Decatur Daily Republican from Decatur, Illinois on June 23, 1885 · Page 3
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Decatur Daily Republican from Decatur, Illinois · Page 3

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 23, 1885
Page 3
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We are offering some unusually LOW PRICES -ON- Icom. 5 |al, at 65c. luced and. 1.35. 25c Jts re- WATCHES. fipttttara* TERMS. fer w*)*, pavoMeto Carrier, 10 Ot*. One year, t» aOmuHie, 96MO TUESDAY EVE., JUNE 23,1885. Gall in and see our Gold inlaid, Dust-proof, Screw Cases. WE OFFER ALL THE Late Improvements American Watches. IIS Joods. ^n indnofl '·**. ·1 the Cin ·1, '83, '84 ·jpinion f f ear, TC. 58 IE. It is always our aim to keep up with the times, and as fast as tho Watch Companies make important improvements we aro ablo to buy tho Now Goods because wo PUSH tho others by giving prices t h a t m o v e them out of our way. It v/i;l pay to soo us when t h i n k i n g of n watch Respectfully, LEADING JEWELERS. CAKES, PIES, Etc. Everything made at Brewer's is as choice as can be found anywhere. IVn. SO. 1H84--dtf BREWER THE BAKER, 211 North Main;St, Decatur, 111. The Most Complete Gasoline Stove Made. Call and examine this Stove whether you want to buy or not. It will interest you. Sold only by 125 North Water Street. o. WHIFFLE ACADEMY J A C K S O N V I L L E , I L L . locution Delightful ('r!,7'f v ',""'""' · |0uir88: 1 l"i!"-lral. S r - l o n i l l l u , AK- "eultunil. K u K l l H h . Kx- '"II 1.9 |,, w . btiimlaru '"TIL I n s t r u c t l o i i u r i s u r - imsBoa in I l l i n o i s . For V '"·'«.· I n f o r n m t l u n , mi' Informn- '·'or A LOCAL NEWS. IF you want to keep your meats, butter and milk cold and sweet, buy an Alaska Refrigerator of E. D. BABTHOLOMBW Co, I/ISOOLN will build a new 87,000 school house. IDE Chicago mail arrived from the south this morning. WEDDINO on Morgan street to-morrow at 9:30 a. m. 0. 0. CLARK will be one of tho craters of tue day at Mt Pulaeki on July 4th. IOE OBEAM and other ret i sbments this evening (it Mrs. Hnrwood'e residence. THE Hibernian society will moot tonight to arrange for tho proposed trip to to Niedermoyer on tbe Mound when you want first-class family groceries. IN Justice Lowry'y court Ibis morning O. Onzulet and Q. M. Campbell were each tiued 83 anil costs for disorderly conduct. THE city fathers will meet to-morrow evening ta wrestle with the work of re- vieing thfl ordinances. BYCIOLE Suits, a specialty, at Cheap Charley's, dwtf IN tho county court to-day Mrs. Peter Dtinn made final settlement in tho estate ot her husband. All debts were paid. NirMU,Y oveiy candy and book atoro iu I ho city hus a big display of fireworks tor tho -Mb. GOSPEL service for young raon only in the rooms of the Y. M. U. A., US Merchant street, this evening at 7; : 15 o'clock. THE other day the Springfield beie ball club defeated the Toylorvillo club by a More of 7 to 1. T0B firm ot Jesae Leforgee Bon oiler for sole a liue stock and grain farm of GOO acres, near Hurristono, anil another of 1200 acre; near Blue Mouud. TELEPHONE Cretors fe Piiyne for the best ice Oreum iu the city. Try it uud bo convinced. Telephone. 101. '£2'.) Opera Block. 'J-dlm V:iiY pretty hnud-paiuttd soim nir programmed will be uued at tho Ilurwood muxioale this evening. TUE Prohibition camp meeting will probably bo hold at Oakland Park. The mutter will bo decided in a fow days. TIIKBE will be music at tho Turk tonight by Goodman's band. The street cms run to the entrance evary fow minutes. Tnke n boat ndo and a slide on the flying machine. TUB boss road cart is the "Champion," made by Wayne t Anderson at their car- 111136 establishment. Repair work a/-pe- eialty. 