Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on January 8, 1947 · Page 8
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 8

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 8, 1947
Page 8
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I'ACK H—WAIIOATIICK NKWS (CONN.). WKDNKSDAY, .IAN. 8, 1B47 states for new Industry and new business. It is incumbent upon this General Assembly that it bo aware of this fact, especially In Its deliberation of measures pertaining to taxation and finances. 1 recommend lo you tt reduction in the Unemployment Compensation TJX, particularly in view ot the reservo3 that have been created. Judiciary Like the Governors who hav2 Gov. Recommends Review Of State Aid Road Laws Revision Of Workmen's Compensation Act Fro- posed In Message (Continued tro:n Page One) recommend consideration of this proposal and consultation with those now served by the four department!). Education One of 'the major problems you face Is Increased State uld to edu- Our State University has grown Ki-eitly. K has expanded so that Connecticut is caring for its veterans' education as well as any .-date. Connecticut takes pride In her State University, and rightly so: You will be urged to consider appropriations for expansion of the university at Storrs. F. E. P. C. I recommend the enactment of a Fair Employment Practices Act, In my opinion, this Act should strengthen the existent State In- cition. Schools huvo boon, by Con-; tc ,-Racial Commission so that it necticut tradition, the financial re-, ."pon.slblllty of the towns. State old has come slowly and less generously than in many states. I hope you will a^ree with wll! have the power lo seek legal redress In court In any case where it believes that a citizen of Connecticut has been subjected to dis- mc . crimination in employment, labor that the State must do more, much ' unions or elsewhere, solely because more, than formerly. If we can obtain the income, I believe we must help the towns to pay bettor teachers' .salaried, have butter teaching, bettor buildings, Such Increased of race, color, creed or national origin, Finances As Governor of the Stale. 1 am committed lo n balanced budget. State n Id should be Riven only ifjj hc lieve in paying as you so, we thereby provide better vducn-> T horc will be no compromise on lion for our youth. I strongly favor! thls point , Thc budget during my consolidated grade schools In oui' j administration must bo balanced, smaller towns and regional high | an(J to balance It we must exercise rchool.i. State aid must be prcdicut- j dounc j. economics, Industry We must always keop in mind preceded me in recent years, I strongly favor the nomination of Town and City Court Judges by the Governor subject to confli-mcition by the General Assembly. I also call your attention to thc forthcoming report' of the Conference of Probate Judges and the recommendations therein for changes In our probate system, Labor Connecticut is proud of her working men and women. They arc skilled, industrious and loyal to the best interests of our State and Nation. As they progress towards greater security and better living, thc entire State gains! Labor legislation in this Session must make Connecticut even more attractive to our workers. I recommend, an expansion in our Labor Mediation program. I favor legislation that will prohibit the employment of children under tfio age of 14 years In industrial agriculture, and I recommend that the State Labor Department be adequately staffed with inspectors also Martha Reports Snow, Ice Removal Expenses Police Accommodate 67 Lodgers Last Month; Other Reports Filed Payroll of the street department for December totala $4,696.41, with $1,137.28 of .that amount for sand- Ing of streets ano sndw removal, according to the monthly report of .Superintendent, of Streets Harold Murthn, aubmltted lout night to the board of warden and burgesses. The itemized report is as follows: Street repairs,' $21,36; street cleaning, $122.72; grading streets, $900.94; grading Field street, $807.88; collecting rubbish, $871; sanitary newer construction, Salem street, $49.02; storm sewer maintenance, $40.80; railings. $30,08; b o r #u g h yard, $irO.24; vacations, $87,48; compensation, $66.48; distributing sand for walks, $481,35; sanding streets, $982.12; snow removal, $15!).16. Police Report Sixty-seven lodgers were accommodated by the