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The Decatur Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois • Page 5

The Decatur Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois • Page 5

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:

''Monday Evening, October 20,1919. A I PAGE FIVE Defeats E. V. Huston One Up in 19 Holes. TAKES I CUP Decide Other Winners at Meeting Tonight. Ernest Treadway, 815 East Lincoln won the Municipal Open golf championship and The Review ophy Sunday morning by defeating V. Huston one up in nineteen holja. Treadwsy had a handicap of 14 while Uluston i 22. The match was one of best of the tournament al- all the championship flight matches have been close, the handicapping having been well figured out To Mr. Huston goes the John's "up Tor the runner-up as permanent property. Mr. Treadway's name will go on the Review trophy and he i reta It one year. Consolation flight v. Inners or the women's championship have not been announced as scores were to be turned In up to Monday noon. DECIDE TONIGHT The scoring committee will meet tonight and determine the other Arrangements are also expected to he made for a dinner to which all players in the first annual tourna- Jnent and all other golf players will le invited. At this dinner plans will be mads for next season. There probably will be three monthly tournaments next besides the championship tournament which will be played in Thj tournament was played late this jear in order -to get the movement started. Those who took hold and pushed through were greatly pleas- cl at the 40 entrants. It is hoped 'o ai least four flights of 16 play- next vear and probably I Get this! Our Designers never produce anything finer than this Season's Suit models! fj They're great: HI They're honestly new! a They're genuinely different! They're just one running i of original touches in the of high waist3, deep vents, full skirts, unexpected pockets, unique lapels and unusual lines all through. Even the conservative models for older men do not escape the irresistible impulse of our designers to create new standards of excellence in the art of modeling clothes. fj They have not alone created new models, but re-created those a models whose lines so seldom change, imparting to them little elegancies of styling which the most conservative man in De- -atur cannot fail to admire. It's a great season for Tl new and original clothes at Maienthal's. Since you pay no more for MAIENTHAL STYLES and quality why not get it Chanute Sends Airplanes and Trucks. Arcola, Oct. football team from Chanute Field, Rantoul, lost a lootball game to Arcola'8 eleven bun. day afternoon by a lop-sided score of 31 to 0. The gate receipts amounted to 1700 which Indicates that the crowd In attendance numbered over 2,500. It was an ideal October flay ana i wero a attractions for the entertainment of tne big crowd Accompanying the aviators were Greer In command of a detail of 65 men and a flotilla of three trucks; three aeroplanes piloted by Ueut. Leonard. Corporal Graham and Seargeant Johnson. STL'NT FLYING Corporal Graham the star of the flying circus and i the game he sailed i above the heads of the crowd and did some daring stunt fly- Ing; showing them loops nose dives and tail spins of a sensational character. The Arcola team, which was made up of a number former star foot- 1 all performers, had things their own ay most of the time They played an open game and were too speedy ith forward passes for Chanute. Jim Harrington and Mark Shrader were the particular stars but there was no member of the team who failed to distinguish himself and the a they tackled showed they had not forgot how tlie game Is played Starring for a were Captain Shinn, i am'. Burns, J. W. i is a Decatur man who a a member of the champion aviation team at Bordeaux