The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 7, 1954 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 7, 1954
Page 9
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WEDNESDAY, APRIL 7, 1954 BLYTHEVTL1E (ARK.) COURIER NEWS How Much Will U.S. Permit Red China to Aid Vietminh By JAMES MARLOW WASHINGTON (AP) — The Red Chinese are gradually calling the Eisenhower administration's hand in Indochina. Now it's a quest'.on of how much further they go before the administration puts up or backs up. Secretary of State Dulles has been talkhg for the administration on what it would do if the Red Chinese intervened in Indochina to help the Communist-led Vietminh against the French and Vietnamese. European Tour Gave Douglas Appreciation of l/.S.-ond Food He has talked of it impressively and repeatedly but so vaguely that two congressional committees, after hours of questioning, did not pin him down on what the administration has in mind. This may have the virtue of keeping the Communists guessing. It also keeps Americans guessing and raises the question: Does Dulles have a policy ready to apply if crisis comes, or is he playing by ear? In a speech in St. Louis last Sept. 2, and again in a New York speech March 29, he warned the Red Chinese against sending their army—it turns out now he was emphasizing "army "—into Indochina. If that happened, he said, "the Chinese Communist regime should realize that such a second aggression (.after Korea) could not occur without grave consequences which might not be confined to Indochina." But in the same March 29 speech | he revealed the Red Chinese have I recently sent in 2.000 men to help the Vietminh, whose leader. Ho Chi Minn, is a Moscow-trained In- dochinese. Monday Dulles told the House Foreign Affairs Committee Red Chinese" were operating antiaircraft guns for the Vietminh and shooting jdown French planes around Dien Bien Phu, where the French are making a do-or-die stand. Asked about his warning to the Red Chinese about intervening in Indochina, Dulles noted he had warned the Chinese they should not send in an army. But in a war like the one in Indochina a few thousand technical experts, supplied at the right time and place against the hard pressed French, might be enough to wreck them without need for a full-size Chinese army. This, in short, confronts Dulle and the administration with the FREE SHAVE FOR RED ACITATORS-A Red head becomes a bald noggin as Tehran police apply this hair-raising punishment to Communist demonstrators seized during Iran's recent elections. Taking matters into their own hands, officials shaved the heads of culprits responsible for the uprising. Try Wards New Catalog FOR QUICK, EASY EASTER SHOPPING When you shop at Wards, you can save time and energy by shopping our new Spring and Summer Catalog too. This big, wonderful book lists over 100,000 fin* quality items. See latest Easter fashions and accessorial in addition to almost every need for family, home and- car ... all at budget-wise V/ard Catalog prices. To order, just call our convenient direct line Catalog Department phone number. If you don'* have our big General Catalog now, phone or stop in our Catalog Department and ask for a Library copy to shop at home for 2 week*. most critical question of the Indochina war: Where does Dulles draw the line on how much help the Red Chinese can give the Vietminh before this country backs up its warning? In a New York speech Jan. 12 Dulles said this country would try to deter any Communist aggression by depending on the "capacity" to retaliate massively and instantly. On March 29, and again yesterday before the House committee, he spoke of the need for "united action" in Indochina. Committee members later said they were still left blank on any specific plans Burglars Are Unconvinced SALEM, N. H. GR—-Irked Arthur Shugrue today appealed to burglars to lay off his filling station safe. There's no money in it — only papers. Cracksmen have hit the safe at least eight times in the past two years without getting a penny, he said. In the latest attempt, early Monday, they smashed the safe beyond repair. Shugrue planned to install a new one yesterday. WARNING OKDEK IN THE CHANCERY COURT, CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT, MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. Malcolm Greenway, Pltf. vs. No. 12,645 Tommie Jackson and Minnie Matthews, Dfts. The defendant, Minnie Matthews, is hereby warned to appear within thirty days in the court named in the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, Malcolm Greenway. Dated this 22nd day of March, 1954. SEAL GERALDINE LISTON, Clerk. By VTRGINIA WALTERS, D. C. Taylor & Sudbury, Attys. for Pltf. 3/24-31-4/7-14 By BOB THOMAS HOLLYWOOD WV-What does an American miss most after a year and a half in Europe? "Some pood, simple food," replies Kirk Douglas. "In France, where I spent much of rny time, you can get the most elegant food in the world. But after a while you yearn for a weU-prepared. plain dish such as you can only get in the United States. Pot roast. Corned beef and cabbage. A hamburger and milk shake. How I could have used something like that!" Douglas frankly admits that he went abroad to profit from