The Decatur Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on September 30, 1919 · Page 6
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The Decatur Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 6

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 30, 1919
Page 6
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Tuesday Evening, September 30, 1919. TJBTE D E O A T U K I f E V l E W CINCINNATI THRONGED FOR OPEN OF SERIES Reuther or Solee for Cincinnati Will Oppose Cicotte of White Sox Wednesday. Cincinnati. Sept. 30.--Cincinnati assumed a gala appearance today as the throngs of visitors began to ar- nv« to witness the initial game ol the world's series tomorrow. Hot'l corridors were Jammed to the limit, and the congestion grew greater as the day advanced and the special trains began to arrive. While supporters of the Cincinnati club were naturally concerned over the prospects of their favorites for victory in the f i r s t game, the all-important question on almost everybody's lips was: "Who's got an extra ticket? ALL TICKETS SOLD. With everyone of the 35.«00 seats sold, the unlucky, applicants for tickets were willing to pay almost any price for a sent for the opening game. 1J ticket speculators had any beats for sale, they did not advertise their wares. There were a few individuals, however, who demanded from $50 to $75 for a set of box seats for three games. The face »«ue of these tickets was $16.50. The holders of these tickets were not particularly atrdous to sell e%en at the prices asked. August Herrmann, president of the C i n c i n n a t i club, locked the doors of his office and paced the floor. He declared that he never t h o u g h t It _ was possible for so much interest in a world's series and regretted that Bedland field did not have a seating capacity of 200,000 It,stead of the 35,000. WHITE SOX ARRr, E. Me'mbers of the White Sox, u n d e r the leadership of Manager "Kid" Gleabon arrived from Chicago early today and went directly to their hotel. The White Sox will take a light workout at Kedland field this afternoon at the Invitation of "Pat" Moran, manager of the Reds. The Reds also will h a \ e a light practice to keep their muscles limbered up. All members of the Cincinnati club were reported to be in perfect condition with the exception of Heinle Groh, the fiery captain and third baseman, whose broken finger is still bothering -him to a certain extent. The injury, however, will not keep him from starting the series and he hopes to be able to play all the way through. RQETHER OR SAI^LEE. While Manager Moran has not definitely picked his pitcher for tomorrow and did not care to make any official announcement, it is generally accepted that he will start either Waltrr Ruether or "Slim" Bailee. That Eddie Cicotte, the pitching "ace" of the W h i t e Sox staff, will be manager Gieason's selection for the opener is accepted as a certainty. REVIEW SERVICE FOR fHE WORLD'S SERIES The Decatur Review, as usual, will give full and complete play by play bulletin board and megaphone service on the World Series starting Wednesday. Arrangements have been made with the Associated Press for this special service and it .will be handed hot to the fans a few seconds after every play is made. A big score board will show the progress of the game and the situation at every minute of the game. Review service has gained a reputation and it will be upheld in every particular starting Wednesday. All games will start at 2 o'clock. · Immediately after the close of the games an Extra Edition will be issued with the game, play by play, and box score. This should be on the streets about 4 o'clock. MILLIKINTEIIN Southpaw Pitchers to Be Stars of Series. Chicago, Sept. 30--Collectively and I n d i v i d u a l l y the o u t f i e l d of the Chicago W h i t e Sox and the Cincinnati Keds, which will pi.t t h e i r prowess in the world's series, rank among the best in the major leagues and t h e i r work undoubtedly will be ·watched with keen Interest d u r i n g the championship