Trance. He was a in setting an ankle bunged up in the second quarter. Robert Dunning was a half-hack on the i i 6th division team of the E. r. at Paris Lenth of quarters 12 i touchdowns J. Harrington 2, JIunson 1, Shrader Hemmingway 1. Goal, Love. The line-up: Chanute Field Davis re Uurkey rt rg: Hajer Kizneskey Smedley Burna ilitche Roberts Shinn, capt. lg It le qh rh In Arcola H. Miller H. Hood II Harrington, Enlow Ghere, Black Forner Munson Shrader. Munson Hemmingudy, Shrader J. Harrington fb L. Miller Staunton Snowed Under 89 to 0. The Staunton football team did not prove so fast as expected when It collided with the Staley team here Sunday afternoon and went down In defeat, 89 to 0. It was said that the visitors would prove much stronger than the Stonlngton team of the previous Sunday but they failed to show any superior points. There was not a department of the game'in which the locals did not show up the visitors. There was almost no opposition, When the locals tried line plunges, they rcad big gains, they carried the call around the ends successfully, completed forward passes nicely, Intercepted forward passes by Staunton. LANUM CARRIES BALL Lanum was given the bulk of the work In carrying the ball and could always be counted on while Thrift and Veech also did a lot of this work. The line-ups and summary follow: Staunton--Rhodes, C. McOaiiEhey rg; Vesper, IB; Herbeck. It. G. Me- Gaughey, rt; Sonsen, le; M. Vesper, re; Ackerman, qb, Breibholz, rh; Loutenbager, Heini, fb. Staleys--Mlntun, Halterman, lg; Chase, rg, Koehler. rt; May, It, Wasem, le; Wagner, le; Brecount, qb; Veech, Ihb; Lanum, rhb; Thrift, fb Touchdowns--Uinum, 6, Thrift, Dresen, Wasem, Mtntun. Goal kicks--Mlntua. II. Wagner for Wasem, Crisp for Chase, Substitutions--Cooper for Wagner. Wagner for Wasem, Crisp foi Chase, Dresen for Brecount, Pryzcyzlnskl for Veech; Kngbaum for Halterman, May for Krigbaum, Felchner for C. JIcGaughey, Heinz for Herbeck, Hastings for Sonsen. Referee--Brannan. Head linesman--Gogerty. Tim of quarters--15 minutes. TAYLORVILLE WINS BY HEAVY SCORE Defent Cnrllmlllc TS to In Sunday Cnnie. Taylorville, Oct. 20 --The Taylor- vine Independent football team won an easy victory over the Carlmvllle football team Sunday afternoon 3e- foatmp it by the top heavy score of 73 to 0. The -visitors were far outclassed in every department of the game but were especially a on tackling. The score CAEU.XVILLE. TATLORVILLE pll LK P. Simpson a LT "vVaccaser E. TV'. Ross LG jiay Hall Deeren T. Peel J. Ross Brown J. Whltler H. Hall Morris (Cap). Arnold 1 Ostercamp B. Jones Clark. Bangert Clark Nueman A Nueman Mullen Roferee--O Sailor. Umpire--Mor ns. Linesmen--Oberman, Donahue Touchdouas A. Neuman. H. Clark, 2, Mullen, 2: Bangert, 3, C. Jones, 1, 2. Goals kicked--feimpson, 9 WILL ATTEND SYNOD MEETING Three From Dccntur to Go to Oak I'nrk This Week. Rev J. McDonald of Second Presbyterian church. Rev. Elisha Safford of Westminster Presbyterian, and Rev. II. Penhallegon expect to attend the annual meeting of the Illinois Presbyterian Synod In Oat Park this week. Sessions open Tuesday night and continue through Thursday, If You Can't Play Old Age Has Got You A great philosopher once said that the way for a man to live long Is "always lo be a boy." Folks who can play never (row old. You'd be surprised to find how many people find the ancient game of "teir-pins" a real recreation and gloom-chaser. Come In today and watch the bowlers. Try a game or two and get the kinks out of your bones. Decatur Club Bowling Alleys OPEN TO TEE PI7BLIC. Elevator Entrance Cltlieni Bldf. "GOOD food SELLS INTEREST IN MEAT MARKET Mont Ice Ho, Oct. Carver of the firm or Carver and Raglan hu sold hla Interest In the meat market to hfi partner and Saturday retired from the He ban purchnsed a farm In Marlon County, Ohio, just