The Decatur Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on October 5, 1919 · Page 33
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The Decatur Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 33

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 5, 1919
Page 33
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\ Monday Evtafcig, Oetoef 0,1919. JT I I : w PAGE KlVi Drop Kick in Third Quarter Allowed The Staley football team sprung a bis surprise on the Peorla Tractors at Peoria Sunday. Having had but f o u r n i s h t s practice previous to Sunday, the Staley team had small hope of \ \ l n m r i K and p l a n n e d a strictly def e n s i v e game. The Peorla team had d e f e a t e d C h i l - llcothe and Clinton. Iowa by decisi%'e B'ores and had I n t e n d e d m a k i n g a K i l l i n g w i t h t h e green Decatur h u n c h , b u t in t h i s they w e r e sadly disappointed. IN P E O R I A T E R R I T O R Y Instead of p.ay being m a i n l y In Decatur territory as r e p o r t e d w a s nlmost e n t i r e l y on the Peorla ami of the f i e l d and he nearest approach to the t a n l e y goal was in the t h i r d t n i a n e r w h e n Peoria. by r e c o v e r i n g the ball on a f u m b l e a f t e r b e i n g forced t o p u n t , were w i t h i n s t r i k i n g distance The superb work of the D e c a t u r line, however, q u i c k l y offset t h i s advantage Failing to gain g r o u n d by l i n e attacks and forward parses, the Tractors attempted a drop k i c k f r o m the SO yard line, w h i c h was a l l o w e d by Conn-ay, coach of the Peoria t e a m who acted as impire. Referee Mart i n , also a Peoria m a n . objected strenously to allowing the score to count, c l a i m i n g the ball did not pass between the posts and w e n t to far as to t a k e the ball to the 20 yard Una for a k i c k o u t . hut f i n a l l y agree-1 w i t h Conwoy. 16 SUBSTITUTES Tha Fiona team used I B s u b s t i t u t e s »nd went so far a» to a t t e m p t to ret u r n Cady. the old Social Star, to the game after he had been t a k » n out In the second q u a r t e r . Staleys replaced four men d u r i n g the e n t i r e B«me. W h i l e the e n t i r e D e c a t u r team deserve* all the c r e d i t that can be £tven them, the work of Wasem, Jack M i n t u m . Veach and Lanum Is deserving of special m e n t i o n . On n u m e r o u s occasions w h e n Peoria f u m b l e d . M i n i u m repeated his old habit of f a l l i n g on the hall and In the l i n e pla ed the i e t e r a n Peoria center to a standstill The t e r r i f i c ]me plunges of Veach and L a n u m seldom f a i l e d to gain and in every emergency t h e e n t i r e l i n e h e l d l i k e B stone w a l l Peoria f r e q u e n t l y losing the ball on d o w n s . Lanum's p u n t i n g was a feature. STOXIXGTON COMING S t o n l n c t o n plays at Staley field n o \ t S u n d a y and Manager Wasem has B o h e i l u l e d several s t i f f w o r k o u t s f o r th e team this week. A l l t h e p l a j e r s are. in excellent condition, b a r r i n g a few m i n o r bruises, and the c o n f i d e n c e B"o,nired by h o l d i n g one of the strong- est teams In the state has put new pep I n t o ' t h e m . A large crowd is expected at the opening home game as some comparison may be drawn b e t w e e n Stal- eys and Taylorville. A game w i t h the latter team has not as yet been scheduled though Wasem has attempted to secure a date. The summary: 1. PEORIA.3. Hefele Stoerr Montgomery Benson Neusbaum W o o d r u f f W i l l i a m s SheDperd R o b e r t s Cady J e n n i n g s Peoria. Decatur Drop kick -- Law ler. -- L a u l e r f o r J e n n i n g s , Braverman for Shepperd: Coleman for M o n t g o m - ery; B r u g g e m a n for Neusliaum, M i n ton for C a d y ; K c k h o f f for W a s e m ; D r e m e e r f o r W i l l i a m s , A l l e n fo" Roberts; M c G r a t h f o r M i n t u n ; Dresen for B r o c o u r t , B r a n t for Veach. j;i'l t r e e -- M a r t i n . Tmpire--Com\ay. Head l i n e s m a n -- H e r k e T i m e r -- R H - haak DECATUR, 0. Wagner-Thrift May Haltman M i n t u n Chase K o e h l e r Wasem Brecout P r y c y n k l Veach L a n u m . n 0 3 0--J . 