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Freeman's Advocate from Waukegan, Illinois • 2

Waukegan, Illinois
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tf 'jizxsz CiUA-lHsl if fil Ifextroeri Tf trial otho-M Mellearp fir Ike deetrueiioa Pwller's'bhisksp cam Viff Inst yvevfc beferetha Mellearp Circuit Cunrt aid retailed io a vdriihelhf 1100 fur ibe plaintiff Th tikuMfi Jur-pUiotiff wer Mrvsrt Church fur tba fair defen-(Inals ff A Btnrisut Wsukegia and Hrir HarIUulViiBtlidfff are 2 if ucsxixo UECV TW pife hi I r- -55 a a rrr i £is i srsixil uitsa XZiZZttJ tottiHfltw 'f I tLVtliM AwrtiMtlmrpM Awl lllh wWw Ikto par (a ibJHr O0m furl i4 PMvMhiMliiliilfriijMW a4 la 4ittinn tWrtfl0 ai II aaa t-4 litf W'H rmnlMl KS rnaalllMi PlilLAUKIrUlAM Wr" wainiiMiawjmHfc "2 A curtk lit kebitaiiin tktualu rqJ 'iznct of ollmnnltind of wgrt pretnl end to ftmtt a habitation belong-fxj is no men td particular but to every Kant end ant id wkleJk'eU bene dm kqbal right to Out Tkd am of ieHief hot-oof been tclti teulILi to their bath tor awed fern booted and eturrid ready to riU tkem tgitimntefn oy 'iko grate oj uif Lima trU Pta cf la The late-trial of Dr Beats bas excited a erf nneiiisl interest inihii community not oiilp ob neeunnt of the be-inuusauddrsadfel crime allege in bimtJtendiiig -as it does in connertion with the high social tud moral character which he has-kitherto nt account of virions rqmursjn la the dee oT liquor bv the jurp during tbeir deliberutiees Yfe ar outry to toy that these' remote ere wot witlteot foundation The lestlmonp of tbo landlord and Ida barkeeper conelutirelp pruvs ihaTlbr jurp-rrgeled tbemeelve with wise andf brand all ibe while ibis trial was in prograaa Brand end ale werejeutto tbeir tooai agnta aud agnin while at the dinner table wa hour or two before tbeir verdict wet rendered four bottles nf win were drank We are nmexed that jurp of twelve men could be found having so little regard la dreenep and proprietp as to indulge to lb extent thep did io intoxicating drinks wlult deliberating upon one of the most important eases evsr tried before a Court Thev bare gained no enviable reputation by gratifying tbeir appetites is this indecorous wap 'The song tliep sung half an baar befwrt tbeir verdict was rendered of Land-' ladp of France and her good Qrandv uli ia quit enough to conviuc tha commaniip that lliep eared more fur "good brand oh" than to keen1 jdvio-latf their noth end do impartial juslieo to the causa thep were trping shall speak plainlp became truth and the administration of justice demand it If jurp rooma are to ba flooded with bran-dp nnd ale and eine what securitp have wo against ibis rncrnnchintiifs of corruption in everp W1 Who could trust bis libertp or bis life in tbn bands of men whose judgment was perverted and whose bruin was excited bp the potations of the cup IN regret ex-ceedinglp tbat tbo Court ns soon na lliep ascertained the lads of which we have spoken bad not instantly art aside the verdict ns worthless and un worth nf regard It was the favored time fur them to lake a aland which would have exerted most afirmarp and restraining influence upon future jurors Nearly the entire eomiuunity would have rejoiced in sueh a merited rebuke to a most flagrant Pkiladelykia Paper Toe The principal towns io tba Crimea tbo present seat of active war in tbo East are ns follower liibslilunis not a tiiil aitoniahed at tb am mint of ilamagea awarded to lb do not deny tb rigbf'of or try nian toboiad Mer ia Id poeanrion bat no aiaa ha anr moral right neither baa la moat inalanrea any legal right to bold anjr properly or tarry oa any trad which tend lo th deatruetioa of th life health oiptaporxy of kla atigh-bor