Lincoln Journal Star from Lincoln, Nebraska on June 22, 1920 · Page 10
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Lincoln Journal Star from Lincoln, Nebraska · Page 10

Lincoln, Nebraska
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 22, 1920
Page 10
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KVF.VÎX*! STATE JoriìXAL. TIKSDAY, .U'XK *22. 1^2rí NINE S-r.ft »"d ?»« p-r»» T«ted« TK. Iftdiwi-siwa»*!. f M-'VWPOLIS. Jun# :i■ r--»'» ; Teli-do........................................................................i’i? Ind'anap®!:« . • • * î Haiif 1< MidHil* »n »«d MarpSy R»fW- and I :ON»V'.t. THK ■SVTIOSVI, f;. HARMONY IN CITY LEAGUE STAKBIHG OF THE TEAMS. NO PROTK»T'» VIS Ilf ON I,\K1 fl'NI»4r'N r»lKi Tenin eater* tíAmmm •««! Ptajr* at the r*e*lteallar» T*e*«a?*ln*. Tola« Jcp!m K; ICMienh Wkhita Oklatinima r>mai»n I*e» M«i*T«c« SiOQt ’Itr Vy NetHffuM I lajn J ethirirnati P-^icklrn I < ;nte«Mro iSt t/oaia I’hi ladri ph. 4fr*»r« 111 the etty Imacbail leaipue seeni ta h**r been fmaily »ettled ia»i week Mo»t of the cootroverrtes between j and nis«a««r» have been »roned out and IKe* Vark the «ehedule of gmroee can be oontmuert ^ibout *ny further troobie. The u.*e of iUe 4 EaJ plawrr by the i*»" two oecaaidn« will oeceaeitatc the plajlnR of two extra gaiw*» during tht K*-iaon ¡èhirago bat aalda from that the recular BChr-dul" iO«»íTn UI wtrancl»»« m good »hape. Washington Both of .Hunday*« game were recorded • isome conn* Weatem l.eag«e. Woo ....... !k .Î* -Î ................. 3! Î* Î4 ;» It e. Won ................. Tn . .... . 21 ;« . ’ •.$ . , , . ....... . Î4 21 ......... 2Î Î'; .kfuerlra» I Bayne. vi'on .'Ì . . ........ . . 31 ....... 3* 2« Without any fanmal proteate plaiftt was mad* of the umptrlnf, but wj rtaciaions were made 'bat woiiW have affected matcrtaily the outcome of either game. CU> Wwugne team* hare been acbeduiea ;o prarUee at M .«treet park in the following order Curtlk, Towle, and Paine, Tuesday «sve.mng, Lincoln TeJephonea and American legion, Wednesday; Spewr and Sitaoor. 1'huiwday: Iwclghis of Coium bn* and Ainarlcan legion, y>ida.r. The Weatem iJJaae nnd Taint team is »eH«daled for a twilight conterl with the Pentteptlary teain Tuesday emoiiig, while the ?. 4 ncoln 'leaner« will meet the Hhat-tns Thuraday FbUrdelpht ¡St Pawl ! T<>ledO iMilwankiM . ' Minn a* poll* Calumhwa Indlanapotis I.ewirrtlle Kaooma < *tty Ijoet 11 23 ti f Î* IsMh -a 3» '1 31 Iy>*i ! I •1 ^ » ?» 2* it .*< 43 P .«IT r,S3 '35 ••'54 4*3 .411 -Ì- 311 f.4'' »■»: *,*c, 4 34 4 2« P-Í <«1 *44 .5»4 r.»# lao 451 .345 33« MINERS MAKE CLEAN SWEEP JOPLIN PLI M.INfi NIIF.At) 4T K\PF. NNJ; OF «IOI X « IT V . pbliadelpbia **e*d« Heda n*wn the (bampioa a Peg. Tbree B« Kboloata in a Niaaie It« I « F«»* r «Ber*-«« in It, n for N laltiira lla.r«. and 1HÎI. t;>RI.PHT.i.. debated (nieimi«» game of *he oeri Inning- ClR' ¡nnati ......... Philaaalvb'a ...... Jwnr 31 5 !• 1 In «e toda». »'►.sîadelph’a ihf opening Sehiatlonal I Chirtgo and oth'-r eastern povnts «here . he h.3-4 Iteen «pending the pa at three , a-eelv.s i'oach Schis.ilr attended the VVeat- ' ern conference track meet at Michigan I and waa i.n fhlcftgg at the. time John , Pi- kett wa# tr>ing out the White .Hot ¡ tl««lnn liefest« ilelsnea. limm» Hanlon, of IVnvir. def* I'ed If'al liei.anet, of Cleveland, on a ' efere*'« idecieion at the .