walter Lyskiewicz announced the opening of the borough court session Tuesday. He did it in good style too. Mrs.' Dorothy Wulfeck, administrator of Service for Veterans, has sent out a rush call, urging all local veterans who wore prisoners of war to call at lior office. . . . Review of all claims is underway,-and Mrs. W. believes many local men will benefit. Something, something weird and unidentified, walked into Gus Klimaszewski's smoke shop in Union City recently. ... Hurried calls were sent, out for game wardens, dog wardens and animal experts. ... At last report, according to Wally Gesseck, best guess was that the "thing" was a species of sea gull. Mr. and Mrs. Francis Plankcy, thc'lat' tor the former Pat Kikluff of Naugatuck, are operating a dry cleaning business in Seymour. . . . Francis recently was discharged from the Army Air Corps—and believe it or not the young people lost no time in finding a home in Seymour. .... Pat sends her host regards to all her pals at Andy's. Naugatuck now has a Marine Corps Recruiting service. Sergeant Earl Rich is in charge and will he at the local Post Office everj* Wednesday from 10 a. m. to 3 p. m, ... Fireman John Weaving is still confined to his S,outh Main street residence by illness. . . . New directional signs for motorists have been erected at the Church and Maple street intersection by Jhe State Highway Department. .... Tom Fitzgerald, high school freshman and a Bristol Terrace resident, had a hot experience on Church street recently when his coat caught fire from a cigarette. Xot one of Naugatuck's 1- physicians was available New Year's Eve to give treatment to residents suffering injuries through accidents. The injured persons had to be taken to Watcrbury hospitals by the Naugatuck police department. Although there is a lull ,in bridals at present we'd like to take this opportunity to let future brides know we have just received new wedding blanks. To facilitate operations here we kindly request brides return the filled out blank as early as possible, and not.later than the day before the wedding. AVe dislike very mueli rcfnsin/j people \vlio desire to IIMVO tlic-ir various items pnbislied in a certain day's paper, but when they call after deadlines have been readied \ve have no alternative. This is particularly true on Saturdays when we arc trying to get your paper to yon early. Why not call early and avoid disappointment. Jack Oonway, director of St. Michael's Playmakers, tells us we're in for some surprises when he announces the cast for "Blithe Spirit", which the group will produce next month. People are in it whom you never dreamed had theatrical ability. JANtTARY 15 TAX QUIZ By FRANK W. KRAEMER': Collector of Interim! Revenue No. 3 of a ' " Q. How do r -estimate my 1W6 tax In order to flic a Declaration by January 15? A, Estimate your Income and figure your tax aa on an annual return, Q. Arc there any special instructions, worksheets, or tables available to assist me? A. Follow th« instructions on tbe 1946 Declaration "blank. Form JfMO-KS. Q. Can I file my annual return, Zform 1040, instead of a Declaration of Estimated Tax. Form 1040-ES? A. Yes. if you know your exact income. This Form 1040 will then serve both as a Declaration and a return. Q. Why should I have to pay an estimated tax on top of my withholding, tax? \A. The estimitc is the differ- v oncc between the withholding tax and your total tax. Q. How may I take credit for installment payments in changing my estimate? A. Enter the total already paid on line 5 of Form 1040-ES or on line 8 (b), Page '!,' Form 1040. 