Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on May 30, 1973 · Page 26
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 26

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 30, 1973
Page 26
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Page 26 article text (OCR)

26 Galisbufg.Regfsfcr-M<ajj # Gdlesburg, HI. Wednesdgy, May'30,1973 U.S* Scandal Really Needs Hanky Panky By DICK WEST WASHINGTON (UPI) - I'm a strong admirer of the British system of government, one reason being that it produces such good, clean, wholesome scandals. The Lighter Side British Officials are far too passionate for their own good, of course. They try to curb their libido by drinking great quantities of tea and keeping their houses frightfully under heated. But every now and then desire gets the upper hand Typically, the Lord Privy Seal becomes involved with a call-girl ring. His Piccadilly peccadillos are exposed and he is obliged to resign. By the time you can say Piccadilly, the scandal subsides. It's all blessedly simple and straightforward. No need for endless investigations by grand juries, committees of Parliament and Scotland Yard. No Hanky Panky And no tying the government in knots. The Prime Minister merely appoints a new Lord Privy Seal and soon the Lord Privy Seal is back doing whatever it is a Lord Privy Seal does. When he isn't philandering. U.S. officials, by contrast, have almost no propensity for hanky panky. Which explains why they get caught up in far more deplorable scandals of the Watergate type. The Watergate conspirators rent some rooms in a downtown motel. An ideal spot for assignations. So what do they do? They fill it up with bugging equipment. Instead of calling call girls, they are bent on eavesdropping on Larry O'Brien. This certainly doesn't speak well for their sense of iniquity. Not only are most U.S. government officials lackluster; they apparently also lack lust Absence of Opportunity If President Nixon's top aides had been preoccupied with sex, the way British officials are they wouldn't have had their minds on political espionage And the Watergate affair would never have occurred. But let us not judge our officials too harshly on this point. Let us not blame them entirely for failing to compro mise themselves through promiscuity. The lamentable lack of high level debauchery in Washington may be partly caused by the absence of opportunity. I am told by a corresponded for Reuters, the British news agency, that call girls in London are a good bit more accommodating than th e i r counterparts in the U.S. capital. Many of the local call girls now refuse to make house calls Give them a ring and you leave your number with an answering service which says, "Don't call us; we'll call you." If an official is not confronted by temptation, he can't very well yield to it. And the next thing