Alameda Daily Evening Encinal from Alameda, California on May 14, 1895 · 4
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Alameda Daily Evening Encinal from Alameda, California · 4

Alameda, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 14, 1895
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ALAMEDA DATLY EVENING EXCTtrAL— THE riOXEKK WIESS-TTESDA1 ATI EUXOON Hi A WEEK IN WONDERLAND I PERSONAL AND SOCIAL HEW TO-DAY i — liTING Of mr-soti y®BV IKNT MISCELLANEOUS CARDS mscEUANtoua cAaua an interesting lecture delivered BY DR DILLE It was tor the Benefit of Company I Second Regiment Boys’ Brigade of Alameda Hev 1£ It Mile D delivered an intemling lecture at tins Park Street SI E Clinreh last evening the proceeil ol n liieli went to tho equipment Innd of Company I Second Regiment Boys' Brigade connected with the Tark Street Church The epeaker's uhjcct was "A Week in Wonderland" and wa illustrated with atereoptieon views managed by Sir Horace U Leslie of the Young Sleu’s Christian Association Views and cloqnent explanations of tho same of Yellowstone Park and scenes in Colorado U tali and Nevada wero enjoyed by the largo audience wlui attended and taken altogether a most entertaining and instructive evening was spent The entertainment concluded by the singing of tlie National song "America” by tlie audience A Pleasing Concert Mies Pearl Noble has arranged to give a grand concert at the First Baptist Church on Santa Clara avenue near Benton street for tlie benefit of Unchurch to-morrow (Tuesday) evening The programme will be as follows: ram i Trio ‘-Orpn lhwd" Hayden le rarest! Mbs Slawjr hoble trombone' Min Stadeliae Beck- hnarn violin Onaualni g-lo— "hestof Alt' Dcbsad Iti JuMphine Pattern Ouencl SoUi—Altliuuin w14 UwM NuWe M UtndintSfiMO ilnrv Cl Ynsliii iMo-lklaiilvdllUaCliarlitttifliiiivobRg All Kruty-rl A Herbert Mm ivarl Noble with violin oUinbi liy 31m Charhitte Uraenbagen ram n Hayden Mim Madeline lSeekbaien oJiui Mm Alnwlc Noble trombone 31m hen Wbinelwo-nelertedllim VOertrml Jadd Dan— Trombone and Corort— tHn Miii Hitiluifi Mim Lerl KiilW eunet AUm Miude Nublc t rum butte Viitjia m4u — BclcetcdmlliM MadtflioBrkhifn Heading— befeetrd MioaOriir Clark Trombone Chad - -diilliran Mim Monde Noble Electric Club Ball The employees of tlie Alameda ami I Oakland Electric Hailway Company have isrned invitations to their friends I to atlenJ llieir second animal ball to 1 given at Armory Hall on Saturday evening June 1st In addition to the regular numbers there will be a prise waits ami an electric shadow dance The Fifth Fcgiinent Band will fnrnish eweet music fer the event The Vereln Germania The nliove organiaation met last evening in their hall on Lincoln avenue ami decided to give three more entertainments on tlie last Friday and Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon of Jane in tlie way of a “Jay Towa Fair Elaborate preparations will be made (or this event which will prove both in- ly fating anil liulicrutiia