Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on August 14, 1896 · Page 4
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 4

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, August 14, 1896
Page 4
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1 j Gray COKNEE. -"•On new full goods. While mauy mei Chants are stuck on unseasonable gooil •nd are using every inciins possible t put them onto their customers, Jon Gray comes to the close of the seaso . -to grand shape and Is able to take nd ftntagc of the very lew Eastern mark •t» for cash and., gives'- his customer rtenn new fresli poods away below ol Carried over stock. 'P. S.—Come and s«e the diffidence. .DAILY JOURNAL ev«ry day In the week (exc«p Monday) by the Lo)tan»port Journal Company. W 3. WRIGHT ................... Prenlden .•A, HARDY ................... Vice PreBlden • O. W. GRAVES .................... Secretary • B. BOYEH. .................... Treaiurer per Annum per Month •* Official Paper of City and County. CBntered ttt second-dais mall-matter a *<• Legansport Pont Ofllce, February ( FRIDAY, AUGUST 14, 1800. REPUBLICAN TICKET. For President. WILLIAM McKINLEY, JR., of Ohio. For Vlco-Prealdcnt. OARRETT A. HOB ART of New Jersey For Governor, JAMES A. MOUNT of Montgomery Co For Lieutenant Governor. W S HAGGARD, of Tippecanoo County For Secretary of State. WILLIAM D. OWEN, of Cass County. For Auditor of State. AMERICUS C. DAI.LEY of Boone Counts For Treasurer of State. FRED J. SCHOLZ, of Vanderburg Count For Attorney General. WILLIAM A. KETCHAM of Marlon Co For Reporter of Supremo Court, CHARLES F. REMY of Bartholomew Co For Superintendent of Public Instruction » M. GEETING, of Harrison Count. For State Statistician, • S. J. THOMPSON, of Shelby County. For Judge of the Appellate Court. First District. WOODFORD ROBINSON, of Gibson Co Second District. W. E. HENLEY, of Rush County. Third District D Vf. COMSTOCK of Wayne County. Fourth District; JAMES B. BLACK, of Marlon County. Fifth District. U Z, WILEY, of Benton County. Electors at Large. H. G. THAYER, CHAS F. JONES. For Congress, GEORGE W. STE'ELE. . . For Joint Representative. WILLIAM T. W.ILSON, of Cass County For Repreaentatlve-CHARLES B LONG WELL, For Proaecutor-CHARLES E. HALE. For Clerk-JOSEPH Q. GRACE, For Treasurer-BENJAMIN F. KEE9LING: For Sheriff—I. A, ADAMS. For Surveyor-A. B. DODD, For Coronor-DR. J. A. DOWNEY, For Assesnor-JOSEPH BARR. For Commissioner. First District-JOHN fifi mt A RD For Commissioner, Third District—ABRA-HAM SHIDELER. COMPARE THEM. "Th« Republican party" tai unreserved. |f for sound money. It caused the enactment of the law providing for the i of specie payments In 1870; i then every dollar ha» been aa good .-•••gold. "We are unalterably opposed to every •-•ensure calculated to debase our cur- -.»ncy or Impair the credit ot our coun- -:Uy. We are therefore'opposed to the •free coinage of silver except by Inter .;.:«tlonal agreement with the leading •^-commercial- nations of the world, which -we pledge ourselves to promote, and un • Ml then euch gold standard must be pre , . . . "AU our silver and paper currency .,«nist be malutalned at parity with ««olfl, and' we favor .'all measures de- •»-»J«ned to maintain Inviolably the obh- :,,'f«tlons of. the United States and all our - money, whether coin or paper, at, the .-preseiit standard, the standard of Uie .