Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on January 7, 1947 · Page 8
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 8

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 7, 1947
Page 8
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PACE 8—NAUftATUCK NKWS (CONN,). TUESDAY, JAN. 7, 11M7 MacGregor Assigned To Assist Local Velerans Alan A. MacGrogor. former captain in cho In ran try. h?s hean lui- slirncd ns con'oct rnnrcsentativo on Itinerant service to the Naugatucl: Service for Veterans. He has been associated with the Contact Division of Veterans Administration In P'-irt.rord nnd Watui-bury for the pri"t ton months, Mr. MacGregor had ovi;r six years sprvicn with fir- Infunti'y, three y^arx of winch wvr' 1 ovor- <-> % as. Hc> is ci native of Winsted. Conn., find rrcfivocl hi-; R. S. from the University of Connecticut in 1W!>. He hn« recently moved to WnCfrbury. Mr. MacGr-pgor will hi- at flif 1 fVrvifip for Wli-rans- oMici. 1 , at Tutclc Mouse. N.'ulg.-itnr-k evi'i-y 7'"riduv I'i'om 1:30 to -1:30 p. m. to ndvisp and assist, vcti'r.ins, or their lippt.'i'Hlcnls, in filing chums, uncl thr Veterans YMCA Auxiliary To Elect Officers Wednesday Night The Y. M. C. A. Women's Auxiliary annual meeting and n pot luck iupper will bu held Wednesday night in the Y cafeteria. All women members of the Y arc Invited to attend and each one is requested to bring a covered dish and 10 call the Y office if attending. Mrs. Roy Case, president of the State Y. M. C. A. Women's Auxll- ! iary *nnd member of the Bridge- Hurry Arondhol/., 18, Beacon Vul- | p OI . t y Auxiliary will be the guest Youth Fined $25 After Hearing In Three-Car Crash Three cases of violation of rules of the road, all resulting from a three car accident Dec. 31. on Pros- poet street, were heard in Borough court this morning by : Judge Murtin Caine. Three other c-isos j \veri? continued to January 11. ley road, Naugatuck. was fined $25 on a violation of the rules of the speaker. The business of the eve- will include -.reports of officers Galgot Heads Lithuanian Society For Eighth Term William J. Galgot was roclcctcd president for hl« clgrhth consecutive lerm and Anthony Tamsaus- ka» was rcelected custodian for ;nn""mp7tlnn of" the Rotary club, i A . m u slca ' program e ..i.L.i.-u. h , B 25th term at a meeting of St. Wednesday, Jan. 8, at the Y, it' "For Your Listening Pleasure" will | George Lithuanian society Sunday Job! Wrinri Rotary Club Guest John J.. Wrlnn, control manager for the United States Rubber Company. Footwear Plant, will give a vocational talk at the next iunch- Grange To Hear Musical Program I Cotton Hollow , 1< . charge. The car he was driv- an d committee for the past year Pcsgy Perry, KatheHne and Betty I . . Cenden A musical program entitled, \£ uj J.IIT; ihwiwij i»ii*«| p Wednesday, - . was announced .by'James F. Kin-1 be featured at a meeting- of the sane, president. Mr. Wrlnn be- Beacon Valley Grange Friday eve- came a member 1 of. the club In | n|ng [n th(J Grangc na ii at 8:15 fune of last year. | o , c]oc){ Tne ncw lect urcr, GcorRC ^/;; l °^.,r°^f? i ^:^i Baker, will be in charge of the lub meeting: Janet I Baker, will program. The Gleaners ' ir.^ nt the time of the three car i as well as a report at the now- crash was owned by Leo Voorheos, i inaLing committee and election ol Bc.ic.;n Valley rn;id, Naug.itupk, | olllcers, jVolloei wero the violation of the laws adminifltorrd hv Administration. Thi; Republican rinr'.v w:i:i fnu-xl- <•<! in \HM. oi'icnnixinu' thfn on the basis of opon opposition to rxtivi- ,'iinn of ulavi'ry. DODGE Hotchkiss St. Garage 41 HOTCHKISS STUKKT Tel. (3737 ... I.. MAXII.Al.'SKAS. Prop. SALK.M — sr.nvici-: *********************** f AUTOMOTIVE NEEDS ECONOMY AUTO SUPPLY STORE 8(1 S'»"TM MAIN ST. TEL, 6162 Conn. PLAY POOL and Bowl at the R & M ALLEYS Ifio MAIO.K STKKET violation rule charges against Katherinc Sullivan.. 194 Woodlawn Terrace, Watcrbury and Hjrry Schnoer, Bishop street, Waterbury; other drivers involved In the accident. Josoph OwPns. 