The Index-Journal from Greenwood, South Carolina on January 27, 1924 · Page 10
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The Index-Journal from Greenwood, South Carolina · Page 10

Greenwood, South Carolina
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 27, 1924
Page 10
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PAC2 TEN '7 THE lNDSX-JOUHNAL. CIILNWOOD, S. C. SUNDAY, JAN. 27, 1924. Meetings Personal Society-Personals v SEA CALL. , Atroai a thousand Ungues of kill ami . plain 1 bear an echoing tumumua, loud and long, ; From treaker whose tumultuous n ' 'battlt song , . 8oundi by th Islets or th. western : . main, " ' I them Jflltjrjni Jagged cliff in 'V ' vain, , ; ' Wsglng a trucelos war of waters flying. And 1 to roaming where the gulls ar crying, ; ' Bpellt mnd at ocean'i mournful old refrain. ' i - v-. , rratdotd and blowing wtnda and that lung reach Of (littering tend, thadowed at length If gray 'Of fog that overawes the thundering beach! . 'Still, itlll they haunt me, taunt me! though, today to fairer than the day when these were mine, Days lonely aa the tea and salt an bit - tereat brtne? , 'StanW A. ColUnti la the New York Herald. '5xt Episcopal Meeting Iltld Her. Oreenwood has been chosen aa tbe meeting plact tor th nest convention of th Womaa't Auilliary to th Pts- aiding 'Bishop and Council of th Episcopal church. This convention Is to tak plao aext January. Mrs. 0. BrownelL who wa a dele-gat from th Woman' Auxiliary of th Chareh of th Resurrection, Mrs. A. P. Cslllard of Nlnoty pis, presl-.tlsnt of this branch' of the auxiliary, and Mrs. H. V. R. Schrador, who went aa a visitor from th Greenwood church, bav returned from th recent convention held In Wnnsharo. There .Mrs. Brown all. la tehaJr of th loeal atxlllsry, xtndd th convention the' Invitation to meat In Greenwood next year and-this Invitation wss unanimously oocpt4 with a rising vote ot thanks. ' ' ' Mrs. Brownell sayg she feols that Gresawood will sxtend a moat cordial Vflcdo' to the church women when they com tat etry next-Jananry. (3b report this on of th most en-thailaatlc and Inspiring conventions ah has ever attended.. Many forceful and delightful speakers wvr heard from all part of th country. On feature of tha eonventloA, of which th Episcopal' women ' are proBd, and Justly so, la th furt that on last Wednesday morning at the corpornt communion, tbey plnccd on tho altar n:or tbsa f 700 as a united thank offering. The Greenwood branch of tho Woman's auxiliary has reason' to be proud of, the tact that Mra. Gulllard Wis elected United Thank Offerlim Custodian. Mrs. Janus K. Cain of Columbia waa elected president to sue-ed, Mrs. William CornalL . i Catceche Club Meeting. , Th Cataoch club enjoyed an In tsreitlng trieetlng with Mrs. W. P. Durst Monday afternoon of last week. Mfs. C. C. Fuller read n delightful paper, tn sutject or which was, "Great American Philanthropists." In this paper Mrs; Fu'.ler told of many valuable thing accompllehed t y American philanthropists, their generosity leading them to give great sums of money and, la many casts, their time to worthy causes. Mrs. E. D. Andrews' subject, "Dr. J. C. Maxwell," ensiled her to write a most beautiful paper, on that contained th account of th life, of a noble Christian man, who must have been an Inspiration to all who knew him. The meeting was adjourned following th lusiness session. : Meeting ot Study Clan. There will be a meeting ot the Study club with Mrs, R. P. Blake Men-day afternoon at 4 o'clock, according to aa announcement from Miss Aanlo E. Aunspaugh, secretary , : , Sutloasl Orguulrer f peaks Hr r. Mrs. Carterry. national organizer toy th Parent Teacher association, give an Interesting and Informative talk to the Parent-Teacher assocla; ttens ot Greenwood