Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on January 8, 1947 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
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Wednesday, January 8, 1947
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BEPOR1 Midnight 38 3 n. m 38 da. m 30 0 n. tti - > • 38 ^'oon '10 'A Progressive Newspaper For a Progressive Community" THE WEATHER Mn*sn.chuHet!.s, Rhode Island and Connecticut—l<»i." ;;;:d colder tonight and Thursdmy, Eostport to Block Island—Thirty to 35 miles per hour Runty northwest winds tonight a.nd Thursday. Fair weather ncaY nhore, partly cloudy with snow flurries out at BCR. Vol. LXXI, No. 6 ESTABLISHED 1885 WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 8, 1947 Leased Wire Service of the United Press Price Four Centi State Needs 13 Million In New Taxes-McConaughy Borough Board Fails To Make Appointments Guest Of Honor Meeting Ends After Deadlock On First Ballot For Fireman; Two Supernumerary Policemen / Resign Uunning true to form the board of wirrton and burguJsus again Itutl niKht failed to make appointments to ttin police- and fire departments, and left the- two hour and 37 min- ' utc meeting without formal adjournment, ', The board's failure to act came ' in the 'face of two more resigna- | tiona in the police department, i hniu;ir,g the total vacancies now to ; five. SupermtnieruV-ira Anthony J. I OIellr> and Tho:a;u ..I. Scally sub- j mittocl resignations, which were ac- i ccptcd. j Convening 'IS minutes after the scheduled hour of 8 o'clock, the sea- ', sion proceeded without cantanker- ' oua exhibitions except for a eouple ot slicht outbursts from the Firm and Second Ward Republican bur- gcs.v.'s on various subjectM. At 11:20 o'clock the matter of np- Iiointmunt.s was introduced. Ballot- ; in;; on that of a regular fireman re- i suited in duadlnci: with three votes ; Bl/'RGKSS for John Ijiwlor, thrue far Olym-j 7>;\vSKI, recently jihlii Bai-telli, and one for Frank I vuHrlo Ovkowskl" Klonoski. ! i<irst Wind MurgcsM J. Rudolph! Anderson (in irnme'Jialely moved' tltc rnrcting be adjourned, with . Tnird VV'anl riurgcss Cre.sln Kllm- ! a.-OTwski I f» seconding the mo-; linn. i\.-i Mr. I-Clini;isx,"Wski proceed- • <•<! to rcliri! ;n>m thn room, Fhst 1 Ward BiirgrjiH J, Francis C'ullon (Di movd away from the table. ', llr/iphy Stiitvrnent At this point with only Second Wart! r.urK'.'Mi Andiow O'Toole (Di • nnd the three GOP burgesses re- ! maimng. Warden Leo J. Brophy n.-(- ' Mi-ted. "This is the quickest action ' l'v<! sorin since I've been on the ' bwii-d. (t'« very evident that I'm ntit hnldir.f; up Itir- rtppointnirntw, nntl [ want the people and the prosy lo knnw thill. 1'ai H»KII\K KM- aa- olhcr lialloi." i With bourd members grinning, , urid thi- iiudicncf laughing, Mr. ' nominalion of Gencrul Marshall tu Anderson askvd Unit his motion be In.. Kucroljry of state. K'-sfindrd, hut a:i It. haw not been "put" by the warden, this fiction CBy rniteil I'rf-.s) timid not be- taken. nini<m;ir'if! circles the world over Bristol Terrace Residents Renew Annexation Plea Brennan, Christensen Streets, Walnut Terrace For Coasting Three streets In the borough are to bo blocked off at certain times during the day for coasting purposes, according to votes taken last nigi.t at the meeting of the board of warden and burgesses. ' Fii-dt Ward Burgess -J. Rudolph Anderson (R) moved Walnut Terrace be blocked off at Park avenue extension from Millvillo avenue. Christensen street was author- ised tu be closed to traffic for sliding purposes following a motion by Second Ward Burgess Dominic DeCarlo (R.) It also was voted to block on Brennan street at Diamond and Bridge streets for coasting aftei a motion was entered by Third Ward Burgess Creslo Klimaszewski (D). Times the streets will be avaik able for coasting will be set by Police Chief John J. Gormlcy, and blockades will be erected by the street department under the supervision of Superintendent of Streets Harold Murtha, -Last-Minute News — CKESLO KUMAS- i married to ! Oxford, will ' IIP iriicM of honor at n testimonial I January 22 at tin- Blue Moon i ri'.Mtuiiriint. Lulu 