0 0 0 0--0 S u b s t i t u t i o n 'Cvengross Holds St. Louis TO Six Hits \\ i t h Cveneross h o l d i n g : the f a f t t \\ a b a d a s t e a m of St. Louis to six h i t c , the Staley Sunday lost to the St. Louii astjreeation of big l e a g u e players 5 to 1 before a crowd of a l i « - u t 1000. The game was f a s t and =?ome p r e t t y p l a y s were t u r n e d loose Pick of the Boston Braves playing- second for Staleys stepped on one i n the s i x t h I n n i n g that went for a t r i p l e a l t h o u g h w i t h o u t g r o u n d r u l e s h e c n u ' d h a % e walked h o m e f o r a h o m e run h e f o r e the ball ^\as even reached by the f i e l d e r There T\ ,is o n l y one "jar" in the came and was In the f i f t h w h e n K l l e r poked one close alone? the foul e t h a t ',ont two over the p l a t e h u t mps" .\ t i E T u s t l n e could not see it t h a t way nnd it had to go for a f o u l I On Pay Day- We Like to talk V A L U E S ! O When a man draws his pay these days he has an uneasy feeling that the butcher, the baker, the grocer, the tailor, and the landlord are figuring how they can take it away from him. Cl And this is just a a line to assure you that while the prices of all clothes have gone up, we're not adding a dollar on the price to you that has not been added on the price to us! n We're still content to make our money on the crowd instead of on the individual -- still adhering to the Maienthal policy of sticking by onr friends instead of sticking them! have the Taylorville, Oct. 6,--Byron Williams, former reporter on the Taylorville Courier, has arrived home, bringing with him an English girl for bride. The two were married in Liverpool, England, in August. The bride's parents expect to move soon, w i t h their family, to Brooklyn, N Y. The young couple will live in Taylorville. Mr. Williams has been in the naval service for two years. ANNOUNCES ENGAGEMENT. Announcement of the engagement has been received by Taylorville friends (,! Miss Mareraret Scrimger, of Oakwood, 111. and J. Irl Darst. son of Mr. and Mrs. B. M. Darst ( of Pana, who was lieutenant In the art i l l e r y during- the war, and formerly connected w i t h the Ricks Motor Sales company here. The date of the ·vcddlng was not made known. FORMERLY OF TAYLORVILLE. Miss Scrlmger f o r m e r l y resided in Taylorzvllle. She is a graduate of the I l l i n o i s Woman's college of Jacksonville. She is the daughter of Rev. and Mrs George E. Scrimger. Mr. DarBt is engaged in the automobile business In Pana. f BOY SCOUTS HIKE. Boy Scouts of the two local troops had a grand time on their all night luke to Taylor's camp Friday evening There were t h i r t y - f i v e of the boys at the camp. The boys cooked t h e i r own suppers and breakfasts An early return was made to the city before all the tests were f i n i s h e d to allow Boyd Dappert to go to Decatur with the h i g h school team. S E V E R A L GET PHEASANTS. Among Taylorville men who have been successful pheasant h u n t e r s t h i s season are Frank Taylor, W i l l - iam Lai km, Gus Watk.ns and Ernebt Hoover H u n t i n g has been hard as h e g r o u n d has been so dry that the dog.u have been u n a b l e to set or keep the scent. BOX SCORE box score f o l l c m s ' \ Y A B A m ? P.uH c . . . Hollochcr, ss Kueser It S f h m a n d t . Ib .. J c n k t n g , rf .... TirmU L'h . ... .T H o l l m h o r . ct H a n k . "b I.olficlO, n Total" AB. goods! I]} We have the values! | We have the reputation M e l n c r l 1! \\ nolh\orth, niler. Ib . Pick 2b . McGladc, s, T . o t s h a w . P o h l h n m . C\enpro:p STALKY i A B Ib rf p Totals . . Bv I n n t n s s TVabadas ..32 CHURCHES IN JOINT MEETING AT PANA Pana, Oct 6 -- St John's German K\ a n g e l i c a l church celebrated Mission S u n d a y y e s t e r d a y w i t h lolnt services of St. Johns and the congrega- t i o n s of the Ohlman and Dollville Evangelical churches TO RAISE FUNDS The o b j e c t of the special services j was for the local congregation to raise in one day the f u n d s needed I for