Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on January 9, 1947 · Page 3
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 3

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 9, 1947
Page 3
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Movie Poll Winners Home Service Report Filed In a monthly report for Decem- hnr, Reel Cross Home Service lists 98 cases as being handled during that month of which.-55 were continued from November and 39 wero new and re-opened. Four cases wero recurrent, GO cases were acted.'on and 29 were not. Number of cases closed totaled GC and 33 were continued 'to January. Men now in trie scrvfccu nntl their dependents worn' 9»1fmW9**-ff**4 f*f<H Womj^g,y^ Election 0/ ( Y Auxiliary The Women's auxiliary .of the Y; tf. C. A, last night at thri.'annual dinner-moating elected Mrt. Kenneth Fredsall as president/" i Other officers elected.; are.: .Mrs. v "i- ' • :•.:> -'. •.".• Betrothed '' "' • concerned in 24'cases,and G[) caaea •*"•""« "f"^" 1 . «»«•«»..?•><•• • •!""'. concerned ox-nervlccm'en ' and theirl Adol P h Kazemekas, first. Mce-prest- 1 ' . *' j-1 nvi t- • Vf *i« A iKfittr 1 TTnvtfw n M r> f aftO— •ING CROSBY AND INGRID BERGMAN have been voled the m «,t popular actor and .-.ctr«3 for 194«, | n a pel) of the nat "on', fifty flvemH lion moviegoers, conducted by Dr. Ceorfl* Gallup',i AVdVnee R^eYreh Inc.. for Photoplay magazine. The result, of the Phot^ypoM which' were just announqed, found the -Bm a ie" the people', cholc. >\£ *H third year in succession. In the same po.l "Th. Bells of St, MaryV''w« voted the year'* most popular picture. y WM On The Air Today ,">:'•;> p. in. WTtC-W.NBC-Front Patfo Fnircll WATR—Nau.wt.ueU News; Music WWCO-WOn—Tom Mix ii:lll> ft, m. WBRY—E. Christy Erk (VrtTR--Nows and Sports Other Stations—News G:I3 ji. in. WERV-WCKK—In My Opinion WNBC—Serenade to America WATR-" Music 01 tho Divy WJZ--E'.hol and Albert WOR-Cob ENon WWCO—Sports Time U::iO p. ni. WBRV-vrCBH--Recl Barber WTIC -Goto Glen Club WATR—Phil Von Tcibcl; Stock Rc- porta WJ};—Allen Prascott WOR—News; Vundovonter WWCO—Afusilc In the Air WNBC-Blll Stern {j;-13 p. in. WBRY-WCr-:S-Bob Trout, News WT'C-U'.N'EC--Lowell Thomus WATT. •• PIcMsure find Profit VIJ'/,— LnuTunco and Marley WOR—Sum Lomux 7:W» |i, m, WBRV- Tho Litllu -Show WCBS.-.V.VWUT.V of the Week Wr.'C-U'NFiC-Supper Club WWCO-WOR—l-'ulton Lewis, 7:15 p. m. WBt;Y KinxirT Bill WCBK -Jack Smith Show Jr. VVATti- -Uhythni Adventures ViJ'/. .Elmer Dnvla WWCO—Lopex Orch. Snapshot Albums Scrap Books WK IIAVK A SWKM, V.AKIKTV t to This is a good time of the year to mount your pic- 'ures and clippings, etc. Albums in All Sices up to .12 x 16 Kodak Film Photo Finishing VOftJ KODAK I>KAI.ICI{ SWEENEY'S AKT and STATIONKKV STORE Nuii;r;»t!icl( f-'liiiri-li . WOP.—Answer Man 1 ' 7.-30 p. ra, VVERV—Public Hearing VVCBS—Mr. Keen WTIC—Symphony of Melody WNBC— Grand Marquee \vA-lK-VVJZ-Prof. Quiz WOU—AMIiur Hnle, News WWCO—Waltz Time ~ .-'13 p, m. WOR—Inside of riporla 8:01) p, ui. WEP.Y-WCES—Suspense WTIC-WNEC—Alcirich Family WATH-WJK-Lum 'n' Ahner WV/CO-WOR—Sound Off S:15 p. in. WATR-WJ2—Monitor News «:SO p. in. WBRY-WC13S—F-E-I Program; News WTIC-WNEC—Burns and Allen WATRWJK—Town Meeting VVWCO-WOR—Count of Monte Cristo !