Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on January 8, 1947 · Page 4
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 4

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 8, 1947
Page 4
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SEWS (CONN.). \VEnNT,SnAY. .IAN. Efo Baflp fubll«h«d Evtry Evening < '/Except 8unJ«y> by THK NAUQATUCK NEWS CORPOKATJION _ NMJOATUCK. CONN, KU1XXLPK M. President «n<: PuolUh»r Telephone* iUiiH and 88W—All Ueoartment* Kat*r*d «* •*cond clam matter at th» pout office In Naugmluck, Conn. MUBBCK1PTTON KATES Ptty«bU ID Advice* month 11.00 i YMF — .113.00 M«iub«r: The Amer'un Nowijmper Publisher* AJM'B Tb« N. E. Dally Newspaper Pub. Ajt'n Tb« nonn. Newspaper Publ»ber« Au'o WKDNKMIMY. .lANUABV H. 1IM7 The Inaugural Address Tin; 1047 session of tlit' (ienernl Assembly— (.'oniii'CticuU's ItiwrmiUing body 'd today, and fXpt-ctations of tlint iht>y would hoar n soholar- ly address by Uovonior James L. Mo- Coimnghy were fulfilled to the utmost. Whatever else were their expectations, they were not disappointed it' they had Jioped for n sober outline of what, miv; In.' autiei])iited in the next two yours in the \vny of executive watch over (ho stale's pocket hook. Although postponing until liis budget message next month the details of how he hopes to do it, (!ov- enior McComuigliy cleaved to the traditional ideals of a sound Xutrneg State when he warned that "The budget during my adminislration must he halanced, and to biilaiH'c it we must exercise sound economics,' 1 .Backed hy overwhelming' majorities in .Senate and Uotise, and supported hy a complete set of (.!OP officeholders, Ciov- ernor McOonuughy will have carte lilanche in the setting up of whatever program he dooms necessary to balancing the budget and the exercise-of sound economics Soberly, and with deep appreciation of what it will mean to the State's taxpayers. Governor .McConaugliy asserted that the cost of conducting 1 the current program of State government for the next bienuium will be at least 100 million dollars, while under existing- standards anticipated rc.vemic is only 87 millions. And his proposals, including 1 veterans' bonus and increased aid for oYlu- eatiou will carry the budget, beyond the .100 million mark. The (jovornor's pledge of sound economics was bulwarked by his assertion: "During the life of this (leneral Assembly bills will be introduced to provide many new projects. The proposals may lie good j th<.-y may be excellent. But the acid test of all should be whether or not svc can afford them/' A hint of what is to come was given, when, after- stressing- that the costs of g-overnment, like the costs of living-, have risen tremendously in all slates, (lovor- uor Mct.'onaughy told the (.{cncral Assembly that the only states that are free «\' financial problems "are the states that have widened the base of their tax struct ure." Mis message contained only ono suggestion for new revenue—an increase of one cent in the gasoline tax, hut it loft no doubt that others would be forthcoming. And the Governor left all who heard or read his talk impressed that above all other considerations, and surmounting all other proposals, he consider the financial problem of the next biennium most important. It whets the appetite Cor a peek at his coming 1 budget, message. • For (lit. 1 improvements lie proposes in agriculture, education, health, highways, humane, institutions, recreation and social aids, together with the cost of a. veterans' bonus and rental assistance program—all in lino with his plan for "an even finer, more beautiful Connecticut", —represent added; costs, added taxes. The State may woll acclaim their new Governor's aims. His attitude toward state employes and toward labor in. general is liberal, ills interest, in improving the lot of teachers, and in advancing- the educational standards comes naturally to a man who .has devoted many years of his life to that, particular field. Ht> knows its problems as one who has ex- Y>eriem:ed them personally, Tn general, the Governor's, prog-ram