17, 70 Cliff street, fhar.ifPd with oporjting without a driver's had bis C.IOP. continued to Jun. 11. Thi: vlohi'.ion of motor vehirlp laws Cxises of James W. Rcllly, Summit road. Naugntuck and Miss liut.i C. Lrator, Orchard ,street, Tf-i'i-yvlllt;. wcm continued to J»-n I. Tncsp oas"s nr.> a result, of a collision between a p'mol truck owned ;irul opoiMiti'd l>y Mr. Rellly and an niitomubitp. t'rivon by Miss Lestf"'. (iwni-d by the Suite Department of Hr>:ilth. Thr accident occurred ycs- li-rday noon at North Church street jiid Mi!lvilli> avi-nu':. pollci- roport- IM|. Patrolman Jnmtvs Ponton in- vcstigiiti'd the Occident. Police said rt> i>nc \v;is hurt. Dnmago was slight, according to Poliw Caplnin Ar.Jhony MalonP. Seven Houses Reported Sold S"vi"i houses and lots in the Glen- ••iilfo n."f»t.p.i hivisin" development have b«cn snld by the Na'u<rotuck npvi-'.otimunt Co,. Inc., according to warr.-in.y deeds on file in the orfi'^ •if Town Clerk Raymond -J. St. John. Fivo houses ar.d lots on Quinn vtroKt have bcun sold to the fol- ' 'itr: AUon B.. and Eleanor,M. Cable; George Edward Kimmcr: lonuph tir.d Jennie Rabetski; John P. Bulkcr. Jr.; Anthony and Hen- rintta P.i'cx. On, North Hundley street two '•discs o.ncl lots have been •hasod by Stanley Kenneth Melon R. Harrison; •n't Davis. A large turnout is expected. Other 1'L'ULL.l'eS VUl IfiUHKIU CUlll..lUliU> jinging and entertainment. Plans tor the activities of the auxiliary for the new year will be discunsed. Ernest Voland Heads St. Paul's Church Board Ernest Volund was reelected chairman of the board of St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran church last night at the annual meeting of the church, it wu.s announced today by the P.f.'V. O. H. Bertram, pastor. Other nflicora oro; Adam Kurai- lis, redacted older; Joseph Mikuls):as anil Loo Petereit, trustees: Charles Lundstrom, treasurer; Mrs. Voland, financial secretary; Miss Adeline Hormonal, u.s.sistant financial secretary. Tin: financial report of the church was accepted favorably and .showed progress during the past year. The membership report revealed :in increased congregation through uon(lrmnl:on and transfer. Tnt congregation through a pe- ii.lion rpquestfid the Lutheran Mission board to :nst!uite a Christian D,iy school in the nnar future. Slssunc, Willlttm M. Chittenden, Jr., Joan and, Robert Sutherland, irrcderlckJ, , Elizabeth and Sherman Brown, John. B. Schmuck, Robert Smith, Petor Glover, Ed ward J. Sodlosky, Jr., Eric Swan. Edwin J. Melbourne, Jr.. Donald And George Wigglcsworth, William and Bushnell Rodcnbuch, John Lent, Donald McOollum > and Leila land Alderson. '' Other guests were: Robert Bren- kerlioff,. spn-ln-lnw of Edwin J. Melbourne; Albert' W. I-Iolmberg, Jr., guest of Don McCollum; Robert Cookc, grandson and guest of George Wigglfsworth; John J. Mont, the new treasurer of-' the Naugatuck Savings Bank and guest of Htldinff Olson; and E. F. Scoutten, guest of Donald McCol- ium. Charles Parker was a guest at tl ing- •• ,. •, of WoM Hav«n \P. .Deo. IS mfiet- Waring Broadcast To Honor Seminary will meet tomorrow at the home of Mrs. Louis San- Sousle on New Haven road. Mrs. Doris Wooster, president, will conduct the business session. Lunch- con- will be served at', noon.: ' The Juveniles will meet tomorrow evening at 7 o'clock, and Thursday night the bowling team will meet at the Y. M. C. A. Weekend Gut-lit Miss Joanna Vftlelo of Pluinville, N. J., was a week-end visitor of her uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Click. Boy Scouts Boy Scout troop, No. 9, will meet Thursday evening at the Beacon Valley Orange hall. Social Cluh Mrs. John Smith will bn hostess to ihfi Cotton Hollow Social club Thursday evening at her home. In Linden Park Hall. Others elected were: Vice-Prcsi- dcnt, August Stein; recording secretary, John Latvis; financial secretary, William Kleiva; assistant financial secretary, William MJK: treasurer, Felix Wolfe; sick visiting committee, Wilrfcm Shopis and John Svclkauskas and assistant custodian, Stanley Tnmsuu- skas. Mr. G-algol reported that the 'so- | ciety had a successful year In 1940. I Too Late To Classify ! WANTED — Rent of flv<» or six rooms. Family of Uiree adults and a