Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on January 7, 1947 · Page 5
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 5

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 7, 1947
Page 5
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Dilettante of the Piano JACK CAMPBELL Your Knvorltc Selections with Lou JMastiM 1 and His Orchestra (Sundays Exccptcii) Kvorv and REMEMBER the fincxt luncheon In town with Chef Arnato's Dally Special, It's Melody Lane KW Choice Food 23 HAJRBISON AVE. Waterbury Just Off Ivcuvcnwoilli BU/INE// PERSONALITIES AND S £ JLV t,C fc- 'Ot/, By DOROTHY M. AND .YOUR PLANS NOW ES SUBMITTED • NEW CONSTRUCTION AND REMODELING Matty J. Karbowicz Ofllrn; 193 Huhhcr Avo " Tel. 3888 Rodman Convalescent Home A Comfort To ersons Joe's Restaurant—Seymour GAS — OIL LUBRICATION TARTS A. * K SJKRVICE STATION 17fl Maple Street JANUARY SPECIALS JN ALL DEPARTMENTS OF THE STORE KENNEDY DRY GOODS STORK 188 Church St. — Tel. 3401 Nnugatuck WALTKR BONCAL Masonry of nil kinds 10 Frill-child St. Tel. 5102 Lord's Servicenter •Service for Everyone >' 7JTBRICATION - TIRFS RANGE and FURNACE OIL 116 N. Mill n St. . Tol. 4893 EGGS IXORA'tl POULTRY RANCH FLORA E. PINKIIAM Brldfro - IJeiicon Falls Duren Roofing Co. Hoofing - Sldinij - ln»iil:itl»i> 48 RAMONA AVKNIJE RODMAN. Convalescent Home 159 Meadow St. TEL. 3334 There' cannot be a more comforting thought for elderly persons or their relatives than knowing tlipy can enter a home where they will receive not only the proper medical attention bul also will have'a homey atmosi.i.crc. These homes, known throughout .he country as convalescent homes liavc been a {Treat nssot. One o these homes Is ideally located ii ho heart of the borough' and i ..nown as the Rodman Convnles :cnt Home, 159 Meadow street. Operated by Mrs. Gladys Ro:l .nun, the snaclous hout-e accommo latcs 14 patients, soiic able tt be up and around, an?"oV.'.ors con fined to beds. Two registered lur^-s constar," j/ are on duty, vith practical nurses assisting am x cook preparing the most nourishing and attractive meals. The house, although operated ir in orderly and businesslike fash on, docs not _ lose Its home-like eatures. The most professional nedlcal care is given invalid pa- Ments, but there isn't the hustlt nd bustle of a busy highly disci- •lined hospital. Those patients able to care for themselves find entertainment 'hrough reading, conversing with ?ach other' and enjoying visitors, Mrs. Rodman is always thought- 'ul when a birthday occurs, pro- •.ciiting the patient with gifts and being hostess at Informal parties. Naugatuck's oldest citizon, Mrs. Jennie Lind (May) Smith, resides it the Home, and frequently in 5;ood weather is able to visit the -iowntown shopping district or view some municipal event. New Stock TABLE CLOTHS $1.39 *up BOSTON STORE Dry Cioodt 71) tmilCII ST. TKL. 380 RECONVERTING : t TO WINTER GARMENTS? Cnll 3235 For Vrco Pick-Up nnd Delivery D. LIEBERMAN 2B CIIUTICH ST. DIAL S9SS i D. Thurston's Sons Ice Company OIL BURNERS FUEL OIL AVKNl/K SHAKER'S AUTQ Maintenance Complete Auto Service Body Work lla.v and Night Road Service lira SOUTH MAIN STREET WutPrtniry Phone 3-1238 Nlslit Culls - Phono 3-670H Vic's Smoke Shop , C|iurettcs, N t»ndy, Ic." Croam. Soft Urlak.i , Toys ST. „ KAT I.V COWFORT In Our Dlnlnc Kooni TEDDY'°SDINER Mouth Main St. Tel, 4806 FRANKIE'S ROADSIDE INN Venturing ]<'riinkfiirtor.H f IfnriibdrgcrM 9 Rnr-B-Q 9 MllfX Coffee Icr Crniim Rouil Joe's Restaurant K fOOO and LIQUOR Sprelal Attontllon 'or Weddliie l-iirtlrit 133 MAIN ST.. SKYMOUR Tel. 2833 DiNAPOLI'S RESTAURANT !I13 BANK ST. FREE PARKING • THJi BEST IJV FOOD • Till; BEST IN MUSIC 0 THK BUST IN SKRVICK DANCING THURS., FRI. AND SAT. WITH THE KEN THOMPSON HAMMOND ORGAN TRIO FLOOR SHOW SAT. NIGHT i'litrrlnic tii Uumim*!