Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on August 14, 1896 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, August 14, 1896
Page 2
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Gladness Comes W ith a better tmrlerstunding .of the transient nature of the many phys- 1«J Ills, which vanish bef.ore projier ef- Jnvte— if entle eft'oi-ts—pleasant eftorts- jUhtly directed..- Thure is comfort in I knowledge, that so many forms of nessare'notdue'to any actuardis- e, but simply to a constipted contf-- l of the system, which the. pleasure aiy laxative, Syrup of Figs, prompt- Ifwmoves- Thnt.iswhy It is the only dy with millions of families, ana is ywhere esteemed so highly by all o value good health. Its beneficial Bcts are due to the fact, that it is the remedy which promotes internal liness. without dcbilitat-'ug. the nns on which it acts. It is therefore Important, in order to get its bene- >1 effects, to note when you pur- , that you have the penuinejirti- to, which is manufactured by th<rCah- fcmlaFig Syrup Co. only and sold.by 4ilreputable druggists. ,,,.,. ' U In the enjoyment of good health, -Md the system "is regular, laxatives or •«U^r remedies are then not needed. II ••feted with any actual disease, one mtsr be commended to the most skillful *Ewicians, but if in need of a laxative, -Si should havo the best, and with the -IMll-informed .everywhere. Syrup of •VIM stands highest nml is most largely j and gives m«stgeneral satisf acnoa Keep Cool by Using THE KELLEY Bail) .flo. RING 'Mj , ;• V Hot Water . , ; ; ; ,| . . Proof Hose •-.',' tt~ * 3 T *i )rtss idi S6c I >y Prevents Wetting Bead "u^- floor ot Walls. nornler!) Water Closets, S«.d for Catalogue Proof Wnt?r Clowts. Self-AcllnK Water Closets, K«»y Slop and Waste Cock. THOS. KELLY & BROS., aoi! Madison Street, Chicago. . 8. P. KLOTZ. PASTOR D. B 'GHDRCH. <jei< <j, ind., Sept- 8J189«; :8yrup.co;:;::;::.y-!r/ : -.-p;:-:'''.. r Bir:-l h'iye ,been .affilcted over twenty, year* ; with i dyspepsia or sour «tomacb. I i have :tried different ireme- «le> without mueh'benefit. Finally I topght ai(M!ent bortie of '• Syrup Pep- *ln aid["found that It benefltted; me. 1 ..«p'^con.Tinced^tb'fflt,lt! y?lll. dp what « /It.rwommended-w.ben taken.accqrdlng W-dlrectlon*. . I,have taken.nearly^one fcottle and feel like a different jmrwon. " ' 'CoV "pick'Thompson, of jTerre fiaute, felt the heatof last Sunday wry severely, and. for a time there-was cause for alarm. However, Ute -prostration Bpeed-. Jly yielded' to -medlca 1 ! treatment ; • -.. t " : - ' . • • ' Many'a day's work,to,lost by sick headache caused ,by, Indigestion- and •tomach. troubles: .DeWltt's Little: ihirly Risers are the most effectual pill tor overcoming such dlfBcultlea-Jno. M. Johniston. The Elwood Federation of Lii|bor to- domed the action of the •striking tinplate workers and- wlM etamd by them to their troubles. , Poison lyy, Insect bites, bnilsos; •calds, burn*, are quickly cured by; D^ Witt's Witch Hazel Salve, the great pile cure.—Jno..M. Johnston.. . Fraii»w .Jaicfcson,, a plate-glass worker, of New Albany,^ was sandbagged at Blwood, and-aM:hte money taken. -"Boys will be boys," b«t 5*1. «">'t. •fford to lose any of them. Be ready. f«r the green apple season by having poMc. & Cholera Cur* In the . M. Joharton. . , .- whole. v jsy»twn; la arolnefl; trid nndermln«d by Indolent'Olcer* aod open «DRK DeWItfs Wltelr Haart Salre •peedlly heato them It » «»e beat pile ktwwn.-jno. '.'M. Jobnitao. HOW HE CUT WOOD, i Wily Tramp Play« » Trick OD »n Cnjoi- poctlug HOUIBWIfo. A lady residing in-the southeastern port oC-Rtoeliton, CaJ.vhn<l.an..