school ajfc child. Excellent, references. Address Box R, care of "Ne\vu." • Probate Notice BTAMJMM* IM? GOOD OLD JANUARY IN NEW ENQ. LAND BUNDLED UP IN OLD ENQ. LAND'S BURBERRY ULSTERS. Then let the snowflakes fait where they may, on the just and unjust alike, and you can go your way as snugr as a bug in a rug inside a London tailored British fleece that's as hospitably warm and comfortable as a crackling fire in your hearth to welcome you home after the day is done, $88 and $100. vices. Tubes will be discussed, both high vacuum Pirates Of Penzance To Be Given For Church Organ Benefit "The Pirates of Penzanre," a Gilbert and Sullivan operetta, will be presented by the Glee club of St. John's Episcopal church, Waterbury, Wednesday evening, Feb. 5 in St. Michael'^ Episcopal church parish house for'the benefit of St. Ml- Industrial applications of No. 2. Diitrict .of Naugatuck, ss. Probate Court, Janunry Gtn, A, D. I 1947. ESTATE OF Clara L. Benson, late of Naugatuck in said District, deceased. The Administrator. having ox- hibitcd hi.s account with said estate 'to this Court for allowance, land made application for an ordor j of distribution of said nstntc, it is .ORDERED, That the '9th day of January. A. D. 1TM7, at 2 o'clock, in the afternoon, standard limn, ai. the Probate Ofllce in Naugaluck, and gas filled types, be and the sjmc :s, assigned for .-_ Subject matter will bt; of a general ; hearing op the allowance of said nature rather than specific. The I account, and application and the course itself will be elementary or Court directs the Administrator to give notice thereof, by publishing this order in some newspaper hav- ng a circulation in s:yd District, least two of hearing, YMCA Offers (Continued from Page One) intermediate depending upon th« qualifications of the class. The .>ourse will include: 1, Circuit" symbols used in electronic work. 2, High Vacuum Tubes, basic circuits using them. 3, chad's organ fund, It nounced today .by Alvin The centennial of the Concordip. j tcr director of the glee club, and was an- 4, Gas Filled Tubes and their in- A.. Woos- | duatrial applications. Theological Seminary, Springfield, 111., of which the Rev. O. H. Bertram, pastor of St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran church is an allumnus will bt! noted in a radio broadcast tomorrow morning at 11 o'clock over the National Broadcasting pur- j system by Frod Waring. and Clay ion Stew-, 1 PATTERSON'S STATEMENT 1 organist .snd choir master of St. Michael's church, The glee club numbers about 40, many of them, trained singers, of high school age and upward, and .'ins appeared here several times In The Pirates, of was performed here by this group in 1910. it has ,.,,..„ done othej , Gjlt , ert and Sulli . tile p?.st. Besides Penzance" which • STOP YOUR SKIDDING! ! Ask about our 2-ln-l tire rp- cH|>ping jol). A heavy knobby top Irrad for winter drivinn with « svconil trend Ix'nruth for Hummer wt'ur. CHUCK'S 531 NORTH MAIN ST. TEL. 4955 Th« message as a whole was "all j van O p el . e ttas includins; "H. M. right," James T. Patterson N.iugauick, representative to congress from the Fifth Distric'. said 1 in commenting on President Tru- I man's "state of the nation" mes- L-agp yesterday. Rep. Patterson 'raid he was glad for the consideration which the message gave to housing, veterans and a balanced budge;. NKW SIGNS | Placing of new street signs by ! tlic street department begmi ycs- i terday afternoon under the super- i vision of Superintendent of Streets Harold Murthu. The signs are being installed ut 78 intersections. Time of course, first choice Friday! Monday second choice. Mrs. Glenn K. Moresca, a graduate of Columbia University School of Fine Arts, a student at Pratt Institute, Minneapolis Scnool of Fine Arts, who has also studied in Paris and Italy, will be the cam- mercinl art instructor. The course will combine informal lectures^ demonstrations, and discussions of art problems, with Atlantic Hi-Arc Gasoline for Quick Starting POUST'S SERVICE STATION 144 Kublier Ave] Tel. 4035 For A Snack, a Sandwid or a Full Meal, Try DUFFY'S Restaurant II WATER