-.rlBOBt enlightened 'natlons"(>f the earth," — Repubilean platform. ' . "We demand the free and unlimited coinage of both gold 'and silver at the :, present lesnl ratio of ; 10 to 1, wttboot watting for the aid or consent of any, other nation. ' We demand that th« standard sHver dollar shall be a full legal tender, equally with gold, for all -debts, public ni»3 prtvute, and w« ,f av- -or snch legifilution o« will prevent the ^flemoDetimttoo of any kind; ot legal t«>; .,:fer money, by -private oontroct.— I>Hnr^ fcntlc pJattorm. ,•. 1( ; We detnood free and TtnQmlted noto- 'Me of silver and gold at the preseot k»•• • f»l ratio of W to 5.— Popoltot platform, ' ''• '" ' ' We hold to the use of both gold swl •liver as the- Htrradard money of th« •• eonntry , and to the cohwRC of both gold • «nd «llrer, wtthoot dtocrlmlnMIng •ipalnst either metnl or charge for mlnl- • -itge,' but the flolfcir unit- of coinage of '•• both metata;ca«ft bb-of^'eqnal IntHnidle •'••nd exebMK!«ftMp \tilae.or bo adjusted '• through. tnterbflth>.iMU .agreement or by '••och Bnfegwvpfls of Jeglslattoo ae stall tmure the mfllotewkKie of the parity of the rwo roetata dod.tbe eqtial pmrer tt «vwr floUnr at all times to the muk- ; «t« and ID payment of debt, and. tve d«- tnand that all paper currency shall be ' kept at par ' with and redeemable in •' coin. WE MUST ^SIS'T'otON- POLICY AS •'B'ajpfi'ciAlAY FOR THE PROTEO- TIOJ5 OF THE'FARMERS BORING CLASSES,vl'HE FIRST AND MOST DEFENSELESS VICTIMS OF UNSTABLE MONEY AND A FLUCTUATING CURRENCY- Democratle platform, 1S02. ' •.}."• I'KIWUDICE AND HONESTY. A I'eiv Democratic edltois have I'lio ncn-i- ty ; umke the ji'aJse a«d shmndes^ that the fir.rj--c.eint, dollars by Klilveriitos wJll oaeh pay' off 100 ixmfs ot the debtor's •inortsage;. tliat n lifty-ccini ilrJJur w.ill' be taken for 100 cunts to taxes, amd -that everyone will K.ot -two of I'hu new dollars wlieiv only' one wiis roeoAvod before. Tlie Plum-OS lias not lai tills direct way been fful-Uy of an 'appeal to the prcjii- dkie (if the debtor against Uie croilllw. Tlie dwiKiBOSlics are loose, nofl'ever, iinul Wtolr way te strewn with Just smrh wntiirtliful sta.leJiiwuts as The hoiK!St debtor who received honest doliUiw In tine sha.pe of a loan for \vli.lch ilw a.pr>l!«l mud Jis responsible 1-n every \my, \vffl wot heed such argti- uwot*. '.riio mmn wihose plaiting ot light Js >not worn off -to -tiho i>ot nietnl, Is Insulted by t:ho pi«oix*sLtioii of Bryan and his iollowcaw, -to defraud the creditor ar tin; sicriilt-e af.i,trtiQ)rrlt.y, which, in these Domooraitlc tiimes, Js often nil UiO't is left to -the debtor. Much al 1 tlie honest, money loaaieil is put out by .gaiviiiiss banks, and is made' tip of (Hie i«avi.nps anid hon-ost earnings of worktop peoi^j. Far each homait dollar some toller pave -i'ts f-wll worth In honest energy. Wlion lie placed It ini lilie bank It was woist.h 100 coats. WJien Hie baoi-k loa.ned it it was worth 100 CMlllS. Wlniii lit is paid back to the banker aiiul to ithe toiler it ninist l>e worth 100 cents also lit -Is a d-Lsreputeble chea.t. . . Tire biUJker .te the itrustee of liBra.'ujner- ablo pcxvple tor wiltom tlio debtor Iws the iitimotst poad-feoMng. Tttus debase-. moiiit of itl»e tlollare iin lilt* poeseesioii would noit brine liSmi diiistreas, bwt the niianccr IMS inalds in tmst for