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The Wichita Eagle from Wichita, Kansas • Page 19
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The Wichita Eagle from Wichita, Kansas • Page 19

The Wichita Eaglei
Wichita, Kansas
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retro 1 Friday August 7 1992 THE WCHfTA EAGLE 7B NBC NOTES Plenty of s-his-names on NBC teams said NBC Commissioner Larry Davis have to be physically there you Just have to be on the As a result coaches from successful teams look to recruit players from unsuccessful teams Canlzaro raid that Liberal and Elkhart also recruited him He chose the Broncos he said because Coach Gary Dunahue said he could start in center field and bat third And the Broncos tried to get pitcher Brian Carpenter who spent the summer with Amarillo but he chose Liberal for the World Series seen kids show up on as many as three or four rosters because those teams all think they're going to get a Davis said "At that point It Just comes down to whoever he play for first "Hays picked up a kid from Clap inda and that kid had a three-run homer last night And Beatrice picked up a kid from Fairbanks He's never worn a Beatrice uniform probably never even been Oh no Not the pitcher from Beatrice again Ludwig's still trying to come up with his name know I can see this as a tough situation for the new player" Ludwig said "But if the team has a bunch of new guys in the first place hopefully they'll make It easier on wait a minute I think his name is Brad or Brett Maybe Brent If you hold on for a second I think got it written down somewhere" A minute later Ludwig Is back The name of the new guy Is Brad Koftnan And where can you reach him? not sure where staying" them Jay? "Two days" The Broncos have added four players for the World Series In addition to Canlzaro an outfielder they've added designated hitter Jimmy Anderson from SL Louis pitcher Darrin Hendrickson from SL Louis and pitcher Jeff Penzkofer from Red Oak Iowa The Broncos open tourney play tonight at 7:45 against Wamer-Rob-Ins Ga Liberal has also added several new players as has Beatrice Hays and Just about every other team that has played together all year Under NBC rules a player can switch teams for the World Series as long as he played in a state tournament other than the one his World Series team was In "You also have to have been on your team's roster during its state thing the teams do every year And apparently the players who have struggled with their teams all summer long mind Winning is more Important than knowing your teammates' names anyway "I think about it too much really" said Jay Canlzaro who recently Joined the Wichita Broncos after playing for Amarillo Texas "But the guys don't seem to be bothered by 1L The players know what I can do and are Just glad to have me on the team" In two exhibition games Canlzaro has already had two extra-base hits and two RBIs first ifs a little awkward but in baseball all guys are the he said "Baseball players are baseball players Heck I feel like been with them all How long have you been with No rest for the weary By Boh Lutz Tht Wichita Eagle the day It begins From 2 pm this afternoon until early Monday morning there will be nonstop baseball at Lawrence-Dumont Stadium Baseball Around) the Clock as National Baseball Congress World Series officials call It Fans who stay for the whole shebang are eligible for a free night's stay at the Hilton Inn East They'll need it In fact you can bet they'll probably miss the check-out time NBC tournament supervisor Carl Lewton who has been around the World Series for more than a decade says he'll be around for ail 18 games He'll catch a short nap when he can Last year he found a comfortable spot on a concrete floor outside the umpire's dressing room behind the first-base dugout Ouch "I slept welt not Lewton 64 said "I slept tor an hour or so" Lewton gets a few shorter naps too but has to be ready to make sure each game gets started on time or as close to on time as possible "One year It took me until