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Sedalia Weekly Democrat from Sedalia, Missouri • Page 6

Sedalia, Missouri
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EDICAL ficntinci for Lung Troubles Democrat Estahllshed QflheHumanSvstcm MISSOURI In JiiaJ lirkling in ciHjglK ihni ihMi ripg of luarl, iliat Siinrt- fiai inv. loss of of iifTvous wfaicTnss, droad BULLETS A that color, that nnasiiai brightness FOFl or all of arc bnl tiincly 7 tbat liio germs'of ih most fjtaa'old of ail diseases is fast tiio III and if un le cKod, inevitable result is only of a few sho! months. DiQGilio Not Delay" Como to Us at Once Af M-. dical Inhaldoi inni Ti'catnieni ffers you bi'st in a rn niedical scioncc We tlio oioy labaiatm'inni in (d Many coinc from a aistaiicc to avail them of I'ais cnire. The Wonderful Inhalaforium Jf in mo: i tio.Hef’O eVf J- all diseai'CS of lla- tiil pis'iages.

it i moo i'l for spi'od- r-eiieaI ggrms of a.a* from tlie system 'Tis a. great a relmi.d of the tir-sues and as a part of our iModerii Am ric.iniv's'il b'uropenn imanod of tri'atncmt. Jt is iinsur- for cun: of many deep cated ami complieated diseases of the Nerves, Blocd, the Stomach, Liver. Bladder, Kidneys Bawels, Rheumatism, Poison and Skin Diseases. We cure you Direct medication i Blood Cells; by inhalation in our W'onderfal Inhalatmiiim Cabinet.

CATAdRH.THEGAT AND LUNG TROUBLES bavo iio funlier terrors fi- yni; you need not bar tiio oncoming of that filial of iill di the Great White if on eon, ub ns in iiinr'. Po not fhid yon liavi' f-tibd b) from ibc ordin ny nHklmds iire lost, 'riie Scimic'' iitid Art of Healing is mal lng gr-iit iidViincmneiH. Onr Famous Imi datoiium tit i. wntid.n-s in ii large iiuui- of llundia ls Icol iilm lost Imvi' legm to lieiiltb and now Ir. ppv il.

10 AIL WHD SUFFER Ff nr to oihces and vve wi I make a timr mgb, searehing and sfiori'ine of eiise Free of Charge, and if we find vnnr condition to Ibc influeiice ol onr new diseovei- it 1 wo vrill take case. OUR C.iARGES ARE REASONABLE; OUR CC NSULTATION FREE. OFHiiES 225 UHIO SEDALIA, MU. Rooms 1. 2, 3.

4 5, Smoke House Cigar Store. HOURS to 12 and 1 to 5 and 7 to 9. Sundays 9 to 12 only. A BIG ABMY OF BEG6ABS Y'ILL CELEBRATE THANKSGIV- I.NG IN NEW YORK BY ASKING ALMS. ri TifU Tn tl to Ihcdr trip mo TO wiu.

o.r A reil and lantern was Th: Mo! Who ici the 3 of PiK'ifio secLvcc: Sp' 04 3 I'l 'I'lM 1 heasf at Sfirings ni-bf. but have ycd. ca ooinien is iiiai the I a i i hi! Off' of prtldowf-rs, or at least or nmn. fe nid a of beni, cnine fo whore VI i ft tht'V are now hiding. I'p, Cievl-.

iJKih -I e.f a mi tin a I i 1 i i lii I II 11 Tlorti and Tar iy 'r St.tir tho irritation in iiaioi! il ainl rii'i n'I lite roai. iho innanieil mem- 1 1 l'-t'oi and most cntiich lui. 11 S'lnd-I Iii iht: and liings om tin. CO I I-' 1 nt i -iro -alfd and r.l iisthonod, and the Hii-i, vP' s-i i i i- i from Iho system. He- I hai t.M,„ 1 tor i- Cimo any b.i* f-e connine in the ycl- th, I 1 Itv- n.

