Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on January 9, 1947 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
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Thursday, January 9, 1947
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f EMPERATURB REPOB1 Midnight :; ii. MI. . • ii n. m. .. !> 11. m. . 20 21 °4 . 28 VcJ. LXXI, No. 7 ESTABLISHED 1885 V- ' . " • *^ A Progressive Newspaper For a Progressive Community THURSDAY, JANUARY 9, 1947 THE WEATHER AM New ISnglund--Fair, continued cold tonight «nd Friday. Eastport to Block Island—NoHh- wc«t to west wind* 20 to 25 miles per hour tonight a.nd Friday. P»rt- ly cloudy weather with »now flurries out over the open waters. Leased Wire Service of the United Press Price Four Centi 1250 Tickets Available Here Fo* 1 Naugatuck, Leavenworth Game ..LATE . Gave Testimony At Paris Trial chus>.'.'> Di-rlvy Times Stale Illy fulled I'res.s) N:\.MKI) TO .ItllY .V/-w HHven -The number of juror.-' in tan Br.idk-y murder.' l.-:al in ,\Vw Haven now stands at .Tim 1 . Th'- t-,vo LUesi HI--- .Mrs. K.-'ihcr Dunn of a lit! f'|-|.-i|i"' I'- Vnlnis of. K:I||.H. oOo TI.WCS foai-MK.vr l.iniiliMi—The l.iinilitn ,«i,v> eilitiirliilly that the l)i>|iiiilinrnt lippdintinent of Gen- i-rul Marshall Is one inure ex- :IIM|I|>- of tlw lending role Ainerl- r:in military iiirn ai-c plavlng in rurcien alTllirs, Oilier. British inrinilnj,' newspapers u v n I (I e <l •.iriinlt eniiiiiienl nn the matter, .VKVVS Co, 1 n-y of Stair Ky-'-m.i is expected. t'j Insist u,i i-arly aiTiirigoments for Amivlcan newsmen to cover tin" torthcoming Moscow Llig Four confuriince. Byrnej already iiml obt lined an agreement from P.ilsslim officials nn press rover- H}.'". hut hi.i successor will hnvi- In w»r|; nut rtie (lft<ill.-j. CoMMftvr M'i>*lilnjfli>ii— Mutt farm shite (•'uii,'r"..iMiieii viill are wit hlinld- l»!f (Wiimenl mi fre.sideiit Tni- niiiirs aifrleiiltiire polic'ii»i voiced in Ills eeiim/mic report. Hut inaii.v of tlK-in (..,.) It points In !>«• right illri'i'tlnn, fosT TO \vv.vrr r.ouiv.vill,'. K V . .-The Louisville. Couni-r - Joui-nul siivs former Utilising K.xpoclit.-r Wilson Wyntt pi bflicvi.'d under consideration !<>r uri important United Nations fmst. ivyiitr is Maid to have nn i'lipmntrrii.'iit in New York to- r.'iiy with iV-.v Sr-croriiry-Gennriil - r,Oo COSTLY |.'||:K KKCOIID ll<*tn:i—The Natlnrml Kin li-clliiii Asswlatii.n reports 1'illi fire lns>.-.-, hit I'lffli i'f .S.'.li3,lMHl,|)iio I, ThutS in lin . than Sl.l!«r, 1)111) "'•in the l!i.|,-, redird. riOo •'WIPOKTAm.K U-.-i*hinj:tr,n Th,. Buretiu" "nf .- 'i"'s ivpnrtx th:it the nation has W'iftt it calls i-onifoi-tabh- i-,- Sheridan Gives History OfFireDept. All But Balcony Seats First Fire company Organ- Reserved; Capacity! ized Here In 1883, High Crowd Of 1$50 Ex- ! School Freshman Told pected At Waterbury Armory To- Retiring- And New State Secretary morrow Night By TOM KGAN Tickets Cor the Naugatuck-Leav- enwoi-th game . at the Waterbury armory Friday night were placed on sale toddy at the Olson Drug, Church street and the Naugatuck Drug Co., North! Main street. Demand is unusually heavy it was learned. . Many people asked for tickets all day yesterday ay both establishments. A spokesman at the Naugatuck Drug reported that as early as yesterday, noon a total of 77 people hud requested tickets ho held lor them. i Coach Folei was In W'lterbury yesterday afternoon, straightening out final seating' details. He an- Fire Chief John Sheridan delivered a history of the local Fire Department to the Naugatuck High School freshman class this | morning. Chief