the year, for all its mission work and the congregations to arouse en- t h u s i a s m and renew a c q u a i n t a n c e s among the congregations. Tlev Theodore B r a u n of St Louis delivered sermons at both m o r n i n g and even- in? service;.. The sacrpd music at m o r n i n g ser- vice was rendered by the Ohlman male choir «nd »t evening service by the made choir ot St. Johns; the afternon services by a mixed choir of the three congregations. The ladles of the congregation served a flit tinner in the church basement, OTHER MEETINGS PLANNED The days service were not only successful in accomplishing the p u r pose sought but were greatly enjoyed. Besides the local pastor" In 1 charge, Rev. Fruchter, Rev. K. Frlebe of Ohlman and Rev. K. Miller of Dollville assisted. A join meeting of these congregations for the same purpose has already been held In Ohlman and one will be held at Dollville in the near future. HOLD TWO MEN FOR CONSPIRACY Runnell Wheeler nnd George McCnti- ley Under Arre»t. Russell Wheeler, aged nineteen, and George McCauley, aged twenty, were arrested Sunday night on a charge of conspiracy. Early Sunday evening some one called up police headquarters by telephone and told the officers that an effort would be made that evening to get Reddy Cox out of the county so that he would not be here on Monday to testify against the three men alleged to have robbed him In a Vandalla box car about a week ago. The police were told that Wheeler and McCauley had an appointment to meet Cox in Central park at 8 o'clock Sunday evening and that a farmer was to be there at that time to taite Cox away. Officers Wood and Gunkle were sent to the park and they soon located Wheeler and McCauley. The officers got a seat near the two men and waited Cox came, but tn» farmer did not show up, to the police took the two men to jail and the grand j u r y will have a chance to investigate the story. *- Sullivan, Oct. 6. -- The Moultrle County Ch'cuit court was In session again Saturday and Judge George A. Sentel was on the bench and granted five divorces during the day. The divorce cases were Esther Fern Fair vs. James R. Fair; W i l l R. Hubbard vs. Josephine Hubbard; Noble H Watts vs. Ora L. Watts; Henry Mc- Klm vs. Theodocla N. McKIrt and Ollle Marmor vs. Charles Marmor. There are eleven more divorce cases up for this term of court. Light rains fell here Sunday tore- noon but towards the north and west from this rity enough r a i n fell to make the roads m u d d y for awhile Sunday afternoon and left them a l i t - tle rough for driving. Rain also fell six or seven miles to the south east of here also leaving the roads In a m u d d y condition the r e m a i n d e r of the day. PERSONALS Finley E. Pifer and; wife alid Miss R u t h arrived home Saturday from a few weeks v i s i t to eastern cities. They report an excellent trip and a very pleasant time. County treasurer O. F. Dolan Is In am Hie attending the state conven- on of County Treasurers which is session there today and tomor- ow. Judge W. G. Cochran went to De- atur Monday m o r n i n g enroute to prlngfield, where he has a case in le appellate court. Judge George A Sentel went to ^ontlcello Monday m o r n i n g w h e r e he ill hold c o u r t In the Platt c o u n l y i r c u i t court this week. Mr. and Mrs. Ollison Craig and son eturned to their home In Decatur londay m o r n i n g a f t e r spending tinday here the guest of the former's ither, F. M Craig. HUGE COST OF BRITISH STRIKE London, Oct. 6.--Business men estimate the loss t othe nation through t l - ^ strike as approximately 50,000,000 pounds, according to the Dally Mail, but it will be a long time before the cost Is f u l l y determined. The loss to the government probably will reach a million p o u n d s for each nay of tho sti ike. The loss to I n d u s t r y Is far greater. The railway men who were out eight days, spent 300,000 pounds strike pay, the emergency funds o{ the national union of railway men being depleted to that extent, and incurred besides many other expenses ALBERT AND MERC1ER WORSHIP TOGETHER Uoston, Oct. 6.