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Freeman's Advocate from Waukegan, Illinois • 3

Waukegan, Illinois
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-'VT' 7 v- -f -if- it" 1 ryrV-wnvH -v nn i i ra-t fr 1 'r7-r t' Ntrj Eisi A Jfukuimiif ipril A TkaEvtoIof8tarM7i CoFta tj vu longaiaea natified to 'ratnrn borne' after viaitiog tb Emperor of Jb- piOfcaditiioodntio4hoviUlMvobat oo attunvr ood twoiloopo ofvorsiB tho Chinoag eeu ood votara by way bf 8ao Francisco ifiiru ozveotivo mmmb tho Sen-otodjooroodr i It ii oodontood Ur Clayton made strong epeteh sgalnetthe GididtoTrto tf fo 7 IfiwYbBR April -lo tho hoooo jutirdij apeeebee warn nudaia favor of tho Nebraska bill bj Ur CUofOMO ood Ur Wright of Po 'v Mr Madison of foUowaid ppimtiootood Mown adjourned Tho Africa failed to day with 8IWi OOOio specie ood 120 pueeagnrs ooioof whom warn boo ometra of tho Brit- IYmtvoooi April 4 Fiftnna whig ood three dootoo ratio ninators 124 whig tad choMii to the'Aseambly and 80 to hoar from lagham democrat for Governor will lack Mvcral thooaaod votes of aa abelian Apirl 5 Ao arrival from SuJagt repreeante that aa tho night of Mircbl5thaeavare hock of aa aartbquako vu frit at that place Tho boildiage and shipping io the harbor were badly shaken BorriLo Apirl aaluto of 100 gone wae fired oatha Park thia io hi oar of tha veto af Gov Seymour of tha Maine Law Woihuotoo March S8L After conaidering several amendments to tha Deficiency bill it waa poetpooed until to-morrow and the Senate with many icebergs and fields of ica went into executive aessioa 'V -I i I Butvit Uaxth The Cittada arrived last eveateg Uvmpool dates Is the 18ih Tm Btaamer Bahie not arrived JThe eteamcr Cxueai sailed eattellft with troepe from Liverpool 1 'Yana The 'aotea between westerajpowcia and the Porte it concluded already brawn and hu reached here beea brvared to the ether power Tho Loadoa Morning ChicniefrVParia aerrtsponde at atatea that diepaUhea tho mock Envoy Jn London had beta atating that the were diipeeed to look upon the proportion by Rumiaibf the teramption of between the Weateia Power RueiUaa aioce Ruaeia is net Kkely to tepadfie aalutioa and thinka them oeeaaiofrfiBthetwotoeafrrtaia the JatheHoiBeiefCoataMMr had fbovadM addiaB praying that la of war her Majesty would give to abeUia from mterfrthace with Sags set coaUiabg Jcatraband ef wv( Hi aiae aoggmted the enlaring into a aiailar treaty with the ted States and other eoentnea The English govern moot declares the only think to be dene at despatch a third Squadron The opinions of the English caMaet fully approved of by Frsaca uvaaroot March Richardson Bro'a'qnota flow declined le Od Basinets moderate Western caul Bdtimore S6s Id good Ohio 57s market dnlL dediu of 8d 2e white 44 45 Western mixed Southern white He 6d mall apeohlative demand for kegs 4a Tha Screw steamship City of tsr arrival out 15lh llacch having nd fields ofica fiegara returned from Walton and Oktytf pV! fthifbi LITitib Caxtiu Yiiuai Esq who hu keen absent eiaeethe rescue ef tha eliwc attending the Iowa Circuit arid at Uadieoa wae arreated by the Marshal yeetardey moraiag Mr Wataws weal qnietiy hefrru the Cematiasioaw aad oa heiag preuatad with tha sharp against him arose aad stated that he eappoeed he aaderstood the effence with which he wae charged and then a 4-dreesed CemmiesioBer follova Wt have keen furnished Jbj Mr Wanixi withpopy ofhis remarks tj If Is 'ap oficBci that 1 visited a man ia ison thea ami guilty Hit a cm it to Ormpathixe with thus who arc a affliction then I am not ambitious Usppear altogether iaaoceut ia true tUl whan Mat for I vuited a