Sheridan said the first fire company, in Naugiituck was "I'.ie Glove Hose Company formed in 1883 tor the protection of-'the Glove Company plant. In 1888 'the town selectmen Voted, due to the-'increased population and greater number of calls, to establish a town fire department. Also in 1888 the selectmen voted $1,200 to buy und install hydrants. . In the following year, 1889, Chief Sheridan said that ti'.n Naugatuc); smmil ioiitl>ull pliiyurs Friink Filtjiock (left) iuid Merle Hupos arc .shown .Vaving Hie Gi-nrrnl .Si-s.sioii.s Court in Now York city wlii-rr they in the grid "fix" trial of Alvin ,). 1'iirlsT Mape* trsllflcd that (In- offer (if u $Ifj,<iml-u-.v<*ur job was (lungled; liefore him as isart of I lie pint In "fix" the Giants-Chicago Bears championship Kiirnc. Fllchui'k admltti-d on the stand that in his lulk with Mayor \Vllliani O'Mwyi'i-, on the day lirfniv the (tame, lit' concealed the fact, that I'aris had offi-red him !$!,30<l "to slow down." (International) West Side Club To Install President Paul O'Brien Fire Chief, Committee To Meet Sunday I'ro- thut nil-time wnrse Fir,-. Chiflf John J. Sheridan anci mt-nihprs of the board fif warden .'id inirvi'sjc's' lito committoo firu expeetiid ;.i nifct Sunday morning : to study birU on ;i rjumpur truck • I'm- tin' file dL'i.artnient pn-liminary . top urchiise of such a m.ichino. ; T>H.' flrt; ('(>mmit U;-? Ll.lrit) will SLUtl.S 1 ; Lh*.- question i:f diypusnl of tho pumri-r truck, which in'okc- clowr, .•i I'c'.v wri-Us ai;n ;irul is now out of "- Mahlon Sears To Officiate • At Ceremonies January 18, Country Club , . i Tr.s-lnllniion of newly erected oili- i eer.-i will be helcl by the West .Side i Community Club Suliurduy, Jan. : IS. S p. m. at the American B:-;is:i Association Country Club. Muhior. Se.irs, president of the [ ; Pjnd Hill Community Cliib, wlll ! Ticket Supply Completely Exhausted Early Thig Morning- The law o'f supply and de- miind went-; haywire In the borough this mony.ig as re- (jard.v ticket* for the A'uuRtt- tuch-Keuvcnwortli game tomorrow nlffht. At one o'clock there was absolutely n o sup- p.'y lint plenty of Insistent demand. .Niiugutiick Drug 1 on North Main street reported that (heir original ullolmont of 200 tickets went on sule at !» o'clock and were sold out by 10, Olson's reported that their original allotment of 300 tickets were sold before 10:30. Seven hundred tickets went on sale at the hljfh school this morning 1 and were sold he- Core school closed. In other words, NiiujjaUick's allotment of 1,200 tickets was sold out this morning. Hose Company No. 1 wa.s formed and it absorbed the members 01" the Glove Hose Company. The first fire company had 59 members. Equipment, according to Chief Sheridan, consisted of two wheeled jumpers, firemen furnish. ing the motive power. The first fire chief was the late George P, Crampton. The first firehouse was erected on the East side of Water strc.-t, south, of Maple street, overlooking the river. This building was movi;d to make clearance for the railroad tracks that now run beside the river, The present two story firehcuse nn Maple street was buik in 1909. In 1891, Chief Sheridan said, the fire department installed horse drawn equipment, in URC until- fire Sitar Heads Fish, Game Association Plans Completed For Extensive Improvement Of Club House Grounds Secretary of State James F. Byrnes (left), 07, waves to newspapermen from the door of hi* Waslilrigton, I>. C,, apartment, after ho had announced his resignation for reasons of health. He will hi; liy Gen, George C. Marshall (right), fifi, now en. roufe from