The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana on December 23, 1919 · Page 4
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The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana · Page 4

Indianapolis, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 23, 1919
Page 4
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w$* THE INDIANAPOLIS STAR, TUESDAY, DECEMBER 2«, l»I«. GUTS FROM DYE BILL I Committee to Report Favorably to Senate on Longworth Act. The Indianapolis Star Bureau, Room 45, Post Building. WASHINGTON. Dec. 22.-- The subcommittee of the Senate committee on finance, which has been considering the I/mgworta bJU for the protection of the dye industry has decided to cut out the inost important feature of that bill, ·which is the licensing feature. With that feature eliminated, the bill will be reported favorably to the Senate soon after Congress convenes. Senator Watson, chairman of the subcommittee, said today that the subcommittee and the full committee on finance are unalterably opposed to the licensing system. Oppose Bureaucracy. H» added: "it would er«te a barean- eracy in Washington that would have power of life or death over industries and some $1.500 clerk at the national capital, who knows nothing about business, would be set w jw a dictator to tell capable and experienced business men how to ron their affairs. One thing the Senate will not stand lor to the licensing system." In lieu oftne Ucensingjeatnre of the Iwngworth bfll, which wffl be stricken cntTtbe comStte* proposes to insert a new feature which will enable manufacturers to import dyes upon making affidavit that the importations are absolutely _J»« c _ff 8 f!Zl__-- -- -- -- -- OLDEST WHITE CHILD BORN IN LAFAYETTE FOUND DEAD ' EAFAYETTE; Ind, Dec, 22.-- Martin P. Jenners. 87 years old. and the first white child born in Lafayette, was found dead in bed at his room, this morning. by Mrs. Israel Sparks, at whose home he had roomed for a number of years. Death resulted from as- Seven girls from the fall Creek playground who will take part in th» Christmas pageant to be given at TomMnson lall Christmas eve under the direction of R. Walter Jarrts. municipal .recrea- . phyxiation. Mr. Jenners was In the p y x . . habit of lighting a small gas stove a couple of. hours before arising for the day and it is thought he turned on the gas as usual and thinking he had lighted it, went to sleep again. Mr. Jenners was born in what is now toe business section of Lafayette, on Aug. 31, 1832 One sister, Mrs. Carl Sweetser of this city, survives. Mr. Jenners was an eccentric in many ways and was an agnostic. He caused quite a sensation a number of years ago when he erected a tomb in Springvale Cemetery, with the following inscription: "Martin P. Jenners was born Aug. 31. 1832, in a log cabin on the northwest corner of Ferry and Fourth streets. pied- -- 1-- . My only objection to religion Is that It is not true.-- Cor. xv, 52; xxvi, 14. No preaching. »o praying, no psalm singing on this lot," In "A Childhood in Brittany Eighty Years Ago," Anne Douglass Sedgwlck, pictures in a pleasing way fhe We of a child in Brittany in the -middle of the lact century. She gives credit. to an old French lady for the facts of the tale-as they w»re related in many talks. The to told as if it were related in the y the old lady herself WILL MAKE PLANS FOR WORK OF YOUNG QUAKERS KICHMOND, Ind., Dec. 22.--Repre- Bentattves of the Friends Tearly Meeting affiliated with the Five Tears Meet- Ing-of Friends and Miss Elizabeth Bid- oleVof the Philadelphia Tearly Meeting will arrive in Richmond Monday,. Deo. 29, to attend a three-day conference *t the Young Friends board to formulate plans for the work of Young Quakers. Officials of the Tearly Meetings who have been appointed to attend the conference Include: Donald VanhoHen of Baltimore; Jesse Stanfleld of New York; Eldon Haloes .of Wilmington; Alma Crutchfleld of North Carolina: I/etgh R. Barrett of Kansas; Franklin 0. Marshall of Western; Martha Mills of Indiana; Boss Hall of Nebraska; Marjorie Baker of California; Chester A. Hadley of Oregon; Alice R Pennlngton of Canada; Elizabeth Biddle of Philadelphia; Gladys White of Iowa. · On ,the afternoon of Dec. 81 the Earlham conference committee composed of Paul J. Furnae, Mabel Quigg, Lillian E. Hayes. Clarence K Pickett and Chester "L. Keagan Win meet This will be preceded by a meeting of the executive committee of the Young Friends board Monday morning. Members of this committee are -p. J. Fornas, Ora Carrell, Ethel H. Wan, Clarence Pickett, Lillian Hayes and Chester Reagan. Death* in Indiana. 