1 Comiskey will | be master of ceremonies. Byrnes Quits; Marshall In World Diplomatic Circles Express Reaction To 1 Major Cabinet Change Washington, Jan. 8—(UP)—The .sot-'itc foreign relations committee has unanimously approved . tho Thut thti appbintmonts wero not m;idc nut ;i surprise, for suv- er;U of the bur^'csyes prior to the mootinj,' had predicted the results. I'nlous siivu.iil mouiinKK HI o call oil, Wo roKtilur sessions n;muin In the : fisciil year in which the board will Do Nicc'l with iippointment of five members tn the- police foice and cinu tn tnc fin; department. Chief Sheridan To Tell History Of Fire Department arc exprcssinj; first reaction to the .-'Lirpi-ise shake-up in the top American cabinet post. And a', first Blanco", it ^ooks as thoiiRh everyone is sorry . to see Sccrt-tary of State Byrnes retire— hut, happy that his successor is General George M'trjhaJI, In London, n foreign olllce ipoke-imJin ofllckilly has expressed lively I'CKrcl at Byrnes IcavinK the .Slate department. But the spokesman hastened to add: "Of course, t!fni:i"il M Mi'sliall Is j ii'i Klr;in;;i;d to Us. And wo look i I'urward to our a.'isoci.ition with ', Jiini." UII.SK!; MO far i« silent about | appointment. Morning i ^ in Moscow say nothing! C'hkf /. Shoi-Id.-m \v:ll giv i "'"'tit the resit,-;ntion of Byi-nes. i a inlk on the "History (if the Xaii-' In Italy a foreign office .spokes-, I muck Kiro Department" at the' mfin sa y s that the switch if> not ex-; -I rneiilai- f-'rcdhmon assembly whlc'i pecterl to affect relations between i M \ "'ill he hnlcl at the high school to-! tn <-' United Stales and lialy. j mnri-jiv. Hry.'mt Kirknnd'ill J;i' German Icnder.s have been as- chnir-mnn. ; suiecl that thn change will not ef- Th" program foll-nvi; lc ^t American occupation policy In Sitllilp to the Fl.-ii,- ' the fieich. fi.-mn S,,|,,. Concerto In A Mlnur| As r ° 1 ' thl -' F;11 ' East—whore Rita Ficltilgo i M irshall personnlly has been! Vnciil s .lo, "I'll Tike You Hume I h; " ldli;l f- T Americfin policy fur the! Airjiin Kfithloon" ! l last yea!---C'hinusc Communist and: .V- Ltiort.-iliyt ic'iclcrs hiLVO r,'Dnc into • a huclcllc in Nanking. They promise! f'Or.7)aI r<."-iction within a few' hours. (By United I'rcss) TIIESIDKNT BKPORTS Washington — President Truman has asked Congress, to hold the line on taxes and rents in 19-17. These are two main points in his first annual economic report. He also warned labor apiinst making large new pay demands and urged industry to lower prices. Aa for the general economic outlook, Mr. Truman said, the nation "has never been so strong or so prosperous nor have our prospects ever been brighter." oOo—— FIRE KAGING Wcehuwkon. .V. J.—What may prove to Ite one of the wornt fires over to occur on the Kcw York hurlior front hits hroken nut tit the New York Central's pier three at Wonliawkon, N. J. rotl<:(> mid firo (Icpurtmetits In Wee- 1 liawkwi rrjiort UiHt flamcN wblcli broke out m.VHti'rlnusly at 0 a. m, hnvr Hiirniil over the onUrn pier and are burninc nearby unman. Officials dcHcrlbo It as "one of the worse harbor front fires In their memory, ARSON CHARGE Greenwich, Conn.—A 17-yeai-- old youth—Gene A. Roberts of Greenwich—is being held on an arson charge in connection with a fire at the Pickwick theater. Police .say that Roberts admitted sotting fire to a rug in a small booth last night. oOo NOMINATION Washington—Thn former high commissioner to the Philippines, Francis Sayre, has been nominated by President Truman to lin American represientaHvr on thu United , Nutious trusteeship council. oOo—— DEFKNS'B RESTS CASE Now York—The defense has rested its case without calling a v/itness in the Alvin Paris bribery trial in New York city. And Defense Attorney John Minton bngan hia summation to the jury immediately after the opening of court. PREDICTS SPEEDY ACTION Washington—House Speaker Joe Martin predicts speedy congressional action on the bill limiting the presidency to two terms. Martin says the measure should be ready for House action by February 1st, nnd he predicts little opposition. ——oOo » FAVORS LEGISLATION Wasltington. — Federal