-.e3:perl- ence with' a tramp the other day which bus soured her on that class of mendicants. The fellow enme around and begged for something 1 to eat,' nn'd got it, "Have you any .work .that I cnn do?" he.osltcd, after satisfying his hunger. 'iWell, you niJgb.t cut that wood," Hold tJie lady,-pointing- to.a pile of four- foot.stove wood. "How much do you wont-for'the job?" . "Six bits." "Well, go atiend," she said. Sho-rUy after that she had occnsion to go down town,, and when she left the house the tramp jvas industriously at work. Upon her return he hud finished. Pointing to the wo«d pile, he "WHAT DO TOU THINK OF THAT?" proudly: "What do you think of that? Ever see on old man like me who could cut wood as quick as that? Oh, I'm a lightning striker."The lady acknowledged that he was a fast worker, and promptly paid him liis money. Shortly after his departure she went to the wood pile for sticks, and was surprised on removing u few of them to find that only' the top layer bad been .cut. The body of the wood pile consisted of uncut four-foot pieces RO arranged as to leave large spaces between them. It was quite apparent then, that considerable of the wood hod 0'isa.ppeflrcd and that the remaining sticks had been arrang-ed in that way so as not to show the pile hod shrunk. : Investigation disclosed the fact that some of the wood had been hidden under a sidewalk, while other large sticks •had been concealed "in various places around the yard, anil some of the fuel taken into, the woodshed. Recently tbe lady chanoed to see a g.iant stick on *-hc top* of the woodshed'roof. She expects to .happen, oil. other, pieces here and 'there around the premises for the next two imon.ths, aitd would not be much .surprised to find that the tramp had wedged some of the .fuel in the chimney top. - : ' . DECLARED FORFEITED. Mexican Government Cnnflfoatet Valaibl* ConcAMlonii fti)d.9!lO,OOO-,D6potlt* . ' 'It is officially -announced that 'the concession granted ; b'y. 'the Mexican- government- for the building ,'of, ,a' railroad .-. froin -. -Barbter'im .to Tompico. and, ;thenee' : to the City;, of '. Mexico • has, been, declared. .forfeited, owhtg 'to .the. failure, of. .the,;com-. .pony obtaining the concession to carry ,out;its stipulations. The deposit of. $2p,- 'OCJO made by the company-goes into-the •federal treasury,.'.,.The''.company;:.was. composed of.Chicago and New York capitalists. .They; havejsent; an iagent to: the City of Mexico-for the. .purpose.of : hiving the :actipn of th« government • in forfeiting the concession rescinded. ELECTRIC 1 BITTEBS. :: '. Electric Bitters Is a medicine suited r for.-any season, but, pernaps more.gen-' eratly needed.when: 1 the langul*, .exhausted feeling prevails.wnen the liver; is torpid and sluggish and'the need of a; tonic and alterative is felt. A .prompt. Use of this mediclue'has often averted long, and perhaps fatal, bilious fevers/ No medicine..will act more surely In counteracting and freeing the system from the malarial-, poison. Headache,. Indigestion, constipation, • dizziness, yield to Electric Bitters. 50c and ?1:00 per bottle at B. P. Keesllng's drug'store. CONVENTION ; Of Young People's Christian Union, jOimnha, Nub., August 10 to 24, 18>6.i For this oocflfllon, the. Wabash Ball-, ,road will .sell, tickets from all stations: to Omaha, Neb., and return, at one fare for, the, round trip. .Tickets on sale August 17 and 18.limited for return to nod Including August 24 and 23. For 'fuU particulars Inquire of any Wabash; Ticket Ag>ent. • . - ; St. Joseph la a moat: delightful resort during this .extremely torrid weather. Fare for the. round trip, 12.00. Train, leaves* Vandalla station at 7:00 a. ro. every Sunday. . ..