«to. k yard« stadium l»err hist nipht .Cibo ihr '«vnrlte In the betting, l>elanf;. was outboxed and Hnn- Jon w«- the Aggreasor thruout the twelve ro.;nd.- ^ i Amer.. a. Au«',r%i.a. couth Africa KngHnd j continental Kurope w at rtajied af'er ftf- I tean hear* of atcady rain With It« extra' ordinary .nternatlonai entry list. It ha* aroua*d the groateat snteroo? evr erSnred In a Pr*ti.»h tennta ■ hampionahlp 1 Vn.bk Adv Rtainps W dneedaj at Gold s Play It Safe. Xmertea«« %ll N% Inner«. 1» 1 « Afneeiesn kawseiattow. Won Ijoat Pet. ........ <* - ,«94 .......... . 13 3« 15» ........................... 13 3« 112 ......... ..... 34 ?» ''4« ... 3" 30 4"4 ...... Î4 ?t 45t ........ 2» 32 a*T ..................... 1« 15 3*5 («•me« PoMtpewed. National. t'.hleagn at K«* Tork, TNtta- borgh at Brooklyn it. 'xitua at lawrtoo Amarican. New Tork at W L>ouia. Philadelphia at iJbtcagro. Washington st Tatrott. Asaoclation <'olwmbna a’ lanilsrlUe. HDSKERS GflJG TO FARMS rnmmf Nebrsabs Atbletea NAorfcl«* to Keep in «tospe f«r Aetlel- llea Neat 5 esr. Many Kebraaka athletes aceorrttng to eustom are, making irsrJts for farms and ramhes foV the «ummer to get In condition for their actlrlUes in football, basketball. track, wrestling and the other »poH? next vear There are h few wlio ■ re following other purmilta for the summer. fteeeral football plarer* have left for Kanasji to do work in the hsnrest field« and will work north frorn there as the harvest moves up Ro.v l..yrm*nn, star tarlile on the 191» Nebraska football team has taken a numb« r of N'eb* -. ka rmn to hi» ranch in north>*m Kansa.« Half 1 dottn mifrrtx ra nf the l?3f> baie bail tciun are follow mg that prolcgai m this summer on town teams and other amati ur aggregatimi.« Wvthera. .<wanaon and one or two others left soon after school vras '■«moletcd for Wyominc whet»' they will play with » at Yellow.«tone f>ark. T;cK»-tt u* scheduled to pla> with the Kimball. Neh., team this .summer PUT LAT0N1À TRACK AHEAD wo- the beginn ng of play in the national man'« clay court tennis »ingle.- in afternoon at l?etrolt. Tlic pairing for the .singles was completed Monday and the drawing for the dootilca were made 'Puesdsy, The singles pairing» follow Mrj. Jane King. Cleveland vs Marion l»clRhton c'hicago: Moiri.«, I>etrolt. ▼ s MUs Conine Gould. St. I«oo!s: Mis« Godfrey, Chicago, vw Mi.«s Johnson. IVfrolt: .Miss Ruth King, fCleveland, vs Mrs. MaJcolm McNeil. Chicago: Mias Fdlth Tennant, I».s Ingelcs, v» Ms» Wise, Cleveland Miss Robbie" Ech. Cleveland, V- MI as Mathryne W.s»do. CTilcago Miss Vance Chicago, vs Martori Zlndersfeln, Boston JOrLI.v, Jure 31.- Thf Mine-« miule u four a* raigbi frwm dloux C“ r y, * nning t*- dav • «Alt»- ? « It was the third straight ihutout the M Ber* h*v* won and th*- obIv r*in *he I*«. k»rs got m th« wrlet wcs un- e*rn«ij .A«,ti;rdAy. Prsok Meti base men oW.xlnerJ hy .a»««.-. '"N*y. with !>-. ■»«'n. from r»e# Mo nes, in t traa" for rteo-her t aod a ca»r --osadArAUan e.wuin»d -*l»Arge <it the JNwiter« ‘oday as menegef Ncore By tnwuaba. Jtous City ...... •999 3 999 9 0 Jopl.R . Îl!0»e0»ft» 3 MNebit« ew, fie» Mot«e«. WtmiTA. Jan* 21. W«<-hìta made a - iaar «sre«» of th# serte* bv wfim n« today ;i «ft Tha gam« mad« twaeity wi* cor *e.:-i»tlT« .