you know, he's in serious trouble. Elmira Building Will Be Closed By School Unit TOULON — Toulon-LaFayette School District's Board of Education has decided to close Elmira Grade School at the end of the current school year. Under the board's consolida tion plan, students in kinder garten through fourth grade will attend Toulon Grade School, while fifth and sixth grade students will attend West Jersey Grade School. Seventh and eighth grade students will continue to attend Toulon Grade School, Declining enrollment and the reduced state aid were cited by the board as reasons for closing the Elmira school. In other action at a recent meeting, the board accepted the resignations of Miss Mary Mat son and Mrs. Lois Oddy, teachers; Mrs. Marian Linker, custodian, and Mrs. Helen Williams, high school secretary. Tim Heed* a high school senior, was named recipient of the Austin Scholarship. The award is given annually to a student from the former Elmira district. FOOD FOR ONLY GIANT DARES TO Certified Quality ^ROUNDjft LB. Bostot Butt ROT1SSEKIE BOJNLESJ^ ROUND STEAK c. i n w T cfB rif if n 0U *l|TY MF»I Certified Quality MINUTE STEAKS BONELESS §H ROUND OR RUMP ROAST • "» 1EINDER1ZED BONELESS ROUND STEAK • u . CENTER Hffl CUT PORK 49 LB. Boneless SIRLOIN TIP STEAK 1 69 Lb. GIANT'S mw-rajsf* THE NEW * W PORK PRODUCT Enriched with Veg. Protein & Vitamins LB. Boneless Pork MINUTE STEAKS •«IH «miMHHIIIWHmi 1 09 LB. Center Cut HALIBUT STEAKS •HHIIMHHMHIIIMIMMIM 1 39 LB. (jinn I. • Pramont A Seminary • 733 W. Mtftn It. • 92* I. Ma)lft \KM I III Ml V\li)\)\ i I Swoot R|p« s CALIFORNIA V STRAWBERRIE: <** NEW LONG WHITE . CALIFORNIA U .S. No. 1 POTATOES MIM 5 ws. 59* Mr* «f th* SMMD NEW CROP T €% A TENDERGREEN | .{i' CABBAGE LI. XfJ Firm Slicing VINE RIPENED TOMATOES 39* SWEET RIPE CALIF. PEACHES 591 IKISII I:\MD rvsiin CAKE4J29 ( SHELLS WHITE Cj BREAD LEMON ICED COFFEE CAKE 5? 29 l'/iLkMUNCSUE FRIED, C1NJNJ 1 Lb. DONU'lS - WE GLADLY CASH PAYROLL CHECKS ONLY GIANT GUARANTEES THE LOWEST PRICES IN TOWN [' 1 ' i c r fT\ i'. DAY LOW f 'RICK VI ( ( IA ~, l (,).\ I 'I'lC ' CANNED VEGETABLES BEVERAGES Wbolo KtnMl Cam CascsnM) Inn 11 •i .... M . M . mMM Jtl( gmmm Shawkaat Park A iaanc 40 niMMMM39< ^jjjy Van Camp Park ft laam 14 ai MMM .1 S( japjp Craan Chart PMI Fancy 1 7 ai HMHM .2S( •^JSr Dtl Maata Swaat Paai 17 ai««..« 25c ^SBP^ Band Macaroni Salad 14 as < MMMMM .3 I( €fiSr PriacaMn Asparagus Cat 14 ai«Mmm3S( Camilack Mix laaa Salad la ai. HH .37< MIC Fruit Drinks 46 oi Maa«aaaoaaaaaaaaa««aaataaaaaaoMa*«*a«i HE 29< HOUSEHOLD PRODUCTS DAIRY PRODUCTS jE5n?** Snashaha Irtakfast Onw|f 44 oi...3S< Shasta Canned Pap 12 at ..............11« liptaa Taa laps 100 cl MM .... M ..». 1.25 maiwollHonsaCaffaa3# . MMMM ...2.«4 Mascara Initaat 10 at................. n 1.M Hills Coffaa 2 Lb. ____ 1.75 SOUP-CANNED MEAT-FISH CONDIMENTS CampbtH Tamaf a Saap 10 oim .».M..M M»I » 10c Mushrooms Craan Chart WM. 2.5 as 33c Rod Owl Vogetoalo loot 10 ai 19c Star Kill WhHa Tamia 7 ox .»