mania pitam It is true that whaatka prisoner Md me that lie had baaa knocked town with elube bound ia chaiM aad dragged ia aa iaclemcDl night withiut covering upon bis head Md with irarea aay cletbing upon hie person to distant jail I did notap prove tBep It is trae that when I mw tha stains of blood frani hia bleu ding wouady 1 wu not wholly ineea-ibletohiaflifleriop aad wroag But that I ad vied him tha! ha could have a fai trial by wry or that his csm would be heard by in impartial Court I deny Ilia eomplcaon forbid the one and 1 should bevcseai false lo my eonvio-tioaa if I haamvea him My uaurance of the other Tha only coneolalioal did or euull gin Mm wu hia right to tho writ ofmbcu corpus aod I explained to ib that Mch writ wu a writ of riel a writ that tha fugitive' slave Ml not taken iway and the only right ini wu left to a man of hie eompleiioi Bader Jiis accusation That by be could have thp leplity of hia arm inquired ilto and that if pistols aad Madly weapons wero the only mccaepy Which he had beta taken and wae evnpned ha could be liberated but that if fief were aceompaned by rtT" 7 777 tha process Court oi comMtant ju risdictioa it fwrpmld justify hie arrut aad that hia praoaafiajunes were mere- Winter wjn ly formal incidote to the moat approved mode of eetice of it Tho benefits of this writ I touchsafed to secure to him It wu topliod for against' tho Sheriff who netiaUg held Slim under restraint aud thi writ wu delaated by tha return in fleion uf law that ha waa in the legal ceitody of tho MarahdIL Another writ wuapplied for and aarved upon tbu MunhuU To this according to local precedent there waa opeu aad avowed tiieobedtcnce and the priioner disappointed waa without hope As a lut resort application eu made to Judp Miller aid though too penurious to be entirely honest too wilful to bn Grass-fiMd Winter wjteai Spring do Per Bsrtell meaL Pork ar bM do Hog Hants Skouklera lird White FUkpr lYoot do Codfish cot Pollock Chictena Pouioes Oa the an infant Tgn Tkinuiei Qiltu' comes to eegtaatly enlarged dc otherwise touch improved ia lie appearance The' Helper 14 pabliehed weekly at BalletoaRpa If wader the direction ofthe Careoa Leapt of Saratoga coaaty and is oak ofthe moetabl and cfikicat advocatce of prohibitiod Aad long may it contla-aa to reader important hh ia rolfiag back the terrible tide of desolation which Iim long lifers Uy delagad tbe Eenira State 3 tenth Tko folfowiaf tho anab af the Maul leva lection for Antioch ea Taeeday bit imop3eoifeBaIelSL25lDgsllsl Hsjaes WOlamlb-aJerto 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beg 85 Unl5 Gmdfas 5 7544 75 Sperm 3844 7a9Star' 85 TTallows 13 810 bl4 50 Sperm 175 do 4 00 Whalo 1 6 75 Lard 100 500 Hiia lOGieea 25a37Dry tot DIB 3d hist ia thia city Ftwiui Jambs suaof £diannd Parmer aged 4 Teaeranee Bestiorinl rpilC SUtoeiaw hm opoosS a miaanai la nnilwachi SnUiHos mGcm-m oraat rw SwOo o-nfe of MtappaMM tho Ou-ttakOkM hr the MaubetuitafsrTisMuwk Sii ClkM Muo ku lun lw iMMMti keep 1 mills MnHx feraN (how fw eUl -to will duo keep a Ml of cum oahdiu ntaOKIRV IT1 aaiMU rauiTi smabr auoauo TOBACCO rtru and Sit ich -iWuiklM wHI matoM a mO Vto riunilnniin teMflwM hr pm kma te atU kp Hue pukSi 7 Ini tenniod iwUMiere all arertte dty LKMUEL JONKS literal leriM Wankwwi ApfUHW r-if French ind Genata Ltagues wM mpeeinier km kiMMal Wauktin mS etamUrltet te UI (Ne hMiracuna hi PaaMB and Ombm hi taHjeMsdi isi iheU iMtSeMe hhIm ciMSMifiMne Ukftss hml MMWenkle esparUnM a TNcter te iml aMtihai UnI bi aAJI te akls lw nm miniartiMk pry Ur Hrrritui wilMMiite A imhAin MltiM idMiwi walMr ii aifkiin -Its It le te ttemlet