It aecrna tbat lb drinking catabliak Otenl of tbiamao rotter bad become to deprev-itjf him-elf that of aid or for the of 8 oar life it he wee he the i Tie Israelis Pilailsg Oflce ka feesh fvwcted i tha Storth-Esit corner Waal-fngtoa as tfonn streets a (tv doors- west lieu A Banking Eackac n'Jiui a Coari fcircrt wkf vi 111 la happy to ae oniauJair oar frifpdaaad patrotv Nndizsilsi if Iwd hpmlim j- It will be tsoollretsd that th Board Supervisor! at their September too-hum adopted a resolution altering tha boenJsrifi of tha town of Benton Kawpart'anif Aalioeb aad this lb took occasion do loo ia lb irmporo tf abeaae of lb Supervisor of Amioeb aidb iovb bad tha greiiti intcrril ia iba qiTcaiibfl Ti will I reeolloeled alao iktl llr feaaat tbo rjiai of xal nj dtista of Aalioeb nored a to aoaiJmlioa of fb'qalioq baring liiinaelf voted a ilk tb preraiJing aid vliiek lootioa trap lot It boa alvai toojaod a that Me Baruo'o iriiling nMtoaiak lid anove orood from double purport1 Flrot it vocld aetil lb qaeotioa a afread decided for that mijoiat leaif ondpeeoadlj tha citi peaa of Aalioeb aot toeing bio object aoald fall readily into bit fopport for tbo Legialafaro tbiakfag to gain bio io- Baoneo ia that body lot pa Aei hfdrto fynbo llaia La nbicb mot abonor iflg tbaeiiea of tbo Soponrlron They ar gltr to repaid ia amplo aioMuro by woro warned bovrerof lb oopbiotry Woy of poaco and bappiaea to many a af Mr Boron bat pit to to porpo- brokoo-bedned foaulyf aed lot tbo Mr Dot bo bot fortaaotoly bod at apporttb Jroaalea of a prohibitory to la duo bit to aho baud before gmog to jfae reealra tbo high rovard to vbieb JpnugfielJ obicb will aara tbo good tboj ar joftlj oautled for tbeg hava lob conaidcred in ti neighborhood aa a aaiaaaea The ladie of that place aooiag loo clearl 0ie infloeac abqsb ita effect vaa aooner or later to gain orer their' peaceful fireeidee raaolrcd to abate it Tbejr aecnrdinglj pnipoaed to piijr lb man for bia liquor and atrnj it requeating bin thereupon diaeoatinoo tb traffic to which bVdid nnt fbll aeeeda The there forerelicred eataidiafimeatlij knocking i tka bead of hie caake aad letting oat tha content and lor which lit bmnglit enit But it eeeme tbat tbt maa Potter i not content with a recover for Id wbiake bet the iadice have been followed ap by aa indictment for a iil Ilia firet step lleavrn know watt eafficient evidence of bic bet a ben wo it followed ap by a criminal proeccation we arc unable to bud word to oapreae oar contcinpl of tbc man that would to debaaa at to mokolim complaint And ia it poaaible that a duty faae beta found tbat would bear it Va ahall however place tbo rcault of the affair uader th bead of coatio-gaol cspeaeee ioearred in tbo eaaratt A aerlaa of ariicla will commence in tbc Jacuatp number of flic American tyrcnelogical Journal bp Fowler da TelU 6n the' prtaciplea gfTCriminal Legieiatioii nod the practice of Frhmu tliactpbnc bp tiodigt Bdmbe author of lbeCouaiitutioa-of Maa-Tha ja Hrtanco of ilia aubject and the talent and learning of tbt author a euffi-cient guarantee for their intereat uod valuer-Tbr- article alone ivilLfew worth manp time be price of a jyttfo auhacriptioa to that valuable periodical Beeidee it ia a subject which demands thl attention of everp one' the! our apmpatbp'mapbeeomo more goncrellp enlisted for the urtfwriunete culprit bp which we mop atrive mere nrdenilp fur lue reform lake Shore Railroid We ere informed tbat tbs Lake Shore rood is now completed from Chicago to a point within about fourteen mile of this place but regret to learn tbat it is not tbo Intention of tb eompadp to put on a passenger train on reaching Port Ciiufonroa was at first contemplated making conneetion with