Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on May 29, 1973 · Page 23
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 23

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 29, 1973
Page 23
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Page 23 article text (OCR)

Golesburg Registef-Moil, Galesburg, III. Tuesday; May 29, 1? f]f ,23; /ire Extinguisher for Home Is Good Idea A fire extinguisher in the home or apartment seems like a good idea. And don't forget one for the car. In most areas ar. extinguisher is required on a boat. But what kind? Go shopping for an extinguisher and you find yourself faced with a wide assortment of equipment. Most are good. None will put out all types of fires. Some are more versatile than others. Some are overly expensive, others are cheap, but not worth the money at any price. Fire extinguishers are rated according to the kinds of fire they can put out. The ratings were developed by Underwriter Laboratory tests. Be sure to look for the UL label on any equipment you decide to purchase. A Class A fire is one fueled by wood, paper, textiles, similar composition materials; Class B fire, fueled by flammable liquids such as oil, grease, gasoline; Class C fire, a fire that, is electrically "live," an appliance that is plugged in or house wiring carrying current. Once the power is off it is a Class A fire. A Class D fire deals with combustible metals such as magnesium. The extinguishers you are likely to buy will deal with Class B and C fires. Class D fires are rare in the home. Class A fires are beyond the capacity of a small extinguish­ er although an extinguisher can help if only a small surface is involved. The extinguisher will be rated for the types of fires it can handle. The dry chemical type is used for Class B arid C fires. The chemical is stored under pressure or uses the pressure of a gas cartridge. The powder smothers the fire by coating the burning surface. The carbon dioxide (CO 2) type also is used for B and C fires. It sends out a cloudy gas that smothers the fire by displacing air. The multi - purpose dry chemical extinguisher is good for B and C fires and also for Class A fires. On the latter it creates a film that smothers and prevents reflashing of the fire. That same clinging film puts out grease fires and is effective against Class C fires. The crust that it leaves must be cleaned by washing or scraping. The foam type is used for Class B fires. Since the material in the extinguisher is kept under pressure, that pressure must be maintained for the extinguisher to be effective. Extinguishers are equipped with pressure indicators, the easiest to read being the dial gauge with a needle pointing to the operating range. Once the extinguisher has been used, even partially, it should be refilled professionally. Even partial use will cause it to need recharging. Place the extinguisher where it is accessible, such as a doorway in the area where it might be used. An NO AWNINGS" Tempers flare in the glare. Canvas awnings on your windows mean shady comfort, better air-conditioning performance, less wear and tear on nerves. Fewer spankings, too! Let us cool things down with canvas awnings. Free estimates gladly given. OPEN FRI. NIGHT & ALL DAY SAT. Touch Best Test If Sanding Wood There's many a home or apartment that's been furnished with secondhand furniture or unfinished furniture that was turned into a finished piece by the owner. Whether it's an old piece of furniture that has been stripped clean of the old finish or a brand new, smooth but unfinished piece of furniture, it still needs sanding before you apply anything to it. The way you use sandpaper determines how successful that finishing or refinishing project turns out. This is especially true with the clear finishes — varnish, shellac, lacquer. In fact, any of them will gleam on a properly sanded surface. But you can buy the most expensive finish available and if your sanding has Everywhere You Look There's A WHITE ROOF 342-0185 LENNOX Residential and commercial ducted systems. Electric, gats, oil. Conversions. Electronic a 1 r cleaners, humidifiers. Heat Dumps, air conditioning Com- Dlete TOTAL I'OMHOHT systems or add-on units by factory- trained crews. Fronipt service all maker,. Free estimates. ' WHERE TO CALL" Ring Sh«et Metal A HeatinQ 213 tlrcv* St.. Knoxville. 111. 