* tutd I'lir- Ur*-— Fnr rrnprviitlonN C'ttll 3-IMtt-l frankie's Roadside Inn Favorite Late Evening Snack Bar An attractive highway stand is found it 2070 South Main street. Waterbury. on the main thoroughfare between Naugaluck and Wa- terburv. and known as Frankio's Roadside Inn. Tho ;:pic 'ind span Inn is a structure -nf dazzling white, and is u favorite late evening smick bar. On thesp chilly winter nights it's .nice to Hnd such an immaculate spof, whorf. you can warm yourself with ft stemming cup of honest to goodness coffee.'juicy hamburger or delectable Rocssler franUl'urt, For those not affected greatly hy he r.o 1 :!, the moclei-n stand also crvos sundaes, sodas, ice crcair, :onos and other delicacies. Grc.'>t plans are in' store for thu stand .which ii operated under thr> manngcmcnt of Peter Ricci, vnt- cran of the Army, and brother-in- law of Frank Caiazzo, st-md owner. Preparations are already under- vav to landscape around the st:md exterior to make it a comfortable summer establishment, with tables, umbrellas and other accessories. The Orchard, :i stand located adjacent to Frankic's shouldn't bo overlooked. For at this stand is found the most nourishing fruits tind vegetable;!, WinLor potatoes and Baldwin apples will be featured throughout the. winter months. Moody Cars Due To Winter Climes Fixed At Bob's We hope it. isn't true, but h:is the stormy winter weather brought out the many bat, points of your c?r? Is the battery dead mornings, ! or ho.s some other defect come to • li|7ht? ! It often seems as thourth nut.n. mobile deficiencies never show up until there is inclement weather conditions, your ready to take a trip, or late for an engagement Then, everything goes wrong at once. But, don't fee! too badly aboui it, for many times circumstances i beyond our control produce unwanted trouble. We can tell you where to lake your car when- if commences to act up, and that place is BCJ'S garage, 107.Xorth Main street. Sncnially equipped to serve Dodge and Plymouth caus, the garage ;ilso deals in parts for this particular manufacture of automobiles. • : in case your car is of another make. Bob's is always prepared to give service. An important feature of the establishment is in the fact that only factory trained mechanics are on duty to serve you promptly, efficiently and with courtesy. You may bo assured of the fin- nst workmanship at Bob's pat-age. "Competent hands will overhaul your vehicle-and put It back into A-l operating order immediately. RELIABLE GRAIN and FUEL CO. IMMEDIATE DELIVERY ON IIAZLETON LEHIGH VALLBY PREMIUM COAL and HOPPERS CONN. COKB PHONE YOUR ORDER 5 Church St., Nau?atuck Phone 3076 Fine Wines and Liquors Imported and DomcKlic ! 72 CHURCH ST. ***+ff****4 STORE; PHONE 6124 It's Worth a. Trip to VAJ Market For Finest Food* 51 Spring St. Union City 1'lionc Naugatuck 4070 " Bob's Garage UODGK and PLYMOUTH Service and I'arU Factory-Trained Mechanic* 137 N. Main St. NauRatuck Perry INC. Telephone 2226 ritlNTKBS SINCfc Ittt LEYNARD'S GIRLS: and BOYS' WINTKR OUTFITS UNC Our Lay-Away Finn 170 CHURCH ST. »------- Quality Foods Retained At White Market Quality DYERS and Our Modern Cleaning Plant ANSures Vou Better Cleaning 5 No. Main St., Naugatuck JACK'S AUTO BODY IM So. Main St TeL «U» Joe's Restaurant, formorly kiuuvti as Tony's, Is located at 138 Main street, Seymour, ;in<l operated hy Joseph S.vomlmthy. former Navigating resident und employe of the U. S. Rubber Co. Established, In the center of Hie I own'* lui.sijioss section the restaurant makes