The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 26, 1955 · Page 18
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 18

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 26, 1955
Page 18
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i i 1 mi da foi sol lai Th Cl; w« be: ra. 1 Sc M A: bi n; ei sio thi tr th' ne ob sp ac we Di Mi & DC in. c< tr, i. O ar in ac ei St (Id.) Upper Dei Moines Thursday, May 26, 1955 The halls of learning are closing for the summer vacation. This is no ^iews to the small-fry for they've been counting how many days there arc loft in school for quite some time. It's not that they are allergic to education, it's just that the-nine, months-of the school term is. an, awfully long time in the life of'a youngster and they ate eager to haVe all week long to do as.they please. vacation with mixed feelings. We'll hitve the youngsters at home nil day now, you know and if we hit a spell of rainy wcath'er this can bo very hectic. Still there's lots to be said for not having to rush around in the morning ootting the kids off to school and getting that favorite dress ironed so Sister can wear it the next day will not be quite sp urgent. " will also mean ihe Mothers view ihe beginning o A//M/&/V0/"overyou But you CAN protect your income from these crops with Farmers Mutual Hail Insurance. L S. Bohannon 6 N. Dodge St. ALGONA, IOWA KM oma . DC uotwo KJW« end of the multitude of school programs, parties, receptions and picnics- r all delightful ,.;irt themselves but a lot ot extrft wbrK'for. Mother. Especially when all he> own clubs and church organizations always take an extra spurt in May just before closing down for the summer. * * . * "Didja pass?" will be a familiar questidn next Friday when the youngsters get their report cards? Why is it that every.child worries , about beingxpromoted * even if they haven't had' a single minus mark all year long on -their report cards? But our Jeanie told •me the other day that she hoped she wouldn't pass. She likes kin* dergarten sp well she wants to stay .another year. Her big brother and sister mitst have oversold her on the, idea that you have to Work When you get to first grade and" kidnergarten, says Jeanie, has* be^n, "just lots of fun."' • " , » '. *. * I though our house had plenty living creatures in it what with 3 children, 2 Brents, 1 clog and several dozen night crawlers but Irmn Dee Cook stopped in the other rnprnift.2 and. she maintains animal is called, was Very frail 'for a time and the children, with quite a bit of help from their mother, have nursed him through orle very serious illrfess but he'3 fat and sassy now. He was given the run of the lawn for quite a while until he made a light lunch Sf one of Mrs Dierh's choicest plantg so these days he's either tied up or watched very closely. Sparky has to have special guarding on weekday mornings* for he's so fond of the children that, like Mary's little lamb, K6'd be "sure to fpllow them to school, v '. ' * * « Sweetie Pie. It ihe name of Mike, Hutchins' pet lamb and Sweetie Pie arid Patsy, the dog are fast friends. When you go out to Russ and Elaine Hutchins, both the dbg and the lamb bound out to greet you. Patsy won't bark at you, but Sweetie Pie will welcome you with a good lovid, Baa. , , -•••' . ,- , •, »..,. Dowrl at the Arnle Ricklflfs'. Tom and Rod had a baby robin for a net. The bird had fallen from his nest and the boys found him'. Most people told the youngsters that a wild bird Has Very things are -even • livlier at her house. "We've got 3 .kids,. 2 parents, 3 dogs, 2' parakeets and 3 goldfish," Sa'id Irma Dee. "Do you think'.we should move to the farm?" .'