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The Wichita Eagle from Wichita, Kansas • Page 33
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The Wichita Eagle from Wichita, Kansas • Page 33

The Wichita Eaglei
Wichita, Kansas
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1 (ft i ymanaas i TV" CROPS Bam-bumen Landmark is in ashes of soybeans were in 21 points below normal and 48 percent of the spring wheat crop was in 45 points below normal The cool temperatures that have accompanied the spring rains have been either positive or negative depending on what is growing Suderman said wheat diseases such as barley yellow dwarf and leaf rust aggravated by wet weather would realty be exploding if accompanied by temperatures in the 80s "If ITS going to be wet rather it be he said But the com has just sat there for weeks doing nothing because of cool weather said Art Busenltz father and farming partner never seen a year when it has grown this he said Fra farmers the upside of the rain delays is higher prices As traders have bid up prices for grains and soybeans grain elevators have raised their offers for those commodities to be delivered at harvest time Several elevators in the Wichita area were offering around 1160 a bushel for the wheat crop that will be harvested this summer and fall-delivered contracts were being offered at about $570 a bushel for soybeans $160 a bushel for com and $420 per hundred pounds for milo All of those prices are relatively high for harvest time when grain prices are typically depressed because of the new supplies available to the marketplace Corbin and her husband Dave have a farm along the Whitewater River between Augusta and Towanda Corbin expect the high prices to last "The first peek of sunshine we could be in trouble in these markets" she said "Everyone knows that if you give a fanner a week of dry weather hell get the things done that need to be From Page ID creeping into the cornfield northeast of the house and the cattle In the corral south of the house were getting their feet wet too It wasn't a day for working In the field Those days have been precious few this spring as a persistent stormy pattern has put Kansas farmers far behind normal in spring planting stunted the growth of the corn that did get planted and caused diseases to spread through the wheat crop The stray is much the same across the Plains and Midwest this spring and prices for wheat com and soybeans have responded accordingly With the memory of the 1993 floods fresh in their minds grain traders have bid up the prices of crops for future delivery "I hear an awful lot of talk about 93 especially among the smaller said Betty Corbin of Corbin Investments in Augusta a commodity brokerage firm that caters to farmers Crop specialists say the planting situation is not yet critical in Kansas Milo and soybeans can be planted well into June and still produce good yields we've stacked the odds against said Arlan Suderman extension service agronomist in Sedgwick County At the beginning of the week Kansas farmers had planted 56 percent of the state's corn crop according to Kansas Agricultural Statistics The five-year average for this time of year is 91 percent Likewise soybean and mllo planting lagged well behind normal each at 3 percent complete A fourth of each crop should be In the ground by now Nationwide according to the US Department of Agriculture 56 percent of the corn crop was planted 25 points below normal 16 percent Howard Bazil and niece Becca both of Parle City toes pennies into wishes as flood waters flow north of Valley Center on Tuesday M6m MMdMThc Wichita Eagle the Jester Creek and make Macksville on Monday night The town of Sedgwick straddling the Harvey-Sedgwick county line is preparing for continued flooding if it keeps raining "Right now we're holding our own" said Mayor Keith DeHaven The road leading west out of Sedgwick over the Little Arkansas River Is closed by high water but the other roads leading into town are still open Butler County officials are keeping a dose eye on the Whitewater and the Walnut which should be protected to some degree by El Dorado Reservoir "If the Whitewater backflows into the Walnut or if El Dorado Reservoir has to release water then looking at a more serious Schmidt said "But it would take a lot of rain over the reservoir watershed area for that to The scary part is there could be a lot of rain in the next few days This area is stuck in a weather pattern that produces recurrent thunderstorms along an almost-stationary front running right along the Kan-sasOklahoma border And heavy rain can be expected in most of the area immediately north of that front In Wichita folks are keeping an eye on both the Kg and Little Ar Eagle staff and wire reporta WOODSTON a landmark on the western Kansas horizon is gone after lightning apparently started a fire that razed Rooks County's historic Big Barn on Tuesday morning looks awfully bare over there" said Lawrence Hull president of the nonprofit corporation that had spent about $100000 restoring the huge barn listed cm the National Register of Historic Places "My brother and I were