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The Independent from Richmond, California • 7

The Independenti
Richmond, California
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PENDENT ie the daily average circulation of The Independent for the past ix imnitliM Tbia ia more than the pomhined circulation of any other three newspaper in Contra Coata County UNITED PRESS vice received daily by the Independent over a direct wire into the Independent office No other paper in Contra Coata county re ceivee such eervico It NTMllICK 23 'Tr rs a month RICHMOND CALIFORNIA WEDNESDAY EVENINO II'IY 7 lm THREE CENTS A COPY V3 i W-- Long Reelected Mayor) BABE RUTH HAS NARROW ESCAPE dy fiifmi) i PI 1 1 1 A I KI 11 1 1 A Inly 7 HiiIh nt Yankee lionu run king liml 11 nnmiw from dent It or serious injury when an antoino liilo in which In his wife innl three friemU were ridiiiK overtnrnisl near Ueilia in riling to a report reaeliinK hero They wcr "innotl nmler the ear aiil except lor a few minor hriiixeti none Was injured Roosevelt is Named Running ISiHILKIT lln I Itiswevelt Asslsuinl Kecretary ig-'ii July 7 S-nniui of tin Navy was iioiiiiiuited for I 'e ilu'111 Johnson today iuiiiiomii'l lliil liy arelninutlon in the Hem-j )ie WI11I lUe Kepubli ai iieratb nalliinnl eon vent mn yes'enlay (y aflel'liorni lifter all the Others whose Ivers'iii'iuw lug Hi stinTl Is uuuii'K were plarel In noniiliil lou fori wt wo -tcr tlie inuelKlrom of the plai'i hul witlilriwn nud asked their nsieetive di-leg'itions lo give Rumpi-iiii an iixsiiitie polities und di lmmn ur whether Ami-rlei GDPTHEATY NEGROES BURNED AT STAKE (iiv i-nKKK) AI'STIN Texm July 7 Aetiiig li'ovrrnnr Johnson today roCfiT-1 an iippi-al from enuniv of Texas to send nntiunul 11:111 Ikii i i'll to mil'll gainst pnssjl'le rae tieiiMe Officials said trouhh seemed to Ineuing as tin resull of Intruiug of two ne tiroes at tin stake last iimlit ROOSEVELT TO HOLD SECRETARY-SHIP iiv i Mn i 1'iti 'Tf i( IN July 7 Franklin 1 Jiiosivi'lt Democrat ie nominee fr president nssetli-l ill his arrival here today that III would not resign ns ussisliint xeeiitary nr the navy for severnl weeks in any event 1 1 1 ma le this statement when informed it had lit-en reported 1 i I would resign immediatt Iv Roosevelt the I'luee without routesl First FlMrr For Tli-kel The Mrst i heep for the ticket nnd Roosevelt'' wus given In the convention at 1:15 Fox Is Governor of iliio now serving lbs Ihird lerni in that office I li i Iiiik been a Representative in Congress nrserllnR that the Republican plat from Ills Piute und bus devoied bis: stands firmly iigamsl the prs-spare thin when lint in 1 it lew to Ideni's voveiuint us pri'seuted and ELEVENTH YEAR James PAVES WAY Tin City bis: night a reMMilkin declaring (lit litiiixno-nwiit nf (lie Ilh-luiHiiHl IniH'r linrl sir a public iKimily mul ruing flat anniiinl of a InmiiI Iknii ims 'arj fur lln Improvement al MiMllMW Tin rail for llu rlccHiin will Is made nl a IuIit meeting City Attorney I 1 I utilised tliut thf election could legally lip In-hl with thp slate primary election in Aii-Riial but Hint y-PKiRilP liullnl boxes anil ballota would be ruiulred Tl cleellon may not bn cnllpd until iidulp tutor than tho August priniury owing lo tho Klimt Him liefore this election In discussing the iiropiMlIion coencll-nuii agreed 'that every pfron should bp made to Insure the siicecm or thA election Nothing to Slop trojpi The members of 4 lie council Inal night expressed their dptprininiUon to proceed with the lioial elprtlon Tor the liiinicdiu'c Improvement uf the hnrlioi While linpi-tus to the lisrlmr improvement hna been kIvpii by the Improvement of the