Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on May 29, 1973 · Page 32
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 32

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 29, 1973
Page 32
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32 Ofll,<fburq/Rfq.i»t<r-Mflil> Galesburg, 111. Tuesdoy, Mqy 29, 1973 Bard of Avon Smelh Odor In Watergate By DICK WEST WASHINGTON (UPI) - The next witness in the Watergate investigation is William Shakespeare of Stratfordon-Avon, an immortal bard, dramatist and The Lighter Stde international authority on impropriety in high places. Q. Mr. Shakespeare, have you been following the Watergate case in the press? A. "This news is 6W enough, yet it is every day's news/" Q. Will, what <to you make of it? A. "I myself see not the bottom of it. And my Imaginations are as foul as Vulcan's stithy. I 6m cabin'd, cribb'd, confined, bound in to saucy doubts and fears." Q. Will the evidence show that top White House aides were involved? A. "So have I heard, and do ih part believe it. There is something in the wind. A vety ancient and fish-like smell." 2eal Exceeds Judgment Q. But weren't they convinced they were acting in the national interest, and simply let their zeal exceed their judgment? A, "There is no vice so simple but assumes some mark of virtue on his outward parts." Q. if White House aides were involved, why did they try to cover it up? A. "Reputation, reputation, reputation! Assume ft virtue, if you have it not. Polity site above conscience. 0, what may man within him hide, though angel on the outward side)" Q. In retrospect, wouldn't it have been better if they had admitted itheir involvement at the outset? A. "Delays have dangerous ends. The law hath not been dead, though it hath slept. Men should be what they seem. Better a little chiding than a great deal of heartbreak. Oftentimes, excusing of a fault doth make the fault the worse by the excuse." The Reaction Q. How is President Nixon reacting to the scandal? A. "Sharp misery has worn him to the bones. A man whom fortune hath cruelly scratched. The anointed sovereign of signs and groans. Is it possible that so short a time can alter the condition of a man?" Q. What about reports the President himself may have known about the attempted covemup? A. "They that stand high have many blasts to shake them. The foesUn this kind are but shadows." Q. There has been some speculation that Nixon may be forced to resign. Do you agree? A, "What though (he mast be now blown overboard, the cable broke, the holding anchor lost, and half our sallow swallow'd in the flood? Yet lives our pilot still. With the help of a surgeon, he might yet meeover." Q. Thank you, Mr. Shakespeare. 'I understand he speaks ssveral languages, including unprintable!" War Against Cancer: Body Doesn't Quit Without Fight By ROBERT MUSEL LONDON (UPI) - One of the hopeful signs in the long fight against cancer is that the defense system of the body does not give up without a fight. A good deal of research is now being devoted to strengthening its ability to repel malignant attacks. Science Today In a recent lecture Prof. Nathan Trainin of the Cell Biology Department of the Weismann Institute of Science in Israel said there was a possibility a hormone-like sub stance secreted by the thymus gland may play an important role in the process of immunization against cancer. Evidence of Link Prof. Trainin told the First International Health Conference in Tel Aviv that there is experimental and clinioal evidence indicating a link between the body's immunological defenses and the development of cancer. He said a study carried out over the past five years had shown that the thymus gland secretion regulates the development of white blood cells which, in tirn, play a key role in suppressing cancer. Thus, he said, he had reached the conclusion that when the thymus ceases to operate, either because it is removed or because of its natural shrinking away due to aging, the immune response diminishes and there is a greater probability of tumors developing. Gland in Chest Cavity The thymus gland is found in the chest cavity of mammals. Prof. Tnainin said that when the