a.cozy spot to stop, for refreshments in the form of choice liquors, wines or beers, or :i hearty well-prepared meal. Clyne Glass Shop, Waterbury Has Brilliant Gift Display M:iny Limes you've prohubiy had ci-y.sttil, h,i:ul-pnintcd I iviya. the expoi-icnco of somfsonc com- ns into ad inany c:r."r iisol'-ji article:: to your home and iiu;uirinfj I be used in one'.; IMHI-: or n:s ft-fts. where you obtained some p-irticii-j As an iddc-i sovvir.i. tin lar article, or wearhif," ;i pioc-: of that jewelry that hjis been en t. Vised ovor. If you've s,'iifl it came J'rom UJD Clyno Glass Shop. 20 Harrison avonuo. V/»tcrliury, t.lini-p. is no doubt left in> riuesLirmur's mind iis In its ;, r ontJiM(!KK. Terrorist Weapon George J. Demers Of ALL TYPBS Clfinnrd, Ropiilrcd MJ CITY HILL ST. Tel. BOBS Fred's Grocery Cfkoctv.ii* Finest Fruits and Vegetables 37 HIGH ST. Tel. 4008 V. E. OUSTAPSON — Tiitcnt Mrdlcincs — l<iinclifionrttc - It». Cream Grofcrlcs - Mitiwzlne* «iih|, er Av«. phone 40M I T\l RADIO SKRVIGE • •"*• 20 Yearn Kxpcrlencu J'lckup and Delivery 1730 KAST MAIN ST. Hamilton Theater Building Waterhury — Tel 3-3407 Miss Jfiscphinc Munxo. ownor (if the shop, i.s an oxnctinfr ptirch.-is-- er, nnfl knnw.s just tl-.n lypr^ of product desired by her meticulous ciientclo. Tlierc is noMiinfj more to bo drr- sircd after you've vlsilocl the Clyne Glass Shop, foi- besides :i complcitc line of jrlnsswiire, thnrc ii; ;i brilliant 'display of costume jewelry, pubic of gift sovvir.i. tin- shop hns an ufficicnTly op,.MV!.leil f.'ictory where 'plate -rlass biK'nau' and desk lops nrc .miHlc, mirrun set or pic- | tiu-c.s framed. TVir.>o experienced men are constsint'.v busy in the pl;tnt. operated in conjunction with the shop. A i-isif. \n the ; ;hop will hr profit- ri.hle, for there you will find just thnt suitable it'.'m you've boon desiring for yourself, or that pi ft problem will be solved in short order. Now probably is the most difficult time to think of an appropriate pi ft with the holiday season just pasHcd, but the able sales- It's true there arc still some terns in the food line which are scarce, priced n little hiph or avail- ble in small quantities, but on the whole it is a relict to be able o walk into a market and obtain nearly everything that is necessary for the proper diet without having to count ration stamps or pennies. And it is predicted that prices will keep dropping, particularly on items in abundance such as citrus friuts and various vegetables. Lower meat prices arc now noticeable and groceries are not as expensive. Tou may be certain though when trading at the White Mcat ; Market, 157 Rubber avenue, that any reduction in cost will not affect the quality of the article you are purchasing. John Caspar, proprietor, insists on buying only the best choice cuts of meatsf, and fresh fruits and vegetables. Selling honestly and fairly, Mr. Caspar operates his market in the interest of his customers, who are numerous and increasing daily. For the past eight years, since lie took up residence in the borough.. Mr. Caspar has aimed for complete satisfaction of his patrons. The well-stocked store has every conceivable product in the line of groceries, fruits, vegetables, meat nnd fish, along with other lines too numerous to mention. FHONK DERBY 3489 Walsh's Green Acres Catering: to WeddlngN, Banquets, Parties, Choice Food* and Llquom Derby Avenue Sej-mour SAVE As You Buy WE GIVE Green Stamps With Every Purchase ISAACSON'S 1 INC. QUALITY DRV GOODS SEYMOUR "Now that thn winter memon «p- proache*. The itarnc** Shop can Nuphly your every want In R-IOVCH and mittens for drees, driving or work in wool, imported and dotnCKtlc cape. pi*. Nkin, homehlde and the old reliable Saratiac Bucknkln, unlined and lined In fleece, wool and fur. Visit the ItarneM Shop when in need ot cloven and mittens." JOHNJ. CONNOLE i 70 Grand St. Wtbry. Tel. 4-73S3 ' HOME; COOKED FOODS B^r — Wine — Liquors Vall«y~Grill 158 No. Main St. TeL womon in the shop ru-c always ca- ' U1C chal .