singes frem Miiaaukes but that ibis arrange ment will be' deferred until the road reaches tide placed which cannot be be fore tbe firit Of January no fear nt soonest nldeb now tbat tha boat bar drawn off throws it npoo the old and tedious roate to Cldesgo for at least moittb to copie' then wa must content onrselres with lb that we sbrll prixa the ieiMveaienca the more Idglslp qdien we obieia it would return oar eincers thanks to that philanthropist Jobn Smith Esq (who was' tint forgetful of this juff we would him) for that fine whsei-barruw load of Tbaiikvgiring buek-u brat straw and would sap for the ioformatioir of tbo public (but be keeps' ererptfdnf'iq: the Dry Wood rooty and Porkerp line PUato call on him at Smitke Corners 4 Our tliuakf ar duo to some twenlp geutfemeo who each gave tie it dollar during Tbanksgi-lng week and vs eineerelp tbink'ibe Turkey vc bought lasted a good as tboagb wo had tolicl-tii if Tweotp dollars-twentp tur-kiesijast think of it I Wo art so lick-fed (not with ibe tirare that wo have just set the noble icon down each for a subscription to tb Adoocote free gr tilt for nothing IF are enable to present onr readers with anp portion of the Anexi or Tax lloeacnoLo this week Tbo numbers of tbo -Magaiioo containiog tbo elorp wbleb Mr Genus! promised to eupplp tie are not forthcoming Had wa not so confidant! expected to obtain them from tliia source we should not now be ibis fixtos it is we bare or-derril from tbo Publisher and hope to receive the books in lime to continue the storp in oar next issue In lieu ibe star ibis week present oar readers article entitled Ara-ily end Joraniiy which we assure fbcm will well ttpay a perusal It is not bat it would appear to lie at firet glance W'e deem an apolog from ns duo the subscribers of the Advoeeie for iho miserable appearance of onr paper for tome tone back This great fsnfi consists in ibsquslitpof ibe paper bn tm Mcmiutrii Or is a peculiar one we cannot pro- ear olwape Last summer laid in large stock of which considerable still remains on bsod Wo bad hoped as wo worked down lb pilo it woold improve as tbo revers ie tbo ease however wn hove dslermiaed to discard it entirelp tboagb snetein great in-eonvenienzn and loss therehj The Adoocoie mast nnd shall toon rr lnciuf-T OA-SanemwMMs1K-Tb Ajlegrtup Superior Cou'r'tVt Goviair lnrVari -eegnedj npoo tbo trial of pr William Bf Tompson for tbo murder -of Mie Agnes rjtnrr bp giving be) strpebiiifin: The evldene seems verp coiirlmive and dreet Tbn nimbrrtV deeeasrd was a witnrsa on tbo stand Her fat(ier was loo ill to appear and lug testimony war rend jilt fllness'-ls iribnied to griaf at tha seduction aud murder of bis daughter an it terminMed in death on Sundap night as fated imth following letterto tbo Detpaicki VIuNDSr MniMu89lockMigain get my letter from the mail to add that Mr Farr died laaimlght -it YTniHi'ntes past two o'clock The bells were tollrd and lb people writ) wakened from their sleep to neartbs0detripected lieu This is tliotnlra acf of this terrible trag-edpwbetbef tbc fourth will bon fare and ilia fifth oarer fected I euiinut fur-irlL RiMiansate Cut for 81 xn Sicjit A'NdwYurk fetter mentions the following extraordioarp inriJrnt in euo-neelion nitli tb Ion of tha Arctic "A poung lalelp residing in this city fell through a hatchway in bis fetber'e store sometime test summer nnd was severely injured Olio side of' bis bodp Lemimiog completely paraU Zed and after a while be entirely lot the faenltp of rpvrcli' In Ibis position he remained until tfae37lb nltimol (about lb lima of Iho accident to lb st-amer Arctic boar which 1 tamer itwae known Hint the young man's fatber was a passenger) when be rarled up iu bie sleep mid