«rnrolaae lawingw tor ! ••« Motnee aga;-»« ‘he local p»t--hers Nccre Pv innings rww Momas • Wicbit* .. . ftlOftifht • —Tl OAlabwtBa fMy vs. Omwbn. OKLAHOM.A CTTT JoOe 31 -<»maha knocked Boyd out of the tw* in the first By In Bings. Omsk« 4 2 19 0 9 19 0 -• Ok>ah«ma 'ttty ............... • I • 0 1 9 ft 9 ft—4 TWIwk vs. Í4ft. Jeeeph. TT'TJiA Ok;*., June 21.—Car* Adam« pttcb«d affoetTvWy twd*V white *h« Obeew ha*t*d wpportwncly amd U»« boma temen wwn the opeatng gmaa« e' the serte» frota Bi. Joweph to 3. Bowra: Bv liwainpi: •t Jo—ph .................1 • ft ft I ft ft ft A-2 T»l»a ................ ft * ♦ * • ft ft ft •—* STATE BASEBALL RESULTS. nllser 4 recU Heals I »»Inmh««. .-ilLVEn 'CRET:K l-m- i^ilvcr Creek tit Ha ted Columhu here Minda> n a fas; game that ended * to J Knowle». th* ii;lver »’-«e* pitcntj». h- -d the vumors hiGcss until the n n.h when on*« hit and ioor errof.«- netted them ihr*-e runs. Batteries wevc Knowle.* and I>oug- la.-s. .fe.stus and Burke. Hits-rJf Know u s 1. off Justu.« T; struck-te»’ b> Knowles Is h' Ju.ftu> » \Vk2=T POINT. Jane 32. By a 1 to •' fourteen inning r ctorv over scribncr. Sunday. West Point won her «trajght bmw-ball game. The West club hn« nnt loa* a smgle g«vnc this season and has heW npponen;.« scoreless f<>r Ml consecutive mnlng« Korb doing ail the twirling., Korb pliehint for Weat Point, was id great form Bunda>. and lasted the entire fourleen-inntng game, allowing only four hits. Kork struck out II. ITtch struck out IT The winning score was made In the fourteenth when three West Point batters connected for singles. ' ! I WIMRI.RtKIV Rng .June 31 A. fn«, ) Amrpicariii *ho pia<r«d m Th*» «-pcn'rr ruti.'hra for ;ht Br'-iah \*n tenn-s lmrr>- ■|'-i*r.»n.p d-*f::i;<d their .ipponer:« • .-i ,v Thr maich heiw-en f s <;sr;aii,i *.f i I burgh ard <> G. N Tu-ributl pr**vl,ied most a-*r* t;v» v\trn. A - ro*rd of about * t-6S *as pr,'»*r!i. Th \mT-lr ,n r»ionT j wss well rrrreasri'rd V battlr > .y j- , jtk- prued ‘omor *h • wni a.-n M .lehr r‘on mee-s J ■ 1 i-V- -ganlfd a- a a rv>rt ■ Ri.slfsh ptaver thCd > Pom c.raiiam Whil*, nvi.uur. s-«>s h* »ia4 live-1 n l(.n¿ tune in his litu of w-'rk b»-- catise he ha.< a'W'ty.* ^e^pt-cted the air. and kept hi* * ye on il FmniHarity. in hi.-» | « xse. ha.* iie\» r fef-ed < onlejnpt TKxt iS the difiteu!t> with mrtriv who have ventured into the air. an-l wt may say also U't* the vvater, On** the .sv-rag* aviator ha.« "fell out" his profe.A^ion. he begins to exy'erinyrnt in stunt.* He de.*ires to wrtti hl“ name across ttw heavers and 'ii'fttK* often he wr-t*-.-» hi.« epi' vph. He is not '■ content witii follow li g th- no-tnai axil: safe, he wants to ac. oii.p!i.«h th* clartr.g i am! flic biyarr* j .-5*. the water It lies n »aa- 1 reache’snijsly. for eei-n th*' most accomp- : « I.ante« Poaipoaed. Î Ush* d swfinnie- The tide-->P tnd the on id. row will tak- ii»eir toll this sea-e»n i IT Mtih .(unr 21 ftp.nins Play Ithev did las’ f>n- gets to know ti* *Ti ^h* r.