^. Ole Olson Plays Joke On His Sister Peru (UP)—Mrs. Olga Young Rot. a ticket for parking a car in a "no- parking" zone. She refused to pay Charlie's STATION 10D So. Main St. Ph. Naur. own a car. LURED BY FIRE ENGINE-BOY FELLED KUBBELL'S SERVICE STATION Lubricating Specially .„ A8 ' °'L - BiapAIRING WKubhe, Avo. -V" Tel. 4*7 LOG'S BAR and GRILL M BRIDGE STREET Tel. 4897 A BRITISH SOLDIER stands over an army type flamethrower which was left behind by fleeing terrorists at Bezalel Street in the center of Jerusalem. This was the flrst time that the terrorists had used flamethrowers. One British officer was killed and three other* wounded in • series of land mine attacks on military vehicles. (International) ! she told traffic authorities Police led her to a shiny new automobile parked on a downtown street. They told her it was n gift from her brother, Olc Olson of "Hellza- poppin'" fame. Olc sent the car as a surprise for his sister. As an added "gift," he asked the —-«<! t<> make th5 "surprise presentation." MOVING and TRUCKING Moving to All Conn. Point* r/ Peter Moruska KAUGATUCK. CONN. PHONG 2586 Or 6112 Stove* Movml Refrigerators Moved Clyne Glass Shop Table Lamps $7.95 up Bed, Boudoir Lamps $SJ5 up Gift* of All DeacrlpUons Beallstic Artificial Flowers JosephuM MMEO, Prop. tO HARRISON AVE. Waterbury Tri.j 4-48U THE White Meat Market and GROCERY FRUITS — VEGETABLES John Caspar, Prop. 157 RUBBER AVE. DIAL, 3SM AIRPORT DINER At Bethany Airport Operated hy Ex-G.L MAURICE ,1. ,IOLT,Y Amity Itoitii, Bethany Radiator* Fluitwd Oil - OMMlnc • Tire Repair Washing MIKE'S SER VICB ATxaaa.LJ K3 15 BRIDGE ST. UNION CITV Nauiratuck 4BM Tresses Snipper HORNBECKER'S Buck's Hill Tel. 4-MOO Wtby. HOME COOKED FOOD We Cater to Family Dlnnera Office I'artlcw, BanqueUi, Showers, Etc. REACTING IIKE ANY FIVE-YEAR-OID wouid when he passed a fire station in San Francisco, Phillip Barker left his mother, dashed across the street, for a better look at the shiny red flre engines, and was hit by a passing •uto. The boy is shown in the arms ot his mother,' Mrs. Mary Barker, as one ot the firemen administers first aid. (International Sowt<lr>hoto>) PARSONS SCREW PRODUCTS CO. Quality Headed arid Automatic Screw Machine Product* RUBBER AVK - NAUGATUCK SELRITE Juvenile Furniture Oo. TOTS - GIFTS 47(M73 South Main Street Wntcrbur.v, Conn. Tel. 4-4724 VALLEY WELDING and Fabrication Works The I*»rti)l)lc Welding Service Tel. 5492 BANQUETS WEDDINGS Phone MM PARADISE INN Wm. Potthecicer, Prop. FINKST FOODS Choice Wine - Liquor* Walirlcc Tcrraco, AnnonlH, Conn. **********••***•*•••»•**•*•<«•» ACCORDING to the Santa Monica, Calif., police,William Pyle (above), 16, of West Los Angeles, is reported to have admitted that he had snipped the tresses of six young women with barber shears he is holding. In each case the women were waiting on bus benches whea he approached them and cut their hair. (International Soundphota) Prospect St. Garage At I'roNpcct St. nnd Locunt Darra-Jamti Corp. MILL SUPPLIES POWER TO<XS 22 Savings St. Waterbury Tel. 5-2241 The V & H Trucking Company Excavating — Trucking — Drlvew»» — Road Construction TKe Seymour Sand & Stone Company Washed Screened Sand — Wanned Cnnhcd Gr*vd Quurricd Granite Building Stone 482 NO. MAIN ST. — TEL. SEYMOUR 2531

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