-i;..-., . ': -Robert - Binton'e residence and ,«m-_ : tents were destroyed-by fire at Blwood' last night. Xoss ¥5,000.' .. .It doesn't^matter headache, 'consiflpotfon arc iby-'j'.nmivoiaable ;'< ; and; by -B8B»ect; OP. ' cow 'j^^'^^iinioi^i'Jfflien %\'n u tr::i,' "VIRED Tfi,Hood'.8w.parllla, them pure Wood, a good appetite and A happy man i.' a healthy man, and a healthy man i:? generally, happy. You never snw a happy man in youj life who h'ad"nidi"- gestion. If a niaii ffets'up.iti tbe morning with a foul taste and .fouler breath ; if 'he feels listless and shiKj?ish ;'if he is dizzy, and blind the nnnute -he atcp.B oiit of bed; if his breakfast doesn't taste good • if he feels utterly-incapable of work, it is a pretty sure sign that, his digestion is out of order—tliat his.principal trouble is constipation. If be lets this condition run on there is no telling .where it will stop. Nine • tenths of all human sickness conies from constipation; The first thing'that every doctor asks when he.is called to see a patient is .whether the bowels are in good order. It is nonsense to call a doctor for •uch a simple thinjr. It is nonsense to let Biich a simple thing srrow into-snch a serious thing, as it always does if neglected; Dr Pierce's Plenfant Pellets cure constipation. They not only afford immediate and pleas. ant relief from all the distressing- symptoms, but they cure permanently and .positively There are 10,000 medicines that can be taken, to give temporary relief. The " Pleasant Pellets " are the only things that really cure. • • There are plenty of druggistsvho will try to sell you something else. You know just as well as we do . that an honest druggist wouldn't do such a thing — that an honest druggist would give you know what that reason in—he makes a bigger profit on the other thing.- Any druggist in-America will supply the "Pellets" if you insist on it. •The People's- Common SenM Medical Adviser, in-plain En- Klish or Medicine• Simplified.ny -R V Pierce, M. D.,ChiefConsult- in* Physician to the Invalids' Hotel and Surgical Institute, Buffalo, N. V.. 1008 pnges, .illustrated. 680 ooo copi« sold at $1.50, Now nent, pnpcr-bound,-' ABSOLUTELY •fRT.K on receipt of ai one-ceut stamps to pay for moiling •only- Address the Author; •»« nbove.. E. A. Eakin, of Mooi'tpelikn-, who one week ago, was : In reduced drouinstanoos Ilins comie into possession of $20,000. He wont ,TO JtrfMn, Mo,, to 1S73 when that had about'eight'liiundinea fchfl.bL- Hie roma'JTiQd'. there .uatlli Oie clteooveiy of lead aJMl zinc, and he staked off a anirber of prospects, all of \vliliicb lie 1«ided for a .ten-aa-e toot, -which, '-has- Just beea sold for $20,000. FOB OVER FIFTY JTEARS. ^ri. Wlnsiow'i Soothing Syrup has •««ii used for over fifty years by'mll- \ Ibai o( naotheri for thtj ctilldren •while teething, with perfect ouccess. '.1 Boothes the child,'Softens the-ijuiu«. •Ulayi all pain, .curei wild colic; and .«, the best remedy for diarrhoea. •» •'«m relieve the poor little sufferer.1m- .uedlately. Sold by drujglsts In, every part of the world, Tweaty : ftve cents * bottle. Be -sure arid atk for "Mrs: ••^Itulow'i. Soothing Syrup." and take •w other .kind. • /'••' The SUelbyviaie d:ty '.couocH 'has ;; |passed am ordinance Umposiing a license '.of.'$1,000 anniually op tne sale of cigar- •ettes in ithe city, aaid- miaMng it a mls- domeamor to sell a cigarette to any'per- son un'der twenty-one years old. The ipanal'ty for.vtolatling any' of the prbvi- S'tons of the ordinance 1* $50. 