--Albert of the Bel- :ans and Cardinal Mercler, worsh- pped yesterday under the vaulted ome of Holy Cross cathedral. The wo most heroic figures of the lit- land which wan the earliest prey f Germany met here for the f i r s t ime upon the soil of the land which ticcored them (···Mill i n o n 2 0 :T 9 i PO. A. E. ( 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 4 1 2 1 0 4 4 fi 1G 1 ^ 1 1 0 2 0 1 0 -- r S t a l p y ' s . . . . . . . . . 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 -- 1 SI'MM \HT. Threp hasp hits--Pick, C. Hollocher. Two base hits-- Brady SacrlflL? hits-- C Hollocher. Stolen hasp-- J. H n l l o r h r r . Base on b a l l s -- O f f Cvengrosg, 6 of! LiMfleld. 1 DoublPs play;-- C^ngrois to M e G l n d p to L o f h a u , C Hoilocher to Brady to Scn- mitnilt. =tru-k out-- By Cvengross, 4, by Lpl- IVIi] fi. Hit hv pitched ball -- C. nollocher, Woofhvorth. Vmplres, Kick and Aucustlne. Tlmp of came 2 hours Attendance-- 1 000. TAYLORVILLE WINS /FROM STONINGTON Taylorville, Oct 6 --Taylorville Independents defeated Stonlngton here Sunday a f t e r n o o n 42 to 0. The Ston- lngton line was u n a b l e to hold the Taylorville lunges. RAIN POSTPONES BIG AUTO RACE Cincinnati, Oct. 6.-- The $30,000 automobile sweepstakes race, scheduled for the C i n c i n n a t i speedway Sunday was postponed until next Saturday at 1 p. in. on account of rain. J And you can't go jjj «j«*4tn a* K " DCCATUIMUJHOia You Want Union Suits To Be Comfortable --Comfort if nothing else. --But i n M U N S I N G U N I O N SUITS men not only find the comfort that comes from perfect fit, but they get wear and wash re- sistence that comes from the employment of only the finest long- fibre yarns. --We can fit men of all dimensions in Munsing-Wear right out of stock. llMlMmillM liWIIilllBlBlllllHllHliJIlllll Though the bagpipe IB considered Scotch Instrument, It was Introduc- id among the English by their Rolan conquerors. Montlcello, Oct. 6.--At Its regular meeting last week, Phoenix lodge, K. of P. decided to secure quarters for meetings and has already purchased the brick building on West Main street from B. L. Huffman. This Ss better k n o w n as the H. D. Peter's building. The purchase price was $4,000. The lot has a frontage of t h i r t y feet and depth of 110 feet, Is two stories high and has a basement. Some remodeling will be done before the lodge takes possession. It is understood that the Eupepsla Co. w i l l have the lower floor. SURPRISES BURGLAR. At five-thirty Sunday m o r n i n g , when Ora Pike stopped at the Fireproof garage, of which he Is manager, on his way to the I. T. S. station, upon switching on the light, he was greeted by a burglar who Jumped from behind a showcase. The stranger held him up w i t h a revolver. Mr Pike held up his hands and walked backward toward the door, the burglar following. When on the outside, the burglar ran. Nothing was stolen. PERSONALS. Mrs. Inez J. Bender of Decatur spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Tippett and helped them celebrate their t w e n t y - f i r s t w e d d i n g annl versary. Howard Nash ot champa|gn wa» in the city Sunday afternoon, coming here from Mansfield, where be attended the funeral of Jerome Swartz. Mrs. Delia Fox, county health nurso wax In White Heath Sunday afternoon and Monday and e.\pect* to leave Tuesday to spend her vacation in Chicago with friends and relatives. The birthday party of the M. E. Guild will be held Tuesday night st the home of Mrs. Anna Bloyer. Mrs. H. V. Moore of Los Angeles, Calif., Is here the guest of friends. Efl Hazzard of Lake Charles. r,a.. came Friday to visit his parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. Hazzard. Ills wife has been here some time. The ancient Egyptians began their year at the autumnal equinox, Sept. J-'. In England Dec. 25 was New Year's day u n t i l the time of William the Conqueror. He was crowned on Jan. 1, hence the change. i World's Series Facto. MTURDAWS ROOM, Attendance riay«r»- «har« M.M». Nat'l ConimtBfilon'^ Bhar* Clubi and leagues- «h«r« M.SIS. TOTAL FOR POOR GAMES. Attendance Receipts J3SI.MO.O Players' share j'301,51*. Nat'l Coir.mlMlon's ihare ??