brother la- lx>'ron?, frapal ajid thrifitiy and lnomest toiilciis, (ahouiW toait be delwsed, depreciated in value oaic cent, or by ane-tol,f as ifa ttn-eaitcoed by destrticttonJists, then the "cnrnvu oif -itihonns" would press on lioiiKUt brow of "the vary people the Biya.ttijtes assume to love. TJie fifty cent dollar flhnt cotvld be paid for 100 cents as taxes could only l>e psiiKi by those w.lih possesse<l the dol- ¥i, n» -lias ailwnys been tlie case. The rich would be bcaeflrtxxl.as well as tlie poor, 'iu this case, the government of the people, amd the employee of tlie f?ov- umnMmt. betas irtoe sufferers, fi'om being- pa*ld In- lowered dollars. .,; As for receiving .two dollars for every one itJiat has come heretofore to the In/- diirtllldiial, the sKatemont is woitliy of , the niflin who toW of Aladdin and the lamp. For every dollar received, for all'thne, am/d aM over the world, some exchange •minis* be anhdk Labor is most comnioji- ly pta-fin. How, then, Jn the name ;o'f 111011011 soase, 'fs- the maa whii 'work's for Ms dollar, to got two <toUnra-.'ft$ttfe etime amount of work iinJeSs prpvl- dence, or some other power wfflh'inojre hear* tliara tlie averajire. employer, doubles Ws wngos. If this ts- not'; done it oaoe, there will be more suffering in ithlis coiiintiry thnro was dreamed of by tine im«i-Tii -who stole the "cross of gold" with which, to oratorically cruckfy mankind. HigheaR of all in Leavening Power.—Latest U. S. Gov't Report "'•<•! S - .. - 1 " Wo, Tihe^untlersiigiiied raiChvay, employes^ rcpt:esemit-iinig every'department o£ mil way service, do 'hereby pledge ourselves tb .use'W''votes -amd influence for ijie doteait of 'the^rce coinage of sliver at *h!e tonWicomiiiiifi Nadioucl election, •Ul'levlug nlMirsuch,' free coimage of eilvor at -Hie ratto of 10 to 1, when. Uie coni- ineixilinl niitillo :!s 'more <i'h:m 31 to 1, would-lie injurious to our porsonaJ Interests as wage earnem as well as disastrous to flnVl&Meif States as a niaflSon. We arc opposed ro the fifee and 1 uinJtonited- eotaigie of silver ,;!>•,- i- < 1st. Becaaise.'Oiui 1 jrvrcee.nt pay .'won't 'quite eiiinble us to buy everyliMni-g on :ea-nth and we have ho'desire to' have that pay cut -in, -two. , ' '3d. Because'weprefw tio'hav'i? What few (latevs we.-earai worth 100 cents apiece, .twit S3 conts., ' - ,' ' :. ;; - •-..-.-,••,. .. •• .• •'• i .• . • Bd. Because' we'do not see why-We should bo-flaiy bete off W the price '•'• oC everj-iflii'liig we 'lad 'to buy was doubled aind ow.wttgas-reuiaJincd.Uie same. 4t)Ui BeaHi!&,' tho-ugh; the ratio may now be IG.raon out of work -to ono who 'lias u'jo'b, we have no desiire,io swe'l t hie-ratio'-by toTOHig nioro mem out o£ enrntoyinenit. .tV' -..'..-• v " ..-i,-.-::-^ -.".. WihUe..we do niqt, desire to !iiiterfer c -(viitih locsil nueeitiiouts ais a body, we .resiM»tfullj"Te<IU'Cst' other raHroad mea':'•«iho oire to'faivxMr- of iChe presont stand-, ai'xl of nupwjv-.wM'cli makes every dollan-, ettar-galid; slver or paper, worth 100 cents, to^ineot i^tih us ait 8 o'clock p. m. at tlie -Riiai-lc, Mon,day, August 17th, for tlhe purpose of t'ormding a Railway Men's Sonind;Moniey dub. EEPUBIiICTANS— : CHARLES ..GRAY C. R: GREEN M. E. JESNESS E. W. ALEXANDER ; R, C.-.BABNARD OHAU^eEY M. ABBOTT : W. S. PARKS ' ! LEWIS 1 KING : A. M. WITvLEY A. HI-THOMAS •ROBERT" W.