October to recover" he said "Now got a shade tree over there I get under it for a 20- or 30-minute nap" No Relief Fort Worth Jays left-hander Mike Galvan went the distance against Elkhart Thursday night He lost 8-1 In the first Inning he allowed a two doubles a triple a long home run a single and a walk Oh yeah he threw a wild pitch He settled down some after that but thaft not saying a whole lot Stilt the Jays didn't even get a pitcher up in the bullpen until the fifth inning Galvan a 236pound former pro headed straight for the water cooler after Elkhart scored the winning run in the bottom of the eighth Not to throw the cooler though To get a drink "I battled back after that first inning and did the best I could" said Galvan TEEING I pMringt tor i found! tot McNk Charily Chute a Rtetefr on Ridge StntaVi tmoa wi bo tmounetd HI to Md a out Mooring ptey Murdoy No Toe 1 Friday No 10 Saturday Ti30 oja Friday ItiU uu Jock Ltriun MM Mka Mtt Hunt Batch Cob Quo Ulrich Gam 7iM tm Friday UdM am KMto Kubar Ormond Bitch Fla RW Eaka ScomdMt Saan PaoaH PaWka Ha 7 ida aja Friday Mill yjn Andraar Mona Naadham Mama Don Mtewarth MrcoHna Mo Dam Trial San Mrim CtM 7iS7 a Friday 12i22 yja Tommy Moon No Or- iaana: Brian WafeOktehoma CtjTony Grtmat Ateaandria Mm SdW em I 12:31 yju Mht Holland Cotum-ha 8C Skip KendML Tamon Seringa Fla John DomM Kngmood Tana Bill em Friday 12)40 em Saturday JtyKri-Itmton St lout Jon Chriakan Atom If Man Mark Loariter Hanlon Si24 em Friday 12)40 pja Sana Haa-Unt Paao Taw Brian Havana Eu-gane Ora: Erie Hoot Bould Colo ajo Fridiqr 12rSS yja Saturday Seott PIMppL Kama Ohio: Ban Sauk AuMln Taaat Karin Sutherland 8acramamo CaM Si42 em Friday 1)07 yja Saturday Pry Mott Shravapotl La Ban Batea Havana Fla Robart Plata Oklahoma Chy SrBl oju Friday lilt em Bog Rowland Ocala Fk Bud Van WIcMa Oava Hanaon WAefria 0 an Friday 1i2S em Tam Eubank Coconut Oath Fla Mho Montague Mchha Crate Hrintra VrichMa liras an Friday 7il0 am Bob laakan Whdt CaM Oava Barton Plankton Ha Blty Wynn Nevada Mo llTs am Friday 1M em Kawn FMrftoU At JC Andaman Datat PM Jordan Tampa Fk ym Friday 7i4B am Bryan Norton Praatt VMaga Donate Maattnoate Cottraa Taw Chtp Dnay Atanta 12:12 ym Friday 7rS7 am Tom Gw-n Vrinter Part Fk Tad Lehmann Thouaand Oake CcMh Bnrb Ouktey Bamngkn A I 12r21 ym Frtd Bd Porter Outney Waah Edita I Tampa Fk Cray Cochran Renton Waah llidOym Friday 1 SilSa Rich Todd EJ Paao Taaaa I Anita Trimdnd kntaa David Monbcabo Fk 12dt ym Friday SiM am Saturday -Slava Lowary Orlando DatatiT Fk Ruaaat BWaredorl Dataa fad Tryba WBiut Barra Pa 12rdO ym Friday SrSS am Saturday free CorteN Indapwi dance Hugh Roy AUian 8 Ray Paaroa Murbaaaboro Tatar 12iS7 ym FM- Saturday Laa Puny Muakogee Okk Sooa Ctapokaa Orlando Fk Kavtiwantoorth Manteca CaM IrOS ym Friday SiBl am John Hutiart hhaca Garv pm Friday Wabb Rkhardaon Taaaa ItlS 0 am Hick Nuokota SO Murchwon Oriando Fk Tom Carr but Ohio By Crag Couch Tha Wichita Eagle Poor Jeff Ludwig He knows there's a new player on his team the Beatrice Bruins for the NBC World Series He even knows the guy is a relief pitcher But coming up with any more Information can be a real strain "I Just met him at the game yesterday" said Ludwig who's a starting pitcher for the Nebraska team "I think I can give you his name It's uh "No I think of it" Ludwig's not the only player at the World Series who recite his own team's roster Several teams have played together all summer but suddenly Just before the World Series added new players It's within the rules and some Fort Worth's Casey Rush doesn't rr UP No 10 Too Friday No 1 Satordav 7iSO bjb Friday IliS aa Batar-day i Paul Trim Naptaa Fla Taylor SnVto Wayeroaa Ga Todd SaMrlWd Atoona Oa mu Friday ISriM ya Saturday Mark Train Bould Colo Sam Sian Richmond Va EaMban Toledo MtMaa CaN jb batar- 7 40 aja Friday IZilJ pja I day Jtant Oomat McAltn Toaaa Mt Footer VacavMt CaM Tim Straub Orchard Park NY 7iS7 em Friday 12i22 ya Dob Burnt Granada HOIt CaF Chrtaloph Gala Toronto: Date Rtay Napa CaM MSaj am Friday 12rSl ym Wakrul Croak CaM Tataa FM Rook NC