·?*?· OlubF ana lenRue'g share , WANTED MEN Indiana way D*5 Prepare ae Ftremi *3rakemen CoJprnl I'ortere, J t W ' to $2 m o n t h to mart. No cxperlenc necessary. Kundrtdi pUot 500 mor . r,-aU!Sd. . ^IIH nd*. Will* at mire Inter (84 1 Ir.tiEanipoH*. 7n-l. illlllllllllllllllllllillllllllllllllllllllllllllL: I P A R I S I I THEATRE| = 12OO E. Eldorado | ^LINEBRADY I --IN-- S I BndestructableWife j § Also Fatty Arbuckle | I Comedy. E Tomorrow--Tom Moore In "30 E = a Week," also 5th episode of -E Carter Case. STARTING TODAY tilt VTTAGRAPH'S GREAT SERIAL "SMASHING BARRIERS" wm, WM. DUNCAN ONE EPISODE EVERY MON.-TUES. AND WED. With This Big Vaudeville Show THE AVON NOW PLAYING LiimiimiNimiiimiMiiiiiiiiiiimmiiiiiNiHHiHiiiiimmiiiiiiiMiiiMii iiiimiii ! celebrated stage drama, by DAVID BELASCO A Theda Bara Super Production _ Miss Bara gives two wonderful and distinct impersonations in E the dual role o« La Belle Russe, the wicked sister, and Fleurelte, = the good tw'in sister. The supporting cast i» an unusually good one. § It affords Miss Bara the widest possible latitude for her histrionic talents. Avon Orchestra of 1 Pieces § COMPOSED OF ALL DECATUR MUSICIANS AND THE ONLY THEA. ~ TRE PIPE ORGAN IN TOWN. MISS MARIE : MEYERS, ORGANIST. I REGULAR PRICES ·iiiiiiiiiimiimiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii I THE PICTURE PALACE OF CENTRAL ILLINOIS Production--Music--Presentation R PRICES' 16-Piece Symphony Orchestra Matinee--2:00, 3:45 p. m. Evening--7:00, 8:45 p. m. Follow the Crowds There's a Reason LAST TIME TODAY aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiMiiiiiiiiHiiiiiiHiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiwiin"""""""' iHiMimiimiiinmiMiimmiiimimiiimi IIIIIIIMIIIIIIIII | wrong 158 MERCHANT ST. If You Can't Play Old Age Has Got You A great philosopher once said that the way for n man to live long is "always to be a boy." Folks w h o can play never grow old. You'd be surprised to find how many people find the ancient game of "ten pins" a real recreation and gloom-chaser. Come in today and witch the bowlers. Try a game or two and get the kinks out of your bones. Decatur Club Bowling Alleys OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. Elevator Entrance Citizens Bldg. "GOOD players »re good workers.* Bijou Concert Orchestra Bijou Concert Orchestra Exclusive Paramount and Artcraft Theatre in Decatur A d o l p k BILLIEBURKE in^The Misleading Widow .' ' ' . . . : - . : . . : .' : :-', '^W'O -··-'· -., . /);7'?otW, .bu J.-S. P.OBE^tSON Our Regular Prices for the Entire Season Lower Floor Tax Included Children Tax le Extra Balcony Tax le Extra lOc Also PARAMOUNT FLAGG COMEDY j "Oh, Judge, How Could You" liiimiiiimiiiiiiiiiiiniiiMiimMimiiimmmiimmmiiimiMiiim^ " llllllll ' = Note: .Except "The Miracle Man. TWO SWEETHEARTS By Sam Shlpman and Clara I.ipman POWELL TROUPE Sensational Tight Wire Expert)-. HUGO LUTGENS The Swede Billy Sunday KEATING WALTON The Younger Generation JAP--The Wise Hound BLANCHE in the Most Unusual Pla "The Hushed Hour" With An Unusual Cast--Wilfred Lucas, Milton Sills. Harry Northap. Winter Hall, W y n d h a m Standing, Edward M. Kimball. Kid McCoy, Rosemary Theby, Mary Anderson, Lydia Knoll, Gloria Hope and Bennie Alexander. | Suppose: Every clock in the world would stop for one hour! All business suspended -- not a wheel turned -- not a human being moved! = That during this hoar--a hushed hour--the world halted to think » '^^.^^3SSH^^^m9 What Would YOUR Thoughts Be? See "THE HUSHED HOUR" PATHE NEWS SUNSHINE COMEDY PLETCER'S SCREEN MONOLOGUE NOTE--No pictures tomorrow on account of "Oh, Lady, Lady" road attraction. ; U I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I E I I H I I I I » l ! H I I OCTOBER 7, 8:lP.M. . _ . _ . . THE FIFTH NEH-YORKPOlNCtS-' THEATRE MUSICALCOMEDYSUC F' BOOK 5 LVR1CS BY GUY BOLTON P.G.WODEHOUSE A MUSICAL COMEDY OP YOUTHFUL DAINTINESS f AND PRETTY GIRLS ; MOTABLE CAST. FASCINATING CHOtUS. PRICES--$2.00, $1.50, $1.90, 75c, 50c. Stati Now Selling. Box Office Hoars 10 is. m. to t:30 p. m. NEWSPAPER!

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