the Item Dr Hoffackor rPFHCU afUlMAH fBYtKWT' WttiHii He ttekvmIV DOCTOR MEDICAL DEPOT At WAUKEGAN 11L ryClrenlaitoDnigglsta anAOtharaelte Ont Wid rte vuA te nUtuk title kdnndmMtfrfidnrauiuuaeflAeiMf AmmveAAAerellsJUMar- Dr emTe's-autWleaf me HrmlM kMtactelmm belli letef ami care af mi fcmitaaf twmiemtefeiaaawhimitamtaaMlteaia warmiad purely tacabla te aad tanter pmiaetof aaa pampktmesearnpaeyiH aaehpytesa Dr BrnRi'a "Balmm ertJCi-Hbia la a mm ulniUd aad miittiaf Htida CmacMaaad caaftepmtia-mWIt am kaftm teaa temrawULlapneanllMeaU-red whee Bamty aeialiiHiarad Oas panlaalar netloMacMayoylHMchteUla Dr Aura's aamirUaWis ar mnoftlMaiM aa amiiely saw aad Tiiia piaaier ia aepaitm ie aey eem amujinm totelar lhaiwramm ar ite rtataaa af Hriaalmiar an mweUaah--nytai ite Bated irmh'-fc la aim aa -Stewat ramady far arnim ted tesamtae a adafSPam Iwhw tealha wtsppwae aaeJi relt Dr awn's Lfciluaat" JoMir caMrmsJ hr BspeapartiM la leUeuMpme ami Id Dr Bwn's "Cya MMlIaet 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Estiirfl Ereicn' 'e iszm res uu tf uu istitz frARBOsA toss Mu Bra yHtiPrtisaixil for pels allow renal oa OUntaiTiii Iibux' 3r Laxm iMmun IIouxt tavemm fer tto cwfis! r''a -j RtatwiiAesnuatotm- Psaaaav BaR WhlM Brnk ruiwmetsmilMteenmkmjMMf KroSTANTTO LAMES Da a Itele mi ttel Sf OMSau a ihmm ctMraMMhuUlNMioaitUii gTOWwaaBeiaraag ta STnUtML1 553 22 Ttxpajeri Tike Nfitlee Tke jtemww aid others la-10 Akeaotlce tkat at a tax sale heldatJVAakeaalia tka county tf Lake ia the ante of ffliaota on the I8tk day oiJulv aq IWA made by thaTieararer tf sail comity of Lka for stale epaaty And special Uxen-Tto aadenigacd pcrchawd the real ewaie lytaw and Wngta eahl eouaiy tf Uka aad huviaalUrite-scribed aad which aaidi teal esutawaa 1 tewed to tbe names set oppotite the several pkcti parcels or lotstf laid via: commencing Srods a Mcor t45-rl1 bBC teda5heaS 10 rads theece a Irads theaec to begtnnlsg Yexiiowtj-kt Rbiock SiaA 84 add it km to Waskriaa lot 1 8 block 48 fit arigiui Iowa ofLiula Fon sow 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apparnnhy af laaw la a awtUMdsaffams ktevto teflraal (BaacylW te tee mkaa aa yams la mate ttem kasnrn to Me fteodo and Ite pafa la mate vMisrsat earaand taker aad eipeimln Imntnrtelafdptead Be ite enmaredaf Ite O-dar tten Tbia la iiakhad wtth knedy nd mter ikiave to pm a lo a ahape far on Lafaraha wrUaa raaaaOy 1 wlafe mm af ite Pvt war -Warns at nsir aif Ite sarakwrlaiM aa Ttey ibiak itera is amtev hte BriPam mite Baas" faam bwa-Baad maisadaa mars aV- Dr Baal aw ilia's Cedar VUmsr is fast tall ayriac Is mate saltsdfastai item iws asMahra" KT If sis arsl el my Bsnsei ww I BOOKS TO LET XOOYoTs tflammetioa and Amoseaeafa-mo of them acw iSf eenfa per wvek pr vpL I esni a day altar Rtraagon te leave aectrity oa taking shook Persona arrwlpf te these terms wUl And ready aeccwta ike koekau at mar4-8Jm ELG HOWffIMM AninftjC 1 with the aad from received aot Bade aegeda-tiona and lead it prop- Bebeon ate directions aeatra Bnaitioai pohoyo Uni that CoesUatine-geaad to tha are A 2a 86s whsat Western lard Matches met Tha will again start out with troopa Tha Cambria tad also returned ThaTauru wu to tail with troopa on the day tha Canada hips were fitting out at Liverpool to carry roopt' The Baltic on the 4th of March had not arrival whan ow dispatches closed and aha wae bo her 14th day out much misty fob The feport of the City of Manchester of extenuve ice fields cauied ap-wehsniion that tha Baltic might hare received damage thereby As repine hoetiluiea afisirs remain nearly as they were aad from Asia then wu nothing new The public expectation