harbor by th" l-culiiiii of the I'rncter A Ounible plain hi't'p the oplnlun wiiH exprewed this kIiuiiIiI be only a ui'iiur i'iiiihiiI-prutiun and tlmt lie inirovciiiHiil Khoud he made r-gurdliHs of the ae-tion of the Gamble eul pnr-utlon The improvement of the lrir-lior will nienn the development of the IndUKtrlal dls'rcl on thia water front and the locution of other planln It waa pointed out The members of the eouneil exp reused romplele eonfl-denee in the intention of the At Gamble emnpany to proceed ui once wilh the qrertlon of its phial A copy of the reaolntlon la Igilng for wanted to the company und the cor- porn Ion waa again asked by b-lcgni in luat night to make same formal Mate- nient relutlve to the dcve'opiii-nl of the harbor that might he Riven to I he puhlfe ns It waa fell this would boost the bond Issue I inti of I ret Ion Not 1'lxeil There nrc two opposing eonaldeni-lions in the railing of the el eel Ion for August if' the iliite of the stale prl- dry It I felt thnt a larger vote 'l hi oblulneil If the elerlinn ta he'd the stala primary but there will Home ronfualon resulting from the 1 THREE CHILDREN HURT BY BOMB (IlY i II I'ltKSS) Cal July lferliert Wald 11 Itig brother 8 and Ifnbei't Senit 11 were seriously hurt today when they staged a lie-driiiMinrrs il iih ii uT war luted Fourth of July erlelirntion toiiehiiio off an uuexplmled bomb rallier limn lieuei The I'cmurra'ic II it'll tlli'V fo 1 1 lit I ill field plalfui ui says Jidilison "i ndorwH the 1 presidem's nlilludi' iiml takes ils HOOVER FOR GOVERNOR IS LATEST ImikIHoii in favor of tlie league as pre- I I IlY 1111-301) i KAIMIAMENTO July 7 Aeeurdinf! to well defined report in KcM-rtullnil Menu Notlihig i II "It 'k irne Hal the iMMiurritix in all effort to placate say someHihlg eirciilution liere llei lierl inline will kouii uinar nuiong tlio lllllljllll possiliilitii's in tin eleetimi talk Tluiie name nfir Hoover iossilJi runiiing srvi-'il newsiiapers which lie nuns 111 Olbo KnoveviM is Asslslunt Seii1iry of Hii Navy anil was liiiilelf len'nstav during Hu giie I war II" I iwngnixed as an exeeiinvs of treat and has always been pepu-Inr lituri In 'he poliltes of h's stab When the ponvenlion took Its s'ne die nitbuiriiHient the tairty lenders generally cxpressel I lie (minion lliat they had named the Klrnm-es possible ticket iind wen confident that in ike a strong linl for iinpulir support in the November election Will -Furry Mate McNuli ieader of the ib-tii'iemev believes tlmt Cox and aiimi'i'M to us caixlidiil for Governor MOVIE HERO MAY DIE FROM FALL I IlY I'MTFn lni3WI IOS AYl IKIiKS July 7 Fenuiinlu iictor doubling in a motion i-t ure serne for Kurb Montgonicry which rt(uiml the hero to cliiile tin ptiliec by cliiiihing from mu roof to nnothcr by uieaim of rtipe wus pcrlii'px filially iujiuvil today when he lout Ids grip on tin rope and fdl till feet to tin pavement COX FIRES OPENING GUN OF CAMPAIGN I IlY TNITKIl FKKNK) DAYTON Ohio July 7 (ioveriior Janies Cox today fired ther peiiinjr gun of hiN hv appealing to tin Democratic legislature of-lioiiixiami to ratify tin women's suffrage amendment and thereby make it effective at once 3 i ATAVm x- wim I wns re-eleuslfor a stvond li-rni liy lln (Klf ('mini'll btst night WOI 1 1) IMKIAsr KATi: Tin liny I'uliil IJglit ml Ikiwer nniipany wlih'Ii operates In tin town of liny JNdtil mid Flvl Ilmira Costa (xninly li'rlsy uiiplie I In tin Katli'ail t'iiiiinl '-loii for authority In liurc'i-i Its rnlei fur elixlrh' energy Tin inniHiny laiys Its pnwrr from iIn Great IViMem lnwer imniiuiiy und wiiii'h miliiof-lly In ntnll it in tin- ran i luirjciil liy Hu (irv'il Wesiei'ii ixniuiii for its