Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on August 14, 1896 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, August 14, 1896
Page 3
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A Railroad'Official's "Experience. •— - i •"", .tiii. . ,^fl^,v.^ VWK. 'ETVWAET)' ET>MO* rT| S', l° a S con * JVl ncctcd -with riillrond-construction In *-"» sebruska.writes: "My h«nt troubled and palcod me (or -lit years, Silliness of •breath was tlio couaiau; a.ai mui.i common gymptom. luiunsu, excruciating ;>:u:i, Kener- »Uyioliowflii-anysi-ven)Mortion..Famtness, hunser withouninv appetite; fluttering that made mo clutch my fcruas:, =:i<J palpitation thatoftenst;;sgoriii-»JO as '.: i ..odd fall, were Irci.ueat attacks. A.win. everything would turn black ii I arc»e trow a stooping posture quicUly. Sleepless EipUis with their Dr. Miles' p—'<"—™ r ° Heart Cure Restores Health........ . -:•'.. y or night ..-._ cs''i:id tried advor- n.-::-siU<:.s- They muiwrello*. Oao °* Dr. Miles' cirouiurs iiu#cr!bed ':«v =»*« w exactly tiiat I too.- Dv. Mile--' >'ew lies" Cure and I nin now .a well LI:.II. I "°P« eTeryoaotroublnd with iioar, fiisuus'j wi.i try Dr. Wiles' remedies. If they Trill write mo personally, I will b >udly B ivo them full details of my experience. 11 Epw. EDMONDS. • P O Box 65, Duyid City. Nebraska. Dr. Miles- Heart Cure is sold on guarantee that first bottle benofitsi or money refunded THE Ablgb of excellence. ,kanj ua«n of the "Munson" oonilder It THE [BEST. Sou wlH nnd It a valuable asstoUut la joar of. -flee. Address I or partlonlui THE MUN50NJ YPEWRITER CO MAKBFACTCBERS. 940-34* W*it I*ke St,, Chicago, 111. Greatest Discovery of the 19th : Century. Medl«at«<l Air Fortlie Core of Cfttltrrh, Aithm* ' . uidall Pnlroonarr Dlsewe;, ; It fta» no equal for sick and Nenooa H««d- 1,000.000 people ote jia . AJUaaeHAlT md Drug Cov, ., . .Richmond. Ind., u. o. *• 4« I* the beat remedy on ^ earth for L« ,yp«. It .will -give Immediate relief j»« will effect a core where all other >MMdlei fall. •old .by B. F. Keeallng. Logansport .to Have the Largest 1 Interlocking Plant OPPOSE NEW ROAD General News of Railroads and Railroad Employes. It is said -tilunt the Pennsylvivuiln is uow flgurjnig on padttog iu a.t tliis flty the uioet cxceik^lve kitei-lockiiEg- pl«»t. ill the cauinitiy. The Chicago division, .tire Peoria dlvtslau, tlie Biradifard division aind the Chtago cut off liitoisect here. and tlio MMitea'ti dh-lrfoji of tlie •Vaiuda- lla mod the Detroit :uid T.W<xU>. of the Waibastti, cross tlie S,t. Lou.l* liiue. Tine pliims of the biig an already clraiwu, call' for mi to weir, wiltlia-u,UwtaiU«tlottaf 131 •tlio liirgcst awnibcr 0f levws ii ii'i> twvar Ja the 'putted S-ci.tc.s. Every Ic.vor calls I'or <m. owt'ay of $1*10. exclusive of the t»wo.r, so 1't to si-en thsit rlif- pla.ctaK of iihiis.i>Uimt in Logansport on outlay, hew of over #25,000. Wln.ni, Sup't. Sv,i,:itcm was isowi with to tlw> -a-l^ve'he nw.de the th:iit % 'flie Item was probably •witfliout 1'ouiiulii.ttou in fact. Hu li:ul Jwiirtl uuitliiiiis oif tilu- proixwL-d linjrov* incin, so he void t-lie .lourual.,' "Tlio people «f tlie city, wiJil be .imerestea, however, 'An aioMm-K the outcome of -the "imfoniul- od rumo-r." TIIE OPPOSITION 7 . IndiaiKipolis- Journal:- "Why ^ w -" asked one of tlie cntei-prising business 'man of tlie city, ."fl>at tlie Ooinmercdbvl 'Club and a certain clique of business 'men, arc showing-so much opposition to plvtaff tlie Buliampolfe, Logau?r»or.t & • Chicago road a riphrt of way to the 1 U niion. m-aeks 1 • I 'bave lived here tiii rty- •flve yomis anvd as near as I can remeon- ber, tirfs J« -tJie first cojnpany which has proposed.to build a road to the city 'without asklmjr a subsidy. Subsidies were p;>W to the mdla.uu.poMs & V-iu- ' cenncs,- tlie Iiidlauapolte, Btoomtagitoii &f Western amtl to the Indlnnn, Decaitur & Western'. If the new .ix>ad neked a aubsldy I mdeht oppose it, but still I would questton the advisaWKly of doing titoit; but why. the cfty. authorltias should be alow to grant a. road tie right of way to-bniitld- to.41ic.clty when It would not cost tlie ctty a dollar I cannot uiujCTstaiml.' I do : not think-'the"time l«as come when Indianapolis ahouM say Jtt will have no more faiHroads; For many yoare Indianapolis was in Hie •lead as to'number of Its roads; now there are seven cities wWoh,.have a larger number. The.fact Is tlie company lias placed Its bonds and can pet itl>e nioisey to build the roatl, amd I presume *ha't eveiituallj' -It willl be an 1m- IKMterrt link of a line from Indianapolis to Chtewo and probably be opeirat«d by tlie PennsylTOiila- Company. Wnnt objection can ttere be to that? No railroad company .in 'the world does Its business on better limes than, does the Pennsylvania Company, and Its services arc Invariably ftist class. It makes no difference who gets tlie road after it Is built; got it in liere, ami mere is no question, as to Its. : belng.opera ted to ndvwiitase for Indianapolis. ; Tlie iiond south to Roekport.is anotlier en- torpriso wh'lch lias been gjren... the cold slvouldca- by Indianapolis; sttll, IK built, lit would be a great road to brtng business to this city." . . : . and accept-a position:": with, Ms old env ploij'ei-S'. -Has-beeai'ottered the charge. ol' tlielr stops but says he will not accept thn,'ti>osLtiioin-lf he cnn." secure the position 'as pm-choiSing agent He is' almost seven^'-flvc yeanis of age but Is ' - sfcill in flio. best oil' hea-lbh amid Fat Molioriey of ia»' blacksniltli shop* uiis ircsiiiinod work afiter a turn days' layoff on account of a badlly laijuved leg. Tlie Legislature of Arkiwisas has •befomo it a bill makiiiw two- cents a ,iinl!le !«ie ixisseuigor rote oni_aH lines do- tuig buisl'uess in the 1 State. Mas'/Dawtol Close, who attended her scii^ Willl Olo«e at Jlarlon, where he TOIS taken, with tj-phoW- fever,: lias returned 'home. E. R, reiirose luis a nilalatw* foim of a new wohum in a potato wlnicli lue plleke'cl oiit of a car: :It was a caiuse «!-' ftrwit 1-iiMgliir.e.r-wlim sl»wn to the lx>.vs atiour Oie stop. A'ndiww Breauer. PaiUlKUidle ln- sspiH-tor :»t t:ii.u W«iilw*h oroissing,- is off. duit.y fur a few da.j-s wn newiuit at the niums of li'is wbfo, wlw/ise cciwlltiMi was ropoited |.mprovcd yesterday. . . . • KiiffJiiw No. 1. .the first. oif the new iiivsi.uoji lx> be luUled to tlie equipment ftf j!lii> VajidsUIn/hniS bBtm received. and was JXMK -wi^t. ywtwday iin charge of.eivgi- jK-w I-LUUleji and l^rmnrtn Aniett. There a.n- .twfiiity of the now .locomotives yet to In- di'ljve'ivil. Tin 1 AuiierliCiiu Association of Gene'-'al PasiwiWLW and Ticket A?eiirs will 'l»li:l to scm.i-a.