- WEIR ' J. C. SULLIVAN G.'HEKSLEY A. C: DAVIDSON RUDOLPH BERNDT \ H. E. 51EGJ-NNESS C.' A."BUTLER i GEORGE CHAWSH'AW : CHARLES LAING J. A./FRANKLIN E; W.- GOHL T. W. 0A1/DWE-LL R:-A: WINEMILLER J'1'0: POTTS- J. W: VANLOON W-.O.-'EVANS Fi E. WOODLING . JOE'CLARK t: W.;BREWER I WiLLHtM H. LEGG JOHN Y." WOOD A. w.' HTJT'OHINSON w. H: ;I M'^ T ITT W. H. GREEN GE0RGE ; MANRIXG L,. M'.'" ; B-A|NTZ ' D. FOSTER •' W. HrGIFFORD S. B. KERlSx ''» L. M. : DOOI!EY ,TAS. SULLIVAN E. F. KEARNEY A. T.' M..D. RYAN,.", ".' S. P. AKDEESON ,T. W. EAKL.Y . . , HOR ACE," £, '. .NEWCOMET H. H. ,,KN.p,WLTON ,T. W. HAMILTON • H. WHITE H, K. ORE.,. ... A. E. GAItRETT .•JOHN G. ,'GALLAGHER GEORGE >Y..HILL M. CALLiHAN'. D. MAHONEY., . • C.-D. HEiRRICK ' o. E:KLINOK ,..,... ,T. J. HANSON ., F. .T. TRE-MP. CHRIS SCHIELE C. F. HAMPER..,' . O. J. MURPHY •;', M^. FARRELL - ...... E, K. STOU.GH . . . GEORGE B.-SPA-LDING . JAMES GMJSS :.• - : . M.-DIXON- :-: -..-.. REPUBLICANS— -.. B. B. IDE ,- • • W. R. LENNON H. F. BERGMANN OLAHENC'E-tEE . R B. MiATTHEWS ' S. W. SHAVER-. C. R. BEE/L . • C. L. CASE .•:;;< . THE RAILROAD MEN. ; mwu by reason of aicir dally oonitaict witli the public, are advanced thltakers and by nieason:.of bUrtir oocupa- are indepenldenit. It ie w.ell known itl«e Denniocraitlic bustoees are opposed to free Most of them quietly so expreea''th«in- sedves, but for business reason^ dq^itKxt take am onem staind. The Jonirnajfjcool'd fiil've tlie noimea of two hundred 'bemo- araltis who will vote for MfcKJfcley, but dow ,not desire to imvolve them' agnlnst bholr wteh to-keep out of poMitic'S. The bold, amd open stand of the railroad men Mows' tlte. senatnkant among aM classes, "awne.Ki, businerw 'inau,' professJioonl men nm<l wag-e woi^kera aitllke. Nothing but a desdiie ifoa- office, or a bllitod devo- fkm, -to fflio pniit.y ijame wlH preren-t Democrats vatiing aigainst the free silver craze. Tit is even asserted -that the the Pharos will vote their coirvilcitlitms. However thte .may tt is., erlident that ,tihe free-:Oliver bubble has binst In .Caes co«nit.y and ha* 'tlilq counity wiill Rive McKinley a la'udsoime plurality over.Bryan. '..The'action of the raffliwid men fe a matter of comuie.nda-tion. -The firm .tn-nd Miey.liave.'taken wilO be-a power- ill Influence in Nov«jn.beT. No intell-i- citlzeni wanrts free sfflvev.aitiid the Deiniocirfl-tis. who slgoedithe call' Cor a sound; money-club,shoulW be coin- gratuta'ted on tholr Jojyalty ,to DipMiocfait- c. prJinelples, their, patriotismr and tlielr ndopondcnce. ..„;.'-„.,... .. : The milmo ow.aens tave.noit'hiling to lose hd'«ycry,tlitog <to gatoi'.vTheir.l>iis3ness at the present-price ot ;isUv«r. If they ;can%foince tJie pri.ce;. ug toy false mea-ne they ^wlll certainly use every /Teat <fo do Jt. M, as theJir. agenitB prom- tee, the puttees of aU,comimoi(lltiles ad- ance : out of all pnoportiDiD to ifhe aibJiWity of the employed to buy, the mtoe own- re will! tlTud thait lilt pays just a».weM to uim tlielr backs 1 on tWs-wndlitlon. and a treat many others.-:.Tlrt -mtoe owners, may the people.observe",'• do" nothjjig nn- ess It pays. ! ^fl SHADY NOOK Republicans Enthusiastic in That Section-Wilson SpeakeV; 1 *' There was a sound.moiney niee'ttag last nifelut a.t Shmdy.Nook ; school .house north, of tlie city:' Honi...W. T. Wilson spoke on the issue of tiie'liouir and'was' •heard with, riw'jibctfui 'and' close-attention. It. was-the luttentiOM to'oi-gaolze a sound imouey. leflgtte.at ttols meeting aad.tlie a'tteaidajice.was' more than!am-pie for the purpose but tlie (jomiultac- main- iflromi.