cxehiiucd to ill surprise of all present kip father ia drnwning and fell back upon bit pillow and died It wi tba first line be bad spoken for mnthsit was tbn last f-rrevar" TbeVouiig man referred wne a son of Mr Smith of New York who was losl on tbwAretir New Yuan Dee 2 The Wnsliingtcn eoiespondenl of the Tribune telegraphs that Senator Adame 0 Mississippi will el nn earlp period a bill extending Ike time of naluralixa-lion to twenlp on yearn that lbs prospect are that Bennett II spoor if" North Cnruliiia will piobnhlybo tie Knnw Nothing candidate lor Ibe 1'res- idenep As the passengers by the Africa' were disembarking on IFe Jneidap mght iie watchers discovered a large qunuiitp u( jewel rp wntehes dee secreted ium trunks Tb fotlUor dotrafkaiion wa proliiliited and tha strictest search instituted Wo do iot bear of any arrrsta tboagb prorerp luibi mount of 373000 hns been seized Senator Seward artivedliera last njght in route fur irosLinton Nxw- Yuan Nov 20 A letter from Havana states that two eargoaa numbering nearly ISilO African slaves bare been landed wit him four daps on ike coast mid onlp 70 or 8J eaqtured bp the authorities Exuffliiistion of parties charged with being engaged jn Jh W'illiamsburgli riots concluded fftterdny and resulted in Ipurteen -lrersoi being required to give bail in ine'sum of 310003 each to await anion s-f tbo Grand Jurp At nineeting of the members of the Law Institute yesterday measures were taken preliminary to investigating the eunduet bf the crew nf Arctic It is also said that tbo Graud Jury are investigating tbeeanso of the calamities which befyl tb Arctic New Em oud Jewess Bostox Nov 20 In lb Circuit Court to-day-Judge Spregne presiding Rer Theod or Parker was arraigned on charge of inciting to riot and aiding in Ibe attempt to rescue the fugitive slave Anthony Horns from lha Aodo riiiea Mr Parker waived iho reading of the indictment and goto bail 3 M00 to appear for trial at tbo March term of tb Court Tbo flat Department announces the receipt of official information from ibe French and englisb governments of tbeir intentions to vigorously enforce th blob-odes in the Spring of nil Russian ports la tbo Baltic Block sad White Sene sod tbo sea of Azof New Osteanr Nov 2d Tb Marshall Texas tetdiaa loam thlil 2H0 bands from Georgia' were arriving with carts and implimeats to com-menen work on lb Pacific Railroad It also states that tb contractors ar negotiating a loan wf from 32000008 to 33100000 and that fifty miles of lb rood are to Im boilt immediately Thi St Cuts t'liiikl Us propeller Illiooie earn down ibe siresm tbis fersaoob nnd reports xearfy eon hundred vessels occupying the north passage aad -prspariaglo gel over The erewx aad tbo captains wer blessing Pierce and bie cabinet in enarnl fort of wap and wishing tfcm extreme! warm corners on lb other aid of Jordan The soUcitade evinerd for th removnUf tbo whole ndministratioa at irasbingtoa to quarter where tbeir of-forte to brook down Iba enmmerro of tb lobes woold be appreciated to be txlrema' among' the owners ami erawe of lake ftneeltDti Ain 30fl XlTArnonuTaflaat--brllotlta (II am) Daily Times saps Wf team that the ladp bf Mri Thomas Mater an Eogfisb gcotlemnO residing ibeNjT- lb End presented bsr li-'ge-wtlbn fiaa dnngbter tb very dajr that tbo battle of Alma was Wmt haa bea named Alma' id honor oflhe battle It ir7 veers it map be that this litil Alna Mater 'a A adVwff tha mctbct done more ia Ihie iactenee to besteo it enactment than bee pet been done at a ihe eiptnae Beastifal Works of Art looked Into lb Trcmoat Hall jjgfK tb Moat ra Gaga wer making in 1 lille' and kVaacoadq Utviaiaie were never la a mure properoua rno Jitlon tbta alike preieat lime