contests. Considered, broadly, the men who ·n ill form the last lines of defense lor the c o n t e n d i n g t e a m s measure up to all the r e q u i r e m e n t s sought in cuter gardeners. STRONG OX DEFENSE Pefensively t h e y are sure and quick Judges ot fly bails, steady on g r o u n d era past t h e i n f i e l d , possess powerful arms and can make quick decisions when t h e r e is choice of one or more plays O f f e n s i v e l y some of the greatest h i t t e r s in e i t h e r league, In a d d i t i o n to fast base-runners are Included. But, If the records made by the various men t h i s season may be taken us an accurst? criterion of their a b i l i t y , the W h i t e Sox gardeners have the edge on their opponents. The mention of such men ns Felscli, Jackson and l.iebold. veterans of the 3917 world's series against t h e - N e w STANWN65 TINA!, STANDING. American. Clubs-- Won Lost Pel ChlcaBo 88 X .623 C!n eland 84 5.1 .Ml New York sn fin .-Id Detroit 71 jl TM St. Louis HT 72 W Boston fin "1 .4^-" Vrnhlnitton .'id fi-l .400 Philadelphia 38 103 .ZMI SUET RUTNU National. Club«-- r i n c l n n n t l Xew York Chicago . Plttsburch Brooklyn Boston "7 St. Jxniis ."4 Philadelphia 47 TVon Lost .fill 44 . .r,n .401 .410 00 , MONDAY'S GAMES. American. New York, 4-8-r! Philadelphia. 2-4-0. otidrlfff and rtuel: Keefe and Perkins. DR. MARKS 3*t«1« Graduated. Lfeenscd ·ad Registered Physician PILES! Oa* 'reatment will prort to rout entire §atl»f«clton that ·y method li the best method and I will live you tbla one treatment absolutely free. Yett will not be under any obligation* to continue. 1 want to prove to all Pile ailfefen, at my own expense. th»t my method Is safe and sure. The one free treatment will proia it. I Will Guarantee in Writing tn Treat Any Case of Piles Free of Charge, if th? disease ever returns after my treatments have been completed. 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York Giants, coupled with those of Roush, the leading slugger of the r,ed aggregation Neale, Magee and D u n can, a new comer, )s nifficient to start controversy among the f a n s regardless of w h a t the figures sav Already there is talk t h a t Roush will o u t h l t the mighty Jackson, and that Felsch and Liebold, will not compare with Xcale, Magee and Duncan. AS TO PITCHERS Southpt iv pitchers, who for years have giv n way In the baseball world series ha'l of fame to righthanders. this year bid fair to prove the stars of the championship contests. W i t h the exception of one or two y e a r s -- n o t a b l y 1!)1S--right h a n d e d twirlers have been the mainstays of t h e i r clubs for t h i r t y seasons and seldom has southpaw p i t c h i n g brought the world's c h a m - plon t i t l e to any club. This year. howe\^r, the C i n c i n n a t i Reds virtually have southpawed their way to victory and two left hanrters have shared w i t h the veteran Eddie Cicotte. the b u r d e n of b r i n g i n g a n o t h e r A m e r i c a n league pennant to the Chicago W h i t e Sox. Two southpaws--Dutch K u e t h e r . last year considered not good e n o u g h for the big leagues and Slim Bailee. t w i c e discarded--are the twirlers c h i e f l y responsible for the Red's v i c - tory In the N a t i o n a l league and it is on these men t h a t C i n c i n n a t i will depend largely in the fall Series El- ]cr and Ring, the iv, o star right handers. have long done t h e i r share, but C i n c l r n a t l fans are b e t t i n g on R u e t h e r and Pallee. For the tt'hite Sox. Eddie Cicotte Is, of course, a p i t c h i n g s t a f f by himself but Clau'le W i l l i a m s has won many games w i t h his s o u t h p a w slants and Kerr, has more than held his Will Meet Tractors There Oct. 5. The Staley football team has scheduled a game with the Peoria Tractors in Peoria for Oct. 5. The Peoria team opened the season last Sunday against the Clinton, la., In- uependent with a 27 to 0 victory. The Tractors have a strong team and the Staley team will have to put up good football to defeat it. Howe\ er, the Staley team has a bunch of players that know football and is expected to put up a brand of football that will take any other independent team in this part of the country into camp. j CHAMPAIGN CLUBS | DID GOOD WORK i Champaign, Sept, 30--As the culmination of a successful season of chib activities, members and leader^ j of the County Boys' and Girls' clubs' meet together for their first annual achievement day, Saturday, Oct. A. The club work for this season was* started last March, 630 boys and girl.