vi low pttohaco. Pharmacy. Egq Food. A FTE FOOD LY PBrPARFD TO MAKF HFNS LAY in ''UV' In it 1 iaa fi a I I i b- t' BE KNOWN AS Man Who Does Not Placate the Beggars Is Likely to Fare HI at Their Hands In the Metropolis of United States. New York, Nov.

after tomorrow ill bo iu the metropolis. I'mjity thousand little cliildreii are preparing to band ilicimelves into a fantastically arrayed army of beggars and celebrate Th.i.nksgivlng by asking alms from adult The man who fails to provide himself with a plentiful of pennies and nickels with which to placate the beggars, before venturing mi the streets, i.s likely to fare ill at the hands of the little angels. Zow! A stocking full of flour whacks you over the head. Zoom! A born disrupts your eardrums. Bat the use of getting mad? only a bunch of Thanksgiving Day out for their car nival.

Give them a nickel and lit you Tliere arc thousands of them all New York on Thanksgiving Day. Kid.i ('f all sorts and sizes, ar rayed in the funniest, weivdtst motley yon can imagine, fi'hey make the day and raise the deuce gener ally. wheie cn earth did the custom originate? People from out of town who visit New York on Thanksgiving Day look in astonishment at the raga- muffiiis paiading the street and say, a strange custom. We have this at No more do they. The Ragamuffin is New York, all through.

Where did the custom originate? People who like to dig these things out have tiied to trace the matter back to its origin but in vain. Some doclrre the carnival is a survival of the oi.l English But there arc no proofs of this, and besides Harvest diosr't eonie at lids time of year, furtlii rmoro, celebrate it maudlin costuim s. Nor is Die custom a suivival Ghiistmas We have those ilieir own roal time. No. nobodv se(Miis al)le to trace the Thanksgiv ing Ragamuffin back.

So imagine they are real New York institiitie.iiK and treat them accordingly. THE MtCHINnXPlODED Five Were Injured and One May Die as the Result. Ghicago, Nov. man may and four women are sufferu'g serious injuries as a rt'sult of Uie explosion of a moving picture rmu-hine, which resulted in a fire and a panic in a tb.eater. Whist Club Entertained.

vv. ii. Ileyiu'ids entoriulned the Tuesday Whist club Monday afi- ernoon, complimentary to Mrs. W. B.

Moody, of St. Louis. Mi.s.-, Bess Doyle won the club prize, a silver fork; the unmarried prize, ft silver purse, went to Miss May Hawkins: the married piize, a hand-painted plate, was awarded Mrs. E. J.

Adamson, and the consolation prize, a piece of fancy work, went to Mrs. .1. Rudd Van Dyne. The guest of honor, Mrs. Moody, was riven a beautiful water-color picture, r.nd, in addition, Mrs.

N. .1. Finney presented her with a bunch of Refreshments were served ia two courses. SEED STORE. Box Sedalia, Mo.

Burial of an Infant. fil.e funeral of the Tdays-eld sou of Mr. and Mrs. N. W.

Franklin, of West Main street, who died Sa'urday, was held at Sunday afternoon. Burial was made in the Alcorn burviiig ground, southeast of the citj. The Club Met Sunday. The Kit Kat club met Sunday afternoon and furthered arrangements for the initial dance of the club, to be given at the Sedalia Printing ct-mimny hall Friday night. County Court Proceedings.

(From Daily) The judires of the county court today received the assessment on Pettis county real and personal estate. as compiled by Assessor C. D. Brown. The court also approved the bond! the following SALE TWO GEE AT SALES IN ONE miLION DOLLAn SALZ This Giteat Novemheit Event Offets Baitgams That No Stoee Can Meet; We Urge ComparlsonI This have po often heard is just a blanket to hide high prices.