art crowded eperjr night of meeting aad aed member arc eoh'alantlp com ing inWe regret to learn however the Diriiioa at FurViVille are -not wotking at prcaant fur want of eult-able roorn'Tor mealing The eitiieni tbat plaea woald find it much to their -fntereit to lend thrm undivided in litiag ap a eoDvcniout room and truetlliep map do eo- Great credit ie due to Mr Gorham the efficient manner In which hr baa diacharged liik dutp a 0 end Order in hie diafrie are greatlp in debted tnhia energeti apirit fur llieir preaeat prprpcritp Tha following art tha preaent officer llaideavill Diviamn No 300 1 llenrp I Wright II Orawford ff A Gillmore Site Wright A 8 Jerome Ilezen 8 8 Ball Orville 8luiiar A Cj Jam ee Wickham 18 Paaicl Ruae 0 84 Gorham Clmplai latelotoble Icaths Wo or called wpon siuee the date of last issue to announce the death of Emsfep Sunderlin wbo ileparted Ibis ou Tkursdap the OOtli ullV ai hi residence in tliia town Ile bad been declining for several month past and was not expoeted bp bia friend that could long survive Mr Sunderlin one of tbo oldest citizens of ibis eonntp baring been 1 resident here for about nioeteeu pear during which lime i course -of strict ecnoomp he amassed cons! Jerabfe fortune while enjoped reputation for bonestp aud uprightness (a nil bie business transaction Ifie remains were followed to grave bp large eoneonree of citizens bp whom Ids lose will be severely MU It also becomes our painful dutp to record the death of Wiiunn Surra Esq Post Master at this place and President of tbo Board of Truster of tbo Village who departed ibis life on Satardop the 2nd lust of tppboid fever after an illness of several Mr Smith was on of lire leading business men of ibis town nnd ia Ids par-saita bad bee verp successful Ill whole character both in business life likoviso largo tf relaiivea an interesting fsmilp lonoorn bie nn tinielp demise I At a mealing of If au began Lodge No 21 1 0 0 the following preamble nnd resotntione wer adopted: Ilicrcox it bath pleased an nlhvis Providence to tale to himself oor beloved Brother Wiuano GSnrra who bos departed this life leaving behind to mbnto his untimely fute numeroua circle of relatives and friends lo wborn be bud become greatly endeared bp reason of all those noble trait of character which in bia life were exhibited io euch a marked degree io all bin acts fend obieb so well become a trod maa noblest work of There-fore Rtsolntd Tbat wa who delighted to call bim Brother" while we aobmir with resignation to tba dec ret which Iras ibos removed io the midst of hie nee-fulness one oboss purling integritpand oniferm kindness of heart have bound Ip oil who knew Lim iniimatslp bp 1 ebaio bard to (ever tender to live ear riving relatives aad more espreiallp to hie deeplp-nflicted widow onr beartfell epmpatbp io oor grief Retained That we aa a becoming tribute to bie memory will strive to imitate the virtues we 0 moeb admired in bim in (be fcveral relations of boaband brother oelgbbor ciiizcn aodXriend- Jfntobtd Thai a topy ol these resolution bo soot to tbo widow of par late brother aad also to each of oor papers fer publication Jo' Brnuxe See' Tax TxjtrxKAxcx Saeb ia the title of 00 of the ipoal bcaotifnl little sheets ever laid before ns ltd typographical exeeotion in excellent ltd to-lections judicioosond pleasing sod ita editorials of 0 high order It is priuted 00 extra paper and makes altogether beingrnf a convenient aixe a valaablr book for binding at tbo close of tbc volume Tbo Cfau is pukCshed at JIatb Steuben Co bp Jehop A Caro la Ramstrp itfiO ete per aaosm It io prel a femioiao eotorpriw and ro fiecte great credit to the ladp projectors God prosper' tblm and tbeir Temperunee and