waite- liour administrator—I.. M. Wall- Ing—says he's In favor of legislation that will prevent another outbreak of labor union suits for hack portal-to-portal pay that huve now almost, reached the foiir-liflllon dollar mark. Wnlllng .ttttys he's going to t//l Congress liow he thinks It should be done, 1JASKHALL MEN IMPROVED New York—Two of baseball's most outstanding home-run kings —Babe Ruth and Joe DiMaggio —are reported to be doing well following their surgical opera- lions. Ruth had undergone a serious neck operation to relieve head pain and DiMaggio had a. minor foot operation. oOo VOLCANO ERUPTS Akutan Island, Alaska—Seventy-five white and native residents of the Alaskan Island-village of Akutan are ready to flee the Island at a moment's notice as red-hot lava pours down the mountain-side of the erupting Akufctn volcano. Navy and Guard ships are standing by In the hurlmr to evacuate the endangered island dwellers. oOo-—— MU-MJJ.K WIN!) Kodlak, Alaska — A naval weather station reports that a raging storm—with winds* up to 140-miles an hour—is sweeping across the North Pacific towards the Aleutian islands of Attu and Shemya. The storm—now reported less than USO-milos southwest of the islands—Is expected to reach the Aleutian chain within a few hours—unless It blows itself out in the meantime, tt,p Nfiiigutuck 1 ' 1 >op.-irtm"nt Chi»r John J. fch"rir.l m iip uingini; hy claws under dl- n of ,I,, SSP E ,-_ n»vl.M. , v — Miss Rose Dolan anamaker To Take c , . iOn In Air Race SUCCUHIDS At 80 Eighteen Receive Service Discharges Gardner Wood Buys 30 Acres Borough Board Asked To Approve Plan Prior To Introduction Of Legislation Renewing their request for annexation to the borough, four residents of the Waterbury section of Bristol Terrace appeared before the board of warden and burgesses last night. In a communication to the board it was noted a letter signed by nine residents dated April 1, 1946, in which a request for annexation procecdure was outlined, was never answered by the board. Residents desire to introduce a bill and havp if, passud in trie General Assembly Ijurmittlntr a change of boundary lines. George Cowpnrthwait, spokesman for the residents, said they would he satisfied with the same services rendered to other residents of Bristol Terrncc living in Naugatuck. /Vftor the Typ.tnr.bury revaluation it was- noted a smnll section of the Jirea lies near Naugatuck, and as the city of Watnrbury does not render services such as piowing of streets, sanding and rubbish collections the' idea oC annexation was created. Mr. Cowperthwait said there was no police protection in the section until a year ago when the residents requested it. by petition to the W.iterb'ury city co.uncil. ;md that this pervice wa.j stopped last August. Tho spokesman questioned whether the borough would accept the section providing; a bill was introduced and passed. The zoning ordinances created the only bad feature, he said in explaining the section was covered in Waterbury zoning class B. •Mr. CowpeKhwait said he has spoken to a Waterbury alderman j concerning: the action, and that the alderman said he saw no reason vhy Waterbury would be in opposition, although there is no proof the city would not oppose such a bill. The section includes Winthrop and Randy avenues, 'wMh about 10 houses and several available building lots. School children arc required to travel two miles without school bus service to Waterbury Schools, whereas a bus is available to transport Maugaluck school pupils. At last April's meeting the minutes reveal the letter 'wa:; read and action deferred for further study. Last night the board requested rnsidcnl.s obtain a descriptive survey of the property, which is to be submitted as soon aa possible to •Lhc borough engineer and attorney for study before tho next (session of the board. Urges One-Cent Gas Tax Hike, Bonus For Veterans, Town Aid For Education Tells 1947 General Assembly, Convened Today, That Bonus, Other Intended Projects Will Push Need For Added Revenue Beyond 13 Million Dollars Hartford, Jan. 8—(UP)—Governor James L. Mx-Ooiuuighy has yiveji Connecticut the choice of raising- at