1 MARVELOUS RESULTS. From a letter written 1 by Rev. J. Gunderman, of DImondale, Mich., we • are 'permitted to make this extract: T have no .hestltatlbo In recommending Dr. '.King's New Discovery, as the resnlts •were almost marvelous In the -case of 'my -wife. While I .was pastor of .the ; Baptlst Church;at Riyes..Junction she •was brought down with-pneumonia suc- •ceeding ,la grippe. Terrible, paroxysm* : of coughing-would lafit hours - with ill t.tle 'Interruption' arid It seemed-" as If; she could-not survive-them: 'A.-friend; ieo-. ommend'ed Dr.'KingJs New, DlscoveiTi, 'itVwas-qulck.lh its worVarid hlghly'sat- jsfaetory in, resulte." Trial bottlea'free at B. F. Keesllng'B drug store. .Regular size 50c and 51.00. •' '• • V ' • .' 9 - . . ' : Doles & Son's hoirse and,delivery wag- ion, driven by CJifflord Dart, were run do\vm by a frdghit train, at Gre«nsbm'g, the toree befog Mlled nmd tjie wfligon de- inioliieli«jd. The .boy was ba<11y hurt, but nils' life. ,If yoii have ever seen a little.child.ln ; ; the agony of summer,;complaint,';.you' .can realize the .danger of the trouble and : appreciate the value, of Inatantan- leoua relief always afforded by DeWittV Oollc '& CSholera.iCttre. Fpr dysentery'- and diarrhoea It to:a reliable remedy.. iiVe could riot afford-to recommend .this; as. a cure unices It were a core.—Jno. M. Johnston, •' . . $8.00 CHICAGO TO ST. PAUL AND ' 'On accouht ; i>f'the G.' A^R.'.'Ehca'mp- .inent The.Norih-Western tine (Chicago ;&i;N6rth ; -Wei.tern-Rallway)-'wlli ; ,pa:Ayg- '•ust31fnd:Sept'emberljl896,-BeU.e:i;air- . .in'd«tnrn;ai.mtift'of,Wiqo;;f«;ttlB;r6nri:a: 'trip, good.fpr^rrn-iaMagB'Bntll Sep-. ''' rf^tiTCtofprm^tlotf.''^!^^ to - G. A. R AT.ST. PAUL. Special Rates via Pennsylvania Lilies for National Encampment. August 30th, and 31st and September 1st are the dates upon wlilcli low rate round trip tickets to St. Paul will be sold via Pennsylvania Lines, the short route -through CuUcngo. Tickets will be good returning until September 15th, .inclusive, and If deposited with the Joint agent at St. Paul on or before September 15, the return limit will be extended to include September 30tb. The rates for this occasion will be'-'c'scep- tloaa-lly low via Pennsylvania Line*, tbe only system of railways over which trains run from Western. Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio and Indiana to Chicago Union Station, tbe'natural gateway from those States to the Northwest. Daily trains from Pittsburgh, Coluni- .bus, Cincinnati, Indianapolis aud. Louisville- make convenient, : connection at Chicago -with St. Paul trains,. Arranse- ments may be made by G. A. R. Post* or parties of friends to travel together on special trains or special cars that will go through from starting point to rbe Encampment without change. If the number, justifies It. Information op the subject will be cheerfully furnished by representatives of the Pennsylvania Lines. TAKE YOUE VACATION NOW. Go to the picturesque Macktoac Island via the D. & C. (Coast Line).' It only costs ?13.50 train Detroit, $15.50 from Toledo, $18.00 from Cleveland for the round trip. Including meals and berths. Tickets good for GO days, bicycles carried free. One thousand miles of lake and river ridtog on new modern steel : steamers for tne above rates. Send 2<: for iUustraited pamphlets. Address, A. A. Schantz, G. P. A., Detroit. /MEETING, KNIGHTS.OF ri'THIAS| Uniform Rank, Cleveland, O., August 23 to 30, 189C. Tlie W,abash will sell :tJcketo August 22, 23, and 24 to Clevo;land, at one.fare for the round trip; 'with-choice of routes by rail 1 or lake. Tickets wlB be good to return to and .including Angus t 81, .180(3. For ' full , : pa-rtlcutora ituiuirc of Wabash Ticket ;Ago'at • . . "BIG FOUR" TO