1'noi'. OLOF BULL will give selections at the entertainment thiH evening, at Mrs. Hurwoou's n sidx-nee. THE foundation of part of tho stone pavement in front of Race Oo.'s store on Water street has been repaired. TnB members ot the city council still wrestling with the salary ordinance! it hag not yet been presented, for the chief reason that tbe committee has not been able to ngreo upon the amounts to be paid the various officials. CHETOHS PAYNE will give a grand display of iireworks iu front of their Oon fectiouety on the night ot July 1th. 22'J Opera Block. 9-dlm AT noon to-day tho Cinderella company left for Fort Wayne, Ind., where they will arrive at 6 o'clock this evening. They commence nn engagement of three nights. This morning Baby Clara and Master Dick were presented with n pair of pet pigeons in exchange for thoir au- tographe. A. H. WniTNYE, (Whitney Holmer, Organ Co.) Quiuoy, III., says: "Burk's White Pine Balsam for coughs anil colds is au excellent medicine." «30 cents. YESTEUDAY evening the 8450 plate glass mirror at Al. Morgan's saloon was accidentally broken. A whisky gloss slipped out of a young man's hand and stiack it near tho bottom. GALL at Hanks Pattersons, 143 South Water street, when you want tho best family Hour and good groceries. O. 8. HBNIIT, Agent Wnbaeh It. R, (Juiucy, 111., soys: "I always use liurk'a White Pine Balsam fur ooughs nnd colds." PAI;TIES wishing bargains in parlor and household furniture generally will lind it largely to their interest to patronize Diist- mau £ Meyor in Haworth block. RIPE ehorriea, raspberries and superior family groceries at Peok Co.'e, in Opera block. ELI BKHNNBMAN has purchased the George Wcsaols brick residence property on South Franklin street, and will take poBsession at once. Tho consideration was 83,000. The property is conveniently located for Eli and will make bim a comfortable home. "I PLAOED the Athlophoros in the hands of n young woman who has suffered long and severely with rheumatism- She has used it with good results." Rev. F. N. Ureoley, New Haven, N. Y. TnR latest sheet music, and the celebrated Haines Bros.' pianos, are on sale ot C. B. Prt soott's parlor in opera block. Call there for bargains. Go TO £r. Thomas 8. Hosfacs to get yonr dental work done. Cor. Main and Water streets. Dooatur. HI. 21dtt LHAVITT ROTAI, have removed to tbe building occupied by V. H. Parke. March lO-dwtf USE Black Wire Cloth Jor yonr screen doors and windows. Yon will bike it better than any other color. Bold by Morehouse, Wells Co. 29-dwt£ A OKNTLEMAN, wife Bnd little girl want a famished room, with board for wife and child, or convenient to restaurant. Ad- drese, E. J. WIIIOHT, Deoatur, III. 20-dlw* CHINESE lanterns and flags at E. C. Reeee's, 257 North Main street. 18-2w BOYS, you wont to cles ami footballs at Etore. Baked Back to Life. We often bear of ancient fish stories, but here is a new way of saving drowned chickens. The facts are vouched for as sober troth by Prof. Ooltrio, belter known as the "honest farmer," who sticks type in this office at union rates. He has a fine lot of young chickens in his Boston yard whioh get but little of his personal attention owing to his propensity for deep study. The storm of Sunday morning was a soaker, and after it had passed over the farmer put on his high-topped gum boots and waded out through the falling water to look after the chickens. Just 83 he expected, many of the chicks were drowned. There were about a dozen scattered about apparently dead. He was about to throw them over the back fence for the health inspector to Cnd, when the thought struck him that possibly there might be a way of saving the lot. He had heard of the plan in the long ago over in Indiana, and without loss of time he gathered np the dead chicks and took them into the house. Mr. Coltrin wns extremely busy tor the next half hour, and an expression, of deop concern and anxiety bathed his countenance. He