saying when we left there this morning we had never seen that hillside bare before" Lawrence and Lee Hull played in the massive livestock barn as boys Their grandfather William Thomas started construction on the barn in 1910 and the distinctive gray building with its twin cupolas wasn't finished until two years later The barn had fallen into disrepair but the brothers with the help of hundreds of donors and dozens of volunteer laborers had replaced the roof and the haymow floor planning to establish a museum of horse-drawn farm equipment at the site When It was in operation the barn could accommodate 54 horses 50 head of cattle and 500 tons of hay It stood 64 feet high was 100 feet long and 64 feet wide Tuesday morning it was nothing but ashes smoke and memories said Lawrence Hull whose son Downer Hull discovered the blaze about 7:30 am There was some insurance on the building Contributing Mike Betty of The Eagle Associated ness TRIAL From Page ID The couple picked up a friend Charles "Chuck" Jorgensen 19 A man introduced to Edwards as also came along he turned out to be Combs The four headed back to the bar and along the way Smith instructed Jorgensen and Combs to get "his" ring and $20 back from Conrad Smith also had them ask Conrad why he was flirting with Edwards They later picked up Conrad and he apologized when asked about the flirting: "He kept saying he was sop ry" Edwards said Curtis demanded the 120 and the ring Conrad agreed to give up the ring But he said he owe Smith any money 1 Smith countered "You're in my car I'm in control now" Conrad told Smith not to threaten him unless he had a gun "I turned around" Edwards said "and Chuck had a gun to Rob's head" Conrad apologized again and gave up the money Combs asked for more and Conrad gave it to him Conrad asked to get out of the car and they stopped As Conrad got out of the car Jorgensen told him he'd better start running "Then Chuck shot Edwards said FLOODS From Page ID so far Their home was not flooded just the area all around it And after a little creative thinking by rescuers they were evacuated from their home in the bucket of a high-loader from the Circle A Feedlot Frank Williams Joe Megredy Gene White and Kenny Taylor were among the members of the Rescue Squad dispatched to the Gobel home They found the current was moving swiftly and was fall of debris making it impossible to launch a boat and keep it under control "It looked like the best chance was to take a big high-profile vehicle and try to drive down the road the other way and up the drive through the Schmidt said So they called the Circle A and borrowed a big high-profile vehicle a high-loader There were also happy endings for some homeowners along Rattlesnake Creek in Stafford County Sheriff Jack Parr said Tuesday that the Wild Horse and Rattlesnake creeks were both out of their banks and residents had been evacuated from two homes within a few hundred yards of Rattlesnake Creek after a 10-inch downpour near MEDALLION From Page ID the lack of parking combined to make Swanson Park a bad choice some said want to place the medallion in places like said Janice McKinney assistant to the director of parks and recreation just too dangerous It's not just the wildlife but the people-life The kansas rivers The Big Ditch as residents call the 18 mile long Wichita-Valley Center Floodway is rapidly filling a situation that has a lot of people remembering the floods of 1993 During that flooding the Big Ditch carried more than 75 billion gallons of water away from residential and commerical areas But in the process the Ditch sustained more than million in damage from the prolonged flow of water City crews have patched the worst of the damage but the Ditch still needs about $4 million In repairs Wichita Is not in any immediate danger said Suzanne Loomis an engineer in the public works department "We are In good she said "If we end up with as much rain as we had in 93 over a prolonged period it is City crews are now keeping a constant watch on the Ditch and are ready to fortify It with sandbags should fast-flowing water rupture the earthen levees The city also plans to renew an appeal to the federal government for money to help fix the Ditch Csnb bating Jean Hays Beccy Tanner and Stan Finger of The Eagle urge residents to refrain from digging for the treasure or looking in certain places Whether the hunters heed the advice is another story Fun Directory 1011 6849 2) Soap Opera Digest 6884 3) Joke OfThe Day 6865 4) liivio Arcade 6902 5) Adventure Comer 6871 6) Holiday Stories 6914 7) Kids Comer 6953 1) Horoscopes FUNERAL HOME 1211 Cleveland Wichita (316) 264-7397 We are here under any circumstance red 22 lay neighbors feel unnecessarily hap assed It's not good to have so many people in a park not meant for it" McKinney would like The Eagle to announce to players that the medallion won! be hidden in certain places Dill is not sure The Eagle will do that Organizers may use the clues to explain where the medallion is not as it does now she said The Eagle publishes the rules of the contest and uses the clues to 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