retail ertlir FAN IT UK TUFF? Klxlix'ii li nts per sanu1 fur sugar in (he near fill are Is predicted liy Frank Fiimiolly secretary uf Km FianeiMii Itctull Grisrrs Asms-tnliilu Tin exorhltanl prill's fur suRiir in this cniinlry has start nl sugar growers from al-iiiimJ every iviinlry in llu world wihIIur sugar Imre MOTORIST ItFNS IKWX (1KI Vnii'tnnig was urresfixl In llerkek-y ye-leriluy mul chargetl with driving Ills aiibmiuhlli! while lie was lutoxk'Hteil after Im IiiiiI ran ibiwn Angebi Slri llerkiky girl near the county line Annslrnng I'lnlniixl Im was hot inliixk-atril lint Mifrenxl rmm sliell sliiN-k lie wus recused on StnnO lutll FAIl FIKAMJIS AiiIiiim mul Aiitnnc ln-jss'h ear eleaners employed by the Fiillmun HHiiKiny nix In fall In (Mklnn t-liurgiil with Rnind lur-iiny for lulling diilcn Mieral tlssi-smul ilulhirs worth ir supplbi from the ear iiinipnny The supplies wvn fiHinil In the Isisement of the lumie In (htklnnd It Is Halil Allhiamli only ear rliiincr I'niss'li Is sail to liuvi a Imi nk tniininl of RIOlMlil CELEBRATION QUEEN THANXS PEOPLE FOR THREE JOYFUL DAYS Appiivluliiig in the lit most Dm litHMir uf liny lug ts-cn cle-lcd quivii of I'm Rhdimnnil ce'c'iri Hon Miss Helen SullivMi wlmsn reign for tlie tliree days was perksl of cxlrcnM pleusiire llu llHinmiils of ItleliiiKind ple find visitors lips skill Tin Independent lo express tier thsuks lo tlio-e who wxn tier toy ill Mihjix'ls (liirlns Hint S'rll Tluise wlio iH'Ipcil wi'iire tny eliN'Iton (linerve Hie lieurlh! timuks Him I iimkl glie slHtiil Alias Hiilllyan Inst evening eiery wny tls timimlltis ami Hie Knpte of Rielmioii I eomhlmxl to makn Im three days mist cnjoyalile and 1 want to x-firrxa my deep appreciation of fit gifts reerivel tyml many M-rvlee UnanimousYote of City Council Given Official Willi iio opposition and by tin' uiiaiiimuiiM oiee of hia associates on the City f'ounell Mayor Jiiiuea I-ong waa asl nlphl re-eh-eh I to tlie poMiiion of mayor Thin will be Mayor Ioiik'h Hero lid term the eouneil de-elding that because of Ills failbfal ami energf He service as a publle offleial the honor nhonll not ls passed around iih lias been the ruMoin lint that Mayor loing Hliniild be imkod lo fill another term In urceplimr the position Mayor Ismg thankeil the member of the City Cuiinell fur the honor and slated that wilh llieir support he would endeavor to make Ilia eominir term one whirl! should pmflt ill effieleney and liulRiiienl by the experience of the part year Through eonttmiou service ns member of the school hoard and na councilman Muyor l-ong has become extremely well acquainted with public affair of Kiehmond and merit the honor uccorded him by the eouneil hist night i FOURTH OF JULY COMMITTEE TO KEETON FRIDAY The meeting of tlie evcetillvo (simmitlee of IIh Itlrliuioiiil Fuiirlli of July ivlelirnlhui lib'll was In luive lain held toulplil In the Flinmher of I'diiiiimtiv nssnis Inis Is-en po4sincl till I lda nlRht It wus today by Flinirniuu Flm-lcs I' Runiirlly of the cvMiimlllec Several iiM'nilS'rs vn unable In he present fnnlRlil It Is desired Hint all limmliers plun in allend next Friday n'ght In order lliat the rfi'llirailiiii rotils may In chcck-ixl lll MAN 77 T1ISFS OF ItltlllF 73 AFTKlt Til III HAAS PKTHGIT July Three days inuiTleil ul the age of 77 George A Thomas came into the offteo of signaling for lieip fuel tlmt Iwo s'ts of Imllols und bill-lot boxes are reipilred It Is a'so fell I Imt more time should be devoted to an ednriitionul raiiipulgn before the e'eclinn limn la allowed If the election held August 34 All uncles ft lie situation are In he weighed before a derision is made und the elertion Is railed tl