- enrolled for work,in various projects. There were some 60 pig's taken by boys in the pig club project. Onr hundred twenty-five were enrolled in garment making 1 clubs. * Four hundred f i f t y were enrolled in garden clubs; others were enrolled IP canning clubs, sheep and p o u l t r v clubs. The clubs gaining the most notoriety was the c a n n i n g club of Cham paign. AVith the leadei. Miss Eleanui Howe, the following girls, Uorotfp West, C h r i s t i n e Parr and Mabel Watts, worked very hard and won first prize in canning demonstration at the state fair. Four Days to Prepare For DePauw Game. With only four more days to whip th» team Into shape for th« DePauw game, Coach Wann renewed activities on SliUikln field Monday afternoon by putting his charges through one of the most strenuous workouts of the season. A long signal drill was held and the Varsity and the seconds were drilled in some new formations. A spirited scrimmage was held with the seconds showing unexpected strength. A number of substantial gains were made by the second strlns backs around the varsity flanks. However, the varsity backs gained through the seconds just as easily. Th» manner In which the scrub* broke through Indicates that the Mllilkin defense must tighten like a vise Jn order to stop the shifty elusive DePauw backs. The tackllnR of Bailey. Mill'ikln's husky half, was a pleasing feature of the skirmish Monday afternoon. Bailey nails his man hard and low and seldom misses. Big Poscover held down a guard position on the varsity. The effect of the last two weeks of | drill has begun to make itself apparent. There It considerable more crash when the opposing lines meet and It Is evident that the linemen are charging harder. True, once In awhile both scrub and varsity linemen broke through with apparent ease but these were exceptions. Both sets of backs show greater driving power. Good Place Kicking. That Millikln will be able to score through the air is evidenced by the way John MacWherter and Leo Johnson have been putting the oval between the uprights via the place kick and drop kick. Johnson's punting will cause opposing safety men considerable worry, too, as his kicks In practice Monday were averaging better than forty-five yards. SHAW AEROPLANE IN EXHIBITION Pilot Nelson Put* It Through Sonic Pretty Stunt*. Pilot Ed Nelson in the R. B. Shaw aeroplane gave one of the most interesting flying exhibitions over the city in the clear air just before sunset Monday night which the people here Imva yet seen. Tho pearl grey machine a3 it f'ashed'in the sun made a very pretty sight an'J when, at a, considerabla height tho pilot shut off the engine and began to drop toward the earth in a whirling m a n n e r citizens, as usual rushed to where they could gfet a b e t t e r "\ie\v anxiously w o r r y i n g for fear t h a t the aviator «as really dropping. . ' Tho machine performed b e a u t i f u l l y from tha t ' m o it left u n t i l it ret u r n e d to its landing: place on the Harrison farm on the Green Switch road northeast of the city. The plane will now go into regulai service for carrying passengers both here and at fairs and home coming celebrations in Central Illinois. " I COWS PREFER THE CLASSICAL New York, Sept. 29.--To p r o \ c that music has power to induce a cow to yield an extra amount of milk, a test was made Saturday at the Electrical exposition by H. M. Harvey, in charge of the electrical dairy exhibit. Classical music seemed to be most appreciated by the cows. One of the Holsteins under the in- f l u e n c e of the compositions of 51 o- zart and Beethoven $gave forty-five quarts of milk in twenty-four hours, according to the jiulees. She was m i l k e d every six hours d u r i n g the test. 