thymus is removed from the body of an animal its immunological capacity is re duced. When it is reimplanted the immunological capacity is increased. The immediate goal of his research is to isolate the thymus hormone responsible for the body's cancer-fighting capacity. Afterwards, he said, it will have to be determined whether this hormone, injected into human beings as it is now being injected into laboratory animals, will increase their immunological defenses against cancer. Prof. Trainin was born in the Argentine and received his medical degree from Cordova University. He is medical adviser to the Israel Cancer Association. Your Ticket to Greater Banking Convenience THE FARMERS AND MECHANICS BANK •AlfSBURG, ILLINOIS MEMBER OF FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION We tip our TOPPER to The Indy They're still running or Indy, but we're two-thirds through here in Galesburg. And ot you con sot below, we'll still slightly behind schedule in our mod dosh to win for you. But Mick Hillier wos behind too . . . but he's o red-hot driver ond thot's just whot you're getting here. Red-hot soles drivers pushin the red-hot Chevrolet ond winning for you the hottest deol of oil-time! WINNER AT INDIANAPOLIS! And we're going to win for you in Qcdesburg! FREE 1973 VEGA! $ 2988 Betides a super-bonus deal over-and- above the usual great deal, Weaver- Yemm Chevrolet offers any person 18 and over, whether you buy or not, a chance at winning this bonus extra- special ... a brand-new 1973 Chevrolet Vega! 1 %fMWIMA Save 50% More on Winnebago, Too! See all the famous Winnebago motor homes for '73, and save on the model of your choice during our one big sale of the year! Save 50% more on the popular Winnebago 5th Wheel, too! Brand New 1973 Chevelle Molibu 2 Door Hardtop With Turbo-Hydramatic transmission, power steering, radio, outside mirror, 307 V/8 engine, back-up lights, disc brakes, windshield washers . .. everything you need and want in a new car. This is not a tsripped down model, at this low low price, it's a beauty. 73 Impola Wagon V8, Auto. P.S., P.B. $A1AA Radio. 3100 Miles. •»«•?•?•? 73 Chev. Monte Carlo V8, Auto., P.S., P.B., Factory Air. Buckets. Silver- $A7AA Black Vinyl Roof. *f# •§•» 72 Chevelle Molibu 4-Dr. H.T. All Power, Factory Air, Gold w/Black $00/M Interior. *A 4fc"t"t 72 Impola 4-Dr. HT. VS. All Power, Factory Air, Auto. Beige A $U^AA Brown Vinyl Roof. . —___ JOH 1 ? 72 Monte Carlo Coupe All Power. Metallic Grey Black Vinyl Top. $<1C%AA 19,000 Miles. «af wHH 71 Ford Torino 2-Dr. All Power. Blue $e) ^AA With White Top. 71 Chev. Impola Cpe. H.T. All Power, Factory Air, Blue-Black A A Vinyl Roof. AhQ 70 Bonneville 4-Dr. All Power, Fact. Air. $OjLAA 34,000 Miles. AOHH 71 Monte Carlo V8, Auto. All Power, Factory Air. Yellow-Black. $<1AAA Vinyl Roof. Q *f 70 Impola 4-Dr. All Power. Factory Air. V8. Solid Beige JLsLHH 70- Chev. El Camino V8. Auto. Power $01AA Steering, Gold. AmiHH 70 Dodge Super Bee All Power, Factory Air, Solid Black, $OlAA Black Bucket Seats. Am J»*f*t 71 Montego MX All Power, Factory Air, Light Green, Dark Green Interior. _. 71 Chev. Comoro All Power, Factory Air, Grey. Black Vinyl Roof. 2744 3144 '68 Chev. Impola 4-Dr. 8-Cyl. Auto., P.S., Gold. Black $ Vinyl Roof. 1344 71 Carolina Brougham 4-Dr. V8, Auto., All Power, Factory Air. Beige- $OQAA Brown. Vinyl Roof. AnT***** 70 Impola Custom Cpe. V8, Auto. All Power. Factory Air. Green-Dark ^2444 Green. Vinyl Roof, 71 Chev. Nova Coupe V8, Auto. Radio. Red with Black $•) KAA Interior. Sharp. Ae#"t"T «• 72 Grand Torino 4-Dr. V8, Auto. All Power, Factory Air. Solid **1AAA Brown, Clean. . mur 70 Nova 2-Dr. Sed. V8. Auto. $| OA A Radio. Green. , I 71 Molibu 2-Dr. H.T. 8-Cyl., Straight Stick. Solid Green $01A A Beige Interior. at*!"! 1 ! '69 Cutlass S Coupe All Power, Factory Air. Gold. Black $111A A Vinyl Roof. IOHH '69 Triumph Coupe 4 Speed, 6.Cyl. $1QAA Maroon. Black Buckets. • ©•§•» 339 CARS SOLD! 261 TO GO BEFORE JUNE 30! " ••If mm•mimsssssss "•1971 DPC. INC. by Dombios«y, Coalili9(!,lne. 2195 N. HENDERSON 5T./GALE5BURG/PH. 343-7101 '•1971 DfC INC. <fil?71 b„ Domb-oiky/ edition, \n*

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