Ättot Äi ourtu ■» chArr ’ * * * . * k%»Nv«%g. ffN it a* h Pienah-p achedulrd ta b»mn "»dsv was i , ‘ , , , . k »« res p«B*d beiwase o' the svggv eonditkin trf ' friendly and hmrralc»* »-leim-ut, ,*nd tn n b# roxirts. timll ‘iimer-fw Mia« rterofbv lope dav It »v*-t<-hcs out A firedaiorv finget Public ÎVIarkets ' - S2 O St B4244 No. 10th fit •1062 136 fi<5. mu •ISM St WEDNESDAY SPECIALS Brisket Boiling Beef Short Ribs of Beef. . 10c 12c ■| e n tl I 'K.rr. Tennant of ■•'ati Frai.ilat« h*-* been a<ided to the 'ontea s. TITF .4MRRICANÎ LRAGir.. ClwvelBfid Retal*« Beat«ft*c I Rlrwt Place by TAGGING ALL THE BASES. Tbree Vriiaati«»*! sp^rl*!« Have Been for Tbia « onrae tiy | HenlurWy Jorkey f'lub. The Krntueky Jockey club plan* fo place the laitonta track In the forefront of the running horse game in 1.921 and 1922. If the adoption of rich flyture* will , turn the trick Three sensatipnal spe- i da Is h» ve l*een arranged and announced ! for thti.« course end one of them will no doubt be ihe richest In the world ^ One of the sensational and rather , unique ,«ff«lra for 1*52 Is the breeders* futurity for tvvo-> ear-olds. It will be a dssh of fhree-quartees of a mile and will ' larry about llZ.ftt'ft in added monc.v. Ccr- - talnly it will sttraci the » ream of two- •, year-olda. and ma> regiiit In some astonishing performances. j The other fixture will be the T.aitonla ' chtmpionahlp, « race nf one mile and ; three-qtiarlera. for three->ear-olds. It will carry a vahie of tiiO.bbo an*l will no doubt be the richest stake of the .Amert- ' can turf when it Is ra*'<d It will have a .luiy 1 closing as will all of the other events, this being arranged to permit of the entr . of the > oimg* st toala eligible, ThU fixture la expected to attract a record entr.v The. condition» v.lll indeed l*e | Hharal, wllh nominal payment» for th<* I nominations and a proha We starting fee or ISAft The conditions and fees will make tha race attractive i*i "dark horses" whose owners mav ftgurc a chance to win hv' rP8.son of a large field The Kentucky Jo*'key club aeems tn t*e making a bid to p!a* e the stat*- back in It.« original place In the racing «port. The announcement a have created much com ment among tha followers of the game, and many of them l*ell«ve the Latoni-i ehamplonahtp with It* $«0,000 value fa sunpiv a forervinner to a sens« of r«Bl cla.v«lcs whoae value will aoon rea**h the $100.000 mark. Of course, the prf>gram.s will rmntinuc to pre.«*'ni the usual nviin- ber of races with smaller stakes The 1H21 loitonia program will be the N-st ever offered at that course .At the fall meeting at I.atonla »his year the flrst running of the Kentucky ehnm- p ion ship Btaktts will be staged. It closed a 'ear ago This ev«nt has a value of about $2k.00P and carrte« this value f*-<wm year to yoar, 11 promises to be an unusual contest. Sia.r for a day: St*'ve O NeiU. Hi« double In the twelfth inning paved the wav for Cleveland’s victor' o'er the R«d Sox Momvger Speaker dented a report that Cleveland had offered fo trade Gay Morton to Boirton fo*- Harry Hama, the sooth paw The Phillies, with Bfxa.v pltehln fino hall, disposed of the R -da Ilixey gave up only six hits. '.cne Pauletre and Bdl Randen differed snil! fingers in the PhlHy-Red same, and had to retirg The weather man fstiered up his average m.tCN’Trt Jt-NB. Jase $1 —cq*ee4jurvd re- tsiaad ftrat ptae« loday by da/aatlrg Bost«o 3 ta 3 iit twatvv inaing* The winnfn« nra ram« hr <TKe;ir« doobl«. Bum» «ar- rSftea and •vana « ngle «Tevetand fallad to maka a hit off Ha-per «rilll 'ha fifth mtfe pfttdvad good hall, hiit waa r*n4aced hy Mertoi» wb® hatd ha Red Box hltl*«* (be iaat twe isa aad ManMgar »paakar Bted ar, otfar hail t*ea« trada 0«y Mortan far •cora By InntQgs. ............ ri}«oaiatid .............. Fog Preve**« tacbt Race, MKM'PCvKT n i.. June 31 *,nd 1* k ef wind rreveni»»! *hr f»n?t, ‘■warn the "vp -ief«ns' c«nO'da*e sloop« Rea- olote and Van t'e today. I'oatpotieipem was announced after the ommUte». pvl waited »;n* time for conditions to improve OLYMPIC TEAMS TN LIMELIGHT With Babe Bath's man o’wars. .Fobnaton’s Tilden'« Gardner« and Hagen and ind for Prewidant .Itm l>v*n of the ind'a»« de made *o Pstaton to Harry Harper. The IM 9M «1« 9«« - 't ftftl *10 90! — : I>jnpscy*s and Carpentter s figbtmg topline«, the pro.«pcct1ve Ainerlcai Olympic team has been loit In the uncommon rush of sport The ag^mnt* for I’ncle Sam s however will come out M the dust tl^ week where they have beer hidden ana take a place in the first file. The sectional trials for the tearnsched- uled Saturday in Philadelphia, Chlca^ New Orieans and Paaadena will put thru the nr.vl sorting out procesa what i^ybape will be the largest number of candidates ’’’prom the re.sult? of tlie intercoHegiate trark meet« it se*.yus pTol«b!e that the team will be constituted largely of college «tax» Pennayivania. winner of the legiate championship, probably th* largest >epres«ntation llall Players Want Raek. t 'Hb'A'tO. ,Iun*' 21.- Thr»-e player» dbo deserted '-itjbe in the Amertran axaoclart'n to «erapt attraetive off. rs r-wm independent teams have appr ated to he laken ha« k, I'residerit Hickev annour.-ed today fnder the of the national r»«o« atw.n <>f mtnpT league» however, the eontratt jumper* will be barred from orran'ied baoehatl for five yrars. The player» axktng for their fanner bertha are: OHle O Mara a ibtm IvaaenLan, who dewrtwi ¡ndianapolia. Pitcher M'Ubam Kvaua of Kanaar < Tty and William Wagfwr. a cat« her.' who quit the ColtiTnbtia <lub bair if hr Job*»** WIMBLEIw^N *■ Kaiay Wlnaer. inler-ooJ- wlU have ith a good AMFRMAN A N.NOCI A Tf »N. Mi« A* va. MiwtMakee. Wia. Jana $1 —goor* ......................... 5 1? ...................... ft ft MU.WAtJKRR M'nuoivpoll* . . . MPwaukoe ................................ BaXtert— -l»»wd ermi lit and Mayar: Orbai«. Traattnan and i»a«ton K mmmw CNy V«. OA Paal. KANJiAR CTTT, M» Jw»e 21.—R-or»0! Paal ............................. !• II Kansas City ............................. 5 13 Rattert«» Ortner and Hargraea; T*«ro chance for landing slx star* on Notre T>ame looks good for s delexmtlon of foiir and CaUfornia land thr*e on thè te*m The New York Athletlc club most llkely w«U h*v^he •a.