Moralit The rol-nme ksejurt commenced bat favorite pined of resort and ahieli fegheat lotegritp and gene va are informed wlfl cot nbool 37000) row bearing bp wlifeb bad gathered The Hall ia being filed tip for a billiard around low here an eistenaive circle ol room aad will bo one of the most tateg'i'iforuttd friend bp whom bis lose will bo lJ ki fH i umi will contain nine epleadid tables tbrea circle end i I Sebastopol But held Sera) Simpheropol Kopatorin Kertiali Theodosia -Hiara Krim llulablavj Yalta 41135 12391 12104 0833 8238 4709 1170 401 371 Tbo roads practicable for artillery in tba Crimen arei From Simpliernpol to Sebastopol long the northern derliviip of ibe Tan nan elsaini ita lenetb ia thirty-six miles 3 From Simphoropol to Yalta across ibeTonrian chain at lb base of the TchatirDag ita length is fortp-sis miles 1 3 From Yalta 10 Balsklavs along the south coast 4 From Baiaklavn to Sebastopol nrnand tb western termination of tbc Taurian chain its length ie nine miles 5 From Simphsropot to Kfipstoria 0 From Simpheropol to Pen top Batkebl Seiai ia naif wap from Se bastopol to Simpheropol tb road be tween the two places skins tbc baas of tb Tnnrian chain fiixiii TxasiTua v-An election tof Delegsies in Congress from Kansas Territorytook place pesterdap The Kansas Ffenref of tbn 23d published at Kiekspoo City' is full of electioneer in articles Tb question of free or territory divides tbc people and 'J'j 'J' IFbitfield win the Sqnniters'enndidale a oMlavtrv mam II was op posed bpTlon Robert ffenniken as Or if Rpecrnft most be fined aad imprisoned for aiding in a slave's escape enrelp Smith should not bo bang fgr helping lo eateh thcnu- Yet both the things are dean nader life United States law Let as for consistency soke revive and protect lb Slav Trade or els repeal the Fngittvn Slav Chic Tribune citixecs of Aalioeb the labor end e-peoau at sending up a petition for re-drttt of their grievance We append for iaformoiioa the fd lowing extract from tbc proesediaga of be Board of Swporriaore at their late November totaloa 8 to Mr Seen veto i- 8op1ogallt of trod the following res-ofaitoiytf wit Wbereae a rcaolntioa woe potted at oar September session altering the hoadarieaol tbo low os of Beaton Newport and Aaiioib tbo oamo beiog done opon vagaoinfaraiaiioa ood Cz-iag Jadohaiie Be it tbere-fora Reaolved Tbat said resolation be re-scindod and the earns ie berebp reset a-dtd aad toullp abrogated Moved bp Sep legal! that lb reeo-' lotion ho referred to a Special Commii- too i 1 Movod bp Sop Stewart to amend bp referring to the Committee of tbc bole Carried aad lb original motion 1 pmeadod adopted Apes aad aape coifed for on tbo motion of Sop lagaile to roeeiod tb re- oloAoa pamed bptbia Board at tbo September session in regard to altering boaoderice af Boutoa Newport nod Antioch oa loBowet TeaaSepe Fields Amea lagolle jGego Burbaak aad Mill: Keys Bep Comptou Pol-warn Porter Darrsb Bull Stovart aad Lost 3 S' tf Sr TScole In tbo Criminal Coait of Fbiladoljdila the SAh ob Dr Stepbra T- Bcsfe 'was tejnco to fwr pears sod six pnwnjirt iiupriaomneot ia tbo coontr 'nr4Ma Inf ibo outrage upon Mine Madge JVtvioue'to hie ttotooeo bo miJa a Vpcecbi in which be asserted bie entire 'iinoccoct aad eeskored the District "AiWoep aaAlbe Clfe Draa I AoKte bnrighteoaarerdielwaspreb tablp novcr proaoaaeod ia a coart jwatfeo Ibna that la tbc tata of Doctor finale Tbc teatlaoap1a the first place never warranted 'it aad sccoadlp' the eroadact of tW $ory fier retinng to feiftmider tbeir verdict neat ebamo-fL Tbo ladp however eao 'retire (kk fhe aatiafaeiiou of baviag" bib 'herself aoioeioos tad af: baaing do--exszys hssblbe fortnoeMd good naote cf I-3 scent iadiridnal