-.-ttotifrtownshiip who. had charge of thc.-list of ..club, nrein-biere failed to be-ptesejit and no.tlWng could: be done. .The •;-crowd was made .up largely of DJannojciruts, and numbered more than 150. .-All remaimed -until 'the. last of-the mec.tilag-whb* was only-one of the successful; gajtbe'rtogB -that meet tlie next Jotaf.Reprasesiitatllive, on .hi? tour. ••-.- ..it iir..-j.--tr. ;..'' . ', TJie sound mohey toem wilM meet at 'the same place,"however; wxt Thursday •nigihit, AtngtMb 20Hii' when 'tlie club already recml,tica- wiUlslje BmUj organized for bualneas :'amd-i!th«'work 1 . in that section of the^oounta-y-wUl-theji beglo to earnest.' ' •••/! ..•:••-,;••.;-.•.•.-- •has as.'hier ^u'est* her father and- mother of Blocrutojj r ton,,ll-l. ._ , . .Miiiss "Gixioe.Kauffiiiuui is at Kokomo the guest of Mooroe Seiborltog and fajn- fly for a. fo.w.,days. ' .W. C. Evans of b'aMviile''bii"fils!'way :rp M-asiiukuckee. ivas *he gu«t of Lo- gihfnsport. friends a short time. . '. ilrs. .Ca-flieilnie Seiiber toft yesterday monaiaip for a \yoek's Ytait. Jn Indiana^ palie and Fiienoh Lick Springs. I - JVI,iss Caitljarine Shanahap- returned to her hoone ait Wabnsli yesterdasy, after a pleasant visit \\ltli relatives. In the -city. J. Mj.CushroaM and. daughter " :- PERSONAL . MlssBldiOch. Gollettte vteUtog at P»ru. .terome Bertf-io* Peru -was liere yes. W. W. Spencer •.whs- here from Frank- Guy Fleitchorttf P.eru was hero yesterday ..on bustrieaB. ••'-. - ;; . • Miss Lydin'Taylor.is'v'isMitoe relatives flit SL- Ma-rj'S, 6h.lK>'.': ".;;•' • • , Saimuel Stem of'TCokomo was here Wedmeediiy evening; ","•' Max Smith--:''of- 0 Frankfort visited; fi-i«n)ds liei-e yesterday, . " . • .Tolim- Hftyas-^tnd-w^fe 1 have returned from a visit a-t'Ghlicago; • ' •MilBS KaititHe : 'Bail of DelpJii Is im- the city the-.guest of i-elatl'vee. .'. : '._" . Miss Etta. StougU/ho^i'returped from a Mlatt.-wiWih fi-lenids ; tt'l! Star Oiity. , • ^ - Wrs. Sam' Caysiidy.'of 'Huntingdon," la tlie gaiest of'Stlivkves to thfe oily. "'-. Hermaii gfifen'ttt" ot. DanviiWe was in thiecitity yesiterdiiy. on. -his'^ay'East-.' •' Dr. : amd Mrs 1 .' Tlolloway .;>re' spending ft week's oiuttag at Si'. Joseph, M4cto., J. i Mrs. Fiininlrn'JiHrri nf.Trm'lti.' X B. Sctoofletd aihd family of Missouri iro visiting W. H. Ktmse, south;' of the ityi.:'- : !'iA'^.'";>v.:::.^ H Max Smith was here home" 1 hto.trip thjjMi^b, . -'•'The Rev. :: T>: TJniredny ._J • ' the East. . Mrs. ». W. Hoffman have returned from an extened vlstt In Michigan. .Mrs. J. H. Sample, of Twelfth street- t . [j.^ Elio. of. B^looiuJnigitoin are vlsitkig the for-" jner's daughter,. M-rs. A. P. Shiiinn of this <*y-'".. -:,YY. V. .Miisses EiUith., ,Duchess . amd Josle Sumption .were, to tlie d'ty from- Walton yesterdia|y 1 .foi > a-vtelit wJich reila:tives aud frtenidB..... ... , .,-. ... Mirs. pla-rance Ban-, formerly of this cilty.l'jiioisv, .of .'jGhicugo, passed through yes*e3;diiy^qini,.hier. way. to .Loutevllle from .Lake Maxtokuckee. A. tomb's. j&eaTO-.attnched to a heavy wAffOR;,nwi. li^ay. yesterday on. TWid. htiv»?it > .lt)!U^-Mo.daJuage was done before • ;MJ««..Graiee,,Mcee, a former student at .MtohpeVa MBtv.ers'ity passed through tiie.cility..yes!beix]ay:,.,-eniroute fromi her Jiome at,.Monil.toello to visit friends at Ajr!tlwir ; R..