last Monday In the high school auditorium. ', ,8h told something ot the beginning of this organization, saying that the Pirent-Teacher association grew out of the National Congress of Mothers 1 Id was organized In 18S3. The ob- ly have men frlouds who are earn-Ject of th assoclstlon, as explained ing no nicr than 'they, why should l-f Mr. Carberry, Is to help fathers j and mothers realize the responsibility ef child-rearing, tot ring the hem and school Into close cooperation, and to tudy the conditions of th cemmun-i ' ft 1 According to the speaker, the Par- ent-Teacber association now has a it Is false pride to cousldr It so, A membership of 100,000 who are work- man does hot fee It wrong to be 1a-Ing to build America on a firm foun- vlted to a r.lrl'a house for a meal, dltlon because they aro developing Why. then, should be (eel uneasy a-th child physically, morally and leut lielng her guest at a restaurant? mentally. 'Let ther be equality la this as well Fhta 41 Matte Study ( lab Meet. The Greenwood Music Study club will meet Thursday afternoon at 3:30 o'clock at I be home of Mn. C. E. Crosby on Monument street.. Mra, Crosby and Miss Kvctyn Roo-enierg will U Joint boatenses for the mrasli n. - ...- , At Mug Hopper. Dr. Jack Kinard rf Ninety Hlx wn host to a few of hit men friends at a suppsr held at the 'Palmetto Tea room Thursday nlgl-'t. Tiie occasion was to celebrate Dr. ftlmtrd's approaching marriage, whhh took place yesterday to Miss Lalla flyrd of Ram-lrg. The guests Included, several of Dr Kinards friends from Mnuty Six and Dr. Hugh 1-. Feller if Greenwood The Irt'ne of Oood Hannent. By Mrs. Lydla Hoyt. Someone Mused m lhe other day ho 1 thought was rcsponsll le for the art Its riil ' Iriw risxiit 1st ' ininniir tf tin present day, I unhesitatingly answer-'" ed-women. Aftr all. the manners tf social Intercourse have In all coun- trie i been established and maintained ty the women. The men have com-1 plied I manse It was dmnanded tt' them, lu those countries where there vaa a i ilrl tSn riilita nn.l ..citl.tJnHu '. i. , i . I i liA f . . I ttwirnA It m nlin,iA,l there, and then tbe wonwn saw'that the men toed the mark. , It Is th mother who I. he'd re- sponsible for the good or tad manner of her children, not th father. It U tb hostess who is held resnonslhlo nostTh. mann; of merwiM t what women d.mcnd that they shall bo. ' ., . Perhaps wn I sav that wotnen are responHlblo. I shoul.l mabo clear that I mean the mother bud hoHtesscs of tho 'present generutiuu, not tbe de- butaates of the last year or two. They own to have teen taught to expect vi ry little, and are- surprised and of ten amused when they meet someone with what seems to them unnecessar ily good manner Tltcy are not to bllMlle- Tbey cannot expect some- thing they have never been taught to appreclutc; urr are tho young men to blame fer not Hiir to do things the women. I Just the same th oung generation la being criticized f,ir Its lack of mmaaoers. ;i often have heard bos'-1 teste compiUnlng bitterly of the bad ! mannero which they aro forced u ,ndone. My answer Is. "Don't put siuie-wiao .mihi Memory ton-up with thos,1' Refuse to Invite to I".1."1 B"ulh Caroll"a hlalry will bo your hbUfic propio'wHIi lad manners. et ihtl ""irop aunimer lebool . ,- ' ,t'D 'mt emwren tu have good ntanner bnd to cxpm them from uiHir inenns. .. '" "" ir ine sun room ih in one or me nortn- rnquoHtlouiibly, manners In Amerl- " "" of Wcl"pn' clulw ami Wluthrop ern states, with a good hcalliig sy.-ra arc worse than In 'nny "Bluer coun- w,'u,e cooperating. j tCMi lo fe(v0 ,nB n(.