the tax exemption for Americans who lived abroad 18 months. He didn't come back with as much profit as he had hoped for; Congress stepped in and changed the law. But he does think that the jaunt was worthwhile in other respects. The actor made three pictures abroad: "The Juggler," "Act of Love" and "Ulysses." He toured throughout Israel, Italy, France, Switzerland, Germany and England. He met royalty and the heads of state. He feels that the whole experience caused him to grow as an actor and as an individual. But most of all, it threw a new light on his native land. "You miss the things you have always taken for granted in this country." he observed. "For instance, when you're in Europe for a while, you almost forget that the bathroom is a well established institution. "When you come back here, you get a different impression just from seeing the faces of the people. Americans seem so much healthier, cleaner and happier. I guess it's because of our standard of living." He added that a trip abroad made him again appreciate the American success story, of which his own life is a notable example. He was born Issur Dariielovitch in Amsterdam, N. Y. His parents, who also had six daughters, had emigrated from Russia. "If they had stayed there, I would have been a peasant." he reflected. "I realized in Europe that the average person has little chance of rising above the status of his parents. But in America, anyone can do anything. Any boy can become president of the United States." UN to Discuss Middle East Complaints UNITED NATIONS, N. Y. (-pi The U. N. Security Council will meet Thursday to discuss rival complaints by Israel and Jordan nrlsiiiR from tin 1 Krlin tension nrui sporadic outbreaks of violence the- border between the two Middle Kast neighbors. Russia's Andrei Y. Vishinsky, April president of the council, called the meeting after receiving requests from Israel and from Lebanon, acting' on behalf of Jordan, which does not belong to the United Nations. A blacksmith works In dark metals, like iron, while a whitesmith works in "white" metals, like tin and sine. Sfx-Foottd* Sow KEARNEY, Neb. (A — F»rm«» Harold and Elmer Bilslend have a sow that has an extra foot on each front leg — the extra being tucked away on the insidt of th« leg. Recently that sow gave blrlto to piglets. And. gol darn If a couple of them didn't have an extra foot on each leg. Read Courier News Clanlfied Adt HISTORIC RECEPTION! Thousands upon thousands who know fine bourbon hail the arrival of Old Crow in its 86 Proof, lighter, milder, lower-priced bottling, as a companion to the traditional Old Crow 100 Proof Bottled in Bond. Pigeons May Get Test DENVER W) — H. A. Griswold hopes the homing pigeons he kept in a loft in his garage know their way home. He told police someone broke into the garage and stole the pigeons — all 54 of them. NOW-TWO GREAT BOTTLINGS! 86 PROOF Celebrated Old Crow — lighter, milder and lower priced than the zoo Proof Bottled in Bond : -mm : lucky Straight rb'titt H 7i'/sfct'V BOTTLED IN BOND 1OO PROOF The most famous of bonded bourbons available as usual *TAe Greatest Name in Bourbon" THE OLD CROW DISTILLERY COMPANY, FRANKFORT, KENTUCKY JoinTh* ThrHl of Th« Month Club I * Com* in oixi driv« Ruick's great new p«rform*r-the CENTURY. W* a wond«rfuWy mriMing experience! Hi* new 200-horiepoww Convertible — slock, tmort in gorysov* rw Hfe have a line the gals go 1 i0o> Sec*o (Hta, £E3p;uw7 T-^U/U^K. "S/u^ur-^J t— I A / Y OU can't fool the ladies when it comes to styling. From clothes and hemlines, to cars and color schemes —they insist on a fresh new look and a fresh new change — and anything else won't do. So it's easy to see why the gals — bless 'em! — have been going for Buick in a great big way—going for the glamorous modernity of these new-day automobiles ever since the first public showing a few short months ago. From the beginning, they've been going for the sleeker, longer, lower lines—the BUCK 0 futuristic shaping of the new windshields—the stunning decor of the striking new fabrics—the clean simplicity of the new instrument panels. JtJut you ought to see how they go for the gay new car models in Buick's Spring Fashion Show! Fresh new Convertibles, Rivieras and Estate Wagons never before available — and in gorgeous new summer colors never shown before! And you ought to see how they go—as TWE COMPLSTt L1HE-UP Of BUKTIC BCAUT/ES fOK 7954 includes tlunning new all-ile»l Ettatm Wagont and "hardtop" Kivicrat, at we// as floy n«w Convertibles, in both the low-priced V8 SncuL Strict and in th+ high-powtrtd ClHJUfT Strift. the men certainly do —for the thrilling new V8 power, the buoyant new ride, the superb new control, and the almost effortless handling ease that are all part and parcel of every new 1954 Buick. Why not visit our Spring Fashion Show and see for yourself the fresh new tomorrow that's here now — in today's Buick? Then we can show you the prices that make this beauty the buy of the year. Hie beautiful buy MILTON BCRLE STARS FOR BUICK-S«« fh« Bulek-B«rU Show Tueirfav WHEN BETTER AUTOMOBILES ARE BUILT BUICK Will IUIU> THIM) LANGSTON-McWATERS BUICK CO. Walnut & Broadway 24 Hour Service Dial 4555

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