police department in December, the report of Police Chief John J. Gormley shown. There er difficult to effect a satisfactory arrangement for till, but an agreeable understanding is being made, . Mrs. Wailous of Spring street, was ordered to remove .debris from jack veranda and oil container. Orders were given dealers of Christmas, trees to have them removed from storage and burned under supervision. All local stores were checked during Christmas rush and exits found clear. Several now installations of oil burners wore Inspected. Building Inspector Now construction valued at $136,- D25 was deported during December by Building- Inspector Andrew Bcntley In his monthly report. Twenty one-family permits weru isued valued at $136,500; one garage at $275, and one commercial building at $150. Sixteen inspections were made. Permits were issued to the following: Franklin Andrews, Wood- rul'f avenue, garage, .$275 owner value, $300 inspector value; John Arn.'itivicius, Pond Hill, storage and limbs of workers. cd on wholehearted local nK.uimp-j tion of responsibility "nil demon- 1 j urge the extension of the Work- I men's Compensation Act to employers of five or less persons in .ttrable Improvement In our schools; thc importance of Industry and its because of such aid. j workers to the life r.nd prosperity In recent years, educational mov- I of Connecticut. Industry must be Ing pictures have become a vain- ' protected and encouraged. In re able adjunct to effective teaching, cent years, thc State has developed 1 advocate Stale aid, on a match- ] an 'ambitious program to attract Ing basis, whereby every school in ; new business. This is practically the Stato may hnve such equip- j self-preservation because with each ment and every school system an ' passing expanding nlrn library. I sterner day Connecticut competition with is in other Bank Statement Charter No. 3020, .Reserve District .N'o. 1. Report of condition of thc N'augalucU National Bank of Naugatuck, in the state of Connecticut, ul thc close of business on December 31, 191C. Published in response to call made by Comptroller of the Currency, under Section G2I1, U. S. Revised Statutes, ASSETS Cash, balances with othur banks, including reserve balance and cash items) in process of collection $1,711,072.14 United States Govuriimunt obligations, direct and guaranteed •1,888,717:34 Obligations of Slates and political subdivisions 187,495.83 Olher bonds, notes, and debentures 265,291.71 Corporate s.'ocka (including $K>.fiOO.OO stock of Federal Reserve b:mk) 16.500.00 Loan.-) and discounts (including $245.43 overdrafts) 1,168,501.93 B<in|< premises owned .'JllP.bsS.lS, furniture and fixtures S8,132.0r> 128.016.08 (Bank premises owned are subject to None liens not assumed by bank) all Industries covered by the Acl. | no iled, five; paid fines, seven; sen- I recommend strengthening this tence suspended, two. Act to expedite more prompt pay-! Three days were lost by mcm- ment of just compensation claims,, bera of the regular force, and 554 Old Age Assistance When the $3.00 Old Age Assistance Tax was voted, it was expected that this new source of state income would finance trie expenditures for this program. Tt does not now do so. To do so, it would have to be at least $6,00. Furthermore, the maximum of $40 a month docs not provide the help it did when this figure hours of special duty were performed. Eight stores or offices were found open, 67 lodgers accommodated and 38 ambulance trips made. Tax Collector Tax Collector Patrick F. McKcon filed his report showing receipt of 54,004,89 in property taxes and $8.00 in Old Age Assistance taxes. Fire- Mitrxhal The 1 roiiort of Fire Marshal Mi- voted in 1941. It should probably j chael F. Shea shows December was be raised. Half of an increase of given over almost entirely to check- Olhcr r,s!ietn 7,030.02 Total Assets ........................................... $8,372,645,65 LIABILITIES £>cm;iml fli.-po.sili! of individuals, partnerships, nnd corporations ................................................... $r,,041.27G.r,2 Time dcpo.slt.t of individuals, partnerships, and corporations 1,906,823.39' Deposits of United Stairs Government (Including postal N(ivlng.v> ................................................. 190,999.87 Popcrtlts of Stales tint! political subdivisions ........... ...... 