William Barnm's Death Yeeterdav morning William H Bar ion a native of San Francisco aged Si years died at his home H 59 San Jose avenue after a lingering illness Be-cuosed had resided in this city two year He was a married man Graduation Exercises The graduation exercises of Snell Seminary Oakland will be lieUI next Thursday evening initc a ninulter of Alamedans having friends nnl relatives at that institution will attend the exercises A Shield of Black Clolti The Alameda Cyclers held llieir regular weekly meeting last evening when they adopted a code of liy-laws The emblem of tins newly organised club is henceforth to Iw a alileUl of black cloth REAL ESTATE TRANSACTIONS To Msy 14 C 8 Cliristcnsen was visiting friends at llaywanls on Sunday lust Tim child of Al Beoit of Eneinal avr nnc olio suffered from n snnttnikc last Saturday is soinowhat improved Tlieo F Steinmels tin Welislor street furniture dealer who anffered an altdek of vertigo last Tlturedny evening is reported considerably improved C Anderson of San Francisco lias jnst pureliased one of tho newly constructed houses of F Bainmnn on Bail-road avenue near Chestnut street ami expects to make Alameda liis home Mrs Jlandlcrof the Alameda liskcry lias just returned from a week's pleasant sojourn with friends nt Woodshlo San Mateo comity Slie will leave again in a day or so to continue her enjoyable visit at that place Carl Schneider n sun of tlie popular itcwfl-ai-vr agent met with a mishap while out ruling on his wheel Iasi Sim dav Two eliarniiiig lady cyclists col lideil Willi him and the result was that his wheel was thrown over and his face was skinned by contact witli terra lirma llobert II Magill jr son of 'icnoral B H Magill to-day eelehralol his twenty-nintli liirthdny anniversary Mr Magililiy the way has several recent and prosiwetive celebrations I’nly las Saturday his soil readied liis third hirtlidav to-dav liis daughter is d years of ace and to-morrow will bo the Stwenlii nnmverenry uf liis marriage Verily tlie lives of some newspaper people ore filled with agreeable eelehia-tions GARDEN HOSE u&ni I’ajit A Iji’ilorinau'fi Kslm Spt-vinl MnWo Icnarantecd ScrbIbss Tnlie Hose 15c anil 20c Per Fool a nnTPH HEOKER AGENT FOR ALAMEDA 1536 BKVHKTII BrSXKT I FORMERLY WKIMTKR BKltT W” lWI" THE BEST IS THE CHEAPEST i r tIk nl low no nonsiilfnilion lo ilftnu-t IVoiii IIid W-linisliuw r tlm Mimlity i!""1'" w l"iinll-' If mi nvl it'll' liclow Hit- slnmliml Utivt's ur hi unit is liy nt'fiili’iil nol iiilt-iilion "" ""I w"'n-lit'i1 ijimlil v ror lln r fill priivs I-1i-viiib il nuninst on'r fiistonifi-s’ iiilfivsls ri-iiifiiilifrfil ns hfiiiliiiirtfi' for "" y"111' I '-i'M't IVi-sfriplions nml tvi-will lus-imif mihiI:ii' in lln' liouif Ih fit nsi- wf niv ninilfinlf in our ll'"'1'Hi iitidiliTi mu ALAMEDA KAY II 1805 GENERAL O ADEEM KO 1 FOR THE PROPER FORMATION OF IMS FOR THE PARADE ON THURSDAY AFTERNOON TUN PO L LOW-IN O GENERAL ORDERS ARE PROMULGATED AND ALL WILL OOVKRK THEMSELV-S