(.MlJSry WUi ,j try. J'ooj)! pay thnom no attention to the amall pollteuess, I am quite sure thut many young" Americans, go ing Into other countries, would have to Itsrn quite a iiew-mij or feel ex-treiuely uncoiufortablv. I am an enthusiastic a.lvocate ot many of the chunges that h:ive taken placv lu tho brhiKliiK-up of the you in, tut not of the change In manners. Aay unnveessnry agllness In lire Is ileprtsslng, and bud manners are undeniably ujly. , I reniemler an Incident which oc curred a few yeara ago. It was 1m- Dortant onlv in that it ivnie.i nr the laziness of many men with regard to small courtesies. I was dining ,t a friend s and after dinner tw r two tables of I ridge, each lu a sepa- rate room. I left earlier than th others, and took the trouble to go Into the next worn to aay "gojit alght." lU0 ,orw" 'na ln I"UIl, gather-Tho two nun at th table did not mg 1n ,h communities already or-bothcr to get up when I spoke to nn,ied for the contest. Th talking them; cne said 'Gaod nlsht." lifting ,n,u'Jlu rural commnultles his eyes from his cards for a brief c,l,nl !,lanccs with th cities for win-second, the other not even making the ",n" ,he CCTCtd prize offered lu tb effort to do that much. They did not Mtt, rcI,,PSt- "1 number of places mean to be rude, and' were much sur- 10081 mu8ic dealers have teen so gen-prised when, a few nights Inter, I told eroUi " ,0 ,ve or ivai ,1,oir records ihem that they had been. But when '4V community use. Local musicians I brought It to thejr attention, they fcttv cfrccd their services, consent-were quite ready to admit that they ,nk" t0 pln contest compositions had I een rein If; , j on every possible occasion and nelgh-One ct the fundamental reasons tor trhood gatherings are Icing held tho lark of manners In America is the idea most of us seem to have that we ar frlnhtfcily bnsy and in a hufry. or at least must scrra so, There pro some convention of Ion Rtitmllng.'however, thnt I think should alr'r whole-hearted enthusiasm, be changed to fit In with presont day ; ,ne cooperation of the communl-llfi. On la the 'convention that thoj"el ot ,ne ta,a th success of th man invurinl ly should pay the check icthl n"d ctunty contests is assured. In a restaurant. It secnu tJ me thnt ' Sponsored by tho department of this must either put the young men In ' ,mo or' f' tlie 8tate federation of delt or else stand In the way of somo ! Women' clubs, with Mrs. Cora Cox delightful evenluBs that two norsons : chairman, the state contest could otherwise spond togethci Now i that young girl are entering Into business professions, and uudoubted they not share the expenses of tbe meals they .take together. I am'ot (Re depertment ot music of th speaking now)' of course, of those who ! s,n,! deratlon ot Women club are friends, not acquaintances, and I g"d the head of th department of who would like to be together lv Mil i. . humiliating In not having money, and AsaonnremfBti vVeddlag CJl aa other thing, If equality la what we desire. In tbe Kansas City Star. Entertain at Dinner Parly. Wallace Ourrett was boat to a nnraher of hi young frlendn at a dellKhtful dinner party at bis home on Eact Cambridge atriNt Frldyl nlKlit, Dancing was enjoyed afti?r th dinner. TboMe gueHta preient wore: Mliwe Sue and Noll Perry. Itubv Strona. Lucllo Wlmrton, Caroline T.rraat. Mury and Nancy Orler. Blanch 81m.' mons, flu Alhe Lawrence, Alico ri ulV: . "r-',,,,un!a,:J len Rtrkadalo. Paul Anderson. Jn4 Jennlngn, Randolph and "Uuddy" Crier, Jimmy Lawrence, Earl Bnead and Jim Crymea. To Clean Ithlneslone Buckles, Rhinestone buckles ar cleaned by mr.lmtBlng prepared clmlk with cold wattr. DID Into this a drv. ch-nn unmiuruBo uiq run ui . stones until ' ? truaii-wniij dr, , ?ht 8lon ,0)k' au,lfullJr irlghL-Th- Kansas City . .. j . ' t . , ,, l' T W-r I , . " ,rlbu", waB raM to . u.nco lAjgn &coti, no.d worser tor tho national W. C. T. v.. wim ! 