got a oloth big enough to envelop the water soaked chicks and placed them all in the oven of the stove, and then built a blnzing fire. The doors of tho oven wore cautiously opened at intervals, and of course the liveliist interest of the entire family was aroused. Gradually every ohick of the dozen came back to life, ami as often as a chirp was hearc 1 , out of the oven through the door into the yard would j u m p a chioken. All were restored by being baked, and in his joy at the succ'3sof tlrs plan of resurrection, the Farmer executed one of his famous grr jn-corn donees and killed a chicken for dirner. No Complaint. Yesterday the town board met to review the nsses-rneiit for 1885 and to hcnr cjmplnints of those who might consider themselves Recessed higher in proportion to tho value of their property than some of their neighbors. A lurgo number attended and made n caroiul examination of tho assessments. All went away satisfied that tho work WM justly and impartially ilonc, end wondered that the intellect of mati WM capable of accomplishing so dillioult a task in suoh a perfect moo- uer. This is highly complimentary to Assessor Smith. Cot. Sronit, the custodian of the Part, is kept constantly busy keeping down tie grrip. He hns no timo he can call his OVVD except after dark, t n d then he fee!s like ecuking his couch and that repose which will tit liim for tbe work of the following day. His police duties are extrn, and they are nearly equpl to those of other members of the force. We understand that he oilers to attend to tho new lawn on the old sqnnre. As he receives but 830 a mouth for taking care of the Park, the mayor and council might justly swell his su'.ary when he takes charge of tho old square. AT IT AGAIN. Another Lincoln Sensation--A Shooting Affair. Yesterday the community at Lincoln was electrified by another sensational shooting whioh will probably result fatally. John W. Connell in a fit of jealousy shot Wallace Thompson. There is a woman in tho case and she is the wife of Connell. The assailant was captured with the weapon in his hand and lodged in jail. Thompson will probably die. He is aged 20. He gave his dying declaration to the- state's attorney yesterday. FDBTHKB PABIIOULABS. After firing the ehot Connell went to his brother's house and said to his brother's wife, ''Well, JLon, I have shot him." He came back down town and was arrested by Mark Storin and taken to jail, whore he now is. On being interviewed he said he did the shooting in self-defenee; that Thompson struck at him. He further said: 'T am sorry that I shot him. I had expected trouble with Thompson and armed myself because I feared ho would nse a knife on me. When I went home I found Thompson had been there, t went down town end borrowed the pistol from Burns, the second-hand dealer. Thompson and I met. Ho pulled out n Ucife and tried to cut me; (his caused me to use the pistol." The state's attorney took Thompson's ante-mortem statement in which bo sayu he was at Oonnell's house this morning for breakfast; that before he left Connell camo in; ho seemed to be in his utual humor and kissed his wife twice before he left. He gave his version of the ehooting as follows: "At Griesheim's comer he left me. I next SHW him near Obcamp's. He eaiil ho wanted to see me and wo wont over to the well and sat down. Suid he to me: 'Wallace, you Imvo parted my wife from rnp, and I intend to (kill you.' He displayed a revolver and I caught him by the neok, intending to keep him from shooting me. I sow I couldn't mn.u- Bge him and started to ruu away, when ho shut mo. I WES not armed and did not oiler to touch him until he showed the revolver." 