ACCORDINGLY: $900000! snem deposits nr caupormia Ir H MAGILL General Fire Insurance Agency EXAMINER BUILDING 018 BROADWAY OAKLAND WliMi rjifcjr wl L'k far- he CMtoriA WIM Mn- a cun she erkJ fv CosmU When Se bseaaw Nlss M flung twsueia YTw- h— 1 riaklien she gave Ibeui C—wIa Inin lb Lnwliaa i tiptwia I Mi Market St Su )irurt ITaMar BaiUling TODAY'S TrHPTlATTW LINE WILL BE FORMED AT I O'CLOCK PROMPTLY Aids to the Marri ul wiit report a: the! corner of I'a'ifie nvrii'e and l’ark s:rcei U 1 o'euvk r M eh-rp Al ti e same l:i’ie t'ie Nitima l::srd wii! Lwiiion Factfie avenue light resting on 1‘ark tiavi e‘! s:-ie traiil Ar:y t-n I'aeule avenae ts a-iii-’ ffli IV ra siieel c-as: see A':: I Fellow v-n I'irk onvL Ie:weT IVienie avenue ard l'uera V:s:a avenue Wi-si s: ii is':::-' sot:: it Flip 1 V'r:nint oa Park street we: side riuii resting Cl Buena V:s:i a nne iA-:igsjuLi i:ler civie s-eietie cot annoanre-1 1 will take i-'are in itie io'kwiug ei: o::ieiai i:i carnages liFI'B KSKN riNii Western anil Brit Mi America Assiirnuee To of Toronto lAinertean Tire lnsnrsineel'o - - - of ew lork umrixrn r s asskta i-jtiosi Ti e Western and Bi::‘-!i Ameiie have a Sxvial IVsil with the Insnrance IVparimeni e I'ainvnn -f I Whie evm’t-lv Witialrawn mini Ha Inst pdU-y is eineelUl and test claim I hi ai elapses of dsitaiy i-im-ny m the lowest larrent lives i-ss ' eiaiiv :idn-:el and prmiey paul It II 91 Alii 1 11 Agent j Frank Ualvy 'il Acoiu AUmu-ilti HILjEY'S 3DIXXJG- BTOIU3 COR PARK STREET AND SANTA CLARA AVENUE n- Auction SALE! pc (Tin'' Uhtf-ViH'l' f Jl'fi 1 r x—t 12 Jt 1 W JkX- ( DIED COvVI’KIL— In Alitfneii 3Iy lSiln Eu C’lVtPKB n naiivu of Cfusaj DAlilUhS — In Akmedn Xit 13th li Uaiectii n aalin ui C4lifrrw yrtiros O K WBVBP- I lADKITMIi : AID : EIBAUKK J C34 PARK STREET LMED 3dcu-VpsirrimiUiI Ik D k I Ererrlliin rt-iulred fwjnnb ’-1 ' 1 r FuBMATIOX OF rAPAI'E VA-n L Col L i'- Atiw: if W Jjeknn nst 'V Kciu'r) Frsik llrs-iford C F F:sc!rr Otto Nol-mann K K Taylor l"as p Seal IL L Fisher Maney Siepieaen FP r urey J B Lark:revaid J K Kruwlar i Fifii Iifar-ry Beg:i:erl N ti C IVir-I Ccmi-anv w F:f:ii Infantry Be-iuen: Niif Cai uitn W F Cii::v-a:L J e 11 'ker B-i N'j Ii G A E II II I '1: fvllnJI ier Kneinai arJ Colon b:a Lolges t:i Fei'oW lieO Knepi-ier tV:inJvr Board rf City Tnew I'tar 1 -f E i -n-lion li-ij i-i lie::: Fre Library an i City 1 eiaii in c'ar-fjuv rEE ejinsi'T Frt-1 K Krmli Jr C!-f E:rw-r M rraus lifc-xK! A-Itaria Cittzi-n H— i trl U : :tr Cj-Ary i'rvk MissiKt-nu k-'oreruauw Terii ain c'ot-Im IIwCdBrja'ijf Nv f jtftfte k Ivn? korenaj I I ise’ik-ai No I (itii-icMi N' 2 T:!iJH)3 H‘t ft? M 3&TURD1Y 18 AT 3 O CLOCK P K tvHUtiib a ' -f :iik' a 'i ' J r 4i Miwt tsisir:- -uu i'jri I'teJtr Cut Prices! Cut Prices! At ai laarkirsN Drus Starr Cut Prices! It FV’iML ftuRnin Cut Prices! At til lacrliirs'a Dri: Starr Cut Prices! At Hi lUL ruuvi I & :? i $ rrai wv-yt:- Wi on nfb i-re:i i Oes!? v ( i-tr ir ri- I'gT'SrLi irM--i- trv - t a l -Vr ( -a -1 Xf 