>:m> |). in. WERY-WCES—Dick Hnymca WTIC-WN2C—Music Hall WWCO-WOR—News !):15 p. m. WOR—Real Stories WWCO—Golden Pages of Melody i U:."0 p. in. I WBRY-WCES—Crime Photog- I raphcf WTIC-WNBC—Haley and Arden WJZ— lichoo.s of New York WWCO—Rainbow Music WOR—Trcnsurt' Hour of Song vVATR—Gypsy Nights 10:00 p. in. WBRY-WCES—Readers Diffest WTIC-WNBC—-Abbott & COHtcIlo WOR—Crime Club WATR-WJ2—Security Workshop WWCO—I Was a Convict J»::iO p, in. WF!RY-WCBS—That's Finnegan WTtC-WNBC—Eddie Cantor ' WATR—Faniaay in Melody WJJ5-Eob E.'aon WWCO -Dance Oi-ch. —Syniphonottc li):-15 p. m. WATR-WJH—E.-u-l Godwin 11:01) p. in. ALL Stations—News 11:15 p, in, WBRY—Ken Serenade WCBS—Joseph C. Harsch \VTIC-\VXEC-Hai-kno-Sti of Wash ington WATH-\V'J/i—Joo Hascl WWCO—Lou Mtistcrs Orch, VVO1-1—News; Finance Reports :30 p. in. WBUY-WCBS—JuJilard School of M',!-jic WTIC-WNBC—Our Policy in Ja- j pan \VATR-WJ55~Gems: Stricter Orch | WWCO--Sports; Elffart Orch. WOR—Weather; Colomnn Orch. H:W) Mldniifht ALE, Stationu—Nnws \****-f++4 *"~ffr**~e~»r* +^*. f ^r^Z~ rf ^;^, 4 VISIT 01:1: NK\V j, . GI FT SHOP -I M. Barry Keegan J-'AMILY I'lIOTOGRAl'HER 10H St. Wuterhury i .. /Vinlvrrsary iiml ShuwiT Oifu , . . "Ivor. Cliliiii. IJHIIILH, Vase? Ktc. §1 to $50 William Schpero JKWK1.KJI ' Church Strwjt NiiURatuok i HK.vr I1Y THK PAY - •- • n - - - I'T.OOIt .SANDING M.ACMINK 1'I.OOH W'AXKK - --. o-... _ Union City Hardware •'»» Jf. MAIN ST. 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' . • Other statistics are as follows: 'cports regarding- servicemen, 8; resistance claims, and- ben&nt.s, 11; .iinily counselling-, 31; referral to ther agencies, 1, and crthor servic- s, 29. Tho Nursing report for the month of December g-ives the following figures on its services.:. New patients, 57; patients dismissed, 153; , , totsal nursing calls,- 320; mothers' , total nursing calls, 320; clasa, 0. mothers' Brighten Your Bathroom dent; Mrs. Albert Hertirionat, ond^dent; M*9. .Parker. Matthews, • secretary; Mrs. Robert Hart-well-, assistant secretary : ; Mrs,, Albert Miller, treasure! 1 :. Mrs...Wll-1 'Jam- Curtln, assistant [treasurer. Guest speaker was Mrs. Jl'by Cast of Bridgeport,' president -of the state Y. M.. C. A. auxUIarles. She was accompanied by /Mrs. John Buchanan, president ofi'the> Bridgeport Mothers' club. ... f A musical program-.|waa offei'ed ;by Mrs. Albert Marsh ('accompanied by Mrs. Norman Hpyey. Mrs. Albert Miller gave several monologues. Legion Group At/ District Meeting' • u • '• r • -KT t. . .' "wusnier, J>iary Ann, to William Seven member} of Naugatuck Francl! , Ford ; son .'„, „ d rM*»,.ir,nr» T .Arrlnn jYlncf- TJo. 17 ttv\f\ _ _ ' • *»»*. 4MIU American Legion <post, No... 17 and ,its Ladies' auxiliary attended ' meeting of the Second District 01 ganization last njght in ^N'ew Ha ven. The New.Haven post, No. 4 was host, at theiiy'ooms' on Those attending/were: Mrs. Mar garet Maxwell, auxiliary president Mrs. Mae Erode/, Mrs. Ruth Wii cox, Miss Mary/Xcary, Miss Anna Nolde, Commanfler Joseph 'Raytk- wich, Alex Nolde. . The National Defense, dlnner' : w'll: be held at the ^lotel Taft, New Haven, Feb. J. Tonight the. 8 and 40, nnd 40 and 8, w.ill meet at !the T.rin- ity church, Prospect- street, Water- bui-y, at 8:30 o'clock. Announce Birth Of Son Mr. and Mrs. Harry Benham of Clifton, N. J., are the parents of a son, born Jan. 6. Mr. Benham is the son of Mr. Vind Mrs. Harry E. Benham, 240 .Hillside avenue. Local Couple Parents Of Son Mr, and Mre. William Albaites, MARY ANN MALONE Police Capt.. and MI-H. Anthony Mulone of Qnlnii street, an- "nounco • tho origagemoijt- of their daughter, Mary Ann, to William Francis Ford, son. -of Mr. nnd Mrs. Rnplmcl Ford of North Main street. .Miss Malonc graduated from Naugrntuck High school, iit- tcndcd Perry Business school and Is now affiliated with the Nuu- Riituck Chcir,icaJ. Mr. Ford Is a prndunto of the local hiph school ond a veteran of the U. S. Navy havinsr sec.n oversells duty ;ln the ,l? theater of operations! Ho.