STIIKKT FULL LIQUOR LICENSE in s:y er, ;» a copy of tliis ord days before slid duy and return ^to this Court. Attest, RAYMOND M. SHEA, Judge. Probate Notice District of Naugaluck, ss. Probate Court, January 6th. A. D. 194T, ESTATE OF Rocco Scavone, late of Naug-iluck, in said District, do- j ceased. Upon application of Dominick : Scavone praying that letters of ad- | ministration may bo granted on j .laid estate, as por application on studio work in layout, lettering, | !lle mo ,. c f u iiy appears, it is commercial illustration and niques in current demand. phasis will be placed on those tech- Em- ORDERED—That said applies- j lion be heard and determined «it j the Probate Office in Naugatuck. I S. Pinafore," and "The Mikado." "Patience" was about ready for production in 1912 when the group disbanded due to many of the young men entering the service and young women engaged in civil- by the students. i January A. D. 19-17, at < o'clock ian defense. The group reorganized] Monday evening for this course j trie afternoon and that notice be 1 this past fn'.l. is 'the preferred date, with Wed- given of the pendency of said ap- ; — '• nesday as -an alternate possibility, .plication, and the time aiJd place Soerctarv LaPoint said todav. I PEP'S LEG BnOKEN The world's featherweight boxing champion, Willie Pep of Hartford, is revealed to have received a fractured leg. Pep was in a plane crash and now is hospitalized at Millville. N. J. Doctors aay' that the fracture should heal perfectly and areas of commercial art requested . in said District on the 10th day of by the students. Secretary LaPoint said today, j of hearing thereon, by publishing! 'This is a real opportunity for pec- ' pie in Naugatuck and vicinity to vret university extension courses at home for small cost." A minimum of 20 students registered in each A E>alanced&u4£et Established :870 Deposits Fully GuarantnsJ Starting a budget for 1947? The best medicine for any budget is consistent savings. Then should Jiny unexpected expenses arise. you have available cash. ' Even a. small sum deposited regularly soon grows. Naugatuck Savings Bank Naugatuck, Conn. course will be necesLary, Complete bulletins may be obtained by call- LIUUIUIU Oltvvjiu llt-t»i |*v-i n,v,i..j «..— . - J I that It should not hamper the fight-, ing at the Y. M. C. A. desk Y'S MKN'S CLUB Dr. Harold E. Davids, local optometrist, will speak on "Your Seeing Eye" at the dinner meeting of the, Y's Men's club this evening ut the Y cafeteria, Wesley Coc, pro{,'i-um chairman has announced. j The affair will be the club's fiist •' dinner meeting of tins new yea.!'. SCHOOL BOARD The Board of Education will hold a regular monthly meeting Thursday evening in the office of Supt. of Schools Harold E. Chittenden. Routine business peculiar to this reason of the year will come up for !ho most part, Supt. Chittenden said this morning. He added that the enumaration of school pupils had been completed and figures would be • available for the board meeting. er's ring ability. phoning 2425. Bank Statement the same one time in some news- i paper having a circulation in saki ' District, and by posting a copy ] thereof on tiie public sign-post in j th9 town of Naugatuck, in said I District, and by sending, postage prepaid, a like notice to each of the or known heirs residing outside this (District at least two days before * jbJid duy assigned. RAYMOND M. SHEA, Judge. Lincoln V) Slore crr.csiti T;.E onst PHONES^?, 11 I OFFERS GOODRICH -- SILVERTOWN TIRES IN STOCK Limited Quantities 600—16 650—16 650—15 Convenient Payment Terms 30 Day Charge Account or Weekly Payment Terms Charter No, 3020, Reserve District No. I. Report of condition of the Naugatuck National Bonk of Naugatuck, in the state of Connecticut, at the'close of business on December 31, 1946. Published in response to call made by Comptroller of tho Currency, under Section 5211, U.