ns outlined to 'the General Assembly is deserving of support without consideration of political leanings. But ns we said earlier, it makes his budget message nil the more important. In fact, his emphasis on the financial aspects of Connecticut government in .1947-48 almost prompts us to withhold, judgment of the entire matter pending a report on what measures he will propose for raising added revenues to keep (he budget hal- iinoet 1 -. Do You Remember? One Year Ago . Francis Caull'iekl presided at u meeting of the K. of C. In the Neary building. o—O—o Snamon' John H. Dowlins received his honorable di.Hchurgc froro/the Navy, • o—O—o 20 Years Ago John Russell, Navy petty officer, arrived on lativo at the home of his mother, Miss Bertha Russell, Main street/Beacon Kails. o—O—o Ernest Wood was installed as chancellor commander at u meeting of Lodge No. 28, Knights of Pythias. o—O—o 30 Years Ago Harry 'Smith or Prospnct picked a dandelion on his farm. o—O—o Mrs. Addle L. Miller of Millvlllc avenue authored a story which was published in book form. Around The Clock The. Kddie Fitzgerald*, lie of "Ted Lewis" fame, are now residing on Mny street. Tho jovial Kddie still may be seen occasionally doing a shift at Rudy's restaurant. Stella M. McCann has resumed her duties at the U. S. Rubber Co. footwear plant after spending several weeks at the newly opened Tennessee plant. Home for the holidays from Tennessee were Mrs. Margaret Davison and Stella Korbus. Both have returned to the south. An air ventilator in the' front of Rubin's store on Church street, proves a groat target those days for youngsters' snowballs. If you could have heard the high school girls' groans Saturday afternoon when they read on The News bulletin board of the basketball team's loss to the Plebes, you would have been touched, The girls are really sincere rooters. Pr«tiden» Truman Ha* I PUnty af 0*mocr«tt "Employment" Problem | looking for Ntw Special to Central Press .*9£ In the manual of the police department adopted by the warden and burgesses- Xov. 2, ]909, there is mention of a'lieutenant, on the next to the last; page of Hie ,'?fVpagc booklet. Under (he heading "amendments borough ordinances'' is the paragraph, "The salary of the Lieutenant, shall be at the'rate of. $'43.00 per week, effective April 1, 3P-41.' 1 Woll, Capt. Anthony Malono and the late James Cuddy had the distinction of being lieutenants. \Vonder if anyone else ever will:' WALTER WINCHELL Coast— To— Coast (Copyright,. 1940. by Tb« Hcarft Corporation) THE BROADWAY EXPHESS Wlnchcllpbritlf'-s: Perry . Conio^ who has just been discovered by' the movie mug's. He's only in six current issues.. .Anita Colby more Fund. Damon passed on Dec. 10th.'.If -you wanna show him how it feels to 'gal all those telegrams, Nick. Kenny's boitday is Fob. Toid ..Pretty Patricia Smari, rumored .W.-' Rockefeller's next day late".. .At. Haiise oi Dixon: "I'm a. realist. 'I look the world straight in' the—and wince!" .. At the -Stork: "Hew can the Democratic Party w ! i hack travelers' confidence when they lor- sakc Bossoveh and give give B-;lb- O? . Af Leon & EGCIC'S: "The only guys not striking seem to bo those -who make picket. s'ijrns" '..". At the Ch'ina Doll: "Truman Is surrounded by Missouri pals. I -wish he were • -surrounded by Missouri!" A'.'^rmando's: "They're sccrcl- ly unmarried." The Naug-atuck News Naugatuck Connecticut Gentlemen: I am writing to thank you on behalf of the children in our school for your thoughtfulness and kindness in sending a carton! of assorted toys as gifts for them. This was most thoughtful of you and you may be assured that it brought real joy to the children who received these gifts on Christmas morning. Sincerely yours E. N. EOSELLE Superintendent (Real credit belongs to the people who brought the toys to The News in response to an appeal in behalf of the Southbury Training school.) Eddie Xoldo, manager of the Merry Mortic'imi basketball tenYn told us the other day that lie didn't even think that he should answer the challenge of Clarence Haigh's All-Stars