- .Keflslng, whose sketches fj-oiii ncroiSB.th^; waiter. ha:ve pleased and intorested Journal readers for several weeks .past,.-. Kewjbed-.. • liomo .yesterday ajtiej-.a i^ea.sa-ntr.yoyoige a-nd a pdfl.tnl>le *!*.•. , .. •,.;-,.-,: in; .'i.,-.- . The ifoilo wiling people' wen*. ; to., f .Lake M-axiiniku<;keelWedniC6<lny . to aAteda "tlie iltoiise. patty g1/y«n n byM. WJtafieM, Jr.. WednoBday evwtop, ait' -that place: Mlsa Nelson, .the Mtesqs. Rogers, . Miias Wise anil Mes^Bs..-y.lc. Wise and Fred Tliey.wJl-1 iieliiwn aionday. PAID CHF/AP MONEY. Herald:, .The Vilotor Glass Couipiiniy .iiave,.a; inuiniber or men. .-work- Jiug at the plaint <m..r(epaiis and linpcovo-i niemlts. ,AVhon tlwy c;i^ed for. tTielr pay, , Mnmiager^Van DeyenJxn' iwid tliem dieiiir wages.,1^1 .Meslcan dollars. The mem gat about *wtae ns many, dol- Baking Powder ABSOLUTELY PURE vilously expressed periiiiiBfltoi], rh<; men wir.urjiM yesterday JWM! g-ot yootl dol- IJIIK. Mark Twain's mii'lltan pound bank ncM» IBM! afforded no more striking (ncWwiits tlMtnii liswl Uvelir experiences The men fdit gauntly -repaiUl for tie ef- itoirls of Mir. VainDevewter to gn.it t>he b-'Hl coin of Mexico's five coinage mimits, amd mow .sec 1 Uw. adY!in.Tsi!?es of sound money f TO ni' the fpftuvdpctisuit of. ex.]>erf<?nce. IS STILL UNMARRIED. Hon; is <i story from tue Atlanta. Constiinitiioa: A good-looking, weU-<tx>-<lo baclnelor of Griffin was lx?,'mg taisetl by the young hulitas of a. club for iw>t betas miamtad. He said: "I'll niair.rr tlie one of you wlxoin. on a .secret vote, yon (fleet to be my wiife." There wow iitoe members of the club. End) pttrl went Into' a winner and msed giva-.t caution, toprepar- ing her ballot, and- disguised tocr hiind- writilug. Tilio .result of the vol» was tliut there wore utoe votes cast, each gJ:rJ reoelvSng oiw>. Tlhc iwa.n- remains a bachelor, t-lie club is broken- up amd tlie girls all mortal enemies, united 1m. the one dtffermimatioti. flint they wMl not speak to the man GERMAN LUTHERANS. At EvansvMle the an mini conference of (he German Evangelical Lutheran church of America and Canada, is iji session, and will coatiiwe 'for eight days willi momiliug and afternoon; meetings. TJie following officere have been elected: President the Rev. .Toura Badriug; of Milwaukee, Wis.t vjce-pivsideat, flic Rev. Peter Brandt, of Plittsbnrg, Pa.; socrctairy. Prof. John Schaller, of New Ulm, Mann-.; treasurer. Ghrt.st Y-.msen, oif Detroit, Mich.; chnplaliu. Tlie Rev. C. p. 'Sclffiui-tt, of St. Louis, Mo. Prof. Larewn, of Norway, te present. Charges have lieen'filed against it-lie officers of tlic Michigan synod and a com-inl'tteo has been, appolnted'to investigate. '. A SECOND FIRE, The fire department was called at 2:lo Mills morukig to the hcnise occupied by Mr. and M'rs.Heury Knouff at die comer of Market aud Twenty-second streets, where there was a small fire last Sunday. The flames were soon, put out. The house-is owned by Dr J. W. Bollard. •••Wls'thought;'from;the' fact Hhait ti>e family was away fironi home, ttoat tlie fire -n-ae at iucend.ta.ry oiri(?ln. Tlie d:un- u«e wiU cot exceed $100. Two boys first sa'.w the Maze and turned in the aJniin. - • . ADDITIONAL