77(.'nm:. T Tlio Musiculo To-Nignt. Tho following very excellent programme will be obsoived at the musical entertainment to bo given this evening «t the residence of Mrs. K. Harwocd: TAUT I. Vftlsc B t y r l c n n o XuHcninniijt. Mrs. Vosbur^rh. Battle I'rnyer Mr. A. Alexander. Vv'iiH/. for V i o l i n Mao IlarwooJ. Vooal Solo Mlt^H A l i c e Freeman. I a Nocturne ( h G n m c l Ualou OliromtUr^iK: MUs M u l l i c A i v t y . IMHT T l . "Turn Thy b'nee from Thy Stno" Mr. U. W. ( ; n l l - , o n . Fftntnsh'. , "II Trnvatore" I'rof. Oiol' H u l l . Vocal Solo | Polish l.ovodBnn^' '...'... · " " M u l i l o n ' H Wlsu" {.'j 1'u.onuirti.' . . . . . . MUsSte-iU 1!. HiUtlcn. see those new bioy- E. C. Reese's gun 18-lw WE have a large and complete stock of Hags of all sizes. The trade supplied, at bottom prices. E. O. Reese, 257 North Main street. 18-lw WE have jnst received 200 pairs of our Men's 82.00 Shoes. Coll and see them. J. H, Black Son. IC-dtf WE carry the very best grades of ladies' an 1 gents' fine shoes. jlO tf J. H. BLACK SON. THE concert to be given by the faculty of tue Decatur musical College next Thursdr.y evening will be one of tho best entertainments we have had this season. Prof. Bu'.l : s too well known to need further comment. Mies Stella B. Hadden is known t"? au artist among her more intimate friends, ond the public will gladly seizo this opportunity of hearing her play in concert. Prof. Joseph Korn will give a fine cornet solo, Miss Lillian Irwin will aid with ono or two elocutionary selections, and Miss Olive N. Harrison will render several vocal numbers. The pro- gramme will bo varied and intensely interesting throughout. Popular prices; 50 cents for reserved sent?, 25 cents for the galler/. The public generally is invited to attend and see what artists we have among us, and decide as to the jmtice of the clo ; ms of the Decatnr Musical College for the finest faculty in the state outside of Ct'icago. Tickets, cents. including refrtsbmcnts, CO REMEJJIIEB the concert at the opera house Thursday evening. Seats, 50 centf; gallery, 25 cents. Lutheran Sunday School Acn!- versaiy. The second anniversary of this Sunday school will be appropriately observed tomorrow at Imbodeu's Springe, end in tbe event of rain at tho church hnll, on North Main street. Rev. J. G. Hurst, of Van- dalifl, will bo at the exercises on this occasion. At noon refesliments will be served to tho members of tJie school and to their parents. The afteinoon will be spent in social amusements by theechool. A happy and interesting time is anticipated by n'l. In Session. Tho Docatur Ministerial Association of the United Brethren church convened in the clnirch at Elwia tins afte. iioon, Rev. Ij. Field, presiding elder, in the chair. It will remain iu session three days and will Le attended by all tho ministers in this ilifitiict. Fourth of Ju'y. Tho I.. 1). ^ .^. K'y w i l l soil tiekoifl at one and o n f M l i l r c l luro for round t r i p , s o l J I n f r J u l y 'M am! 4 t h , Kood to r e t u r n on any t r a i n up 10 ami I n c l u d i n g Monday. J u l y (1th. Children between tho a«c3 ol ' and 1^, ono-balt tho above ratoe. IM-dlw Notice. A special meeting of tho Ancient Order of Hibernians at their hall to-night at 7:'HI o'clock. Business of importance. By order ot tho BOARD. Justice Stevens fined Got- fcieJ Columbia 85 and costs for assaulting Win. Bolts. Paid. Defendant said iu court that ho would see Bolt'/, again next week. Punts of tbe Decatur Musical College during the past year can secure reserved seat tickets for the concert next Thursday evening at luilf price by calling at the O'ollrgo. S/tle of Beats opens at Cnrtis Co.'d Tuesday a. m., at 9 o'clock. 