135,906.91 of bfinljM .......................................... SS.SRS.'in' 299,748.42 47,195.24 ?5.00 would come from Federal , funds. Thc State pays $'1.00 a day for hospital .care in most cases. No hospital today can render the service required at this rate. This means that our hospitals, already burdened with great dilllcultics due to rising costs, ai-e contributing from their own funds to the care of the State's aged who arc ill. I do not believe this is fair and recommend you give consideration to this problem, I recommend legislation to protect the home property of bene- werc 29 arrests, 30 cases including shed, $7!) owner value, ,J150 in- 28 males and one female. Statistics show.-' Breach of peace, Intoxication, five; violation vehicle lows, 17; violation of parking meters, 11, Disposition of the cases were.' Bonds called, two; meter bonds forfeited, 11; continued, 10; discharged by chief, two; spector value; Thomas Pleasant avenue, flvev rooms, $7,500; Elmer Woods, New Haven road, four rooms, $2,000 owner value, $3,000 inspector value; Matty Karbowicz, Homestead avenue, six rooms, $9,000, six rooms, $8,000; Locust street, six rooms, .{6,500, six rooms, $6,500; Richard Valentine, New Haven road, four rooms, $6.000; John and Grace Fitzgerald, Spencer street, (Ive rooms, $7,000. Edmund street, four Shilinska.s. Melbourne rooms, $6,000; Robert on all places whore larjrc gatherings were planned. Several cjiil- dren's Christmas parties were held and all exits in the various buildings were checked before the affairs began. Many fire hazards were reported throughout ; the town and checked. All Convalescent Homes wore inspected and orders given that any j inside Christmas tree's and other j ;; inflammable decorations would not be allowed. This was in keeping with an order received from the sta-tc department of health. Mr. Rubin was given notice to remove all debris from cellars and and Marjorie JirinxerholT, Fern street, four rooms, $7,000; Arthur and Blanche Clark, Dalton drive, six rooms. $8,000; Kobert • Chase, Dalton drive, four rooms, $6,000; Harold Kron, Dalton drive, /Ive rooms, $7,000. Thomas Galucci, Dalton drive, four rooms, $7,000; Elvin Heavens, Dalton drive, four rooms, S7,OwO; Julius Banno, Dalton drive, four rooms, $7,000; Robert Knapp, Dalton drive, four rooms, $6,000; J. M. Don, Marjoric street, /ivo rooms, 58,000; Ralph Lyon, Patton drive, four rooms, $7,000; Sherman Brown, Patten drive, six rooms, $8,000. Additional Classified NOTICE Skating 1 is ffpod at Paulson's In Woodbrld&e. It's two miles from Seymour, eight from New Haven, just off cement surfaced Route 67. Parties invited. Electric lights for night skating. Tel. Seymour 509. LEARN — Contract bridge, Cornell Bridge Club; Mrs. John Moriarty, Culberlson master teacher, 60 Linden St., Wtby. 4-3806. GUITAR — Instructions for bcgln- ners^and advanced pupils. Instrument loaned free. Fred Bredlcc, Guitar Studio, 24 Grand St. Tel. Wtby. 4-0136 or 3-8120. Employment Help Wanton—SUIe WANTED—News Carriers In all sections of town. Inquire Mr. H, T. Dillon, News Office. RECENT College graduate chemist or chemical engineer for work as an assistant chemist In Rubber laboratory of a plant located In southwestern part of Conn. State In detail In first hand-written letter, age, education, experience If any, and remuneration expected. Write Box A, Care of Naupatuo.k Daily News. Help Wanted—Female, WANTED—Experienced woman for plain cooking, light housework in Waterburi', to live in. References required. Phone Waterbury 4-15254. HIGH SCHOOL Student for general office work. Must be familiar with typing and good at figures. Good opportunity for ambitious person. Reply In own handwriting to Box ,'G," care of Naugatuck News. THESE ROGERS-PEET BIGGER THAN WEATHER OVERCOATS CAN TAKE ALL THAT WINTER GIVES. Coats that are all wool to the core, coats hand tailored to the last stitch, coats that are good to the last thread, coats that give you more comfort than you could possibly anticipate. These famous coats by Rogers- Peet are top hanger overcoats :t for men who like the good things of life—$65 to $95. DO YOU MAKE FRIENDS EASILY".' You can make many-friends while enjoying pleasant, profitable work. Write Avon Products, Box S, care of "News' 1 Office. WAITRKSS WANTKD —Apply al Stratton's Restaurant, 18 Park PI., Naug. 2a Help Wanted—Male or Female (Iciarics of Old Age Assistance and back yard of property belonging Assistance to the Blind so that an to the Osborne Realty Co., of wnich exemption of at least $5,000 granted to them. Parks nnd Forests Recreation is essential to thc happiness and health of our peo- plu. 1 want them to' havn greater opportunities and facilities for is I he is the agent. The report said, 'He had been notified before but is now having work done. The col- laiti were in a very bad condition." Complaints Considerable trouble is prevalent recreation. We must place at their disposal appropriate portions .of our Stute-owned park and forest lands. I recommend the extension ot Other deposits (certified imd cashier's checks, etc.) Total Deposits ............................ 