Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on May 30, 1973 · Page 10
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 10

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 30, 1973
Page 10
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Page 10 article text (OCR)

10 Golwbuffl RwUfr-Moll, Qaltsbura. III. Wtdneaday, May 30,1973 *aununa •uty and Oliver Stortw" by Vlidlmir NoWrtwv; Thirteen js a lucky number, judging from A Russian Beauty and Other Stories by Vladimir Nabokov. Such is the number of tenderly and ironically written short stories in his latest book. A number of these literary miniatures appear in English for the first time. Most are about emigre* living In Parte «r Berlin, trying to reconstruct their lives from fragments of remembered truth, beauty and honor. Others are, more generally, about men and women adrift in an alien world where the values they once lived by have disappeared. The stories have such titles as, Torpid Smoke, Lips to Lips, The Potato Elf, and also An Affair of Honor, Terra Incognita, The Chicfe The |>rota«onlsts may be bit to the twisting gat leries of an endless,. nightmare museum which extends like a horrifying cosmic maze. They may be trying, in an empty, meaningless dumb show, to comfort a deaf old woman who does not yet know that her only son has been killed. They may become involved, absurdly and irrevocably, in a Ruritanian palace revolution in an improbable, imaginary kingdom. Devotees of Nabokov's 25 oth-l The Child's Shelf. •'MiM 's 4 M Daft' _ BbAMllfctrtrtartiliy th« author; by cwifcy ih« *v and' now; er books will recognize the blend of melancholy and humor, acerbic wit and lender compassion that characterize his early works. All readers will welcome the addition to his newly translated works of these luminous, funny and haunting stories. Piper Paw 9 8 Rotvdy At School; Rebel at Home "No Kits for Mothtr" by Tomi Unferer; pub., Harper & Row. All ages. This is the tale of kitten Piper Paw, a rowdy at school and a rebel at home, especially against, the doting care and endless KISSES of his mother, Mrs. Velvet Paw. Mr. Paw, his father, of few words, is understanding — up to a point. But one terrible day Piper's defiance comes to a terrible climax. ... It begins when Piper is awakened from a wonderful dream of mice by his mother's kiss. Then he discovers that the dismantled clock he threw out the window the night before — he had wanted to find out how seconds, minutes and hours looked — has smashed the windshield of his father's car. Feeling guilty and CIVIC PRIDE New homes, neatly mown lawns, junk piles and junk cars banned from the village, an active volunteer fire department .... the people of HENDERSON UNITED METHODIST CHURCH are proud to be a part of a progessive community. Take a five minute ride North of town on Seminary Street. Look around. You may want to come join us. to live and/or to WORSHIP EACH SUNDAY at 11:15 A.M. dispirited when he reaches school, Piper gets into a bloody fight with the class buljy. A torn ear puts him at the mercy cf the school. nurse, who detests him — with some reason. And finally the hysterical public kisses of Mrs. Paw, when she calls for her wounded son at lunch break, leads to the cruelest blow of all. But it is a blow which helps both mother and son to understand each other. Tomi Ungerer's halftone drawings, whether of Mrs. Paw's culinary activities or of Piper's homemade arsenal, which he sells to buy his mother flowers, are filled with marvelous detail, mischievous humor, and unforgettable character portraits. "Mine has litore spots." "It does not. Mine has." "Well, mine is bigger." "It is not. Mine -. Two little boys meet on the boardwalk, each carrying a whale of a balloon. Whose balloon Is better? After a lively contest — and the collapse of both balloons — the appearance of a girt flaunting an identical balloon unites the two boys in perfect accord: "Ours was the best." The hilarious story and three-color illustrations will captivate beginning readers. Crosby Bonsall is author-artist of many I Can Read Books, including "The Day I Had To Play With My Sister," and the popular I Can Read Mysteries, "The Case of the Hungry Stranger'' and "The Case of the Scaredy Cats." She li?es in wmiamsport, Pa. "Lordy, Aunt Hittlt," by Ianthe Thomas, picture* by Thomas Dl Grazla; pub., Harper and Row; ages 4-8. "What