El Paso Herald-Post from El Paso, Texas on November 12, 1969 · Page 25
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El Paso Herald-Post from El Paso, Texas · Page 25

El Paso, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 12, 1969
Page 25
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El Paso Herald -Post Sports-TV Amusements Section D Wednesday, Nov. 12, 1969 Page D-1 Kush and His 'Toughness' Issue ITS TIME to take the wraps off the Sept. 15 issue of Sports Illustrated wherein Frank Kush. Arizona S;aie University co?ch. is quoted in a college football survey in which the Sun Dtviis ure picked to finish 18th in the nation this year. S.I. talking: " 'We've piayed a lot of teams that were just as gc-od as we were." Kush says, '"but we've beaten them because they weren't as tough as we were." The University of Texas at HI Paio is one of those teams. UTEP has never beaten Kush, and twice in the past our years ir has blown two-touchdown Sods to the Sun Devils. Last year ASU scored 21 points in the first nine minutes against UTEP to win going away 31-19. 'We could have had them 35-0 in the first period if we'd wanted to.' Kush says." The fact ihat Kush would publicly imply that UTEP didn't have it in the backbone, stomach and heart departments is surprising. Confucius used to say it was bad to get your opponent mad before you play him Good Bullefin Board Item IT MIGHT WELL have been that Kush was just making conversation and didn't know that it would come out in cnld Dnm just the way it was. Maybe he wanted those remarks published, believing he could keep on beating the Miners with Or without prc-game provocation. Maybe it was his way of needling Bobby Dobbs, the U.T. El Paso coach, for Dobbs getting all those good Arizona boys out from under ASU. The article was spotted by the Miner coach who clipped it and pasted it on the dressing room bulletin board. 'If it isn't required reading, it has become well read anyway. Desert Heat Factor in One Loss THERE'S NO DOUBT Kush should he quite proud of those come-from-behind victories over the Miners. They're the best kind to win. And in accomplishing them, the Sun Devils showed a lot o' mental and physical toughness. But there's some question whether they out-toughed the Miners or not. There may have been one exception. That was in the 1966 game in Tempe. The temperature was in the 90s and so was the humidity. The Miners were not used to Such intense heat. Tbi Sun Devils were more accustomed to it. The Miners wMtt-i and at halftime the coaches were so occupied with reviving the players that they had little time to go over mistakes and plan for the second half. The Sun Devils won that game 30-26. Thev won again the following year 33-32. The winning play wis about as flukish a thing ever seen on a football field. The Miners had the ASU quarterback thrown for a loss. Max Anderson, one of the Sun Devils' all-time greats, maneuvered around the ticd-up quarterback like Indians around a wagon train. While he was being wrestled to the ground, the Sun Devil quarterback got his hands free and used both of them in tossing the ball to Anderson who want for a touchdown. Hawltins Did His Hurdling Act THAT WAS the game in which Tom Galloway, the Miner punte-, rci two bad snaps from center. In the first one, he stiil managed to kick the ball. In the other he saw he wasn't going to get the kickoff off so he intentionally flipped the ball out of the end zone, giving ASU a safety. That safety proved to be the tying and winning points for ASU. The Miners compounded other errors to help beat themselves in two of those Tempe games. I can still see one of the UTEP receivers dropping passes that meant cinch touchdowns. In the 1965 game in El Paso, the Miners got off to a three-louchdown lead. The Son Devils got on the scoreboard just before the half ended. The Miners held a narrow lead going into the last quarter. Ben Hawkins, ASU's hurdling flanker, ran a punt back for a touchdown. The conversion gave ASU a 21-20 lead. The Miners, then playing catch-up in the last minute or so. had a pass intercepted and run back for a touchdown. Otherwise it would have been a 21-20 game. Dobbs believes the Miners were just as good and tough as Arizona State except fnr last year when the Devils got off id that quick lead and won 31-19. The Miners have the Sun Devils here this week for the first time since 1965. They could make Kush eat some of his words about them being not as tough as his teams. Say, Frank, didn't Arizona Ssate set off Id a good sized lead against Utah this season and blew the game 24-23? Leads Conference in Receiving Puisnes Ties WAC Soph Mark There are going to be some more Western Athletic Conference records broken this week. Two sophemore marks are in jeopardy Saturday. Texas-El Paso's Ed Puishes has tied the sophomore pass receiving mark of -16 catches by Phi! Odle in 1965 and needs one more to establish his own mark. His 763 yards is far beyond Odie's sophomore record of 657 yards. THE BIG question here is whether Puishes can stave off Calvin Demery of Arizona State. Demery has caught 40 passes for 734 yards in one less