0 Local Veterans Prankster Has Fun, But Cops Catch Up Joseph E.. Regan/ * ,form«r ouL tain-In the Army 'Air XJorpa; -jjlj been appointed Veteran* Adtniiilv tratlon. Trilnlng- Officer for-' the Nnugatuck «re«. He ha* been •<•». elated 'for the past • ten month, with the Hartford',Regional 0»l of- the... Veterans, Administration, a training Ofttccr and i ~ •Fiicillticx pmcer. ' Mr. .Rcffsn ha* hud over foijr yearn .service With the Army Air Forces in World Wjtr IT— twoyciti of thin Umc .beUijf. cpenl ovcr«*i£> as an ' Ayiat.ion 'Ordnance Offlctri He. wflVvborn; -and educated '4»' Witerbury.-;ffradusitlny-from • Cri* by Hiph school. Prior'to the *»£ he wan employed by the Ordotaee of the U! S. Army Department,; •-• He is married, has lw o and will reside in Prospect will be at'the Naugatuck for Veterans every Friday the' hovr.i of 1:30 and 3:50 pr m, i aid veterans with any problem* they may h.ivc about > and apprentice training. It is estimated that on »n' &VCN age .day about 6,000,000 pcmonn |tf the-.United'States .ire temporarily or permanently disabled because ot illness. WALTER WINCHELL Coast-To-Coast (Copyright, 19*9. by Th« Heartl Corporation) winner in literature. A few weeks za few knew bis r.ame ..Prince Huhertus Von -Lbcwcnstcin. a Ger- Louisville, Ky. —<UP>— Lewis Thomas, 20, who kept police wires CloR-RCd with false reports of a Crooked handbook, was with his receiver up on h and last complaint, j ,''.," rN ;it One police lieutenant kept him i rumt-rs on the wire, while another wont to , ^^^ the restaurant where he was call-j ing. Thomas had spent 83 cents in I nickels on phone calls to the police ' from the chief on down. Said off!- j cers who arrested him on charge? , of disorderly conduct and drunk- j onness, "He almost drove us, T-Man,JouVe wrak, rundown fatling duvwli caught Try BnU-nn Tonic Tablet* for new ptp^vW is 17th t vim **"* J* 11 " ywnstt CMUcx, U>" v«»y JSJ.": Ml'iMOS TO THE EDITOR Stalin. Gromyko und Novihov were invited to attend or .send representatives to the Report from the World Forum, at Cleveland. Not one R. S, V. P.-'d... .Have the Jle d& France and other French liners been taken off their runs to rush troops to French Indo-China? . .Clare 'Luce has converted some of her intimates. Locals hear- Jane Hamilton may be next. She's the ex-wife of the former Repute- here. ...4,000. airborne Mirrors in Miami today, • sold , ! crazy." - i Americans here, is now a German ] NatiDnulist and hater of all for- j eigncra, meaninpr Y'inki. loo. Since ! his return to Germany he changed I completely. He was once anti-Nazi In ;t recent col'm about . dis- appoinlmonts. (or 18-16 we ended with:. "And HST." Nearly a 'dosten i pedestrians (within the next two j clays) asked:. "What dacs HST ELECTRICAL NEEDS Electric Appliance Co. 1244 Baldwin St. Wat. — Tel. 4-1242 iiomc comedians (who lean on dialed quips which hold .ill races up to sco:-n and ridicule) brought en— _. — -. - . courogins responsn from most ;icjn Nat'I Chairman. .B o Sit o h I comics in Florida... Harvey Stone, clergy who complained H'woo'd marriag-e- crashes should be reminded of Vilma Banky and Rod La Roque—-wed 20 years this • Itiiin: "lix-Scn. .Wheeler-and Son stand for?" Open Law Ofllcc. Firm name, | 'Wheeler & Whecier'". .. .In Sonjfs, i l-.ouise. Crood.v: (tlio •former Dances and Monotonous Savinss, star) is still in Japan doinpr a fine : job with the Red Cross. Been there The column's exasperation with! n - v ° a ' : or so - Shc '» expected to • ~-)<n "an important announcement soon" Bcaverbrook still in the hosp. LHUe. better but still not frood. Snid the. Run.von pi»cc m.idn him- weep. It w?s ' ' about Jackie Miles and Billy .Vine held a j £' h °' in*'-°duccd ; oAv^fnh n.ith ^Ihori :,nrf all .