WOOD CAMPAIGN DATA GIVEN (IlY FNITI'I) CIIICACO July 7--A liistoi-y of the finaneing of the Wood campaign was givt lo the Senate investigating eoiiimittce here today by' William I Jr Iohe said he was depository for $-Mli0)0 rol-lei'teil for till Wood rampiligll WATER TANK COLLAPSES INJURES FOUR (IlY rITKI NASH VI IjLI' Temi July 7 --A JJHOfrt gallon lank filled with water mounted on the mnf of Jhe Natiomd Casket here today col lapKtd crashing through four stories and into tin basement Four persons were iiijnrnl one perhaps fatally UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA BILL OPPOSED I IlY l'MTi NACKAM UNTO July 7 Declaring the proposed university of 'alifni'iiia initial ivc uieasim to irnvide fimmees for that institution fit Yin's tin- puhle service cnrpni'iit imis ami takes university finance control away from the legislature Clyde Seavcr member of the state hoard of control speaking for the board said loday be would oppnso it in its present lorm 'I'assngi- of the measure would be the fina' step towards mi educational nlcgarcby lie said There were six other names placed nomination fir the vice prcKldcnry IickMck Roosevelt but when il np-pcii'i'd that 11 majorltv nf the eouven-tiiin had made up its mind to have Roosevelt all Ihe others withdrew in pertain or had tludr tuinies wltlnlniwn Fauilidaies Nunsil Tlie other eamllilatea were General 1) Tyson nf Tenneawa iiominated by Harvey llanna of that Kbiie IM-war I lKibeny nonilimted by Ioren 1) Hundley of him Angeles lames II Hawley nf Idaho nntulnuted by Ken-aior Nugent of Hint Plate Ikivld It Francis of Missouri nominated by 10 I Rosenbeiger of Kt Inuis IV II Vaiighan of Oregon nonilnu'eil Mrs Ressle Richards anil Governor Kuuuel Ktuart of Mioitana nominal oil liy Helialor Thnnuis Walsll Roosevelt was placed in nomination by Timothy Ansberry of Washington It was seconded by Governor Al Sin'dli of New York in speech in which lie said that New York would go buck to Hr Host with a candidate for whom the delegation mold "make a ispiare fi'r sliiii l-iip light" Funner Governor llunne of Illinois 'old the convention ho had been III s'rueled to plire Former Henator James llannllon IjcwIh I11 nonilnalioii Imt lewls hud asked I hat his name I ri siiallni ivlili II Pile'll I Inuke rleirer ur nioie specific the olillg-i-II' of Ihe I niti il Imt tlie language is ineaiilngb'es and does no' 11 all alier Ibe esseltiial poslllon of Ihe lioMioeratie uuly for tin bag as presented" II sliitcineiit says "The Iwo parties acted in siolae fri 'ooc in I spoi Inn froiii ilif-fi'i-eiit iiioliies and for di'leivnl I to Ivoph "Ruth ri'iei led ll-e lui-Li for adoption of the loigiic will re eiiaiion the I leiuocrais lie a'ie" tliey well for the 'ca me as an I in tludr view lln di'Klroy-ed il and lilt- Ri'piibl'eana beelllis" lliey were ax'iinst tlie league as prr-si -Hied and beiiuiM' no reservations lev red 1-y Hu liiinini mind could anticipate' the eonlliigi'iieies Hbleo leigio arise in llu future from an lli-slrument of sindi poleiilliil posxlblli-t fflr baini "Tiius I In lr'ie finally conies from tlie forum of eorigress to the final u'--liitrinicnl of the A me lean people" that will neither close the new factory illstib't to one nr the other uf the loads nor neecnsllate the grunting of franchise on several afreet In order that all lines may ho given entry to Hie district We would have more fsilh in the story of tlie exported fall of the bolshevik regime had we not lieen led I11I0 false hopes heretofore JOINT FRANCHISE FOR RAILROADS IS CITTS PLAN A confeiviiix rcprcHcnin-llres of IIm Kuilhera lniifb and Santa lie nillnsids nisi lemls'rs of the City Foinii'll lui