-muial meetiing ait At- hiaiitie CJty Sopt. 15. General Passenger : Agent E. A. Ford, of -tlic I'unnsylvauia •linas west of PJrtjsbnrg awl General : rasstiu.»M-Agc.uit .T. R. Wood, of the •Penasylvaiaia yesterday cxtemled luvl- is to tine nverobei-s of t'.i« orgaMi- tiuvol to a,nd from tlw uieet- •iitg oven- Hie linos anibraeed-in Uiose sys- '•tarns. For tlie betiter aiccomnwdiitlon ot •tilMilr guests Hie two coropnini'es w.ill pro: vMe saperai'a.1 aws.'to be stiuted from .St. •'LmiilR, CWJcago. a.ud Ctaftinuci.tiL Whieli •' will -be \niliiteil at Pitwbtirg :m<l "in to AlanoJic City as a section of •rue Penn- •sylvaoKa ILmited. . . .... 'some raJlrwul men believe that Charles XeHson. flist asstetenit Post- iimeter gonca-.nl. inspired the acffion o£ iihe Posbnaster general .in regard to baggage miaffl. Mr. Neflsou.is o« old rall- road inoni awl undorstancls Hie. subject -tlioTOUglily. He was onoe suporlnten- dcmt of -the Enle'_s Buffalo division, and lived am Buffailo. After , leaving Ewtfato •lie became general sirpariiatbudeait oJ the Cinci.anati, Hanriltcm '&. Dayton and -\vlien Ives, the late Na.poltMxn, of'floi- •aoee nisuie Oi'ls famous coup an<l ob. .tai'iiod possesston ot -the VandaMn, Mr Nelilson- was, -for -the tiime being, ' I charge.' of th,at co'lipany's' operations As e\;er)' one knows, the big deal wew to the wall. Later'on.Mr. Neflson. wen j.nto the govenMnoat 'sen-ice In tlie po- eitbion tliat he now -holds. STATE LOOAKSFORT, IJfD. •'>', 0«P1T«L • 9200.000 j. T. Johiuwn. Pr«»ld«it, s. w. uu«rr. vtc« pr«fi<»«it. H. i. . W. *L ElllotU GoTeramimt DoiwlB. Lo an; « penal «wurity *nd colteter-. '»•«» »P«c' al certlflcaUf of depoiltj IDK t P*r o*nt Interwit when left on« -. t p^cent. p«r wmum when depo»- ' 'Deposit .Vaults of this; • tsT'dsposIt of fl»«Ji, «»•»"'»«• mortiwres and «th«r TalluabKs, .from 15 to 116 r*ry«V- & STRAIN, Undertakers &Efflbalmers. 610 BROADWAY. . RAILROAD NOTES. Mn-rti-tt Himclwn. of -the lathe i-ooou ,1s slick . * • • • - , '•.•-'Dan, Ldf tins lias nDtramed from Pittsburg. . • • .(jcoiiige T. Lamborn of tdie our. depart- ,imwiit ils slfck. . .• . •... • C. A, Ba.kQrand.H.'S. Calvert. both fireman, nro off on account of sickness. aihie Vandalto offldnls (trann Tcrre went noi-tii yesterday on tl WEIRD PROPHECY FULFILLED Finnkfort Times: The grave of Thorn ns' Watt, iinii the • country at BryflmtV clmpel, neair-"Cenitervil-le,,lMis bean bur rowed'Info by g-noundtiogs, and'lute jfiv bane'(has 1 -bean,' dragged'to'tlie surfaci of rtlie cmibhr. " ' . ' Taken' l>y itsoMV tints faet -t% insiffnlfl can,t, but when/considered jmi the light of other evante, •' aSsiuraas : nn : uncanny -nuitnre. Thomas Watt -was the netfih- .btoiiood drtrakasdd. - >He was more-do- baiiiehed •tihain" the ordinary drunkard,, -and gave L !ess' riifcbentioni to Ms family's needs. He tod several .duidneri,' 1 who •\vent aibout-almost naked nmd wild 1 OB oollls. TEEIs •wortMessneas -aroused the anger df ! ani''oJd"woniflJi,--wlio Itved near by, -and wliio elalJnedito .possess powers of -dlrvtoatlon.' She prophesied that' he ' """ dte JsrHolemiHy, andTor his sins jeppirted' ; .fpp.tl!