least ]3-mi]lion dollars from new taxes or eliminating some state services. McConaug'hy made this statement in his inaugural address tliis afternoon Ix-i'orc a joint session of the General A,sscm1.ily v.'hicli convened today for its 1.947 session. The governor—after being sworn in as nounced that he will insist upon a balam-ed Take Seats In Legislature DANIEL J. WALSH .JOSEPH V. ROSKO Ntiitc representatives, Joseph V. Rosko and llunlel .7. WiiUli returned to Hnrtforrt tnj»y unil wen- administered the oath of office to the General AsM-mlily for their srcoiifl term. Both members of the Democratic party, they were (hr successful Incumbents In the Novi-ninor I! elections, Mr. Rovko has plans for Introducing Icgis- latlon conccrniiiR- voting In tho three local Wiirrtx, Other plans lor bills Jsc i»lglit Introduce have not been revoiiled. Slato Senator for the district is Mike Slapleton of Cheshire, who today succeeded William A. Painter of the borough \v!io is now secretary to Congressman -lames T. Patterson . Senator Stapleton hat heen mimed majority leader of the Senate. the stale's new chief executive — an- Imdgct and an economy drive. Laying hard cold fa els right on the line, McConaughy warns that drastic stops must be taken to remedy Connecticut's fiscal plight. He reports that the state must spend for ;he next bicnnitim ;ii j leasl 100 million dollars to conduct its present program—and more if proposed projects are Undertaken. During this same period, he adds, the stale \inlicipates a revenue of about S7-million. Tim only new tax which McConaughy specifically recommends is an increase of one cone in the g.-isolirc tax without which he .says the prop-ram of highway development will bo unduly poslponc.'l. Ho expresses no opinion as to the relative merits of proposals for taxes on sales, utilities, payrolls, and horse-raring. The inaugural message includes several supsrestjons for additional outlays. It suggests increased town-aid for education and for the care of the aprcd. the chronically ill, and the mentally ill. It ^Iso urges piyment of a veterans bonus and increasing tho size of the soldiers, sailors and marines fund. The new governor wants tho Committee To Study Supernumeraries' Rates Proposal Stating their belief that they are now underpaid for special jobs, supernumerary policemen submit- .od a petition to the board of warden and burgesses last night requesting more remuneration. The petition was referred to tho police committee and Police Chief John Sheridan, Fire Committee To Study New Pumper Bids .1. Gormley for study. An opinion by Borough Atty. will put into the iiir the thn i numh "'' "f private pilots In lh(> li'sto of aviation. making hor b.onT with »L nic.rc nnd ni-phew, Miss Haxcl Penrose arid Roy Besides her lorfil rclsiUves !=he is survived by NAUGATUCK NEWS BROADCAST Today _ 5:45 p. M. Monday Through Friday from the Editorial Rooms °f The Naugatuck News Station WATR 13M OX YOUH DIAL ici'/>r."il mitrr nieces nnd nephews. I Funeral services-will- be held-Kri- ! day morning at S:15 o"clock from j the C. FV Greon' Funeral Home,' 62 I Oak street, lo St. Francis' church, | \vhoi 1 '* a solemn i-euqiem high Mass will be colcbiviterl «t 9 o'clock. Bur!al will be in St. James' cemetery. Friend:-. rn:iy call at tho funeral ! home tonight from 7 to 10 o'clock, land tomorrow afternoon from 2 to ! 1 o'clock and in the evening after I 7 o'clock. Eighteen Naugatuck men were j — nil k separated from the armed forces i I In KlinKot* UVAI1IIA in November, according to a re- VII llUUUCI /IVvllUC nort. from Selective Service Board H-A. Those discharged arc: John Hatl- Thirty acres of land on Rubber avenue have been purchased by T °"n Clerk ley Cox, Oke Gunnard Freding, Ed- Gardner F. Wood, local contractor, ward Alfonso Meyer. Frederick Jo- I fl ' om Pcrc y and Bertha H. Vincent, snphDurkin. Frank Antonio Cravo. | according to a warranty deed on Francis George Schaefcr, Fornand ™° in th( l ^ ( '^° '' ""— "'-'• Joseph H, LaFontaine, Vincent Anthony Cristcllo. Michael Borsos. Jr.. Allin Norn'an Sylvia. Francis John Polonls, William Mill-tin r^. Calne was not read at the