<west Cab representation on thè toapi. With an artray tratu«port at Ita dl^»al. thè American commlttee ^ .vtnrted m thè selectlon of thè team farinttee for taktng a SOO to Antwerp, thè horaes” are unumrally Wìlh team from 2»C to chaxices of "dark gisod SCHISSLEK BACK FEOM EAST. Kng Jan- 31. WíUiam M Jobfiatnn of Raí» 1c»an«l»ro th* Pnlted State* «inri** rhampAon th* flret of «he American» to compet» ín *he Brirtah lawn eruii» olmitiptonahipa »erred ao ea»> rte- lory over J. M. Plavvll# g*r* today tn tha opraing rouffcl of the toumament for ihe tifie. John*toa won In «traight set» be mcomB of 5-3 ft-4 *-í. PlnvelSa a wetl known Nngiiah vvtarar player «ra» n*> match for hta pawerfnt atroklng oppo*i«n» Th» '«►■raameDf «rtiteh has a’tractad 12* Mitranta. ¡ortadlng ihe lead ng playera of atid the-e is one ewimxner the leas. Lv- -i in 11 - in«loor f;uiks. one i>oimp hhns*-lf for the îACk knif*’ or the flip, bunts his ht ad aeains? the cement b*vttom. and latter *>n .-tontebedv steps upon at* in*iniiu-tte body at he bottom of th' pot'l Human lif- out of Its element, hang- upon ;v Wh*n th* human venture* out -M mu.«t beware l«st hi« fanviUanlj bre*Mj cmtempt The human body under water and Hgh. m the air. is out of ita natural envlroTiment. and death waits upon e.-tre- leasn'.ss -«e.attie Post IntvUlg*myT City of Fancy Names. Mexico City is a Almost every .«hop ov*'i the door, one. as th Yes, We are Here TO GIVE YOU THE BEST SERVICE THAT CAN BE HAD FROM A MODERN CLEANING PLANT SUCH AS WE HAVE. SEND US YOUR NEXT ORDER. Phone F2874. Modern Cleaners Dick Westover, Sec’y. 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Oood weather Tueada.v permitted the FURNITURE HARDWARE HiniSE FQRNiSHINGS AT ES.PROUDFIT COMPANY 143 SoaUi lOth IMuare Fumitare il I NAINSOOK and MADRAS UNION SUITS $ 1.35 Made Knee length an«i no sleeve. Full cut, ♦icepitoii- dl vtilue.-i at the price, siz.ea 34 to 46. NATIONAL automobile INSURANCE CO. PhoAe BS80* E L C A R Tourtno Car and Boadatgr Call and Sea U« Baft-yre Buying NEBRASKA ELCAR CO. 1630 O St. Bd664 GOODRICH TIRES TIRE REPAIRING Royscî-J ohnson Rubl>e?r Co. B4531 207 So. nth. Card - Adams Motor Co. CHANDLER SIX CLEVELAND SIX I Omaha Lincoln W allis America'* Foremost Tractor WINFRED H. BIXBY. DisUibuter 1S4 So. 9th St. uncoin, Neb. B3496 NEBRASKA OLD8MOBILE CO. 2509 Farnam Straet. Omaha. Uncotn Oldaanobtte Co., Lincoln. ijoDBt B rothers MOTBR-CAR J. H. MARKEL 17M O Stroat. Lincoln OVERLAND Lincoln Overland Co. Dlatnbutars Overland Automobile* 17TH AND O STBEETS B6664 QUALITY CAES FRANKLIN—STUTZ LUTE MORSE Olitrlbuter—109-115 No. 9th PAJAMA CHECK NAINSOOK UNION SUITS 89c Made Knee ijenfirih and no !tleeveh — .siy.e.s :]4 to 42. GENUINE POROSKNIT UNION SUITS $ 1.59 Ilk i.k 4 irenuine Chaim«'r!i Porosknit Union i-'jr and short siee\ps. .sizes ;>4 to 50, íMiit— ions: SPRING NEEDLE KNIT UNION SUITS White or Eem $ 1.15 color spring needle sleeves, long legs. knitting, short ARMSTRONG CLOTHING CO. Nebraskans Largest Ezclusive Men’s and Boys* Store tl •> t $1 I « t Ì t'/ I ♦ \ •" a ♦ I A A Ir * ♦ t ❖ k% 4 t I i 'i I I I ft I I t! Lincoln Machine and Auto Works 322 So. 9th St. General Machine Work, Wntdlna Automobile and Tractor BefMilHng MAXWELL Automobile« are Ahnaya RelUblft MOCKETT AUTO CO. 1228 P Street. Phone B6769 Lord Auto Co. ¿¿G North 12th Street CADILLAC 1 I STANDARD OF THE WORLD 1 J. H. Hansen Cadillac Co. Phone B1530. 1137 P St. .... ............. ................ -J Kelly-Springfield TIRES Nebraska Buick Auto Co. ACCEASOftftV DCPARTÌIB.NT. F. A. Roehl Motor Co. 1332-3« P Street—B2445 ÒAKLAHD SIX NASH SIX JORDON SIX Heavy Duty Storage Batteries SenrkeFor All Make. 207 So. 11th SL AGENTS WANTED PREMIER VELIE 1 SKEI.TON OLSON MORRIS MOTOR 00. 1 B1388 1*4« O St. J\ - ---------------------------------------------- FIRESTONE TIRES Oldeat Tire EsttiHieAment ft* Ltvicotn EXPIEirr TIRE REINkftJUMQ STANDARD AUTO TIRE 00. tM Sowth Itth T studebaker & COLE 8 DeBrown Auto Co. 172S O St. J V.............................. ....................... J New Addresfi PARKHURST AUTO ELECTRIC CO. 1709 0 St Phone B4M5 Sutter Auto Sales & ' Service Co. Geronimo Six........$1.995 F. O. B. Milburn Elect ......$2.<K F. O. fi. B3999 1600 O St. WRITE FOR CATALOG WESTERN GLASS & PAINT CO. wind Shialda. QIaas, Auto Psinta and Vamtahca, S. C. Johnaon'« Spe- claftti««. Lagbftlta Lang. I' Fordson Tractors : r. R. Hussong 1 B6821 1000 O St ^ FEDERAL TIRES Flslver Rim.Grip Swb-Catfng* Tire Rebuilding and R^giring Spangler Tire Co. 1530-4 N SL B2739 k- ----------------- ------------— Motor Supply Co. Autobobile Acceaaoflea MICHELIN TIRES 237 So. 1'th St. Auburn Beauty Six Write for our exceptlonaf deaibr’s proposition for your territory. L. E TAIT AUTO CO. Nftbraaka Distrtbutera Lincoln General Automotive Co. Dlatrlbbters CASE CARS diamond t trucks 1745 O St. B4509 REPUBLIC Prodlum Proceaa TIRES DO LAST LONGEB Exi>ert Tire Bepalrlng. Pettit-Rumbaugfa Tire Co. 138 So. 11th St. B4811 “First Thm the Traffic ' F. NV . Ü. Í rucks GEIGER a PUTNEY. Distributer* 8th and Q 6t*.. Lincoln, Neb. Saxon Motor Cars INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS Dailey Motor Car Co. 1832 O St.—B6776 Nearly every automobile owner or prospective owner ie a reader of the Morning or Evening Journal. SAVAGE TIBES o sl ■xpert Krpair« bcrvioe Owr WUI Call and I>«ilvrr Savage Ttre & Accessory Co, BUICK Valve in Head Motor Czurs Ü M C Trucks Built to Ejidure Hard Service KELLY-SPRINQFIFLI) TIRES Automotive Equipment for All Motor Cars, wholesale and retail. Uphhid by the Man Who Buyzum Nebraska Buick Auto Company OMAHA LINCOLN SIOUX CITY peerless BATTERIES Ootlhre aiid fona tbvAr t-ynar OeawBBftw Peerless Battery Mfg. Co. U4334 1»41 O bft. WESTERN STORAGE BATTERY CO. 1731 O SL B3»»I Dlatrtbutera af Willard Storage Bat- teriea. We naree a rent battery that wlM fit your car. C. D. Husiead Auto Co. Retail Sales and Service Liberty Motor Cars lllh & L Sts BC677 CYLINDER GRINDING ON BY EXPERTS A heald grinder Ress MacfciAe Works and B37E* Miwhine Supplies 221 So. 9th St. PATRIOT MOTOR TRUCKS MANUFACTURED IN 3 SIZES .Revere Model ...........1500-2500 lbs. cap’y Lincoln Model .........3000-5000 lbs. c&p’y Washington Model 5000 7500 lbs. cap'y Patriot Motor* Co., Mfg*„ Lincoln, Neb. J. T. HOLLAND DISTRIBUTOR HEWITT TIREb Nebraaka and Socittnvestern lew» Desterà and Commcrr.ui Accounts Solicited. £4510 14th &. P St*. Noycfi-Kelly Motor Co. 1640 O StreeL utncofttt. Nftbraaka 2066 Fartiam St , Omaha. Nebiaaka Diatrtbutera. LEXINGTON Minute Man Six. KING Pioneer Eight. Nearly every automobile owner or prospective owner is a reader of the Morning or*Evening Journal. The New Winton Six Stewart - Avery Motor Co. 1120 P ST B4235

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