'ENGLISH.--Mrs. Lucinda Dooley, 84 .years old, ia dead at her home in this 'city, after a few days' illness of pneu: tnonia,, Her husband died more than tnlrty years ago. Five children, Mrs · Sarah Sloan, Mrs. A. H. Brown, George 'Uooley, all of English; John W, Dooley of Valeene and James Dooley of California, and one brother, John W. Key of English^ survive. V . RICHMOND.--James F. Graham, T ·";. years old, civil .war veteran, is dead of «. complication of diseases. Three sons . furvive. ."SOUTH BEND--John Whitinger, . years old, veteran of the civil war and -- - ---r--- one of the best-known Free Masons in I WarJ ?.. humo , r ,"'J,v;Tr"h St. Joseph County, Is dead. The funeral ^/J^S, l n ~ Arflbera : -will be helfl tomorrow under Masonic °"' 4 ortirlM "* de " bera Auspices. REHEARSING FOR CHRISTMAS PAGEANT. tfcm "director,-are shown in ft* picture. From left ttt right, front row, Marian Cost. Roberta Cramer and Florence Moore; back row, Vivian Spellmyer, Ines Loyd, Dorothy Springer and Dorothy Moon. The group. Is being rehearsed by Mis»:LonIse Bishop, city playground Instructor. Children from tfia Brightwood, Greer street and ' Spades . Park playgrounds also will appear in the pageant BOOKS trations by a are in r a o n s ·j come out of France after tne war and far removed from war. Late books f rom Bonl and kiveright's beautiful limp leather series, the Mod^ ern Library," are "Flowers of EVIL ana poems," from Beaudelaire; Leo Redemption and Other Best Ghost Stories," col- wen told have a grim fascination for most ploVle and thlse are masterpieces of their kind. There are readers who still Uke Tolstoy's writings even Ws plays, which In the main deal with the sordid and gross elements of me. ana they can have ho mote -convenient edition than this. . "The Touch-' of Abner," by H; A. Cody (Doran), Is an 2J"»jW · ^JF^S which Abnei a rough diamond and ecentric characteristic.^ a leadtag pgurft whose life that had given mm'Wicn TnlSvment but~llttle wealth, is crowned by a^ft of good fortune that provWes for hlg comfortin his later years. The underling theme of the tale, however, is the uncovering by Abner ot ! tte Mfact that there is an opportunity f ??J!S5Sv service in a little country community u weU as in a crowded city, this lesson beink taughf to his daughter and a college classmate who were planning to g o t o the city to work among the poorV It .is a lesson others might learn to advantage. did in securing these stories of the truth of the War Department's methods and geting them before the public. His descriptions of life in trench and camp are vivid and truthful and will be recalled with mingled feelings by- his many readers who have "been there themselves--and they will know he speaks with veracity. There is a brace of love stones running through the book that brighten and sadden at the same time, and the ending IB darkened by the death of the war CorrespflDtdeit tn question. · ;The bobklma ; merlt as history and the facts will peifcaps be best remembered because presented in the form of fiction.. Mr. Kauffman does . good work. (The Bobbs-MerriU;Company.) - ;', PERTWEE'S FIRST NOVEL. ·'* The story of a climb to fame over O» shoulder of a sorely burdened woman is, not a new theme, but Jloland Pert- wee, in "Our sWonderful. Selves," has invested the tale with'a remarkable degree of interest. If one can make enough allowance for the artistic temperament to admit of -a child of -4 years rebelling against the^xestrictions of the conventional to the point of analyzing his emotions, he will be amply repaid as he reads further the book. The story deals with tne struggles of a young artist who. breaks, away, from home ties and an esisy living to. seek his own fortune, finally finding it as a dramatist and producer. Iffflows' 'Him through lean ..years in the Latin Qar- ter of Paris, where he forms a Platonic marriage with a young girl' whot^ro- ceeds to efface herself entirely in;«rder to .contribute toward his success?