LOCAL. tain anonieij'. !,TUiey were, aisked .as. a foTor, .to- tiiy tihe expficlnwat or paaaing theTOi'-.'btit'---to';*StflSffrtio talie" less'-'ftiara face value' for them. ' ' .The exijenlenoaa, of r tl«e .men; were amiualmg ns well ays Jn^tHictive, A cas^i- l4'r otoie of live dry Baibds aJweis diid not tl»y. .were' wreitehed dollar, pie'iqf tiw men held while, an exaimJnaifio)i""wflS^ made. ' The 'si»re *ihen wt^f^cl tettjfte it "for: 50 cept^.on the dolilar, atooitt what th^.mctni in them Aus Famsler, ciity edilitor of the Pharos, te sick. Mrs. E.- J.'Grower was vJsWflfr 'at Walton yesteixlay. Mrs. A. P. Fli5-un was at Walton yes- tenlay vlsidug friends. Bom to .Mr. and Mre. J. W. Cramer of Etoventli stiijet, a son. ' A horse af the county fanu was orer ; come by dteesipe tlie other might. . Dr. G. W. Harding of Twelve Mile,was to the- clity yesterday vlsllttog .Mends. Slteses' Mollie naid Lillian Clary -\vlll return home today from Delput after yfel'Uinig .reJaitdres for a week. There will be a festival at the Blue- teJl Ch.iteUan cliurch H WashJragtoa towrashflip, Saturday 'August 22nd. All are Invited. Elmer CaUebt, who 3s visWup at Waneriy,'after'aa ntoacuce of many years, is located w.iith bfe family at Waukegan, IH. TJieo Bell and mother and stoter have returned to Itoelir home alt Muuole after a lomg visit to tlie city with the farolly of'Sheriff Adams. Tine Wands of Very Rev. Father Bra- nuer Jin tlite cRy were pained <o learn I Deer 'Creek, was* struck by show Uint lie-was not .friplitflned Jn tlie least, he concluded to ask the-minister •lif W was customaity to kiss" tlie brMe. After stutterjinsr -for wineititnc i.e finally broke out: "Is Uussiu? klstomaryt'" Tlie minister Icindiy tafomied him that it was not under the ciifurostamces ,anO t.he yoiiing niaoi was led to die altar like a Inibb. A regutir nieeUiip of lhe Trades and Labor assembly was held Inst evening at their hall a.t Uie corner'of Fourth and Market srreeJs. The Cliii'to.11 county fair will be held at KitiuiMort AURUPI -4 to L'S inclusive. It promfees to I)e one of the most Inter- esniing 3n .rtie hiMo-rj' of tlie association. Tlicve will 1« a meotJuig of the sound •inoioey -men from every department of tlie .railroad ait'Uie rink on. Monday evouitaff at S o'eiock for tire pui-pose of fornMuga Railway'Moos' Sound Money Club. During a reunion of t'he Slxtli IndN :in;i ac K<linhuj-g, A. S. Creati), of Gii>jensbw?r, was etodtcd presidenit, and E<lwsird McDevitt, of IndiaiiM.polis, sec- netary. The 1S07 reunion will be held ait Greensburg.. The annual reunion of the Sixty-ninth Ind. Inf. will be held :ut Uiberty, Union couftiity, August lOtJi. This regiment was'one of tiie Hoosler regiments organ- lied wheni Brayg and. KMiy Smith tliTe.-itKMiexl CJiadnnatl and Louisville. There was a lively gathering of sound money men at tie Red school house in Noble township last might Organizer George Gamble was in charge of the meotius, and Q. A. Myers was the speaker. The Republicans are very much awake in that secWon. Artie AnJiitor and Patrolman Curt Smith aire now Joint proprietors of the saloon of J. M. Baker on, Third street. They wiH assume tlie oontix)! of the estaMikhmwrrt tlnis monning. Anhier lins been. Baker's bartMnder for SODOM time; awl Smlitiii is a popular member of Die police iforce. The ainn.ua! reunnon of tlie T\velftu Ind. luif. w-tlil be held Septomber Sth, . Tuesday, at the home at Lemuel Brown in'Adiunsboro.