to play the Morty's. After all, sex, Eddie, we've received offers from the Eastern Professional League, and who have the All- Stars ever played. . . . Pat Robinson, Justine Brophy, Anne Byrne, Pat O'Donnell, Dick Clymer, Louie Qninn, Bob Rucio, Jaelv'Stinsoii and Doug Vaughn, all seen around town enjoying their Christmas vacations. . , . Dick Painter, Sal Bax- zniio, Bob StanfTer and Boh Bowling- gave (heir ice skates the first workout of the season the other night. amused than Girl Friday over thaJ bride' Cor C. Munn, Jr's). last night mixu'p in Mcrvyn's. He isn't Mcrv howled about -such dizzy rumors LeRoy of the films, tennyrate. Paul with Randolph Churchill • at Benson c.ih take th« bow on tnat! chllders" famed Little Palm Club, scoop, like a good little bore.-., j Miimi. .-. .Pearl- Liusk, the' pup 'in Moi-jone 'Bell Oof "Beggar's Holi- i t he camera-shotgun case, is well day") and dancer .Gower Cha-m-1 known .to most, members, of the! pion, who found a stairway'to the Giants' football team .Judge B. | stars. .Chic Mrs; 'Leon Mandel : shalleck, Judge L.. G-oldslein (ofj (one of tha Ten Best Dressed, Bklyn) and other leaders -have Fommes) who makes the other started things in motion to combat nine 'look silly. . Actress Shirley O'l-Iarj, who becomes cinema critic for -in intellectual weekly. Hei -•tuff'l! prob'ly -be -better than Dick .Watts' or Wolcott Gibbs'. . .Carole Greenland is, about three times as liirge'in area as Texas, but it is inhabited 1 by only about 17,COO per- I sons, as of 1940. • WASHINGTON—As though President Truman 'doesn't 'htv* enough trouble, he's got a "full employment" problem of hU own. 1 That is. he has to find Jobs for the Democrats who find them-' selves on-the outside looking in after the last election. And mott 1 senators and representatives, having been in the habit of telllnr Ott' executive departments what to do and how to do it for year*, don't want just any job. It has to be good. ' ' • So. almost every day, the president's calling Itst shawm a f« w | visitors who won't have "Rep." or "Sen." Jn front' of their names much longer and who would Ilk* to have something else to put there. That doesn't mean, of course, that all th»' Democrats who were not returned to office ai»'- looking for jobs. Many aay they are not and' mean it. But for men who spent their live* in politics, more politics, or at least government, U the logical thing. Occupying the top spot on the list, accordlnr' to most observers, is Senator James M. Mead of Nexv York, who put his head on the New York gubernatorial chopping block for Tom Dewey and so is considered to have- made the biggect fieri*. . Senator Mead lice lor the purly. Meaci 13 an old friend of tin/president, and Wie story goes that Mr. Truman 1 would like to give him Robert Hanncgan's jobs—postmaster-gentM! and chairman of the Democratic National committee. But, while he would like to get rid of the committat post, because of ill health, among other things, wants to »Uy in the cabinet. And Mead is said to be almost insistent on cabinet rank. What may happen m the assignment of Mead as underiecre. tary of labor (Keen Johnson, who has the job. is anxiou» to n back rj being vice president of Reynolds Metals). Then, concel". • ably, Lewis Schwellenbach, who hasn't been happy as secretary ' would step out and Mead would step up. The only flaw In thU pic-' lure is that Mr. Truman might have to find Schwellenbach another job before he stepped out. Schwellenbach, like Secretary of War- Robert P Patterson, has his eye on a judgeship. preferably on lh» supreme court. Mr. Truman, it is plain. i« confronted with a vlciom* circle. • Tht-rc is u cham.'s that Mead .will get an ambassadorship, U L')II_- can hv luunu lor which exlreiuu wealth is not essential.' On i.- ambassadorship winch will U.- open IS that lij the Philippine*,' Iroin which l j aul McNutl is expected to resign this month. It hai ljL-</ii turnt-d down by Wisconsin Progressive- Robert UaFoIltlte,' v.'tiuta- nanif )i;t.s conic up in i-onnvction with many opening!, but" \vho may Ix-coint.