aad of bring- irg ierraw and wntebedatu upon a of which will bo of marMo and oil of which will- bo of the newest stple and inisb Tbo decoration of the room lowcver ofioo which tbo artiste have 10 engaged for tbo peel three months will bo superior to onptbiog of tbo hied orer before gottewop in lids cilp and nferiwr to notldngin the Eat Wo ostroet tbo loregoing notice from tbo Mltomo Diportmeiit' of tbo Cbieo-go Democrat Wc have bo objection to see editors loobingiato of resort of tb above nature occasion-lip and whence it map bo perfectly proper for them to advise tbeir readers of each discoveries asjtlep map make for tbo purpose of exposing evil and potting the anssspeetiog upon tbeir pird bat a notice like tbieitb view to interest nn iatelligsnt patronage or to odd farorablp to tbo repntetibo of a Hones in a well-regulated commons tp it feeme to at to bo a gross ineoo-Utcncp Think of it for one moment Seven ibaaeand dl fere to- be expended in (been ape of search of moncp for the prposo of fitting up a ball where mca map retort to'waetc their timo aad exhaust tbeir fortubee io games of ebonee Bot wo ora ioferased that (t win bo far superior io ogoifico act to naptMog of ibis kind over before got op in that cilp and inferior to nothing of the bind at tbo suL Cldesgo then bee moeb at tldetiaOlof which to boast! billiard room fitted npntlb expense of 37 AW eqoal if not superior te uaptldog of tbo kind offorifed bp her essurn rival -a maltiiode of poked and buagrp berdobobaro of so pended banks nod broken merchants and a criminal record at which eve Babplo herself might tremble' aad judging teem tbo tone of the press utie peopU Lee to kort it CWo bare received aad filed for exchange tbo Evergreen Citp poUisbed at Sbeboypa It ie a tory nest' ioielligent looking' published bp Rose At Porter Sacceis te 1 u- tT Wn or now receiving Ike first Ifttetalment of iaU wiOter which ire lake rterp cool' iho candidate of tb ontbslaverp port A aomber of tbo most prominent cits sen of tbn territory issued aa address before the election to which thep epeak of Mr Flenaiken baring received a euranecs from ibe ebiefeW tb abolition settlement at IPaksnisn tbat thep 31V him one thousand votes still it aeema that be was put forward bp a committee eom of whom claim to bo man and soma pro slavery men In a few daps wn shall bar tbo result Sit Louie Rep A Mistsuk On Copt Smith has just boea tried and convicted in New York of piracy tor being engaged io tb Trad Tb 8 law poaishes Ibis oflene with deatk Abnnt tb fame time John Rpeernfk is tried and convicted in lOsconsin fur helping is slave to escape and the United States law punished this offence with Int end imprisonment' Now if AmrtmmA kt Li- Capt Smith deserves banging for mat dent that tbeir worst enemp uibe fe cloves eorelp JubaReera ft ought mm seller and their -best friead the not to bo ponisbed fbrsettioglbem free Main Law poff wo r- Tns Facaw ans AavocsTX-Mr Gantzel baa left the editorial department of tbo Waokegan Freemaa Advocate aad bie plase is filled bp 8 I Bradburp a practical Ckie Free IFirf Tan IF wore so fbrteaai aa to receive a mdfl pesterdap bat it was a verp light one Nothing of anp eonsequeacn came io from bopond Cbi-wffc Ob (hit Cbicago Post Office 1 Jackass? paifj Conntito (im'rf sf tbn Slib aSb Jnentions lbs arrival in tint tfevn of fine ft Brr rxto tateaded for Tbavks-iving feasts fV-'v'i! tkook friead to acid at -jjvtf tbo Mtt'vriiila pfeco nf if von vieass John nr vrj The newspaper is a la book far tha indolent a sermon for tbo thoughtful 0 librarp for tb poor- It map uinwlale th most iiulifieraat it map also ifietrCet tbn mt profound 1 I.

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