new looks to the Baltin Kaiafrt continues to be he fleet eontiaucs el Beyeord Bay and be Russian at 8ebsstapoL It is reported bit the first operation pf the Anglo army is to attack Arunea Troops wiQ land at Balakdava totatiack SAulo-m! by land while the fleets attaifr It by aea The Buswane ware fortifying various places on tha Black 8ea and interior towns Tha reply could not arrive from St Petersburgh before the 16th or 18th larch Gov Veto Edward C' )alevan tba dietingnielied advocate of mperaoca and ofthe prohibitory law which hu juat passed the Ift legislature oa Thursday addreeeed the following nolo to tho editors of the Albany Atlas: Graf The Governor bu ao-oouaeed to mo this moment that ho sa-taMie to veto tbs prohibitory law I tava not a doubt that ia coming to this decision be hu been governed by i conviction of duty g3T Caupobhia Yaimmu have rei nod bundreda of marchaata No better vidanea is wanting of tho wildspocu Utivo fovor than tbo fact that brtai-ttujt which ware some month ago altip-pad to California nt an enormous are now oo their return to New rk: The clipper ship Bald -Eagloboand from 8a Francteco to New York had aa assorted cargo tho freight ou which will amount to about fifteen thousand dollars consisting chiefly pf jfonr green bides batd ware dry goods old iron gopper Ac The freight on tho flour was engaged 'at 87 cents per berrle It originally coat from 83 50 to $5 per barrel to transfer this flour rent New York 8aa Frundua This is bitter experience to thus merchants who ventured Mini tastifuUy etjenied Tka IJI-iiois Central Railroad Comyaay have eontractad for hedging with Osage Orange one kindred miles of the III-inoie Central Railroad These two he dgee each one handred mifea long will reqeir abont tva million of Oeaga AlanU Tha section ihaa hedged rone tiirotigh the Grand Prune whore there is not tree for 60 milei A Tbe Freech government bed bet'n enxieus te engage Irene- Sorts several AaStriaa vesseie lying nt larxeilloe aad tha matter vie therefore referred to the decision of the govern-meat of Vienna- The reply had beea received etatiag that vaseeli with the Asatrian flag might be employed in aay wa required by the French govere-meiL-J 1 ia hu It II ocsx Ur Yafes of IMde a stroBf speech against the Nebraska bill The General Aroropriatioa bill vu laid aside and the conuae ration of the bill aa-thorxing the construction of ateam frigates vu taken up Ur Bocock spoke at length urging many reasons for the prompt passage of the bUL Ur Lyoo off New York gave notica of aa amendment to increase the Navy by building 13 first class atiam frigates Tha difficulty betweca Clare Uilia sad Col Uitchell bu bean amicably settled The General announces that the first mail by tha Autrafia Pioneer Lino Vo Australia will be despatched on the 25th under the new arrangement Letters 5a Uaguiaea and Pamphlets le Newspapers So each prs-psymsel required The House passed a resolution providing or expanse ef modifying rovanae lava Wasbinotov April 3 Remonstrances to tho Nabraska ball from Masaacbuaetta aod Indiana wars presented to day by Samner and Ever ett Mr Casa alluded again to his fioua freedom qntation on presenting a petition on that subject lie eaid that on some future duy he would reply to some strictures made by a distinguished prelate meaning Bishop Hughes Mr Cutting appeared io tha 'House for the first time since last Monday- No business of importance transpire od -i Lieut Shnumberg wee this morning found gu'lty of on assault with intent to kill Lalto a dvieee received here from Santa Anna states that he he ordered more troopa to the Mesaila valley