China to the U. S. Following confirmation by the Senate,, Marshall will he the first career soldier to liecome Secretary of Stale. (International Sound- photo) Rosko Named Assistant Minority Leader Of House; Present Court Officials May Continue Until June Representative Joseph V. Rosko yesterday during t;Te convening session of tlic Assembly was appointed assUtant minority leaclci' by John Colter, minority leader of the House, according to a report today by Mr. Ro^lvO. DI-. Joseph J. S:Ur was rceleeted and installed as president of tho MaitK^-luok Fish and Game Protective association at a ir-.celina I.? -i Diprhi in the Town HJ|]. Other afflCQi-f elected and injtaJltd were: Arthur I-'ricd, first vice president: Raymond Wedi.-i, second vice president; Harry J3i-o:'.ait. secretary and Gordon Hatch, treasurer. Jim Baker was named chairman | of ihe frame committee; Jim Brcn- ! nan, chairman of the fish commit| lee and Rocco Manp/ini and Jon I OG Carlo, co-chairmen of the entcr- , tainmon; committee. Dr. SitDr said I this morning- ihat Fish and Game j members are looking toward in- j creased entertainment activity. He ! also slated that \vorlc would start j soon to improve club house jrnMinds. -- I Installation or a fish pond, im: prcvemcnt of picnic fjcilitie? and | .setting up of trap shooting eVjuip- ; ment arc some of the projects j which D:\ Silas- said would be '. .started shortly. | Conteht \Vinnem I Ds-. Sitar said that Charles Jones I of Fiold street and Victor Shvano- | wicz, 187 Spring street, were win- j ncrs in ;he Msh contest conducted i by the club- for 19-ie. Mr. Jonc-s won I the small mouth bass competition I w-Hn an entry of four Ibs. 7 OM., smooth session. There was •> | and Mr. Siwanowjcz won the largo ' Thp Republicans have absolute control over hoth senate and House this session, which should make squabble in the house yesterday, l which may or may not be » fore- I runner of intra-pany fights to mcut. 1 ! contest seven Ib.*. an enlry or" The .senate and house n;-e in re- I comu. But leaders were hopeful nounccd thnt the bleachers at the install the ofllccrs who were elect- i armory had been m.irkcd b;' row fri ,HL <m minu^l meeting held Dec. ! and scat number. Tickets for 10 - j bleacher seats have boon simlliarly Oilicc'rs 12 be installed are: Paul (marked. Mr. Foley said entitling- O'Ei-ion, prosidont: Wilfred Web- \ the bearer to one apocific location stL'r. vice-pi-esiclent; Mrs. Matthew only. Police on 'duty will see that Houston, recording secretary; Ai- j ticket holders -sit in proper loca- br:-t I'.i'.rloi'. financial sfiCi ' ta:-y antl j lion*-. In effecti therefore'," bleacher Gooi-ge Ajpcll, trtasurer;. seats will be reserved. Tickets not Jo,--i.']>h DeLuca. retiring prcsi- marked are for the gallery, wheru dc-r.t. was elected a director as j the better sea^s will undoubtedly were tho following: Mrs. Edward be taken by thoise who arrive early. i time ment 'has six pieces of apparatus, ' l e " one a truck bought in 191-1 and due to be replaced in tiic near future, he said. Chief Sheridan told the class that plans for further reorganization and expansion of the fire department will keep pace with the growth and expansion of Naugatuck. .'J Chief Shcridtiii added tha-t firemen, through State regional .fire schools and a Stale Fire College, were kept up to date on the latest fire fighting methods. ' A member of the department since he joined t\s a volun-lecr in 1019, John Sheridan was appoint- cess until next Tuesday. By that lists of assignments to the various committees., and the flow of bills will be under