22-d3 RKMBMTIEII, Our Great Cheap Sales of Hoot* and Shoes will continue till our well meaning, experienced shoe dealers find out that we can buy and sell goods cheaper than they, and that our commercial rating is as high as any house in Decatur. You can save 20 per cent, by buying your Boots and Shoes of us. ll-dwtf B0SHKB * HTJTOIJIN. SEATS for the concert at the opera hcneo next Thursday evening now on sale at Curtis Co.'s. 2d Everything in our Mammoth Boot and Shoe Hop:?e is now and will be indefinitely retailing at exactly what other shoe stores in Dt- oatur pay for them. 12-dwtf L. L. FBBBISS Co. THE concert next Thursday evening is not by "home talent' but given by experienced musicians, who have made specialties of their several branches, and graduated from tbe finest institutions in this country. PBP.SOHAL MENTION. Miss Lucy Dimrjoitt, of BlocmingtoL 1 , is visiting her youug friends iu Deoutur. Aid. Wbitsel is building a large front addition to his residence, on Orchard street. Dr. W. J. Routl, of St. Pnul, formerly a practicing phyticiau i;i Decaiur, is in tho city, a gut it at tho New Doming. Mies Marina Hnmrnpnd and Miss AIol- lio Harwood, of Chicago, are guests of K. Hanvood and family. Col. and Mrs. Wnterhouse have gone to Michigan to vieit the summer rcsortu for a few weeks. Mr. and Mrs. Michael Grndy and Mrs Cooper, of Maron, saw the "S'lver King" lest night. Horace DnweoD, of tbe "Silver King company, paid us u call hst eve-Ling. He's a typical Londoner. Couuty Glcrfc Hardy r.nd »i"o nrc at · i u n , having been calV-d, there by the o£ n relative. Walter Keelor. Ink 1 -llr.i'UKTjnAN carrier, is now (i salesman nt Wt-M's hardware- etore. Huk'h Nyco arrived in the c i t y to-day from Philadelphia on n visit to liin cousin, Mies Bprthu R n u d i i l 1 . lie' will remain hero until fall. Milton TroUor, on North Brop.dw.iy, jg haying about 700 foet of Crea: stone r;nd biiok wi^ks laid iti end p.rouml h ; s yard. A line improrr.rj:!nt. Genrge Befzor, the "pride of Whitranrp," came to town l.-ist evening to FVI vo us n petit juror iu tho circi'it court. Jle- didn't leain that, the j u r y had been discharged until ho Lad reached the city. "Undo Tom." Thiit good old soul, Undo Tom, v.ilh Little Eva, the two Topsys and tho dogp, will appear Friday and Saturday tve-n- iugn. It is Draper's best company, that has been playing iu St. Louis this week. Matincs Saturday rif:ernoon fur children and linlijf. Prices 10 to ISO cent-'. Mt'.rt A b o u t it. Abo Mayfiold, the boss of tl.e l?erco- cratic cuhoiti in Lir.coln, wanted io be oppointed United Sin tea Marshal for t i i a Houtheru District of Illinois, and went to Washington to "fix things;" but ho got left. A party unmed Weber, living down in St. Glair county, got the pince through the inIInonce of Morrison. Maylmld ncd hiB friends arc bully. Their t e n t i m i c t s ero but mildly exprossod by tho Lincoln Journal as follows: TUE I!IO IJUCOANEEIt. The represeutntive men of both the Democratic and Rttpublican pnrtip.s in Logan county feel like organizing H pnit-y of their own. When tho Republican ship mounted the billows-it seldom stopped to take on a Log;in county passenger. Hnice the reform phip was releaped .from the docks not H eutglu Logari county Democrat has evor been given steerage, room. The party luncU-re ore as intelligent, Bin- cere, brave and devoted a-i any me-n to their principle's, h u t their claims iiro universally ignored. In view of those facts politicians need not bo surprised nt the apathy now existing. At present Chicago anil Egypt constitute Illinois' ship of state, with Bill Morrison as the big buccaneer. Fow regrets p r evail over hie defeat for senRtor. While a candidate he slept on hip rights. Now he is revengefully trampling on the rights of others. Landau carriage and Picnic Hac£. The publis is informed that Mr. H. W. Davis, at his livery stable on South Main street, has the Iine:t landau carriage that hns ever been brought to tbe city, suitable for wedding?, parties, calling, etc.; also THE BEST picnic hack ever bu ; lt iu the west, all trimmed up in elegant shape. Mr. Davis also has a number of single buggies, open carriages and phaetons, and about 20 gentle horses, all good drivers. The rigs will be let to parties at reasonable figures. Give Mr. Davis a call and send orders by telephone. 