day is today, Aunt Hat tie?" asks Jeppa Lee, sitting down to some fried chicken and hot pan biscuits. "A day so hot that the cotton snakes done slithered down under the cotton- bulb shade," answers Aunt Hattie. And as Jeppa Lee questions her aunt further, she discovers it is not time for "learning books or shining shoes" . . . but it is time for jumping catfish, purple juicy berries waiting to be picked — and all the wonderful sights, sounds and feelings of a lush hot summer day in the rural South. The warm affection between the little girl and her aunt and the poetic imagery are beautifully Interpreted in (he full-color illustrations. Ianthe Thomas, a gifted young black writer and sculptor, was born in New York City and grew up in Hyde Park, New York. A graduate of Sarah Lawrence College, she taught nursery school in their Early Childhood Development Center, This is her first children's book. Thomas Di Gratia Illustrated Charlotte Zolotow's "Hold My Hand," among others. He lives in New York City. "Calf, Goodnight" by Nancy Jewell; pictures by Leonard Weisgard; pub., Harper and Row; ages 4-8. A newborn calf discovers night as he is nuzzled back to the barn by his mother. "Who are you?" he asks the tiny lights gleaming tlgh In the sky. The hoot owl and the howling dogs startle him. And lit longs to run with the prowling cat under the milky round moon. But "night is when the tun goes down and cows go back to the bam to sleepy Mama Cow explains. And Calf no sooner reaches his bed of hay than he is fast asleep. The soft grey and charcoal pictures, with touches of golden light, Mend with the gentle text about the wonders of night in this enchanting bedtime picture book. Nancy Jewell is the author of two popular picture books, "The Snuggle Bunny" and "Try and Catch Me," which was also illustrated by Caldecott Medal winner Leonard Weisgard. Miss Jewell lives in New York City; Mr. Weisgard lives, in Denmark, (Books ~Added to jpukiic jCiL •«^r. Fiincis^ Of. Atiiii, by JSMI revived at the Oalesburi Pub- fefi ^J ^'^mm^^m'lii "Alby A"rfen"N^6m«: UH1IU OCI>«T A IIS All V CIO * Southern Illinois Country, by C. William Horrell. Sunny Days . . . uwm OVHHWB j^....-.-,,., Ideals. The Moving American, by 19?3. Illinois Housing Needs, 1970. George Mersoji. • A Detective's 1980, by Illinois Housing Develop Story, by Gebrge Hatherlll. Helping ment Authority. The Aaftered Child And Hit ram- JtfVBHIt8 l&iaka ^aold The tan. C. Henry Kempt, TM sue, ine Adventuress, oy umu- —--- . _. _ .^.ldRwh"by Davffwhsr- thycrayder.LetituRabbitysprng from the Greek and means txMrinMntal IteUflon, by Song, by RutsellHoban. Primitive n^, A *e \t >&Yi\* " Wdia^: Mtt%.XiMaon OfAH,'by• Michael Batftbury. The gOOQ. fleStfaDie. ledOUt, .«>.|*rt* Man Without A race, tar «ya; ... wortd of belie itoiland^Benjanuir by Robert Bl- by Thomas fJemlnf, tit Craft, by Eugenia Price. OK* Of An Eagle, by - K\nt^rden.JJ«^*»» rue, hy *«rteriek^yth, l^in- noeenti, by Margery Sharp. New Moon Rising, by Eugenia Price. The Ve^rHit .»iy, by Ditrld Halber- SH£2f »^ tS&t. a.«li.V TE« Speak To Me 8l Love, by Dofo- ^g&fc)UE% AtSSn* ST*W« TSSfik IS iff Afis* is****-* od. Uncle V^aWntine And Richard Drinnon. Mohandas Gand- RtSPEfftClfCE Land Between "The T Rlver«: The _ Encyclopedia Of Swimnling, by -authern Illinois Country, by C. Pat Besfofd. McGraw-JJill Year- WUHam Horrell. Sunny Days . . . book Of Science And Technology, »y J«t»|En^OiiM«ill M* - - Piece,, by A Health unto Hie Jtajee^hy Jean Plildy. Ortygallows by Barbara Mieheeu. The V«v««i avider Max Brand, storiee To 15ake You Feel Better, by Bennett Cert. No. where Left To Run, by jodhunter Ballard. The Perilous Spring Of Morris Seldman, by EHck Moir The Case Of The renced-In Woman, by Erie Stanlev Gardner. Daughter Of Darkness, by J. R. Lowell. The name Lois is derived Celluloid, invented in 1869 by John W. Hyatt, a printer of Albany, N.Y., was the first synthetic plastic. Shirt Switches The new popularity of the oversized or shapeless shirt offers many interesting fashion switches- The dress-plus-shirt is one of the prettiest possibilities. A cotton voile polka-dot shirt which can be worn with slacks can also be worn over a white dress for an entirely new outfit. Macrame Afoot A comfortable and attractive way to bare the feet this summer is with the macrame san dal. 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