Chrit Cook-Friday Tommy Tataa FM Rook NC Chrit ton IteHkabutn Maaa SilS am I 12)40 ym nog 8a Corpua Chriab Taaat Soon Murphy Loringlon NM Brian Ikanm Tampa Fla Si24 am Friday 12)48 ym Saturday Jail Hart Botov Beach CaM JMI Oatagh Ponte Vadra Batch Ha John Ftomary La Oukka CaM Bill am Friday 12itt ym Rod Nuckoto WIchik DawKI Wood 1 Hahtn Ga Jan Schuman Mark-ton Wk S42 am Friday lr07 yn Tom Janaa Btokan Arrow Okla Bob May La Habra CaM Alan Pala Fakhopa Ala Stal am Friday lilO ym Satur MaN Elk Oklahoma Cay: Chariot Sit- UirdrMU1 Saw bkawdHik 1" VPtoi IIMNi Dim MlMRk I Oklt am Friday lr2S yn Rick Paaraon Orange Parti Fk Carlton llrdi am Friday StSX a Tom Panrlot JT laa'l SumnrlL Ifo Okn Grant Chartaaton SC iJttry Foil Tuca Ark HiB4 an Friday Tilt am I BHyTrian Hourion Chwta Rudd Kanvoed raaaa Tout Mlchad Wkaka Palm Batch Fk MrOI ym Friday 7i4S RaMa gwiqHjDI) SadOVHfci NC Charite Whaangtoh Cohaabut Ga Laa awbatok NC 1 12rl2 ym Friday Towna Cto- Ark Bruce Vaughan HufeHnaonT 12r2l ym Friday SiOw am Aaron Moaka minuL CaM Chrit a Grog Townu toLmalU i Bryan Naf ngnagBi a Hutohlnaan 12r2l ym Fr Aaron Muak Chria Andaraon WMngtan Dal Tr Dodda Bakwln Ma 12J0 ym Friday IS Pad Goydou Lonj SilSl Batch CaM Gray Ttrigga I Ml Coaton Orlando Fk 12iM ym Friday Sr24 am Oava Mllay Manonanaa Fata Wk Karl KMuM Tampa Fk: Ml Woodland ftiannalanrl Auakata 12r4S ym Friday Bill am hkka Schudwt Unooln Nab Daryl Watt Conroe Taaaa Jail Laa Dataa I2iS7 ym Friday Sr42 am Rocky Watoh Woodward Okk Bpa Hally Shawnaa Okk Tim CrockaU Oriando Fk ItOG ym Friday Ml am Bobby Bk SpnnghakL Mo Kato Lotion Wtehaa John BM Grave Okk lilb ym Friday am Barron Want Oklahoma Cay Maw Wnd Dataa Bat Edmond Okk lr24 ym Friday I am Richard Ryden tone Cty Alan Sdruta Coop Mown NYj KrvMI Gwgti IqqIMR Aftt NBC From Page IB mel who now attends McNeese State in Louisiana lot of people pretty much wrote us off before the season even started Now we want to see how far we can take things" Jones added a leadoff homer in the third inning Almost 100 fans from Elkhart were In the stands: Jones raid he expects several hundred more to show up for the next game Sunday at 5 pm against the winner of Saturday's Midlothian (IIL)-South Florida Huskies game in Elkhart have been behind us all season" Jones raid Dallas 5 Evansville 4 Britt Bonneau and Scott Marr are through playing baseball at Oklahoma They hope they're not through playing baseball all together They were the only eligible Soon-era not chosen In June's Major League draft Having run out of eligibility that leaves them with few options why they're playing with the Dallas Sharp's in the National Baseball Congress World Series at Lawrence-Dumont Stadium Scouts are you watching? Bonneau and Marr combined for five of Dallas' 10 hits Thursday as the beat the Evansville (Ind) Outlaws 54 In a first-round game "This is fun" Marr said "Britt and I are doing just what we did during the season at OU He led off there and I batted second We were Tom Garner who finished second by only one stroke here last year starts at 12:12 pm on the No 1 tee If you want to see how the locals stack up Wichita Country Club pro Rod Nuckolls a former PGA touring pro is scheduled for 8:33 am at the I Oth tee Four4lme Wichita stroke-play king Carlton Dienstbach is the only amateur ever to make the cut in two Hogan events Dienstbach plays at 9 am off the No 10 tee In the 12:12 pm group on No 10 tee will be Greg Towne of Wichita and Brace Vaughan of Hutchinson the top of the list" Flannery proved be can go the distance Both titles came in 72-hole tournaments the same number they play on the PGA Tour Most Hogan events like the Wichita Charity Classic ore 54-hole affairs The notorious Kansas wind has been a noshow the last two years but if It blows Flannery rays ready a low-ball hitter who has had success in the wind i SriaiMrhf Wichita bigif handle the throw as Elkhart's Sean Stearratt steals second roommates been together a Bonneau and Marr were on base a combined six times But 3-4-5 hitters Pat Woodruff Rod Murrell and Lenny Tallo were a