lam culled for next Tuesday night July 13 for tlie paring- of (Ihgiiseliig a joint franchise for the oMmlioii nf a slcam line tupping Ihe new Industrial district lliat Mill he fiNinil by the otrHlon of tls huge rns'lcr a Gamble fiuul puslncts plant imi tlie timer Imrlsrr water front mul Hh (lislHil lying lslwccn flu fiwtory 1 be tint preseuled In urdrr that llisise- sin and I'uliil ItielniMiiHl I veil might he given the place by nc-j INitrem Avmiic Fouiml eluirmtlnn I ti- Soutliern ha Informally asked for a franchise on flitting Rnulevard pernillHng th operaHnn nf s'eaui drawn train lint this Is op-' All Wlllidrawr This annnuneempiit sturled a Inng pi'iiression nf wlHidrawals Fninels TEN DAYS GRACE Now ig the time to transfer your out of town depoiitg to your home bank All' deposits so transferred to our Savings Department during the first ten days of July draw interest at fou per cent per annum from the first of this month We invite you to bring in your out of town passbook! and issue orders for such transfers thereby assisting in a concerted effort to build up our city Tyson and Wuarl took the platform I llHr hr lollvard Is one nf and withdraw urging Hu nomination' lMfnc HlreltH hn by tirclnmalion Hand) wl hdraw h(ll Krlint I lolieiy's name Nugent nVinlf hrolBh Ifiwh-y and Sira Richards that rtIW- )liiy IP hy Vaughan bo withdrawn und rnillinv hlIt 1hP hpU rtnslre- tliiit oilier ralli'isids he not excluded fnin this ilislriet by the granting of tile friiielilw The Kuuli Fe already lias lines In the vicinity nnd Ihe pur-os uf Hie rniirei'ctiee I to g' ill" ladi'iHids togeHu-r on an iigreMiu'iil Year Sets New Building Record l'ii'lding in Richmond during the yr'ir ending June thl Rif'i was prac- Ibully double that of liny previous Mar in llie ly's liislor) ii is slimtii 1 I11 lln annual report of I'ltv dldiiii' Iioportor iaiiiliirt Wlenla made to Hi 1'ily t'oiineil last uigui Ihiildiii" (rin is for Itie year jisl ends I toi'i f'S In nimiher and $H2 lr3S-t value the port slms Tim I esl pievloiiii record was made for the V'iir nf 1513-14 when the bdal value of permils war 7IXI53- Tlie rcpnrils for the past ncvi'I1 i'K lullim 1913-1514 $4X4543 331 1 if 1 5-191 4 373943 1916-1917 4inr-ri 442305 1913-1919 419117 1919-1920 IVmilts for June Wlerda's report of Ihe month of June which waa iilo mode lo the eouneil last night show a total of 37 permits with a total valuation of $67100 Richmond Sign -Being Erected In IMrlimond sign pjrchM- I for installation on Pan lablo' tF vi 11 nl Cutting boulevard hoi In- irrclved and la being erected today under the direction of I ire riiief Roy Ix'innln The algn will lie swung over the hut It wt'l bo several day a a before nil wire ronneetlons will 1 i-i'iii p'o: c-1 and II will bit il 'uiuiiiated at liighl Chief moiii siiiied Iasi night that it would he Impossible In oblnln mi aulnniaib' switch for several iiiiiiiihs and that for the present ii would ho necessary to make some arrangement to turn off the sign after midnight or let It remain illuminated all night Tho sign la feet In length and one of the 'most attractive erected by any city In the state ROME July A new dispatch received here today' declared the Italian garrison at Durosso had evacuated the city Bank of Richmond FT RICHMOND Ilt'GK TtnVFIlS III'IIT The big towers being creeled near Morrow rove on the Holnnn able nfl farnulnex slrall by the flreat Western Power ('miiiniiy will he com-pleted thl month The tower Is lm-ilar to the one cm tho Cuntra Costa shore near Yalona Iloth will Im used lo hold th huge power cables that will soon be placed aero the strait.

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