way. CofiscTKJtive estimates are that hotter than'2,000 bills will'flow into the hoppers within the next few weeks. Administrative measures, carry- ins 1 out recommendations made in the inaugural address of Governor that -ill differences can be ironed out over the week-end so that the session can set i-iKlit down 10 business and fret the bills started on their way throujrh committees. Leaders Named Republican Senator Robert S. Parsons of Farminpton is president pro tempore of the senate; Republican Senator Luke H. Stnplelon of Cheshire is majority leader, an'l Democratic Senator Al- MeConiufjhy, Hre__ cxjgectud to .be ed Nausatuuk fii-e Chief in 1040.- Rev. Peterson Starts Radio Series Tomorrow frcd F. '.Vechslei- of Hartford is nniong thij"'e}ir'iy"~ r arrlvals," j the minority loader. The .senate The current session may • not I chapljjn is Rev. Arthur P. Han- hiivc n minor court, judgcship pa- l.ronage light on its hand.--, as.did the lfl-i:> session. Although' all of the interim appointments made by former Governor E.ildwin expire the 12ih of February, it is reported a resolution may be introduced lo j ley of Hartford, a native of Water- I bury. In ;h? house of representatives, the majority leader is Republican Representative George C. Conway Sagendorf To Be Named GOP Club Delegate | "freeze in" the appointments until | the 30th of Jure. It is expected Howard Sapendorf of Carroll street wi!i be' nominated as dele- craie-.-H- large of the N'cw Haven coun;y Young Republican club, a^- cordins. to_^.iJp-n* formulated by the nominating 1 ' committee at a meeting Tuesday evening. James Branch or Ansonia will 'jc nominated as president, a post ;tfr. Sagendorf was mentioned for some time ago. The slaie of officers will be proofGuilforU: Republican Represont- i^^V'Sc^-imU""^ :nont!i at Wavcrly Inn. Che"s^».e. ative Frederick H. Holbrook of MndiVon is the speaker, nnd Democratic Representative John P. Cot- j that l.ho Xangiatuok court will be | ter of Hart lord is mi'nority leader. !J.",r.ip;inM'j, time. '•'it it SH.V.M l T>«'ncl,. m am _9. r ) [in- cent °" imports for tin. '"cid.'l and industrial diamonds. •-• oOo i:r,r;K\ SINKS Hiwhlnirlmi-Thi. tnii, r h Germin crnlsi-r frli,/ Kii Bt .,,_ ll tar . W,!"!'' 1 ', '" '"'"' IJIkl111 '"•""' '"""' '""'s-lras «,„„. to th,, hot]-»»i In Hlmlii.w water nt Kwnja- ••II utiill. The Navy say* (fir *• > went ili.wn when her Amer"•'" r "-w trl,-,l to l,eac(i oOo •VKW TASK uil.f, c.-,,,,. BrophyHate Erection Of iway >ign lii-1 "'' -South IXikotii I a bill that would >,' ivernmonl to ob- ,Mul- ln i; ( .,. I'liblic issiir ncnv befurr ' Cimrt I,, ([,,, ciinii-nipr f:i>itr uOo - wel- iil-f the govorri-\- woi-I'. tov/nt-cl erecting n dlri:>-t.ii.rial sign on the east corner o!' Maplf and Church sti-ut-t.f was halted today by Warden I,oo J. sSrophy. • Employes f.f the state highway department wi/ru digging a hole t'oi- tlit. 1 hu'diijg fost in pru.nuni- tUm to installing a sign similar to :»nt? t-rcctinl yi';;tt.-rcl.'iy nn Church Mtrn.'t facing Mu)ilu strnet. Migon", Vv'illiam Caulfield, Mrs. Fri-il Pray. Malcolm Wilson, Robert McNi-iily, Willio.m Moody, Willium Cn'i-ard. Mrs. Lawrence Monroe. Robert Ki:ino. Mrs. Russell Ayors and -ioh.T McCuflough. Dancing and refreshments will following the installation ceremony. Albert L.nwloi-, chairman of the committee in charge, announces that tickets for tho available. ticket will be sold, however, for ' The Rev. Paul W. Peterson. minister of the- Hillside Congregational church, will he hoard evwry Friday roor.nirig during Jl.nuary Red Faces Follow Inaugural Ceremonies which there