- the American memb'sr of the United Nation* Economic and Social Council. These are suint of the oilier men tor whom the political dope-' flU-rs are busily finding spots Gov Frank J Lausche of Ohio, who .saw the president recently tut disclaimed interest In a federal appointment. Senator Hugh Mitchell of Washington. Senator Ab» MurdocK of Utah, anutht-r While-Huiise caller. Senator Burton aVI Wheeler of Montana., likewise: linos Axti-11. who had White House backing in liis un.siic-cf&st'u) Missouri Condidatt* racL- lor Congress. <Jov Robert Ktrr cr Oklahuma. Senator Jam«s Huilmun ot O.'i:o, Attorinry-tJeneral Robert Kenny ot Calilorniu, ami Svsn. James Tunnell ol" LJela'ware. Want uiurt? Hep. .M.-s. Kniily Talt Douglas of Illinois and Rep. Mrs. Cha.sL- (Jo:ny \VoodhuuaL- «>l Ccjnni.-i;t!'.'u;, Kep. hYank Hook of Michigan, who Has U.-«. tli.-<.iiJK.'-i Uiib sur). uf thing before, havinf worked in thu K-Ucrttl security ;ij;i-ricy lh« last tnric lie waa un- Eeatcd; Mayor Edward J. Ivurlly o: Clucayo. lor:i:«--r Gov. • Murrs^ Van Wagoner of Mic'ii;;:!.'! (he liuesn't want :i:iyllnnj;); Sen. Joseph Guft'ey of Pennsylvania (nuithvr cJ<ji;s hi?); Jaim-s A. Farley, who doesn't xv.-uit to reluru :ss fhiurinan of thL- Uemouratic Nationit committee, but who would liXe u job that n.ight ieiiJ to the. vic» presidency. . . ... Are New legion L/andis, the former .blonde, who won't dye her tresaed. Instead, she featured a brownettc ups»'eep nt Coa P.oupe. . .-Metopera . ..chlfpcr E/.io's d«htr. o.n. a Centnl Puck- bike 'built for. two bcauti- fulefrs. " ••-.-' In Our, AMoy: Alidy Russell relays this Hollyweircl 1 . conversation, One pal .; whispered: "I she's happily -married". . -"I •ftictgled,. another. "Scp-i- -3ted, eh?". . .-One .'columnist, well nvaro of ''some; vdespfirate-for-a- -ncntibn press l ''ncrer,ts"-("who p!jnt •^hon^' stories), chpncd ,one -p.. a. is follswa: "Looka, I know you've he^n feeding u.i all plenty of Takes, but -when .you do it to me, will you kindly make it exclusive?" Memos of n ,M1dnljrhtrr:. IJbby quit as she was so.ill during hov final'Boston performance •I'-ie could hardly" finish .-.Sarah Churchill's male lead ir. "When in Rome" (now bcinc; filmed there) ^ Tullio Carminati, who quit the U. S. for "My beloved Duce." (Remember Pearl Harbor?) ..Mrs. Cornelius Vandorbi'lt (who ,alwav..; 'ind large Christmas receptions) •cnt no Invites last Dec. 25th. Ninety-three thirsty folks showed up. anyway. . .Are .her; son, ' -Neil,und his bride threeing,™ on,.cofvitewt hear?... Patricia Reardon's-j .0X7 sroom (Pete Kalischer .of'Unlteii', Pre?s) is rumored wed to a gal :in; Tokyo ..That ln'ce~(un'dies) fashion sho\v (three weeks-ago) lit th'e Town & '-Travel- shop- Is • haylris' trouble gettinR- by. newsi-eel censors . :A tres elegant foreign "car will open at S9th and'. Park ,\vc . .Playwright'Lillian Hfcllrhan- answers her mall from Hardscrabble Farm, Plensantville, N. Y.,' in, attractive stationery from Saks. Vth Avenoo, peekaboo!'- joynts that feature; vomics gig- about dialecticians. . \vhoj Curtain Calls: ISnilly Hahn's enlightening primer, "China A to Z," chockful of thing's you never knew till now ...Marion Morgan's version of "December" (Jewel Records)... .Ray Benson's orew at Pclham. Heath Inn... .James .Stewart in Capra's- v-It's .'.i .Wonderful Lite". .',.Erski'ne Hawkins' "After Hour.-?" platter (we neglected, • to add last time) w*is Oi-kisscd mainly because of- the piano solo by Avery Parrish. It's DO per cen-t of. the disc!'... .. .Bogai-t's dramuyhem in Columbia's Him, "Dend Reckoning" ..Maestro Mayo's 1 rhumbamboom at G'wich Villag.c Inn . . . .Scallions to .the ear-splitting covnctinp hv Ziffgy on the Chesterfield program Monday eve'g. (It sent us to the tune-off-dial pronto.) Never henrd toatlor yet that didn't sound better with the mute. Such as in ''Sentimental Over You" and "Star Dust," frinstance!!.' Manila thin Murals: The Bowery Jewol ' Market Cnear C.inal and Wester Streets) which resells gems containing loving- inscriptions. Mementoes of dead romances. .The weather obscrvatorj' atop the Time's G \o I Closed All Day Mondays WotttburijSiLf Dcpci.duble I I Store Tuesday Thru Saturday Open 9:30 A. M. to 5:45 P. M. . tower,. ...The many old-law tenements on. Tenth Ave,— without bathing-' facilities. .. .The kertik- ters"who haunt Union Square: A ;piiplipart. peddler who sells "magic" "l.p6£s-"that.'arc supposed to be love ' h'Otlb'ns, an.d a t urban 'd gent who j .