ST7PAUI.. : On account of the Thirteenth ;Eo- cainpment G. A. R., at St Paul, Minn., Sept. 1 to 4, the Big Four rou-te will !se'll tickets at one cent per mile froin : stations on its lines.' Tickets good going :August 30 and 31 and 'September J; good returning until September 15,-with privilege of extension until September 80,1S90. See nearest agent for particulars as to routes. ... CHEAP EXCURSIONS TO THE WEST AND NORTHWEST. On August 4, IS, September 1, 15, 29, October 0 and 20, 1896, The Northwestern Line (Chicago & North-West ern R'y) will sell Home SeeRers' exciis sion tickets at very low rates to a large number of polnte In tbe west and northwest. For full. Information apply to ^ticket agents of -connecting lines dr~ address W. B. Knlskem, G. P. & T. A., •Chicago, -III. :. ; . . WABASH LOW RATE. '. ; ., ' i i , Homeseek«rB Escnrsion : ,. August 18, •Sepfemiber 1, -15,. 20i , anil- October .6 acd .'26, -'1896; Tickets- will be .sold' at: one I'fore lor Vuie'rouija'trlp 'plus '$2',00:from 'Loganspbrt'to points iri thewest; south and southwest For fulliiartlculars in- 'qulre of Wabash ticket 'agent,. . >.. ; '"!••• •' '• •"•'"' '*' \ ''"". '. i"""n ^y'! .. ' j EXdtlRSiON TO NIAGAJRA • FALL'S. -.-' <>'n- Au^iiBt 18 the .Wabash ;,Bailr6kd 'pompany- will-run 'a cheap' eicurslori';to ;Niagara! Falls' by special 1 train. Bate -from Logiansport ten (jilO) dollars for 'the round trip.' 'R*tnm limit-three days :from. date of. wile,.','',; '.„,,,., . ' .C..G: NEWELL, ; Agent: :. Don't trifle away tlnie when : you..>'ve cholera : .mbrbus or diarrhoea.'Fight •tkem In, the i beginning with DeWltt's 'coiicA Cholera Cure.-'You-don't.have ,'to.wait -for rwultsi-They. .are-lnstan- 'toneous-and', It ,ieayes the .bowels ,ln :healthy'condltibn.-^po. M. Johnston.; ,.- | . ' The ;beet ; sal.ve :.'tn'/the world; toi cuts, '9TOl8ei,'wre8,:iilciEm.ealtr» l e«ni. fever tore*, tetters, ehapped bands, chllblalsw. i-orna andlallVskln erupd6n» and posl- Myeiy cures .piles .or no pay regnirM. Vfito «uftran*e«d to dve p ; >rf?c< saiilR- I;f«stlon:.or moDcy reSrunde-t Prtoe 25 ; •«»«, per box. ITor ;saie by B. F. ' i - ; /TfieorteB' ;of 'c«re' mof i be' dtecwwed | at ilengtt ; by; pbyslclans, it«t itbe mifferers '.want,;, qttlck : relief; . ;aiJd One. Mlhnte Oongti bore win ."g*w t to' : them. •-; A •mfe -ewe for children.' 'lit to:>Hhe only ' - (the 1 ,' VaiHlafla;''t'fnk'i''Trilh' »w..~-- ; -~.. ,i i ;iMbnvpv^.^^y:' : a^:T^'roi :0 F«»: them pure wood, a gooa appeuw ana t^^^fZ T h* Tonnmi new »d needed tTRENCTH. ^^^^S^fyf '••;, .*,. J, J .r^^,r,-'.^...^^^^tt@^^l:^^i^:^M vEXOUR8IO-KS;>i)R : ,INBIANAPbLIS '..,-,'-' : .:..-.. '. -': 'RAGES: •••;., :-,'.V-i .;'• Aug. 8th— 22d '^''Pafliwivwntai-Hw*^ Ifm. .round ".trip, rates to .effect f roni' ,Lo«aii6port for the rajceiB ;at. IndlBftaretuirn: couponB- valid. August 28,. " '' "' ' •••--'.••- HAS LOST BIS TONGUE. The Remarkable Case of a Bradford (Pa.) Physician. H* Cun. Eat .Without Mncb Trouble a ThoHc Who Know Him Well Have No Trouble In Uottlnu th» SCQHO of llti Word*. ,One,of the most remarkable surgical opera lions of'recent times is that which Dr. A. M. WlllJaJns, .of Bedford, Pa.; underwent- not long ago. Dr. Williams was a sufferer from a cancer which had fastened itself oil the root of his toiig-uc. As a last resort the touffuc was removed by the surgeon's knife, and the doctor not only lives to tell the tale, as he did to a New York Journiil correspondent, but to restinie his.practice as a physician.. White the doctor can eat solid food, he prefers liquid' nourishment, which Is specially prepared,for him. He finds, some difficulty in talfcing, and whenever he caiinot