7-: I !" lilfi-ar ?sy:5ar- ar ev-j A Ttm UUn X- ‘-Isn F-4 law it SljU V b Sb1 ll-l jbf'ic-ar'!? a'II Kknl jttr-vr IdB'Lgr' k aniMi Avj'k a iM-V't it Liilrf Lr rU &v a-- I’a fc-V tat ! I CB‘ pie“ “ tTryU‘laf ( t’ft’rtreJ miT n Smir' Suaibba ud Karck i ! aat foilta tnatii thtM r roptrtlM 5 cia-ruKU u4 m i “77 I Van VoorMes’s Om Store Airtiaawr'i fli” aii4irn b j-rsriy j j Oppaalta Park HataL Alameda You can’t afford to BURN COAL OIL When you can get GAS for $225 per thousand Coal oil is dangerous illsmelling and expensive Gas is clean and economical How much does it cost you for wicks chimneys and oil? 5 li jft ! Jt 5 5 iv It is worth your while to figure it out GAS the cheapest illumin-ant at $225 per thousand Don’t forget the comfort of a GAS STOVE No soot No ashes No kindling ' c K 1: k r K r T T r Tr £ l 1 g & : t Tiironh Tark srroi I Santa Ciara in IifOftiiaay fG O-iiirai avvJi'K4 VI ji-ttj'jr aent-f M AIanu!ft av’-r’i'4 V rajA ! wLn tii -ion wi it THOMPSON HOSE CO NO L f a m wr inumruun Iiw i meet at tlm Ma-jiin: Tiiif ami wt iii liranl OrSicunof faiifornia W !l now CSrv IlaSl by tho nav of Park rvt the fcatiilin as tlv after uliiHi iIm- lino of marcb wiJJ be to City JIaii I r ak-r jart!" t- OSCAR S MEYSEL ACCTIONRIR R B TAPFAN Art y 1 WHY DON’T YOU Use a Cas Stove? a BiaETfiT MKhTI-Nr OF TIIiMFJS A ?li X 1 wdl bp tab! jw wbb runr TiiNtdavi SVXKXD&i fi f-wi- j i 'Dmlowuiau reiiiul: UK City IIM1 eornei-rtub-' ))h re-u-P-a"- I on Tbumlay By J“1"1II MASi myH-at FOR SALE siioinii: i-owhb ptkam lndim 0 h J -iw All:r-l 1 Ck!il W 1 k - I'lJi j:ni "jlu “ oaiL!t or EXkwi-'k" iiAiiing Flag i Fulutf Iiv Firing Squad of (ouijiany O 0i1K— ‘Star -fiaiigli1 Ianller — ’ Jfiss Maud Ctiai-i-HI : Clionia hy Kciiool Cliiklren and Baiwl jgSSaSswaw K Bi 1 ilk- I w- inutt MH hrnrl-eu- foh sale oh exchange I a ptvti-ii Bi'i'nv ix u-jjii uni-Aii: Marv ! Hyrr b A C MaUiiJw-n—lxt 70 17 ID bbwk 46 Mmtarn trart 9 1“ ' It ia aw inditpu table fact tliat for more than fifty year children from tlie age of three muitha to ten J" benefited by Slredman’a BooUimg Pof-dTi Tlieae Powder are termed toothing becaure they corrert mitigate and re-more dironleia of the ayateni incident to teeihinr la for tu Ptealcs Tim liii-nie eeaeon i now witli u anil lauki't full 'if K""'1 tliingr are a ncucwuirv airoiniiaiiiiiunt Up tludr min-ihite I'lijoynii'iit Vhcn preiHniig for your ruiuf onting elnp into Mainller Cafe JJ27 iark elreet ami get winii of tlicir 8ainlwirli Iain a now nrlirk- eaiwcially ileeigmid for luekinekerH They liavn hIwi raker ner rb' of all kimli in almndance Alwaya Ere 01 Tiiid le Dio arawiii of tlm year wlieii fair women f-h-mld kwp i-oiil and not wear ilieinia-leee out over tlieir waali tnlia TI-y ian -hi tide by B'lnliiig llieir vtuliiii lu tlie Alaiiii'du hUnw wnnuli’y Wa liailruad avanue tiui or nnTztr m 11 is afir annoaanrd thal oM nwamvera aM thi boat piJlilr miiiefMl fur amppinn ap datUag a Um priaura ink an Uie ia dcailly pokHia tanuttMiaud Mr Urvm TUia