•;• •'•':>'. * V '*• * Helen and Harley Haas live on a farm and While there are probably plenty of animals there the main attraction" is their brand new daughter.born on Easter Sunday. I saw pictures of her talcen while she 1 was ,itill at St. Ann hospital and Jny considered opinion is that the baby is a darling. Helen wanted to attend a sorority affair the other evening and she left Harley at hyme to give the daughter her very first bottle. "How did he get along?" I asked. "Is he used to taking care of babies?" "No," said Helen, "but he's had plenty of experience ..with bottle feedings—raising orphaned lambs." • * • Jon and Greichen Diem have a lamh for n net. ''Sr>arkv"-as the • Mar- proof • Safe • • Dust. proof • Weaihei proof Watch for THE GREEN-AND-GOLD BJUSTROM FURNITURE VANI Get v^OKG ...the perfect refreshment for Memorial Day weekend 112 A bright spring day ... you're on • your way. And bright, bracing Coca-Cola with its wholesome little lift, its ever-fresh sparkle just naturally belongs. No holiday shopping list is complete without Coke ... so remember, it's a long weekend — get several cartons, for perfect refreshment. Fifty million times a day... at home, at work or ou the way "There's nothing like a Coke" took for your dealer's display of Coca-Cola and other good things for Holiday Outings IOTTIEP UND|B AUTHORITY Of THE COCA-COIA COA.PANY BY MIN6RAI SPRINGS COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY, HUMBOLDT, IOWA little chance to 'sufVive in captivity but "Rod. and Tom cut up worms, fed the bird and gave it every care they could think of. Soon Robin was opening his mouth every time anyone ap-' proached his box. All might still: be going well if it hadn't been decided that the bird would benefit: by some fresh air and sunshine. They took it out in the back yard and a mean old blackbird swooped down and carried it off. One of the youngsters chased the intruder and yelled at it until he dropped his Victim, but it was too late. Robin was dead. His grave is marked with a boy- made cross and there were plenty cf mourners at the funeral. » * * Did you ever wonder what a mail -man does on his day off? Well, Hank Guderian, who delivers the bills and advertisements to our 'house doesn't go for a walk but he tells me he likes to get out of doors in his spare time so most every Thursday these days he goes .fishing. His wife, Ruth, goes along 'for she is ftilly as fond- of the sport as Hank is. Sometimes she even out-fishes him and what's more she always cleans the catch for both of them. Ruth likes to do the job right where she catches them. She takes along a knife and newspapers especially for the purpose and on the way home they drop off the refuse at the city dump. She's real speedy with her fish cleaning. Hank said he timed her once and fdund she cleaned something like 72 bullheads in 32 minutes! » ,* * Irma Crawford and I were delegated to fix black-out coverings for the basement windows at our church today so that it would be good and dark for Mrs AtwaterMat,, _. v , r thej guest speaker, to show/ herj slides.-It sounded like a< simple.' operation but it got-quite corp-» plicated. First we had to enlist of our pastor, M. H. BroWer to go over and measure windows and.then we had Donnie Smith lining up .and cutting cardboard. Irma didn't have her car and I can't drive so we drafted Mid Waller for chauffeur service. Young Jack Waller went along for the ride and what pop he could scrounge by stopping at his Dad's office. • It fook us most of the morning to fit and tape cardboard, we measured and stretched and several times climbed to shaky places at the risk of our necks. We also had several phrases in the back of our minds that would have been highly out of place in the church, had we voiced them. We completed the job and it was kind of patchy in spots and there wore several places we couldn't reach to black out. Just as we were getting into the car to drive away, Mid came up with a suggestion that was absolutely bnl-- liant in