is no seat available. Mr. Foley said. Bleachers in the armory seat 1500 mid the gallery seats 450 Therefore, a total of Jf)50 tickets will be printed. Of those, 700 will go to Leavenworth under a reciprocal '"agreement which allows Naugatuck 700 tickets when the Tigers play host to the Greyhounds later in the season. This leaves a total to be put on sale event arc now of 12. r «0 tickets locally today.: However, indications are that lo- cjl derrmnd will exceed 1500. Therefore those who intend to see the Same would do well to get tickets early. I nil Republican when appointments j are made. The contention is th-u most of the appointees arc Republicans ; anyway, and there wns little or j nothing to be pained by h.tldinjr up the legislative machinery with a The house chaplain is Rev. John L. Walbi-idjrc of WnllinRford. In the sennle. Clarence F. Baldwin of Woodbridjrc has beer, named clerk, ;Mid Harold Campbell of MiddlPtown, nssislnnt clerk. The clerk of the house is SenrU flyht over the court personnel for Denrinfrton of Killin^sly, and the the four months remaining- of the j assistant cio;-k. Ward Cleory of interim terms. ! Stamford, Date of the session announced. has, not been (By tJnitr-d P.-p--in) AltL-r operations wore cu:isc(l. thft hole was refilled with new cement. "v (h J ' u Robert Smith i Fractures Wrist ...oth.-r ,„„, d,,|,i K well. ,,„,,,,.„ NO "Uuhnnm «<l.|lm,-,or.M mi-riom Armv Yokohama nn- Robert Smitit, 13. son of Mr. and Ui-s. Rudolph S.-nith. 737 High street, was tri-ntfi! for a hr.iknn left wrist nt St. Mary's hnxpila! K^LX^^ • Service Suspended When Worker Breaks Four Inch Gas Main Milton Lent, local manager of the Connecticut r,ight and Power company, reported a break in a four- inch gas main at the corner of Millville avenue and Hoadley streets yesterday morning caused the -temporary suspension of gas service civil hours, linally they'reccived the I to about 20 families in -that vicin- signai to fire. A round was Insert-, ity. The break was caused by a ccl ur.d nn attcv.-npt was mode to me-nber of an excavating crew at j As an aftermath to yesterday's j in uigur.'il proceedings, thnr.-' ai-o : .-lOmo rod faces this morning. Kpddi."=t of nil arc .those of nrtll- i lerymrn who wore to have fired 19 j rciunils of blank ammunition af- U'l- governor McNaughy had r.on- cludecl his inaugural address. After waiting in the cold for SRV- his alr-O -A-hllc sliclm oiir win. ok'nc, by Japanoso against " m ' P ""°" fo|i cc.i occurred K th, •„,,,. slx montlm ot NAUGATUCK NEWS BROADCAST Today — 5:45 p. M. Monday Through Friday the Editorial Rooms °f The Naugatuck News Station WATR ]Mn 0\ YOUH DIAL last Tom Bi'.'idslrnv. mcnrlior of the | I 1 )-!'' N*;< High ycliool foot-i Ivnll team, has entered St. Mary's' hospifU. Wutcrhury, t':>r treatment of n nose injury snfiVrod in the Xnugatiick-An.ionia game Thanksgiving D:iy. ••'•>«<*>™">4 the wrong sixc am- Hiwork'on Millville avenue^ striking Army Air Corps Private, Home On Leave, Promoted To Life Scout Pvt. Robert Shepherd, son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Shepherd, who [ joined the Army Air Corps several days IISTO at Fort Dix. N. J., received a Boy Scout promotion last nix'rti while home on a short pass before leaving Fort Di.x to join his newly assigned outfit in An to.'iio, Texas. Pvt. Shepherd and Jerry Dennis, both of Troop 7. St. Michael's church, wei'o advanced to the rank of Life Scout ami five others were promoted to the rank of Star Scout at a meeting of the Nnugatuck District Board of Review last night in the fli-ehouse on Maple street. j The awards will be presented at the annual Father and Son ban- mur.ition hod been provided. The Army has a word for it— Snafu! Also with n. reel face is Llcuton- ant Governor Jnmes C. Shannon. During- tho ceremony he referred to the members ot fhe state's highest court ;>.