1? fre0"0 T Mra. George ;k' ot tho W. C. T. C, "aiowB N. Y.: . ",UB,1 OBVe T Dnc:t ror . m " .cun- i om to grateful for 'ifl "V"W of having her with rae ft Wbcrt th. teoling vraa' !h "n Just what w. ,tnt ,h0 :',0,h',r Clubs, high "rches. M,,J ',prsanB"iy w ctmrmlns. Hurt ennttnoM ,s deep that It simply g!''Jl;' J"1 Bm,nce; her spirituality fc , "ucn teautlful w0y 0f flrM"j . work that alio can .ru. 11107unserroys and girls with- out fear of leaving anything but great uplift In their minds." Miss Scott will sneak at the First I the First! BnP'"t ch"rch tonight at 7:30 o'clock; "l ,u,I"P"n "treet school Monday, morn,u o'clock and at Umlor' U Tue,,,,ay morning at 10:45 vhll ln Greenwood, MUg Scott Is !he .gue"1 of V- n- A- Oiwu. who chairman of the local V. C. T, U. t ,, w Music lovers, mm"t0 College, Jnn. JO.-Tho , , , . ; ' u"u ' 'y . duca ion, the '"7 r,"""u mrougnom the sito are already organised lu preparation for local contents. In which ebainplons will le selected for the county con- tests, which close on or I efor. March 81. It Is expected that these local contests will be conducted In ml tire schools of the state and that every county will send two chumploiM, one under fourteen and the other over fourteen, to compete In the stnis content next July, Forty compositions of great mssters have-been selected fcr btudy. Each pupil is expected through repested lrlnga to become so funillli.r with ,h,'e comlorltioni as to be able to recognise them even when only a f,'w ,a' r leard. :, 1,1 f)n,er t0 oia ,n ,no famlllnriilng procesa tno coutest compositions are now fcelni P,a'ed 'n chools. In where these compositions are played. the chtldredtr memories lelng tested and strengthened ty such frequently repeated concerts. Ccnte;,tRM ire .a,"dy dispiajina much" friendly riv- ls under the direction of a committee composed of the stnto superintendent - or education, the ores dent of the . ....w.. v, ...-nil.,, a vlUUB, the director of the Extension Division, Wlnthrop college, the chairman fre-'0'1"'0. Wlnthrop college. It has the pminol'flt Inn rf the aiiii.v .hJ aI.w 1 1 ilenhrtmenlft nt itin.Bttnn ImIiIm tl ' organlzaticns ' .whose representatives are named- - I Local and county organization' shculd be perfoctcd without delay In order to get the necessary preliminary dctaili under way aud start up- oo actual preparation tor tie ataie 'contest. Prise amounting at leant J to CO for thfl .fh-at plac ami 130 for .the second place will be awarded win- ner la each ot the state contests. It ,1b hoped that the winners will age the prize money In furthering thvlr I musical education. Local and cooiity prizes will probably b offered alio. thaiar.unt, of course to be fixed in Bulletins regarding tbe organisation r,f the music memory contest, together with k list of the forty con-tedt compositions, may be secured by writing to the director of tha JSx-tension Division, Wlnthrojp college. Ernest Riwchberg has returned from New York whero be has been purchasing goods tor the' Rosenberg Clothing & 8uot company, '.'"i::. . 'k ' ii.y Mr. 'and MrsO. B. Quattlebaum of Z'Zl'ZL, New Orleans, who have been visiting ' , ' " 1' , Z ' .today ffjr Jacksonvltlp, Fla. ' . ,v .' ' ,; W. n.-,AhoraV' Is ejected home today from Newberry, u . .Ms ; Friends ot littlo Howard Ridlfhaber!blngra,h,cal- 11 dow not depict tho will be gorry to Jaurn thai he Is sick With measles Miss Carollno Tarrant, who was th guest of Miss Ltirllo Wharton for 1iir sM in Newberry yesterdoy. . Trknto of Mrs. Hilton Harvey will t sorry to learn that she has been very sick. f r' " f , Mr., and Mrs. C W. Garrett have gon ou a motor trip to Florida and expect to lo gon far scleral weeks. Misses Florid Wilson ot' Williams- ton and Mlso Stio'j-G ruber of Hodges ar th guests of Miss Florid Grubr. n. r, T .. v, V r0WKn1U nrt M M.' V Tt Rf'hr-l'ci tiCVa fnlnvnA.I sam. tend