->p-i-noH i JsntiShO'S yr,.:.'Hcar anything about a society chap who <il!ejredly attempted hari-kari at his Columbia U. -fraternity tepee? Lust initial "C."... Much hissing ot Fianco at newsreels. . .Talk about Wm. Rhinelander Stewart's young and at- It wasn't our confab with others, and all agreed the criticism was justified. Vine re- London in my Stands rrl" His . Luddship s stuff ID paper, the Loo Lindy reports he merely switched his best j p . orts . M>kc ' l.yman's Hollywood stories to straight paRRing, and i ?'« cc '« sendirifr. Runyon .fund S2.- "thcy went bigger'and"got more' V 00 .. Can t 'Jlwrc out why that intention to 'kill all | .pplausc than before" Paul hanflf «l of pressmen (who stayed Brunn. colyumist.. says Holtz'.s ^ va >' . tol- a fcw ' **?*• stopping the -famed "Maharajah gag is still fun- ;,. Jml P a P c '' s) d ' d n t r/iuse to, ny without belittling anybody". ... '.. , ° tn ! s: Ihelr stoppage didn't stop salaries of i-taffers or printers—only newsboys and old Sagging — merely tliat which gives tractive widow taking another groom...In the. series, about £va~..».., u .!.?...<,,< .....jj.u.u^u., .. ^...v-i , Braun's und raped s^vimming reader asked about those who hold | q s U '''° ta ° k "] c shellacking ,An- scnncs (found in Nazi lllnil Infl the Irish up to ridicule on the air . ',?' ? l . s ' .' r , vou cal1 - Every • (3 a. £,(-,1 11^* jnu i^ij biicbi. » 11 n_n {*, i \ \^j . '.Klansmen nmmuniUon .. On. I ?.!"., ™ d .. W , omen "^stand-keep. News comments: "In some shots Hitler is seen In uniform or formal dress. Once he posed in green hat and cane'.'. .-(That I gotta see!) - ' Crocodile Tear* Dcjit: Nazi Hangs Self In Nuernberg Jail— 5th of Indicted to End Life''. . . ,"G. B. Fisher, Backer oi Policy's , Silver Shirts, Dies". . ."Klan Chief Samuel Greene of Atlanta in HJspital Following Crash." (Oh, the Poor, tackcr (Admiral Nagano) -Dead." (Ain't It A Shame, ''Mame?X up Well, why don't the Irish stop You tvinily see Scotchmen , r ^ tul ' c -' two ..,_— .u. A-, ..,._:.. <._-:.._. side. But t police station in Now .York City it? gaprs since the Caledonia Society and other Scots did something about the offensive story tellers . green lamps out- at Police H'quarters aren't lighted at night •It's easy to (h v . ' P " CXt out ANOTHER NEW SERVICE NOW AVAILABLE AT YOUR ' • • CHEVROLET AND OLDSMOBILE DEALER FREE MOTORS, Inc. COMPLETE BODY and PAINT SHOP ~For. body work-ol every type, tcnatr- repairing,-replacement *t (flaws, auto piilnting -and loiich-up, etc. • Prompt service, expert workumnnhlp. reasonable price* ... I* this most, inodernl.v equipped new l«<J.v nnd paint >lu>p, " •" This new department- the tinly »»•; of Its kind In NaiiRHtuvk. will he an effective supplement to Mir expert repair service on »ll makes of motor curs. FREE MOTORS, Inc. 492 NORTH MAIN STREET Telephone 2211 ; . vomic tear down the Irish in any j in '"! St on cafe where Irish - l: -' ' " ' ' Russia « nd lh ' ". S. lsa '-"""S each other and sec how many left -after he is carried to any am- clientele Rather, ,,. r e- a ™'"R Germany:.. ,T>,<. V teeth he has Juslln M « c » rtl 'y accused of those y teotn nc has mid(own stickups (of motol . ists , bulance. was Lady Astor's house guest in _ London, where she (according to G-Mnn Hoover has another en-' BHt ' sh nctors "<=''<=) introduced him Poor . Map!).. ."Bilbo leaves, for j lightening article in American j j^!. , Xvai- d. Mixed with Vic Operation". .."Pearl-. Harbor " At-Mag, He'reveals the menace of ' Cl ' ct a ' (Admiral Nagano) -Dead." Communism ovei- here—by using the words, of the scummunists themselves (Daily Worker, kindly copy) ...I, Don Lcvine's Plain FBI piling up evidence proving most German relief agencies here are reincarnations of pre-war Talk tells about "a typographical error named B. Rubin. 