meeting, but will be presented when the police committee and chief meet. The petition requested a $5 fee for work at football games, basketball games and dances, and at special jobs such as church picnics, clambakes, weddings, rr-stjurant jobs and the like, a $10 fee. It also requested that H.11 special $6,000. . Although Mr, Wood was unavail- Michacl Fleming, Calvin Adolph j '' hlc fo1 ' comment today, a mem- Borg, Geoi-ge Edward O'Toole, Paul Louis Murray, Franklin.Jjucas Behlman, Jr.. Robert Adolf Dcthcfsen. William Elliott Simmons, Tom Bradshaw To Enter Hospital Tom Bradsluiw, football letterman tit-thr local high school, will enter a Watcrbury hospital this af- tnrnoon for an operation on his nose it was lenrned 'this morning. Brndahaw broke his nose in the football ga;me against Ansonla Thanksgiving Day. Shea Takes Office For Second Term Raymond M. Shoa was sworn inns judge of probate for Naugatuck and Beacon Falls this morning for hi« second term in ceremonies conducted in the judfTe of probate office in the town hall. Judge Martin I-.. Caine administered the oath. Witnesses in the flower filled offices were: Town Clerk Raymond .T. St. John, Borough Clerk Charles F. Daly, Borough Engineer Charles Curtlss, Capt, Anthony Malone of the police department ond Warden Leo J Brophy. Several guests were In attendance, ber of the family said ho has no irrmediate plans for the property. It is believed Mr. Wood will develop the land at some future date , in accordance with plans released ! several months go by the contractor. Another deed on fllo shows a house and lot in the Glendale Man•»• housing project has been sold by the W. J. Mcgin, Inc., to Ralph A., and Elizabeth B. Lyon. CAKFENTERS U3VIOX Elmer Phillips, president of Local S04, Carpenters Union, announced that tho Local would meet on second and fourth Mondays of the month at the K. of C. rooms In the Nenry building. The meeting schedued for today has been postponed until Monday, Jan. 13. Ml'or niifillfr TjffMior*, WinfH, Rf^rn, etc.. SHOP FIRST lit thr City Puck• lire Score. f>fl Hr!rfrr *trr?t. Prompt delivery, nn,vivl>ere lo tpwn, Tel, 4gOS. rcquire more than four bourn extra for Fire Chief Urges Immediate Replacement Of Truck Out Of Service Study of four bids on a pumper truck for the fire department by Fire Chief John J. Sheridan and the fire committee preliminary to purchase of such a machine was voted last night at the board of warden and burgesses meeting. The fli'o committee also was authorized to study the question of disposal of the pumper truck, which broke 4W a ^ ew w 06 '* 3 ago and is now out, of service. Chiof Sheridan speaking to the board said the 32-year-old truck is not worth repairing and that the breakdown a few weeks ago was not the experienced with the machine. He sain it has been "stripped" of all usable equipment and is merely "tAklng up space" in thp firehousc. He asked t.hc board to make some rule for its disposal and to consider the purchase and replacement of tho machine as <nnn as possible. 1 Boy Scouts Annual District Meeting Monday Night JAMBS F- McCONAUGHV Governor hour over four hours. A minimum of S20 was requested for work on New Year's Eve. The petition said the wages were in line with those paid by tho Waterbury police department. Court The petition concluded with the following request. "We would liko a rate of payment set for supernumerary patrolmen while attending court cases, as many men have lost as much ns a half day's pay while In court." Chief Gormley reported two supernumeraries. Jerry Ruccio and Charles Bertrand, had been called three tlmos during the past month for'work arid did not report. One! A bid from thp .American LH- Franco company ."howed'A 500-gallon booster tsnk priced at, approximately $12,000, and a TSO-gallon Irurk sit $12.500. A second concern declined to bid as it is not t.aUInc on new business. The Se.iffrftvc company placed a bid on a TGO-gallon pumping engine with 'i 300-gnllon booster at $12.650. Both concerns gave delivery dnte as about. 