aofab-IMoa anutber pnwf of Uw tkIm of priu l iak aad alUaU tba faet that U nvttt gnla ulir too maeh uf a tmk aarabar to ba anxioiM t tbaMtaot acmnanitf Wa Iwvp k4a uf uld mlmi fur Ml at 10 rut pr 1U0 Cum and Mi cbm aa4 Uma oavusMay datlani by pn laatiag ytmr garweata I rum Up nvuga uf tba laMdiaaa maiba FOR EXCHANGE I 11 I- h-u-irv ll “"! l Mianm'ilS “r uni lirt -! mt hfiR aii'l Into! eiiul l--i r0tb r rer vnlar RtllruwC Es kuiim itiy-liw LOT FOR SALE NORTIIWKV1 flJK-'KK SAg AHTORIO to nwi it litre"1- Band— "Bed R liito ami Blue” Song— “Hail Coliiinbia'’Sclireil Chil-lri 1’rayiT Chaplain of Grand Ijdge ifaquret liy V’reai'ieiit of Boaiil A OFFICE OF GAS COMPANY TriwtK-a to rami Loljpi to Lay tiio Cornor-StoiiP I-ayinK of tli© Corner-Stone liy Oram I I it A M Masonic Masonic Ode Oration By Liigi’ii© N Iksuprey Uonjff— “Amerii a KdMAl'CliiMrun Ikind ami Ah-miiiLlaf' to ffvcuargnt iifu p rrne IPlilmi lluilllli "3 h-niiaBj- and M gau r rnuMw ui -il ROOM TO LET mllRKB MCKIy 8l'liSISIIll8) JOB AlfiNifill dressmaking AIMS MZX 'i’’' TfiWHOU ITU AY OOKCKRITt flK15BTI!ffl Hie mrtticndill' inider IN’ ftrla SumoI MOHM A WKVKK CadarUkura iui4 PmlMltnrK ir4 Park kiwi la 1Ikmi1v(H uf MUtaal mumiiL All muhinH ini raid tlrta aru uayalib in J II Wnr wk wlil ‘I llima UialiuniueMi al Ilia hW Uw4 ami pay all dl4'owinbyMMfiria IMWO Aueu My al IWk WBV K( rnre-rt j 0 Boaa —if XM CHEAPE3 AND CLEANER THAN COAL W A FOXXRATH miiiuiatiVe i re- ’S fiyjtl JRmtSf anil Farrier j £jrMMnii©ra of tlie MMonifi Krar tprnily are ivqiiwiUNl to gRPoniblo at 1 o’clock r x at I1''' "V-g-Cfll K B lilfllJlLh Moral ia! UNC3LII AVENUE EAST OF PARK STREET Naa t Rread-ROBire Dapat ALL WORK WARRANTED Is the Superior Jourt I! s avb y-R TiiKrorxTyof aLiHfci-A l'lli'fl’M' tit liw I’HlIiHF -JFBES? an l:i j Ai'riA a'wA fmuilTeaey 1 fsa-wb t avrz fsJcl In I oir k:a ik Are-I l:ivfDVr‘ lu iu- biyb!jT irn viif ti St Rpif ra that fc in an i'ihViTaj'iI davr cre ! -leb-n ir r rfi ' JiAlraM At la w-ii Ii !: h-r:if ol Alaraa! i wj’iTT 1 i-r i ! api40lsiti rfs- Ayvf ri h rtj ' -aM liiafflvaur wa jji iljy a ilit 11 v ran! i in Lficiol lUi eomli -'ap1urpvtrfi iy ari'l qialifyiag hr A- i a'Ml y a'i oShe (tatabr r4 a: vrr-K‘i -'4 fiiiliM tliiHio in-i ? ubau’f-w an'I wherovr a mar b ly lav 'xfefnit lfui ex ’ f'lu a-ii 't a hUdwl- vwhr ifNAif r t iv efi'i nat-ers atd P mp and 'a fnr’il'JK-f :v: iamt’inJl (ha ap-L ui ai ui hiv (aUf Ail jr-fa fii( n-iie Misne w aay pari Ura uhaor tjfef r larli dlnrrl w tRy fs Aiae 'f asl r-ivr aiil that aanl h© a d iff ‘fperiy r U pro-f'jfinar wlo-r of ii Au I a ae heriijF forWM Topjy oiy d-l uipnid itiulmitirtolel' r an tnriut Vt iwh lii'tol-wni Ui hia nr vt a-y pof'W nrw corinrioi or an-ifK’iriifin for om o aol void delilor i isp-ttf pttu I'bsFi to (rantfer ordellvi-r wiy ww rf nti t fn'thcr oHrof thia Ciinrt ex iifchN hfli ffr-irad ff CUtri-’t uuint-i that il Ute arifditon of 4 tf atkI appear ih Muprlur f r lit ton I ! 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