its simplicity. "Why," she said, "didn't we work -from the outside of the windows? We could h a v e thumbtacked cardboard, brown paper or even newspapers to the frames and we could have done it in five minutes." The idea was absolutely workable but several hours too late. Every basement window of the church is easily reached by standing right on the ground! All future committees taced with a similar problem, please profit by the hindsight of our experience. « » » »> Who made the hot potato salad at the Fireman's family picnic? It was a couple of weeks ago that the picnic was held but I m still drooling over the goodness of that .salad. Several of us who tasted it agreed that it was just like our German grandmothers used to make, but we couldn't find out who cooked it. If you are the one who brought it, or if you KIIOW how to whip up the dish, let me know and sund me the jucipe. Such a light shouldn't be hidden under a busheK * " This week's recipe is for Rhubarb Conserve. 5 pounds rhubarb 1 no. 2 c-brt crushed pineapple 7 cups (3 pounds) granulated sugar 3 small unpeeled oranges, diced. '•j cup walnut meats, broken Wash rhubarb, cut into ^ incl pieces. Combine with remaining ingredients in large kettle. Brink to a boil, sin ring occasionally. Re duct heat; simmer, uncovered over low heat about 1 \z hours o until like a. conserve in consis tcncy. Stir occasionally first houi | more otten during last jjalf houi i Remove from heat; pour immedi ttely into clean, freshly sterilizec I half pint preserves jars. Sea" Mak*s 12 half pint jars. If yo wish you may omit the nuts, bu thai way you'll have preserve- not conserves. Grace Joyce Ryerson Of Burt W6ds Florida Man, May 21 Burl — Spring daisies in pink and maize, formed the motif for a simple but charming Maytlme wedding Saturday, May 21, at 4 o'clofck at the Methodist church in Burt, when Joyce Ryerson of Citra, Fla., and W. J. Crosby of the same place, were united in marriageX Joyce Is the daughter of Mr and Mrs F, L. Ryerson of Hurt and Mr Crosby is the son of W. P. Crosby of Citra and the late Mrs Crosby. , The bodice of the bridal gown was fashioned of lace, with a scalloped lace overskirt over tulle and satin. The fingertip illusion veil was caught under a Juliet cap of Isce edged with irridescent pearls and matching sequins accented the neckline of the bodice. She carried a white orchid -ana daisy' shower on a pearl bound Bible. Mrs Kent Ryerson of Des Moines. sister-in-law of the bride, served as matron of honor. Men in -the wedding party included Kent Ryerson of Des Moines, best man, 'and.Baymond Nelson of LuVerne, groomsman. Richard ; and Arthur Campney came from Iowa State and Simpson college respectively, to'serve as ushers. Rev. Clifford B. Lott, Des Moines, former campus pastor-of the bride, officiated at the double- ring ceremony. "O Perfect Love," "Whither Thou Goest," and "The Lord's Prayer," were sung by Miss Marlene Shelton of Indianola. Miss Ruth Hodgson of Burt, accompanied on the piano. Immediately following the ceremony, a reception was held by the bride's parents in the social room of the church, made lovely with bouquets of spring flowers in the bride's colors. Miss Shelton, accompanied by Miss Hodgson, sang "Through the Years," and "I'll Walk Beside You." Miss Marlene Dremmel of Burt, j served punch. Miss Shirley Gardner of Corning poured coffee and Mrs R. I. Simpson cut and served the wedding cake. Miss Maxine Simpson was in charge of the guest book. Mrs Jack McMullen, Cedar Falls, and Miss Ruth Pestalozzi, Knoxville, presided at the gift table. Miss Joyce Fulton, Indianola, Miss Georgine Dowiat, Chicago, Miss .LuAnn Groteluschen, Fairfield, and Miss Marilyn Higens, Indianola, all sorority 'sisters of the bride, acted as waitresses. The Mark circle of the WSCS was on duty in the kitchen, • Following the