The State Department gives notice that tha Convention new eitungia London tononeider claitat will not adjourn to this country Claims mart be pre-aentadhere by the 15th LIQUOR DSFSA TED TaeiTOxSatardayUarch 18 The New Jersey legislatucaadjeornei vine iU at 3 oclock this morning Tha Uaina Lqnor Law van defeated the rJ beiegyeae'22 uayi 8 La nr Tertas The edit or of tha San Fraaeiaco Tempera aes Oraa assarta that bp eras lately al a aoeinl party in tha Bay City wnaro eaa or ifis ladies wai druak andsome sixteen olbers astei exsetly like her! As a matter of eenraaL the gontlemeo with suck illuflriens example before them became daeidel Bui! We are aerry to hear tbe ladies San Franeise aeeu ed of sneh a die-gaitipg Vfotdtitek Fru Aieil 1 Ltdg Ctlartd iisM-Uv-A Ms tonic Ledge of enlersd members wu iaati-tatsd la Richmond iL on Monde evening of but week They receive i their charter from tbiCFiW Lodgt England and are received aa full aa'! acceptable members In 1650 triaTtook plus is Connecticut under the section of the Blue La prohibiting ki mng ware Sarah Tuttle und Jacob Nowlico It appeafe that Sarah drop ped her giovea and Jaeob found them When Sarah tiked for them Jacob do-muded akin for his pay and tha demand did not seam to Sarah extravagant she adjusted it forthwith Thn facta -where clearly-proven and the jrartiM were neck flaed lwaaty aSm 1 ordinarily juat eomu hope wu entertained of clemeuy from his cowardice but while the latter did not foreakn him ho waa not paeauied ofthe former and he refuaed any interference pereieting that the Marshal ought not to obey the writ of habeu corpus from State Court and that ho would ootjhen1 entertain tho cue bimsolf if When this had all transpired do now hero teefni that I did Me a larg and rasptetahls coaeonreu of pnople suit wbat of facts I hava faere stated I do erafeae that I vindicated the right of the writ of bebeu corpus -That I declared )t to bo fit great bulwark of personal That lh'arc Was no man ao obscure that it could tm denied to him none eu high as ta refuse obedience to it That when this writ wu point defiance and nil obndianen to it refused and all mne is had benn exhausted to enforce it I Jo further confess that I made publii acknowledgment from the top of a fe ice poet that I had proceeded is thn lot for as I had any knowledgn of thn pi irtict and that as enuus! for the pneqatr' I left it for others to proceed Injthe cun according to tbeir sound judgitont and I nde stand that thn prisoner is satisfied with the manner in wbiebihey conducted hia caee Now Mr Cetamieeioner to il I cenfeee and plead net gui fry to tbo eom plaint and shall all linee bn ready for trial and if I dm not coovicted I hall entertain at ao Ins aay suepieion that it is from aoy fallt of tha Court If I am convicted bea tits (arm my imprieonmiat eUlI have sxpired thn people will agninae me upon the fence poet reedy to dedicate the writ of habeas corpus titi safest piroteetiun of our prieoa bueu te well an of the liberty of tho citixeo 1 Mr Watkins gavehil a tho' sum of 32000 for bis appeareacn ml the July term of tha UACoert al Madison Mr Townsend ofthe firmof Towuead flakier becoming hieeecttriiy---iifr waukte -t A7GeaPutmaa ekee uked Gen Wuhingtoa this significant queilfon which wan the worst to eweir thinking ltd evil or lo prey thinking ao Rood? fW Ao individnnl uhe was passiag almig the streets lif Londori was accosted by a itraoger with thia Did you ever thanjk Gad for -your rea-soBrNo was the reply I sever thatiih of it 'Well do it quickly rejoined the itraager I lest miae ffl.

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