-The man's supreme selfishness and .egoism admit of the sacrifice, not even allowing her a place ip/the; sunshln.fjjNMS'sub- Sequent farae-ana prosperity,;;:« is only- through A .the awakening .-.'M- jealousy, when slie' pretends to elope with another man, that he comes to a realization of what the wife means to him, and · even then it is more a matter of the possessive instinct, the primeval "my woman," than through, any true love. The author, who Is known as.. one of the most successful of English actors, is a writer of short .stories for; magazSnlei?, this. b.efo£ his flnjt novel,', and one- thorough!* worth.While. (At- fred A! "Khoper *** ^"'' A DETECTIVE STORY. It is not usually discreet to indulge In superlatives in book' notices, but it is probably safe to say that 'Spanish Doubloons," by Camilla Kenyon, Is the most ladylike pli*e story in the Eng- and ,-_,, , supply of dynamite, ana -··-- ---± H- tnuch more than 1% per cent or fi there is not a single fatality a c o o , j n the movement; Just as tne worked up to the point would usually be w,*+,~ --teter Harmon, 70 years old, a civil war veteran and member of, Freemont Post G. A. R. o* this city and former member of Chicago police force, 4s dead after a protracted illness at his home in this city. The - widow, one son .and one daughter sur- over me ia«uss«*H°t ov*"^-«--o ",~'v ' Vive. . ". . Mrs. Addle Smith, 33 "o prevent it There are several char- years old. wife of D. Francis Smith, a ac tera whose taking off would cause no prominent Insurance man and former remonstrance, even from a consc en- corpner of this county, and only daugh- tloua objector, but their worst rate is a ter of T. A. Clifton, editor of the i-li sentence. The book may be Covington Republican, is dead at her s umn ied up as entertaining but not en- home here, after a lingering illness. The san eumed. (Bobbs-Merrill Co.) husband, parents and one brother, . _ , Coope* Clifton, survive. . . . Stephen under the title, "Waifs And Strays, Lyons, 80 years old, a pioneer of this are twe ive O. Henry stories which es- county and lor many years a familiar raoe a discovery by those who arrangea figure in this city's life, is dead of in- * h r sup posedly complete collection ana jBrmities of old age. Two sisters sur* fa not before appeared in ]»«* *°TM; vive. Thev are accompanied by biographical KNIGHTSTOWN.--Edgar T. White, £ n a critical comment by well-known 74 years old, is dead at his home here _, ri ters None of the twelve stories is 'ta a result of paralysis. . . . Mrs. especially striking, but all have the pe- Anna Hatfleld, 79 years old, is dead at p U j lar Quality that made the author her home here of consumption, follow- f atnouB ; tag an illness covering a period of more than eight y^ars. Mystery and intrigue and romance,, told in Harold McGrath's best style, form the foundation for his holiday offering, "The Yellow Typhoon." ' A beautiful woman, BO unscrupulous as to earn the title of "The Yellow Typhoon," and: her sister, a counterpart In looks, as admirable as she is beautiful, afford a novel basis for the tale.- Ufc«. all McGrath's stories, the action is swift and IUUIUB «.« startling. It follows the- hero from 'Ma- revojvers, n ila, where the murder of his best friend mk" con- gives impetus to the theme, across the,--,,_ x.york, still pursued bythe same couple. It ends finally m a honeymoon tip. amid -the silences of th"e; Aclirondacks, There is a tnanila envelope around- which '-great mystery ceitH erg, and gome stolen blue prints peV- tainlng to the invention of undersea craft which give Just a touch of war' nterest in the story which has, however,' nothing to do with battle and the trenches. For one who likes · mystery stories, this -one is -a "thriller/ 1 ' the sort one hates to lay down' until the ast page has been turned. (Harper Bros.) A LIFE OF ARTEMUS WARD. Don Seitz of the New York World, has written an Interesting, narrative of the too brief life arid work of Charles Farrar Browne;'known to the world of s as Artemus Ward. Mr, beius B newspaper and ftwn newspaper zt«u **»*»»--«*--jr ~-- --embraced some of the very offices in emoracea ^ glart ^ , at .._. employed, which adds interest to ·*Mr" t SeK« gives Artemus Ward full credit as the first of American humorists to use exaggerated expressions as a means to humor and warns his readers against the^common^bellet ^hat GOSHEN--Ashley W. Method, 39 years old, is clead at hla home in Millersburg, the result of burns received ·while he was alone in the house. Method neve.t- spoke a word after the 4ccident' How his clothing became ignited is not known. , BEDFORD--Mrs.' Frank Jackson, 55 / . years old, is dead in this city after a lingering illness. The husband and six Children survive. ATvDERSON--Fred J. Miller, 54 years oM, is dead of lung trouble, the widow. four, children, Mrs. Frank Scott, Mark : Miller, Dowey Miller and Michael Miller: . two brothers, Hiram Miller of this city and Earl Miller of Elkhart and a sister, .. .