This popularity could not have grown to such gigantic if we did not sell desirable and merchandise at lower prices than other stons. Every statement we is backed by our reputation for square by our unalterable guarantee to give you OR MONEY There is a reeisoa for the record-breaking at reason WHY we can and do give GREATER VALUES. a partial list of the inimitable bargains ia the EXPANSION AND MILLION DOLLAR SALK Where is the store that will meet them? linen Iniicli clc.lhs 97c $1.00 flornl Inneli clnths 72c $2.50 Batteiiburg pmcrs $1.25 drawn work scarf $8.50 linrn sets $1.50 diniiei- cloths $2,00 dinner $6.50 table linen sets 19c 40-inch Madras 12c brown canton fiann 7(4c bleached 25c unbleached 6c outing 45 2 Sedalia "Busiest Store A EXPANSION SALE OF TRIMMED DRESS HATS 5 0 Trimmed "Dress Hats, That are sold for 6 $7 and 8 your for 3.98 25 Trimmed Dress Hats, That arc sold for 10 i 12 yourchoice for $4-95 25 Trimmed Dress Street Hats, Sold for 75 your choice for $1.89 and This Is the Way Making Room foe the Wotk- men In Onr Ready-to-Wear Section 3.97 $1.95 FOR $3.50 COATS. lioavy winter in ianey mixtures solid collarlrss lieautifnlly trimmed with inlaid velvet and special for tomorrow af $6.00 COATS FOR $3.97. stylish long cerAs in plain colors and fancy mix tni-i's.

trimira'd on titaer side with three patch trimmed with velvei, regular values LONG COATS, $3.97. h'avy long coats neatly trimmed with velvet etillar tiUd cuffs: r.gidar valncM ENpiinsleii Bide $15.00 COATS, $9.95. Full length coats: or tight lining models of cloth Ol kersey: some tailored, oihers trimmed with luittiins, satin bjiiids and lima tlirOitgh- ont with salin: values for $25.00 COATS, $17.47. Long plain tailored, fitting model of chiffon broadcloth with guaranteed Ay at $25.00 values I i i $30.00 SUITS FOR $19.75. smart tailoi sains, made of all wool, hard materials: serges, fancy worsteds jiiid hroadeloth.s: SiUiii or tight titling; skirts in the newest flare gored si vies: siih ndld values regular $9.60 19.75 Children's nearskin NET WAISTS FOR $1.97.

Net waists in ecru or white; trimmed with heavy lace insertions; values; Expansion Sale price NET OR SILK WAISTS, $3.97. New net and silk waists, ail new, attractive styles; the new long sleeve effects; $5.00 values; in the Expansion sale MESSALINE AND NET WAISTS, $5.69. New Messaiine and net waists; exquisitely the plain as well as the fancy lace trimmed creations; $7.50 v'alues $3.00 SKIRTS, $1.97. raiiioiia skirts pleated aroniid hii-s with silk folds; col- blue, brown or black; value-i; Expai'siun Sale price $8.00 SKIRTS, $5.87. Englith panama or voile skirts trimmed with large satin buttons and satin bands; regular $8.00 Vcilues $15.00 VOILE SKIRTS, $10.98.

Altrnan voile skirts, exquisitely with satin folds, in modified sheath or overskirt effect; $15.00 values $6.00 PETTICOATS, $3.97. llcavv nisllinK tatfota petticoats; wide tloiinco trimmed wiiii ruffles: all stia.les. TIicso art- values; buy Li tiie Expansion sale 3.97 for 1.97 3.97 5.69 1.97 5.87 10.98 elect; Gharles R. i leeK tovvnshij); Ira 11. Barrow, A.

Y. Blackwater; Svdney ,1. Mampton, Ridge; Lamonte; (Joorge W. (Jlenn, Bowling (Been; William R. Curry.

Greek; Meyers, H. C. Upton, Sniithton. HE lOSTJHE WFien He Tried to Eat Nine Pounds of Lose Memphis, Tenm, Nov. 2n.

In an effort to eonsnme three po.jnds of sphagetli. which. when cooked, weighed nearly niim pounds, Marino lost a wager and caused frieiubs who I ricked him vvifb hundreds of to lese their money. The doctors who attended mm say he may from the effects of his stomach. JURY IS JHNUIIRY Will Serve at TFiat Term of Pettis County Circuit Court.