«.'3fliu>nal'by- F.' Wipperman, Abstractor. Louisa .Eofe-tated to Wmi. A. Miller and wife SW ^ SE K Sec. 20 and other land (0 a) Washington tp., warranty, (2,500. T. SlMuip aivd wiiiCe to Ellwi J. W % SE % Sec. 22 and SE 3 /i \W.%.SE y, Sec. 11 (90 a) Booae Tp., mu-uinty $4,500. I-Mm E. Storoyer .to Beu-jaawtn. F. and iirma. B. Keesling. pt lot 31 Admis 1st idd to Lo?., on Xotitu.. st between.. Oth mid 10th sts., wOTrasity, .f 100. . G«org« p.. Hardy anil wife to Marilla K. SCandlej- Q'. C. lot 22 in HiMithVj add to"Lojt., SIK, Staudiley nnd liusb. to Polly Hiwxly lot 22 ta Honjn'.i ndd to Log., Q. C., $1. .' . _ Emma. Armstiroug to William. P.arks pt outlot 2 I/a Rose's 3d, H;ranJilton [-lelRlits, waiTantiy, !f350. /.onath A, ,Tiwl!l«.-e et al., W D. C. Jus- Jiae 1ft 13 aiml pt 1.4 -.ulmin. 1st add Mkt i,iul 10 aud list w-iwajity, ?1. Emrniot W. Hoaatey to Mary K. LLv- uue^nn. pt Ittt 2 Pitutt's 1st add., ?90. Jollui H. Eeid to .T. .C. Bix-pliy S 33 ft. N. 90'.ft., lots 10 and 20 Heth's.adtl.. «i.noo. - . .'.-'. V Osmor to. Joseph,. H. Gibson p,t.""lot"l SE ,Vi Sec. 23 Xoble Tp., ona- ULi'd acre. \v;Mvi-n:uity, ?."jO. Siieranam Tucker to A. P. -Te: n '« '- ot B«hrim's tet .tuld., Wsftlc warnurty, A. P Joiilw to Shermoin Tucker :m<l wife NW.%.SE % S«sc. 33'BoxsK! Tp., Avarmn.tiy. $1,000. . .Tolin W. Winin to tsiMe N. Cliiry. Sr., XW Vi NE Vi Sec. 0 Hareieoin Tp., war- i-ainity, Sl.COO. - . Be.r.na-rd Kroeaer TO Mary A. Orw..<?r pt. tat 7 Mary Hevh.',s ad:d., wesrs:di> quilt ckiiiiTi. ,?riQO. . Nine mortgagis Hfctl assw?abinif: $0.420. ' ... SICK-POISON. What It Is, And "Where It Comes From. Sick-poison is what makes you sick, irritates your nerves, disorders TOUT .functions, saps your strongtto, makes you mteerable, . Different diseases have different poisons, some ha,ve /several, iudiiestiou movo fuan any./ That-U, the symptoms 'of indigestion are caused by uhe pai,soU|S wliic-h are created by undigested food. Wiheii you a,re sick, try TO grt -rid of your ixJsou. • ' It Is often- easier -than'you tlitok. ror aflmnture Is-helplng you. Only.the poison is o-bstinaite...but tnc flnst step is to go to the.Toot of it. . .. . • Theiwisonsof undisested food, wlilch cause, 'lethargy, ' headac-lTC, .dteiness. weakness,. bad taste, storuach-nche, fever, fiaitna'ence, .nausea, constipation, loss of appetite, jaundice, anaemia, neu- iralgfa, rlieumsrfilBm, etc., -Uhese IXKSOUB can be swept away, and amii'MIated by •the Sliaker Digestive Cordial. ' . 'Ourtae'ithi etonxa-ch nnd heJptog if to digest food, wJian It is .too w.eak to do so" by 1 itself,' wJIll puclfy yonr system of polBo'n and renew your stveng.tlh and Drawings of All Kinds Made by BYRON B. GORDON. Draughtsman & Patent Attorney. „, , Logansport bpry Block • * F ALL RAIL ROUTE TO THE SEA. via en . . • Sniiiker DigestiTe Cordial, a pure, vegetable, d;lg«rtl 1 ve took?, made by the Sbakwa of/Moumi't Lebanon, will cure ail ' (llsondens ca.used by 'tlie i»lsons of; ' lU - CHA8. L.WOLL, :-; UNDERTAKER >: : N»: «I Maiktt Btmt. • Call* attended-to proinptly...oay or mWl Union and Mutual^ telephone i Offlce. No. IS; B«rtd«noe, No. m. *l{bt. Centi . • . There was a meeting of the yard-mas tore, of all .diWaDtxas ait Terre Haute yestwdny. ,. . ' (Jus Hockcnbeamer, .of -the Panliondle office, ds ait-blevoliinO, Ohio, on. com-, pany's busiawss ..... ... ; O. A. Butter, clerk In the car depart- imoat, -was off duty yesterday on ae- connit of slcbmes, .... , . i . Tbe roads 'are 'gahttog ncrw freight cars.'bull* at $300 .apiece, tlie lowest figure ever known. . ; Xralnmnstar H. 