„ *mmm El Paia Taca Shaft's 12 ct •oa Mooaaaoosooa4 1 % Hf S woatan Banad Chkkon 5 as ataaaaaaa .47< NIBLETS ] Whole Kernel Corn 12 oz. WakkCrapaJaHylO Waa—aaaaaattaaa 33< 0S^ m ' Saiackw0fBjifallaTaMNaJaI2afM35< Car, Santo Baa Uaald Manny 12 M _4» C M^SF^ Sta^fadORvaf QaaaaiSlia7asMNMM72( €Sr LakaCHyWM.Swt.Plcl»«i 32 at~.l7< Smackar Paach Praiarvas 12 ai M . m 43( Wyaadotto Urna Wttod Ollwas ft ai.55( Dal Mania Cntsap 32 ai <.»M.»M»«MM.».»»M».».M»M »n.».i49( BichWaia Wattom Brasslnnj 1ft ai...... M.«»«M»M«»»M ..»57 C Sovon Saai Viva Halloa I ai M .... m »3tc Kraft 110 Sanca.1t Matataaaaaaaaaot 49c 'jjgyjP-' Man ftyhMj msact 11 M m ...... mhm .9 S( CSr Carnal Ckmf 21 ai MMMMfMM »« M ... H .25( aaW8 ION^P Jj8 ^#9noo#a##a#ajoo^#ao*an ^OOjcmc^ ^^Sj^^fK^^^^ ^filwl^P^ ^^InT n ^a^a ^n ^h^d^aT a^ ^^8a i a ^a)aja^a )ajajaj ^aja^a )^a^ft ^a^^P^ CQr Ckaar Marian! 40 at #aaa aaa aaaa aa i aaa)ni 87c RaM Mania ft Catalan 13 aiM .w .Mi.»......M ..Mwww. 1.44 Rlaia Batariaat 14 at aaaaa aaaataaaaaa—aaa waaataaaa intataa 1.1S jLysal DaaJartiinfl CkwMar 40 ai m.1.00 0)mh I57ai. ..immrtniMi nwi *2.43 JiiMfp larnlaani 1001 •„•.,.,.• Mt hary IkpM 32 n„ 77c Q«y4al 40 at. .........^.......m..M............ w) 87c ' Star lacan in- .......„.. H .. M ... M ... M .. M . M .J.0S > Injnarinl Salt Spranrf 2-1 52c Maa4aw CaM InNar SalMs 1# »1< , Crn4a A Iflft MMi 1/2 njaJ. ..... MM»W.W..M...I..IHH ...40( I iSIMai' Jimmy Oaan Saaiana l# aaaaaaaaaaaaaa 99c I CSSaam* p-arkay sof, | lb Tob _____ 4 2 t fffi^r Vdvaala iM •»..•>.••>•>•....».•»»»»< | .09 Oicarlayar PkkJa ft Pimaata If. • ai .....H...M.M' 69C Oscar Mnyar Catto Salami § at ........ M^..M.MMI> ? M f$ c Otcar Mayar OMIalhlaaaJlaaf 0 MWMIWMIWW Ojcnr Mnyar ihar chaaia I tllllllWtlllM IIMHWI 81C PET SUPPLIES PREPARED FOODS Idahaan Patafa Plakti 3 ai Kraft Macaroni Mnaar 7 ai [ BAKING SUPPLIES HHHIHIHIHIMIMI 1( *H........H .39( 85c jamjav JHfyCakaMiiMOai *W CftN Paw4ara4 Simnr 2» Mrs. Tnckar Shartaaini 2# PMianry Naar 5# ........................75( Mlxa Vaajatahla Oil 31'at aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 9ft( Nastla Chacawta Manal* 12 ai ..... M ......»......... 51 c DESSERT & TOPPINGS /HP"* Thank Yan Chacalata Puddlni 1S ac25( CZr Smackar Chacakrtt Tapplag 12 ai «.3ft< JtUo Puamaf 4 ai........................................ MM ..13f My-T-Fkta Uman Ph) 3 ai ....M............M. 13< Incky Whip Mix 4 oi........... 43( Iayal0aiatln3ai S( 13< J5c Chaf Oay-Ar-lM Spaah. Sc. 1ft a ^Pma ^^BI^^Hl t ^iWJMl^ O 5 a{ 9SaacMS #a99mM20( Slota Tap CMckaa Stnffmf ft M «MM 47( Plata laani Iraam last 1ft at .MMM .19i Mca-A-Ranl Cbkkan • at...........,....34< Vats Uvarlai Paai 1ft OJI waaaaatMaaaa>tMaaa»ia<aaa9aaa Twin Pat Cat Paai 15 ai . MW „.. M . N « M M ..... HMMNM .12c Kitty Salman Cat Paa4 ft aiw .MM.MM. 13« a^lji^ ChffP^PO^ n^O^^ n^ a^ •annapoac##Aa)M9aB^( Pass N laats 1ft at -^m,..,....