GOOD JOB FDR SWWGER First Appointment Announced by Hadley. St. Louis, Nov. 2 K. Swaii- ger.

defeated lor re elect ion as sec- rotary of stiito by Curnoliu, Roach liy volos, will Im appoiiii.d btiiik commissioiior by Governor Hcrbort S. IladUM. The aiinonnrenieiit that would appoint Swciiiger is the first he has made with regard to the inaLV appointive offiees to be filled. The following jurors were drawn by the court Tuesday afternoon for the term of the criminal division of the Pettis county circuit court: Heath Miller, Skinner. W.

Smith. D. Fisher. M. Wilson.

S. Payne. Rowling W. Gook M. Fowler.

A. Stolhard. Elk J. RenfrowL Green 5i. Dunham.

A. Adams. Flat E. Woolery. Lake G.

Loeffler. H. McMuilln, Sedalia: Fi'xst H. Ritchey and G. Second ward Gon McHugh and W.

Y. Gline; Third G. and Amick: Pkinrtii H. and S. W.

James. night, DW'ing to the slim attendance al, the meeting. There will also he a social given ai the htill next Monday nlghU LiOIEG GIVE IIEOCHRE Prizes Were Awarded at Knights of Columbus Hall. (From Daily.) There were twenty tables of players, also a number of spectators, at the progres.sivc euchre given by the ladies of St. Catholic church at the Knights of Columbus home last night.

Prizes were awarded as follows: Mrs. Charles McEniry, flret prize, a hand-painted plate; Miss Julia Sullivan, second prize bouquet of roses; Frank DeBold, first silver mounted clothes brush; Boylan, second prize, bouquet of carnations; Miss Irene Brooks, concoUlion pr'zc, a nut cake. Refreshments of ice cream and cake I w'cre servcfl, after which a number of unused caKes were auctioned, a neat sum being realized. IIFREIH EM OF CORN It Was Grown on the Farm of C. P.

Stanley Near Blodgett, Mo. Columbia, Nov. 21. A if ak of nature in the form of a com co with a growth DU one end that curiously resembles tiie human hand ha-s been received by the agricultural depart- mont of the liniversity of Missouri. The ear of corn from which the col) Was taken was grown the farm of C.

P. Stanley, of Blodgett. Mo. The resemblance to a human hand is remarkable, all four fingers and thumb being perfectly The cob will be placed on exhibition in the agricultural museum. Will Unveil Schiller Statue.

Is Pleased With the West. Fred Hughes, manager of a branch house of the National Packing Go. at Spokane. writes his parents. Mr.

and Mrs. F. M. Hughes, that he likes his new fine and aUo the countrv and surroundings. Confesses and Is Lynched.

4 Charleston. S. Nov. Gilmorr', a negro, was laken from the guard house in Iniray. a small towm ir Hampton county.

state, early yesterday and lynched. Gilmore had attempted to assault one of the daughters of his employer, Mr. A G. Fitts. He confessed, implicating another negro.

Rochester. N. Nov. a musical and literary program of an elaborate nature, a statue of w-ill be unveiled tomorrow' in Anderson Park. The memorial w'as erected by the various Cierman societies of ter.

of which all will participate in the dedicatory exercises. Gee Whiz, This Was Awful. TEN CENTS IN POSIIGE All the Democratic Candidate for Congress Spent for Election. Sharon Nov. filing his campaign expense account Timothy Deiss, defeated democratic randi- date for congress from this district, I appended a statement saying that he accepted the nomination on a platform promising to send each constituent in his district a package of seeds, but that the only seeds he now could distribute w'ere seeds of kindness.

His expenses totaled cents for postage on five letters. Will Sell Lodge Furniture. Initiations Were Postpored. Queen lodire No. 563.

K. ar.d h. uicht postponed iiled InUiaMon." next Mondar i (From Wednesday's Dally.) Beverly W. Nininger. a painter, waf.

sentenced to ferve da.vs in jail for w'ife abandonment in Judge court yesterday. Russell camp No. M. W. of will sell its lodge furniture Monday.

December 14, preliminary to changing its quarters tc the hall. Will Hold Revival Services. Revival services will begin at Point Pleasant church Tuesday nIghL December C. Walker. Pastor..

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