'S. OtousJey went over tlhe BnwJtard dWisloni yesterday on -comipawy's business. i. Heauha'n.'ICaBh hos.aeato rosum'ed hte duty as «• fli-oniaini .after, a, lay off on 0000.1111* of a sprained Wirist • j MT. Robert WaJitom, .an ex-Master Car- buflder at the Pamhjiadle. sh'oJM was In ifaho city yesterdayi; renewjjps',, o ld ac ; qua'Jatnnece and, 'lookllnig.. «vbcruit .th'e shlops. . It . nas 'been tw.enity^ls yeare Since Mr. Walton severed lite cpoiiiectlon with .the. PaEhaihiOle, company but not- .bhto. fa-ett, Be>-eral of, the ' Ctntnl MvileiHsll, Chi«»|6,: O'-f • . r testa* Hcpt.T, 18»O. - MU9IC and DRAMATIC ART; ' ui M.uii,i. «-i«i n™» '"^'""« "» co.pbt. c»ui, M.uii,i.f -« ™. . . Applications for the fire* JM>« p»rtl»l»e&Ol»W"p,i , wiof &e ncelved » August lOttt. . . ^ ;.' woa .. , , present coniptoycfe'.at'tlte.slhioj) remember liim' -ris ithtd'r.'lxxJs'.. 'After .leaving Loj- 'ganspovt hij.weint ci'ast..attd.', 'worked, for various t-aiii1jroad 'camiwiinias. aod was for yenirs purcfcnsiBg a'sen*. for the oin, 'Delaware 'and. .Northern . 'Thc;.fa»ns;:licato'oif 'Ms wife <»m,pell«l liim to iietlre from : ''' 1 '. Ms bones ws«M 'be:ecnmereid. ! aiftor deaitih. Dn Jamiary, 1895 - Thomas wins dnowmed wMle•; druiok. Tlie' old!woman/'a ptroplhieey '.wn* coaamoaly^ -khbiwn .and la.ugih«!d' ; at by *he-medghboits-,.-but n p (x\v, aLnceflt has bean litemUy ftufllled •her bnstaiess ae ao fontume-teillenr 'biiiB In- oiienscd wanderfuMy, ; ; . "" ' There is more Catarrh. Jn this section of the country'than all other .diseases put together, and until the la?rt few years It was supposed tp';be, incurable. /For "'a - great many years; doctors prorionneed It . a local ..dls-; ease,, and "prescribed -local remedies,'and ; by'.constantly .falling, to cure with local, treatment,' pronounced.It incurable. Science ,ha8 proven eatarrh- to be a copstitutlona^dlsease/and'thert- fore requires constltvtional treatment. Hall's' Catarrh, Cure, : munutactured by F. J. Cheney &, Co., "Toledo, .Ohio,, Is the only' .constitutional cure,' on the market, 'it. te't'aken : internally >n' doses from 10 drop8.tp.a teaapbo'nful. "Jt ^ directly, on the'b'lood and mucous sur- .faces, of the systemt y They .offer one hnndred/dollars for aioy case It fails, to cure.. Seiid/for/circulars ana testimonials. Address,.., ..;..'•'•,. -. , , ,,. ., .... • ...F. jl'CHENEZ;& t!0-, Toleflo, O, . Sold by 'Druggists; 75c. '.•:•• ' ''''•'•-" '"' .S."bF/y. ENCAMPMENT..,'.... '• Coihmaindfir 'Rolfo j.'pglesbee' of 'th< Stins.' of \yetenilns,';*» 'Ms first cWn™-al ^ predicjte tha:t,Ind;li£i fl erpe.nt • his '.time a Static,. iroit eveni -' the 8 .'to , '' will start when nothing 'else wlU give 'anj- 'relief.' Sold .by . trial 'bbbtie; ..... . ' Write for, a book on. food, This Shakers, /30 Rcnde, street, Kew Yo'rki" ' '/ ', ,' . '.". ..' . . ".Ten cents far a ' ' AddrV>es ro Atlantic Clry~Tnthont T-i Pennsylvania Lines. By die opening of the Delaware lUver Bridge the Pennsylvania Lines aave become' the only all rail route to Atlantic City and the