1 Bunds. An added entry is a Communist outflt ostensibly doing re-| D 'n," lie reports, "ffot Her but actually promoting politi-, considerable build-up who col- yuma for the scummy rag. "Ru- himso.'f :t sal missionary work ..You will Ind the .Byrnes '.'pool-- health" resignation advance in the files away back (or broadcast) ..Capitol economists predict a hot Summer, pro- receded Spring. In your G-ov't Bonds. .•:eded by a •hort. hold You'll need thorn more thon. praps, Roto section of the Patterson lab goes full color on Feb. 2, we •>ear Former Congressman Lam- bcrtson (Kansas) now pu-b'.ic'.y pro- he List year ! tftf STRISIK'S 10 Center St. Wstarmiry. Cona GLASSWARE Qustc( j by General! MacArthur from the Tokyo edition j of the Stars & Stripes. Tlip charge was that Ruhin follower! the party line. At the time, he denied .slrnnu-- ously that he was a Communist" The caption is: "They Never Admit it." Publishers running to socuro the U. S. rights for Hermann ' claims that our comments got him defeated (Dots nizcl ..Quote of thn Week: Bilbo's ' bl«st to news ohotographors: "Donlt 'you- poople I have any ethics?". . .Senator Bark- Icy referred to the postponement 3f the Bilbo showdown as "a happy compromise.," Unfortunately, the only thing that was compromised •vas the U. S, Senate's good name. ! i Our rwcnt squnwh about Western Union delaying urgent news fpatches was traced to a messenger who must be .t critic. He- delivered the copy to the Assocla- ed Press. . .Benny Davla says spell Bilbo backwards and you got an abbreviation lor "oblivion" g: of the End Dcpt.: A Washington reporter said Taft 'Isn't the most photogenic aspirant for the '« Presidential- nom- nation and that If ho Isn't more oolite hfa plx may make him look filler," Seems Taft and others were iskcd (by photojfs) to stand a-.liUte. iloscr for a 'shot',- and ; he- irr'ltab'ly larked: "You .had- better "take the i licture aa-.we A are or'don't., take iry!" The lads took a: walk.-:, 'he Congressmen .who complained .bout allowing- displace^ persons nto the USA haven't as yet said about Axis Salty• -r Hesse's books. He's the Nobel Prize New Term Open* ,Ian. 2, 1047 COUKSKS FOR S<-cr«'fciry, Typist, Clerk Comp- tometer Operator i Accountant THE PERRY SCHOOL Brotvn DODGE Hotchkiss St. Garage 47 HOTCHKISS STREET Tel. 5727 J. L. MAZILAOSKAS, Prop. SALES — SERVICE 25% Reductions On LAMPS NAUGATUCK HARDWARE NEABT BCOJHNO TEL. 5213 NOW You Can Get An EMERSON 3-VVAV PORTABLE RADIO Buttery, AC.. DC . . . Overall grill of duriihlo metal with |>ro- clHlon dial . . . Sturdy, weatherproof and powerful for all conditions of travel and outings. TeL.MM 4i:i No. Main St. Union City Store Open Friday Night . Cntir<» O'clock FLINT-KOTE ROOFING We are holdinf our price line — So if your v roof needs repairing have it done now befott winter come*. BE SURE TO CHECK YOUR LEADERS and GUTTERS WE WILL ESTIMATE YOUR NEEDS And Do A Complete Job Or Supply Material* Needed For a Complete One-Stop Service PHONE 3-5991 Middlebury Lumber Co. 1947 Marks Our 104th Year of Successful Rubber Footwear Manufacturing . With This Record of Achievement Behind Us We Look Forward to Future Security and Prosperity ^ For Our Company, Our Employees and the Community UNITED STATES RUBBER CO. "Servtnj Through Science" , Naugatuck Footwear Plant Naucratuck -

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