« the "Court of Supreme Errors." Rubber Workers Meet Sunday •J'l'" rn'-nlni- nimuhlv business "icetin'r nf> -I.', IJnitcrl Rub- l >-'r. Cork. TJnolrtim nml Plr>-;t.ic Wi-ii-kcrs of Amoi-icn, CfO. will he hi-ld Simd".v. .r.-ui, 12, in St. Gcorgo's '-fii'l, Linden Park, nt 2 p. m.. it •"!'.•: .inrounr-'fl by Gonrge F.-oeh- 'if'. pri'sidotit. r-Icnorts on pust negotiations on 1'if- mav.trr furrcomcnt will be'giv- en by thr policy committee. Prosidont Froohlieh urges all members to attend. Board To Discuss Karaban Salary The boa I'd of education will hold its regular monthly mooting this "voting nt the office of 'Supt. of Schools Harold E. Chittenden. ,It is expected that the a.ilnry paid William Karaban for coaching the h.'gh school football team will come up for discussion. A question exists in some quarters whether the nmour.t voted by the board was .WOO or J300. the main with a shovel, Manager ,Lent said. He emphasized that the accident was not caused by care- i lessness—that it was just one of ; those things which might happen street excavation takes Lent said that C. L. whenever place Manager _. & P. service crews were dispatched to the scene of the break to shut off gas meters. He said that the break was repaired and service properly restored to all families by 2:30 in the afternoon. —A irix'tl Ililiii; In ilo with -yniir Xmn* iiiniir.v—«;<•( M iinlr of IIITItS oililllt.T sin.--, nml ri'ini""l>»r your flti-r nil .vi-nr riiniiil. llli-k>. H,' (luiik St., It'tlij.— Ailr, SLIGHT FIRE An overheating electric bread toaster caused a slight blaze this morning in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Bulka, 112 Ward street. A phone call at 9:15 o'clock summoned the fire department whose prompt action checked the blaze before it could ffaln headway. Fire Chief John Sheridnn said the damage was slight, —Fur nuiillly I,lmiorn, \Vlnr«, llrrn, dr.. SIKH- FIRST nl th,. cif.v |>m-k- IIBI* Slori-, »(l Ill-lifer Ntri'i'l. Prninni rtc- livi-r.v, nn.vwjjvr? In IIIIVH, Tfl. -fgl}*. REV. PAUL W. PETERSON on a. devotional program originating in the studios of radio 'station WBRY at 8:10 o'clock. The Waterbury Council of Churches has invited N.iugntuck clergymen ID participate in the devotional service heard in a radio broadcast. Announcement of other participants will bn madp in ihp near future. Five Discharged In December Five local men were separated from the armed forces in December, according to a report today by officials of . Selective Service Bonrd 14-A. They are: George Joseph DuBois. Harry Wllriam Rich, John Rich- ird Dlnsmore, Raymond T. Smith, Frederick Ami Law-tan, Jr. FOKMEB LEGISLATOIl Funeral services will be held o.t G.oshpn Saturday for a former state legislator. Allyn H. Valll died after a brief illness at Toi'rington. He was seventy-seven years old. quet at St. Michael's parish house. Feb. 13. Promoted to Star Scout were: John Gabrielson, Troop 2, Wayne Sweet, John Benson, Morey Ti-jpp and Robert E. Lind. all of Trooi* 9. The Congregational church sponsors Troop 2 :ind Troop H is sponsored by the Beacon Valloy Grange. Board members nre: Robert Shepherd. Clifford Teeple, district commissioner; Francis. Clark, district chairman; and Cecil Matson, scoutmaster. Troop 2. The annual meeting of the dis- I trict board will be held at the flrc- houso Monday at 7:30 p. m., followed