seashore. .Transfer of passengers and baggage at Philadelphia via Market street Ferry : and Oa-mden is avoided, as seashore trains of Parlov Cars and Coaches depart from Broad street station, at which passen- rtw. form. the west over the Pennsylvania Route arrive in that city. riirongh trains from Chicago, .Indiana- Lolls. Columbus,.CincinnatL Pittsburgh Hiid Ititerinebiate points on tlio Pi'nusyl : vaula Linos make .convenient connection with the seashore trains. For de- t»ite apply to .nearest Pennsylvania Line Ticket Agent.; ... THE OLDEST TWINS. A special to the OLnoimniaiti. .Enquirer from Biwvustowu, Ind., : says: I'ReJo.- tivea of Mrs. MaUmda BontcMi,.of itWs place, [have- received wora of the : deotiU Of ha- twin stetei-, Mrs. L-uctada Tueffl, of Teiw. Haute, a* the age of OO.yors. Tlniis couple bore tte .unJque distinction of botag 'the oldest female twins livtag. They were born and raised 4u this, ooun- tj', anid both wore married on.tbe saanc day..: Over; 300 guests were present ait tjhe. weddiinig.. Tl*.; surging. sister is in, feeble .'baalith 1 ,. sund, lier. death would not be a swjprise a:t any time. .Slic.has mot yet been,,lafonmed,-oC lier sfctei-'s death', and it is greftitly : f eased .• that. elie caonot stand tlite.slhock."- .,..•• : ' - .' , INDIANA PENSIONERS.. At .prescaut there : flre .70,976 pensioner,? on t lie , «>M . of th« Inidlftinapoliis : agency. Of «b»s ntiimber 00,000 are veterans of the civil and-JtexLcan-waHi. The re- m/aindeir ; are '-widows aiid dependent riiiinore: At 1 ; thte quanberlj" :: pa'iymionti : ,«2,800,bOO' Witt-be' ditebnirsed In Inatajia.; Some few oif- the pcuBdunetB receive' as, .' as -$72 : a moimtl), -buit'tlie : -gireat ; SUniVlER TOURS - VIA - ' "BIG FOUR" TO THE flOUNTAlNS, LAKES and SEASHORES " . . Solid Vestibuled Trains With Wagner Sleeping Cars to New York i»d;Bostoi from St, Louis, Peoria, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Dayton, Columbus. via CLEVELAND AND BUFFALO "The Knickerbocker Special." "The Southwestern - Limited." Six Terminals at the Great Lakes. Chicago, Bentoni Harbor, Tdledo Detroit, Sandusky, Cleveland Tourist Rates In- all Direction*. E. O. McCormick, Pass. Traffic Manager. . • D. B. Martin, GenL- Pass and Ticket Agent TO WELCOME LI .-JNG .CHANG.; , Although-' no definite action hns yet; been taken by 'the State Department' toward welcoming U Hume Cbflng an Ms an.-r.ival hen$y«i;iily.'nex»t month, it 1s. known that Frosldtmt Cleveland and Svetoretiu-y Otoey are coinisi'deirtiig tlie mnitter, : amd'i:t is expected ithat the program will be in the hands of State Department' officials' nest week. Under; the presumption that the Cb'ocse states-: mnin 'WiM -be ; .papHioniarly • Interested In American, waisHl!*, - SIX SIX. bulk--of tliemi 1 receive'-less'than: ?30 a: 'monitu. and as *hiey are mostly-poor men: wllth scircdy'any other source of m-; comiei the mioniey-te J Tal'g<illy cotafeumed 1 to paying itor-'tiiie •'aeicesal.Ww of Ufe.j For '.tills reason riiodt oif the money gets TO CLEANSE THB SYSTEM ' me, , ^d that t&e entire -North Attara* Squadron should .randezouB at New-York to ba tnispeeteid by Mm. ' The Anmy will aJso. hai'e a cbaiuce to exbilblt llself Jri same manner. ' • '•' ;l '' , '.' " .