north of umbua. HP has sold hfs residence on Main street to Jasper D. Mac key end possession Nov. int. PERSONALS. A. F. Moore and J. F. Krati returned home Sunday afternoon from a trip to Arkansas. Miss Ann Lumsden has been substituting as teacher In the Junior High, taking the place of W. J. Roblaon resigned. Mrs. Anna Kelly, of Champaign Sunday with Mrs. W. M. Adkins. Funeral services for Wade Hampton Mitchell were held Sunday a'ternoon at 1 o'clock at the E. churph cnnaiirterl by Rev. J. D. Krewell. Services at the cemetery were In charge of the Masons, Tenplars attended from Decatur and Champulgn. It ons of the largest Masonic funerals held for some time The, Guild will havft Its HalloweVn party and election of officers Tuesday night at the church parlors. will be an Indoor picnic, The remains of Mrs. Hattle ArniH Hoff- heimg were brouaht here Sunday from Chlcaffn, Funeral entires wero held Monday afternoon at o'clock. Interment In Montlcello cemetery. Mrs. P. Cole has returned from Kan- "fta ty xxhpre she visited her sister, Mri. Emma Dlrltlnson. CONGRESSMAN FOSTER DEAD Olney, Oct. ConBress- man Martin D. Foster, Democrat, died at his home hera today after several months' Illness. served six terms In Congress as representative from the Twenty-third Illinois district and retired last Marrh. summer he served as a member of a government commission appointed to adjust war mineral claims In western states. He returned home seriously ill from overwork. Sept, 1. Ho was born on a farm near West Balem, Edwards county, Sept. 3, 1881. WANTED Prepare as Firemen, Brakemen Colored train Porters, $150 to J200 to start No experience necessary. Hundreds placed 500 mora wanted 'Illlnols- Indlnim Roads. Write at once Inter Rall- uay Dept. (84) Indianapolis, Ind. Urbana, III, Oct. 20 --The Home coming program for Oct. 31 to Nov 1 at the University of Illinois In eludes entertainment for everyone with special emphasis laid upon plans for the returning "old gmds." There will be a Co-Ed carnival Friday evening where an all-University party mil be held i thn carniva'l is going on and "old grades" can assemble. The program follows FRIDAY AFTERNOON. Sophomore- Freshman intarolass contests. Hobo band FRIDAY EVENING. I 7 o'clock--Mass meeting In the auditorium. 8 o'clock--Co-Ed come back carnl- val, Woman's building. Informal reunion and music, Union building- jrask and Bauble play, Illinois! theater. SATURDAY MOHNINO. Informal reunion and music--Illinois Union. 10 30 o'clock--Acting President Kinley, addresses alumni, Auditorium, SATURDAY AITERNOOS. Football--Chicago U. vs. Illinois U. Informal reunion and music--Illinois Union. Reception of alumnae and wives of guests by League. SATURDAY EVENING. Mask and Bauble play. Fraternity reunions Informal reunion and mualc--Illi- nois Union. 10 o'clock--Dances In three University dance halls. SUNDAY MORNINQ. Memorial services to Illinois men who lost their lives In the service. TO FORM LEAGUE FOR VOLLEY BALL Meeting Culled for Next Sulurdny Nlrbt at Y. M. C. A. A Commercial leaguo of volley ba.l Is to be organized among local factories by the Y. M. A. A meeting to organize has been called for next Saturday night at the association. All factories wishing to enter teams In the league should have representatives on hand at that meeting anil playing will be started soon after. It has been decided to not call an or- eanlznlon meeting for the indonr baseball league until after the football season closes. LOWDENSPEAKS FOR JEWISH RELIEF Springfield, Oct. 80--Governor Lowden urged Illinois citizens today to give liberally during Jewish relief week. Oct 26 to Nov. 1. Matinee Tonight, 8:15 TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY, George Kalaluhi's Musical Hawaisans WITH "JI1GXOS" THE TROPICAL BEACH DANCER FRED LABEINE COMPANY Electrical Wizard In