-iii now attending- tho "'~ Haven College of Pharinn- " ool. of: the..lTiiJyer»Jt.v .ot ' Connecticut. ' Mrs Emma Vagt Reelecied Head Of Ladies-Aid •Jlrs. Emma Vagt was' reelected pi-osident of itic Ladies' Aid society if the Immancl'i Lutheran church yesterday at the annual meeting of he group-held. i'nUhe ciurch hall. 'Other officers were-elected as "folows: 'Mrs. Olive Krcidler, vice- resident; . Mrs.- Hazel Schlesinger, Mrs. Josephine Gerber, Church Helpers Hold Election Mr. Leon Sm'ith VMS named president of the Church Helpers of j.'St. Michaels- Episcopal church yesterday afternoon at the .annual ,','(meeting and election of officers held in the parish house, and attended by GO. Other officers elected were: Mrs. Maurice Davis, fli-st vice-president; Mrs..Howard Noble, second vice- president; Mrs. Charles Andersen, secretary; Mrs. % Donald Fowler,, 'treasurer; Mrs. George Schlosscr, assistant treasurer. Plans,, for serving the Masonic dinner Jan. 17 and 'the Bey Scout dinner Feb. 13 were made. L-cnten j bakeries were planned. Outstanding events reports for the past year included; Two rummage sales, Rotary dinner, Boy Scout dinner, Woman's club banquet, spring and fall bridges, annual fair, and assisting financially in redecorating the parish house. Aid Society Holds Election Seventy-five members of the Aid Society of the Congregational church yesterday afternoon at the annual meeting elected Mrs. Jonn Hayes, Jr.; as president; Mrs. Fred- crick Zonino, vice-president; Mrs. Lillic Megin, treasurer; Mrs. Albert Holmberg, secretary. The next meeting will be held Feb. 5. Service Club Meeting 1 Tonight A postponed meeting ot the St. Michael's Service club will, jbc held tonight at 7:30 o'clock in tlic choir room. Final returns wilj. be made on the recent dance, and plans will be made for spring activities. JNAPGATUCK NEWS (CONN.). TIICRSbAV. JAN. ft. 1M7-.PAGE .1 1 So. Main StU 45 W. Main St. WATERBURY NAUOATUCK 156 Church St. 21 S. Main St. >.Non drying.. fcavas hair more lustrous.. ItR ?"Si». * * • easier to mcnag*. 'with Hair Conditioning Action - 1.00 Sir* FEET HURT? GET RELIEFI V -IDEAL for '&M1NIN* HYGIENE Return Prom Rhode Island Police Chief nnd .Mrs, John J, Crormiey of Beebo street, have returned from Providence, R. 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Ser.d 15 ccnt.s (coin) for Pattern No. R19G7 to Peggy Roberts. Nau- gatucl; Daily Nc'-vs, P. O. Eox 100, Station G, New York 19, N. Y, Please include your postal aone number. (Released by The Eel! Syndicate, Inc.) of a son born yesterday in „„. Mary's hospital, Waterbury. Leave For , Miami, Fla. •: . Mr. and Mrs/-Stephen Skowronski, 10 City Hill street, have left for a stay in Miami, Fla. Medical Patient In Waterbury Frederick W. Osgathbrpe, 00 Carroll street, is a medical patient at tho Waterbury hospital. ! Vagt, financial-••'"'arvr -'••Mrs.- Anna Wise, publicity; ..'Mrs.'," Johanna White and'~Mi-g, "-Wise, sunshine committee. - • • In addition to regular meetings of the society, special afternoon ses- • aions will be held every other month I beginning- Feb. 26. The. mystery prize yesterday was awarded.Mrs, Emma Vagt. Refreshments >yere served by Mrs. Schlesinger and Mrs. Alma' Sharon. Colorado has- 1C national forests, five of them containing more than a million acres each. 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