combined 1 of 10 Murrell did have an important hit though a tworan single In the fifth set up by a two-out error by Evansville shortstop Matt Staler "We really hit the ball very well at all raid Dallas coach Jack Sharp "We just very aggressive Bonneau and Marr were sparks though The middle of the order just do much" A win is a win Bonneau and Marr played together for the Hays Larks In the 1990 World Series Marr was again with Hays last summer This year they decided to play closer to home and they realize this could be their last shot to Interest pro scouts Evansville making its first tournament appearance scored on unearned run in the ninth with two outs to pull to within 5-4 Instead of playing it safe though center fielder Marty WaLson who reached on an error by Dallas third baseman John Mahalik tried to steal second and get into scoring position Tallo the Sharp's catcher threw him out easily Beatrice (Neb) 7 Wichita Autolifters 3 Beatrice designated hitter Steve Drent went 4 for 5 and drove in three runs to lift the Bruins to a firat-round win two regular Hogan tourists Two of Wichita's recent college standouts are also entered Charlie Stevens formerly of Texas Chris- tian will start on No 10 at 8:51 am and Craig Hainline two-time All-American at Oklahoma State starts at 9 am on the No 1 tee eJRCLEI 2 SMASH HITS HOMEBODIES AMATEUR 14-2 (Hours) TAPE TODAY ALL MOVIE TICKETS 41 HNCC 742 WITH THIS AO tfkk fa atoril aatoatoBuut I1W MHto WMSatSMItoll WICHITA SAOLI Plenty of interesting groups to watch at Hogan By Mil Elliott The Wichita Eagle If you're wondering which group to follow in the first round of the Ben Hogan Wichita Charity Classic you go wrong with the 12:39 pm threesome going off the No 1 tee Three of the top 10 money winners on the Hogan Tour are in the group: No 4 Ted Tryba No 6 Russell Beiersdorf and No 10 Steve Lowery Beiersdorf is a double winner on the tour and Tryba won the Shreveport Open HOGAN From Page IB "We've both been ready for a couple of years and now we're going to get the said Henninger Both say they are having fun in their battle for the Ben Hogan championship "I've been kind of yapping and telling John listen I'm coming I'm gonna catch Henninger raid "It's fun because established ourselves as the better players on the tour If we both weren't doing well It would be hard to share these things" It is a for different scene than it was the day Henninger showed up as a walk-on candidate for the USC golf team in 1983 He was a tennis player who had gotten burned out on the sport He played only one year of golf In high school but won the California state high school championship Henninger said he was In awe of Flannery and the other upper men Defending champion Eric Hoos goes off the No 1 at 8:24 am playing with No 2 money winner Brian Henninger and Steve Haskins who tied for eighth here last year Haskins is the son of Don Haskins Tex-as-El Paso's famous basketball coach No 1 money winner John Flannery has an 8:24 am starting time at the 10th tee At 12 JO pm the No 3 money winner and the longest hitter on either tour David Jackson will tee off from hole No 1 in a group with Rick Todd the No 9 money winner "They had four or five All-Americans" raid Henninger Flannery feels the success of former Hogan champs Lehmnn and Jeff Magiert on the big tour is inspirational to the Hogan players The Impetus for Flannery's success this year started when he beat Lehman and two other players in a fourway playoff for the Reno Open title late lost season The big breakthrough for Flannery this year came In the South Carolina Classic where he led from wire to wire clinching the title in the final round with a hole4n-one on the 16th hole Two weeks later he led wire4o-wire again and won the tour's biggest prize $50000 at the Quicksilver Open In Pittsburgh kind of happen in said Flannery "And the way kind of happened this year All of a sudden there I was at AEC ADULTENTERTAMMENT CENTER ntlMOMMH 8MM MVffiua Rt-M MMKMMff MM MOVIE BLOWOUT SALE! 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