157,063,123.50 Other liabilities DODGE Hotchkiss St. Garage 47 HOTCHKISS STREET Tel. 8727 J. L. MAZILAUSKAS, Prop. SALES — SERVICE WAIiTED—Help for cafeteria. Men nnd women. Apply at Synthetic Rubber, Cafeteria, Naug. For Sale House* for Sale FOR SALE—One family. 6 room house. Furnace heat. Telephone 4013 after 3 p. m. Ht the block at the corner of City TTJII JI^H North Main streets, he said. There arc nt least 16 famines in Uie block and complaints are being made constantly in regard to fires In incinerators while Total Liabilities $7,710,315.80 CAPITAL ACCOUNTS Capital Stock: Common .'.lock, total par $3011,000,00 ...... I 'ndivldrrl profits 300,000.00 250.000.00 00,372.61 6f52.826.8T. To In I Capita! Account;; Tut'il LiuliilUie;! arid (.'(if'il'il Acc-Jimta $8,372,645.65' MKMOrtANDt.rM At!!<rl;i I'lcil^-cd or iissigmul to .xrnurn liabilities unil fur cither pur|ioi(!M S ,"01,42-1.05 Stjite of Connncticut. County of New Haven, MS: I, Sherman R. Kuril, ciislilrr of the above-named hunk, clci solemnly Nwctir Ihjit thc nhovc statement i;i true lo thc best of my knowledge and belief, (SEAL) SHERMAN R. BLJELL. Cashier. Sworn U> iiml subscribed In-fort: me this Gth day of January, 1947. LAMONT VV. KIRK, Notary Public, Correct-- Attest: CHARLES H. UPSON . DONALD S. TUTTLE JOHN H. SCHMUCK Directors. 1 present facilities and the proator washings arc on the line. It is rath development of easting acreage for wider use and benefit of the people of the State. State Employes The State of Connecticui. should be as good an employer as any. I want all State employes to know that they have the right of access to their departmental heads at any time for a discussion of affairs pertinent to their employment. » crjrc establishment of Grou|> new housing, up to five years, provided that the tax savings revert to the veteran-tenant in thc form of a reduction in the amount of monthly rent. I ask you to consider thc possibility of creating a single Vet| i^rans Commission th-it will com| bine and coordinate the programs j of at! Boards. Commissions and Us now engaged in ac- REMINGTON and SCHICK ELECTRIC SHAVERS SCHICK SHAVteKS£TS G. E. Tiililc Model Radio* Portable Electric Record l'l»ycrs G. E. Electric Kitchen and Mantle Clocks HAWLEY HARDWARE 102 CHURCH ST. Lifn Insurance Pl,n for their pr,,- ' JQ ,V u , V ?" Kil *°" " tcotion and working conditions as ,' l 'X tlM "\ holl « lr ° r veterans. plcnsant and adequate as any that be found in private employment. At present nearly :ill State cm ployes are receiving a cost of liv ing bonus voted nt thc l;ist Spcci« Session. This totals over throe million dollars for the 'bicnnium. I recommend that this, be continued Veterans I recommend a State bonus fo veterans ft World Wai 1 II, I recommend nn increase, prcb .•(.lily to twenty-five million dollai'3 in thi- Soldiers, Sailors and Ma fines Fund. I urge the adoption of n. vnt orans rental housing program whereby the State assumes the payment of local taxes on such Coke knows IOTTUD VNCH AUTHOBTY Of THI COOWOIA COMPANY If It may be regretted that so much of this Ininigural Message is concerned with economics and fiscal matters. However, if ] had failed lo do so. I would lie playing thc ostrich. Health Rprcnt Geicral Assemblies have considered thc problem of thc ijjed anil chronically ill. The number of these people is increasing. Our hospitals and institutions arc too crowded to Rare for them adequately. The old time Town Farm was a tragic solution. Thc number of town farms has recently decreased. Many have been Improved. But there are too many Connecticut towns and cities that still permit conditions that arc a blot on 'he record of the state. Tt. is possible that thc state has an obligation towards these people