• ATKutmieiDits tove beam reserved for fflie snftbe'oit ome'of tlie | piiadpal hiotels to •\VnfihiiingltoD. ' Bx-SfiBKitary ' JoUn!'' W.' Poatier who wM' 'be tt ibwg Ch : amg's Lojst durntag tote Btay Jin ttote olity will be oomisulteU 1 n» 16 the details of alt official ' ' ' ' one' or''irobi'c Army-' amd -Navy office™ to ' aittond -• t»o V.teroy Wh.lle : In ATOerlwi te also ntiid'ef eoiialideraitl'ani. . . AGAIN. fakir . 1 . i - .a- .-pfliece- W .batUxm . .mater iai- - .- .- . . 'twice • (made. : Xcoaliract , wil*h, : . . Delphi ' .gj-arnd ascenslqii and ' billons,. or:,when. the blonfl I* Impure, pr siuffplah, ,t;o., permanently oy.crcome. ha-, bltual cbnstlpatipii^ito a,wnfc<» ihe kid-. neyfl and' iiver/'to'n healtliy activity,; without ItTltsjifnir pr.,\Eeflkenlng theni, to .dispel headaches.' colds, or . feveri?,' iiise Syrup .of Flg«.. ... - . TO MILWAUKEE, WIS;, VIA PENNSYLVANIA ' ". ' /. .-LINES,, . -...: Aug.uet 23d and 24th,. ote to Milwaukee, Wte., wJU PeanisylTainiln' Lltocs, for Republican Ijeague Natlorinli. ConvewtSon;, .return .coiipops yriJId,,Satuirdaiy August. 29th, ' ' - Special Train EXCURSIONS '.. .. • . r TO-., , -. ... - ? Maxinkuckee Lake .'.. .' /...yiA.THE^, ; "',','v, "'' VANDALIA LINE July i9th, a6th, and August and, 9th,.i6th, 33rd. / • Fare.for the round, trip $1.00. Tn leaves Vandalla station at 0:B6 a m. PLAN TOUR SUMMKE .OU,TIN<3 NOW-H3O TO , PIGTURESQIJB, MACKINAO VIA TH» COAST v .••••'. - LINE.;' "-.' •'•';' It only co§i fl3.50 frona Detroit, iu>.») from, Toledo, *18.00, from CleT»- land for aie..round trip, Includlnf meal* and berths. One .thonsandi mHa ; of lake ride on, new moder.n iteel iteamera for,,the above .rates. Seid ?e for Illustrated pamphlet. Address,. '. A. A. SCHANTZ,,G. P. A. , Detroit, Mich. EXCtlRSION TO OMAHA, 'VIA -. • • PENNSYLVANIA LINES. . ; August 17lh" and' 18thi escurelon: .els ta Omalia will be sold vltt Poi varaiai Lines, for meeting of Y.'P. : C. U; of United :Pres.byterlan' 'Church.; return ' l ! :'Vleflpi ,., ' • was .the. : ,., B eoond ittoie'.tMis 'feHow worked us,. He lias a y«ty cojaveolieai/t way.otjet.tlinig hlls ,',bMloicxii',stuff"..buina,u'p *bou)t.,tl3ne for "tiie " aecenslcni' arad ttoa compromises •with •.ithe maanngemeat at n.g<>>d,flg»re. ifs a cierer "scheme put can't .be worked ' a third dime. . ....-;.• ; .' 'subscribe, for. The Journal., . '. . . • ... . .. : i • Vheo tlio •«>«'« Chili 'ae Ostoria; HALF BATES TO '.MILWAUKEE. On account of the National:coaventioa of Republican League Clubs, August 23, 24 and 25, The North-Westerfl (Chicago & Norta-Westeri Railway). wlH. sell excursion tlcUete fromi Chicago to; Milwaukee and return at. rate of OM fare for the round trip. For tickets and full information apply to ticket agent* of connecting lines, or address W. B. Knlskern,.Q. P. & T.-.A., Chicago, I1L HALF RATES :TO OMAHA. Via the North-Western Line (CWc««o.:> & North-Weatern R'y) August 15, W and^lT, 1896, one fare : for. the round y trip. A 0n August 24 excursion tickets at -olrV low rates will also-b* sold from Oinoba to Denver and the. famous Hot ; ; Springs .of, South Dakota. For f nil. In- ; formation apply to ticket . agents <rf coo- *; meeting lines oraddress 1 W..-.B.-Kiastaw^J G. P. & T. A., Chicago, HI; f ; : - ; ; ';-.••» fflODrn..

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