game. The two meet in El Pso Saturdav night for a hear-to-head confrontation. Lawrence McCutcheon, Colorado State tailback should break the sophomore rushing record of 770 by John Ogden of Brigham Young in 1954. McCiHcheon now has 732 yards rushing with three games to pJay. A futility mark could be broken, too, Texas El Paso quarterback Bill Craigc has now thrown IS interceptions, one less than the record of 19 by Terry Stone of New Mexico in 1967. Changes Made for ASU Came in Secondary UTEP Campbellsup ESI sou The U.T. El Paso Miners will try to Campbell-up on teh Arizona State Sun Devils Saturday night in the Sun Bowl, Bobby Dobbs announced that John Campbell, 190-pound junior college transfer from Topcka. Kans., most likely will be a starter in the Miners' defensive backfieid against ASU. A vacancy occurred when Ken Koval, strong safety man, had a shoulder dislocation against New Mexico State. Koval will miss the ASU night when there was eonia- IN ADDITION to Koval. sion in the UTEP secondary Chuck Beall will miss the ASU following the loss of Koval and game. He was unable w play Mike Reynolds- against New Mexico State last San Diego Next- NM Aggies Get Tackle Back SUN DEVILS' BEST Art Malone, 210-pound senior fullback, will lead the Arizona State Sun Devils against the U.T. El Paso Miners Saturday night in the Sun Bowl. Malone has speed and power. Last year he was fifth in the nation in running. New York Mets On Royals Slate KANSAS CITY (UPI) The- champion New York Mets Kansas City Royals announced twice during their 23-game that they will play ihe world spring training schedule. DOBBS SAID that Jim Fabish may be moved from his left corner spot to Koval's strong sa'ety spot and Campbell shifted ;o Fabish's spot. Or he sa'd the Kansan may take Koval's spot and Fabish will rema:n ai his old post. Campbell jo;ned the Miners in the fall- He played under the disadvantage of not having rod spring training with the Miners. Dobbs said he had good speed, catcli-up ability and liked tn hit. He played S' me against New Mexico State last Saturday LAS CRUCES-New Mexico State ARgies, coming Out of their 41-38 victory over U.T. El Paso Miners without injury, will even he stronger Saturday when they face San Diego State Aztecs in San T-legO. Joey Jackson, defensive tackle who missed the UTEP Kama on account of injuries, will be able to play against San Diego. Ron (Po) James, who'll be ready to run at full speed in the California game, now has 2074 college career yards in rushing. He's third back of Preacher Pilot who has 3003 vards and Jim Bohl who has 2S53. THE SAN DIEGO team won the Pacific Coast Athletic Association football title by defeating the University of Pacific 5S-32 last Saturday. The Aggies will face San Diego's All-American quarterback cnadidate Dennis Shaw who connected on 25 of 38 passes for 463 yards and seven touchdowns against Pacific, The Aggies will fly from El Paso International Airport. Id San Diego Friday morning. week on account of an elbow dislocation suffered against Colorado State. Although the injury has improved, Beall still will not be ready to play this week. Two other cripples on the Miner team are end Bob Lar-kin and middle guard Calvin-Taylor. They hurt ankles against New Mexico Stale and did not appear in yesterday's workout. However, Dobhs expects them to be ready to play Saturday night. Center Dennis Bramlett and Fabish who played so;i:e against NMSU despite injuries are okay now. THE CRIPI.ES put the. Miners in such a poor physical state that Dobbs has decreed that there'li be no scrimmage tonight. In the other Wednes. day night practices, the Miners have had heavy scrimmages. "I want to get everyone in good shape for the game with Arizona State," Dobhs said.. "We've got to be pretty close to being 100 per cent physically strong to have a chance." GOOD f YEAR Now! get the traction you need to start-stop-rain or shine 4-ply nylon cord "Marathon" tire . . . round shoulder BLACKWm tulxless plus FedEx. Tax JBVf ABiWl WK $159. No trade needed. TOTAL OKEN5E , . V ' U 4T W I M Mm t W fgj T 1 ; ENDS SATURDAY NIGHT Ed Synokowifci, Wyoming IB? jj 74a ... I S7 f Lawcncf ACulchwri, tSU lis ni ''ii " IS I "nA Gory Foi, Wyoming i .50 7jJ 4,s , , r )f J PASSING jrrTrTT"MWB5WgBJ ctrn ut?nM- i6 3 ' "' l..o.t..-.- x;:qimm PASS RECEIVING SCORING T Player FG, H 3 ;nl A Dnc'Y. 10 T I B?9 ..!'!!!!!..' ? :n 0 ,J( IKI Arnauon. A-li V ll 3 -6 ' Bo:tncn. Lie- 0 23.?: jl T LH Slcvtnsoi. CSU 33 30J ' lj 3 Goucao. AJL 0 t.Y jr SMrwooc, ArU a NO I .09 ... su.si. Bru 0 U- ! M I Jocmor. Bvu :? :;i : 10 v.jicnc, asj t, 2 0 3s I I Kg Gamin. Ar.r 21 15 C 4.0 Hisrle. A-li 3 10J2 6-11 3' MIM P-aMS.n. wyo. ft ? 0 it VtKtt. A.-il 6 0 0 34 P'JNT BFTURN5 PUNTING Ploy.r No. YCS. Avg. A ForcSODOuW. afU 37 3r4 13.6 I I Ployer No. A9. Sondlc. ASU U 2S 17.S JoceW. Wvo S? 4J.S Lcng. VM 0 li. A K M'.C;nn. ASU J 4..S BucQnJ. ASU 13 144 12.0 I Sm.-!. yan 42 41a Kcvc . LTEP u :i3 1.1 W'.lt. LTFP 55 40.6 "-crd:n, A:i) 9 ?3 10.-. A LH v. 53 4J. r.-aiikliit. ) t f" II hi: CVJ 4' 40.5 J"f. H K 5 TH Aom. )VU it . Ht.tnon. CSV i 73 12.il . . 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