61441 Phone 289-4213 LENNOX HEATING SYSTEMS Retirement The end of work, or the beginning ofwarry? Most people look toward retirement as a time of relaxation, and enjoyment. And it can be if you prepare for it. But if you don't, it can be a time of worry, and discontentment. A time when you can look back and think of • a million ways that you could have saved, but didn't. Well, there's no better time to think about retirement than now, while you're Working. One easy way to save on a regular basis is by purchasing U.S. Savings Bonds through the Payroll Savings Plan where you work. Now there's a .bonus interest rate on all U.S. Savings Bonds—for E Bonds; SVz % when held to maturity of 5 years, 10 months (4% the first year). That extra H %, payable as a bonus at maturity, applies to all Bonds issued since June 1, 1970 ... with a comparable improvement for all older Bonds. Buy U.S. Savings Bonds. They'll help make your retirement just what you want it to be. .Bonds are lafc. If lost, stolen, or destroyed, . we replace them. When needed, they can be. cashed at your bank. Tax may be deferred until redemption. And always remember, Bonds arc a proud way to save. Take stock in America. Now Bonds pay abonus at maturity. t TU U.S. COTWWJWM clow nol j»y for Ihis UvwbtuMiil. II is presented ss .public s*rvk« In COCMUUIHI wilh .no DtfVtmcnt el Uw /rsMUry and TU A4v«U«n| Counti). been careless it will magnify every flaw, scratch and rough spot. Any rough spot will immediately come through darker than a smooth surface. Power sanding has become popular, but power sanders can be tricky and if not used properly can ruin a job. Nothing really beats hand-sanding. When you sand by hand you are always in control of the job. It isn't going to get away from you. The sanding disc mounted on an electric drill is out so far as fine furniture finishes are concerned. The circular motion of the sanding cuts across the grain and the first rule hi sanding is to sand with the grain. The power sander that sands in a straight line is the only thing to use, but it needs a light touch. Keep in one place NOTHING BEATS- —HAND SANDING GARNET PAPER— -ON CURVED AREAS SAND PARTS v-r •THEN ASSEMBLE HAND CHECK- -FOR SMOOTHNESS too long or apply too much pressure and it will take off more than necessary. In hand-sanding, wrap a piece of sandpaper partially around a block of wood. Make a block that will fit the hand comfortably. r i i i na* pep and s«£. com' FREE (Mail today) 68 page catalog filled with hundreds of exciting home styles and floor plan ideas. Evans'International Homes. Dept. 46th St. at Minnehaha, Minneapolis, Minn. 55406 I own a lot D I plan to build soon C I can assist with finishing work • Please hivt an E-l-H representative contact ma a Name WATER Problems? ThB Solution ...A MIBACLE WATEH Leo Sw itser | BEFWEB Mlr ,TuManl "HEMT or BUY . Where Vou Get Service 451 N. HENDERSON ST. Phone 342-6188 READ THE WANT ADS! extinguisher in the kitehen ft no good if it is in a*6jrnef blocked by the stove. Buy an extinguisher, that is big enough to do a job, but not so big that the lady ^ the house or older children tf&hnot, lift it. • Newspaper Enterprise Assn. SIDING ALL TYPES FOR LESS ALUMINUM # S1EEL • VINYL WHY PAY TOO MUCH? W« will hont arty L <Kjit,m»tp prlco including! Sale Price! CALL COLLECT (309)342-5758 OR MAIL COUPON PREMIUM 30 DISTRIBUTORS f BOX 329 Galesburg, III. 61401 Gentlemen: Send me more informi'tTorl' on • siding for my house: • , Name . Address ' Town •: Phone —--, .. g Nothing Looks As Fresh As Mew Paint NOTICE TO GALESBURG RESIDENTS! I am (till engaged in the painting and'decor­ ating buiineis — For reliability, nealneai and good workmanship, call u» today. 342-6550 — OB — 343-6562 BILLY MOE DECORATING 1273 E. FREMONT — Galesburg, III. We sell and service Carrier Air Conditioning Equipment The finest air conditioning equipment can be installed and maintained by our expert and experienced staff. Should a replacement part be needed, it can be supplied from a Carrier regional spare parts depot, or from our stock. The finest equipment combined with prompt, efficient maintenance is the bedrock of our offer! Authorized Cauier Dealer GALESBURG SHEET METAL WORKS PHONE 343-1136 277 E. TOMPKINS SAVE ON FOOD COSTS! with the all new big Only Amana brings you all these freezer features in a compact freezer! Don't settle for less than Amana quality Now you can take advantage of sales, quantity discounts, even seasonal food buys! This Amana' keeps all frozen foods solidly frozen—to keep the taste, color, and texture just right—until you 're ready to use them. You also save on food by using just what you need and storing the rest. Yo.if can stock up on the foods, you use frequently... this saves on expensive "impulse" buys! AMANA KEEPS YOUR FOOD BUYS "PERFECTLY"! • Counterbalanced lid stays open by itself. Realigns'on every closing to prevent air leaks and excessive running time, • Removable basket for most-used foods. Made of plastic-coated wire for cleaning ease and durability. • Removable divider helps keep food in the fast freeze section. Also aids in organizing all-over food storage. • Self-activating light in lid floods interior with brightness when lid is opened. • Lock on lid prevents unauthorized openings and safeguards your food. • Power Interrupt light is a warning signal when power to the unit is off (light goes out). Expert Servicemen Colors Available Easy Financing | Allen's Appliance Main & Cherry "In Downtown Galesburg 343-9317 1 I I I I I I I I I I I I 1 I I I I I I I I 1 I I I

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