23 d5t Parasols, la largo variety and great supply--from the cheapest to the very best in tho market Wo oiFer them considerably cheaper than any other house in Decatur. See them, and compare goods and prices with those of our neighbor'* B : g 18. CHEAP STORE . 20dwlw The Wabash Trouble. Yesterday Deputy United States Marshal Hill, who has been on doty here for several days, got a telegram from Springfield ordering him to discharge ell officers under him and return to that city. It seems that now there is no U. 8. marshal on duty, as Mr. Tanner has been removed to give place to Mr. Weber, of Belleville. A telegram from Springfield dated June 22, states: "There being important business awaiting attention, Tanner sent a telegram to Attorney General Garland for information as to the status of the office, and received the reply, "The office is vacant." Consequently all business is suspended. In the evening one of the Wabaah employes returning from his work was assaulted and beaten, and the special deputies arrested two men for the act. They were taken to the marshal's office, and Tanner decided that he had no authority to act in the matterj and they wore discharged." * * * "The Wabash attorneys here insisted that Tanner should continue to serve until his successor is qualified, and this fact led him to telegraph to the Department of Justice, with the result as already stated. He claims that he is in no way responsible for the dilemma that has arisen." . Mr. Hill has dismissed all the deputy marshals here and this afternoon he returned to Springfield. There has been no demonstration here thus far against tho Wabust company, or injury to its property, and it is not likely that there will bo any trouble at present. A number of shopmen from Springfield and Moborly arrived in Decatur at noon today. The "Silver King" Play. A large and finely dressed audience was at the Opera House last evening to greet the "Silver King" company end to give Manager Huines a complimentary benefit. The past season, as in former years, the Manager has been careful to bring only first-olnss attractions to Decatur, and it is a pleasant privilege of tbe amueemeat-goers to testify once a year in a substantial manner their appreciation of his good judgment and managerial abilities, extending through a successful period of sixteen years. He received a il uttering benefit last night, and one of tho best companies traveling helped to make it a success. It was the Mack Hume Company, of Now York, on its way to San Francisco, uud the play was the powerful melo-drama, "Silver King," in five thrilling actf, presented for the h'rst time in tbis city, and it was splendidly (,'iven by au excellent company. The hero was Mr. Joseph F. Brien, as Wilfred Denver, and the heroine, the charming actress, Mies Helen Blythe. The villain of the ploy was L, Hanley, "tho Spider," whose act of murder sent Denver a wanderer through the earth for four years. Tho support throughout was good. Mr. Vauey'.s Jaikcs, Drews' Baxter, Dayton's Cornell, and Miss Shan- DOU'S Cissy being worthy of special men- tiou. The pathetic story of the Silver King has been told in these columns. It is a play similar in plot and action to "Moute Christo," and was given with a fine lot of special scenery. Mr. Britn and Miss Blythe were repeatedly brought before the curtain. The audience went into raptures at the sensational close of the fourth act and kept applauding until Mr. Brien again appeared, accompanied by Manager Hointn, It was the Manage! s first appearance before the curtain, and naturally he was greatly confused. Ho simply bowed his thanks and got behind the scenes as quickly as possible. , Board of Education. DECATOH, iLr., June 22, 1885. Present--Messrs. Barnes, Chambers, Warren and Clerk. Minutes read and approved. Treasurer's report of receipts and expenditures read, compared and approved. The following bills were allowed and clerk directed to draw orders on the treasurer to pay the same: Frank Haines, 830; Hampber ,t Mosser,818; Bacon Sexton, 72o; Coal Co., »:·! 