and this problem. Perhaps the time has 30mc when we can no longer refer the problom of these unfortunates back to thc community. You wi receive tnc report of the CommiK- -.ion on the Care and Treatment of the Chronically 111, ' Affed and Infirm, which recommends state ac- ion, though at a much less cost .ban tlin proposals made to recent sessions of the General Assembly. STRISIK'S (0 Center St. Wuton>ury, Conn. GLASSWARE FOR THE prudent investor, we offer an excellent 3 story apartment houee, containing 9 furnished apartments and a multiple car garage with additional storage space over thc garage. Located in a most desirable section, within walking distance of thc center. The house and each apartment is in first class condition. Hardwood floors throughout with oil burning hot wa-ter heat. This properly returns $6903 in annual gross income and shows a return of better than 15 per cent after expenses. Details furnished upon request. LUDDY BROTHERS REAL ESTATE &. INSURANCE 20 East Main St. Wtby. Tel. 3-0177 or 3-2569 IMMEDIATE. VACANCV—II room, two famiy house on Millville Ave. in A-l condition. For further do- tails call A. Shcpley. Tel. 2433. Atlantic Hi-Arc Gasoline for Quick Starting POUST'S SERVICE STATION 144 Rubber Avcf Tel. 4935 For A Snack, a Sandwich or a Full Meal, Try DUFFY'S Restaurant WATER STBEET FCLI> LIQUOR LICENSE ABal an Established 1870 Deposits Fully Guaranteed Starting a budget for 1947? The best medicine i'or any budget is consistent j savings. Then should any unexpected expenses arise, you have available cash. Even a small sum deposited regularly soon grows. Naugatuck Savings Bank Naugatuck, Conn. Bill's Danbury Hatter 07 SOUTH MAIN ST. Wm. Mnrliino, Prop. MCII'K Hnts Cleaned, Blocked; Factory Method* NF\¥ HATS FOR SALK Hat» Made to Order FOR SALE—7-year-old pre-war 6 room 1 family house and garage, all improvements. Immediate occupancy, located West side, back of High school. Patsy Labrioln. Real Estate A^cnt, 172 High St. TU'O Family House on Greenwood St. Three rooms in eaoh apartment. Immediate occupancy. Call or sec Joseph V. Rosko, 3 Union St. Tel. 4928-2D32. IGUS SMOKE SHOP t 402 North Main St. Union Clt.v ' Gus Klimuszcwskl, 1'rop. ' MODEL AIRPLANES HALF PRICE Coca-Cola Bottling Co. of Waterbury, Conn. 25% Reductions On LAMPS NAUGATUCK HARDWARE NEARY ncri-niNO TEL. 5212 ^-^—~~-~-r-r*r r r rr* r^r+++w-++++<f&<f&f-rTi • ATTENTION Home Owners - Builders Institutions Don't Have Costly Accidents and Suits, Have Your Smooth J ; ; Sidewalks, Steps and Ledge* Pointed to Prevent Slipping —tor Estimate Write Griff en & King BOX 188 BEACON FALLS Or Call Bridgeport 7499Z — 542S7 Highland Package Store 93 Highland Ave. — Tel. 3083 Anthony Farrar, Prop. FREE DELIVERY All Parts of Nutig-uturk WHITE FISH MARKET JOSEPH CABRAL, Prop 8 South Main St. Tel. 5004 SALT and FRKSH WATER FISH of ALL KINI>S FOR SALE Ten room house, 5 room* (In floor, S room* second floor, I bath-room*, hot sir fu electricity, 2 car garage. Formerly 2 tenement and owner will re-convert to 1 tenement* and Rive immeil occupancy to first floor. I.orntcd caftt itlde of town I may be Inspected In nfternoim. | F.W.EAT01 Room 9 Neary Buiidio Church Street TRY CKASSIFTKO AM LINCOLN EQUIPMENT CO. INC. ~ . iza m C ffiaeSuncty rtiUUSupplU* ***** ~ ~ ' 15 Leavenworth Street — Tel 5-0177 WATERBURY 32, CONNECTICUT SAY: SHARPENING SERVICE Our new automatic electric machine will quickly sharpen any kind of saw:— BAND SAWS • CIRCULAR SAWS • CARPENTKTl'S SAWS • BUTCHER'S SAWS • BtCK SAWS • 1'OWISB SAWS • ONE and TWO MAN SAWS Band Saws Made to Order On Our New Electric Welding Machine! Any Size ! Quick Service! Low Prices! THE EYEGLASS SHOP C.H.Tomlinson Near? Building Conn. AUTO PARTS And Accessories For All Curs B & M Motors, Inc. General Repairing 80-83 SOUTH MAIN ST. Tel. 6441 Oldest Established Body Shop In Naugatuck EXPERT BODY REPAIRS and PAINTING- We have had many years experience repairing: «nd painting automobile fenders and bodies. A complete shop equipment of hydraulic and electric tools with scientific paint mixing to match the color of your car insure satisfactory results. Work done by appointment, on predetermined contract, under the supervision of Kenneth E. Johnson- The Naugatuck Fuel Company 87 CHURCH ST. PHONE I: l'.«re 't;. "Oil V of our Ij. dur I 194C 5 Try NEWS Want Ads—they bring rtiu'f^.

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