-S. Revised Statutes. . ASSETS Gush, balances with other banks, including reserve balance and cash items in process of collection $1,711,072.1-1 United States Government obligations, direct and guaranteed 4,888,717.3-1 Obligations of States and political subdivisions 187,495.83 Other bonds, notes, and debentures 265,291.71 Corporate stocks (including $16,500.00 stock of Federal Reserve bank) - 16,500.00 Leans and discounts (including $245.43 overdrafts) 1.168,501.93 Bank premises owned $119,883.13, furniture and fixtures $8,132.95 '..-..' - 128,016.08 (Bank premises owned are subject to None liens not assumed by bank) Other assets 7,050.02 Total Assets .$8,372,645.65 LIABILITIES Demand deposits of individuals, partnerships, and corpora..i on .s $!>,041,276,r>2 I Time deposits of individuals, partnerships, and corporations 1,906,823.39 ! Deposits of United States Government (including postal savings) '.' 190.999.87 | Deposits of States and political subdivisions 135,906.91 | Deposits of banks 88,368.45 I Other deposits (certified and cashier's checks, etc.) 299,748.42 Total Deposits • $7,663,123.50 'Other liabilities 47,195.24 Tctal Liabilities ...'. .$7,710,318.80 CAPITAL ACCOUNTS' Capital Stock: . . Common stock, total par $300,000.00 ...'.. ' 300,000.00 Surplus ;... ..'..'-.. '• •. 250,000.00 Undivided profits 61,954.24 Reserves 50,372.61 Total Capital Accounts 662,326.85 Totnl Liabilities and Capital Accounts $8,372,645,65' MEMORANDUM Assets pledged or assigned to secure liabilities and for other purposes ,.•.... $ 249.9C8.7S Stnte of Connecticut, County of New; Haven, ss: I, Sherman R, Buell, cashier of the above-named bank, do solemnly swear that the above statement is true to the best of my knowledge and belief. (SEAL) SHERMAN R. BUELL, Cashier. Sworn to and subscribed before me this 6th day of January, 1947. LAMONT W. KIRK, Notary Public. Correct—Attest: -• . . • . CHARLES H: UPSON DONALD S. TJJTTLE '",': JOHN H. SCHMUCK •!''.V'Si - Directors. Probate Notice District of Naugatuck, ss. Pro- bale Court, January Gin. A. D. 1947. ESTATE OF Gudtav Parsons, late of Nati(jruuck, in said District, deceased. The Executor, 1 having exhibited his account with said esta'.e to this Court for allowance, and made aj;- plication for an order of distribution of said eA^te, it is ORDERED. That the lOih day of January, A. D. 1947, at 2 o'clock, in the ai'terr.onn, standard time, at the Probate Odlce in Naugatuck. lie and the same Is, assigned for a hearing on the allowance of said account, and application and the Court dil'octs the Executor, to give notice thereof, by publishing this order in .some newspaper having a circulation in said District and by leaving with, or by mailing i:i post-paid letters addressed to ench of tne persons interested, and residing without the Probato District of Naugatuck, a copy of this order, .ill at li.-jst two days before said day of hearing, and return to this Court. Attest, RAYMOND M. SHEA, Judge. IGUS SMOKE SHOP 402 North -Main St. Onion Clt.v GIIH Klhniiszcwxkf, Prop. MODEL AIRPLANES HALF PRICE Highland Package Store 93 Avc. — TVI. Anthony Fairar, Prop. FREE DELIVERY All Part* of N'auffatnck WHITE FISH MARKET JOSEPH CABRAL, Prop 8 South Main St. Ti>l. 50114 SALT and FRESH WATER FISH of ALL KINDS *»**•**»f»*ff*rtrtr*r*****r*** FOR SALE Ten room hou»e, 6 roonw fm floor, 5 room* »ccond floor,' bath-room*, hot air li electricity, 2 air g;amfe. Formerly 2 tenement and owner will re-convert lo( tenement* and Rive ImmedH occupancy to fJret floor. Located e»«t ildc of town m may be Inspected In nfterniwa I F.W.EAT01 Room 9 Ncary Build Church Street . n 'c f fS b •IT 'i o TRV CLASSIFIKO ADS C K> re FOR YOUR FAMILY NEEDS!! NAT'S 410 North Main St. Union Cits TEL. 61W THE EYEGLASS SHOP C.H.Tomlinson Neuy Bulldlni Nnugktuck. Cuon. Oldest Established Body Shop In Naugatuck EXPERT BODY REPAIRS and PAINTINO- We have had many years experience repairing Mil painting automobile fenders and bodies. A complete shop equipment of hydraulic and electric tools with scientific paint mixing to match the color of car insure satisfactory results. Work done by appointment, on predetermined con-| tract, under the supervision of Kenneth E. Johnson^ The Naugatuck Fuel Company on pR Gu Ah ;im :th( 87 CHURCH ST. PHONE Try NEWS Want Ads-they bring

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