tho'conv"cntlorot tte wV? 7Zll T lttl it Aultlllury to the.. Presiding Btehcp il,,0"! and Council rf the Fplscopol church nUMan 81ctne,on s - d .!.r' Mrs. R. II. Alexander, I C. Alexan- dor and Miss Sara Alexander arc in Greenwood, stopping over tor a vlrilt to, Mrs. Alexander's son, Qotiald AleX ander. whtf is 'a student at B. M..l,lopaUy by hl" ,lde trous;hout. on their wav from Tlnrld to their .home la Walhalla. - ' Pj-of. D. L. Harper spent yesterday with friends In Anderson. ' J v!h Mrs. It L. Douglas of Chester iHlting Mrs. A, C. Wire Reprcsintative R. E. McCaslan returned yesterday from Columbia for the week-end. at home. Cheerful Suaroom. Why tho worry about tho winter wentht r wbea the kuiuooui has wicker chairs, with cushions, as bright aa - - ' '" that bring Mother n m0numnlal warning to gener- Nntnr. her.elf. right Into the room.jat1anR ct the futurc. Congratula- py ot Wbadowa to admit every pos hii l hit r s..ncbin iim ftni tlrrv 0f a I usy housewife ii that household duties .prevent her from spending wrj minute of tho d.iy In Its cheor- ru xurroundlnt. In ono uttrnctivo sun room the French door in tho background, as well on the long windows, are curtained with yellow . silk - theatrical gatire, which glvei thjplceet kind of a HunttMiiv clow.- Even the thick green fern and the tall palm believe it to 1 real sunshine, and take on that halthy Icok tf real outdoor plants. , r - The chair la ot ivory feed, construc ted along the plan ot a fireside chair, j with an unusually, gii - back and shelicw wings.' (Jne of the wide arms makes a deep pocket to hold magazines or a book which must he put down tor another leisure hour. One bright runhlou covers Hi (Oat of tb chair, while th other is the movable kind. To Restore Pelhtlr ton Plana. To remove flneer marka ou a highly polished piano, wipe with a clotii wet In "ure cold watsr, then Win dry. This restores the new look ot once. Little Corcn, daughter of Mr. and I frs. 1 f. Tinr enntlniiHa nulla ateV at her heme ou Reynolds street. - Frlouda cf Mrs. E. P. I Norwood, who has been sick tor some-1 time, will le glad to know that nbs la better. Z Mr. and Mr. Loran Moore and little Lornn, Jr., formerly ot Green-woad.j but now ot Spartanburg, are visiting Mr. and Mrs. Dry an Sp roles. Mrs. A. St. Clair Lee, who ha teen quite sick, Is reported as being bet- ter. Bank With Gfeenicood8 Million Dollar v: Bank I OF LifortyLlon.Tu "Human Weckage" At Liberty. , All humanity should give thank to Mr. Wallace Held for giving to Ivllltatlon her mur h diacueaed antl-narcoilc photoplay, "Human Wreck age," which will be ahowa for the tlnt tlm, Mod M Lb6rty Theatre , Dy all odds the most predominant feature of "Human Wreckage" tot the slnccrtly of Mrs. Retd. This ! courageous little woman who Just j come through an ordeal of nerve- shattering terror has begun an nn - remitting; campaign to check tha swiftly spreading tide of dope addic tion which la gradually encompassing the entlr world. "Human -Wreckage'' is merely her first step. And It I a step well taken. ' The photoplay Is not one of sordid tendencies. It Is cntertalsment. powerful entertainment; perhaps- t bnt how. one asks, would It have been fothcrwUe powlhle to drive home to1 . ""'winaj aj story or flrng addiction f "Human Wreckage" Is in no sens i . - troubles of Mrs. Reld or th suffer ing of her lamented husband. It does not portray, any side of the all- too-well-known story cf the tragedy a'' Wallace Reld, Th story has to do with the brave struggle of famous attorney to tight off th dread habit ot addiction, an attorney who succumbs to the affliction! and then, after falling as low is human mortal can fall, succeeds by almost superhuman effort! in ridding himself of the disease. Aa the attorney, Alan MacFarland, James ' Klrkwood