^ 16c •joamam CamasMaal25# M .3.9S 455DP Tap Chaka 3ft atMMMMMM ...MMMMM« 91c I CANNED FRUIT | JIM JELLO mm GELATIN 3 oz. 10* ICE CREAM & FROZEN FOODS 1ft lMckKnl|htPa«has29ai Kant Splsaal Paachas 29 FraH CacktaN Narvast Tamm ttlniMml MJIgmA ^Mpj ^lA •WJ VafkMlOJOwal nrn^ftvpMnpav miw 9^B lal Mania Mandnrm Omnpll at Polar Plpar Paars 29 at fVl VYOAY LOW 0ISCOUHT PgKli HI-C ORANGE DRINK tilt 46oz. y J MIRACLE WHIP 32 oz. 11 aiM .M..MM>MMMM.MMM ..i3ft( fl$f* PrantaSaasasjaPlun l5ai ..MMMM ..93( 8tr4FarmSaasaffo2# .. NMMM.MM 2.39 fSKF Craon Ckmt CaaWlowor 10 as.. M MMw45( CJ. Vao^ ka Craani ..MM.MMMM.* 66c Wyans Pfatan Oantrt 1/2 nnl M.......M.M.M..MMMM .ft1^ Sw Ktot lamanmla ft at ...... M.. H ...M.MM.MM....MM M 13( SNACKS I ISWIIMSH aaaaaaatattaaaaaaaaatwtHMHM—r 47< gtSf* MarnmpCaffaaCaaklas l9at .MMM ..4l( ^tSBr Franck Frioa* Oaloai 3 OSMMMMMMMM J7< Potata Chips Catcaao laa f 01 ......M....MM.M.M....M. Vista PakSaftlnas l# ............ H ....M.....MMMMMM.J 5 C gm^m Oroo Craam Samlarkh K0C15 at .» MSI< ffUjJ Karkar Cora Twists KtC ft M..MMM«M 43< BABY FOOD & CANNED MILK WE REDEEM U.S. Government Food Stamps Olant'f Symbols of Savings POINTING THI WAY TO A RIDUCID P8ICIDUI TO OUR SUPPLIIR'S TIMPORARY PRICI RIPUCTION PASSIP ON TO YOU Infamil Liquid 13 oi .... I........... M ............».M..M ...34( MBNF*' Pampor Nowkarn 30 ct MMMMM.MM*. 1.27 *3r iNckaat StrakMNl laky Food 4 ai »M .I( Coraor Junior Baby Food 7 o?........ .....................H( Ivaaoratod Milk Cassoda Ian 13 at .......M.MMMM.M 20( Farmdale Instant Milk 20 qt. 2.80 PAPER PRODUCTS Clad Sandwich lafli SOct MMMMMMMMMMM..MMMM 31c •lila Mspansar RotU 100 ct 5 at. laanty Tawah Twin. ft* .4f| NtftyKHckaaConlafslSct kpUIYkJtaPlataslSOct .5t« 15c CEREALS Past 40«o Iran Flakts 1ft as KolN)HSpo(MK1l .............MMMMMMM... 1 Nakbca Shroddad Whoat 15 as43< Captain Cranch Vaaiby 10 as... MMM .4 S< RodOwlPopTarlillai lalsitaCora Ch»12 W..MMMM.....I ,........M........M .44( ifiSr rkhyPkHthiaisOt.sao3Stt..« 39e lay Styra Caps Pat. 51st MMMMMMMMMM .43< HEALTH & BEAUTY AIDS | fSf 0 Ustariaa Aalisaptls 32 OSM.MMM.M ..1.4 S PrbtaanSfffiryPtwdar2at .MM.MMl .29 Irask iMk Tartnrlihoi Ihtinpaa • at 1.27 PoptodaatTasmpails 5 at « M» M «...S 9« KfcjM CmH 2 rar 11da S at. M.M.H .904 TR0 PRICE CAN SAVE YOU 10% ASSORTED WHITE CHARMI1S TISSUE tVtRYDAI LOW OlSCOUHl i>kiUi 4 ROLL G-W SUGAR 5 LB. t YffYDAY I ow OlHOVHl Vkllti )W UJylers * IllllldllUII LEMONADE MIX WYLER FR * ,LEMONADE IV- Y OA Y t OW UliLUUHl itUtl 13 oz. PEPSI COLA • t Vl-kYOAY LOW 6 Pk. 12 ox. Returnable PUIS DEPOSIT STORE HOURS 926 East Mail St OPEN 24 HOURS • — Fremont & Seniury - 735 N. Main 7 - MIDNIGHT 7 DAYS A WEEK

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