by a round table meeting at S o'clock. Mrs. John Wrinn Attending Consumers' League Conference Mr,-. John J. Wi-inn. 179 Ward street, is among the directors of the Consumer's Leapuc of Connecticut attendins: a board meeting- and luncheon today «t the Faculty club in N"e\v Haven. Plans will be formulated for representation of the Connecticut taaguc to '.he two-day conference of the National League. Mrs. Wrinn, Mrs. Charles G. Morris of New Haven, a'nd Mi=* Jeanelte Studley 'of Hartford, wil! nttend the conference to be held in the Hotel Pennsylvania, Now York city, Jan. ]7 and IS. Miss Moroney Completes Record Book Of World War II Victims —All NnnicittiK'k In tulltliiK nlimit .10-47- .S/mlrlNlkrr. fbp mnut hi-iiuf car In. ll» fit-Ill. . ill Nuntiil llnllrrr * Am IP Nervier.—AUr. "In MemoriaTii," a book contain- :ig the newspaper nccoun-Ls of ihe •supreme sacrifice made by more than 65 Naugatuck Veterans in World War II, will be on exhibit for thn first time Friday when the veterans and their families arc invited to visit the new office of Ser- j almost throe years ago. vice for Veterans, in the Tutlle I Others who assisted in the col- House. [ iccting ;md assembling: of informa- Helen G. Moroncy deserves | lion for the Memorial Record were in devoting her talent and ability to sue! AJn;o-coii«um:ng, but worthwhile civic activities, as co-writer of the ]00th Anniversary Pageant, assistant, chairman for five years of the Naugatuck Defense Council, and assistant director of Service for Veterans since its organization St. Michael's, United Church Groups Plan Meetings Tonight Beacon Falls Tho Ladies' Aid society of the United church will hold a pot luck supper this evening at fi o'clock in he church parlors. much appreciation for her untiring efforts in compiling tliis record whish will be grivcn to the Howard Whittemore Memorial Library for permanent safe-keeping in the vaults with the records of Nauga- luck heroes of earlier wars. Miss Moroncy has been one of Naugiituck's civic-minded citizens cut record. Mrs. Louis J. Knlas, New Haven road and John D. Moroncy, Jr., Millville avenue. Any relative who has a photograph, or kodak picture, of a deceased veteran may bring it to' Service for Veterans and have it mounted in the book for pcvman- Ladle*' Guild There will be an Important meot- K of the Ladies' Guild of St. Michael's church -tnia evening at ft i. m. in the church basement. All 'adies of the parish are urged to tttend. Bnck to College Charles Gillette, son of Mrs. Ruth Chcsky. North Main -street, ho» fe- sumod his studies at Ithaca College, N. Y. after- spending the holidays at home. FI11E AT WINDSOR Damage is estimated" at $40,000 in a flrp at. Windsor, The blaze destroyed a largo two-story wooden garage and storphotise of the Hartman Tobacco company in the Poquonock section. Firemen saver! two other buildings. Two with ; BLACKMAIL Mcrideti men are charged "shake-d.own racket." Police arh holding 2f>-year-old Edward Gittelman and 3.>-year-old Chester Orsini. Ddpotives s ay that the men obtained ?800 from a woman by bUckmail. Studie* Miss Barbara McGeever also has -cturned to her studies at the New- School of Dcoipn, New Vor-k City. i.fter BpendlnR the holidays at the homo of her patents, Mr. arid Mr». Tohn McGeever of Folnpar avenue. TWO NAMED Chicago, Jan, »—(UP)—Two Connecticut men hove-been named to the executive committee of • the American Washer and Iron Manufacturers nsonclation. NeV committee members are E. L. Farquharson of New- Britain find C. B. Andet* son or El-deport.

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