-Mrs. Samuel Bolen of Cleveland, sur.-.'. vtve. ': ' GREENSBtjRG--Hiram Springer, 58 « years old, veteran carpenter here, is -', dead after a week's Illness of pneumonia. A sister, Miss Alice Springer, with whom h« lived and one brother, · William Springer of ConnersviDe, survive. NEW ALBANY--The Rev. John F. ·' Hoke, 8? years old, and for seventy years a Christian minister in Kentucky and southern Indiana, is dead at his misspellings uuu w"iv.i ;····"-.» »,, and articles are deliberately cast. He tells us that this method was merely to give novelty to.the style and that the humor lay deeper than any surface home at DePauw. John Cox, 89 years old, a retired glass worker and until recently a resident of this city, ia deaed in IioulsviDe. ;'· |«eti mn.fl- PLAN TREAT FOR POOR, Jnd, Deo. 11.--Plans hare i this city for a municipal mammoth Christmas tre« T. ^rect»d by the city on tUe CJirlgtinaK carols win b« ·initcd choirs of the city '·*," balcony of the Dunn -iTiic Temple. The Elks i every Toor child in ths ,,, ., ,K treat and toys, while the [oru Tti"»^«r Company .will fiv» «.mat- ««pcci»l!]r tot tit* cUldrea. ·'»«* already iwtblic sq"^ itmr by ;h hurches Tne numor mj uc-y^i ms**. *~~* typography-all of which, of course a lover of the humorist Tcnows already, but which may well lead others-who consider him a dead issue and have never read him to do' so now. Mr. Seitz's tale of Ward's car^r covers all the lecture tours n this country and in England, while the story of Ward's burning the candle at both ends while in England, resulting in -is death at S7, is' a moving one. Included in the life are excerpts from typical letters from the humorist to his many friends and a complete bibliography of the man's publications and the imitations of his style that sprung up. Altogether it is a worthy addition to the "lives" of our native authors. (Harper's.) A WAR NOVEL. Reginald Wright Kauffman, author of "Victorious," has ever been in his fiction, a crusader, and his latest novel, dealing with the part of the United States in the great war. is another war of its own apainst the profiteer, and particularly the manufacturers who delayed the game by making poor shoes, etc., the politicians who held up the flghi by carelessness and criminal negligence --and worse--in the great airplane scandals and other matters that the newspapers dealt with at the time of their happenings. It also declares vehemently against the system of censorship in France that kept back news from America was waiting to hear. All this and more Mr. Kauffman tok In his war correspondence to the Philadelphia North American in lt17 art 1918, and his book is a flctionizinp of those articles. His chief personage is builded on himself, so to speak, and the war correspondent in the story goes through somewhat the same experiences that-4t to to to Judged--Hr, REAL SPIES AND WAR MYSTERIES. George -Barton, who" mad« ···"Bromley Barnes" almoflt as .familiar .as ."Sher* lock ^Holmes," hsw ^ thJtofeal life, wfeflji-wir «jtfr»», =-is full of more mystery i ; afw^ ,i4ventuW» thaa thiB best of ffctrct»»o**ii r "ftls l latest Txtok "Celebrated 'SplesYaa Mysteries of the Great War," he'has. taken full advantage of them. . His moving tales of the headline stories we All read Jn the newspapers at the times of thefc'occurrences .are calmly told and-without adornment, and indeed, they nee'fl ; 'none. Mr. : . Barton narrates them, in -straight .narrative, with .little comment,: leaving the' disputed matter to the reader to believe as h e chooses. · . . , · * . . - · He takes up the case of Casement, the Irishman whose death still worries England as to whether Tie was patriot, traitor or plain lunatic, while the stories' of Edith Cavel, the death of Lord Kitchener,' the. carcre of Bolo - Pasha, Matl Kara, Madam. S torch' and other spies, are all convincingly and interestingly set forth.