- TJiere are several survivors of the regiment' in the city, and .wiltrh. tlielr families th6y. wffll form a ,blg deiegatio-D'to attend the yearly-meeting. •. . '• . • • •• . ••'-:.- • . It lie *iid that WfUtoim MeKtnley, of 'Poiitlamjd, who recently "died, was a second' cousin'' of the Republican pnssiden- . linl camdidaifce, and thnt -hte .-• remain* were prepared for burial by Ws friend,' WllMiam .T. Bryan, a second; cousin of. tlie Democratic candidate. * Tlie Western Indiana Christian'- Oon- fprence (old school) wttJ convene In An- tiodi chauch, Frankfort, • oa.the 18th inst., and minlstera'ajid deJegBit« from all demwntontlans are urged to attend and ujiite in oonferenec work for the untom oif Chrdstiian. people. A. H. Heath, of Covingtoh, is .the mteslon agent. A special from MartinsvUle says: The poiw'wow of Red Meri closed yesterday evening. K. M. Hord, of Shelbyvflle, wa:s elected preslden*; Charles Breeden, . of EdJuburg-. seciiemry, and Hemry RIffgan, of MantlnsvUlei chairman of a commiiLttee looking to the submlasilou of 'by-laws and constitution, for action at ttoe next annual pow wow, to be held at SteUjyviHe, .it. to-claimed by Mr. J. D. Ferguson, who has had a struggle for some time for the possession of "Gold .Medium," Us fast horse, that an' attempt was made o»ie niglrt recendy to take the nnimal. from the stable,' and .that ithe • prowlers, were ddimi away by lite man, who was awakened by their movements. Several shots were flixsd at the supposed thieves. • iMrs. John McKlnney. llTing' near , but vaJnly wanted a dol'laf's^wioiUii for" each one. • Mr. Van Deventer's pre- yesfieKlay that 'he ! was lyfaig very 111 at Ms lionie in Fort Wayuo. . The choir of St. ykicenit de Paul's church will. lnweafter inert Thursday Uiiffhite. Prof. Ba,rr of Lafayette has l>een: secured >to drill the orgairizatlpn in some new uiuslt. The funeral of tlie late.; Sarah LOIVK was held yesterday rnoraitap at tlie Inte residence of .Uie .deceased on North stireot. The sen-ices were oonduotcd by the.Rev. F. C.,Coolbniiph. . About four hundred Peru people took In the excursion Wednesday 'to .Lake Maxinkuckee. . The affair was under the auspices of the IndJnnn nianufactur- tin? cotripany SiutiMl-Aid'Society. ".• There will be a. Sunday sclibol picnic held at Shliloli church im Noble town- 'sblp.Augnat 22nd and ail schoote; are -ln- irited -to attimd. A band will be in attendance and will render music. A local mitoiiHter . says tlia women have more nerve than jnem as. a' rule. TJils, he eays.ls especially the case when It comes to marrying. Some time Hince lie was caUed to moriy a young couple to what miKftt be .called, the^arietocra- tlt otovle. The young, man wa« very much excited, but was trying to put on a bold face .for the; emergency. To I .duttog. a»e electmteal atarm the other night The lady was not hurt, but the fluid's course wae marked upon, her Ixxly to black. It appeared that the bolt; passed entirely through the lady's. body, leaving a black spot upon her forehead, and one upon her hip. Tlie have since entirely disappeared. Awarded Highest Honors— Wodd'» Fife •DR; CREAM BAKING .MOST? PERFECT MADE of Vart«r Powaer. F»c Alum or «nv other adulunnt *C

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