make himself really under-' stood,-he, uses tablet and , pencil, but those" who know him well have -no trouble 'getting- the BCDBC of his words. Dr. Williams, in telling of the eorly development of the disease, the operation and the task- of overcoming ("he muscular tendencies of his throat, said: "The disease was undoubtedly roa/- llgnant, beginning as a small lump on the left side of the tongue near tie base. ,It:flrst appeared' in'.May or 'June, 1895, being s>oinewhn,t painful, aii'd remaining nearly stationary for several months. It then began to.enJarge gradually and to give me much-pain, especially ill the left ear aji'd at night.' The growth was steady. The tongue became stiffened, speech was difficult and indistinct, the pain became inore intense :md constant, nud finally tlic operation was performed on March 2, iSQli. "After tnfijhe'otbthy'airextcrnaj incision was made from the angle of the jaw below the body to the point of the chin. Examination revealed, disease so'exten- slve HS to Tender necessary the removal of the entire tongue, the left tonsil, left submaxillary and sublingnal glands and some cervical lymphatic glands. Convalescence was in ill re- WITHOUT A ; TpN T aUE. •pects most satisfactory and tralnter- rupted. " -: -C.-; ,'j-v'- .;•'. "The operation occ'Upled J -ti.bout one hour and fifteen minutes. The trach- eo.fcomy.tufoe won] jrembyed on the- fifth day. Much of the sBbmaxUlary wound healed by first 1 intention, but at one point ,a troublesoroe ppeuing was left. which '.A interfered- with .'my comfort. much by allowing food and air to e«- icage. I managed with difficulty to. 'swallow drink and food on the fourth 'ddjs, y The-opening, by oonstont care •ndd\treatment, closed one month after^ ''tiie'operntibn, though a small external' "'doVe; remains, which is very rapidly clos-, ,\n&:~ I left the hospital for my broth- 'eVs'residence on 'the 13th day.' I eaf }w^tfe relish, my .taste is fairly good, Vnd' I -am able now to t«3te my meols \i*'-the table with -the family and about- o» Apidly as anyone else. ""While ihe tongue remained . in the _i&ith I was able to make some little, (progress in the training of the muscles, (flia,'i doubtiew, the condition 'of'affairs 1 . %i»biore o»; less Improved by tic long, and patient educatiooal effort* — th« struggle to -mftlte- tte'rlght'SWe-do •.< llftle^tJl trie" work-both 1 -In sWallowin^ and.talking, -> .:*, .-. •-.-, • -:-.-^ "1 'began"talvlig Bome'food by the mouth on t*e fourth diy, but with very : gPMtdlffic'Ult.y. ^ThtffoSd'had alHo^be"; waBhedr.do*n. I? h>cl! t& actuaH/. '^' down upViii my bw!k'a'h'i3»w < 8Ah "" ^ prepared food down into the giw. • It. was a, hard task.; y ; -..;.;-. , '•• "Thi« niefthaiilcal'systetn-bf frusWrig;- too, was -often attended with .choking tongue-was f elt so keenly, v that at-timer 1 • had v doiibt«' ; -a8 - to' my 'ability to 3>*» long without it. There has been, however, a constant improvement, I cat now without any contortion act. I do not liave-.to lie; down, and seldom .to throw the 'heM' back "as^ before. The cheeks; the floor-of .the mouth and the muscJea bf'tho throat-ire yieldibg'to' the rigid training, are accommodating themselves to the change nrd incrcaae of' dutie* thrown--.upoD them-by-the new order of things," The doctor, however, has now,discovered what a - terrible misfortune "a tonguelecs,'; mouth IB. ."While the tongue'-is"of ten'nri unruly member. It is so extremely useful that its loss is one of-'the gireatc«t : misfortunes, that- can U'cfail any mortal. It ia * \oss that !