•selii._';prohecies" 'for a nickel. . j 'hey say I James^Enstman's suicide was over thu hopeless torch he carried for a love- . who- married" -a'n'other.:.-. Edy.the Freeman (the' Strand p. a.'s right-hand damsel) went to the altar'Sunday. . .Satchmo tooey Armstrong will give a huge concert, at Carnegie Hal! on Feb. 8th at. 5:30 p. ; m. His: first, in the U. S. He's.done' abroad .. ."Dear ' WW.r writes MHce ' Nuzzola, .'-'I'm *<liort Story: "Diuila, Pin., Sun-, sprized atcha for stating tliat their are,'only six W.s"one-hnd to-know to be a good 'reporter. There are seven. Who, What, Where, When, day Nifrht, Dec. 29th: After your '•ndio call for type A-B (RH) hlood, I wasn't certain of my type, This nation became tho greatest on on earth by sticking- to principles and, when necessary, giving bosses ii swift kick where it would do the most »-oorl. This nation needs less politics and more patriotism. Pilgrims thronged to Bethlehem as usual, and for a li'-ltle while the world -seemed Christian. But loving one's neighbor as oneself is hard, advice. Who can heed it? so I went to Fort Lauderdale and the clinic at Broward General Hospital. I am an ex-GI. No lab technician was on hand or anyone there who could do It. The recep- c»nie because When I said; yes. she said: "That Walter Win4 chell certainly, caused, us. an. awful lot of trouble tonight!' I thought you'd, like this for your You Can't Win ,Dept.!— G.' W. Cove." tionist asked if I of your broadcast. Times Sq. Tloker-Tape: Edmund- Wilson's vacated -'book critlcY-posit' (according- to litree buzz) -will be inherited by Alfi:ed;Kazin,-'finiili(ir- to renders of literary quarterlies . .The Bamboo Cafe- (starting .Jan." I0th) will donate 10 p'erc'etit of-the-' receipts month) (on -the '-- 10th'/ .of each ; to ''the . Rim'yon ;'Cancer Why .'(and). With Whom?". .'.I.Poi- the Hrst timo in .12 years the Police Commissioner has the-40 'reporters Cat H'quartGrs) all'acting as Ills press agents. Rate him high. .Add genuine nev^spapfirmen. who tote Rats;-.'Howard Wantuch, Art Noble (both .on .the News): Jack Layer, Wn^/Hcarfield-.(both- on Journal- rAmertcan^; also -two West Side men '(.for standard size ayem sraz- ,e.ttes): .a'manaKing editor of. .a downtown paper, and the night As- ;soclatod Press -reportci- (at Police H'quarters), who just applied, for a 'permit Thp escape-jail in B'klyn is now called the Raymond St. Athletic Ass'n. - -. • . '..-•-. Blankets and Comforters at Clearance Prices Wool Filled Rayon-Comforters Sounds In the Night: At Undy's: ".AvJoe'Schmbpe is a jerque who .gets in and'out of. the Marltct- a 100% Wool Blanket American Woolen Mills. Sizes 72x90 Colors: blue, white, rose and peach. .Regular $17.39 each • Clearance $14.48 each 100% Wool Blanket By American Woolen Mills, Six.o 72x84. Colors: rose, wintorrose, blue and green. "Regular $8.98 each Clearance $7.69 each Nashua 100% Wool Blankets Size 72x90. Colors: green, blue peach and dusty rose. .Reg . $13.95 Clearance $10.95 Mar-Ray Fieldcrest Blankets (•i57o .rayon, 25% cotton, 10% wool. . Jacquard weave .blankets. licgnJar'$5.49 each •!•"•' Clearance ?4.48 each Clearance $14.98 Clearance $10.98 Clearance $ 8.9 r , Clearance $ 4.98 Slightly soiled. Keg. $24.98 Keg. $17,98 Keg. $i:5.9S Keg. $ 8.98 Wool Filled Comforters Sateen covered 'floral patterns. Reg. $15.98 Clearance $13.99 Keg. $30.98 Clearance $ 8.99 . Baby Comforters by Lockport Cove-rod with fine quality sattoen. Colors: pink andi blue. Size 45x60. Keg. $4.98 Clearance $3.33 , Esmond Crib Blankets . 20% wool, "25% rayon, 50% cotton: Size 40x60. ' . Keg. $:?.98 Clearance $2.99

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