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Then you will realize why everyone who ever tries It calls THE AVON To Day Olive Thomas in "Upstairs and Down" The '.'Baby Varrip" will keep you laughing at every step 7--Piece Orchestra--7 Regular Prices THE PICTURE PALACE OF CENTRAL ILLINOIS Production--Music--Presentation R PRIMS 16-Piece Symphony Orchestra PRICES* Matinee--2:00, 3:45 p, m. Evening--7:00, 8:45 p. m. Follow the Crowds There's a Reason TODAY AND TOMORROW The Worlds g'reatest actress M A R L I X YOUR STOMACH'S FRIEND II ·03 O)S -ru(| Jlii-m Jn STONINGTON. Snm D a \ e n p o r t h n d his arm caught brftt ren car*. Wlnle s w i t c h i n g cars .it the m i n e a few (!«s nno. He was t a k r n to St. VIncont hospital at Taylomlle w h e r p his arm was a m m i t a t e d . T. J. May has r e t u r n e d from a ten day t r i p to M a r t l n s v i l l e , Jnd. The miners K a \ e a free m o v i n g picture show n t th° Gem thcn'er. A lar^e crp*vd a t t e n d e d . The show was tinder the direr-, tion of Ed CarMne; second vice p r e s i d e n t of t h e State Federation of Labor. Mr" J. Crowd er of F n w n o p ia visiting her daughter. Mrs. H a r r v G r a n t . The Misses Laura, and Agnes Stapleton or California are visiting Mrs. Clara -TODAY- 24,000 Miles an Index to Their Quality You Appraise a truck by what it has done and is doing in road service, by the years it has lasted, by the reputa- - tion its maker possesses--such is the only safe way of measuring contemplated investment. Put truck tires within the same focus. Twenty-four thousand miles from a set of Goodrich De Luxe Truck Tires on a 5-ton model operated by the Koken Companies, Inc., large St. Louis manufacturers, gives ample opportunity to judge of the merit of these tires. With service no lighter--no heavier ---than that met by tires on your truck, this performance serves typically to prove the uniformly high mileage returns De Luxe Tires give. 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W i t h no ciouds in sight that would have indicated a wind storm, the wind blew a gale for a sho.t time trom the south and tnen suddenly changed to the north, f i l l i n g the air with dust, leaves, and corn stalks from the surrounding fields MAY STAR GAZE AT U. OF I. MONTHLY Champaign, Sept. 30.--A "moon shine" entertainment will be provided for visitors at the University of Illinois observatory tne first Monday of every month, beginning Oct. C. providing the weather permits. Tickets good for an hour in the observatory will be issued at the Information office in the Commerce building. Not more than two tickets will be given to a person. LET CONTRACT FOR S. A. BUILDING Champaign, Sept 30--The contract for the new Salvation Army building to be erected on Xorth Neil street has been awarded to G. A. Applegate for a sum of $:T,71S, Mr. ApplepUe be- isg tb« loweat bSdfl.r. Matinee 2:45 Tonight 8:15 Last 2 Times Tomorrow THE INCOMPARABLE GENE GREENE America's Foremost Singer of Popular Ditties ROMAS TROUPE ACROBATIC REVUE OF 1920 JENKS ALLEN SMALL TOWN WISE CRACKERS LASOVA GILMORE SONG AND DANCE D1VERTISEMENTS JOHN MARSTON IN "HIS ALIBI" K1NOGRAMS STRAND COMEDY BTARtlNG XEST MONDAY WILLIAM DUNCAN IN Smashing Barriers" t HIGH POWER SERIAL OF THE GREAT OUTDOORS SHOWN IN CONJUNCTION WITH REGULAR SHOW GEORGE WALSH in "THE WINNING STROKE" The first great varsity photoplay ever filmed. Mutt and Jeff--News Weekly Regular Prices PATHENEWS -- BRAY CARTOON FLETCHER'S SCREEN MONOLOGUE NOTE: Season reservations for road attraction* may be made starting Monday, September 2, at 9 o'clock A. M, at our box office, or by mall now, if accompanied by check covering required deposit. EXCLUSIVE PARAMOUNT ABTCRAFT THEATRE JN DECATUR BLJOU CONCERT ORCHESTRA Jtsse L LMky P/we*. 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