• Irreparable, A limb—arm or leg-j- may be" ; rSpiScfed fiyjanfartiflcial device'. rtttejxijr.buA uu«Jtolrtin{cMTu,' 'oneVaftn&s in everyday existence. airir arelSBioed or . appearance's sake,^ but there ia no replacing" of "UwHfTOgue:- '• '-"• • : '---"-' ••'•-• -.-"It i«atm»t««pj^t)5leTo>«fI6ni any of tne fiinctlbnS of tjie moufli without the Idea of what I have to contend, The month eeeiWi ! 4 ;l ii*leiH)f >rOHl with- mit:a^ tongue.in Its" Induced by the uso of coca, opiate or narcotic compounds IB bad, decidedly b«d. They undermine health and shatter the constitution and the patient is nteadily growing into a worse condition— often resulting In the terrible ulavery and misery of the cocaine and opinra habit. Bleep induced by the use of Hood's Sarst- parilla docs not perhaps come as quickly, but it comes more surely and more permanently througn nature's great restoring and rejuvenating channel— purified, vitalized and enriched blood. • This feeds tne nerves with life-giving, energy and builds up the system and constitution .from, the very foundation of all health and life— the blood— pure, rich, red blood. Hood's Sarsaparilla Is the One True Blood Purifier. All druggists. $1. _. ,, ,-,.,, carellvertlls.eisytoUke, nOOdsPlllSeasytooperate. S6cents. A SHORT JOURNEY TO CALIFORNIA IN FIRST CLASS STYLE The; Southern Pacific Co. ••SUNSET LIMITED" TRAIN. .iver the Sunset Route—New Orlean* . . • to' Los Angeles and San Francisco. Was discontinued April ICtu. Tlw -.iiperlor accommodations given the ji-wt number of p«trons of the above .r»io during the past tourist season, warrants : th« annouocement of plan* t»r 'next season of finer service with tqolpment Buperlor to anything, yet :nown In transcontinental traffic. Look for early re-Inauguration of 8DNSET LIMITED" this fall. For Home Seekers. .The. Southern.,JRacIfli;.Co., "Suniet *oute" ID connection witli tho "Qiieen Jind- Crescent Routp",.are running tfte -oly llne.of'lthrongh tourlgt Pullmlili ••Hfepers leaving Cincinnati every •'bursday evenlUR for Los Angeles and 4»n Francisco. . : ,,.. These excursions are, sneclally cot- . jocted, and the object Is \r> enable tbo»u •••bo do not care to -buy -the first-clM* •• •)ond trip or one way tickets, to enjoy ,. opmfortabJe ride wltii Bleeping car jiiviiegeB arid no change of cars at the . V-«ry;low; second^Iaas'rate. ; >"or furtner.'lnforinatlon, addpe«i W, •i. CONNOR, Commercial Agt. 8. P. <«., Cincinnati, O. ; ...'...' W. G. NBIMYEB. «. W. Agt. 8. P. 4*., Chicago, Ib. 8, F. MORBE, G.-P. ft T. Agt. 8. P. ••>«'„'TSTew O-fleani.' : La;; TRANSPORTATION CO. ETAItiT-.STKAi •AGO."" qONNBCTWOr -VS^ITH THE VANDAWA SAlti- WAT ;"AT"8T. SO-. ' . SB5PH;';' ...;'''- . ,t ' Beginning May 25th "and contloulilg intll about Sept. 30th the-steamert-^of . ihli line will make two trips each, way illy between StJoieph and Chicago, in the following ichedule: '' teive it. Joseph at 430 p. m. and ld>:80 p. m., daily. Including Sunday. •jfjety,e Chicago at'.ftiW) m.'m.^uul^M '•). m., dally, Including Sunday; Extra trips on Saturday leave St. Joseph at 4!a; v in., and leave; Chicago at 2 p. m. Running time across lake 4 houn. ^ Tri^weekly' 'ateiunerB to JCHwaokee, i«.vltg St Joseph Monday, Weflnedday ind Friday evenlrgs. The equipment of thl* line Incradei (he side wheel steamers City of Chicago and City of Milwaukee (the largest and tnest we*t of Detroit), and the newly Mbulit propeller City of • •Lontayllle. a>rvlce first-class. Connectfons with all fandaUa trains. Tickets on sal« at all -fandalia Llne.statloos. Chicago flock {•ot of Wabash avenue. J. H. GRAHAM, Ptea., " "'" Benton Harbor, Mich. ake Tripj? lfyou t »ke<m»<« 'E MJCH1GAH AHD UKB^ SUPERIOR STEAMSHIPS.

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