wedding rehearsal at rl 1:06 a. m.,' a buffet lurich- ahd immediate relatives by family friends. Out of town guests not previously mentioned included Mrs A. W. BarnaSd of Ocala, Mrs LeRoy McWhorter of Algona, grandmother of the bride, Mrs Lester Lemasters, Cincinnati, Ohio, aunt of the groom, Mrs Marvin Jackson, Columbus, Ohio, Mr and Mi's W. T. McWhorter, Jimmy, and Lynn, Rogers, Ark., Dr. and Mrs H. J. Day, Iowa City, Mr and Mrs E. M. Greene, .Waterloo, Mr and Mrs B. L. Thompson, Davenport, Rev. and Mrs W. S. Handy and son Carl, Boone, .Mrs James Fredericksen, Alta, Mr and Mrs James Sewick, Spirit Lake, Mr and Mrs Eidon Ross, l't>rv Dodge, Mrs Raymond Nelson, Lu- Verne, Judge and Mrs G. W< Stillman and Mr and Mrs Paul McNeill, Teddy and Sherry, Algona, and Mr and Mrs Wayne Drone, Fenton. The bride is .a.rural .worker under the board;of missions of the WSCS of the' Methodist church. She, has been working for the past two years in the •Gainesville district in Florida. She is a graduate of Burt high school and of Simpson college at Indianola and a. mmber of Alpha Chi Omega sorority. Mr Crosby is a graduate of the United States military : academy at West Point, N. Y., and a reserve officer in the air corps. He is engaged in cattle and fruit ranching with his father. After a short honeymoon among the northern Minnesota lakes, the couple- will reside in Citra. . •'•''.'•' AND THAT MlANS VACATION; TTOO ! ., V' Let Us ';.-"•;;-',.:-"-•• Outfit v YbuJF0r t.our Fun-Time ! . BULLET A stray bullet felled Arnold Schultz, 34 year old Radcliff farmer, as he went about his chores one evening recently. His injuries were not serious; the bullet, : •'>,. wen' through his cap and lodged in,the flesh on his,skull. eon was served .the wedding party Read our 4-color ad Minneapolis-Moline POWER TOOLS * • '"'.-' * in this month's FARM & HOME Section Hovey Implement Phone 90 N. Main St. VACUUM JUGS U : -.: .- $2.99 up CHARCOAL GRILLS $4.95 - $7,95 •+ $9.95 - $14.95 CHARCOAL LIGHTER, per can .'. -: 49c CROQUErlif J — - - - $4.95 to $14.95 HHMmMMMmMMMMMIMMM^M^MMM^MMMMMMMW ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H^^IIIHHJJI^^iHm^l^lHiH PICNIC BASKETS $2.75 fft $5.45 OUTDOOR SWING SETS Spiay. ....$24.95 Hall - Strahom The Hardware Store On The North Side of the Street mere " '> ° regislcxd trade-marl:. © 1»J, IHt COCA COIA COMPANY IF IT'S NEWS — WE WANT I payload capacities! '55 Ford Trucks increase GVW ratings as much as one ton ... in "2-ton" and bigger models. And only Ford offers gas-saving Short Stroke power in every model throughout the linel NOW *4 TON MORE GVW—Economy champ in its class, Ford F-700 "rated at 21,000 Ibs. GYW with heavy-duty jrear •pringi. 140-h.p. Short Stroke V-8. Single or 2-spced axle. NOW 3 /4 TON MORE QVW— Ford Series F-750 now has GVW uppi'd to 21,000 Ibs. when equipped with heavy-duty roar springs, 15^-h.p. Short Strokes V-8 engine. 'Power Steering available. NOW I TON MORE GVW— Ford F-600 "2-tonner" has GVW boosted to 18,000Tbs. when equipped with heavy-duty rear §lle, heayy-djjty springs, 6-stud wheels, and 140-h.p. V-8. NOW I TON MOgE QVW--Sal«« leader in its weight clasi. Ford F-BOO now hag'GVW increased 16 34,000 Ibs. with heavy-duty rear springs. 170-Ji.p. Sho»fc Sfpjke V^. Power Steering avaijabl*. tooa 7 NOW 1 TON MORj QY W —Ford T-800 landem now has 42,000 lb». GVVV. 170-h.p. Shoj-f Stroke V-8. 11,000-lb. front axle available. New capacities uUo apply to Cab Forward S^rt-stroke engine design is revolutionising the truck industry, Up to 53% greater piston ring life! Gas savings to. one gallon in seven! ONLY FpRD gives you a Short Stroke engine in every truck , ,, four V-8's and a Six! STATE & JONES Ford Tripje Economy Trucks KENT MOTOR CO PHQNf 494 GREAT TV! FORP THEATRE, WHO-TV, 7:30 P.M., THURSDAY, I

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