-. · - ·» The part that the United States .took In 4he stoppage of the careers of these persons .is given · full space,, .and: tells how-the forlper soon showed Germany that. the secret service of this country was not the joke the Huns thought it. The book's /value and interest is increased by the fact that the events And persons pictured are «of such recent occurrence. .; ,- :-- · What Luck! not WEDNESDAY BARGAIN DAY Should Be the Day Before Christmas What a Chance it gives us to close the biggest Holiday business in our with a real bang-up bargain feast--and you, our customers--with your last rush and worry to complete .your gift list--What an opportunity to check the things that appeal to you as most appropriate for your friends and relatives and save as Wednesday bargain squares always save. You'll come, of course! BUSINESS CAREER 'FLINT. ;OF PETER Harold. Whilehead, .author of the book above named, -seems to mike a specialty of the life'Stories of young men^ who go into business and after many difficulties manage to make good. His latest effort in this direction, "The Business Career,of Peter Flint,' 'is rather behind his usual standaAj, his character trying too many things before finding bis calling, and even tfien the moment he finds it the book ends--presumably With the author's intent to tell of the further ad- ventureSi of Peter in another book. ; "-Pter is:'riot a v«ry admirable character and the reader is at a- loss -to understand how the'famous business adviser of ,-thevtale finds; enough tir the boy to undertake to make him practically a partner in his.very important and lucrative- business. Epter, .up to then, has been a loafer, a wSstrat, a forger, crooked in. many ways in. business deals, and-his only'retrieving quality seems to be an unusual ability as » -salesman: . . . Where Mr. Whitehead's previous book, "IDawsdn' Black," '%howed practicable ways of running -a 'retail store,, and ,therebjr gave full value .to .the reader In search of etich information, and of that incentive, 'this later Work does not 'give much Information except as to methods of salesmanship the time they are introduced into th'e etory, the tale is 'over; (Page, Boston;) THE (LITTLE MOMENT QF HAPPINES3 V A -great. amount. of- speculation and I general 'gassip Concerning the, good -and bad of Erarice and Paris' in particular, ( is answered in "The Little Moment'of H*pptness,'^ fcy- Glarenee : A .Bndlngton. Kellafld, a dramatic love story revolving around the clash between 'a young' American army captain's Puritan up-' bringing and the life of Paris in war time. A broad-minaed and "gopd" yet liberal French girl, representing the true view of the French on that which is ; good and bad, helps him .to orient himself. An. Ainerlcan. girL-plays a big; part, and'"wile she is, regarded as the ;· ideal for a.^wlfe in, .America,-the French ! girl }s one to love and one, to be loved. · A big problem,'of compelling love inter- I est with the tragic beauty of Paris In- her days of great stress as a back? ground, results. The end is perhaps a trifle disappointing, yet,'it could hardly be otherwise, (Harper and Brother's.). For Infants and Children. Mothers Know That Bears the Signature of In Use For Over Thirty Years Exact Copy of Wrapper. TH« etMT«UH «8li««IT. MCW TO»K CITT. k Boxed Kerchieft Ready for Giving 3 dainty 'k e r- chiefs in attractive Christmas box, all ready for giving, made of excellent Swiss, neatly embroidered, 29c (S) ~7hc No Phone or C. 0. D. 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Only 95c M) WomenVStylish 9- Inch Lace Boots Choice of ' b l a brown or gray kid-cloth or kid uppers-best leather Louis heels. Regular ?9.0Q qualities for Wednesday-Pair, $5.95 (SI Children's Outing flannel Sleeping Garments Assorted stripe patterns made with or without feet, age 2 to 12 years. Military coir lar, drop seat style, Wednesday-Suit, $1.15 Heavy Weight Outing Flannel Light and dark-stripes and plaids-lengths to 20 yards--up to 29c values for Wednesday-Yard, 23c (S) ^^^^·^^JH^J ^^gm^^^^gHHBMMBMJIlA* ············^···i^^TM!--" ' ' -- ~_^ Dolls and all Toys Marked at Close-Out Prices for Tomorrow

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