achieve th tin-cuortioned trlmph of hii brilliant career. It is safe to say that even his rrcat characterization ot th leading role in Channing Pollock' "The Fool." tfc relgnltlg New York ,ta" h,t ot ir41r mat- . (be fight MacFarland makes to break h'nuelf of the habit of addiction. His wife. Impersonated with exquisite pathos by Mrs. Reld, stands her- rucccedlng finally in rescuing him rrora the grip of the dread opiate? i that were steadily sending him to hla doom. The performance ot Bessie Love! ftlro touches a lofty peak of artistry. lsls ,n'1 I'ttl addict mother. Miss! lve revenl herself as a tragedienne I of terrific power and has cast off, I perhaps for good, tho colak of troth with which she has enveloped herself) tn many iterlor roles ln the past He.- playing. Indeed, Is one of the moat happy aeif (significant features j of this most nriuNtial photoplay l'ndubtedly "Human Wreckage"" will achieve Its purposo. It will go I muhuik nuwn ns rornnora 01 lime tlonn may he showered on all who took part, not forgetting Mr. Gardner Sullivan..1 who wrote the human story, and Mr. John Griffith Wray, the director, who gave It a compelling Interpretation on the screen. Two Days Only A piercing photodramatic search-light turned 'on the land of drug darkness, revealing humanitifs most bitter defeats and most glorious victories. , ' '' ' ' '." i : Mrs. Wallace Reid "Human Supported By James Kirkwood An intcntely intertitinf atory and & portrayal, technically- .correct, cf the narcotic situation as it exist today in the United Stateif production entirely worthy of the mcral and material support of all civic forces that it might deliver its vital menage to the greatest numbers possible. We heartily commend "Human Wreckage" to the people of Greenwood as a thoroughly absorbing and instructive film. BETTER FILM COMMITTEE OF GREENWOOD. u A The New York Morning Telegraph said "Acting in 'Human Wreckage' little short of wonderful . . ". , . ' ; Comedy i "Choose Your Weapons" Hours 2 4 Dies From .Fall Spartanburg. 8. C. Jan. it. Jfnie Wallafc Swltzrr,. 9 year old son of a prominent family of this county, died early today ns result of injuries sustained while trying to leap across" a ditch near bis home. Internal Injuries are believed to have resulted vthen be tell In making tbe Jump. .. ' .-. Plot round. lierlln, Jan. 26. An alleged com 'uunlst plot for the overthrow ot( the government was brought to light totiay in tho debate of the finance committee of th Wurtemburg parlia meet, according to advice from Ktultgart. Larr quantities of explosives are said to have been seized. ' .' . 'v." f -. ' '-- ' We buy clean goods v For this clean store '; .; " ' ' . - t 4 i . . And deliver them dean At your kitchen door. We Give S. & II. Green Trading Stamps. J S. BURNETT & SON Phones 216-217. Liberty Monday and Tues. ;.V r7rr?TT:i n T77" I I . 7 ' t' -Vt V ' - . i in ip " ii f5 -'' ' Y " ' if . ,;:."' ' 1 i ft . ' f;lUi 3v S':'' i vi ..-..IBM I til '. K.I t i S . V.J-"..-- V -gewe trw'HUMAN WRECKAGE Lil . , v . - . 1 - ? IN Wreckage The New York Evening Journal said picture everyone should Moving Picture World said : " " . Vivid, impressive, powerful and convincing." NEWS WEEKLY : ' Prices: V 7-9 Ytunjr Coolidga to Amherst Amherst, Maa.. Jan. 2. Presl-(t Oldt of Amherst college today continued a report that John Cool-i 1k t )itr mm of President and Mrs. Cnlviii C'")lldgi, will enter Amherst net fall. 1'ieHdent Coolldge hlm-mi Is an Amherst alumnus. The (our final days will be unusual bar' gain events at Eflrds January Sale, QUALITY SERVICE FRESH PORK HAMS CITY MARKET Phone 51. ' . i y -nV" t 1 .,'-., i ' Monday and Tuesday; 1 . .. I I r. , s Bessie Love see MliBee--- Night.. . .10c-33 ..v.10c6c

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