300 working days from General Assembly to appoint acom- .TiiUco to study ways of economiz- The Bov Scout district board «ri ; "P- "Government always expands," review will meet at the Fire House *° - S;1 J' S - " Jt - never contracts with- tonight. at 7:30 o'clock for exam-!"" 1 vigorous pressure." Such A inatior. of Boy Scout applications I committee— he hopes— would pro- far advancement to star and life ] vide « uch Pressure. rank, it was announced today by ! Onc Francis Clark, Scout oflicial. Rob- j < nat - crt Shepherd is chairman of the central oRcncy— instead of by tho economy suggestion was licenses be issued by one committee on advancement. The annual meeting of the Na.u- pat.uck district board of Boy Scouts will be held at the Fire House Monday, Jan. 13, at 7;30 p. m. At this meeting- members at large for the Naugatuck district committee will be nominated ond present numerous boards r.nd commissions. Another is a proposal to combine the three departments and one der fourteen in industrial agriculture. MeConaughy recommends enactment, of i State Fair Employment elected. Each organization sponsor- Practices Act. He also urged out- Ing a Boy Scout Troop will have a representative at the meeting. The organisations arc St. Michael's church. Beacon Valley Grange, Hillside Congregational church. Beacon Falls Recreation Club ard 1 awing employment of children under fourteen in duslrml agriculture. Excerpts from his inaugural address follow: Our fiscal needs ;ire neither dts- the West Side Community ClubTl Crossing nor discouraging, bul they Francis Clnrk is president of the .N'augntuck district nnd John W. Hayes is chttirman of the nominating committee. The Malt:iUick Council of Boy Scouts will meet Jan. 17 at tho Hotel Elton, Waterbury, at 7:45 p. m. This meeting will be held for the nomination and election of Scout the thn time of order. j officers for o district covering 1C Free Motors submitted n. bid on .' towns of the state, including Naua 1016 Chevrolet 500-gallon truck j gatuck. Oflicials from Naugatuck at $5.(?86. saying the truck can i attending will be; John Hayes, Sr., now be seen at Tarrytown. | president of the council; Kenneth Other business included granting' Johnson, cha.irm.-in of the finance permission lo the Ch-ipcl Electric j comm.' f '.3e: William Moody, chair Co. to transfer a near, sign from South Main to Church street under supervision of the superintendent of -streets. of advancement crmimittcw and Fvtvncis sentative. dcmund common nense. They require vision. Above all, they need sound economics. If there were such a thing ;i« a keynote to this Inaugural Message, I unhesitatingly would use the term "sound economics." Economy is a desirable factor, but more than economy we need wise, Bound economics to conduct our fiscal affairs today. It is obvious -that present State revenue will pay neither present State costs nor additional costs that you moy legislate. To carry on our existent State government and to provide any new services, the State must have more income. SHOOTS SELF Our state is almost unique in lark, district reprc- having four different departments that serve tho interests of farming. There is a Department of Agri- cultui-e, a Department of Domestic Animals, a. Department of Dairy GUARD Captnin Harold F". Scmvnw announced today that Co. "V." Na- does not possess a uniform and the; A verdict of suicide has been j tlona) Guard, will meet Thursday other works from 1:30 p. m. to 2 given in the death of a stock hrok er at Westport. The body of Bradford J. Wardwell was found in the bathroom of hMhome. Tl(r medical examiner reports- that Wardwell shot himself after being depressed. —A rand thlnr (o do with .vonr Xmm money — <G«t- n pnlr of HICKS qimlitr *hoe» nnd rfnifmbrr your rfvrr nil round- i US »«nh St., Wtfcy— 4<Jv. evening at the Tuttle music shed for weekly drill. talking about th* —All Xmiltntiiok J!MT Slndrbiikrr. tttt mo*t hrantiml rnr In It* flrld. RK It it B»tter/ and Foods and n . State Board of Milk Regulation. Frequently in the past, it has been recommended that the four be combined .and coordinated in the Interests of greater efficiency and" lessened .expense. ' I (Continued On Page 8}

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