50; W. A. Olmstead,S21; Gas Co., OOc; Walter Pope, OOo; Annie Liteiuberger, 84.20; Hall Hosteller, 82; John I. Pasold, $30.72; Jack Mize,«10; John S. Bisby, S4.50; C. B. Presoott, 96; 3. H. Bovans, $18.08. The following persons were appointed fanchera for the corning year: Julia O. Miller, Laura C. Hevriok, Roberta Keyes, Bettio Anderson, Lizzie L. Howes and Belle Morrison. Ou motion, the other appointments were deferred until a future meeting. On motion, adjourned. W. A. BARNES, President. E, A. QASTMAN, Clerk. Did You Everl The editors of some small papers are trying to move Judge Hughes from this city to Deoatur, but altogether they are uot lor^e enough to budge him. Mr. H u g h r s i s u o t dissatisfied with Mattoon or Colei county, and ho feels proud of the support ho received in hie redout canvass from tho intelligent and respectable citizens of tho county.--Mattoon Journal, Rocant Sales. Tlie fiim of Randolph Gher have re'i eently niadu several important sales o' [,roparfy about tbe city. Through their tijjKnc-y Mrs. A. Hempie sold three vacant lots north of the Union depot to W. H. Entiis for 8800. Chae. G. Martin sold to Rev. L. Field a house and lot on West Woud fctreet for 51500. Mr. Drake sold the furniture and buei- nesH of Drake's Hotel iu opera block to Mrs. Sarah E Thomas for $1500. A. Stccherpold to G. D. Randolph three lot.-i on West Macon Rtreet for SCOO. Masonic. Special communication of Ionic Lodge No. 312, A., F. and A. M , on this (Tuesday) evening, at 8 o'clock, sharp, for work. Visit 1 ng brethren made welcome. F. M. YOUNG, W. M. J. O. HoSTKTLEB, ScC. ParssojB. We will save you 2oc, 50c, 75q and 81 00 respectively, according tp quality, on any and every parasol you may wish to 'purchase, and make yonr little girl a present of a handsome fanoy parasol with each purchase of one worth a dollar or over. We have largo quantities and an elegant variety to select from, CHEAP STOKE. Big 18 W d w t t Tho Chicago Grain Market. The following were the closing quotations in Chicago at noon to-day: Wbeat-aS'u June; 89J£ July; Aug; SO",; Sept. Corn--48 Juno; iJ^Jnly; 47 47 '* Sept. Oats--;J2 : '.f June; 32% July; 28 Aug.; 27 Sept. BOSIJEB HCTOHIS will hereafter sell their Ladies' fine $3.50 Shoes for S3.00 Eevery lady in Deoatnr enonld have a pair of\ theeo cheap shoes. ll-dwtf LOVBUS of fine singing should hear Miss Olive N. Harrison at tho opera house next Thnrcday evening. 2d LINN SCRUGGS! New Spring Goods NOW OFFERING. DRY GOODS, WALL PAPER, CURTAINS, CARPETS. SPECIAL BARGAINS IN Black and Colored Silks AND FRENCH AND AMERICAN DRESS GOODS. PENINSULAR VAPOR STOVE. THE SIMPLEST! THE SAFEST! Gall and see it in Operation. Morehouse, Wells Co 134 East Main-St. ii An Attractive Assortment of HOSIERY, GLOVES AND CORSETS At Very Low Prices. A Complete Stock of SUMMER DRESS GOODS, JERSEYS, Spring Wraps, Parasols, Ribbons, Dress Trimmings, Laces and Embroideries, Calicoes, Bleached and Brown Cottons, Table Damasks, Towelings, Sheetings, Shirt- ings, and Housekeeping Goods of every description. Velvet, Moqnet, Brussels and Ingrain CARPETINGS, AND WAH_ PAPER, in the newest designs and colorings, and at LOWER Prices than were ever sold. REMEMBER, The Best Goods for the Least Money can at all times be found at LINN SCRUGGS, Agents Butterick's Pattern?. March 19--dwtf . !·$ il

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