ft Scientific Novelty and Cyclono of Fun COMP4XT OF SIX. FIDDLER ft STEVENS, The Btark and Tan Comsdluu. Dale Boyle PIPIPAX F.i-lSODK "SMASHING BARRIERS" THURSDAY. CANTOR'S MINSTRELS, MONROE SHOUP FUNERAL SUNDAY lit. Pulaskl, Oct. services for Monroe Shoup conducted at Christian church Sunday afternoon tv Rev. W. Zlnk. Monroe Shoup wat born In Cheater township, Logan county, Illinois on September 12, 1S-10, and died at the home of his rlaUEhter, Mrs. W. B. Laehenmyer on welt Jefferson street last Friday night, aged 70 yean. CIVIt, WAR VETERAN. He was a veteran and officer of the civil war, being; attached to the 100 regiment of Illinois volunteer Infantry and had been a resident of Mt. Pulaskl for many years, having retired from farm life early In life. He a man of itronc and powerful physlquiue, of an unassuming manner and was member of one of the oldeit fanilllei In Logan county. He Is survived by several children and a larse rMntlonshlp. the children all helng with htm In his lait Illness. The burial was In the Mt. Fulaskl cemetery. SCHOOL MATES VISIT. Mrs. Edwin L. formerly Miss Grace Smedly of this cltv and two children of Larynge. who were called to Waverly to attend an uncle's fun- oral were guests the later part of last week of Mrs. T. Bnyder and family. Mrs. R. D. Altchlnon, Mrs. Harold Trapp and Mrs. Oscar Wolcott of Lincoln were also guests of Mrs. Bnyder at the time tmving been former school mates of Mrs. Moore. Later Mrs. Moore and children went to In her sister, Mrs. r.eorgo Deldler before returning home. RAISE IN COAL PRICE. The local coal dealers report a raise of seventy-five cents on a ton of coal at the mlnen the later part of last week. makes a raise of one dollar and sixty cents at the mine July ana yet the miner gets no more than he did before the raise wont Into effect. DO WITHOUT RUOAR. Many people In this cltv were compelled to do without sugar all last week. One store got in a hundred pound sack Saturday which was sold out to customers In two pounds lots. PERSONALS. A bumber of dinners and showers were hero last for Mr. and Mrs. vot Copper, who will noon leave for Wla- rnnsln to rcsliip on a farm recently purchased by Mr. Copper's father. Mrs. Mary Fryer of this city and her daughter, Mrs. Adolph Zelle of Murphysboro, 111,, were recjvnt guests of John and Jossle FunK at Jose, 111. Fritz Roth, David Connolly and Charlie Taut of this city were acquitted at Lincoln last week of selling liquor In Mt. Fu- laalil, after the courts had declared the town dry. Harry Sisk It the new ctir mall carrier having relieved Louie Sams, who has been made manager of the local Standard 01) filling station, Hnrrv Pntrn. who has spent the summer here looking after his farm returned to bis In lait wtsk. Thomas taken seriously 111 last Thursday night. At present his condition shows a Blight Improvement. Mr. and Mrs. Ferdinand Myers of Chicago, who have visited relatives here the paat two weeks went to Clinton Saturday to visit their son, Julius Myers and family. Miss Rllma Shoup who attends Montl- ucllo seminary near Alton came homo Saturday to attend her grandfather's The fire hydrants are being put In shape to withstand freezing weather. Mrs. R. Clark was hostess to the Sovei-Grow-Old society Friday afternoon, A fevr farmers In this locality 'nmmefte- ') husking ft orn last Wi'ek, The Library club will meet Tuesday 'cernoon with Mrs. AI O'Connor. the latter part rt lait week has the dirt roads In this locality nuid- Oy and rough. ficorire .1. Sm)1h attended the Masonic lodge In Chicago last week. Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Cause)! and son. Ward fssBel! of Decatur motored to Mt. rulaskl Sunday and visited Mr, and Mrs. W. Stafford. property on the east side to John Smith, consideration $1100. John Kowk purchased the Ad Pierce property OB the west aide. Price $2.200. Mr. and Mrs. Jay Cushlng went to De- oatur Friday and spent the day with Mr. and Mrs. Guy Taylor. Herman Schmidt, Christian county, champion wheat grower, this week shipped two car loads of yearling steers to Chicago and sold them at $18.35 per hundred. '1 bey averaged 800 pounds apiece. Born to Mr. and Mis. Warren Buuck- mnster, a son. Thomas DeJvIn of Johnson City Is renewing old acquaintances here. Among the people who attended the George Adamb funeral from Hits city, were Mr. and Mrs. A. H. me, Mr, and Mrs. Haiel Harpold, Mr tnd Mrs. C. 0. Ouens. Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Mrs. 'Elizabeth Cutshall Is very 111 this week. It Is feared that an operation may In lo restore her to health Sure Relief 6BCLMNS Hot water Sure Relief RELL-ANS LWFOR INDIGESTION The meeting of the Eastern Illinois Teachers' association was held at Charleston Friday and Saturday. Among those from the city who attended were Miss Rose Clem, Nellie Mounts, Luella Dunbel, Myrle Price, Miss Beasie Kuhle, Min HHdilrl Iviihln, Laura Snow, itiil Rlmor ffnyrtpr hftvn noM their jiimiiiimiimimfimiiimiiiiiiimmii'. I THEATRE 1 120O E. Eldorado CONSTANCE TALMAD6E EXCLUSIVE PARAMOUNT AND ARTCRAFT THEATER IN DECATUB Bijou Concert Orchestra BIG DOUBLE FEATURE BILL --in-I Mrs. Leffingwell's I Boots ARBUCKLE COMEDY Tomorrow--Tom Moore In "Go West Voting Man," also 7th Epl- sode Carter Case. rilllllllillllllllllllllllllllltlllllilllllllillir Miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiij. I THE PICTURE PALACE OF CENTRAL ILLINOIS Production Symphony Orchestra Presentation 5 3:45 p. m. 8:45 p. m. PRICES--Lower Floor, 50c. Balcony, 25c War Included. BIG DAYS-2 It is a thing almost top too sublime, for words.j The high art of the screen must remain closed book to do. not see and know TXX ARBUCKEt BACK. STAGE, Regular Prices Coming Oct. 26, 27, 28, 29, 30--Five Pays TilllllllimilllllllllllllllllinillllllllllllllllllllllllililiiiiiiiiillllllllllllllllHIIlllilllli? Boys' Overcoats and Suits at Waggoner's Manly fashions for boys. Norfolk Suits and Novelty Suits, such ns "Toot-Sweet," and "Elkoff," made by the justly famous "House of Walcoff." The manufacturer's guarantee for entire satisfaction goes with every garment. And we back it up. This possible because the workmanship and materials are dependable. Out of town customers are ievitcd to write us for a copy of our 16-page beautifully Illustrated catalogue, snowing the styles in boys' Suits, Overcoats and Macklnaws for Winter. It will be mailed to you postage, prepaid --free, $9.75 buys a good suit, (18.75 buys better one. We extend SO, 60 or 90 days credit at regular cash prices. We feature Union Made merchandise and can outfit the entire family from top to toe with Union Made clothing and furnishings. WAGGONER CLOTHING MalmSt, CO. KAUFMANS These Are Dress Up Days For The Boys UNQUESTIONABLE value is not the only thing you get in these boya' suits. There's more than that crowded into their snappy style and sincere workmanship. We call it ENCOURAGEMENT. Giving thp boy one of these suits is like patting him on the back. They just naturally compel him to square his shoulders and keep his head up'. --You'll find many kinds of weaves and patterns in this assortment; choice quality fabrics; and def'ails finished in the taking way a mother would give to the construction of wearables for a boy. $10 to $35 iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiMiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiMiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimiitt TheAV 8--PIECE PRCHESTBA---8 REGULAR PRICES UensewithUfeact'ton, and abounding YOU CAN'T AFFORD I TO MISS THIS GREAT IN FW SPA PER Jhe. greatest story in tke 7 and linked with I emotions -IWSPAPKR!

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